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Everyone in the USA should be gravely concerned about their destinies! Clinton has made a fatal error in judgement in bombing of those in Afghanistan and Africa. Time will show that he could not have possibly gathered as much evidence as he said, and that in many ways the American people have been duped. Remember the bombing at the Olympics and the poor fellow named Jewell, who was apprehended swiftly and falsely accused. Clinton’s judgement is to be feared. He is like one shooting in the dark!

WATCH FOR THE STOCK MARKET TO BOTTOM OUT IN OCTOBER AND FOR CLINTON TO START A WAR WITH IRAQ THE SAME MONTH! The market will rise somewhat in response to the war, but be warned…as August was so shall November be.

Then comes December and WAR, WAR, WAR. If you do not have copies of the books, you need them. (Up to this point, EVERY DATE GIVEN HAS COME TRUE, as well as many other occurences!) If you wait until the war to order the books, you might not be able to get them! They show the many, many places hit by bombs and chemical, nerve, and biological agents. While Clinton is thinking he will save face with Russia, the Russians are planning to attack, along with China and the Arab Alliance. Even the UN, NATO and the Pope are working against the USA behind the scenes.

Remember: We live in a sea of illusion; and little is as it seems. Do not be duped into believing everything you see on television or read in the press. You are being programmed to sleep. Were you one, who believed that Clinton did not have the affairs? Even many of his staff seemed totally surprised that they had been duped. Clinton has opened up a huge can of worms with the latest spree of bombings and time will show that we have been duped again!

Get prepared for the beginning of the WAR OF WARS in the early morning hours of December 12, 1998 right here in the USA. Get strong in your spiritual life, get out of large cities and away from military sites and military storage facilities and get prepared to survive. Overnight, there shall be little food. Many water sources shall be contaminated and 75 million people shall die straightaway. This does not even include those, who will die subsequently from nuclear fallout, other war agents, and "other" diseases or starvation. (These numbers killed are discussed in Book IV.)

After this war begins, you will never see San Francisco again, but it is only one of many cities, which will be vaporized. (See Books I and II for a more detailed listing of these cities) I pray for God’s guidance for you in these difficult times. Make Jesus your Light, your Life, your Truth and Way, and you will know his peace and freedom. Forgive that you may be forgiven and move on. Time is running short.

If you are struggling spiritually, write to me and I will pray for you.
Jesus is My Way,

PS: Book III is finally typed! Although I finished writing most of the book in the Fall of ‘97and the Winter of ’98, typing it was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Since I finished writing it, I have had to finish typing Books I and II and publishing them. In the interim, I got very sick and it seemed that every time I began to type on Book III, a great sense of dread would come over me. I knew that when I finished Book III a great darkness would fall over the Earth, as this is what happened in the dream when the Great Physician let me read three pages (three books) from His Journal. Somehow I thought that if I could postpone Book III, the darkness would be postponed. I know that this is totally irrational, but you know how our minds sometimes work. You can read a synopsis of Book III below under Books…



Day after day, week after week, and month after month, I got out of bed around 4:00AM with the same prayer:" God, please don’t let us be lost in the darkness. Please show us the way!" I never knew if God would answer this prayer or how He would answer it. But one night in early May of 1997 God gave me a dream. In this dream, He led me to the top of a mountain, afire with pure, white light. There, someone in a white robe fed me heavenly food; and as I turned to look at mountains in the distance, very small letters on the sides of these mountains were clearly legible, even though a fine mist prevailed. God had given me 20/20 vision and my heart leapt with joy!

The visions started within days of this dream. They were complicated and full of elaborate symbolism from the start. God’s gifts from the land of dreams invaded my reality and added newer and richer dimensions with each passing day. I was afire with a great determination to bring forth His works; but others did not share in this enthusiasm. I was the butt of jokes in some of the prophecy circles; and even among my own family I received little support. Nonetheless, I persevered and put together the first three books in fourteen months. My husband worked to establish the internet site and to publish the books. I thank him deeply for his hard work; and I also thank a prophet named Douglas Swaffield because he read these messages and knew that they were of God. Doug, too, has had to suffer much ridicule for believing.

