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December 17, 2004

Beloved Brothers and Sisters, love and greetings to you in the beautiful and blessed name of our Lord Jesus. I have missed you so, but due to persecution, lack of funds and travel, and other great hardships, it has been very hard to get a message out to you. Dear Ones, great evil is upon this earth and I do not believe that most of you have a clue as to what we all face. For, Satan, Lucifer, the devil has been cast down and he has come down with great fury. You must read the petition below for this petition is serious and involves the safety and existence of all humanity.

I am pleading with each of you to fast with me on December 21st and 22nd, two high satanic holidays. On these days, we must all plead with weeping and wailing before our Father in Heaven to hear the petition, which is written below.

Daer Ones, you must fully understand that Satan, Lucifer, the devil has come down to make war against all humanity. These evil ones are so brazen in their antigravity machines that they no longer care who sees. More and more people all over the world are seeing them in open daylight and the evil ones in these craft are abducting more and more of the true believers, the pure of heart.

The assaults of this evil are only going to pick up all over the world, so I beg each of you to take this plea very seriously and to join me on December 21st and 22nd in a time of fasting in pleading before our Father in Heaven as regards the requests below.

Many of you may be wondering what has happened to me. What you need to know is that Dennis has hi-jacked prophecies.org for his own devices after he tried to put me into a mental hospital. He has stubbornly help on to this website as he does not want the truth to come out as regards all the lies that he has told about me. The truth is that he tried to put me in a mental hospital so that he could get all the material possessions we have, and all of this is evidenced by his quickie divorce demand from Guam. In addition, he is now living with a young women, who is young enough to be his daughter, if not his granddaughter. So, times for me have been very hard as I have little and day by day depend on the good graces of my Lord and God to get me through. But, he is ever merciful and full of love and grace and He sees that my needs are met.

I have daily undergone great persecution from Satanists as I am the mother of the spiritual baby boy of Revelation 12. The sheer number of spies and intelligence operatives, who appear out of nowhere from day to day is mind boggling. Any who have been around me for a time will attest to the antigravity machines (saucers) which are in the air above the area in which I live, wherever it is, all day and in increasingly greater numbers as night begins to fall.

The precious family in South Africa, who graciously gave me, Antonietta and others a place to live for more than a month, stay awake at nights, lest they get abducted. They dared to sleep one night and one in the family woke up with needle marks and was very tired from all the drugs for days.

Dear Ones, what I am telling you is real and it is a horror upon the face of this planet. It is time for all humanity to wake up to the seriousness of what is at hand. If you will not fast and pray with me now, when will you fast and pray? When you are the victim? The mind control, which they do in these crafts on the unsuspecting is real, Francois, the young prophet, who was with us in Johannesburg, was abducted and he can attest to the depth of the mind control, which they can do in as little as 15 minutes. Only the Spirit of God can break this mind control off a person, but the Spirit of God can and this is what these evil ones did to him on their spacecrafts from hell.

Beloved Ones, there is only One Way out of this terrible mess and this Way is Jesus Christ. He is Savior of all of humanity and there is none other. So please in His beautiful name, join me in these two days of fasting and prayer as we specifically pray for the petitions, which are listed below.

To all of you, I have missed you, I love you very much. Dear Ones, it is this love, the love of God within us, which sustains us. Let us all reach out in love, remembering one another in prayer, for so many are going through trials at this time.




On thus day, December 16, 2004, I, Linda Newkirk, stand before God Almighty, Jehovah (Yahweh) Most High God, who is Lord of the Heaven and I declare the following:

1. that I have definite and seriuos grievances against the leaders of certain nations, in particular the peseidents of the USA, George H. W. Bush, the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, the Jesuits, and a host of others, unnamed, but known by our Father in Heaven, who have set themselves up as gods over the people of the world and who have placed themselves above all laws.

2. that the leadership powers of the USA and England, anong other nations are in possession of antigravity machines, otherwise known as "flying saucers" and that they are using this 'alien technology' to kidnap any and all persons that they wish from their sleep state, and to do with these individuals as they please.

3. that the Queen of England, the Bushes, the Clintons and others conspired to kidnap me and that a group of these male leaders gang-raped me and sodomized me in the early morning hours of May 23, 2004, and that this was a direct assault against me for a message, which I wrote and penned from you, Father, as regards the planned destruction of the House and Senate by these same vicious and destructive individuals.

