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<ENTERED 12-06-98 >

I praise Our Beloved Father in Heaven for another day in which we can serve and worship Him in freedom; as our days of freedom are waning rapidly. Read on and you will see what I mean.

On October 20,1998 another wiretapping scheme, PL 105-272, was signed into law by President Clinton allowing for "roving wiretapping." This allows for any suspect to be wiretapped without an order from a judge. (Hasn’t this really been the case for years?) And it can be done based on any suspicion or fear of Reno and the other lovers of darkness, who run this country. What are these Luciferians so afraid of …that we will find them out and do something to them or about them? They need not fear people, but they had best learn to FEAR GOD.

Every time I read of another government plot to surveille the innocent, I remember the warnings given of Our Lord … that there has never been times as severe as these we shall soon go through, nor will there ever be again. It is very easy to sit back and become complacent, saying, "Oh, what’s the use?" But, don’t let this happen to you. When you see all the things coming to pass as spoken of in the Book of Revelation and even things coming to pass in the visions and prophecies given to me by Our Lord Jesus, DO NOT GIVE UP! Dig in your heels and get more determined to serve God in faith and truth! Get up early and start you day off right with serious prayer to God. Get down on your face on the floor and cry out to Him and to Our Beloved Jesus with all your heart. Pray with every bit of strength in your heart, and pray all through the day. Beg for God’s Precious Holy Spirit to be with you at all times and beg for His shield, armor, and hedge. Pray for God’s Beloved angels to surround you, your family and your property and that they go with you always. Pray for your families and for people you do not even know. And, don’t let up FASTING AND PRAYING AGAINST THIS EVIL SYSTEM OF GOVERNMENT, WHICH IS UPON US. BEG FOR GOD’S MERCY, MERCY, MERCY, AND PRAY, PRAY, PRAY FOR THE SALVATION OF THE LOST. We are not powerless over this evil; but through Jesus we have victory over it. Praises to Our Father Jehovah and to His Precious Son Jesus! Let our hearts sing with their praises night and day!

The Singing Children

Thank you, Jesus, for bringing Your Precious Singing Children to our door. And, thank You, Lord for their beautiful voices. My sincerest prayer for each of you is that Jesus reaches into your lives with an added measure of faith, hope, love, and joy; and that He blesses you with all that you stand in need of. Each of you is a joy in our lives and Dennis and I thank you from the depths of our hearts for your beautiful voices. (If you do not know about the Singing Children, go to the message last week and read about the dream.) Following, are messages from His Precious Children:

North Korea Threatens to "Blow up the USA"

Early in the week, I received a letter from a Dear Sister overseas. It was from Reuters News telling of loud threats from North Korea about their plans to attack the USA and blow it up. By week’s end, this Dear Friend had sent several letters entailing this communist threat; and toward the end of the week we received word of this threat from a Beloved Brother here in the states. Have you seen or heard anything on the 6:00 news about North Korea’s threats to attack this country with long range nuclear missiles? Our press tells of communism in China and spreads lies that it is not in control in Russia; but, My Friends, communism is alive and well in Washington and your president is one. I will not reprint the Reuters articles as I do not have their permission, but I will reprint the last letter sent to us by one of Jesus’ Precious Singing Children.

Subject: N. Korea Threatens US with Nuclear Annielation 

The following two articles are direct from the North Korean News of Dec 3, 98
        Annihilating Blow Will Be Given
Pyongyang, December 3 (KCNA) -- "Under the prevailing touch-and-go situation,
the Korean People's Army (KPA) is now bracing itself for a fight against the
U.S. imperialist aggressors," said Jong Chang Ryol, vice-Minister of the
People's Armed Forces. "Our army has been in full readiness to defeat any
aggression of the U.S. imperialists." The vice-minister clarified this
position, as regards the statement of the KPA general staff spokesman, which
was announced on Wednesday in connection with the fact that the arrogant U.S.
imperialists have gone beyond the danger line in their aggressive attempts to
stifle the DPRK with military strength. The U.S. imperialists are frantically
staging powder-reeking war exercises almost every day, watching for a chance.
Recently, their boss Clinton made a final checkup of the preparedness of the
U.S. troops present in South Korea. His reckless remarks at that time are, in
essence, like a declaration of war that they will not hesitate to wage a war
against the DPRK, Jong said, and declared: "All the KPA officers and men are
full of the fighting spirit and vigour to give an annihilating blow to the
aggressors and make them forlorn wandering spirits." "The U.S. imperialist
aggressors should be mindful that this planet will never exist without Korea."
"If they finally unleash a war, our People's Army will blow up the U.S.
territory as a whole and demonstrate the mettle of the great Marshal Kim Jong
Il's army, the strongest in the world." 

