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October 10, 2004

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, it has been some time since I have been able to sit and write to you, but it is time for each of you to know what is taking place in our Father's Kingdom and in my own world. My heartfelt prayer is that all is well with you and that you are keeping close to our Lord and God; for a time of great travail and unspeakable peril is in the Earth!

The diabolical assaults against me have been horrendous for a very long time! Those of you, who have read the prophecies, know some of what I have been through. You know that I have written a number of times about the antigravity machines, which are in the possession of the US military and other militaries of the world. Some call these saucers and UFOs as this is how we know them! I wrote of the many times that they have abducted me and that I have often seen needle marks on my hands, my legs, my feet and even on my head and neck. I am not the only one, who has been taken up in these antigravity machines. These evil ones are now abducting many, injecting them with all manner of things and implanting chips in many and mind controlling many!

Dear People, it is time for you to wake up to what is going on; for Satan, Lucifer, the Devil is being cast down, and you are about to see an unprecedented assault through the evil ones in these saucers. As I understand it, they only need to have one in their possession for about 15 minutes to mind control such a person, and these evil ones can do this if your heart is not clean. I can tell you from my own experience that they can abduct you, but if you are right with our Lord and God, these evil ones cannot kill you unless our Father in Heaven allows it. They can inject you with all manners of diseases, but with our Father's protection you will not die if your heart is right and if you live for our Father in Heaven, obeying His commands. And, you also need to know that if your heart is pure, these evil ones will not succeed in their mind control of you!

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, it is time to get very wise, for you are about to see and hear of things that are taking place on this earth, which are going to seem like science fiction to you, but you must understand that these great powers of evil have now gotton control of this earth and that much of the evil that they will be doing all over this world involves their stealth work through abductions in these antigravity machines. Do not keep your head in the sand and pretend that these things are not going on! This is exactly what they want you to think! These evil ones want the masses to believe that those, who believe in these saucers are nut cases. They want you to believe that these things are a product of the overactive mind, but it is time for you to get very wise; for Satan and his minions are indeed very wise.

All will be tried and tested and many, many are falling to the stealth and cunning of these evil ones! This is a sad day on the face of this planet; for I have seen the great lengths that they will go through to put out the light of our Lord and God. Do not let this happen to you! You are about to be tried and tested as you have never been tried and tested. Do not close your eyes and hope that this evil will not come your way. It will and when you least expect it. Please, I am begging you for the very sake of your soul to take note of this evil New World Order and the chains that it has on this world. Recognize that these are not just people, who run this New World Order. These are the fallen angels and the seed of the serpent, who are parading as human beings. These are the children of Satan, Lucifier, the devil, and this very war is a war to sift every soul and to carry each into the fiery pits! Don't turn a blind eye and get complacent in thinking that this evil will not affect you. We do not live in a vacuum, but the actions and behaviors of a few affect us all!

Many are concerned about me as my husband has posted a message that I deserted him! I want each of you to know that I am doing very well in spite of the great evil that has been done to me. Every day of my life, My Lord and God keeps me in the palm of his hand and I continue to see many miracles from day to day. You need to understand what happened to me and my husband! I am in no way angry with him, but love him and will always love him! I did not suddenly get up and desert him as you are being led to believe. In fact, what happened is that I picked up the telephone one night to hear him and my sister plotting to put me in a mental hospital! But, even so I do not blame my husband, or even my sister; for they truely believed what they were mind-controlled to believe.

You all may remember much about the many attempts on my life that have gone on for years. I have written of these things, but I must admit that my husband never believed these things. He did not want to hear anything about all the assaults against me through the e-mail and through the telephone lines as he was always too busy. All the suffering that I went through, I went through alone, weeping often before my Father in Heaven, and in the end He has saved my life over and over again. My sister has not been my friend for many years and it was easy for the evil ones to use her to try and put me into a mental hospital. The many murder attempts failed and the FBI wanted to question me about a wire transfer that someone sent, but our Father in Heaven told me to send it back twice. Therefore they could not throw me in jail under trumped up charges as I am totally innocent. Their many attempts to kill me failed over and over! This left only the mental hospital and they knew that they would need family members to committ me. Why did they pick up such an horrendous assault against me? George W. Bush and others gang-raped me just as I said, and as as long as I live I am a living witness against this evil man and his allies. In due season, our Father in Heaven will settle this debt, but for now my very existence creates a danger to them all!

