A Message For You

Dec. 13, 1998

My Precious Brothers and Sisters around the world, what a joy to be able to sit here and share with you on this day of peace in our land. Your love and prayers are appreciated more that you will ever know and I pray that you and your family are well.

I must say that this job gets very hard at times and I often feel as if I am caught up in the great storms of humanity. It is only because of the loving grace of Our Father and Our Precious Jesus that we are able to make it from day to day; and for this no words of thanks seem adequate.

Get ready, My Beloved Friends. As calamities rise and the edge of darkness seems to close in on us, Our Father in Heaven in letting go of His Mighty River and it is beginning to pour out on His faithful. This mighty influx of His Spirit is setting afire the minds of the seekers of His truths. It is liberating those, who have been bound by religiosity. It is causing a great and pure cloud to fall upon His faithful and to set them free in love and truth. It is making the sick whole and the blessing the rest with a greater purity. Oh, what times to live in!

As we watch evil grow around us, let us be mindful of the ever-increasing power and presence of our Father’s Fire and Spirit. Though, we walk in darkness, we shall not fear the demons; for Our Lord is with us. Jehovah is our Rod and Jesus is our Staff. Let us fall on our faces before our God with our hearts full of thanks, for in Him is our strength and refuge. Glory is to God, forever and ever!

If you are sick or in need this day, I pray in the name of Our Beloved Jesus that your needs be met and that you be healed of any infirmities, whether they be of mind, body, emotion and spirit. This is my sincere prayer for you and I mean it with all my heart. My Precious One, your Father in Heaven loves you; He gave you a soul. Love Him and serve Him.

Prayer requests

While on the subject of prayer, please pray for a Dear Sister in the Mideast. This Precious Soul has been so good about sharing news, but yesterday she wrote to tell me that her internet access to this website had been denied. Please pray for her safety and for that of her family.

Another Brother in Florida needs your prayers as well. Lucifer is working overtime to destroy his family. "Precious Jesus, please give this Dear One a miracle."

The Captives

If you have read the prophecy books, (which you can download freely from the site) you have read of the human genetic experiments in the subterranean bases. In these bases, Luciferians are working with various U.S. government agencies, as well as with other world governments, in various kinds of mind control and genetic research. Most people do not believe that this research is real, but I can assure that it is real, and that there are many, many souls among us, who are their slaves. These slaves are implanted with various kinds of biochips, bombarded day and night with all kinds of rays, and stalked incessantly by these evil hoards. Some of these "slaves" are being used unwittingly as pawns to carry out "secret" agendas for the Luciferians and for "secret" agencies within our own government.

Most recently, Our Lord showed me many, many captives hidden beneath the Earth in caverns, especially in the desert area of the USA. Many of these precious souls never see the light of day and the only light to reach them is a trickle, which filters down these long, dark corridors. My Friends, there are many, many "slaves" down there and many of these are children. They live in hideous concentration camps, in pain and suffering, enduring horror all their days, the waste products of heinous human experiments. I asked our Lord why these evil abusers did not kill them as to do so would be merciful, but He said that the evil Luciferians get great joy from their suffering, just as Hitler got joy from what he did.

I ask each of you to take these heinous, dark underground works before Our Lord every day that you live, and that you pray for these tortured souls. Don’t miss a day. Pray, pray, pray to our Father that He release these slaves from captivity in His own way and time; and pray that each and every one of these hellholes be shut down and/or totally destroyed. Also, pray that our Lord break the holds of these implants on the minds and bodies of the unsuspecting. In Jesus is their freedom, but they know it not. "We humbly await victory over this, Lord God Father Jehovah, as You are all powerful and full of love and mercy."

Your Mail

We received a lot of mail this week and many shared some very relevant and interesting things. I thank every one of you, who shared your finds. I thank you for your search for the truth and for wanting to help in Our Lord’s work and in the salvation of souls. Our Precious Jesus brought each of you to our door and I pray that He abundantly bless each of you, … His Singing Children.

