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October 17, 1999


        My Cherished Brothers and Sisters, it has been a while since we have been able to sit down and talk with you, and it is so good to be back. I trust that you are well, clinging to our Lord with your every bit of strength, and "watching;" for we are at the door of vast changes. Book V is finally completed; and it is a great blessing for all, who will receive. We shall be putting it on the site for little over the cost or printing. If you do not order it, you lose; but if you order it, you stand to gain a lot. All along, I have told you that you need this book; and I know that the cost has been up there; but this has been largely due to the cost of shipping it out in segments.

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        There are so many things we need to talk about that I hardly know where to begin. But, first we shall discuss the journey of your soul and where you are headed. You have one of two choices: into the presence of our Lord and God, His love and light, or into the fiery pits with the likes of Lucifer and every foul demon and lost soul! You go up, or you go down; and there is no in between. This is about as plain as it gets. My question is, "Where are you headed?"

        Right now, I see some of you squirming and shutting your minds down to this question, as you claim that you are tired of hearing this old broken record. But, I know that others of you are paying attention; for you know, indeed, that the hour is very late and soon millions upon millions all around the world, yes, even billions, shall die painful and violent deaths. Destruction shall fall so swiftly and completely upon so very many that they shall never have a chance to think about what has happened. People shall be caught in their beds asleep, in hotels and motels far away from their families. They shall be caught in bars and in beds with prostitutes. They shall be caught stoned on dope or rotting away in prisons, and yes many shall be taken, who also love our Lord and God, some deeply so and others in word only. But, I am telling you that the hour draws very near when strife shall no longer be stayed in the USA; for it shall hit from within and from without and even those, who know it is coming, shall be deeply shocked. The savagery, which shall suddenly fall shall be beyond anything we have ever seen in this land. Many people shall be hit by nerve gas, which shall paralyze them unto a terrible death. And, mustard gas and all manner of microorganisms, along with atomic warfare, shall also be unleashed. I tell you that minds cannot imagine the terror of what is at hand. Then, large remnants shall be carted up and hauled away to concentration camps, where many will be tortured unto death and others killed immediately. But even these terrors shall in no way match what many a soul shall experience in the lake of fire or in the deep abyss of blackness, wandering, and totally cut off from the light of God. I tell you now that this destruction is breathing on the neck of this land and what pains me deeply is that the vast numbers of people sleep on.

        And, it is not going to get any better; this battle is deeply entrenched. Great spiritual warfare has come into your very home, as it has found free entrance through the media. The minds of your precious children are being snatched from you by demons, which come in through television and movies. Their delicate minds are being programmed before your very eyes and your homes have no rest. I tell you, "This avenue of television is filled with great darkness and it hits all homes with such force that people, who watch it, tend to be numbed out and clueless as to what is happening to them and to everyone in their homes."

        Of late, Our Lord has strongly warned us against watching television, whatsoever! He has told me one morning to cut it off and NOT WATCH IT. PERIOD! Now, I shall begin to tell you why. For some time now, our Lord has been taking us away from it. At first, He said, 'Watch little television. No more violent movies, or movies with foul language or sex, which is most of them!' Then, He said, 'Do away with the ignorant shows, which treat people like idiots, which is most of the remainder. Then, recently He said, "Stop watching any of it, even local news. It is nothing but mind control!"

        Over many weeks, the Lord opened my eyes to many things about television. Mind you, we do not watch much television. But, every time, I turned it on for even a few minutes, even if it was just to watch local news, or to watch the weather, a great darkness poured into this house. This darkness fell like nightfall and the next morning when I would pray, the Spirit of God would reveal all manner of dark thought forms. In the spirit, I heard noise, like many people talking at once. In addition to all this, there would be various demons, from small to large; and I would have to pray sometimes for hours to get them all out and to clean up what a few minutes of television had brought in.

        Then, our Lord made me see the great noise in people's houses, where television is watched on a regular basis. I even watched this noise as it was brought into our house by one, who watches a lot of television in her own home. Then, I had to pray against this noise, which was brought into our house and left, even though we had nothing to do with the nature of it. During these few weeks of watching this, our Lord Jesus has been saying to me, "Look at this. I am making you see what is happening all across the land and around the world." He told me that this great noise is moving into homes and it is stealing every bit of peace, that it is controlling the people and destroying homes. He went on to say that it is loading people down and taking away their energy and strength, as they are subconsciously fighting this noise and it weights them down. Then, He revealed how this subconscious noise irritates people and causes them to lash out at others, that it brings confusion into people's lives; and pushes them into more noise just to escape what they are feeling. "I tell you, My Child." I hear our Lord speaking to me now. "This noise drives Me and My spirit out of one's home. It drives Me and My Spirit out of one's body, mind, spirit and emotions and when this is done regularly without daily prayer and My continual anointing, one's cup runs dry; and this person is bait for Lucifer."

