A Message For You

Dec. 27, 1998

On the night of Dec. 24, 1998, I dreamed over and over that a large number of us had bought an insurance policy, which was sold by Vietnam. But, the policy was not sound, as the Vietnamese had taken the money for the policy and spent it as they would, so the policy was useless. Soon, we shall understand the meaning of this useless Vietnamese policy.

As the above dream ended, I heard Our Lord reminding me of the catastrophies, which have been caused by the "rogue Jews". If you remember from His warning a few weeks past, He said that these "rogue Jews" do not practice the Jewish faith, but serve Lucifer; and Our Lord Jesus also warned that we will be angry when we find out what these "rogues" have done.

Associated with this repetitive dream of the "rogue Jews", was the interview on "60 Minutes" last week of a man by the name of "Sorols" (I am not sure of this spelling, but perhaps is should be "Sorrows"…). According to this interview, it was revealed that many consider this man to be responsible for single-handedly orchestrating the financial collapse of several Asian countries, via stock market schemes. This man is Jewish, but admits that he does not believe in God. Apparently, he is also into doing "good" things. Is this akin to sending "blue birds" (good works) from his dark castle as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and Royals do? (You can read about these "blue birds" in the prophecy books.)

As our Lord has said that we will not like it when we find out what these "rogue Jews" have done; he is making us making us aware of their evil schemes; and soon many the world over shall turn on them. Unfortunately, many will think that all Jews are associated with this evil. We must pray for our brethren in Israel and around the world, knowing that the "Rogue, Satanic Jews" do not represent the Jewish faith.

"Precious Lord Jesus and Beloved Father Jehovah, please continue to shower your Light upon this evil machine and reveal their dark schemes."

"Beloved Lord Jesus, you have spoken that the stock market is ‘manipulated;’ and you make us see that it is so, but we know that we have only seen a fraction their greedy schemes. We also know of their plans to bring down the USA, and how they have strangulated our economy by fake stock market reports and outright lies about our economic status. They desire to fool the greatest numbers of people and cause them to gamble away all their money in their schemes, then let the hammer down quickly as they have done in Asia. We know how they have taken over the press and manipulated the people with mass mind control, violence, sex and phony polls; and many of us are angered."

"By the power of Almighty Jehovah, I pray that their evil schemes continue to come to the surface for all to see and that none of them escape the wrath of God. Beloved Father God Jehovah, pour out your wrath upon these evil people and their evil schemes, that they know that there is one God and only one God. Bring to dust the works of their evil hands and rip asunder their greedy storehouses. Please hear this cry this day and let it be so!"

These greedy, "rogue Jews" will attempt to make it a crime for anyone to speak out against Jews, but I tell you, My Brethren, "Be vigilant. Call a spade a spade." They have plans to impose their brand of religion on the world; and this brand is Satanism/world-wide communism. These very Luciferians hung Our Beloved Lord to a tree and they have never deviated from their true purpose…to eradicate the message of Jesus Christ.

However, they will not succeed; for God is raising up a mighty group to serve Him and He is empowering them over evil and these shall bring down many Luciferian strongholds by their faith, prayers and fasting over time. The going is getting tough and these tough ones are getting going.

Glory is to Our Father and to His Precious Son, Jesus! The heavens are opened and the powerful River of God pours forth, a mighty fire upon the ones, who love and serve Him. But, woe, woe, woe to the lovers and workers of darkness! For, this fire from God shall burn their evil works into cinders; and they shall not prosper, but shall groan beneath the weight of their own darkness! Glory to Our God, Jehovah! His will is perfect and His purposes are pure!

On December 26, 1998, one day after I wrote the above, I read on CNN internet news that the Communists in Russia are railing against the Jews, whom they blame for their economic woes. Remember: all these are Satanists, but will not last long in the same bed, as all want control over the other. These satanic plots for world dominion are both unravelling and growing in strength, depending on your perspective.

