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The following news articles below, was sent our way by a Beloved Sister on Friday, November 06, 1998. Please read them with vigilance, and you will understand that the possible ramifications of a war with Iraq go far beyond this small country. As Our Lord showed me in a vision last year, Hussein has large caches of weapons and military equipment stored under the ground in secret places. The second article tells of this.

Our Precious Lord Jesus gave me a vision this morning of my standing along a railroad track and seeing a train barreling down the track. Seeing others on the track, including loved ones, I began to shout, "Look, the train is coming rapidly. Get out of the way!!!" But, those on the track just kept on doing what they were doing. I saw one working away, with cotton in his ears, exclaiming loudly, "There is no train!" I saw another sitting on the track, eating, smacking and licking her fingers proclaiming, "I don’t see a train!" She was totally blind and could not hear. I looked down the track to see many, many people in the path of the train, totally oblivious to its coming.

I said, "My Lord, I feel so helpless, as I am screaming at them and they CANNOT see or hear." And, Jesus said, "They WILL NOT SEE OR HEAR." And, I said, "My Lord, must so many perish as they will not do a thing?" And, Jesus said, "My Child, all will perish lest they step out in faith and follow Me. For, I am the way and there is none other." "But, My Lord," I said, I am looking at people, who are going to die. "Yea, Child," Jesus said, "many will perish including many of My faithful as they are tied to the unfaithful, who will not hear or see. But, do not despair, My Little One, some will wake up as the embers are flying and the fires are burning, but unfortunately it will be too late for MILLIONS AND MILLIONS." (By this train, I am speaking of the Russian invasion/ nuclear holocaust, which is headed for the USA.)

"Why, My Lord, will they not believe and see?" "Child, it is because they are caught up in the great delusion that all is okay. They trust in a very sick system and cannot see the train. They believe that they can make it through their own efforts. They have NO FAITH in Me because they have pushed Me out for so many years. And, now that they need FAITH, there is none within them. So, they plod along, believing in themselves and their own power. Child, I have longed to bless many of you greatly, but through your mouths you have cursed many of the blessings, which were coming your way. As Moses was denied The Promised Land because he doubted, so have many of your been denied your blessings because you blasphemed Your Father, Jehovah. You mocked His purposes and you were denied His bounty. Child, you should know by now that all is not fixed. Prayer and fasting can change much, but so can doubt and fear. FAITH BRINGS MIRACLES, BUT DOUBT AND FEAR BRING IN EMPTY NETS."

"Those, who have not learned from the lessons of their forefathers will repeat their lessons; you can count on this. Do not curse Me or Your Father when you are not blessed and your needs are not met. Put Your Father’s works first and you will receive His Promises, but put Him last and you will suffer. Understand, Child?"

"Yes, My Precious Lord, how well I understand."

"Then, My Precious Child, worry not on how you will survive; for you have been faithful and I will see that your needs are met. And others around you, who have scorned and doubted, will see that miracles follow the faithful. Walk in faith, and fear not. Though scorners deride the empty-minded assault you; step aside and let them go on by; for, this too shall pass."

"My Lord, I beg you to bless the Sincere of Heart, who follow after you, that they shall not want, but that they shall have their needs met. We are at the12th hour and so many are in need. Please, My Precious Jesus, hear my prayer on behalf of Your Precious Children, who read this material. Look upon their hearts with mercy and bless them. Guide them with vision, hearing and wisdom that they can get out of the way of the approaching train. Great darkness is at our door and so many need refuge. Bless them, My Lord, that they shall not want, but shall walk in Your precious bounty."

"Child, your prayers are heard and many will be blessed because of your heartfelt prayers. Each of you must pray for others often; know this and follow through with it. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 7th day of November, 1998.
Linda Newkirk

>From Khaleej Times, Wednesday, November 4, 1998
London:Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has an arsenal of chemical and biological weapons that is so hidden even his foreign minister is unaware of them, an Iraqi defector was quoted yesterday as saying.

>From Khaleej Times, Friday, November 6, 1998
Moscow: Communists and other hardliners in the Russian parliament on Wednesday backed Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's decision to sever contacts with UN weapons inspectors and warned the United States against using force on Iraq.
Ultranationalist lawmaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who just returned from a visit to Iraq that included talks with President Saddam Hussein, said on Wednesday that Iraq cut off contacts with UN monitors because it felt insulted by their stance.
" Iraq has met all their conditions, but they continue to pose new demands all the time" Mr. Zhirinovsky said " They are openly mocking the country."
Mr. Zhirinovsky, who frequently criticises American global influence, accused the United States of intentionally formenting tension to justify its military presence.
" The American administration is winding up tension to justify spending to keep the US Navy in the Gulf." Mr. Zhirinovsky told a news conference in Moscow.

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