        "I am telling you, My Children, the wise will listen to what is revealed herein. For, I cannot be sterner to you right now. Delete the television from your lives and delete movies; for they are one in the same. If you must find out about news, seek what you can over the Internet for now, or over the short wave, but in all be careful what you accept; for Lucifer is picking up steam and his goal is to fool and deceive every one of you. I shall have My avenues open here and there all over the world until My return. Nevertheless, you must seek and then you shall find. Understand? I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God."

        During the two weeks that our Lord was showing me so much about television, I got up early one morning about the usual 3:00 AM and came out to pray. But, there was a noise, which irritated me severely; and it was coming out of the wall near the door. I had never heard anything like this; so I began to pray against it, that the Spirit of God drive it out and that our Lord and God send holy angels to aid in delivering us of this thing, which was in the wall. But, it did not leave and continued on for almost two weeks; and during this time a storm came for about three days and early one morning I heard a leak coming into the furnace. I was shocked, as this house is only six years old. So, I began to tell my husband that we must do something about this; and early one morning our Lord spoke and said, "If you disobey me and continue to watch anymore television whatsoever, I will send the canker worm to take what I have given you!" He had my attention in a big way; and I told my husband that we must not watch anymore television whatsoever as the Lord has commanded it. We had been sorely warned.

        At first, I did not tell my husband what our Lord said about the cankerworms, only that He said, "Do not watch it anymore. "So, he went on watching news for a couple of days. Then, a couple of nights later, I came into the living room and made a comment about his watching television; and he told me that he had found something good to watch called, "It's a miracle." He went on to say that he did not believe that all television is evil and I told him that the Lord did not say that ALL is evil, but that television is full of mind control. He continued to watch it for a few minutes and a commercial came on advertising a vibrator, which fits on one finger and had various attachments. This was a sex toy, which was being advertised as some kind of therapeutic device. When this registered with him, he understood what our Lord meant; and why even the most innocuous shows are inundated by these mind-control events.

        This mind control will destroy every bit of peace in your life and it will take everything our Lord has given you. It will rob your home of peace and joy; and it will steal your children from you and may even bring divorce into your house. This evil box will put you to sleep and make you think that anything goes; but you must remember that the way of Lucifer is one of stealth; and he plans to come in and take you unawares, even while you sleep. Our Lord has been very firm about the evils of television and you had best listen. Get some hobbies; go out and help someone else with the time you would have spent in front of Lucifer's box; or do something constructive around your house."

        As I say these things, I hear Our Lord saying,

"Yes, My Child, 'tis so. I am about to send the canker worm into homes the world over; and this worm is going to eat away everything in sight, leaving nothing save this Luciferian box, which so many love. My patience runs low for this evil; and my expectations run high for those, whom I love and who love Me. No longer shall Mine live in deception, but I expect them to walk in My purity and truth. The evil mind control techniques, inherent to this appliance, are very subtle, causing you to give a little here and a little there until you are totally empty inside. I admonish Mine to get rid of this box and to make more time for Me; for when the floods of adversity come and the canker worms are unleashed, what you have shall be destroyed. You, who ignore My warnings, shall lose all; for you have chosen illusion over Me, and you have dismissed My warnings. My Children, I am stern in this; and I cannot be plainer. So, be the wiser; and do as I tell you; for your time to make these changes is short. I am Jesus, Yea, Jehovah, Most High God!"


        Before the crack of dawn I was up this morning, praying as usual; but this time I sensed that there was something serious our Lord had for me; for my spirit attested to this even before I began to pray. I prayed for a long time in tongues and in the process I realized that our Lord was having me speak His words in a very powerful way. My body knew what I was saying, but my intellect did not until our Lord revealed some of it to me. These are some of the things He was having me speak with great force.

        He had me take His sword of power and strike it at the base of certain works in the US capitol and even at the root of certain people; whom I saw sliced into parts until there was nothing left. Among these are Hillary and Bill Clinton. With His mighty sword in my hand, I hewed them down as if they were trees; and there were others I did not know. Over and over, I watched as dark and secret organizations were sliced and destroyed. And, I took the same sword to the roots of the errant churches all around the land and I saw them fall to the ground obliterated. This continued on for a while all across this land; and then Our Lord placed a great dagger of war in my hand; and this dagger fell on the USA, across Europe and in other countries all around the world. It fell with a great force and hit hard in all these places. Then, He had me put my hands up and I saw that I was pulling down great power and placing it here and there among various groups. I saw it falling onto certain ones, who love our Lord with all their hearts; then I saw them rise up in great statue as if they were great giants; and they glowed with the glory of God. Then, I saw a sifter in my hands and I saw wheat in this sifter and I sifted it back and forth. As I did so, I saw the useless chaff fly into the wind and it was gone. What remained in my hand was the pure wheat, which was full and fat; and then out Lord took this wheat. After these powerful prayers, with the pure words of the Lord coming out of my mouth, I heard Him say, "These words are sealed and will not be changed!" People, the end of the time of grace, the end of the period of mercy, has come; and there will be no turning back. This date is October 14, 1999.