        Koreans on full alert for war
Pyongyang, December 3 (KCNA) -- Upon receiving the statement of the spokesman
for the general staff of the Korean People's Army (KPA) that declares the KPA
will mercilessly answer the U.S. imperialist aggression forces' challenge with
an annihilating blow, the servicemen and people of all walks of life in North
Korea are ready to smash the U.S. imperialist aggressors and their followers at
once. A KPA officer Han Kyong Chol said, "Our People's Army's strike has no
limitation and no mercy. Once the U.S. imperialists defiantly ignite the fuse
of war on this land, we will annihilate all of the aggressors, the provokers,
firmly holding rifles of the Korean revolution in our hands." Secretary of the
North Hamgyong Provincial Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea Jong Ki Hung
said, "members of the worker-peasant red guards and the young red guards are
awaiting the moment of a war of justice and, if the enemies dare to provoke a
war they will make a thousand-fold revenge on them and unfailingly achieve the
cause of national reunification." Manager of the Huichon General Machine-Tool
Factory Pang Chol Sun said the Korean workers are fully prepared for war and
that if the enemies unleash war they will not escape the fate of forlorn
wandering spirits. Curator of the Sinchon Museum Kim Pyong Ho said if the U.S.
imperialists and the South Korean finally start a war, the Korean people will
never miss the opportunity and make them pay for the crimes committed against
Koreans through generations. Jang Yong Chol, first secretary of the Pyongyang
City Committee of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League, said the young
Korean people are fully armed with the spirit of human bombs and of suicidal
attack to rise up courageously and smash any aggressors who pounce upon this land. 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As if the problems with Iraq and North Korea were not enough, we must deal with threats of a German takeover. Read the article below, sent in by one of Jesus’ vigilant children, and you will understand why Jesus has said that the Germans plan to rule the world. German planes are flying very low over our land, intimidating Americans and their farm animals, and the Germans say that we can do nothing about it. If we have not figured out by now that we are under UN rule, we are most definitely blind. Following this article read the list of concentration camps. A Beloved Brother sent this along with several articles of extreme interest, but for lack of space we cannot print all at this time. By the time you finish reading about the concentration camps, your common sense will be telling you that they are not building these up for lawn parties. Lucifer and his evil horde plan to fill them up with us … you and me. Beloved Ones, let your great prayers ring from every hill. Let them ring from every valley, from every building and from every home. Dig into The Word and be not moved! Rise up, O Righteous with the Word of God as your strength and prayer and fasting as your tools of combat. Get serious about your spiritual walk because Jesus is coming soon.

Subject: German Jets in West TX
West Texas Invaded by German Luftwaffe 

German pilots Say "Vee Will Do Things Our Way"
The ranchers and landowners in West Texas complain that low flying jets are spooking cattle 
and antelope herds and other wildlife. German jets are causing horses to throw riders, 
pickups report running off roads out of fear, tourists in the Davis Mountains complain that the
old west atmosphere of the Marfa, Alpine and Ft. Davis triangle is disrupted and private pilots
are scared to death.

Many ranchers in the mountainous Big Bend Country have had startling and sometimes damaging 
encounters with military jets flying far below the current 500-foot requirement. Wildlife and 
cattle get tangled in stretches of barbed wire after being startled by low-flying aircraft. 
People have actually reported being blown down and seeing property damaged by low flying jets.

The German pilots flying out of Holloman Air force Base say tough schnitzel. Your American laws
cannot touch them. They argue that German trainees flying out of Holloman Air Force Base in 
Alamogordo, N.M., and training over West Texas skies for the past several years, have 
*"diplomatic immunity,"* and *U.S. federal district courts therefore have no jurisdiction over

German pilots training in the United States are immune from the lawsuit filed in April by West
Texas ranchers seeking to limit flyovers by military planes. The Luftwaffe's response was filed
last week in federal court in Pecos.

The surprise response has pricked the West Texas ranchers like prickly pear. They charge that
low-altitude flights pose hazards to livestock, ranch workers, wildlife and tourism. These 
ranchers warn that West Texas is a different breed. One drawls, "this won't be like invading
France. We will just put up with so much."

"It's just crazy," said Kaare Remme, one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, which also names the
United States Air Force as a defendant.

The Luftwaffe's "very sad and very alarming" response is upsetting, one rancher said. 
"What are we supposed to do? Let a foreign power operate here illegally?  Do we have to call
Border Patrol?" Remme scoffed.

Courts were presented with legal proof that the laws were being broken. Unhappy west Texans 
said the German air force claim to immunity runs counter to the Holloman "bed-down" agreement
it signed in which it agreed to abide by the laws and regulations of the U.S. Air Force before
beginning operations in the United States in 1991. The arrogance of the German Air Force also
argues that neither the ranchers nor any third party may challenge an agreement between the two
military agencies.  Americans would do well to monitor this.  Those who laugh about patriot 
fears of foreign occupation now have a test case to observe.

The U.S. Air Force began seeking last year to lower the required minimum altitudes to 100 feet
from 500 feet and increase the number of training routes of B-1B Lancer and B-52 Stratofortress
bombers in areas of West Texas and New Mexico. Ranchers and nature activists have reported that 
the planes are already coming well below the agreed ceiling. They also charge that numerous
violations of range and altitude limits have occurred and they have videos and photos to prove

In a similar move, the German Luftwaffe pushed to increase the number of German Tornado jets by
30 allowed to train in these areas. High altitude refueling, which isn't now part of the 
training flights, would also occur under these proposals.

