A Message For You

July 12, 1999

"My Precious Brothers and Sisters, I hope that this correspondence finds you well and filled with the peace of our God; yet vigilant of the extreme severity of these perilous times. Never has there been a greater time when each of us needs to be disciplined in our spiritual lives, praying always, getting up early with the love of the Lord in our hearts and going to bed his praises on our lips. For, we are at a deadly crossroads where chaos meets light and there is at hand a great whirling and a great shaking. We are experiencing the calm before the great storm; so rest not, thinking that all is well. The evil hoards are only finalizing their approach for the landing. There has been a great shift in world power; and the USA is not at the center of world power, as we believe; but something, which is dark and evil to the core; and its purposes are death, stealth and destruction. Mind you, this has already taken place and the time of implementation is at hand!


As I write this, I hear our Lord saying that another hedge fund blunder has recently taken place, which has been covered up.

  "But, this is not all," our Lord is saying, "the feeding frenzy on Wall Street is full of lies! Wall Street is just another illusion of the masses; and while the super rich are withdrawing their money from the USA and putting it outside the USA, the little person has no clue. This, My Precious Ones, is part of the great illusion of the dragon system. It is to deceive each of you into thinking that all is well until the trap door slams shut and catches many of you. Suddenly, millions upon millions will lose everything; and debtors will come and seize everything. This will put more of the world’s wealth in the hands of a few; and it will make millions upon millions dependent upon the lack of mercy of a few. Many will take the mark readily because they will be told that their debts will be erased, saving them from prison. This, My Little Ones, is what you face. So, I am warning you to wake up! Get rid of your debts, even if it means taking two or three jobs. I say, GET OUT OF DEBT AND LEARN TO LIVE SIMPLY; AND DO THIS QUICKLY! For you have very little time before this fake market takes a great dive; and this time it will not revive. For, as this market begins to loose footing, the Y2K will usher in the chaos, the likes of which the civilized world has never seen. So, I am telling you now, ‘GET OUT OF DEBT, EVEN IF IT MEANS LIVING OUT OF YOUR CAR UNTIL YOU CAN GET IT DONE. Take heed to what I am saying; for if you do not, very soon you shall be sorely sorry. I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, Most High God."


Like so many, we have been struggling to get out of debt and stay out; and we have had to lean on the Lord increasingly to do so; but He is ever faithful. My Precious Ones, I am pleading with each of you to be ever vigilant about your money; and stay away from the worldly traps, which seem so inviting, like movies, which cost $10.00, or more, expensive clothes and meals. All of us have to get out of debt so that we can be free. NO ONE IS EVER FREE, WHO OWES MONEY. EVEN KING SOLOMON SAID THAT THE BORROWER IS SERVANT TO THE LENDER. So, cut up the cards and eat rice and beans if you have to.


So many of you have been so precious to send mail. I have read every piece; and hope that I have answered it all, even though it has taken me a while to get back to some of you. We thank each of you, who sends along articles of interest. You have made such a difference in God’s work; and you have been a blessing to others! I pray that each of you will be richly blessed for your contributions. You never know whom you are going to help!


We have been through a number of trials and I have had some stubborn health problems, but Book V is coming right along. Part III is in the mail and I hope to have Part IV out to each of you soon. We thank all of you, who have ordered this book; and I know that it will bless many of you, if you accept the promises of the Lord and live accordingly. We deeply thank each of you, who has given to this simple ministry; and we both pray that you will be richly rewarded for your love and compassion. IF YOU HAVE FELT THE SPIRIT OF GOD PROMPTING YOU TO ORDER BOOK V, DO NOT CONTINUE TO WAIT! ORDER IT NOW! YOU NEED THE PROMISES AND BLESSINGS OF THIS BOOK!



Remember what our Lord said about the New Madrid beginning to "blow" in May and that it would further "blow" in June of this year. Well, a Dear Sister sent mail about an "unnatural" earthquake of the New Madrid Fault in Kansas City, Kansas on May 13, 1999. (Joel, remember what our Lord told you about judging the USA in forty days? This was very close to the fortieth day.) Geologists, who witnessed it, could not agree as to whether it was even an earthquake. As I understand it, the quake measured 3.8 on the Richter Scale; and is said to have caused extensive damage to a medical building in the section of Indian Springs and damage to a utility building in Kansas City, Kansas. The earthquake was said to be felt at least four miles from the center.

