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My Dear Brothers and Sisters, October 04, 2005 is the Feast of the Trumpets. According to the dictates of our Father in Heaven, His “New Covenant”, which is below, is to be distributed and read on this day in the gathering of His People. Our Father in Heaven gave me this New Covenant for His People on September 21st, 2004 and it was last read aloud to His people at a gathering of His People in South Africa. As I was reading this Covenant at this gathering in South Africa, a wind began to whip up outside and this wind began to rush inside through the door of this small church in South Africa. I looked outside in the Spirit and there over a body of water, was our Saviour on His white horse.

He appeared several times on His white horse while I was in South Africa and when He would appear, I so vividly recall how the wind would suddenly whip up. This was truly a magnificent sight to behold and I have never seen anything quite so awesome! Blessed is the Name of our Saviour, the Name above all names! For, He is so worthy to be praised!

Much water has passed under the bridge since our Father gave me this Covenant. I have been through great tests and trials, as many in South Africa turned against these works, but my heart’s desire for them all is that they wake up to the very important spiritual event, which took place in South Africa, even the very birthing of the Kingdom of our Saviour on this Earth!

All of the persecution, which I have endured, and the great persecution, which many have endured, only because they have known me is, if nothing else, a great testimony to the very fact that this great event has truly taken place. I thank our Precious Father in Heaven that He has counted me worthy to be persecuted for love of Him and His Precious Son, Our Beloved Saviour! Blessed is His Holy Name! To Him is all the praise and the glory forever and ever!

I am hoping, as well, to get this Covenant put on audio, so look for this on this website, as this is also our Father’s commandment.

Your Sis, Linda











September 21, 2004

“My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God. My Little One, come up here, high upon My Holy Mountain; for I have a work for you this day and this work is called, “My New Covenant with My people.” Look before you, My Child, and see My Book and on its cover are the words, “My New Covenant.” Before you is My Son and he places in your hand My key to this book. This key will fit no one else’s hand; for this key has been set aside for this special day wherein My Son, Yahshua, yes Jesus, would place this key in your hand. For, this task has been granted to you and you, alone, so that you, My Child, would open this book at this time and read the contents therein. It is for you, My Little One, to read what is written and to write what is written so that My people, who are scattered all over the Earth, may receive these words. For, even as the Kingdom of Satan, Lucifer, the Devil is rising, it is also falling; and My Kingdom is being set up in the Earth.

So, now, My Child, you have been brought here today to receive this key and your task is to place the key into the lock, which is in the center of the cover of the book, and you are to open the book.”

I take the golden key from our Precious Saviour and I insert this key into the center of the book. I turn the key nearly 360 degrees and I hear a click. Suddenly, the key disappears and the keyhole disappears, along with the book; and I find myself wading in what is surely the River of Life. For, the water is very clear and as I wade further, step-by-step, the water gets deeper and deeper, yet it is still the most beautiful aquamarine blue in color. Before me is a most beautiful waterfall and in this waterfall is a beautiful rainbow. At the base of the waterfall are beautiful, smooth stones, which are made of aquamarine, very large pearls, and many, many sparkling diamonds. Beautiful lilies are among these precious stones and the scent of these lilies reminds me of the most expensive of perfumes. An angel, who is standing on one of the brilliant stones, appears before me now, and reaches out to hand me a scroll.

“Take this scroll,” the angel says, “and eat it, for herein is what you will need to translate the words of this book.”

I swim to the edge of the water and reach up and take the scroll from the angel. As I touch the scroll, it begins to crumple, to shrink in my hands, until all that remains is an iridescent ball. I place this ball in my mouth and it is very sweet, like pure sugar, and it also melts like sugar. But, at the last, after I have swallowed this scroll, it is sour and almost caustic, with a taste in my mouth, which is much like that of eating a green persimmon. This is a most unpleasant sensation in my mouth, for it is astringent and it seems to draw all moisture out of my mouth and I do not like this at all, but do not know how to get rid of this sensation and taste.

