A Message For You

Jan. 24, 1999

My Dearest Brothers and Sisters, I hope that this correspondence finds all of you well and at peace with Our Precious Lord and Beloved Father in Heaven. I have been at work in Our Lord’s service and am putting some of it up, as you will see in the Introduction to Book IV and the first five chapters.

A few hours after I typed the introduction of Book IV, warning of God’s judgements on the USA, many tornadoes fell upon the state of Arkansas, moving on into Tennessee. On the 21st of January, 1999, not long after ex-senator Pryor of Arkansas stood before the Senate of the USA, extolling the need to disregard Clinton’s guilt, a series of tornadoes began to strike this state and continued into the night and early morning hours of January 22nd. (Bill Clinton, of course, is from Arkansas; and Vice President Gore is from Tennessee.)

Over and over again, tornado warnings rang from every part of this state, often many warnings at the same time. In all, 38 tornadoes struck Arkansas from one end of this state to the other, but much damage was done in the Little Rock area. Even and especially the Governor’s mansion was involved as a tornado ripped through the area, tearing down Chelsea Clinton’s treehouse, ripping up a patio area and pulling up large, stately old trees.

Then, this tornadic system swept through the oldest section of Little Rock, destroying stately, old homes and uprooting huge, beautiful trees, sweeping them up as if they were stalks of corn. Governor Huckabee was attending a dinner in an older part of town, called the Quapaw District, when a tornado hit the area, forcing him into a basement.

Just to the East of us, about two and one-half miles away, a tornado ripped through a cyprus stand, breaking and ripping the trees as if they were straw in the wind. It headed up a small hill, bringing down a huge oak tree and ripping asunder several houses and more trees. This same tornado continued on with its fury onto the interstate, where it overturned six eighteen- wheelers.

The small town of Bebe, Arkansas was practically obliterated. But, it was not the only place to see great devastation. Many places have been declared disaster areas. And, just as was the case with the fifteen tornadoes, which devastated Arkansas on March 01, 1997, the people have banded together, working to help one another. Neighbors, armed with chainsaws, have come to the aid of one another, the young helping the elderly and the more fortunate helping the less fortunate. This sites of devastation are heartbreaking as people search debris for any salvageable remnant of home.

When one man in Arkadelphia, AR was asked what advice he would give to the ones, who have lost so much in these tornadoes, he advised them to be aware of "promises," which will never be fulfilled. Was he speaking of government promises? Arkadelphia was so hard hit by tornadoes in 1997 that it looked like a war zone.

The night of the tornadoes, my husband had to work late; and when I watched many tornado warnings all over the state, and others pouring in at an alarming rate, I became very concerned. At one point, I thought of getting out and going elswhere; but I began to pray. A great peace settled upon me; and Our Lord Jesus said, "Be at peace and be still." After this, I knew that Our Lord’s hand was on us and we were not to fear, but rest quietly beneath his wings.

Were these tornadoes a judgment from Our God? As I type these words, I hear Our Lord Jesus speaking:

"My Children, you have been warned of great disasters, which will come upon you. You have been warned of great earthquakes and severe weather; and these are upon you, more than ever. Increasingly, it will become harder to predict stable weather patterns and to successfully grow produce. You have been warned many times about what is upon you, and the need to make areas of survival beneath the ground. Be advised that the weather patterns will become increasingly unstable as the world becomes so. Yet, My Little Ones rest beneath My wings; and though many of you may lose your material things or even your lives, you will not lose your soul as long as you serve your Father’s purposes through Me. I am your way and your only way.

Let these tornadoes be a lesson and remembrance that as many of you in Arkansas have loved and served a president, who embraces and loves evil, you shall bear your share of punishment for your choices. Your Father is angry with the lovers of darkness and his fury is aloft. His anger is being released through these powerful storms; and those, who love darkness, will know and receive this fury.

Unfortunately, many righteous ones may suffer with the unrighteous, for it is impossible to punish so many without the just suffering as well. But, I shall provide for those, who love and serve Me; and as you lose I will make a way for you to have what you need. But, the unjust have no such promises. They will not only lose what they have; but will also lose the Light of God. Yea, they will be cast into darkness and despair not only in this life, but in the life to come, where they will find themselves in the pits of darkness with every creepy and crawly thing, subject to great anguish and torture at the hands of Lucifer and his servants.