Some geologists seem to think that it was not an earthquake, but was either giant caverns or old rock mines caving in under Kansas City; but most seem to agree that it was not a natural quake.

So, what says our Lord?
  "My Precious Child, I have warned you as to the seeding of these faultlines. And, what you see here is not a natural occurrence, but one in which the Luciferians have pre-tested their destructive mechanisms at a time, when you were least likely to notice: that is, in the midst of the war in the Balkans. I have warned you, My Child, of their plans to set off the whole faultline, but they did not follow through in the month of June as they had originally planned. You must understand, however, that you are very close to this occurrence; and it will hit when you expect it least. They will wait until the USA is in a state of chaos; and then will ignite the series of underground bombs, killing and maiming many, many thousands. With this earthquake in Kansas City, they have an idea of the kind of destruction they can achieve; but know, My Child, that there is more than meets the eye with the New Madrid Fault. Even now, they are pounding it with lasers and ultrasonic blasts, so as to loosen the limestone substrate, which is replete with underground caverns in many areas. People in many parts of Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee and even Oklahoma are aware of this quality in the air at times, which feels like a deep hum. My Child, they are feeling the ultrasonic blasts, which are directed at the fault from above the earth; and many are finding deep fissures on their property, not knowing what to make of it. My Child, see what I am showing you. There is widespread breaking and cracking in the fault; and in many places, the land looks like a mirror with cracks. I say this to anyone, who has these cracks on their property. ‘Do not wait for the land to cave in like a mine tunnel. Get your house in order and prepare to move; for their plans are laid to set off all the underground nuclear bombs in quick succession.’ These are their plans, My Child, so be warned."

"So, My Lord, in showing the dates of May and June of this year, you have only shown probabilities?"

"My Child, I have shown you their plans, which only partially came to pass."

"My Lord, how much of this can be avoided with prayer and fasting?"

"My Child, as you know, much of the evil, which they have planned, is going to fall on their very heads; but I cannot tell you right now what will be stopped through prayer and fasting. For, the people have a free will; and right now the greatest numbers choose darkness over Light. They choose to love the world over Me and your Father; and for this reason, your future looks very bleak. But, My Child, remember My promises to My Faithful; and do not despair. For, I love you more than you can ever imagine; and a few of Mine will survive the worst of conditions. So, despair not when you see these things come to pass; for they must happen, that all darkness can be destroyed. Then, I will rule in truth and freedom. But, first, My Little One, those, who choose darkness, must reap the results of their choices; and those, who choose Me and your Father will also reap the results of their choices. And, as I have told you, the time of the sorting is at hand; and what will solidify the sorting is the taking of the mark. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"So, do not despair when you see these great destructive things coming to pass; but move in faith without fear, knowing that I am always with you; and mine shall be provided for, whether in this world or in the world to come. And, do not give up on the lost and rebellious; for as they are, you once were, My Child. I say to all, ‘Pray for them always; and love them; for in this way, you will save many a one from outer darkness.’ I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God!"

(My Brothers and Sisters, just one note about this on-going fault-line assault in Arkansas … I witnessed one of these fissures on a person’s property in Cabot, Arkansas; and was told also about the shaking of the ground up there. This is only about15-20 miles north to northeast of Little Rock.)



My Dearest Ones, we have seen what we have seen in the Balkans, but we have we understood what we have seen? For, even now, I see this area as a burning caldron, a whirling great mass of fire, and I don’t even understand what I am looking at. So, My Lord, I am asking you to explain this.