Opponents argue that the flights harm the quality of life as well as stressing cattle, causing
damage to landowners' property and health.  The push for expanded flight corridors and lower 
altitude flights prompted landowners to file lawsuits against the German Luftwaffe, U.S. Air 
Force, and U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. Secretary of Defense William Cohen.

The German's response to one lawsuit filed by several Fort Davis ranchers in April demonstrates
"extreme arrogance," said Remme, who has been ranching in Jeff Davis and Reeves counties for
12 years.

"It is not unpatriotic to require them to follow the law," said Remme. "They're not flying 
those routes now because they cannot afford people to hear and feel just what that is like," he
said of the proposed 100-foot limit. "And the first indication of what it is really like will
mean it is too late," he said.

An Environmental Assessment report by the U.S. Air Force on expanded low-level flights found
that there would be "no significant impact" on the environment if the proposals were approved.

The lawsuit accuses both air forces of not following proper procedures for flight approval 
required under the National Environmental Protection Act, violating the Noise Control Act.

No trial date has been set. Meanwhile the flights continue and additional foreign trainees are
scheduled to move into the Clovis, New Mexico area with similar plans and perhaps the same 
claims of *diplomatic immunity.*

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Remember a while back when the NASDAQ bottomed out for the year in the month of October ’98. At that time, Jesus told us that the stock market is manipulated. Read this article sent from one of Our Dear Brothers, who is watching and sharing a lot with all of us; and we are very grateful for him and his companion. This article tells of how The Fed is rigging the market. Isn’t anyone surprised that the market continues to rise in the USA as economies are collapsing in the rest of the world? The other night on the 6:00 news, Dan Rather showed steelworkers striking, as they are about to lose 40,000 jobs, all because of low, low prices of imported steel. On the same evening news, there was word of job loss elsewhere, but the next day on CNN Internet news the market was rising, all because of a "good financial report." What? It is rising because of some report when the faces of these poor workers paint a different picture. In looking at this, you must understand how and why we live in a sea of illusion and the real world is not in the world or in things of this world, but in God and His glory. If there is a way for Lucifer to lie, to manipulate, to steel, to kill, to harm or to enslave and control, he will. Lucifer runs The Fed; he runs Washington and he is making more and more laws to make us prisoners. For this reason, each of you must put God first in your lives and be vigilant. If not, you will not know the truth from a lie.

About the stock market that was supposed to fail in October.
The following article from the Spotlight exposes more of the Govmnt manipulation. You might find this useful.
In Service of Christ Jesus,

At least one mainstream media writer is waking up to the fact that the power elite manipulate the stock market.


Under the direction of Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan and Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, a multibillion dollar "slush fund" is used to manipulate the stock market. That international exclusive appeared in this populist newspaper earlier this year.

Now comes New York Post columnist John Crudele who points out that The Wall Street Journal has actually let the manipulation cat out of the bag. But apparently the Journal doesn't know what it has done. Says Crudele: "The Federal Reserve is just dying to admit that it has been doing brilliant-but alas, questionable-things to keep the stock market bubble inflated. A Wall Street Journal article on [Nov. 16] is the closest the Fed has ever come to making this admission, although the newspaper apparently didn't know what it was on to."

The Post columnist referred to a Journal story about the bailout of the "hedge fund," Long-Term Capital Management, and "how the Fed stepped in to save the day."

Typical of Journal stories, the really interesting material is buried deep down where people have already lost interest. Crudele says the story "gets interesting in the seventh paragraph."


A man by the name of Peter Fisher, the No. 2 man at the New York Fed, runs the Fed's trading operation, explains Crudele. It seems that Fisher is the Fed's eyes and ears on the inner workings of stock, bond and currency markets and is given "a wide degree of latitude about deciding when certain events post broader risks," the Journal article says.

As explained by Crudele, Fisher begins work at 5 am by checking the status of overseas markets and ends at 11 pm the same way. "In between . . . Fisher SWAPS [emphasis Post] intelligence and rumors with traders and dealers from his office in the Fed's 10th floor executive suite that overlooks the trading floor he runs . . . "

Says Crudele: "As I pointed out in a previous column, the market has done some strange things in the wee hours of the morning, especially between 5 am and 7 am, which ultimately affect how equities do in the New York market." The Post columnist makes a salient point: he's not against the government rigging the market, but he says that the fact should be made public and not remain the exclusive knowledge of insiders.

Prophetically, he previously wrote that "someone at the Fed or the Treasury ought to figure out how to rig the market and start doing it." And back in October of 1989, the Journal ran a piece quoting then-Fed Governor Robert Heller stating that it was the government's responsibility to rig the market in times of emergency.

Japan rigged its stock market for years, until the bubble burst recently and the economy of the country collapsed, the columnist points out. And if people know the market is rigged, they might want to invest even more. But "Washington should be responsible enough to alert the investing public about its maneuvering", says Crudele.


"What exactly does he [Fisher] give to these traders and dealers he talks to at 5 . . . in the morning?" asks the Post columnist. "Swaps, which is the word the Journal reporter came away with, implies a give-and-take. What is Fisher, the second highest person in the New York Fed's hierarchy, giving to traders?" Crudele then asks the question The SPOTLIGHT has already answered, to wit: "[I]s Fisher giving away what Wall Street calls inside information?" The columnist points out that with the Fed already having power over money, "It would be a big expansion of the Fed's powers to suddenly have authority over stocks."