About a week before I heard my husband and my sister plotting to have me committed to an institution, I had a dream. In this dream, I dreamed that George W. Bush reached down and picked up two pieces of clay. But, as I looked closer at his open hand, I realized that these two pieces of clay were actually two pieces of flesh. At the time, I did not know who or what these two pieces of flesh represented but after this happened with my husband and sister, I knew what the dream meant. George Bush reached down and abducted my husband and my sister and mind-controlled them to do what they did against me. Through his mind-control, he holds them in the palm of his hand! In spite of all the puncture marks that my husband had seen on me over time, and he had felt four puncture marks at the top of his own spine on one occasion, my husband told me before I left that he had never seen any puncture marks on me whatsoever! He talked in a monotone and never blinked his eyes and this was a very frightening thing to see. He then let the dogs out of an enclosed area and these dogs were shot and killed when they went across the road. I was so very distraught with what I heard through the mouths of my husband and sister and then two beautiful dogs lay dead! My husband was in total denial about the saucers and was telling me that the horrible things that had happened to me never happened! The was like the worst kind of horror movie that one could ever experience! I was absolutely devastated and bore unbelievable sorrow in my heart.

The day before my husband called my sister, I woke around 1:00 AM and saw a very large saucer parked above our land. I never suspected that they had my own husband in that saucer. At that time, I had moved out of the house and into the guest house as my husband was so absolutely non-chalant about those terrible things that were happening to me. He did not want to see the many saucers, which were around our house night after night, and he would not see them.

My brother and friend, Stew Webb, had come to our house and he, himself, can attest to the presence of the saucers and he, himself, saw puncture marks on me as these evil ones had abducted me one night when he was there. Stew Webb insisted on placing lights around the house and he barely slept at night because of watching the saucers, but my own husband was absolutely unconcerned and was even angry that Stew Webb was keeping lights on over our land.

My husband had told my sister on the telephone that he would spend all day on Monday, the first Monday in August, calling around to see what he could do to get me put into a hospital. But, as the day past, the dogs were killed and I called a relative to pick me up and to hide me from my husband. As we were going off the hill where we lived, we passed a white detective car coming up the hill.

I prayed and asked our Father what I should do and he told me to contact this man in South Africa, who had translated the books into Afrikaans and go and visit there as one in South Africa had offered months before to buy me a ticket to visit them in South Africa. Dirk Van Vuuren in South Africa agreed and I left the states on August 12th, arriving in South Africa on August 13th.

I had no idea what would take place in this country and My Lord and God never gave me any prior insight whatsoever! I actually thought that I would be resting and perhaps visiting with a few people. But in my wildest of imaginations, I would never have thought thatI would be a part of so much evil and so much good. I will be posting much about what has happened here and will be giving you many prophecies, dreams and visions, not just from myself, but from another prophet, Francois, who has also witnessed firsthand much that has happened, both good and evil. But, to make a long story very short, what unfolded here in South Africa was the beginning of Revelation 12. Through a very strange and unexpected turn of events, all of which is documented, I became the woman of Revelation 12 and this spiritual babe was born on August 18, 2004. Forty days of cleansing of this spiritual babe began after this birth. This cleansing, which took place, also represented the spiritual cleansing of the whole House of Israel and this is a symbolic cleansing. Certain sins of lust, gossip, and lying, etc., in this group were revealed by our Father in Heaven and he stated that these sins must be addressed and this group must be clean and stay clean or this work would not go forward. He continued to warn them through prophecies that they must repent of these things and come clean before him and stay clean; but in the end they just got worse and all the ground that was made was lost.

Night after night, saucers parked above this small farm and within the last two to three weeks that I was on Dirk Van Vuuren's farm, there were as many as eight to ten saucers parked in the skys nightly. I knew that those in these saucers were up to no good and I warned the people that if their hearts were not right, they would be picked up and mind-controlled just as my husband and sister had been.

From the beginning, I saw much evil in Dirk Van Vuuren. He is a very manipulative man and often he would say mean-spirited and controlling things to the people. He is supposed to be the pastor to this group, but even from the beginning I could see that much was not right with this man. He is a control freak and his wife as well and I could see that this family is given to gossiping, backbiting, and angry outbursts. Several times, our Father in Heaven gave Dirk Van Vuuren very strong and pointed prophetic warnings that he was out of line spiritually, and I could plainly see that this man resented every corrective word that our Father in Heaven spoke to him. I was deeply concerned about what the evil ones in the saucers would do to this man and certain others, as some were still so full of rebellion. Out Father plainly warned them that if these sins were not corrected, He would scatter this group until few were left! But, in the end, they lost all and turned on me as so many swine and ran our Father's works into the ground.