This letter came via snail mail from a Dear Brother, who has been through many trials lately. I edited grammar in a sentence or so, but is otherwise as he sent it. I hope that you will pray for Joel and his family’s welfare with the full love of your heart. These are very perilous times and we need one another to make it.


A Reader’s Letter to You

My Friends in Christ, of whom we know the loving saving grace of the Father; don’t be shaken in your faith towards our loving savior Jesus Christ. Seek him daily in prayer, putting all things behind him. Don’t you remember it is written that he paid a price for us? He purchased us with His life; even so we should honor Him in all we do, putting Jesus first in all things. Why do you store up treasures here on Earth such as stocks, bonds, and savings? Is it also written, care not for tomorrow, as you know not what it brings? Did not Jesus himself teach us that the Father will take care of us? Yet, we have little faith; and rather than store our treasures in heaven; we work selfishly toward building treasures on Earth. For what? We take nothing of this world with us, only our souls. So, would it not benefit us to strive towards building our souls towards the Lord, rather than building our wallets, or filling our homes with clutter and glitz? Does not the Bible tell us to show outwardly what we have inwardly, walking in our faith as a show and testament to Christ Jesus, our Savior.

I pray that the Lord open all the saints eyes within the United States, so they can see that they labor and strive day to day only to buy the next better car, house, chair, etc. Rather than striving to seek the Lord through a life of simplicity, keeping the glamour and glitz of the world far away, these very things have become an illusion of happiness for many. Do you not know this is of the devil? What place does all this clutter have with the Lord Jesus Christ? The Lord has cried out to the church of the United States for years, warning us, asking us to come back to him, our First Love. We have not listened to the Lord’s call in the United States.

Pray and seek the Lord daily, hourly, minute by minute, as there is no other important thing we can do. Seek the Lord with a heart that is sincere. The Lord searches all hearts and knows all. If you think you can manipulate the Lord, you lie to yourself and are being led by Satan, not by truth, which is Jesus Christ.

Know that you can only serve one master. Who do you serve? Is it Jesus one day and Satan the next? God forbid! Don’t you know that you can not ride the fence with our Lord? A heart of sincerity is what the Lord wants, a simple life and a simple walk.

Strength is in the Lord in all things through His Holy Spirit, which is given us, who call on the Lord’s name. Be watchful. The time is at hand now. The Lord is returning soon with all His glory. We, His faithful servants, will be subject to much persecution. Call on the Lord, and He will be your strength. Turn to Jesus for all things, for He is our all.

My prayers are with you daily. Seek guidance through the Spirit of Truth in all things. There are many things to be revealed to you, as these are the end times, spoken of by the prophets. Receive this letter in brotherly love that abides in all of us, who seek our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
--- Joel


Thank you, my Dear Brother. These are words we all need to acknowledge in deed.

About the Nazarine document…

Dear Linda,
I have enjoyed all your writings so much. Your prophecy scenarios have really intrigued and blessed me and I see so much that agrees with prophecy, as I understand it. But, I confess that I am hung up over your teachings of reincarnation. I have tried to consider that perhaps this is true teaching, whereas Satan always has his counterfeits, as we know all too well in New Age teaching. I have tried to defend your teachings in this light because you lift up our Blessed Lord so much. But, I do have lots of questions.

Why would our Precious Lord reveal such at this time? People need to hear your urgent message, but they blot it out because of the reincarnation part. I don’t understand why we should even need to know this, yet as there doesn’t seem to be anything about it that helps glorify our Lord or lead others to Him, … then the article you posted today from the Science and Spirituality list. It really bothered me as it did not magnify the work that Christ, the only Begotten Son of God, did for us on the cross. This is the heart of the gospel. He is the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and Supreme Lord coming back again with His saints.

This posted article seems to diminish this. That takes away from all the many wonderful things you say and teach on your website. Maybe I just don’t understand but it seems to be out of place for such a great prophet of the Lord, as I have felt that you are. Thank you for clarification. In Him,


Dear Doris,

First, let me say that there has only been one among us, who has ever been "great", this being Our Beloved Lord Jesus. I feel as if I am only a dot in the scheme of things.