        But, this hewing and chopping would not end here. On the following morning, (0ctober 15, 1999), during prayer, I felt the power of God hit me in great measure. I heart the voice of the Lord say, "Take My ax and put it to the root of these evil giants, who rule all across the land of the USA." And, finding myself with this ax in my hands, I began to strike the feet of these evil giants all over the USA and I saw them fall with a great force and disappear into the dust. In Washington, the ax fell on quite a few; and then as the Spirit of God told me, I moved to face first this city and state, and then another. I saw the ax bring down several in Texas and California; and I put the ax to many all around the USA until I was satisfied that I had done what our Lord wanted. Even as I tell you about this, I hear the voice of our Lord; and He is saying: "My Child, evil has been allowed to co-exist with good all over the USA; but I am bringing an end to much of it in the USA. My Child, you have had a coup in the USA and all of you have been asleep to the point that you haven't even noticed; but many, who have taken part in this coup shall soon see their demise; for I and your Father shall take them out. An end is coming to the lives of many, who are evil; but, as you know, there are others, behind them, who have been groomed to step in. However, through the mouths of my prophets and apostles many of these shall meet with untimely deaths as well."

        "My Child, a great war is at hand and many of you sleep, but I have certain ones, who shall do a great work and battle for Me and your Father; and these shall not be taken out no matter how much these evil hoards try. I warn the evil ones that your days are indeed numbered and many of your plans will go up in smoke, even as your souls. I am Jesus, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

~ ~ ~ ~


We have received unconfirmed reports that Russia is upping their draft by 80,000. You will remember that in the spring of this year, they drafted many tens of thousands when the situation if Yugoslavia erupted. The unofficial report, which we received, spoke of the Russian officers stopping cars to get people to sign up for the military, and even drafting prisoners.

We received a letter, which was sent to us by a God-loving Ex-CIA officer, by the name of Don McAlvany. In this letter, he quoted the Russian Deputy Minister of Atomic Energy, Viktor Mikhailov, as saying that Russia should prepare for launching a "limited atomic war." Mikhailov goes on to say that such pinpoint strikes will not bring on a global nuclear war. " They're getting more and more vocal about their true plans."

This week, we heard over the short-wave radio that Russia recently passed a doctrine outlining its stand against any one world power having too much control. From what we understand, this doctrine stressed why the world must be ruled by several world powers to keep any one from being in control. "Is this a round-a-bout declaration of war?"

So, when will the Russian Alliance invade the USA? I believe it will be very soon; but I feel that first we will see great inner strife in this country and possibly another war involving the US military outside this country. I believe our Lord has something on this and I hear Him saying, "My Child, you have had the coup take place in your government; and now it is just a matter of time before it is implemented on the streets. These evil ones, who plan to make all of you slaves, are waiting for "reasons" to call martial law; and this shall be very soon. Remember, My Child, that during martial law, you have absolutely no freedoms and any of you can be incarcerated indefinitely without due process. Your acting king, who puts himself above all laws, will soon show his true purposes; for as I have told you, 'He does not plan to leave office.' But, I tell you, 'Clinton shall be sorely surprised; for he is only a pawn in the hands of many, who are far more evil than he could ever think about being.' As for the invasion of the USA: Russia, China and the Arabs are sitting ready; and they are waiting for enough internal confusion to hit you broadside; but in the meantime they also hope to draw the USA into another war, possibly with Taiwan. This would further weaken your military and give them an opening into the 'hen house.' But, My Child, they do not need any of these things; for it is the plan of the New World Order that Russia should be used to bring down the USA; for the very leaders of the secret government in the USA are in on it. Why else would Clinton et al be building such a great bunker near the White House? My Little One, it is a control center, just like the one Saddam Hussein has. It is a situation of 'monkey see, monkey do.' But, the whole plan of attack, according to the New Worlders, must be one of surprise; and this is where the Y2K comes in. My Child, the world will never recover from the financial chaos, which shall be created by Y2K. Those, who survive this mess without great problems, will be those, who have made a way to be self-sufficient. But those of you, who attempt to do so, must take care; for your communist-nazi government plans to seize what you have so that you go daily from hand to mouth, 'barefoot and pregnant', as the saying goes. So, I am warning each of you to prepare for hard times; for you shall surely see them. I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God."



