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In a dream last night, someone came to me and asked what it takes to serve Jehovah, our Precious Father; and I said, "Dedication, dedication, dedication." It seems that this is most difficult for most to grasp and perhaps the most difficult thing to do. Why? Because the world is full of allure; and doctrines of men have put most to sleep. Dedication to Our Father requires you to be steadfast in His service day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year.

Isn’t it interesting how so many are dedicated to television, to senseless movies and mindless media hype? But, so few want to get up and start their days with great prayer and/or scripture study. Very few pray, pray, pray every day all through the day. And, very few take worship of and service of Our Precious Father past the ritual Sunday church and/or Wednesday night worship. Yet, these who are the least dedicated, seem to know the most.

Does this fit you? If so, start looking at your priorities. You may think you can put spiritual discipline off until tomorrow and have gotten away with it until now. But, many may have a wake-up call very soon. When we pass on, we get to see what we have done with our lives. What excuse are you going to have? If you make it to Heaven, you will see that TRUTH AND ONLY TRUTH prevails. But, on the other hand if you have lived spiritual lies and pushed out Your Precious Father’s love and service to Him while in this body, do you believe that you will suddenly be made perfect because you attend church now and then?

It is time to step outside the doctrines of men and seek your Father’s direction and truths with all your heart. This means: Get serious about Our Father Jehovah and His purposes and He will get serious with you. Fall into the material trap and He will let you.

Our Precious Lord Jesus has told me many times that NOW IS THE TIME OF THE SORTING OF SOULS. If you are a fence-sitter, you are going to broad way. (You are lukewarm and do not have a real relationship with Jesus or Our Father Jehovah.) And, if you do not care about God’s work at all, but love the material world and what it can do for you, you serve Lucifer. He is lord of the material illusion; and make no mistake about it: we live in an illusion. All the "stuff" you hold dear is here today and gone tomorrow.


Want to turn your life around in a serious way? Write me and I will gladly pray for you and your loved ones. If The Spirit of God reveals something to me about your life, I will pass it on. Want a miracle in your life? Then, you will have to want it with all your heart. You will have to desire it greatly. Our Precious Lord Jesus hears and He honors the prayers of the sincere of heart.

To have a spiritual life focused on Jesus and Our Father Jehovah is a WORK. Understand? It is a WORK. You discipline yourself over time to WORK FOR YOUR FATHER AND HIS PRECIOUS SON JESUS. Many believe the hype about once "saved", always saved; and they prefer to overlook this idea of work, or works. Your works (discipline over time) show your love for Your Father and His Precious Son. If you love Your Father Jehovah, honor Him by doing as He says. And, this means to honor Jesus and his teachings.



Our Lord Jesus has the most interesting ways of showing me the truth of what He has said in these prophecy books. Not long ago, I read in the National Enquirer of a book, which was written about the oldest of the Rockefeller clan. This book told of the absolute greed of this Rockefeller man and how he made a huge fortune in the oil business. Apparently, he was so hated as he got older that he began to give away money to try to change his image (sending out "blue birds".) In Book One of the prophecies read of how the Rockefellers, Royals and Rothschilds send out these blue birds (good deeds) from their dark castle to try to cover up their evil. This is another truth given by our Lord Jesus and VERIFIED!

Still later, I read in Ted Gunderson’s Book IV about devil worship that the older Rothschild man was a spy for Russia, and how the Rothschilds have excelled at surveillance. In Book I, you will see how Jesus tells of The Rothschild’s spying abilities and how they constantly spy on the Royals of England. This adept spying of the Rothschilds is another truth given by our Lord Jesus and VERIFIED. I also have read lately that the Rothschilds may own up to one half of the world’s wealth. How have they amassed such wealth? Because they are Satan’s Chosen, as Jesus has related so many times in these prophecy books.

More prophecy is being fulfilled in North Korea at this time. Recently, I read on CNN Internet News, that the famine in North Korea is so severe that even the higher-ups in the government have resorted to eating acorns and grass. Read about the prophesied economic problems for North Korea in Book III. Also, read how these problems are largely created ... ANOTHER PROPHECY COME TRUE. CNN went on to speak of concern about the economic aid going into North Korea and its being used for other things. What kinds of things? More long-range missiles to attack the USA, perhaps?