These prophecies cover a timeframe between May 1997 and the spring of 2005. The great tribulation, as spoken of by Daniel in the Bible, began in the Spring of this year, and Jesus will return in the spring of 2005. These prophecies are many, varied and complex. Anyone will need to take a while to comprehend them because they contain so much symbolism. They are the meat of the word and will not be accepted by many. Nevertheless, NO ONE can argue with truth. Following are those prophecies, which have come true in the preceding fourteen months, and dire warnings of a great war to start in this country on December 12, 1998 at about 1:45 AM. To date, all dates foretold and their respective occurrences given have come TRUE! They are listed below. But, the list does not include ALL prophetic occurrences and makes no mention of the miracles this writer has seen. For more understanding, read: From the Mountain Prophecies, Books I, II, and III.


June 17, 1997 … "Within five months, Russia will take a stand against the USA."

How so? In June of ‘97 we are bosom buddies with Russia.


July 1, 1997 … The prophecies show Russia entering Florida and moving into Cape Canaveral.

Take note of the explosion of the recent spy satellite at Cape Canaveral and look toward Russia for understanding.


July 1, 1997 The prophecies show the Pope’s shady dealings with the dark forces of the world.

The Pope’s visit to Cuba in the spring of 1998 left some wondering when Castro said that religion and communism can get along. Isn’t the goal of communism to cause all to depend on tyrannical leaders for all and to snuff out the Light of God? When did communism and religion start getting along? Is black white and white black?


July 7, 1997 "The Arabs will forsake you."

When this was given, the USA still had "friends" among the Arabs. At this point, all should be reading the handwriting on the wall. The Arabs hate the USA and are forming an Arab Alliance to help invade the USA.


Oct. 7,1997 "You will be shocked within 45 days."

When I received this warning, I did not take much time to question it because I was so busy. But, there is more, read on.


Nov. 18, 1997 "You will be shocked, surprised, before the day is over."

This day was the end of the five-month period spoken of on June 1997. Russia had taken a stand against the USA at a summit meeting in Geneva. Siding with Russia were France, China and Iraq. Do we smell anything yet? The fulfillment of this date was the 41st of the 45 days, and the shock came by the end of the day as foretold. When I saw news of this Russian Stand on television, I was shocked. Shocked because other parts of this prophecy of June 17 foretell that Russia will go back "RED" and will invade the USA.


Dec. 14, 1997 Foretells of stock market fall in the USA within the next six months.

The market had clearly climbed but by the 16th of June, it had rapidly lost about 800 points.


Dec. 14, 1997 Foretells of major problems in the Geneva Banking System.

I do not know when these banks closed, but I read of people rioting in the streets of Geneva in August of 1998 because two major banks had closed in Geneva. Think it can’t happen to you?


Jan. 30,1998 Foretells of Clinton’s problems in August of 1998, talk of impeachment and his increasing political isolation.

The month of August and Clinton speaks for self.


Expect to see the following:

Oct. 98 The Stock Market in the USA will "bottom out." In this same month, Clinton will start a war with Iraq. This will be a major mistake!

Nov.98 Clinton has more woes, as he is kicked out of an inner circle!

Dec.12, 1998 USA will be invaded by Russia, China, an Arab Alliance, and even the UN and NATO. It will take place at around 1:45 AM on this date, and 75 million people will die immediately. Huge cities will be nothing more than potholes. Places like San Francisco will be eradicated immediately. Millions more will die of starvation and all kinds of diseases brought about by chemical, nerve and biological warfare.

This war will become World War III and it will move to include Canada, Israel, some of the Baltics, Europe, Australia, the Arab Countries, and Russia will get hers, along with China. The prophecies in these books are given by God to warn you of what is coming. As of Sept 2, 1998, ALL DATES and many occurrences have come to pass, exactly as foretold. Every person in this country should be alarmed about war on December 12, 1998. I have seen this date on many occasions and have been back to God for confirmation many times. Get prepared spiritually and get prepared for HARD TIMES AHEAD! For more about these books contact: http//www.prophecies.org

Linda Newkirk

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