Crudele wanted to talk with Fisher. He told the Fed he wanted to discuss the No. 2's interest in the stock market "and the swapping of information." No such luck.

The Fed wouldn't allow it. A Fed spokesman said something on the order of, "I think the spotlight on him right now is a little too bright."

Says Crudele: "You're damned right it is too bright-it almost caught him doing his trick with the market."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

By the way, does anyone know what happened with the thousands of pages of security documents, which were mysteriously leaked to the press last week. Haven’t seen anything on the news, have you?
These are two more letters of interest sent our way by Dear Readers.

Dear Mrs. Newkirk,
First I would like to thank you for sharing your prophecies on the web. Of course, a lot of it is quite scary, but there are other prophets on the web who say the same things and I have no doubt whatsoever that we are coming on very hard times. I have several questions that perhaps you could answer for me;
1.) I do not understand what the purpose of fasting is and its power. I would be grateful for any explanation you can give me.
2.) Why do you think that God changed the date for the US invasion from Dec 12,'98 to Jan 10, 99? Do you think that intercession by prayer would possibly postpone the invasion?
3.) Has the Lord told you anything about the plight of the Jews in the former Soviet Union? Specifically, how long we will have to get them out to Israel in fulfillment of Jeremiah 31:8 and Isaiah 48:16-24?

~Thanks for writing. Fasting has been used down through the ages for various reasons, …to heal, to glorify God, to sacrifice before God, to break all yokes and controls and holds of Lucifer and to grow spiritually. It has been used in times of danger as a way of pleading before God for mercy and in times of sorrow. Mostly, I fast to heal, to bring me closer to God …to make room for more of God’s Precious Spirit by cleansing my body, my mind, spirit and emotions; and also at times when I have sought God’s great mercy I have fasted. Through times of fast, one should pray all through the day, begin one’s day with prayer and finish it with prayer. And, I don’t mean a few minutes of prayer, I mean hours of prayer. If you pray in tongues, this is powerful, and if you do not have this spiritual gift, pray for it and find others to pray with you to receive it. Some say that this is the least of the gifts, but I believe that it is one of the most powerful. Why? Because the Spirit of God speaks through you and fills you when you pray in tongues; and to me, this is a miracle beyond description.
~I do not know how many more Jews will get to leave Russia, but those so desiring had best seek this straightaway. The Red Rooster crows loudly in Russia and soon the door will slam shut again.
~The Jan 10 date refers to Iraqi situation and another round with them.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This following a very lengthy article but many of you may be interested in it. The idea of reincarnation as fact is purportedly described in this ancient Christian document. I cannot comment on this Nazarene document as I have not seen it, only one’s comments about it. I do not know if it is genuine, but I can say that if it is possible for one to alter anything about it, this has been done. To this end, Our Lord has also spoken.


I got the following from the Science and Spirituality list.  It is about a document which was 
purportedly written by the apostles and was found in a Tibetan monastery.

Date: 2 Dec 1998 14:12:21 -0000
From: Peter Novak <division@csinet.net>
To: Science & Spirituality List
Reply-to: Peter Novak <division@csinet.net>
Subject:  Gospel of the Nazirenes: Reconciling Reincarnation & Christianity Through Science

                        Gospel of the Nazirenes:
          Integrating Reincarnation and Christianity

              Restoration of the Original Teaching?

Continuing discoveries this century are shedding ever greater light onto one of the most opaque 
and mysterious periods in history, illuminating the man and message and 1st century cultural
impact of Jesus.  Given the recent discoveries of the "Dead Sea Scrolls", the "Gnostic Gospels"
of Nag Hammadi, and now, apparently, even the long-sought "Gospel of the Nazirenes", far more
has been discovered about the earliest days of Christianity in this century than in all the 
years previous. And what is becoming more and more clear from these discoveries is that the 
original message of Christ differed sharply from the official doctrines later adopted by the 

Recently an Aramaic manuscript entitled "The Gospel of the Nazirenes" was translated and 
published. Said to be an ancient scripture forgotten for centuries in a Tibetan monastery, this
work seems, in virtually every respect, identical to a work by the same title that was known and
widely quoted from in the first centuries of the church. Many of the most revered early church
fathers, as well as a surprising number of scholars today, have boldly declared that the 
legendary "Gospel of the Nazirenes" was nothing less than  the long-lost ORIGINAL Gospel which,
legend holds, was collectively written by the actual 12 apostles in the period immediately 
after Christ's death, and upon which all three of the Biblical synoptic Gospels were based.

If this recently published work indeed IS that original lost scripture, it would be a 
magnificent treasure of unequaled value, possessing incomparable relevance for the whole of 
Christianity. The manuscript claims in no uncertain terms to be that same ancient work composed
by the 12 apostles, and,in fact,it makes an intriguing and compelling case for being just that. 

And it supports DivisionTheory, the scientific Life-After-Death theology found in the Gnostic 
Gospels of Nag Hammadi in the 1940's. 