Our Lord Jesus tells us that we must "seek" and we shall "find." In other words, if we really want to know the truth, we must go after it with all our hearts, searching for it day after day, week after week, month after month until He reveals the truth of this thing we are seeking.

I used to pooh, pooh the idea of reincarnation and was with the masses, making fun of Shirley McClaine’s many lives. But, about ten years ago, I began to hunger and thirst to know whether reincarnation was true or false. Hear me. I began to hunger and thirst for the truth. In other words, this was a deep desire of mine to know whether this was truth, and I would not let up on begging to know. With each passing day, my prayer was, "God, show me the truth of this, whether it is a lie or the truth. Please, please show me this thing."

One night in the early 90’s I had a dream. In this dream was a wheel, which was full of spokes, but the spaces within the spokes were closed off. Suddenly, one of the spaces within one of the spokes opened up as if it were a door and I saw a soldier walking down a stairway. The land was very arid and the steps were very wide as if this person were walking down from a very large building. I looked closely at this person to see that he was a soldier, wearing only a short skirt and sandals, which were wound around his legs to the knees. And, on the steps was a very large urn, containing a walking stick with a duck’s head carved on the handle. Suddenly, in this dream, a part of me shouted, "This is me! I am an Assyrian soldier." But, this dream only got my curiosity up. It did not convince me that reincarnation was true. I would need much more.

Some of you may have read of my experience with the huge angel, which came during a great and terrible storm and extended its hand to stop the wind. If you have read it, you will recall that where this angel stood it struck a beam down through the edge of our living room. This beam made something of a cross, going far into our kitchen and out into the yard one way and across the living room one way. I could plainly see this beam and prayed and meditated in it for years until it got so crowded in this small space that we had to move furniture there. One day as I was praying in this beam, I became caught up in a vision, which was so real that it seemed as if I could reach and touch the droplets of fog. This was one of the most eerie visions I have ever had in some ways. Before me was a young child with a brown jacket, which had no collar. He wore knee pants and had shoes, which had been hand made, as I could see the tacks in the shoes. This young boy was standing outside in deep fog waiting for someone. Through the thick fog, I could barely make out wide, thick boards, which went along the sides of a waiting ship. In this vision, I was thinking, "My Lord, why this and who is this?"

Suddenly the voice of Our Lord said, "This is you!" "Me," I exclaimed! "What am I doing here?" Once more Jesus answered and said, "You are waiting for your earthly Father to leave this ship." "Father," I shouted! "Yes," Jesus said. "Well, who am I," I exclaimed? "You are William Penn," said Jesus.

Curious about the occupation of William Penn’ s Father, I looked him up in an encyclopedia and was intrigued to know that his William Penn’s Father was an admiral in the British navy. Still, I wondered and doubted, but when Jesus came through with reincarnation over and over again, I came to know that it is true. He led me to study the scriptures for added understanding, which I have passed on to you. When He told me to tell the world that reincarnation is true, believe me, I did not want to do it. But, I had to carry forth His desires. I knew that few would believe and this has been the case. I have been ridiculed, berated, cursed, boo-hooed, and sent to hell more than once; but I shall not be moved in this. Prophecy circles have cast me out because they say that reincarnation is not so and Jesus has not said that meat is bad for you. For whatever reasons people can find, they dredge them up NOT TO BELIEVE THAT REINCARNATION IS TRUE. But, My Friend, not only is reincarnation true, it is law.

Some might say that I am a fool to expound upon this, but I say that I love truth and work hard to serve Our Lord. I know of one prophet, who was confronted with realizing that reincarnation is true, and he chose to ignore it, even though reincarnation hit him right between the eyes and it troubled him. It is a hard journey to be the only one standing, knowing that you are right, but I shall continue on as Our Lord has told me to do. It does not bother me that I am not accepted by the Christian churches, as I have not been in one for many years. The Lord feeds me and this is sufficient.

As for this posting, I do not see why this should bother you. As I said, I cannot tell whether this Nazarene document is real or fake as I have never read it, but it seems to me that some of you, who have the time might be interested in reading it. If you do, get back with me and let me know how it strikes you.