Yea, My Little Ones, the time of great upheavals is at hand, not only as regards weather, but also as regards the planet Earth and its dark leadership. But, I shall not forsake Mine; and even though they are be tried and tested many times, I remain faithful to those, who are faithful to Me. But, alas it is a time of the sorting and many of you shall suffer greatly. Will you continue to be faithful amidst your trials, or will you choose the easy way and go with darkness?

Remember, My Children, the leaders of darkness will promise you much, but deliver little. For, they want to keep you in the darkness, suffering and without even adequate food to eat. Beware, My Children, of the computer chip, the mark, which they plan for each of you. But, first, they must starve you into submission. Yea, they plan to starve you and make you take this mark out of desperation. For this reason and because of great famine to come across the world, I have wanted you to store food. But, store it under the ground in locations away from your homes. For, your homes will be invaded by these Luciferians some time in the near future and they will demand your food supplies.

Hear Me, My Precious Ones, get this done; and put away seeds enough to last for several years. Make sure that these are not hybrids, for many of these will not reproduce a good crop, if at all. Get wise, My Children, to their wiles, and know your enemy; for this same enemy will come with kind words and a kiss on the cheek as a Judas. Be vigilant, watching every minute; for the enemy changes his countenance, but I never change. For, I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Be at peace this day, My Children, and know of My love for each of you; but, listen and take heed to the warnings I have given to each of you; and be wise, lest you be deceived. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As dictated and recorded this 24th day of January, 1999,
Linda Newkirk

So, My Beloved Brethren, let the world see and be advised of Our Father’s judgements; they are at hand. Even the governor of this state said that no one is exempt from the fury of a tornado. Yet, the rich in power, who have manipulated things for so long to get their way, believe that they are immune from the wrath of God. They are deceived, My Precious Brothers and Sisters; but be not carried away by their kind of thinking. Jesus is your safety net and He is your freedom. Be faithful to Him and He will be faithful to you. Forget the vacant prayers and lip service; as He is not interested. Jesus wants your pure love and sincere heart; as He sees and knows hearts. The time is at hand for more and greater tragedies sent by God; and try as they might, the Luciferians cannot control the works of Our Father.

Your Mail

I have received a great deal of mail, and I thank all of you Precious Ones for sharing what you can. But, because there is such a great quantity I am not able to go into all of it. However, I shall recap some of the important things:

1. North Korea continues to threaten to bomb the USA with nuclear weapons. This is very serious and I do not see anything good coming out of this, as North Korea is a mouthpiece for China and Russia. As I understand it, they are demanding 300 million to inspect their underground facility and/or huge amounts of food.

2. Russia is reportedly hurrying to complete a nuclear reactor in Iran and the USA has reportedly placed sanctions on two Russian companies. I have read that the Russians are angry about these sanctions and Madeline Albright may soon be running interception into Russia for the USA.
Will her visit ease tensions? Don’t count on it. The government running Russia is red to the Core and very much against the USA. Are any of us surprised to see that the Russians will keep their space station in orbit for three more years? They will not fall under control of the UN Machine as regards their spacestation, and plan to own the new one.

3. The out-right war in Iraq is escalating; and Saddam Hussein has apparently gone from wanting to punish the Arab countries cooperating with the USA and Britain to wanting to make peace and friends with them. If you will remember in the prophecies, Hussein is shown to become "friends" with even Kuwait and most certainly Saudi Arabia. Our Lord shows this bond intensified when a great oil reserve is discovered in Israel.

4. Watch out for what is taking place in Iran. Iran is and has been a silent partner to Iraq and a servant to Russia and China. We are not hearing much about what is going on behind the scenes in Russia and China, but you can bet that they are getting their guns in order for the invasion of the USA.

A few days ago, I was listening to a Christian radio station, which was conducting an interview with a senator from Oklahoma, whose name escapes me at the moment. This senator went on to say that Bill Clinton has reduced our military by half since he became president; and that we have a "hollow" military. He went on to tell how Bill Clinton has vetoed an air defense system for the USA every year since he has been president, which means that we are not able to defend against an aerial attack. Instead, Bill Clinton is busy giving away our bases to our enemies and wants to shut down more.