During the last two weeks, we received a lot of mail. We thank each of you, who took your precious time to share what you have found. Our sincerest desire is that by working together we can help others to open their eyes, understand the severity of our space in time, and rededicate their lives to God. We do not have much time, so we must make every day count for Our Lord. He needs every of us in His service as we are in the midst of a great war for the souls of all. Because we love our brethren, we must work diligently to bring them to Our Lord Jesus, as He is our salvation.

Your Mail

Subject: Is this the beginning of the end?
Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1998

Hi Linda;
Well, this is it!!! Perhaps it's time to cease from asking the Father to forestall His judgement upon political Babylon [Iraq -Jeremiah ch. 51], economic Babylon [New York City & Washington D.C. -Revelation ch. 18] and religious Babylon [Rome - Revelation ch. 17] and rather ask the Father in Jesus name to REMEMBER MERCY IN THE MIDST of His judgement! Their sins have reached the throne of God and the cries of the blood of the innocents have become a deafening sound in His ears. I believe God has determined that these three factions of Babylon" be turned against each other, since the Word states regarding Satan, the King of Babylon: "I will light a fire within thee that will bring thee to ashes upon the earth." and "if Satan cast out Satan, his kingdom hath an end." So, Hallelluah! Worthy is God and the Lamb, for just judgements are JUST!!!

After all, I'm tired of being DEPENDENT on a Luciferian economy, on paying taxes only to have them go to finance the murder of the unborn, and of seeing young Christian children lost and corrupted as a result of forced mixing with a Luciferian education system. And that's not even the BEGINNING of it, as you well know...

Sometimes the only way to be FREE is for the oppressors to suffer judgement! Just think if God did not JUDGE EGYPT? Israel would probably have been slaves for a lot longer than they were, however Jehovah's judgement on Egypt TRANSLATED into FREEDOM for the children of Israel. And like the children of Israel, we will have to learn to TRUST God to care for us and protect us "in the wilderness".

As Jesus, the "Revealer", tells us in Revelation chapter 18: "we tried to heal her, but she is not healed" ... so "come out of her my people, that you do not partake in her plagues [and other judgements]."

--- A.

Dear A;
...You are right about our living in the midst of Babylon, and the wise ones know that judgement is at hand. The cries of innocent, butchered babes ring around the world, and their blood covers the capitol of this land. "We are a nation of murderers!"
...As I utter these words, I cannot express the deep sadness, which fills my heart. I feel a terrible, all-consuming darkness, punctuated by wails of torture. I see tiny babes sucking their thumbs one minute and dying a bloody death the next. The darkness of these murders lays over this country like a dark shroud. Through the murders of these innocent babes, this country has fallen from grace; and now our price is "an eye for an eye."
...Our Lord has warned us to "get out of her", and many of us are waiting upon Him to show this way. We have been given a few more days and have been told to use them wisely to prepare for what lies ahead. But, I fear that few have listened.
...Yes, My Friend, judgement is necessary and many of us will soon be leaving this sphere. Let us love Our Beloved Lord, and Father God Jehovah more than life, loving our brethren, even our enemies, And, let us serve them in honor and truth so long as we live. We are all only visiting, so let us keep all in perspective.

Jesus is our Life,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Linda and Dennis,
The following e-mail I felt is a courageous man speaking loudly the truth in this situation and wanted to share it. The Lord is our Light and Life
December 16, 1998

........Private Attorney General Demands Clinton Resignation for Bombing Iraq under Pressure from Israel