As for reincarnation having nothing to do with salvation, Our Lord has said that it does not. He sees one’s heart and He offers salvation freely to all, who believe on Him. But, reincarnation does say a lot about the mercy of Our Father, and it says a lot about your responsibility for your actions. It would seem to me that every spirit-filled preacher of The Word in the world would be shouting from the housetops, "Our Beloved Ones, who were so lost when they died, will be given another chance! Those, who died of overdoses, who were thieves, who were prostitutes, who were mean and spiteful, those who were so lost will be given another chance. The poor souls in Africa, who lived and died in darkness, and never heard of Jesus, will get another chance." Our Father is merciful beyond what our simple minds can comprehend. Rejecting reincarnation just because the masses in the churches say that it is wrong means rejecting this way in which our Father shows His love and mercy.

And, when anyone says that reincarnation is a lie, they also say that John the Baptist was not Elijah reincarnated. So, wherein is the lie?

More mail…
30 Nov 1998
- - Military worries about China cataclysm' - -
Disaster certain to involve Canada, Defense report says

"Canada could be threatened by catastrophic events in China over the next several years, a confidential Canadian military report has found. But what exactly that "cataclysm" is, Canadians will never know because the Department of National Defense is refusing to disclose the details for fear they will embarrass the Chinese government.

Last year, the military's Directorate of Strategic Analysis produced the report, Canada 2005: The China Scenario, which examines catastrophic events that might take place in China during the next seven years that could seriously threaten Canada's national security, economy and environment.

The heavily censored report, in which exact details of the "China Scenario" were removed, was obtained by the Citizen under the Access to Information Act. The Citizen complained to the information commissioner about the Defense Department's decision not to release exact details of the chaos that might engulf China and threaten Canadians. The information commissioner, however, supported the Defense Department in its view that the details in the report could harm relations with China. Originally the Defense Department declined to release any aspect of the study"…(This is an excerpt reportedly from an article in the Ottawa Citizen.)

The Canadian government may be worried, all right, but not about an internal Chinese uprising. They are worried about Red China, the loose cannon, which threatens to go off and smash the free world. This is the influx of Chinese they are worried about, as when they invade the USA, Canada will not be far behind. How can Canada deal with a 200 million man Chinese army?



Subject: Todays News on N. Korea
Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998
Linda: For what its worth – P. (emphasis is mine)

1. Rodong Sinmun on missile incident in S. Korea
Pyongyang, December 11 (KCNA)

-- A few days ago, an artillery unit of the South Korean army launched a ground-to-air "Nike" missile aiming at the north that exploded in mid-air. Commenting on this provocative incident, a news analyst of Rodong Sinmun today says: This eloquently shows part of the premeditated and adventurous moves of the South Korean warmongers to kindle the train of a war against the north by zealously joining in the U.S. plan for a second Korean war of aggression. The Korean peninsula is now placed under a touch-and-go situation. At this very juncture, a fully-armed missile exploded in mid-air while flying toward the north. This is a provocative act such as igniting a war against the north. The South Korean rulers say that the missile launch is a "misfire." however, their advertisement is nothing but a sophism to calm down public opinion, flee from the responsibility for the incident and conceal their zeal for northward invasion. It is only too clear that the "Nike" missile which is 8.2 metres long and weighs 4.5 tons cannot be "misfired" by an "error" because it can be launched, controlled and guided by such modern technical means as radar and electronic computers. If the South Korean rulers persistently try to evade apology for their anti-national misbehaviour, the DPRK government will make them pay for their crimes thousand-fold. ========================================

2. Statement of spokesman for KPA general staff supported
Pyongyang, December 11 (KCNA) –

Ri Tong Chol, chairman of the United Confederation of Koreans in Russia, made public a statement on December 8 supporting the statement of the spokesman for the general staff of the Korean People's Army. In the statement the chairman vehemently denounced the U.S. imperialists, the South Korean and Japanese authorities, for threatening to unleash a war and betraying an aggressive design against the northern half of Korea. He warned that if the U.S. imperialists unleash a new war on the Korean peninsula, the war will be the last one of the U.S. and that they must be mindful that they will be burnt to death in the flames of the new war.