The spirit of God showed me an intelligence operative in this group and this man was also revealed in a dream. He is truely one evil man and is a ring leader in a great smear campaign, which was begun against me in another group; but our Father has since revealed that Dirk Van Vuuren is an intelligence operative, himself, and is working with these other intelligence operatives to do great evil to our Father's people. This intelligence operative, this spy in this group, is a long-standing friend of Dirk Van Vuuren and his wife and after I confronted this man in the assembly, matters in this group became very bad. Loud-mouthed and agressive members of this group took exception to all that our Father in Heaven had given through me. Certain ones became ring leaders in a vicious persecution of me and of these works. They all began to gossip and to fuel rumors and outright lies.

Dirl Van Vuuren became a source of that most outlandish lies that I have ever heard. This was a typical intelligence operation and our Father in Heaven showed me in a dream that the New York boys, the Rockfeller boys in the occult, are behind the whole assault. Our Father in Heaven also told me that 30% of the group on the farm had been picked up and mind-controlled.

In spite of the many miracles, which this group saw, which were connected with the anointings on the prayer cloths alone, in the end, they threw out the prayer cloths and called me horrendous names. The numbers of this group had grown from less than fifty to between three to four hundred almost exclusively because of the promises and blessings of Book Five and the miracles and healings, which have been given by our Father in Heaven to me! Yet, in the end,this group threw it all out.

Dirk Ban Vuuren stole money from me that I asked him to keep! When I asked for it back, he told the people that this money was his. He told lies that I am a clone and contacted my mind-controlled husband and spoke with my sister as well, telling him that I have serious mental problems. He set out to fuel the fires to get my own family to come up against me once again and put me into a mental hospital! Daily, I hear more of his outright lies and rubbish! Dirk Van Vuuren admitted to a murder in his own office, but he refused to comment on the dead man, whom I saw in visions being dragged out of the room in which I slept. This man was white, very thin and tall, with very thin hair on the top. He was a smoker and a drinker and I was shown through visions that this man is buried on Dirk Van Vuuren's farm! In the room in which I slept there were hugh numbers of demons. These demons opened and closed doors and made very load noises at night. I put up with this for a week until hugh numbers of demons were cast out of that house!

Why is there such a great and continued assault against me? Only our Father in Heaven knows all, but I can tell you that there is something about the work that our Father has for me that terrifies the New World Order Satanists! Read Revelation 12 and you will see that as soon as this babe is born, the Dragon is there to devour him! This is the absolute truth! On a small farm in South Africa, this babe was born on August 18, 2004 and just as soon as this babe was born, the evil ones in the saucers were there to steal and to devour it. The very group, which played an intricate part in this spiritual birth/re-birth, could in no way have any ideal what they were up against when faced with the technology and the evil devices of those in the saucers.

Those in the clutchs of these mind-controlled people on that farm now are in the worst kind of prison and they do not even know what hit them. The rest of this ggroup, which has grown into the hundreds, will now be split as they have no source of spiritual guidance or direction. Satan has devoured this group and he is out to devour me and to steal this spiritual babe before it can ever grow. Please pray for my protection and for the protection of this small group here. A very momentous thing has taken place but we also know what comes next. Read Revelation 12 and you will understand.

To all of you, who have been my friends for many years, I send my love! We are all in for a very fierce battle and we must all continue to fight the good fight. We must stay on our knees before our Lord and God and we must never give up. Much is at stake here and we all must walk in holiness, purity and truth or we will all be sifted.

Know the love of our Precious Savior and that he warned us in advance of these times! Keep on praying! We must all pray for one another. Please pray for my husband and sister as they do not have even one clue what has happened to them. They believe that they are acting out of their own minds, when this could hardly be further from the truth!

If you wish to contact me, you can reach me at If you wish to help out financially, this would be most appreciated as we do need your help. Please send all contributions to: Linda Newkirk, P.O. Box 14240, Dersley Park, 1569, Springs, South Africa. If sending money from the USA, please send a certified bank check. We will be posting more soon. My husband does not allow me to have access to the website in the states so this information for now will be coming to you through this and other ways.

I send you the love of my heart.

Jesus is my Beautiful and Blessed Way,

Your Sis,
Linda Newkirk

PS This is only the first part! Stay tuned for many prophecies, dreams and visions, which are yet to come about this momentous happening of Revelation 12!

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