.....San Francisco, California. Paul Andrew Mitchell, Counselor at Law,Federal Witness, Private Attorney General, and Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, today demanded President Clinton's immediate resignation, for yielding to pressure from Israel to bomb Iraq and murder civilians. In a sharply worded statement disseminated via the Internet, the worldwide network of computers and the worldwide web, Mitchell went public, for the first time, with further revelations linking Clinton to last year's attempt to inoculate all U.S. military personnel with a tainted anthrax vaccine. "I believe the hidden historical record will prove that Clinton's mission is to destroy America," Mitchell stated. "By murdering innocent people in Iraq, the Clinton administration will now be able to say that the anthrax threats to America are more probable and more ominous. In point of fact, it is Clinton and his cronies who are the most serious threats to this entire planet." Mitchell went on to charge Israel's high command with engaging the Mossad, Israel's top-secret espionage agency, to blackmail President Clinton with a sex scandal, should the United States fail to yield to Israeli demands that Clinton commence bombing of Iraq. "When Clinton refused," Mitchell suggests, "the machinery was put in place to deliver the knockout punch. Thus began the Monica Lewinsky affair."
.....Last year, in an extremely controversial press release also military personnel to consider civil disobedience in the face of Pentagon plans to inoculate them with a series of so-called anthrax vaccines. That press release was substantiated by a report, published by The Rockefeller Commission, which documented more than 40 full years of criminal negligence by the Pentagon, for subjecting military personnel to chemical and biological experiments without their knowledge or consent. See Internet URL: http://supremelaw.com/press/rels/anthrax.htm for details and links.
....."It now seems that Clinton is playing a desperate and potentially lethal gamble, not only with this country, but also with the entire planet," Mitchell extrapolated. "The kinds of neurotoxic diseases which are now being synthesized in the darker regions of America's biological arsenal, are capable of creating pandemics of incurable illness. Clinton should be tried for multiple violations of the genocide treaty, not to mention a host of related high crimes," Mitchell concluded.
.....Mitchell went on to demand the immediate halt to all bombing, and a full congressional investigation -- behind closed doors, if necessary -- to determine existing grounds for bringing further criminal charges against Bill Clinton. Mitchell here cited, as brief examples, the campaign funding scandal, which resulted in selling the Long Beach Naval Shipyard to a Red Chinese shipping company, and the painfully large number of close Clinton associates who have met with untimely deaths, including White House Counsel Vince Foster and Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown.
....."The Pentagon has the evidence and should see the writing on the wall by now," explained Mitchell. "Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown's body was found with a bullet in his cranium, just as the Special Prosecutor in that case was getting to the bottom of huge bribes given to the Clinton Administration by communist Vietnam, to relax trade restrictions. Bill Clinton is, without a doubt, the worst human being ever to sit in the Oval Office. The man is an utter disgrace to the human race," concluded Paul Andrew Mitchell, who is also the Webmaster of the Supreme Law Library, an Internet-based archive of Mitchell's litigation work and related publications at URL: http://supremelaw.com/library.

When I received Paul Mitchell’s e-mail, I wrote him a short letter. Following is his reply; and my letter to him follows.

Dear Linda,
...Thank you so much for your very kind and truthful words below.
I am on a special mission for the Most High here in America, and by my works you shall know me. All documents in the Supreme Law Library are freely accessible at URL:
..."As agents of the Most High, we came here to establish justice. We shall not leave until our mission is accomplished, and justice reigns eternal in our hearts and in our minds."
...May the Most High bless you all ways and every way, now and forever. Amen.

Sincerely yours,

/s/ Paul Andrew Mitchell, B.A., M.S.
Counselor at Law, Federal Witness,
Private Attorney General, and Candidate
for the U.S. House of Representatives