The angel looks at me with eyes of fire and motions for me to leave the water and to sit at the small desk, which rests atop a huge aquamarine stone. I climb the rocks to get to the desk, which is situated atop the stone. Dripping with water, I make my way to this desk, but as soon as I touch the aquamarine stone, which bears the desk, I am dry again. I take my place at the small desk and before me now is another scroll, which reminds me of a small screen for a movie projector. Yet, the screen is small and it is just before me, not far off as in a movie. I pull up my chair to get situated just before the desk, and as I touch the desk, the screen begins to roll as a television rolls when it is not properly on station.

The angel says, “Blow on the screen,” and as I do so, distinct words begin to appear, and this is what I see:





Listen, My People, and receive My words; for this is a new day for My People. Long ago, I set among you tablets of stone, wherein I engraved My basic laws, which you have appropriately labelled as My Ten Commandments. Those original years were difficult years for all; for you had long been among the heathen and you had adopted the ways of the heathen. You could not bear the Spirit of God; for you, as My People, were full of darkness and of every kind of rebellion. Therein at that time, you were not ready to bear these commandments among you, and in the end you did not get your inheritance because of sustained and open rebellion.

In spite of the fact that these commandments were posted throughout the camp, you, as a people, disobeyed them. You rebelled against them to such a degree that you were cut off from proceeding forward in My works. In the end, the rebellious could not inherit what I had for them.

These commandments were at that time My Covenant with you and still they are in an intricate part of My Covenant with My People. But, even so, throughout the generations, you, as a people, have repeatedly rejected even these commandments; for you are still full of pride and rebellion the world over.

And, at that time also that you were brought out of Egypt, you could not understand obedience; for you were full of rebellion. But, you could understand sacrifice and this is why much of My law was based on sacrifice. For, sacrifice, you could understand, but not obedience.

Yet, as time passed, you, as a people, continued on in your rebellion and even as you were carried forth, and even as you were blessed greatly, you continued to rebel until I scattered you all over the world. But, even so, I have always loved you and I have always remembered My original covenant with Abraham. And, because of My love for you, I have never forsaken you; for I am bound to you through My agreement with you. And, even in spite of your rebellion against Me, I have always reserved unto Myself certain ones, who have been faithful. They have been pure of heart and this has pleased me so.

At time passed on, I sent My Son, Yahshua, among you. He was the Ultimate Sacrifice for all of humanity. He agreed to come because of His great love for you; and I sent Him as well because of My great love for Him and for all of humanity. He brought the keys to your freedom and He brought a higher order to all things.

With Him, was given a New Way, and this Way is based on love and obedience and not sacrifice. Therefore, the need to sacrifice animals and other strict forms of sacrifice was done away with. The focus moved away from the external to the internal. The taskmaster was not to be a force, which was applied from the outside, whereby strict controls were imposed and sacrifice demanded. The taskmaster thereby became the convicting power of the Holy Spirit, which is still the friend and companion of all, who accept My Son as Saviour of humanity.

But, even so, this transition from external controls to internal controls has not been easy. And, many have rejected this way, preferring instead the harsh way of external controls. But, truly those, who insist on a harsh way of external controls have failed to master the most important message that My Son came to bring, and this is to love Me above all and to love one another. Yet, whether this most important message is heeded or missed does not change the veracity of this message and the fact that it is intricately tied to the truths that My Son imparted to all.

When one misses this important transition in the spiritual growth of all of humanity, such a one has missed the reason for My Son’s coming. For, truly He was sent as the Last, the Ultimate and Most Important Sacrifice ever, on the part of humanity.

The very thought that any among you would build a temple and begin to sacrifice animals is a sole indicator that these people, who are doing so, cannot know My Son. They cannot know Him. They do not know Him and they do not have My love in their hearts! Legalists will be legalists; but legalists do not operate within My parameters of love. They operate within the law and this exists outside the person.