If you are interested in learning more about the hideous sore of the satanic stranglehold of this world, how it destroys the lives of so many of our precious children through human sacrifice, kidnapping, porno, prostitution; and how this evil is affecting your life in many ways, write Ted for a list of his literature at The Gunderson Report, P.O.Box 18000-259, Las Vegas, Nevada 89114; and buy his books. Not only does this fearless fighter need your support, but also these books are a must read for every person. Believe me, you will be shocked and angered; and you will dig in your heels to serve your Precious Father with even greater determination. By the way, his books reveal what our Lord Jesus has told me in these prophecy books…that devil worshippers run this country. This is another truth given by our Precious Jesus and VERIFIED. Our Lord Jesus has shown me in many ways that DEVIL WORSHIPERS RUN THIS COUNTRY AND THE WORLD THROUGH SECRET SOCIETIES. Still think you have a FREE PRESS? How does Lucifer operate? He STEALS, KILLS, DESTROYS, DECEIVES AND PERSECUTES.

Just a note about your supposed FREE PRESS. A few weeks ago, a precious soul by the name of Steve decided to send out the "Message for You" to our controlled press. I did not know about his work until I was hit by a vicious letter from Rich Tietjens of Spambusters. By the way, Rich Tietjens also refers to himself as "Lucifer and Son of Darkness." "Lucifer" Tietjens contacted UU Net, the provider for this site, and our home provider insisting that our site be shut down and that our Internet privileges be revoked. He did the same to Steve. I was surprised to find out that Steve had sent the messages out, but glad that someone cared enough about the welfare of this country to sacrifice their time and energies. Steve has worked hard to save the lives and souls of those, who want to destroy all of ours. I pray that Our Lord Jesus mightily bless Steve and His family and they be sheltered beneath His wings.
Steve sent out the next "Message for you"; and "Lucifer" Tietjens sent another letter out to UU Net, to our internet provider for this site and to our home site demanding that we be shut down. Then, "Lucifer" and his cronies assaulted us with daemon-mail all day for several days. They did not shut us down because we are totally innocent of "Lucifer" Tietjens raving charges and cowardly lies. Steve’s website was shut down and his internet privileges revoked, but "Lucifer" Tietjens has not won! Steve is up and running!

Recently, I looked at Tietjens site and noted a quote from a navy officer. This quote said that Spambusters is the immune system for the Net. Does this officer represent the position of the US NAVY? If so, they obviously support religious persecution, suppression of free speech and controlled press.

These evil ones responsible for persecuting us are on a fast train straight into the pits of hell. They might think that a life in hell is so-o-o GOOD, but I have been there in visions and can attest to the howls of human souls as they run from their demonic persecutors to hide in darkness. I have seen burning souls agonizing in the lake of fire; and I have seen slimy snakes, spiders and every evil thing crawling around in the darkness of the hills. I have watched evil demons torture human souls, while other human souls hid behind rocks, trembling with fear in the darkness. Those, who love darkness in life, die in darkness and live in it after they die. They are persecuted as they persecute. They suffer as they make others suffer and in death they beg for mercy from the very evil ones, they have served. But, no mercy comes from this evil, … only torture. If the likes of Tietjens and his cherish being burned alive, being persecuted by demons and living in the presence of every foul thing, they shall get their wishes soon, save they repent and turn from this persecution.


Following are some of your letters; in some of them, you will see others write to verify information given by our Lord Jesus in these prophecy books.
Here is another letter from a precious sister, which verifies Saudi Arabia’s stand against the USA. We will not use their airspace. Yet, the news really talks up US support among "Arab allies" Jesus has told of an Arab coalition against the USA, which is united with Russia, China and others.

>From Kahaleej Times, Sunday, November 15,1998 Saudia Arabia rules out use of its territory for attacks. RIYADH: Saudia Arabia will not allow US forces to use its territory to launch attacks on Iraq, a Saudi official said yesterday. "Saudi Arabia will not grant military facilities to American forces or others if there is an attack against Iraq, and no attack will be launched from its territory."

God bless you and your family

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

>Dearest Linda,
"A cultist is one who has a strong belief in the Bible and the Second Coming
of Christ, who frequently attends Bible studies, who has a high level of
financial giving to a Christian cause, who home schools for their children,
who has accumulated survival foods and has a strong belief in the Second
Amendment and who distrusts big government. *Any* of these may qualify a
person as a cultist but certainly more than one of these would cause us to
look at this person as a threat, and his family as being in a risk
situation that qualifies for government interference."