"My Child, I have made you to see the inner state of the whole of the area, not just in Yugoslavia, but in surrounding countries. This war, which started in the Balkans, shall not stop in the Balkans, but it shall move to include the USA, Canada, all of Europe, Russia, China, the Mideast and Australia; and sadly, the whole world shall groan beneath the weight of this war. But, for now, you see this burning caldron, which is full of a swirling fire. The fire is swirling because it is about to jump out of the pot. It is true, My Child, that Russia is in collusion with the United Nations; and that the Russians have disapproved of much of what is being done in the Balkans. But, when they had the chance to jump into the conflict they stayed out because they have other plans for their men and munitions. Even when the Russian troops moved into Kosovo, this was to show NATO that the NATO Alliance was not so smart. However, as it turned out, the Russians would not rock the boat, even though their actions posed a threat of war against the USA in June, as I warned you. By attacking South Korea, even North Korea was howling loudly to stir up Russia and China to make war against you In June. North Korea is ready to go to war against the USA for any reason; and very soon they will get their wish; for, a spark of war will indeed come out of North Korea, which will ignite other parts of the world, pushing other countries into war. My Child, this is a continuum of WWWIII, which, as you know, began in Iraq. So, did you avoid a war in June as I advised? Yes, My Child, for many were fasting and praying since the beginning of the war in the Balkans. And, clearly the cries of the faithful were heard by Our Father; and this war was pushed up a few months; for My Child, you must remember that all is not set in stone, as you want to believe, but is constantly changing. The universe is fluid; it is constantly changing; and so is the world around you. Many of you will see what I mean when troops come for you and their plots fail time and time again. They will plan and plan, but often their plans shall not come to pass as they believe. So, My Child, remember this about the prophecies. Some dates are based on what the Luciferians have planned, while others dates are based on probabilities. Still, others are immutable and unchangeable. But, you do not know which are which, so you must go forth with what I have said, keeping the faith, My Child. For, there will come a time when I will not deal in probabilities or in Luciferian plans, but only in what is immutable and unchangeable. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord; but it has been very trying, not knowing which is which."

"Nevertheless, My Child, you have held the course; and you have not given up, although you have been ridiculed many times. My Child, by persevering, you have gained an inner strength, which you shall sorely need in the days to come. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    As you know, in the last message, we printed Gail’s Story and Ellie’s Dream. Several of you wrote to say how much you enjoyed reading both. But, some wrote criticizing us for printing Gail’s Story. I, personally, enjoyed reading about her life, her triumphs and trials, her visions and spiritual experiences; and I believe that there is something in her life, from which we can all learn.
    I always loved and admired Mother Teresa from afar; but do not support the Pope and his agenda in any way, especially since I hear about open worship of Lucifer within the Vatican. So, this is my stance about Gail. I love Gail as a person and I respect her; but I do not support the Mormon Church in any way, especially since I understand that it was founded by freemasons, whose cornerstone is Lucifer.
    Even now, I hear our Lord speaking,

  "My Child, I have had to bring you completely out of a very sick system, so that you could hear and see Me without interference of man-made programs or devices. Often, it is very difficult for many to see through the forests of man’s doings; but in time I will bring every one of mine out of the Mormon Church. For, it is corrupt from the very top; and is filled with every foul demon imaginable and with every dark deed and act of rebellion.
  Those, who call themselves prophets from this church, are a mockery before Me and your Father. I shall strike them down as an ax hews down a young sapling; for I have not placed them there. Men have concocted this role so as to have control over masses of people.
  This church shall be wiped out from the top; for it shall be one of the first to go when you are invaded. I shall scatter these people from within this church; and they shall have to come back to Me and serve Me in truth and honor; or they shall be lost.
  So, let the Mormons be warned and let every other church be warned, which has fallen prey to the great and terrible system of lies, the ugly Luciferian web: Your time is at hand! Come out of this system; for a time is at hand when you shall be scattered as sheep without a shepherd.
  Now, My Child, as for your printing what Gail has sent you. Be at peace in this. For, I have called Gail to warn the Mormons. I have called her to be a strength to others, who are lost in the Mormon Church; and I have made an example of her. But, what she perceives to be all-truth in these doctrines, is full of lies and half-truths. I say to Gail and to all Mormons, "Renounce this doctrine and come out of this church; for I do not preside over it; and neither does your Father. So, go this day, My Child, knowing that your path has crossed with Gail’s for a reason; and you have printed what you have printed as I led you to do so. Be at peace in this; and know that some good shall come of this. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God."

"Thank you, My Beloved Lord. I pray that You bless my sisters Gail and Ellie. Guide them in Your works, that they help many, many before their time is up. In your blessed name, our Precious Jesus, the name above all names, I submit this simple and humble prayer."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


As you read these articles, say a special prayer of thanks to our Lord that others are vigilant; and pray for our Lord to bless His Precious Ones, who search and send along their finds that you may be the wiser. I especially want to thank our friend, A. W.; as she is so faithful in sending along what she finds. Her work keeps us current on what is happening around the world. She is a cherished soul; and we love and appreciate her so! So, take the time to read these articles; and you will be glad you did!