Now, we come to the apparent contradiction, which many may be perceiving. Have I done away with the Ten Commandments? No, I have not done away with them, for these commandments must be first imposed and obeyed by free will before one can understand love. Therefore, these commandments are very necessary for the orderly function of any group of people the world over; for, the very basis of the Ten Commandments is love toward Me and love and respect for self and others.

These commandments must first be imposed before they can be inculcated into the belief system and the behaviours of the people. So, I have not done away with these commandments at all; but even so I have also moved past them and into a whole, new arena with the birth of My Son and the importance of living in a state of My pure love.

Now, all that is seen here is spiritual progression. This is spiritual progression of a group of people and some of these are now at the point that they understand the great difference between external control and the convicting power of the Spirit of God. The spiritually discerning individual will be able to see the difference quite readily and will be able to see the important aspect in the spiritual progression of all of humanity.

But, at the same time, as you look around, you will see also a very rebellious people. The world over, My People are rebellious. They are proud. They are haughty. They do not obey My commandments and they do not love My Son, who came to set them all free. They do not want to be free! They live in sin and rebellion and they are happy in sin and rebellion. But, even so, and whether they can see it or not, a higher plan is in their midst.

This higher plan is available to all, who want it, and this plan is based on love and forgiveness. Love and forgiveness cannot be separated for they are one. And, herein is the dilemma. Within the Earth are many religions. These religions divide all of humanity and some of the worst dividers are the so-called “Christian” churches, wherein errant preachers teach another word. They teach another doctrine than this one, which was brought by My Son. So, here in this Earth is a great and chaotic mess of many people and many religions, many of which do great evil to people the world over. For, they are full of lies and they are full of every evil device.

But, even so, amidst all these great errors, My Son was sent and He brought a higher way, which is free to all, who would truly partake of it. Yet, the very refusal, or even inability to give up the old way has made this higher way inaccessible to the greatest numbers of people on the Earth. Nevertheless, the higher way is available, and those, who want this narrow, higher way above all people, places, or things, will find it.

Now, comes mankind to a critical juncture in its progression, wherein I have yet another covenant. This is a stricter way still. But, even so, I am making this known; for it is time for those to move up, who have come to love Me and put Me first and to love others, even as they love themselves. And, this concludes the first part, the introductory part of this Covenant.

(“My Child, we will stop for now and we will conclude this covenant today, or tomorrow, as you have the mental discipline. For, I see that you are tired. There will be three parts to this Covenant, so if possible, after you rest, come back today.” “Yes, my Father.”)


Our Father in Heaven continues …

“My Little One, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Now, we come to Part I of this covenant; for we have covered the basic and fundamental information in the introduction to this Covenant. I have shown you the original need for sacrifice, for the people were so rebellious. And, obedience they failed to grasp, but sacrifice they could understand. Yet, even so, My Little One, throughout thousands of years, few really wanted to obey these commands. This is why I scattered the people. Nevertheless, I have always loved My People, and I could not forsake them; for I am bound to them through My Covenant with Abraham, for you are Abraham’s children. Yet, you have often provoked Me through your rebellion and I have often punished you, for if I did not punish you, how could I say that I love you? Love has always been fundamental. Love is the basis of the Ten Commandments, but as love was so lacking in the hearts of the people, that I brought out of Egypt, they could not grasp this love.

Love is the basis in My sending My only Son among you, but even so, many still do not grasp this great act of love on My part and on His part for each of you. Even so, My Little One, this work with humanity has been a great work of love, even from the beginning. But, from the standpoint of humanity, many of you neither grasp, nor understand, this basic concept, which has been involved in your spiritual progression from the beginning. Before we move forward, My Child, do you have any questions?”

“No, my Father, not at this time.”

“Then, let us proceed.”

“Yes, my Father.”