               The Legend of the Lost Gospel

For nearly 2,000 years, all we objectively knew of Jesus came to us primarily through the four 
Biblical Gospels. But for all that time, a great and enduring pall has hung over those lofty
works. In the fourth century, the authorities of Rome decided just which of the countless books 
on Jesus in circulation at that time would make up the present-day Bible, deciding once and for 
all, in effect, which works were to be judged as genuine and authoritative and which were not. 
This decision, unfortunately, carried the undeniable taint of politics - and possible political 
compromise - the Bishops making these decisions were doing so at the direct command of the Roman
Emperor, and their future financial and social well-being was, everyone agrees, entirely under 
his control. It has been whispered ever since the fourth century that much of the true message 
of Jesus was edited out at that time, due to the oppressive and theologically-obtuse influence 
of Constantine.

Many Christian scriptures that failed to be admitted into the Bible were then outlawed, 
collected, and destroyed.

Prior to 325 AD, however, many of the early Church fathers had included in their writings 
mention of an earlier Gospel, upon which, they claimed in near-perfect unison, the synoptic 
Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke had ALL been based. Mentioned or quoted from by such well
known church fathers as Papias, Hegesippus, Iranaeas, Clement, Origen, Basil, Epiphanius, 
Eusebius, and St. Jerome, this document had gone variously by the title "Gospel of the 
Nazirenes" (The word "Nazirene" comes from a "Nazirite-Essene" sect, or a Nazirite sect of the
Essene branch of Judaism), "Gospel of the Hebrews", "Gospel of the Ebionites", and "The Aramaic
Gospel of Matthew".

For nearly 2,000 years, historians considered this work to have been irrevocably lost, but in 
1870 a forgotten copy was said to have been discovered hidden away in a Tibetan monastery,
and was quickly translated from the original Aramaic, published this time as "The Gospel
of the Holy Twelve". This work was, however, translated quite clumsily into very dusty old-style
King James English, and at the time the work was not widely noticed or read. But now a new
translation has arrived, published in 1997, edited and restored by Alan Wauters and Rick Van

This document certainly seems to be the same gospel referred to by so many ancient commentators.
Although that ancient original scripture had indeed been lost, a number of its passages are
still known, having been preserved when various church fathers quoted them in their own 
writings. Virtually all those quoted passages are found again here in "Nazirenes" in their 
entirety (as are also virtually the entire contents of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke).
Numerous historical references thus seem to confirm the authenticity of the 1870 manuscript, and
many modern scholars since 1870 have concluded as well that this work is, in all likelihood, 
the original source of much of the material that eventually found its way into the Biblical 
Gospels. If so, the Biblical Gospels would then be mere edited versions of this earlier, and 
therefore more authoritative work, just as many have argued over the centuries.

         The Stamp of Authenticity

Far more than the Biblical Gospels, this work has the feel of having been written by actual 
witnesses to the events it describes. The detail is often both more natural and more explicit, 
and a great many theological, social, and political issues come out making a great deal more 

Often during the reading of this work, one feels that one is simply reading the Bible, for many
passages are, indeed, virtually identical to that found in the canon. The familiar old stories
are told again, and either the working is identical, or, when expanded upon or alternate wording
is used, the stories come out making rather more sense than before, clearing up many questions 
left hanging in the authorized version. Never does it seem that the unfamiliar material is 
actually out- of-place, as if it had been pasted-in by editors after the fact.  Rather, in 
virtually every instance the fresh material seems an integral component of the narrative, and, 
as one reflects anew upon the more familiar wording of the authorized Bible, the absence of this
unfamiliar material seems now to stand out as a lacking:

        "And Herod with his men of war set him at naught, 
   and mocked him, and arrayed him in a gorgeous robe and 
   sent him again to Pilate. 
        And the same day Pilate and Herod were made friends, 
   for before they were at enmity between themselves."  - Nazirenes 81:17

Nice detail. Its inclusion in the narrative doesn't seem necessary for any theological content 
or other long-term significance, but it is nonetheless precisely the sort of detail a group of 
12 friends might see fit to include in their narrative. Similar details occur throughout the 
text. In the authorized Bible, for example, at Jesus' death it merely reports that the "veil of
the Temple was ripped" by a powerful earthquake. But in what is seemingly the more original, and
detail-rich work, "Nazirenes" elaborates convincingly:

        "And behold there was great thunder and lightning, 
   and the partition wall of the Holy place, from which hung
   the veil, fell down, and was rent in two, and the Earth
   did quake, and the rocks also were rent."            - Nazirenes 82:26 

Seemingly minor yet colorful and narratively enriching details like this run throughout this 
text, giving the compelling impression that this is indeed an original eyewitness narrative, 
not a bland, confused, or glossed-over retelling of a dusty tradition repeatedly handed down 
orally for 30 years of more before finally being committed to writing. Traditional scriptural 
teachings maintain that the mighty works recorded in the New Testament went unwritten for some 
30 years or more before being put down in writing, but this seems to make no sense. At least 
some of the apostles were, reportedly, quite literate and learned men, and it seems likely, even
prior to encountering a text such as this, that an already close-knit  group of 12 learned 
friends would have quickly pooled and compared their memories in an effort to  compose a 
definitive version of their recollections of the man, teachings, and works of Jesus, before 
anything of import could be forgotten. 