-Attorney General Janet Reno
-Interview on 60 Minutes
-June 26, 1994
    Your Brother in Jesus Christ

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

>Hi Linda;
This just came in today and thought you might be interested.
???????? Is their test target the United States, in December???????
May the Most High God continue with you

12 Nov. 1998 
China prepared to test ICBM with enough range to hit U.S. 
By Bill Gertz 
China is set to conduct the first flight test next month of a new  mobile
intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach the western United States, The 
Washington Times has learned.  U.S. intelligence agencies reported secretly within
the U.S. government  last week that the initial flight test of the DF-31 ICBM will
take  place in December, and some U.S. officials are concerned it could be part of
a new campaign of intimidation by Beijing against Taiwan.  Parliamentary elections
are scheduled for Dec.5 on the island of Taiwan, which China regards as a breakaway
province. The opposition Democratic Progressive Party, which seeks full independence
from China, could gain seats.  "The Chinese have indicated they will do something
around the time of the Taiwan elections," one Pentagon official said. "We don't
know what it is." 
   In March 1996, China conducted war games near Taiwan that included
short-range missile test firings near Taiwan in what U.S. officials  said was an
attempt to intimidate Taiwan weeks before its first  presidential elections. The
United States responded by sending two aircraft carrier battle groups to waters near
Taiwan in a show of support for Taiwan. The deployment sparked a major
confrontation with  Beijing.
   Li Zhaoxing, China's ambassador to the United States, declined to  comment when
asked about the upcoming missile test. However, he said  "we are extremely
concerned" about any developments that would alter  Taiwan's status. As for China's
long-range missiles and other military  developments, Mr. Li said during a luncheon
meeting with reporters and  editors at The Washington Times that the People's
Liberation Army (PLA) buildup is "peaceful."  Satellite photographs taken within
the past several weeks over a Chinese missile-testing facility revealed increased
test preparation  activity and appear to include plans for an "ejection test" of the
new  DF-31 ICBM, said officials familiar with classified intelligence  reports. 
   An ejection test boosts a missile outside its mobile launcher tube  shortly before
the engines ignite. The ejection is required to avoid  burning the launch vehicle. 
It is also used to test submarine missile launches. The defense and intelligence 
officials said satellite  photographs taken at the Wuzhai Missile and Space Center
north of Beijing showed test preparation activity. A report on the Chinese missile 
activity was circulated among senior U.S. government officials  last week.
   According to the officials, the DF-31 is the first Chinese ICBM capable of being
moved on roads. Only Russia operates road-mobile long-range  missiles, the SS-25s,
which are extremely effective strategic weapons because they can be moved easily and
fired quickly.  Deployment of the DF-31 is expected around 2002 depending on the
outcome of the testing. The missile will have a maximum range of about  5,000 miles,
enough range to hit Hawaii, Alaska and the northwestern  part of the continental United
States, the officials said. The new missile will use solid fuel, which makes it capable
of being launched within minutes. It also will be equipped with a "second-generation" 
thermonuclear warhead with a yield of about 500 kilotons, or 500,000  tons of TNT, the
officials said. 
   During the interview, Mr. Li took issue with critics who say the Chinese military
is too secretive about its weapons and military  programs. He said Beijing is as open
with the United Nations about its  arms programs as "any other world power."  China 
rarely, if ever, makes public information about its strategic nuclear weapons programs,
which have been undergoing a steady modernization from older, liquid-fuel missiles to
highly accurate mobile ICBMs. Besides the DF-31, China is building a missile with a 
range of up to 8,000 miles that is known as the DF-41. 
It also is  working on conventional and nuclear cruise missiles.  Concern over the 
timing of the upcoming DF-31 flight test was prompted  by China's past use of strategic
missile developments and flight tests  to send political signals. In July, China 
test-fired the DF-31's rocket motor while President Clinton was in China on an official
   Intelligence reports about that test were sent to Secretary of State Madeleine K. 
Albright, who was traveling with the president. The timing  of the test was viewed by
U.S. intelligence as a political signal toward the United States. 
   A CIA report from earlier this year said 13 of China's 18 long-range  nuclear
missiles were targeted on the United States. The report  contradicted Mr. Clinton's 
often-used phrase that there are no nuclear  missiles aimed at the United States.
   During the July summit, China  announced it would no longer point its missiles at
the United States,  although U.S. intelligence agencies have yet to verify this.  
A 1996 report by the Air Force's National Air Intelligence Center in Ohio said the
DF-31 will "narrow the gap between current Chinese, U.S. and Russian ballistic missile
designs." The center said in a report labeled "secret" that the DF-31 "will give China
a major strike  capability that will be difficult to counterattack at any stage of its 
operation, from pre-flight mobile operations through terminal flight phases."  
"Road-mobility will greatly improve Chinese nuclear ballistic missile  survivability and
will complicate the task of defeating the Chinese  threat," the Air Force report said.
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>Hi Linda;
..... I've read some of the chapters of your books and was amazed that some of the things you said are VERY similar to what I've discovered during some of my investigations. For instance:
-- The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers ARE linked together, but there is division growing in the ranks over the fact that the Rockefellers took in thousands of Nazi war criminals following WWII and gave them refuge within their industrial complex. True, they backed Hitler for the purpose of taking over Europe, but the massacre of the Jews and the attack on Russia was Hitler's idea. Hitler was their Frankenstein monster gone out of control. They feared that the Nazi's would take over THEIR operation, so they supported the Allied invasion of Germany.
-- The Rockefellers I know for a FACT came from Germany, with the immigration to America of the first one, Johannes Rockefeller a couple hundred years ago.
-- There HAVE been reports of secret genetic engineering projects being carried out by the Illuminati, including cloning, in an underground facility below the Archuleta mesa near the town of Dulce on the Jicarilla Apache reservation of NW New Mexico. Also this same area has been the EPICENTER of U.S. 'UFO' reports and ALSO the epicenter for cattle mutilation reports, the largest concentration being on a cattle ranch 13 miles from Dulce, and black helicopters have also been seen in the area although are not limited to that base. But the Germans were, from what I understand, searching for mines and caverns and buying up land in New Mexico before World War II broke out, and the base under dulce is called "ULTRA", which is the same name as the "Ultra" special forces that the Nazi's sent to Antarctica to build their underground bases there...
-- The Vatican [Jesuits] actually served as advisors within the Nazi S.S. organization during WWII, according to Edmund Paris' book THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE JESUITS. Rome, Italy and Frankfurt, Germany were the duel headquarters for the so-called "Holy Roman Empire" which was controlled by powerful "Black Nobility" banking families that have held control over Europe for 1500 years, and these super wealthy families were members of secret satanic organizations which manifested as the Bavarian Illuminati and the Gnostic Thule Society [Germany] and the Jesuit Order and the Knights of Malta [Italy]. They of course were allied together in the Axis alliance of World War II.
-- According to economist Antony Sutton, the Rockefellers financed BOTH the Communist AND Nazi revolutions. This involved something called "Machievellian" politics, which can be symbolized as a Dragon breathing fire on the earth to burn away the old national orders, the fire being the bankers themselves, then the beast flapping its "right wing" [fascism] and "left wing" [communism] together to fan the flames, the wings themselves not knowing that they are attached to the same "beast", and then the dragon commences to devour the charred victims of his attack.
-- There is supposed to have been an unbroken succession of "Pontifex Maximus" leaders of the "Babylon Mystery Society", who were/are allegedly an unbroken chain of vicars of Lucifer on earth. I have heard that Constantine, the Last Roman Emperor and the First Roman Pope, held this position, as did later Pope's after him.
-- Also, here are some chronologies telling how the Nazi's were able to infiltrate our government through the military-industrial complex.
-- The CIA and NSA were created out of a collaboration between Nazi S.S. General Reinhard Gehlen and Bavarian Illuminati member Allen Dulles. The CIA has carries out several fascist "coups" throughout the world, overthrowing nationalist leaders and replacing them with fascist puppet dictators. There is even an "intelligence war" taking place within the CIA now between what you might call "Nazi" vs. "Navy" intelligence factions.