“My Little One, come up here on My Holy Mountain, and I will show you what few grasp, and even as I speak these things to you, My Little One, and even as the people read them, many will mock and scorn. But, remember this: this covenant will go unnoticed by many. This covenant will be mocked and rejected by many, but the true seeker of eternal life will take note of what is written herein. For, I am making freely available what all need to see and understand. As My Son came and brought a higher way, what is herein is an often-unnoticed principle in the higher way that He brought. For, certain things have not been freely spoken and they have not been freely given; for so few were ready to receive. So, come hither, My Little One, and take your seat once more at the desk on the aquamarine stone and write as you see, that all, who chooses it, may be the wiser.”

“Yes, my Father, I delight in Your perfect will!” Situating myself in the chair, I slide up to the desk and as my hands touch the glass top of the desk, I see once more the screen, and words become legible on the screen. This is what I see on the screen:







“Heed the blue and heed the white, for where one ends, another begins!” Then, suddenly the screen vanishes and I see a young and beautiful maiden in a meadow, which is full of flowers. In an instant, I realize that I am this young woman, but in another place and time. As I gaze upon myself, I realize that I am older than I think, perhaps between 18 and 21 years of age. But, I look much different than I look now, for my hair is long, the color of honey, and with many curls.

The field around me is a field of joy, and this field is full of beautiful flowers, which are so full of love and joy. These beautiful flowers all sparkle with the love of our Lord and God and in this place one can only feel absolute love and joy. How I wish to remain, for there is no darkness, no pain, no sorrow, and no evil! All is in perfect harmony and all is so full of love and joy that all of creation smiles. I arise from among the beautiful flowers and I remember the previous words, “Heed the blue and heed the white; for where one ends another begins.”

My heart is so puzzled as these beautiful flowers begin to fade and I am now back in the chair and the screen is divided into two parts, a deep and beautiful blue part and a white part. I sit and look at this screen and begin to wonder, “What sort of cruel joke is this?” For, I have known such joy and love and now all is gone. Where is the joy and where is the love? And, even as I think these things, the blue and white begin to change positions on the screen. The blue now takes up the left side of the screen, while it was previously on the lower half and the white takes up the right side of the screen. Still, I am confused, for I do not know what this means.

I sit and stare at the screen and I repeat to myself, “Heed the blue and heed the white; for where one ends, another begins.” Then, the blue and the white begin to swirl on the screen and they make a vortex of spinning colors until the colors can no longer be separated, and all that I see is a spinning vortex of blue. I sit and look at this vortex and I do not know what I am to do now. Then, I see the words on the top of the screen, “Heed the blue.” And, on the bottom of the screen, I see, “Heed the white.” Still, I do not know what to do. This vortex continues to spin and I do not know what our Father wants me to see.

An angel comes to my chair and hands me a handkerchief. “Take this,” the angel says. “You will need it; for you re about to shed many tears.”

So, I take the handkerchief and I wait now; for the screen has turned into darkness and I do not know why this has happened. But, suddenly, very suddenly, I am caught up in this darkness and I hear the screams of many people. The whole countryside is afire and the smell of smoke is choking me. Some around me I know to be prophets of our Father come to me and say, “See the smoke. See the fire.” Nearby, a large tree is burning and it falls to the ground. A prophetess of our Father comes to me with a cup in her hand and I hardly recognize her; for her face is full of soot and her beautiful face is bleached with tears. But, amidst the glow of the fire, I do recognize her and I take the cup of soup. Oh, it is dismal time for South Africa! The burning fires consume the land and the smoke fills the skies. My eyes carry me in the Spirit over the hills and amidst my tears, I see many fires and much killing.

An angel appears and pours gasoline on the fires and she says to me, “Three more months.” and I say to her, “How can we make it for three more months, for the food is all but gone and all that remains is a little soup?” And, as the angel looks at me, she says, “Double toil and double trouble for the people of South Africa.”