Dear Mr Mitchell,

...A friend of ours sent a news article about your demanding the resignation of President Clinton. Thank you for being so vocal and for "looking" for the truth surrounding this evil man. There is absolutely NO DOUBT that he is the most evil person to ever serve in this position.
...I am a prophetess of God, who has been told this very thing by Our Lord, and unless we get him out of office we will be invaded by China, Russia and others. And, at this point, I am not too sure that we will not be invaded very soon anyway.
...I have also been told that the "rogue" Jews are in control of much of this country. These are not really (practicing) Jews, but people with dark, Luciferian plans to destroy this country and rule the world.
...We are in a sad state of affairs; and the problem is that most cannot see that this war with Iraq is "Wag the Dog II," the first wag Dog being the part we played in the bombing of our own embassies in Africa and the subsequent bombing of Afghanistan and Sudan. This, if you remember, took place when Lewinsky went to the grand jury to testify against Clinton. That our government would do such a thing is just about more that a simple mind can understand until you look at all the facts surrounding the bombing of the Oklahoma Bldg. A very good tape pointing out all the lies and implicating our own government can be obtained from the Prophecy Club.
...Thomas Jefferson said that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance. However, the people have ceased to be vigilant as the "rogue" Jews have taken over our press. They feed the people lies and censure what we are able to read or get in the media, filling our homes with violence and porno.
...I would also like to know why there are vast numbers of concentration camps here and there all over the USA ready to go. Furthermore, I would like the truth to be known about the vast amount of genetic research being done under the desert and humanoid beings, which have been cloned down there. This may seem like science fiction, but so does a president, who wants to kill off his military and turn his country over to foreigners.
...For example,… Germans planes flying over US soil at very low altitudes threatening people and their farm animals in Texas. There is now a suit filed against the Germans, who say that they do not have to adhere to the laws of the USA. I am told that the Germans have three military bases in this country.
...Those, who are connected with this horrendous destruction of this government in this country, should be tried and sentenced for TREASON. And, there are many involved in this. But, we must start somewhere to root out this evil or we shall have nothing left. The ire of many countries is turned upon the USA and we shall not be long in receiving it many fold unless something is done straightaway.
...It is time for people to open their eyes and do something about this; and I am grateful for your voice. This week, we will publish the article about your demands on our website, which is www.prophecies.org.
...I will pray mightily for you as you are up against those, who love and serve Lucifer. This is an inner circle of great darkness; and killing, stealing etc are their ways of life.

Jesus is my Light,
Linda Newkirk

To the Readers: I am a week late in getting this letter out, but the message is still very appropriate and I hope that all will take heed to Mr. Mitchell’s message. We are in deep trouble in this country as darkness has taken it over from the very top. He needs all of our prayers as he is facing a very dark headwind; but with the Lord, Our God all is possible. We must keep the faith and forge ahead.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Date: Mon, 14 Dec 1998 ______________________________________________________
Pray for me, God knows who I am I have asked to talk to jesus face to face, so far no response. This is not a joke. thanks...

Dear tws,
Our Lord Jesus says, "Look inside and you will see Me. I am a keeper and restorer of hearts. I am within; in this beautiful garden you will find Me. Let the one, who can see, see Me. And let the one, who can hear Me, hear Me. I am not far, but close. My Little One, you are looking afar, but I am with you, even as you sleep. I have not forgotten you or betrayed you. I am with you. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God."

My Precious One, Our Lord comes on the wings of His Spirit and is our constant companion through His Spirit. When our work is done in this sphere, the veil will be lifted from our eyes and we will see Him and know Him face to face. Every knee will bow as all will know that Jesus is Lord.

Hold the faith. Know that our Lord loves you. Love Him more than life; put Him first, and you will get your heart’s desire. I have interceded on your behalf.

Jesus is our Light,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Subject: Human Cloning
From: A.
Wed, 16 Dec 1998

Korea Team Says Human Clone Test Succeeds
Wednesday, December 16, 1998

The following came from Seoul South Korea, reportedly via Reuters News. It has been paraphrased.
...A South Korean medical team has reportedly cloned a human embryo, said to be the first of its kind. Researchers at the infertility clinic of Kyunghee University Hospital in Seoul reportedly are in the news as it appears that they have cultivated a human embryo in its early stages using an unfertilized egg and a somatic cell -- those that make up most of the body -- donated by a woman in her 30s. The embryo was reportedly aborted after it divided into four cells.

Dear Readers,
They would have us think that human cloning is new, but we know that it has been going on for years and with great success. Do you believe that they aborted this egg? L.N.


Subject: Web site
From: A.
Tue, 15 Dec 1998

Dear Linda & Dennis,

...It is with great pleasure to announce that I have back your web from this morning.
Many thanks for your prayers and letter.
...I will be eternally grateful to you as I am very happy praying Jesus and God.