Steve, I thank you for sending the pictures of the UN vehicles in Houston. These are appalling! Foreign powers with their military equipment in the USA! This is the high treason for which Bill Clinton should be impeached! Why is no one speaking of the Clinton’s real high treason … his works to overturn the constitution of the USA and allow foreign powers to rule over us?

But, the masses continue to believe the lying media, who make it their every day affairs to deceive the public. However, soon there will come a time of great howling of the masses when they are made to see what they have chosen to ignore all along, that a secret Luciferian government is running this country. This is the enemy of the people, but if you do not have the Spirit of God, you cannot see what is really happening.

Our Father does not want us to live in darkness, but to live in freedom. For this reason, He sent his Son with the truth that all, who would believe and serve Him in truth, should know salvation from the clutches of darkness. But, alas, only those, who really believe in Him, will know and have this freedom. It is easy to say that we believe, but do we believe in truth and deed? Do our works show that we believe, or do we say one thing and do another? By our works, our Lord knows us.

So, My Brothers and Sisters, if you love a lie and support a liar, as Bill Clinton is known to be, you love and serve darkness. And, you will become lost in this darkness to the degree that you serve it. I have heard some of the elderly say that they support Bill Clinton, as they know that he will save Social Security. They are putting their faith in Bill Clinton and not in God, Our Father. Bill Clinton is a conman, no different than the typical conman of used cars past. He tells you what you want to hear; and his procedure for gauging public opinion and spewing it back to the people was explained not long ago on Sixty Minutes. It was explained how Bill Clinton tells the people exactly what they want to hear. Did you see this? Do you still believe the fake polls they pile upon us day after day? Be apprised that they are fake; open your eyes and ears. Don’t continue to buy their lies!

Does it sink in to you yet? How we are played for fools daily? Have Clinton’s cabinet and White House staff gotten over the fact that Clinton lied to them about the Lewinsky affair? Has Hillary forgotten how she went on national television supporting Bill Clinton’s innocence as regards this affair? How many have forgotten Bill Clinton’s silver-tongued ability to lie, lie, and lie? How many will believe his every word as long as they live? Will it be with Clinton as it was with OJ Simpson, that even in the face of proven guilt, many continue to cry "innocent?"

When OJ was accused of killing Nicole, many were wondering how someone, who looked so handsome as OJ Simpson could kill his wife. I know many, who denied that he could have done such a thing; and never believed it until after the second murder trial. Look at Bill Clinton and put OJ’s face on top of Bill’s. They are no different in terms of the master they serve. As OJ is now despised by so many and sneered and mocked by so many, there will come a day when many will spit on Bill Clinton’s grave; for they will be made to see what he has done to destroy this country. But, many should blame no one but themselves; for when they could have worked to preserve righteousness in this country and to protect the rights of the common person they have done nothing. Yes, many will be stirred to great anger; but it will be too late. And, they will hiss loudly, but to no avail; for all along, they have loved a liar and what he can do for them. If this is you, take a look at the 38 tornado disaster in Arkansas and know that Our Father’s judgment is upon this land. Today Arkansas and Tennessee, tomorrow all of the USA, and the world!

In one of the earlier prophecies given to me, Our Lord showed that the Mormon Church in Utah will be one of the first places, which is burned by the enemy forces when they attack the USA. I believe that the Mormon Church will be severely judged as it has run out the Spirit of God and created a phony "sheepism." This phony "sheepism" demands that the people be subservient to the leaders of the church first. These leaders are given far too much power and most members never question them. For this reason, huge numbers of Mormons are like sheep going to the slaughter, without having so much as a clue. The situation, which exists in the Mormon Church, is no different than that, which exists in the Catholic Church. It is the blind leading the blind; and many are so bowed over by the leadership of the church and threatened or shamed into submission, that they never stop to think for themselves. Be apprised: As the pope serves Lucifer, so does the prophet of the Mormon Church. Both churches have become infiltrated and controlled by "secret" Luciferian societies. Those, who love and hoard gold, become slaves to it.