Climbing beneath the wheels of a truck, I take the cup of soup and I weep. “Father, have You forsaken us, Your Children?” Then, I awake as from a dark dream and our Saviour is before me. He is dressed in white and He is so beautiful! “My Lord, Oh, my Beautiful Saviour, what is happening? The great destruction has come and the land is burning. What will the people do, for there is little food left?”

“My Little One,” He says, “ I am the Food. I am the Life. Those, who choose Me live on. The evil are interred with the dust.”

I wipe the tears form my eyes and look up to see that He is gone and once more I find myself beneath the truck and my heart is so heavy. Great sorrow grips my heart and tears flood my cheeks, and I wipe my face with my soot-covered hands. Uncontrollably, I begin to sob and the two prophets reach out to hug me. Now, I begin to climb out from beneath the truck and a prophetess says to me, “Come on, we are going home. Our Saviour has made a Way and help is on the way.”

Just as these words are spoken, the screen before me flickers and once again I see the blue and the white on the screen. The blue is on the top of the screen and the white is on the bottom. I sit at the small desk and the handkerchief is full of soot and tears and I bow my head and sob deeply and uncontrollably.

“Oh, my Father, Oh, Father, Oh, my Father, what kind of Covenant is this? For, I am so sad and our future on this Earth is so bleak. And, at that moment, I hear the sounds of sirens and I see these words on the screen before me: “You have learned your first big lesson.”

I look at these words and say to myself, ‘Yes, this is so, but I learned this lesson some time ago.’ Then, the words begin to flicker on the screen and I see that our Father is speaking again.

“I am Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God. Behold what I speak herein; for this is the beginning of My New Covenant with you, My People, and the first and most elemental thing that you must grasp to be ready for this Covenant is that life, as you have known it in the Earth, is futile. For, all will soon be destroyed. All that you value and all that you treasure in this Earth, is but a trap, for in your riches, you will die. In your wealth, you will perish. For, life, as you know it in the Earth will soon come to an end. If you have not mastered obedience to the commandments, and if you do not understand that the basis for them, to begin with, is love; you cannot know Me and you cannot know My Son. But, if you are filled with love, then and only then can you see Me and My Son. This is the Covenant that My Son completed with all of humanity.

And, you may say, ‘Well, this is not a new covenant,’ and I say to you, ‘Yes, this is so.’ But, heed the blue and heed the white; for where one ends the other begins.’ And, I know that you do not know what this means, but I do. For, I am the blue and I am the white. I am the Alpha and I am the Omega; and this is the end for My people in the Earth, who are truly ready for My gift of eternal life. Those, who are ready to graduate from this Earth, and to receive eternal life, will already be ready to leave. You will get your affairs in order. You will come out of the material world and you will be ready to give it all up. If you do not grasp this higher concept of love, even to love your enemies, you will not grasp a higher concept of eternal life and all that goes with it. For, this is the New Covenant for which you must be ready.

Just as most failed and they did not get to the Promised Land, most will fail again and they will not get My promise of eternal life. But, My Covenant with you is this. Eternal Life is My gift to those, who are ready to receive it. But, if you are still struggling with following the commandments, you are not ready for eternal life. If you are still filled with negativity and a host of other emotions, you are not ready for eternal life. If you are not filled with love and forgive all freely, you are not ready for eternal life. Those, who are ready, understand the futility of the material world and already their feet are stationed in the next world; for this is a time of great transition. But, it is also a time of great freedom, wherein those, who are ready, are being spiritually prepared for the next world. And you ask, “Well, what is this New Covenant,” and I and I say to you that this is more readily described in the next part of this covenant with you, My People.