4. that the above leaders, who were responsible for this gang rape also injected me with lethal doses of drugs and poisons, and that I am still alive only because of the mercy, love and grace of You, Father in Heaven.

5. that the above named leaders have continually stalked me, have tried to kill me through thier intelligence operations and have micro-waved me, shocked me through the telephone, directed supra sound weapons at me in an attempt to cause me great pain and to silence me and that they have sent burglars to break into my house and a killer to attempt to murder me by running me off the road. They have also hit me in the head twice with microwave weapons, nearly causing blindness, and they have paid off local law enforcement to stalk and to spy on me.

6. that these same world leaders have stolen my e-mails, repeatedly hacked into my computer and stolen my mail and coorespondence over much time.

7. that George W. Bush who was one of the rapists, has called me a "terrorist" for speaking the truth about him and for speaking the truth of their terror plots against the people of America.

8. that to this date, these evil ones, who put themselves above all laws, stalk me through intelligence operatives everywhere I go especially via these antigravity machines. They also track me via satellite as they have micro-chipped me against my will and they have also injected me with nano devices also against my will.

9. that there is no nation on earth, which will stand up to those, who are doing these evil things to many people the world over, against their will.

10. that these evil leaders and their cohorts do great evil in stealth and cunning depriving many, many the world over of their God-given rights, and that this world has fallen to these evil ones and to their devices of deceit and violence.

11. that these evil ones have directed audible high-pitched frequencies into my dwelling for almost five years and there is no way to escape their persecution as they track me via satellite all over the world.

12. and that there is no court of law, which can or will prosecute them for their evil and great crimes against humanity.
Therefore, Father in Heaven, Jehovah, (Yahweh, Most High God), I plead with you on behalf of all humanity, to punish Satan, Lucifer, the devil in a severe way and to correct this deeply grievous situation. I plead with you Father, to greatly punish the dragon and all of his heritage, who have made thenselves gods, all to make slaves out of all of humanity. Father, I am asking for a deep and severe punishment for all these evil leaders, who have no regard for human rights and who severely punish anyone, who dares to speak "the noise" of truth against their evil ways. Father, I ask You for a swift and severe punishment for Lucifer and all his direct decendants upon this Earth and I ask you that You give them a great punishment that they will never forget that You have done this to them. And, Father, I am asking that You do not delay in this punishment, but that You come quickly with it and that the whole world sees and knows That You have done this thing. Please, Father, I beg you not only on behalf of myself and what they have done to me, but blessed Father, I plead with you on behalf of all the innocent and unsuspecting souls, who have been kidnapped, injected with all manner of drugs, abused, mind controlled and yes, even killed at the hands of those, who put themselves above all laws. Father, You are the only One, who can do a thing about this horrible evil on the face of this planet and I beg You today to please hear this prayer on behalf of so many souls. who have been abused in this way and many of them will never know what happened to them. For this work has been done, it continues to be done, in such great stealth and cunning. Father, You are the only One, who can help. Please, plesse hear in the Blessed and Holy Name of Your Son, Jesus, (Yahshua) I plead. Amen and Amen"

Dear and Blessed Ones, on the morning of the 18th day of November, three months to the day since the spiritual babe of Revelation Chapter 12 was born, I raised the shade on the window of a Boeing 747 on a flight out of South Africa, to see that I was seated in the middle of a very hugh and long wing. I told my friend Antonietta, who was seated beside me, to look and see that we were coming out of South Africa on the wings of a very big eagle. We both got chills up our spine. And, as we left Amsterdam for Swedan, we were both once more shocked to sit down, look out the window and see that we were both seated in the middle of a wing, this time of a Boeing 737. This was arranged by our Father in Heaven nearly two thousand years ago, when the Book of Revelation was written. Praises to His Holy Name.

I am very blessed that Antonietta, my friend and secretary, is here with me in Swedan and that a very nice elder man has given us a place of dwelling in Stockholm.

I send you all the love of my heart and I am ever grateful for any financial support that you feel led to send this way as we both have little in the way of worldly treasures. Still, we look not to this world, but to one, which is yet to come.

Jesus is still MY Beautiful and Only Way
Message Dec 17 2004
Your Sis,
Linda Newkirk

My address is: Linda Newkirk
Mailbox 3094
11174 Stockholm

If you wish to send via Fed-Ex, UPS, or CHI., you must send to:

Linda Newkirk
Mailbox 3094
Norriandsgatan 15
11143 Stockholm

In sending financial contributions, please send a certified bank check or an American Express Money Order.

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