And this text, now available for all to read, constitutes evidence that such a collective 
testimony not only WAS composed (just as reason suggests it would have been), but successfully
survived the centuries after all, even in spite of whatever political forces that might at one
time have been aligned against it.

It seems very much as if the authorized Gospels in the present-day Bible were all various 
edited versions of this "Gospel of the Nazirenes". Some material originating in "Nazirenes", 
it seems, even found its way into the Biblical books of Acts and Revelations.  

In many ways, while reading it, the familiar age-old message of the Bible comes through as 
always; but then one is suddenly jolted upright, finding oneself reading startling passages that
directly defend the very NON-Western tradition of reincarnation (along with equally unfamiliar
tales of Jesus' studying various mysteries and wisdom traditions in India and Persia and Egypt,
tales of His marriage and the subsequent death of His wife, and much more).

In many places, then, what is written in "Nazirenes" contrasts sharply with the familiar story 
and message in the authorized Bible. It teaches strict and uncompromising vegetarianism,
describing how Jesus' anger at the Temple was not merely directed at the financial business 
going on there, but was specifically over the selling and slaughtering of sacrificial animals 
in the Temple, which was supposed to be a House of Prayer, but had been changed, he cried, into
a slaughterhouse.  The idea that Jesus might have felt outrage at seeing the cruel carnage of
innocent creatures in the Holy Temple seems fully consistent with his character as we have 
collectively come to imagine Him, and this interesting variation of the "moneychangers" story in
"Nazirenes" comes across as fully believable. In a word, it has the ring of truth to it.

"Nazirenes" claims that one of the biggest reasons Jesus was so adamantly condemned by the 
religious authorities of Israel was because he advocated an end to blood sacrifices at the
Temple. To bring an end to these sacrifices,  of course, would have completely undermined the
financial livelihood of much of the Temple priesthood , and so they would have seen Jesus as 
embodying a personal threat of no little consequence. In effect, he went right for their
wallets; an act more certain to elicit intense opposition from the Judaic priesthood could
scarcely be imagined.

"Nazirenes" also claims, not that Jesus was the "Only Begotten Son", but, phrasing it quite 
differently, that he was the "First Begotten Son" of God. The small change in terminology 
entirely undermines the traditional church's position that Jesus was a Divine being who simply
chose to become human; instead, this text now suggests, he was at least also, in some respects,
a human who, through persistent effort and faithfulness to "The Law" (perhaps over many 
lifetimes), had become a Divine being, suggesting the very gnostic notion that anyone else might
also attain the same accomplishment, which in turn reminds us all of some of His Biblical 

        "I have overcome the world."
                        - John 16: 33

        "He who believes in me will also do the works
that I do; and greater works than these will he do...."
                        - John 14:12

In a most modern slant, "Nazirenes" directly advocates euthanasia, but only in cases of extreme
suffering. Always and everywhere throughout the book, the image of Jesus is one utterly 
dedicated to gentleness and loving care for others. Many scenes involved Jesus rebuking someone
for cruelly inflicting pain on others, whether people or animals.

         Reincarnation Integrated into Christian Theology
I am delighted to report that this restored Gospel seems fully consistent with, and in many 
respects powerfully supports my own work, DivisionTheory, which maintains that the soul and
spirit of ancient scripture are the unconscious and conscious of today's science, which split 
apart after death,  each going on to an entirely separate afterlife experience. The unconscious
soul, carrying one's memories and emotion, becomes trapped in a self-created heavenly or hellish
dreamlike unconscious netherworld of its own creation, while the conscious spirit, carrying the
intellect and free will, goes on to a new incarnation utterly oblivious to the fact that it had
lived before.
My long-standing fear was that some early Christian text of this degree of apparent authenticity
would eventually arise which would decisively EXCLUDE DivisionTheory from the teachings of
Christ (in which case I would be forced to chuck the conclusions of 10 years of work, to which,
I admit, I have more than a little ego attachment); but instead, such a work has now come to 
light which stands as even more powerful SUPPORT for concluding that DivisionTheory is indeed
an accurate portrayal of those original teachings.

         The Afterlife: Losing the Soul

Like DivisionTheory, "Nazirenes" specifically teaches that man is a triune being, composed of 
body, soul, and spirit (54:14), but also teaches that this triune nature can be violated, that 
it is, in fact, possible for one to lose one's soul at death (25:10). "Salvation", or "eternal 
life", was specifically described as "saving one's soul"; but this was contrasted with those who
do not "fulfill the Law", and therefore would "lose" their soul at death. Losing their soul, 
however, did apparently not mean that one's whole being would become permanently trapped in some
netherworld, nor did it mean ceasing to exist; on the contrary, even if the person "lost" his 
soul, HE WOULD STILL REINCARNATE, the text insists. "Losing the soul", then, meant something
very different to the writers of this Gospel than that meaning currently assumed in Christian
circles. Just as the only difference between reincarnation and eternal life would seem to be
in the issue of saving or losing one's memories of one's past, the only difference between
saving or losing one's soul would seem to be the difference between reincarnating as usual or
acquiring "eternal life". In that the concept of reincarnation already incorporates the idea
that death does not end one's existence, the "Nazirenes" concept of "eternal life" apparently
means more than simply continuing to exist after one's physical death. It means, rather, that
one's memories are retained, one's sense of self-identity is retained. And as modern science
has taught us that memory is stored in the unconscious, this would require that the unconscious
soul not be "lost", but rather be "saved".