God blesses you both.

This is a letter from our Precious Sister overseas, who was denied visitation to our site. We have a wonderful Savior; He heard all our prayers and restored her access to our site. Praises to His Precious name. I thank all of you, who prayed on her behalf and I ask all of you to continue to pray for the safety and wellbeing of A. and her family. L.N.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Date: Sat, 19 Dec 1998 ______________________________________________________
...My name is Larry C. and I would like to know if there is any new news sense the strikes on Iraq started. Do you know or would you ask Jesus when the invasion in the USA will happen? Will you publish the fourth book over the net? I would like to know more about it ( the fourth book that is).
...Have you ever read the book National Sunday Law ?

Dear Larry,
...Our Lord Jesus continues to give me prophecies, which are making up Book IV. I do not know when Book IV will be finished, but hope to be finished by spring of ’99, and will publish it over the net. I do not know exactly when the USA will be invaded, but believe that we can forestall the severity of some of what is coming this way by coming back to God. I do not know what can be avoided or lessened as only Our Lord knows this, but each of us must be steadfast in our love and service to Our Lord Our God. One person at a time, we can make a difference. As my brother says, "You gotta bloom where you’re planted!"
...P.S. I have never read of the "National Sunday Law."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dear Linda,
Many thanks for your letter. Both you and your husband are a beautiful gift given to me from our Lord.
--A. (See article below.)_

Sunday, December 20,1998
The following is reportedly from the Khaleej Times of Dec. 20, 1998, and has been paraphrased. If you have not seen any of this in the news, be apprised that there is a lot of anger around the world for the USA as regards the Iraqi war. We will rue the day of this war and the Queen will lose mightily because of this dance!
---Amman: Anti US protests for the third day.

---Kuala Lumpur: Malaysians unite in opposing the air strikes on Iraq by the United States and Britain.

---Beijing: Chinese defense experts lashed out at the United Stated and Britain accusing them of using military strikes against Iraq in their plot to achieve world dominance.

---Damascus: US, British missions attacked.

---Dubai: Sheik Mohamed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and UAE Defense Minister expressed sympathy for Iraq.

---Cairo: An Egyptian Islamic group threatened Washington with reprisals for US-led air strikes against Iraq.

---Jakarta: Indonesians holds rally against USA outside embassy.

---Baghdad: Iraq ruling party calls for Arabs to launch holy war.

---Riyadh: Most Saudis oppose US-Britain air strikes

---Teheran: Iran calls for halt to US/ British strikes.

---Doha: USA reportedly puts pressure on Arab allies, says Qatar.

God blesses both of you.

Dear A;
...Thank you for sharing, that others may get a glimpse of what is taking place in your corner of the world. Many of us in the USA are deeply saddened and angered by this war and its timing.
...Those of us, who love our Lord Jesus, wish to live the example He has provided, a life of non-violence and obedience to God. We want no part in the shedding of blood and reject war as a means of settling differences. Our Lord has told us to have patience and long-suffering. We must remember the example of love and forgiveness he provided when the enemies of God hung Him from the tree.
...Let us never forget the power of prayer and fasting and let us go under the wings of Almighty God, watching and waiting for His will in all things, not one step ahead, neither behind nor to the side. He provides for His Children and we must wait on Our God.
...My solemn prayer is that you are richly blessed by Our Precious Lord Jesus and filled with His joy, hope, peace, love, protection and direction in all things. Thank you for being our friend.

Jesus is our Way,

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Subject: The Clinton Family War
From: P.
25 Dec 1998
...Merry Christmas Linda and Dennis:
If this Drudge report is authentic, sounds like Hillary Clinton is beginning to show her built up frustration towards Bill Clinton.

Service in the Savior and the Most High,

Dear P.,
I suppose that time will reveal the truth of this report. The thought of such a calamity saddens me, and I feel as some must have felt in ancient Rome. We are as a ship without an oar, headed toward the rocks.
"Precious Father God Jehovah, we need your miraculous hand in our government. Have mercy on us." L.N.