Subject: Concentration Camps For You
From: M. S.
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 1999
    Dear Linda & Dennis:
      I received this and thought you should read it. I wonder what they mean in #11 where he
     says bodies will be "cleansed" instead of buried? Thanks for the new post on your      website.   M.S.
    Dear M.S. I would guess that this mean piling us up and burning us in heaps of roaring flames! L.N.

From: USCMike1@aol.com
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 01:13:38 EST
Subject: More about American Death Camps
  Dear Civilians, Patriots, and Veterans:
  Seems like most people are still not believing what is going on even when you tell them and prove it to them.

Date: 3/17/99 9:23:25 PM Pacific Standard Time
American Death Camps
by Samuel Foster

We live in strange times. Suffice it to say I am a captain (not my actual rank, but at least that) in the National Guard; but I can't tell you which state, as that information surely will be the quick road to my demise. I have faithfully served my country in Desert Storm and Panama, both events having nothing to do with the National Security safety of this Great Country of ours.

My wife has the same disease I have, and the doctors are still telling me I have the flue. Does a flue last eight years? We'll get to that later. We both are under the age of forty, but we no longer look young.

Nothing can change my mind that my superiors-so-called officers and gentlemen-have murdered us. One of my duties requires me to train through rotation with other units, the ongoing guard staff of various clandestine Prisons many Americans that over-sight committees do not know exist. These prisons, or "camps" as we call them, were built for no other purpose than for the common American taxpayer. I know. I helped build three of them.

Somewhere along the way, I have lost my soul in the process. I know for a fact that this government of ours plans to turn America into a wasteland of proportions that stagger any imagination. It is the Pentagon and Wall Street's ambition to create no less than a slave state by the year 2001. They will do it too-with the media's help-because in many ways, they have already succeeded in destroying our civil liberties and making the middle-class an ancient idea.

How can I say these things? From where do I speak? A few years ago, I was called to a meeting in Fort Mead to join the augmenting of a unit which would report directly to FEMA in the event of national disaster. Did we discuss earthquakes, tornadoes, or flooding? Not on your life. After obtaining several new written security clearances and after having signed no less than eleven documents-all giving away my life and liberty should I ever speak out-I was let in on the following plan.

Before giving out the structure of this plan, I beg anyone who reads this document to share with as many people as possible what I consider our last, best chance to reverse the horrible course this country is going to take in the next twenty-four months. The outline is as I remember it, as everything was verbal-nothing was ever written down.

Troop movements, orders, and materiel was all coded with words that meant something other than what they were. For example, if we needed 150 new prison cells, we didn't call them prison cells. They became "Cfood units, CIV". Given a code sheet, we could then interpret and act upon any written order. Most were email in our net and were to be destroyed once the order was carried out. This was routine policy and is still in effect today.

  1. Establish a network of prisons to deal with the estimated twenty million Americans who will not go along with the New America. This new country will no longer resemble the USA we all grew up in. It will be a dictatorship with institutionalized and mandated slave labor.

  2. Schools will no longer teach actual history. The schools of the future will mainly be warehouses for the young. They will teach the party system: that family is dead, and that work is good. Discovering this point made me so violently ill I became incontinent.

  3. Voting will be suspended. Many of us already know that the American vote is a sham. Officers above the rank of Major are well aware of who gives the orders in this country. Not the White House, but the CIA. The White House and its changing occupant are merely the visible servant of something much darker and the Presidents sole purpose is to create laws which lower real income, create war states, and keep the military machine running with ever-expanding budgets. I know. I was there at many meetings where foreign policy was dictated by four-star generals.

  4. Gun owners will have their guns taken, by force if necessary, before many of the plans points are made operational.

  5. The enforcers of the plan will be NATO and UN forces working in cooperation with the US Military and headed by the product from the Intel groups and FEMA.

  6. Use the lists compiled by the FBI and NSA and round up all those men and women who have ever showed any inkling whatsoever in the constitution on civil rights. This especially includes gun-owners and religious persons.

  7. Using lists obtained from grocery stores and banks, individuals with income spent in stockpiling of goods will also be rounded up and their property absconded.

  8. The Teachings of Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam will be considered anti-American. Pastors, preachers, and holy men and women are to be rounded up for "re-education."