Dust off your feet; for you are walking now on holy ground! This holy ground is the makeup of your own spirit, which should now be full of My truths. It should be full of My purity. It should be full of My righteousness and My love! At this late hour, you should not have to stop and wonder whether you are doing what is right. You should automatically know that you are on the right path. If you have to stop and wonder whether your choices are right, you have not mastered the commandments. You have not become a vessel of My pure love. This is all right for now, for many are still going through the refining fires. But, there will come a time, and soon, that if you must stop to ponder whether you have done right or wrong, you will be so far behind spiritually that you will not be able to receive your inheritance of eternal life. For, there will come a time when you will not have enough time to purify your soul, to purify your heart, and to purify your spirit so that you will be ready spiritually to make the transition. For, darkness within will be a stumbling block to all, who want My promises of eternal life.

So, first and foremost, you must walk in love and you must walk in obedience. But, love and obedience must not be second nature. These things, you must not have to think on. They must be totally automatic. You must be filled with love, with purity, and truth, to that you no longer have to think about what is right. You automatically do what is right. For, you become the law and the law becomes you when you operate within My will. This process becomes automatic, for your intent is pure and when your intent is pure and unselfish, you are able to operate within My pure love. The longer you operate within My pure love, which is also My will, the easier it becomes. And, the easier it becomes, the more pure your spirit and your soul become.

The more pure you are, the whiter and brighter you are, and the easier it becomes to operate out of pure love. Then, you are the law and the law is you, but you are also free of the law and the law is free of you; for you have also risen above it. The law is within you, ‘tis true,’ as I have stated earlier, but love, even so surpasses the law.

It is at this point that I put My key in you and you thereby become My key to all that is beautiful, to all that is pure, to all that is holy, and to all that is within My Kingdom. And, the Earth, itself, can no longer hold you and you do not have any interest in the Earth, save to do My will and to spread My love. This is My gift of Freedom to all.

So, what is My Covenant? My New Covenant is the freedom of My pure and true love. It is graduation time for those, who truly walk in this way. This is a glorious occasion and many have waited for this day when I put My key in the hearts of those, who walk in My pure and true love.

And, what is this key? It is My Key to Freedom! It is My completed pass to My Holy Mountain. It is your freedom from Earth, as you know it to be. This is My New Covenant and this Covenant signals both the beginning of My Kingdom on the Earth and the gift of eternal life for those, who are truly worthy. But, you have known for a very long time that the way is narrow and the gate is straight. Few truly find this way and fewer make the grade.

And, so it is, My Child. You have worked extremely hard this day, harder than I expected and you have concluded this Covenant. Do you have any questions?”

“Oh, my Father, I am so overwhelmed and I hardly know that to say. My head is spinning and my thoughts are wandering in thousands of directions. But, as I understand it, Your Covenant, all along, has been something like this:

        1. Promises through Abraham;

        2. The External Laws, the Ten Commandments;

        3. The Internal Laws, the Spirit of God through our Saviour, the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. This is based on obedience and love.

        4. Love is the law and the law is readily manifest within Your pure love; and when this takes place, we reach a point of freedom, of purity, of wholeness, and cleanliness before You. We are one with Your will and we do Your perfect will without any conscious awareness. At this point, we receive Your key to Your Holy Mountain, and then we are ready for our Gift of Eternal Life. By this time, we have our feet heavily planted in the world of Your Spirit and we walk freely in Your Spirit.”

“My Little One, this is so. You move from external controls, to internal controls, to no controls, for you are one with the law. You are love manifest and you are a beautiful extension of My perfect will.”

“Oh, Father, this is a lot and many will be overwhelmed by this information; but I do pray that they grasp what You have given herein.”

“My Little One, those will grasp it, who are ready to receive it, but many will mock and scorn it; for in no way can they understand it.”

“My Father, it seems that I have finished two days work in one day!

“You have, My Little One, and I know that you are thirsty and you are a little hungry. You are free to eat if you wish, for the purpose for the fast has been completed. Type this before the Feast of The Trumpets, for it is to be read and distributed on this Feast Day, and each year on this particular Feast, this Covenant is to be read aloud to the congregation until the return of My Son. This is My new and beautiful Covenant. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.”

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 21st day of September, 2004,

                    Linda Newkirk
                    White Buffalo Calf Woman

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