         The Afterlife:  Eternal Life Vs. Reincarnation

"Nazirenes" teaches the doctrine of reincarnation as a certainty (69:2, many others), but also 
teaches that acquiring "eternal life" is only an OPTION. This "eternal life" is thus NOT merely
the eternal life of reincarnating, but was thought to be something merely potentially possible 
for human beings to achieve, a possibility that should be sought, but by no means was this 
"eternal life" a guaranteed certainty.  Reincarnation was a guaranteed certainty, but "eternal 
life" was not. Thus there existed, according to this teaching, some OTHER form of "eternal life"
superior to merely reincarnating and forgetting one's past lives, some OTHER form of continual
existence in which one's past efforts and hard-earned knowledge and wisdom and skills and loves
and accomplishments would never be lost again, as is normally the case when reincarnating:
        "As in Adam, all are bound to cycles of rebirth, so in
        the Lord shall all be made eternal.  Blessed are those 
        who are made perfect ... for... their works do follow them."
                                                        - Nazirenes 69:2
And sounding very much like DivisionTheory indeed, this eternal life, this "perfection", could 
only be attained by a particular integrative interaction of the unconscious soul and the
conscious spirit:
        "...every soul may be perfected by the ascent of 
        the soul into the spirit and the descent of the 
        spirit into the soul...."
                                                        - Nazirenes 96:16

         The Afterlife: Fulfilling "The Law" Within

In order to achieve this eternal life, "The Gospel of the Nazirenes" declares,  "The Law" must 
be fully obeyed. In this respect this book shows us a very "Jewish" Jesus indeed, with His
unequivocal focus on ‘The Law that must be obeyed'.  But "The Law", to THIS Jesus, was not
altogether that same Law written in the Hebrew Old Testament, but rather a universal Law 
pre-written into the inner being of Man. The true Law given by Moses, THIS Jesus claimed, had 
been altered and betrayed and adulterated by the priests of Persia during the Jewish people's
captivity there. The true Law given by Moses was, this scripture maintains, the same ancient Law
is always pre-written in the hearts of men - the "Law of Love and the unity of all life in the
One-Family of the All-Parent" (24:4).

This work teaches that living according to that inner Law is the key to salvation, Eternal Life,
the Kingdom of Heaven.  It teaches that if one experiences hell after death, it is not because
one was condemned by God or anyone else, but by being "Self"-condemned (18:1, 46:3). Whatever
hellfires the evil dead suffer after death would be those very same fires they themselves 
created in their own unconscious souls prior to their deaths....

     "Then he shall say to them on his left hand,
     "Depart from me evil souls into the eternal
     fires which you have prepared for yourselves."
                                                        - Nazirenes 67:11

... by betraying the Law, the sense of right and wrong, that was pre-written into their inner 
beings. Those who did NOT follow and obey the true "Law" would not receive this "eternal 
life". They WOULD, however, still continue to reincarnate.

         The Afterlife: Reincarnation Vs. Resurrection

"The Gospel of the Nazirenes" teaches the Eastern doctrine of reincarnation right alongside 
the traditional Western doctrine of an eternal heaven and hell; just as in DivisionTheory, 
these two traditions are shown united in a single integral vision of Life After Death.  And 
also like DivisionTheory, "Nazirenes" ALSO combines the Eastern doctrine of reincarnation with
the Western doctrine of a coming Universal resurrection, in which all the world's dead would 
simultaneously rise to conscious life.  But including, within the context of reincarnation, 
this idea of a coming "universal resurrection" at the end of time is a tricky proposition. How
can all the world's dead rise at the same time into physical bodies when each person shares 
identities with his own other selves, his numerous past incarnations? Clearly, such an event 
would have to be, as DivisionTheory claims, a time when the memories of past lives and past 
selves would suddenly flood back into the conscious world, when the dead awaken within us all,
within already-living bodies, as opposed to the spontaneously and miraculously reconstituted 
bodies expected by traditional Western theology:
     "The Kingdom is within you.  But the time approaches
     when that which is within shall be made manifest 
     in the without, for the sake of the world."
                                                        - Nazirenes 91:3

         Judgment Day:  Resolving the Doctrinal Conflict Within Nazirenes

Sadly, "Nazirenes" does not clearly spell out how these two co-existing doctrines were 
successfully integrated in the minds of Jesus and the 12 apostles, but, outside of the 
DivisionTheory scenario of spontaneous past-life memory restoration, the Bible's prophecies 
of a coming Universal resurrection into physical bodies seem incompatible with the doctrine of 
reincarnation. Thus, it seems, only DivisionTheory resolves the doctrinal conflict that 
"Nazirenes" presents.