God Bless you Linda.
P.S. If you have had any visions specifially about ~ ~ ~ where I live, please let me know.
UserName: A D

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

>Linda, This just off the press... 
   P.S. As for Clinton, his connection to the Rockefellers lies in the fact that his
   grandmother had an affair with Lawrence Rockefeller years back, and Clinton's Father
   (or mother?  I don't recall) was born as a result...
   Subject:    (Fwd) URGENT: Iraq Attack Alert! UFOSSI NEWS BULLETIN!
   by Francis Boyle    11/09/98  
National Public Radio (NPR) just had a Pentagon spokesman admit that the aircraft
carrier USS Enterprise is on its wayto the Persian Gulf. There it will join the armada
organized around the USS George Washington. It appears that Clinton has opted for the
"massive bombardment of Iraq" option along the lines of last February. 
   Remember the latest  Sunday New York Times article where a Clinton administration
official said they were going to "obliterate" Iraq.  
   We have very little time to organize around the world in order to prevent thousands 
of deaths of innocent Iraqi civilians.
Remember that Clinton/Gore and their people are the Sons and Daughters of the Best and 
the Brightest who brought us warfare and genocide against Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. 
They will bring us genocide and warfare in the Middle East if we do not stop them.

Francis A. Boyle
Professor of International Law
Francis A. Boyle Law Building
504 E. Pennsylvania Ave.
Champaign, IL 61820
217-333-7954(voice)  217-244-1478(fax)

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