3. Indignation meetings of youth and students
Pyongyang, December 11 (KCNA) –

Meetings of youth and students denouncing the new war provocation moves of the U.S. imperialists were held in all provincial seats and at the Ministry of Railways between Dec. 7 and 10 after the statement of the spokesman for the Korean People's Army general staff was published.

Speakers at the meetings said that the five million young Korean people are fully armed with the spirit of defending the leader with their lives, the spirit of becoming human bombs and the spirit of suicidal attack in view of the enemy's challenge. Once they are given an order by the respected Supreme Commander Kim Jong Il, they will together with the Korean People's Army turn the enemies' strongholds, washington, Seoul and Tokyo into a sea of flame and achieve historicl cause of national reunification, they said, and stressed: If the U.S. ringleader of aggression and plunder and disturber of the world peace and stability, misjudge the will of the Korean youth and unleash a war, all of them will be annihilated on the planet. Meanwhile, meetings were held at enterprises and on co-op farms across the country. Speakers at the meetings said that the more frantically the U.S. imperialists run amuck in the moves for a new war spreading "operation plan 5027" for a second Korean war of aggression, the greater the Korean people's indignation and will of revenge will grow. They said that there is no place for the enemy to set foot on this land, the impregnable fortress in which all the people are under arms.


My Precious People, our press continues hide the US involvement in a war it is trying to provoke with North Korea. Wake up and get involved in your world before it comes tumbling down around you. It is not a time to sleep, but to be vigilant, watching and praying always. This situation with North Korea is very dangerous as their war cries are fanned by Russia and China.

In the prophecies given me by Our Lord Jesus, he has shown that the Vatican is taken over and run by Lucifer from the top. I welcome more research and input on the following article sent in through the mail.


>Dark Dealings in the Vatacan?
Although it passed completely without notice in the U.S. press; a bombshell that was dropped in Rome last November continues to send shockwaves that are being felt in political, and religious circles worldwide. The explosive charge was released by Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo in an address to the Fatima 2000 International Congress on World Peace held in Rome November 18th-23rd. Addressing an international audience of bishops, priests, nuns, and laity, the archbishop charged that there are members of the Catholic Church hierarchy in Rome who are secretly involved in formal satanic worship. Commenting on the growth of evil in the world and the need for the Church to appoint more exorcists to aid the many people who are possessed, obsessed, or disturbed by demonic activity, the archbishop stated:

Now, the third dimension [of evil] is the most dangerous. It is subtle and the most terrible.... I could not believe when I discovered this third dimension of evil. The third dimension is people who follow instructions in satanic sects....

Now with this third dimension, I'm sorry to say, our Church belongs to it. I'm very sorry, I could not understand myself, and even now I don't understand. But the only consolation I have is that, well, Judas Iscariot was one. Together with Jesus three years, he never changed, then I understand that the third dimension of evil existed not only now, but it existed even then. Because nothing could change the heart of Judas Iscariot; nothing.

Occultic Clergy The Most Reverend Emmanuel Milingo, formerly the Archbishop of Lusaka, Zambia, now works in the Vatican as the Special Delegate to the Pontifical Council for the Pastoral Care of Immigrants and Itinerants. The archbishop, who is an official Church exorcist, is the author of Face to Face With the Devil and other books, and travels throughout the world preaching and healing. The outspoken cleric accused fellow Roman Catholic clergymen of protecting Satan and his minions:

"The devil in the Catholic Church is so protected now that he is like an animal protected by the government; put on a game preserve that outlaws anyone, especially hunters, from trying to capture or kill it. The devil within the Church today is actually protected by certain Church authorities from the official devil-hunter in the Church=>the exorcist.