Paul sent a very interesting article about the evils of the Mormon Church and about large caverns beneath Salt Lake City, extending into Idaho. This article is supposedly written by a fictional character and is interesting to read; but Our Lord will not allow me to print it here for whatever reason. This article goes on to talk of many children being abducted into these caverns, while a few people have made it in and out of them alive. But, My Beloved Ones, the post office windows are full of children, lost and feared abducted. This whole situation regarding missing and abducted children has reached a feverish note; and Our Lord says that many of them wind up in these underground caverns used in all manner of research and slavery. This may sound like a myth to many of you, but is full of truth. The government of the USA has denied flying saucers for so many years as they have been colluding with the ones, who run them. And, they have succeeded in abducting many of us and implanting us with various kinds of implants; but they shall not succeed in enslaving us in this way. I call down the fire of Father God Almighty Jehovah; that He make a mighty fire in the midst of these Luciferians and in the midst of those, who are working to make us all slaves. And, I beg Our Father to make their works as naught and bring them to their knees, all, who love this evil.

"Enough," proclaims Our God Jehovah, "For, this year I shall unleash my fury on these underground bases! And, when you see a mighty fire roll into the desert and see steam and great fireballs come from within the earth, you shall know that I have taken this matter into my own hands. I shall engulf their dark works in a mighty fireball, which shall roar through the desert and destroy everything in its path. The Great Salt Lake shall steam with the heat of my fire and it shall be no more than a puddle when I am finished with it. When I leave my mark, no one shall forget that I am God. And, I come soon with destruction in my wake. My fury is aloft, for my beloved prophets and servants have cried to me night and day about the great oppression, which is upon the people. And, many wail night and day beneath the weight of the implants in their brains and bodies. Yea, My Fire shall consume the ones, who have taken mine aboard these crafts and attempted to make them slaves. And, I shall cause every implant, which is stuffed into the unwilling, to be as naught. Nay, I have not created you to live as slaves; and I shall set you free. When you see a mighty fireball roll across the desert this year, know that Your Father has moved in this abhorrent situation. Yea, I know of the plights of many, many innocent souls beneath the ground suffering untold horrors and I shall move readily in this. Be apprised of this, that the days of the Mormon Church are numbered. For, I shall destroy what I have not created. Yea, for this is so. I am Jehovah, Most High God of Earth, yea of the Universe!"

Go this day, My Brethren, in peace, love and joy, knowing that with each passing the Day of Our Lord draws closer. Be not afraid, but move in steadfastness, walking in faith, believing on things not seen, but knowing that in and through Jesus comes our salvation. Believe not on things of the world and look not to others for your salvation. Instead, look only to Our Lord, believing on Him and you will be kept safely beneath His wings.

Prepare, My Precious Brothers and Sisters, for the hard times ahead; but mostly prepare yourselves spiritually. Each of us must die to things of this world and at some point we must die physically; but, as long as we follow Our Lord, he promises us Life.

Sadly, many among us are counted among the "walking dead". They are cut off from the Light of God and from His Spirit. They openly reject our Lord Jesus or they never knew Him. Either way, they walk in darkness.

If you are among those, who reject Our Lord and embrace darkness, the time is now to make a decision to change. You will always be in prison if you do not make a conscious effort to serve Jesus in truth and deed. If you need special prayer, write me and I will be glad to intercede on your behalf. Where you are, I have been; and except for the grace of Our Lord, I would still be lost. I have been counted among the worst of sinners, on the road to salvation only because of Our Lord’s grace.

Please realize that you will never have any peace in your life until you serve God in truth and deed; and you will not know the truth until you accept that Jesus is Lord. Many churches crop up here and there professing to be what you need, but you will not be able to discern the truth from a lie without Jesus. He clearly tells us that He is the truth, the only truth; and He sends His Spirit of Truth to bear witness to this.

Our Lord is full of love and mercy for each of us, and He especially loves the lost. Do you hear him knocking at your heart’s door? I saw some of you say, ‘Yea, I hear Him;" but just as quickly as you heard him you shut your heart’s door.

"Don’t turn away. Open your heart’s door and allow Him to help you deal with all the sadness and anger you have stuffed in your heart. Are you afraid? If so, don’t be. These feelings need to come out; they have been too heavy for years. Weep if you need to; all of us need to weep because of the weight of our burdens. But remember: You can never outrun your emotions or bury them deep enough because they will surface in many ways, whether through yelling at your children or saying or doing hateful things to others. Open up and share them with Our Lord; He loves you and wants you to have His joy, peace and freedom."

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