  9. The establishment of work colonies and the takeover of the media by the Pentagon.

  10. Free trade of stocks will be frozen and the assets of many individuals outright taken away.

  11. The creation of mass crematoriums in Arizona, Texas, and Washington. The dead will no longer be buried, but will be sent to a place where they will be "cleansed."

  12. The creation of a national police force with complete power. This point, as with many others, has already occurred and the force is now 80% operational.

Friends, there is little more than I can say, except to give you my promise that I will constantly provide as much facts as possible to lead you to the truth. You want camp locations? I'll get them out. You want dates and places, I'll get them too.

God help us in our time of need.

My Brothers and Sisters, keep on reading, there is more, much more!

Subject: Military Families Leave USA!!
From: S.
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 1999
  My Friends: We knew it was coming, but did you know that military families have ALREADY LEFT the USA???????? Read on....
Dear S., I doubt if we even know a fraction of this story. I believe that many, many are quietly being rounded up and displaced outside this country; but, they miss one very important thing. The New World Order cannot save them!

Date: 7/1/99 8:38:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: ivanshapiro@banet.net (Ivan Shapiro)


    Col. Jim Ammerman is the military chaplin that has been exposing what is going on in the military concerning the plans of the one world conspiracy.
    In a recent interview on short wave radio with Chris Gerner, Col. Ammerman reveals that some of his air force friends have sold their homes and their cars and have suddenly moved their families out of the 48 states.
    They could not reveal exactly out what they were told, but they did say that they saw orders or plans that something was going to happen in America, and when it did there could be a 50% death rate nationwide. They decided to leave the country and would not say where they were going. This riveting interview from a very Credible Christian Military man.

  Greetings fellow Christian Patriots;

  First of all, I can confirm the above. Inside sources have alleged that the Cheyenne Mountain base in Colorado [NORAD headquarters] is at DEFCON-3, and that several military families who formerly worked at this base are leaving the U.S. There are plans in the works to provoke a National Emergency in order to implement Socialist Martial Law, and this 'emergency' will probably be a combination of economic collapse, social unrest-anarchy, and 'terrorist' activities.
  First of all, this plan may look exactly like the Nazi plot to take over Europe during World War II. You may not believe me, but I can assure you That the EXACT SAME FORCES [namely those Luciferian-Satanic secret societies like the Thule Society which CREATED the Nazi Party] are the ones who are behind this present effort to create a '4th Reich' in the U.S.A.
  The present effort was rooted in a secret alliance between Nazi General Reinhard Gehlen [Bavarian Thule Society] and Allen Dulles [Bavarian Illuminati], which resulted in the establishment of the Central Intelligence Agency in 1947 as an intelligence force for Nazi war criminals and former Nazi intelligence agents to escape into a new agency, in order to continue their Fuhrer's dream [nightmare] of a "New World Order"-that was the title of Hitler's second book after MEIN KAMPF, by the way. This secret has gotten more people killed than you will ever know. JFK was a victim of this fascist CIA plot which resulted in a coup d'etat in the EXECUTIVE-MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL branch of our 'government'.
  Why do you think the CIA has been so heavily involved in toppling third World governments and replacing them with fascist puppet dictatorships?
  Today, the NAZI SS goes by the name of the BLACK OPS. One and the same. Like I said, you probably won't believe me. But as they say, "those conspiracies which are too incredible to be believed, are by the same right those which most often succeed" [simply because few people would dare believe them].

  Congress has absolutely no power over this Executive-Military- Industrial BLACK OPS secret government simply because Congressional watchdogs/overseers are allowed only TOP SECRET security clearances, whereas the Black Ops operate at at least 30 security levels ABOVE AND BEYOND top secret. In other words, they operate IN THE BLACK. The late Phil Schneider [who supposedly committed 'suicide' by 'strangling himself' with piano wire] stated that the massive underground empire of the Black Ops-interconnected bomb shelters, subsurface bases, and even cities like Mt. Weather -siphon over 1.5 TRILLION dollars from the economy every two years. No wonder we are living a life of economic slavery and our national debt is in the Trillions. It was no accident. We must remember that although this plot is being carried out by National Socialists, the secret societies that back them are blatantly Luciferian, and thus they also have the intent to do away with Christians, Jews, Patriots, etc. So it is a SPIRITUAL conflict as well.
  Check out the following URL for info on this National Socialist infiltration of the USA following WWII.