So much so that the exorcist today is forbidden to attack the devil. The devil is so protected that the one who is the hunter, the exorcist, is forbidden to do his job." Understandably, shocking statements such as these from a Vatican "insider," a Prince of the Church, caused a commotion in the Italian press. IL Messaggero, the largest Rome daily, gave front-page headlines to the archbishop's accusations, as did many other major secular newspapers. Three days later the Zambian prelate held a press conference to clarify his remarks, causing a second wave of sensational media coverage. To the question, "Are there men of the curia who are followers of Satan?" Milingo responded, "Certainly there are priests and bishops. I stop at this level of ecclesiastical hierarchy because I am an archbishop, higher than this I cannot go." Il Tempo and other major dailies reported that Archbishop Milingo cited papal statements to back up his charges. "Paul VI said that the smoke of Satan had entered into the Vatican," the archbishop is quoted as saying, "but I have not heard that anyone has seen him leave. We must pray so that he will go away." The archbishop was referring to a 1972 statement by Pope Paul VI on the damage to the Catholic Church since the Second Vatican Council. Surveying that wreckage, the Pontiff stated: "From somewhere or other, the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God."

---Censorship and Suppression--- Amazingly, nary a word of Archbishop Milingo's astonishing allegations made it into the American press. The U.S. media, ever attentive to the demands and fulmination of feminist nuns, apostate priests, prattling perverts, and heretical theologians, took a walk on this stunning story. It was not until mid-January, when copies of the winter 1997 issue of The Fatima Crusader, a Catholic magazine, began arriving in mailboxes that the establishment media blackout was broken. Published by the Servants of Jesus and Mary in Constable, New York, The Fatima Crusader is associated with the National Committee for the National Pilgrim Virgin of Canada, which sponsored the Fatima 2000 Congress in Rome. "Without a doubt, the single most electrifying moment of the Congress was Archbishop Milingo's startling assertion that Satanism is being practiced within the very walls of the Vatican," stated Father Nicholas Gruner, founder and publisher of The Fatima Crusader, in a letter accompanying the magazine. The Fatima Crusader added more fuel to the fire ignited by the archbishop with a statement from another Vatican "insider," Father Malachi Martin, a famous church historian and best-selling author. When questioned about Archbishop Milingo's statement, Father Martin replied: "Archbishop Milingo is a good bishop and his contention that there are Satanists in Rome is completely correct. Anybody who is acquainted with the state of affairs in the Vatican in the last 35 years is well aware that the prince of darkness has had and still has his surrogates in the court of St. Peter in Rome." This confirmation from Father Martin is significant.

>As an exorcist, a former counselor and aide to Cardinal Augustin Bea, and a Vatican scholar of considerable renown, Father Martin is well qualified to comment on this subject. In Windswept House, his riveting novel published last year, Martin starkly portrays our world in the death grip of a monstrous, satanic cabal fast approaching the consummation of its insidious scheme for global dominion. In the opening pages of that book, Martin describes in frightful detail a demonic ceremony called "The Enthronement of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer," which allegedly was carried out secretly by a coven of Satanists including high-level Catholic clergymen on June 29, 1963 in the Chapel of St. Paul in Rome. According to the novel's account, the ritual conducted at the sacred site in the Vatican was a subdued ceremony disguised as a Catholic service, but through telephonic transmission was connected to and synchronized with a hideous, full-blown satanic service conducted in the United States. Martin had first made passing reference to the diabolical rite in his non-fiction 1990 best-seller, The Keys of This Blood. However, since publication of Windswept House, he has stated that the event has been documented. Contacted by THE NEW AMERICAN at his residence in New York, Dr. Martin confirmed that the "Enthronement of the Prince" did indeed occur as described in his novel. "Oh, yes, it is true; very much so," he said. "But the only way I could put that down into print is in novelistic form." "Are more members of the clergy becoming aware of this diabolical penetration?" we asked. "Yes," he replied, "they are beginning to scratch their heads and say that does explain things"; such as the massive apostasy and dramatic decline in Catholic religious practice since the time of the "Enthronement" and the Second Vatican Council. And Archbishop Milingo? "He's merely like that actor in the movie Network, who got fed up and said ‘I'm not going to take it anymore,’" said Dr. Martin. But clerics like the archbishop, he noted, end up "like those in the political realm who deviate from the Clinton point of view: you are marginalized, you're 'funny,' you're a madman, you are not ‘mainstream.’" Indeed, the outspoken archbishop appears to have been marginalized into near non-existence by the U.S. media. A Lexis/Nexis data search found not a single mention of his Fatima Congress statements, although several articles critical of him earlier in 1996 turned up. THE NEW AMERICAN called the Associated Press in New York. After checking its database, a researcher at AP's international news desk informed us, "Oh, he's got a big old mouth" and is always spouting "a lot of insanity." The researcher could not be very specific, but she seemed to consider the archbishop's belief in the existence of Satan and belief in miracles as ironclad proof of his dementia. Still, we asserted, he is a bishop and a recognized exorcist.