THU DEC 24, 1998
16:08:55 UTC -- Hillary Clinton has finally snapped! The NATIONAL ENQUIRER is set to report in its January 5, 1999 edition: The First Lady has physically attacked the President, hitting him so hard she left a visible mark on his face -- and Secret Service agents had to separate them.

The DRUDGE REPORT trusts the account to be accurate and non-libelous because the NATIONAL ENQUIRER and President Bill Clinton use the same law firm, Williams & Connolly! In fact, Clinton's private lawyer, David Kendall, has directly done work for the tabloid through the years.

..."Keep that bitch away from me!" Bill Clinton told one Secret Service agent.

One inside source tells the ENQUIRER that the White House became a battleground after the impeachment controversy moved into overdrive. "The verbal fights between Bill and Hillary have been escalating and now the President has been physically assaulted."
"Hillary just snapped. She lost it and smacked the President upside the head. He was stunned. The hit was so hard it left a visible bruise, and he put on makeup for several days to cover the red spot."

The DRUDGE REPORT has learned that the ENQUIRER is planning to run the account in a Cover Page Screamer.

"Secret Service agents had to physically separate them to keep the apart. Hillary went off to another room. At one point the President told an agent, 'Keep that bitch away from me. I don't want to do anything that'll get me in more trouble."

The ENQUIRER reveals that just hours before the couple walked out of the White House holding hands after the impeachment vote on December 19, there was an explosion in the Presidential quarters -- the First Lady was doing most of the screaming.

The tabloid also claims that Bill Clinton is back on the fast food train!
"The President is a mess. He's been gorging on fast foods again," an insider tells the ENQUIRER in the special report.
Impacting on newsstands next monday.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Subject: Big Brother Bank- FDIC wants your bank to monitor your activities
Date: Tue, 22 Dec 1998
Just another piece of the NWO/Illuminati puzzle.


Dear S.,
Thank you for sending this article. This is only one more piece in the dark web of control, put in place to monitor our every move. Neither the satanists in our government, nor the average criminal, will be controlled by this kind of surveillance. It is meant to further enslave the average, working person. "People, rise up in fasting and prayer and do your part to bring down this dark scheme!"
"Father, God Jehovah, behold this evil web and destroy their schemes!"


"Big Brother Banks? FDIC has Snooping Plans"
   By David M. Bresnahan
Copyright 1998 WorldNetDaily.com

Are you a potential criminal? Are you a threat to banks, airlines, a potential spy, or perhaps an IRS tax protester? The government would like to know and they are about to force banks to be their detectives.

The federal government wants banks to investigate you. Soon your banker will know more about you than anyone else in town. Banks must not only determine your correct identity, they must also know how you make your money, and how you spend it. Once you establish a pattern of deposits and withdrawals, banks must inform federal agencies when you deviate.

Bank customers may soon find themselves explaining to the FBI, Internal Revenue Service, and the Drug Enforcement Agency why they made a $15,000 deposit to their bank account. According to current Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation plans, banks will soon establish "profiles"of their customers and report deviations from those profiles.

If you sell a car, for example, and place the proceeds in your account while you shop for a new one, a red flag may go off in the bank computer. Such a situation puts law abiding citizens in a situation where they must prove they are innocent, says Scott McDonald of the watchdog group Fight the Fingerprint.

An uproar from grass roots Americans is the only thing that will stop the current plans for the FDIC "Know Your Customer" program, according to McDonald. His organization has led the charge against the national ID, medical ID, and computerized information about private aspects of people's lives.

A recent announcement by the FDIC provides for citizen comment prior to implementation of their new banking regulations. The deadline for comments is Dec. 27, 1998.

"The FDIC is proposing to issue a regulation requiring insured nonmember banks to develop and maintain 'Know Your Customer' programs," according to a recent FDIC information package sent to Congress to provide notice of proposed rulemaking, and to banks for comment.