In the McAlvany letter are many of Clinton's executive orders. Below, you will find some of them; and if you have not read them already, you will be very shocked. I hope that you will be shocked enough to get more disciplined in your spiritual life and look at this head-on. Slavery is coming back into America; and it will make the slavery of the Africans look pale in comparison; for millions upon millions will die terrible deaths in concentration camps and prisons. Read on …

     1. Executive Order 10995 - All communications media are to be seized by the Federal Government. Radio, television,          newspapers, magazines, CB, HAM, short wave, telephones, satellites, and the Internet will all be under Bill Clinton's          control. The First Amendment will be suspended indefinitely.

  1. Executive Order 10977 - All electrical power, all fuels (including gasoline) and all minerals will be seized by the government.
  2. Executive Order 10998 - All food resources, farms and farm equipment will be seized by the government. Anti-food hoarding regulations would go into effect.
  3. Executive Order 10999 - All modes of transportation, including your personal car, and control of all highways, seaports, waterways, railways, airports and public storage facilities will be under the control of the government. Any vehicle can be seized.
  4. Executive Order 11000 - All civilians can be seized for work under Federal supervision.
  5. Executive Order 11490 - Establishes presidential control over all U. S. Citizens, businesses, and churches in time of emergency.
  6. Executive Order 12919 - Directs various Cabinet officials to be constantly ready to take over virtually all aspects of the U. S. economy during a State of National Emergency - at the direction of the president.
  7. Executive Order 13010 - Directs FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) to take control over all government agencies in time of "emergency." (Interestingly enough, a few years ago, Bill Clinton quietly moved FEMA out from under the authority of Congress and under his own authority. Why?)"

Mr. McAlvaney goes on to say, "All the Executive Orders are extremely frightening. But, it's EXECUTIVE ORDER 12919 that has me the most concerned… It gives the president complete power to seize or allocate ALL public and private materials, services, facilities, food resources, construction materials, health resources, all forms of energy, and all forms of civilian transportation. (There is nothing left out.) Under this one Executive Order, Bill Clinton - through the National Security Council - will be in charge of controlling and distributing ALL U.S. resources."

Mr. McAlvaney continues…"what the communists and socialists could not accomplish in any other way, Bill Clinton has done through Executive Orders. "If they're (these Executive Orders) are not challenged within thirty days after they first appear, they become law! …these same kinds of Executive Orders are the means by which Hitler turned Germany into a Nazi dictatorship, in just three months." But, even these orders above only represent a fraction of the hundreds, which Bill Clinton has signed and made law, since he went into office.

"My Precious Brothers and Sisters, are you beginning to understand the internal coup our Lord speaks of?"



The following are more words from Mr. McAlvaney's letter. It is about the "Assignment of Emergency Preparedness Responsibilities."

"A national emergency is any occurrence, including natural disaster, military attack, technological emergency, or other emergency that seriously degrades or seriously threatens the national security of the United States. Policy for national security emergency preparedness shall be established by the president.

This ominous Executive Order calls for among other things…

Federal takeover of all local law enforcement agencies…

It prohibits you from moving your assets in or out of the United States…

It gives the government total power over the civilian workforce, as well as students in school…

It allows the imposition of wage and price controls…

It grants the power of national conscription…

It allows the government to control all travel in and out of the Unites States…

It imposes currency controls on all capital…

And many other frightening powers too numerous to mention…

Clearly, the legal machinery for a complete government takeover of America and the establishment of a totalitarian police state and dictatorship is now in place."

"Mr. McAlvaney, our Lord says that we have already been taken over from within, that an internal coup has already taken place; and the people know it not."

Mr. McAlvaney goes on to say that with martial law, the constitution is suspended. People can be arrested and held without charges. Freedom of speech is done away with. There will be house-to-house search for guns and much more.

"People, are you getting the picture?"


More from the McAlvany letter:


These cities are "among 27 U. S. cities getting the first wave of federal funding for everything from gas masks and rubber boots to body bags."

"It's all part of a nationwide push to outfit cities to respond to a terrorist attack. San Francisco has received $785, 000 so far to buy anti-terrorist gear, which has been distributed to secret locations. Among the equipment are kits to detect the presence of anthrax, electronic sniffers for nerve gas, lightweight plastic suits, portable showers, Geiger counters to detect radiation and tents."

I ask you, Our Brothers and Sisters, "What makes the Feds think that 27 cities will need these items? And why did they pick these 27 cities? Do they already know which cities the Russians Alliance will hit; or do they have some terrorism of their own planned?"

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