Does that alone not make his claims worthy of coverage? Well, we would have to call the Vatican AP bureau to find out why it wasn't covered, she informed us. At the AP's Vatican bureau we talked with reporter Dan Wakin, who repeated the generalized detractions and aspersions against the archbishop that we had already heard from his colleague in New York. Nevertheless, we insisted, why the total blackout in the U.S. press when the Italian media apparently thought him credible enough to devote considerable coverage to his charges on more than one occasion? Mr. Wakin had no answer. "We didn't cover it; that's all I can tell you," he replied.

Fiction or Fact? Malachi Martin asserts that "there are more and more clerics who are finally saying what is apparent." No doubt, Dr. Martin's Windswept House has contributed greatly to that trend. Father Charles Fiore, in a review of the book in the Catholic Family News, describes it as "a novel in which actual persons and events are disguised as fiction." Windswept House is a gripping account that whirls from Rome to London, New York, Washington, DC, Brussels, Strasbourg, Jerusalem, Moscow, and other centers of worldly power, graphically drawing the organizational tentacles of a conspiracy against God and man which is perilously close to enthroning its malefic new world order. That unholy cabal has targeted for infiltration and destruction not just the Catholic Church, but other religions, institutions, and governments.

Father Martin is not surprised that his latest book has not met the critical acclaim of his past writings. He is not surprised that it has been almost totally ignored, even though it is published by a mainstream publisher (Doubleday). The reviewers for the major media, he says, are "steering away from it. They don't know what to think about it; they don't know what to say." But that hasn't stopped Father Martin's message. He has been interviewed on 117 radio stations and continues to speak out.
- - WILLIAM F. JASPER, The New American, March 3, 1997.

When he says that nothing can change these Luciferians, he is absolutely right. They will not be changed! But, you can change. Wake up to what is being done. This shocking revelation from this archbishop was apparently made without so much as a peep about it in the press in the USA. Why?


Dear Linda,
God is showing to the world that your Prophecies are coming from Him.

Thank you, My Precious Sister. I have paraphrased your articles.

About Chinese Diseases
An article from the Khaleej Times, Wednesday, December 9, 1998 reportedly stated that sexually transmitted diseases have returned with a vengeance in China. Syphilis is reportedly rising in China about 62% each year. The estimate of sexually transmitted diseases is between two and four million.

Sinatra and the Mob
According to an article reportedly carried recently by a major news carrier, the FBI recently opened its files on Frank Sinatra. These files featured four decades of his association with mob bosses, like Sam Garciana and Lucky Luciano. The agency reportedly held 1275 pages of its fascination with Sinatra; and with all its record keeping, the FBI never seemed to prove that Sinatra was in the mob.
One of the FBI documents reportedly says that "Sinatra enjoys surrounding himself with hoodlums and would give up his show business prominence to be a hoodlum himself if he had the courage to do so."

I hope that all these articles, sent your way by Jesus’ Precious Children, have helped you as much as they have helped us. Let us each remember that our TRUTH is in Jesus and that in His TRUTH is our freedom.
Let us not take one day for granted and waste precious time, for we face many trials; and many precious souls around the world need you to bring them the LIGHT OF GOD. Hold the faith this week and go in peace remembering that,

Jesus is our Way,
Linda and Dennis Newkirk



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