  The following comes from the above URL, and is a list of actual Executive Orders[interesting that most of the 'Chief Executives' following JFK were hirelings of the CFR and other Corporate global agencies]. Never forget the STRONG connection between National, Communist and Corporate Socialists. The Luciferian cults of Bavaria had a hand in creating all three as part of a Machievellian system of world subversion. So in essence the 'right wing' and the 'left wing' are controlled by a single 'beast' or dragon if you will.
  These blatantly Socialist E.O.'s are as far as I'm concerned Illegal, because they are NOT Congressionally approved. As far as I'm concerned, the Congress is our government, NOT the Executive branch which is filled with unelected "appointees". The President should only serve as an arbitrator when Congress is split over a certain issues, NOT someone who has the power to VETO the will of Congress, and thus the will of the American people who they represent. NOR someone who has the power to make Executive Orders at a whim without Congressional consent or review.
  I see a civil conflict imminent in our nation. I wouldn't really call it a civil war since we are dealing with INFILTRATIVE elements who have eaten their way into our government like a tape worm. In this case we are dealing with collaborating enemies BOTH FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. That is, the BLACK OPS who operate outside of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and of course do not honor our Declaration of Independence [in this case from the U.N. - N.W.O.].

  These E.O.'s are as follows:

Federal Emergency Management Agency [F.E.M.A.] [and other emergency agencies]:
F.E.M.A. [Federal Emergency Management Agency] has been authorized for the past 15 years by Presidential Executive Orders to confiscate ALL PROPERTY from the American People, separate families in the current 43 internment camps [already built and operational by the way, 5 of which are located in Georgia. The largest can confine somewhere on the order of 100,000 American citizens], called relocation camps by the 'government', for assignment to work camps; declares martial law and TOTALLY OVER-RIDES the U.S.Constitution. Presidential Executive Orders that are related or control this are given at the end of this. Two of the state prisons here in Georgia are currently empty, although manned by a minimal number of staff, have been setup and intentionally unpopulated by prisoners just to support this political policy.

Concentration [internment] Camps. An Executive Order signed by then President BUSH in 1989 authorized the Federal Emergency Management Agency [F.E.M.A.] To build 43 primary camps [having a capacity of 35,000 to 45,000 prisoners EACH] and also authorized hundreds of secondary facilities. It is interesting to note that several of these facilities can accommodate 100,000 prisoners. These facilities have been completed and many are already manned but as yet contain no prisoners. [Remember all the TALK of over-crowded prisons that exist...]. In south Georgia there are several state prisons that except for a few guards, are completely devoid of prisoners.

Under F.E.M.A., the Executive Orders which are already written and it as current law of the land, calls for the COMPLETE suspension of the United States Constitution, all rights and liberties, as they are currently known.

The following executive orders, which are in the Federal Register located in Washington DC for anyone to request copies of, call for the suspension of all civil rights and liberties and for extraordinary measures to be taken in, as most of the orders state, "any national security emergency situation that might confront the government." When F.E.M.A. is implemented, the following executive orders will be immediately enforced:

E.O. 12148 - FEMA national security emergency, such as: national disaster, social unrest, insurrection, or national financial crisis.

"E.O. 10995 - "... provides for the seizure of ALL communications media in the United States.

"E.O. 10997 - "... provides for the seizure of ALL electric power, petroleum, gas, fuels and minerals, both public and private.

"E.O. 10998 - "... provides for the seizure of ALL food supplies and resources, public and private, and ALL farms, lands, and equipment.

"E.O. 10999 - "... provides for the seizure of ALL means of transportation, including PERSONAL cars, trucks or vehicles of any kind and TOTAL CONTROL over all highways, seaports, and waterways.

"E.O. 11000 - "... provides for the SEIZURE OF ALL AMERICAN PEOPLE for ward forces under federal supervision, including SPLITTING UP OF FAMILIES if the government has to.

"E.O. 11001 - "... provides for government seizure of ALL health, education and welfare functions.

"E.O. 11002 - "... designates the postmaster general to operate national REGISTRATION of all persons." [Under this order, you would report to your local post office to be separated and assigned to a new area. Here is where families would be separated].

"E.O. 11003 - "... provides for the government to take over ALL airports and aircraft, commercial, public and PRIVATE.

"E.O. 11004 - "... provides for the Housing and Finance Authority to relocate communities, designate areas to be abandoned and establish new locations for populations.