"As proposed," the 29-page FDIC document begins, "the regulation would require each nonmember bank to develop a program designed to determine the identity of its customers; determine its customers' source of funds; determine the normal and expected transactions of its customers; monitor account activity for transactions that are inconsistent with those normal and expected transactions; and report any transactions of its customers that are determined to be suspicious, in accordance with the FDIC's existing suspicious activity reporting regulation.

By requiring insured nonmember banks to determine the identity of their customers, as well as to obtain knowledge regarding the legitimate activities of their customers, the proposed regulation will reduce the likelihood that insured nonmember banks will become unwitting participants in illicit activities conducted or attempted by their customers. It will also level the playing field between institutions that already have adopted formal 'Know Your Customer' programs and those that have not."

Many banks across the country have already begun to implement such programs, according to the FDIC. A quick search of the Internet found many stories in press accounts of problems reported at such banks. There have been a number of stories dealing with banks requiring fingerprints to open accounts and to cash checks. There are several lawsuits presently underway testing the right of banks to make that requirement.

McDonald has been fighting that issue, along with fingerprints on driver's licenses for some time. He pointed out the many errors found on credit reports and suggested that banks will soon make similar errors when they begin creating profiles of their customers.

The FDIC is selling the planned regulations by pointing out the need for prevention of financial and other crime.

"By identifying and, when appropriate, reporting such transactions in accordance with existing suspicious activity reporting requirements, financial institutions are protecting their integrity and are assisting the efforts of the financial institution regulatory agencies and law enforcement authorities to combat illicit activities at such institutions," says the FDIC.

The proposed regulation is, according to FDIC spokesperson Carol A. Mesheske, authorized by current law. It comes from the statutory authority granted the FDIC under section 8(s)(1)of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act (12 U.S.C. 18189s)(1), as amended by section 259(a)(2) of the Crime Control Act of 1990 (Pub. L. 101-647).

The FDIC claims that the law requires them to develop regulations to require banks to "establish and maintain internal procedures reasonably designed to ensure and monitor compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act. Effective 'Know Your Customer' programs serve to facilitate compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act."

The proposed regulations will mandate that all banks insured by the FDIC must maintain an intelligence gathering department that screens out customers and keeps an eye on existing customers. Before you decide to move your money to a credit union, you should know that the FDIC is not the only federal organization making such plans.

"Each of the other Federal bank supervisory agencies is proposing to adopt substantially identical regulations covering state member and national banks, federally-chartered branches and agencies of foreign banks, savings associations, and credit unions. There also have been discussions with the Federal regulators of non-bank financial institutions, such as broker-dealers, concerning the need to propose similar rules governing the activities of these non-bank institutions," reports FDIC attorney Karn L. Main in the proposal.

The purposes for the regulation are to protect the reputation of the banks, to facilitate compliance with the law, to improve safe and sound banking practices, and to protect banks from being used by criminals as a vehicle for illegal activities.

Current customers will be subjected to the new regulation in the same way new customers will be scrutinized. The FDIC does not wish to permit any loop hole which would leave any bank customer unidentified or unsupervised.

Each bank will create profiles. The first profile will determine the amount of risk a potential customer might present by opening an account. The system of profiling potential customers will be different from one bank to the next, since the FDIC does not provide a uniform program. The purpose of the profile is to identify potential customers who might use a bank account for funds obtained through criminal activity.

The next profile will be one that is used by automated computers to determine when suspicious activity is taking place in an account. When activity in the account does not fit the profile, banks will notify federal authorities so they can investigate.

Banks are expected to identify their customers, determine normal and expected transactions, monitor account transactions, and determine if a particular transaction should be reported.

The FDIC has sent copies of the proposal to all banks and is asking for input. The questions asked by the FDIC in the proposal do not ask whether the regulations should be put into place, only how to implement them in the best way. None of the questions in the proposal are directed to bank customers.