"The Gospel of the Nazirenes" also teaches that, even at Judgment Day, the evil souls of the 
world will, even then, still have one last chance to repent and turn and be saved (40:7, 46:23,
67:15), a conclusion which DivisionTheory also arrived at, but a teaching which does not seem to
appear in the traditional Bible.

"Nazirenes" is in full agreement with both DivisionTheory and the Biblical Gospels on at least 
one point:  "Nazirenes" entirely supports the doctrine of the existence of the devil.

As with DivisionTheory, "Nazirenes" Last Day vision describes a time in which all humanity will 
end up sharing possession and experience of a common conscious component, the same conscious
and autonomous spirit ultimately dwelling in the psyches of each of us, looking out through the
eyes of each of us, riding right alongside each of us in our own minds, simultaneously dwelling
in the psyche of each living person on earth:
     "We shall teach The Way to prepare your children
     for the indwelling Universal Messiah."             - Nazirenes 96:20

         Metaphysics: Making the Two One

As with DivisionTheory, and the gnostic "Gospel of Thomas", "Gospel of Philip", and "Gospel of 
Truth" found at Nag Hammadi, reconciling and integrating the dual nature of all being is a
main focus of "Nazirenes".  God is repeatedly called not "Father", but the Father-Mother, or the
All- Parent. His attributes are repeatedly described with equal-but-opposite word pairings such
as  "Love and Wisdom", "head and heart", "soul and spirit", "within and without", "right and 
left", and "male and female", and the "Oneness" of this divine pair, by whatever name, is 
constantly being mentioned, advocated, and described.

      "And a certain prophet seeing [Jesus] said to him, 
      "Behold the Love and the Wisdom of the Most High 
      are One in thee...."                              - Nazirenes 6:5

      These things being done, Jesus spoke these words  
      ...:Thou has glorified me, Thou has filled my heart with fire.
      Thou has set lamps on my right hand and my left, 
      so that no part of my being should be without light. 
      Thy Love shines on my right hand, and Thy Wisdom on my left."
                                                        - Nazirenes 76:11-12
      "No one knows thee, save a Son, who also
      has the Daughter within;
      or a Daughter, who also has the Son within.
      No one know the Daughter or the Son save
      those to whom the Holy Spirit is revealed,
      who is the Two-in-One."                           - Nazirenes 44:14

      "Far and near, the All-Parent knows His own. 
      Yes, in each of you, the Fatherhood and 
      the Motherhood may be seen; 
      for the Father and the Mother are One in
      the All-Parent".                                  - Nazirenes 50:8

Like DivisionTheory, and like the Gnostic Gospels recently unearthed in Egypt, "Nazirenes" 
declares that salvation comes through the reconciliation and integration of the two primordial 
elements of being:
         "As it is above, so below.  As it is within, so it is without.
      As on the right hand, so on the left. As it is before, so it is behind.  
      As with the great so with the small.  As with the male, so with the female. 
      When these things shall be seen, then you shall see the Kingdom of the Most High.
      For in me there is neither male not female, yet both are One.
      The woman is not without the man, nor is the man without the woman. 
      Wisdom is not without Love, nor is Love without Wisdom. 
      The head is not without the heart, nor is the heart without the head,
      in the Holy Spirit which atones all things."
                                                        - Nazirenes 52:9-11

         And one of them said, "Teacher, it is written of old, 
      "The Elohim made man in their own image,
      male and female created they them." 
      How can you say then that the Lord is one?"
         And Jesus said to them, 
      "Verily I say to you, in the Lord there is
      neither male nor female and yet both are one, 
      and the Lord is the Two in One.
      He is She and She is He. The Lord is Perfect, Infinite, and One.
      ...the Elohim created man in the Divine Image male and female,
      therefore is the Lord both male and female, 
      not divided, but the Two in One, Undivided and Eternal."
                                                        - Nazirenes 64:2, 6

         And one said to him, "Teacher, when shall
      the Kingdom come?" 
         And he answered and said, "When that which 
      is without shall be as that which is within, 
      and that which is within shall be as that which is without,
      and, the male with the female, neither male nor female, 
      but the Two in One.  They who have ears to hear, let them hear."
                                                        - Nazirenes 66:12

This book, "The Gospel of the Nazirenes", edited by Alan Wauters and Rick Can Wyhe, which 
restores the sacred heart of Christian literature, is available at http://www.amazon.com.

My book on DivisionTheory," The Division of Consciousness", is also available there, and also 
at http://www.geocities.com/~divisiontheory
   Peter Novak division@csinet.net

~ ~ ~ ~ ~.

One last thing of interest before we conclude this lengthy message. This week, Our Lord Jesus showed me a large build-up of RED CHINESE missiles in Cuba; and I would be very surprised if we ever see a thing about this on the news. Isn’t this a sad commentary when we remember the Russian crisis in the 60’s?

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Once again, I thank all the Singing Children, who have been the eyes and ears of Jesus this week. I regret that we did not have room to share all that you sent, but I thank you for sharing your finds and for your sweet spirits. I pray that your days are filled with the pure love of God and that your hearts sing with His joy.

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