"E.O. 11005 - "... provides for the government to TAKE OVER railroads, inland waterways, and public storage facilities. "

"E.O. 11051 - "... the office of Emergency Planning [has] complete authorization to put the above orders into effect in time of increased international tension or economic or financial crisis."

  All of the above executive orders were combined by President NIXON into Executive Order 11490, which allows all of this to take place as a national emergency is declared by the President. The burning and insurrection in Los Angeles in the case of Rodney King could have executed [and partially did execute] these Executive Orders.

Executive Order 12919: "National Defense Resources Preparedness" signed by CLINTON June 3, 1994, delegates authorities, responsibilities and Allocations of F.E.M.A.'s Executive Orders [last entry] for the confiscation of ALL PROPERTY from the American people, and their location and assignment to 'labor' camps. This Executive Order supersedes or revokes eleven (11) previous Executive Orders[from 1939 through 1991] and amends Executive Order 10789 and 11790. This executive order is A DECLARATION OF WAR AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE by the [Secret] Government of the United States in concert the UNITED NATIONS.


My Beloved Brothers and Sisters,
Our Lord revealed through the prophecies that the Germans were behind the assassination of JFK. He has also revealed much about the NAZI push to control the world. So, what is written above, about the evil NAZI push to control the world, should not surprise anyone, who has read the words of our Lord in the books on this website. Our Lord has said that Germany shall rise again and that it will rule the world. This is the Fourth Reich. So, when you see His words come to pass, know that the time of His return is near. And, as He has said, many, many of us shall die, but no matter how hard times get, we must cling to the Lord our God with all our hearts; for this evil shall flourish for only a short while and then our Lord shall put an end to it. So, hold the faith, my Dearest Ones; and be not dismayed when you see evil rear its ugly head; for this system must rise to greater heights and then it will be destroyed by our Lord, like dry brush in a forest fire. Praises to our Lord Jesus; and to our Mighty Father in Heaven! Jesus is our Victory! L.N.

Subject: Essence of Nazi-means "to Nationalize"
From: P.
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999
    For my web pals who are "mentally awake" you will recognize this for what it says in regard to the country of the United States of America. Read and weep!!!!....P.
(Thank you, P. for sending this letter! What’s that about forgetting history and being doomed to repeat it? L.N.)

                              Essence of Nazi
  "1935 will go down in history! For the first time a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our   police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead in the future!"   ---- Adolf Hitler

Letter to the Editor
6/7/95 - Arlington, Washington Times

(Dear Hillary)

During the past several months in the American press, the Democrats have frequently denounced the Republicans as Nazis due to their attempts to control runaway federal spending. How very ironic. I remember the Nazis. Let me share a little about them and recall some of their exploits.

First of all, "Nazi" was gutter slang for the verb "to nationalize". The Bider-Mienhoff gang gave themselves this moniker during their early struggles. The official title of the Nazi Party was "The National Socialist Workers Party of Germany". Hitler and the Brownshirts advocated the nationalization of education, health care, transportation, national resources, manufacturing, distribution and law enforcement.