The FDIC reassures banks that because the requirements will be universally applied to all banks it will not hurt their business and drive away customers. The proposal does not mention penalties for non-compliance, nor is there any mention of regulations to provide access to bank records by customers so errors can be found and corrections made.

"If 'Know Your Customer' programs are required, insured nonmember banks can more easily collect the necessary information because customers cannot turn readily to another financial institution free of such requirements," stated the proposal.

Comments from the public may be sent to Robert E. Feldman, Executive Secretary, Attn: Comments/OES, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, 550 17th Street N.W., Washington, DC 20429 or faxed to (202) 898-3838.

David M. Bresnahan (David@talkusa.com) is a contributing editor of WorldNetDaily.com, is the author of "Cover Up: The Art and Science of Political Deception," and offers a monthly newsletter "Talk USA Investigative Reports."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Subject: US Inspector says War on Iraq was Phoney
Date: 24 Dec 1998

Dear Linda,
Found this and thought you might want it.
Jesus is OUR way,

12-23-98 Ex-Inspector Says U.S. Manipulated Unscom Over Iraq
...In London (Reuters News), an article reportedly states that a former United Nations weapons inspector accused the United States of maneuvering U.N. arms inspectors in Iraq into providing a pretext for the attacks on Baghdad it and Britain launched last week.
...``I believe that this inspection was rushed through, and the sites weren't chosen for disarmament reasons, but rather to be provocative in nature so Iraq would respond in a predictable fashion,'' Scott Ritter reportedly told BBC radio in an interview.
...``That response would be used as a justification for military action.''

Dear S.,
Who would doubt that this is true? L.N.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Subject: Pope Paul II
From: A.
24 Dec 1998

The following appears to be a reader’s translation of an Italian article. I thank her for sending it along and welcome comments from any of you, who may be fluent in Italian. I am printing it as it came to me. There are apparently some words missing in the translation, but it is of interest. L.N.

~~ From LA REPUBBLICA: ww.Repubblica.it ~~
Monday 21 December 1998
Pope (John Paul) II yesterday has received at the Vatican Polish journalists and employees of KAI. As soon as they introduced to him the administrator, the Pope smiled and referring to Karl Marx exclaimed: "The existing determines the conscience."

The Polish Pope has a long frequency with Marx. He read all his books. When He was young and to a suspicious parish because had seen in the Rev. Karol library the works of Marx, Lenin and Stalin, he replied:" If you want to understand the enemy you have to know what he has written."

Five years ago the Pope astound the Lithunians just free from the Russian Domination proclaiming at Riga that Marx had reason when he had denounced the capitalist exploitation of his time. " There is a hazel of truth in the Marxism" the Pope declared, explaining that the needs that have given life to the communist system where " serious and real."

Paul II will stay certainly the most Marxist Pope. It is sufficient to read the Encyclical Laborem Exercens, where he underlines meticulously the work on the capital and the absolute supremacy of the man-worker.

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Subject: The Treasures In You
From: M.
Tue, 22 Dec 1998 13:02:51 -0800


There are treasures in life,
but owners are few
Of money and power
to buy things brand new.

Yet you can be wealthy
and feel regal too,
If you will just look
for the treasures in you.

These treasures in life
are not hard to find
When you look in your heart,
your soul, and your mind.

For when you are willing
to share what's within,
Your fervent search
for riches will end.

The joy and the laughter,
the smile that you bring;
The heart unafraid
to love and to sing;

The hand always willing
to help those in need;
Ones quick to reach out,
to labor and fee.

So thank you for sharing
these great gifts inside;
The caring, the cheering,
the hug when one cried.

Thanks for the energy,
encouragement too,
And thank you for sharing
the treasures in you.

- - Author Unknown

I hope you like this also.

Dear M,
How true! This little poem sums up my feelings toward all of you, who share from your hearts, week after week. You are our treasures on this Earth and you bring us joy! I pray that Our Lord opens all of you up to His glory and that His Light shines in and around you. How precious you are!

Jesus is our Light,
Linda and Dennis

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