  Hitler came to power by turning the working class, unemployed, and academic elite against the conservative republic. After der fuhrer's election ceased being a political conspiracy and was transformed into a fashionable social phenomenon, party membership was especially popular with educators, bureaucrats, and the press. Being a Nazi was politically correct. They called themselves "The Children of the New Age of World Order" and looked down their noses at everyone else. As Hitler accrued more power, he referred to his critics as "The Dark Forces of Anarchy and Hatred". Anyone who questioned Nazi high-handedness in the German press was branded a "Conservative Reactionary". Joseph Goebbels, minister of communications, proclaimed a "New World Order".
  The Nazi reign of terror began with false news reports on the Jews, Bohemians and Gypses who were said to be arming themselves to overthrow the "New World Order" and Hitler demanded that all good people register their guns so that they wouldn't fall into the hands of "terrorists and madmen". Right wing fanatics of the "Old Order" who protested firearms registration were arrested by the S.S. and put in jail for "fomenting hatred against the Government of the German people".
  Then the Reichstag (government building) was blown up and Hitler ram-rodded an "Emergency Anti-Terrorist Act" through Parliament that gave the Gestapo extraordinary powers. The leader then declared that for the well-being of the German people, all private firearms were to be confiscated by the Gestapo and the Wermotten (federal law enforcement and military). German citizens who refused to surrender their guns when the "jack-boots" (Gestapo) came calling, were murdered in their homes. By the way, the Gestapo were the federal marshals' service of the Third Reich. The S.W.A.T. team was invented and perfected by the Gestapo to break into the homes of the enemies of the German people. (Isn’t it interesting that the Reichstag was recently restored and re-opened?LN)
  When the Policia Bewakken, or local police, refused to take away guns from townsfolk, they themselves were disarmed and dragged out into the street and shot to death by the S.A. and the S.S. Those were Nazi versions of the B.A.T.F. and the F.B.I. When several local ministers spoke out against these atrocities, they were imprisoned and never seen again.
  The Gestapo began to confiscate and seize the homes, businesses, bank accounts, and personal belongings of wealthy conservative citizes who had prospered in the old Republic. Pamphleteers who urged revolt against the Nazis were shot on site by national law enforcement and the military. Gypsies and Jews were detained and sent to labor camps. Mountain roads throughout central Europe were closed to prevent the escape of fugitives into the wilderness, and to prevent the movement and concealment of partisan resistance fighters.
  Public schools rewrote history and Hitler youth groups taught the children to report their parents to their teachers for anti-Nazi remarks. Such parents disappeared. Pagan animism became the state religion of the Third Reich and Christians were widely condemned as "right wing fanatics".
  Millions of books were burned first and then people. Millions of them burned in huge ovens after they were first gassed to death. Unmarried women were paid large sums of money to have babies out of wedlock and then given medals for it.
  Evil was declared as being good, and good was condemned as being evil. World Order was coming and the German people were going to be the "peacekeepers".

Yes, indeed (Hillary), I remember the Nazis and they weren't Republicans, or "right wing", or "patriots" or "militias". They were Socialist monsters.

Thomas Colton Ruthford


From: P.
Date: Fri, 28 May 1999
  My Web Pals, who are interested in radiating some true "love" for our existence, please consider the following, though it's a bit long.......P.     
Dear P. I am reprinting this, as I know that some of it is true; but, obviously some of it is not true. Prince Edward and Sophie were married on June 19th, not July 19th. We have recently read of a major planetary alignment in August; but at the time I cannot recall the exact dates. My guess is that they want to have all this high black mass coincide with this alignment and eclipse of the moon. Anyone with information on this planetary alignment, pass it on; and then I believe we will have a very important piece of this puzzle. Many will probably criticize me for printing this letter, but the Lord is telling me, "Print it, My Child, a greater understanding is to come about these rituals."

  (This comes from davidicke.com.)




Subject: 3 articles on Panama Canal Related News
From: Steve
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 1999 22:59:11 -0500
  Jesus is OUR ONLY WAY


Steve, thank you so very much for sending along these articles. The old-timer was right when he told us that the Chinese have bought the Panama Canal! My Brothers and Sisters, these three articles are rather lengthy, but you will learn a lot if you read them. L.N.

Subject: No Radio Preachin ?
From: S.
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 1999 21:12:15 PDT
  Linda & Dennis: I received this from my friend, D. P. and thought you should know. S.


My Precious Brothers and Sisters, get involved while there is still time! Let it be known that you have the guts to stand up for what is right! Your friends and family may ridicule you, reject you, and call you all manner of names; but do what you know to be right. Don’t let anyone make you believe that white is black and black is white; for this is Lucifer’s game; and every time you give in to this, you lose a little piece of your self esteem. Pretty soon, you are empty inside; for the Spirit of God has left you as well; and you no longer care what happens. So, don’t give away your soul to Lucifer! Do what is right and when you feel the Spirit of God pushing you; and get into prayer and ask God to open those doors He want you to go through and to close those He does not want you to pass through. Pray the Lord’s prayer with all your heart every day and mean it with every fiber of your being! When you do this, you cannot go wrong in your prayers.

Where you are weak, be honest with our Lord! Humbly confess your wrongs and earnestly seek His forgiveness, begging Him for deliverance and strength. Make a vow to walk in truth and honor before the Lord your God. And, do not delay in this; for we have so little time before chaos and war broadside us. The time of the harvest is at hand! I am telling you, I see this right now!

We love you and we care about your journey, so write and let us know how you are doing. If you need prayer; let us know; and we will be glad to pray for your healing and deliverance.

  Jesus is our Precious Way,
  Linda and Dennis

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