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April 01, 1999

Emergency Update

"My Precious Brothers and Sisters, my heart is heavy as I behold what is happening in and around Kosovo. The NATO led aggressors now face a challenge to their aggression as Russia sends warships into the Mediterranean. A message sent our way reveals Russia’s plans to send at least five warships into the Mediterranean by week’s end.

You are watching the unraveling of WW III, as nations around the world combine to stop the New World Order aggression. My Cherished Ones, get your house in order. Just last night, I dreamed of seeing a great earthquake, which came very near to our house, but did not hit us. I believe that I may have been watching the unraveling of the New Madrid Fault. And, even as I say this, I hear Our Lord Jesus saying, "’Tis so, My Child."

We are on the verge of great and terrible calamities and most of the people the world over are sleeping. It seems that Wall Street rises to greater heights with each calamity. My Brothers and Sisters, the New World Order thugs are fixing these numbers, hoping that there is not a run to cash in stocks and/or subsequent run on the banks because of the world confusion. Within the last two or three days, I read on a major news network that one of the reasons Wall Street is rising is in anticipation of tax returns being invested in the Market. Excuse me!?!? My advice to each and every on of you is that you get your money out of the market, that you put a certain amount in cash and a certain amount in gold and silver coins. All of us need to get out of debt as fast as we can as we have so little time. The wolf is at our door."

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Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 20:34:04 -0800 (PST)

Kosovo: Last Stop Before Jerusalem (by Barry Chamish)

JERUSALEM, Mar. 28 - Since we have already published before articles by the Israeli journalist, Barry Chamish, we'll skip the introduction and cut to the chase. For those who wish to find out more about him, search our Website under his name (you'll find out, for example, that he also wrote a book about the murder of Yitzhak Rabin):

"Barely a few days before the EU and the US, collectively called NATO, sent their flying dogs of war against Serbia, Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu was in Berlin meeting with the leaders of the European Union. You would think with the attack on the Balkans pending they'd be too busy to have time for a little tete-a-tete with Bibi... But, no; they organized their most fateful meeting with an Israeli leader since the beginning of their continental unity. They told him he'd better not stand in the way of a PLO state with East Jerusalem as its capital or watch out.

The watch out part was Kosovo. Netanyahu got the message and like the Yugoslav president Milosevic before him, flew to Russia for some counterweight. And lo and behold, the Kremlin greeted him like visiting royalty. When the meetings were over, Bibi and Boris agreed to make a united stand against "Islamic fanaticism." What they meant to say, but could not, was that both Israel and Russia were sick of the New World Order plots against their nations and they were forming a, probably futile,little alliance against the Trilateral Commission, Council On Foreign Relations (CFR), Bilderberg group and all those who were now heating up the Balkans, and Chechnya, and Turkey and everywhere else where ethnic tensions could be turned into massacres.

Undoubtedly, both leaders are well aware of how it's done. Take a busload of Christian Lebanese children, blow it up, blame it on the PLO and before long you've got perfectly civilized Christians killing Moslems out of raw bloodlust. Or take a Serb village, or more if necessary, have some Bosnian Muslims kill every living being within and before long, you'll get just the right kind of savagery from the Serbs.

Then you make the Lebanese Christians the bad guys, with a stage-managed media campaign portraying them as bloodthirsty fascists determined to wipe out the hapless, innocent Palestinians who tried to carve out their own fiefdom out of Lebanon. Apply the same formula to Kurds, Tutsis, Israelis, Afrikaaners and Serbs. The important thing is to back Marxist Moslems over democratic Christians and Jews. And once the world has been indoctrinated enough to think there is an issue of right and wrong to be dealt with, send in the planes followed by the ground troops of the New World Order armed services.

And once the white Christians and Jews are out of power in Africa, it becomes so much easier to take control of the wealth and resources of a whole continent. All you have to do is install more Marxist dictators, stir up wars, spread epidemics of incurable diseases and now you're talking real easy pickings.

Around 1992, the CFR decided to begin a campaign of worldwide "peace processes" all formulated to result in ghastly wars. After manipulating the fall of the Soviet Union a few years before, innumerable opportunities awaited them behind the former Iron Curtain. After such NOW personalities as Henry Kissinger and Lord Carrington eliminated the last bastions of wealth and security in Africa, it was a piece of cake for them to initiate bloodbaths in Somalia and Rwanda. Soon the NWO planners will turn their attentions to other "peace processes" they started in Northern Ireland and Israel, but first they must dispose of Yugoslavia.

It all began a long time ago, when the CFR sent Kissinger Associates partner Lawrence Eagleburger to Belgrade to corrupt and worm his way into the Yugoslav leadership. He bought a controlling interest in the country's largest bank for his bosses, he even introduced the Yugo car to America,bankrolling a large chain of dealerships.

Once the ruling classes were corrupted, the standard methods were employed to stir ethnic rivalries and force the Serbian hand. As usual, peoples who had drifted to historical Serb lands to seek improved economic opportunities were propagandized and heated up enough to declare their desire for independent breakaway states. This, no sovereign nation could tolerate. And like the Russians in Chechnya, or the Israelis in Jerusalem, the governments had no choice but to draw the line to save the souls of their nations.

So, armed and organized challenges to the government had to be funded. And like the PLO, Afghanis, half a dozen Latin American rebel groups before them etc. etc. the European drug trade was opened to the Kosovo Liberation Army. Today NATO is fighting on behalf of one of the largest heroin suppliers of Western Europe. But that's par for the NWO course.

Once the fighting began, in came the NWO "peacemakers:" Vance, Christopher, Holbrooke, Albright, every one of them a loyal CFR member, to impose conditions the Serbs could never possibly accept.

Milosevic's unforgivable crime was standing up to the NWO and refusing to allow its army to roam his land at will. And for this he is being punished. And Netanyahu has got the message. If he doesn't play ball, he will be demonized just like Milosevic, the world will be primed to despise him and in will come the NWO's airforce. If he doesn't give the PLO its state on historical Jewish territory this year here is what will happen :

The PLO will unilaterally declare a state and Israel will annex the remaining West Bank territories in her possession. A wave of Arab terrorism will force Israel to retaliate and a cycle of violence will begin which will duplicate that of Yugoslavia. The "peacemakers" of the NWO will arrive and insist that Israel accept every clause of the Oslo Accords, give up its history and heritage to the PLO and divide Jerusalem. Then Israel refuses to relent, it will be painted quickly as a mortal danger to the peace of the planet. In order to "save" Israel from itself, the NWO forces will attack and impose its solutions on her.

And to most of the world, the events that lead to this war will seem totally logical. Like, in Kosovo today, the media will stage-manage every step of the war and a world under televised anaesthesia will believe the broadcasters, generals and military experts. And this world will simply sleep through Israel's destruction. When it awakes it will change channels."

Barry Chamish is an Israeli journalist, E-mail: chamish@netvision.net.il


Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 15:37:45 -0800 (PST)

Comments: [And now, for the OTHER side of the story]: and also the following...
This background on Yugoslavia was written by Anthony Wayne, and now has been passed on to me by several friends.

The Holy Field of Kosovo

Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 22:44:36 -0500
Because of the control of the news media most people do not understand the real battle being waged inside the borders of Yugoslavia. Let me then tell you about it. 600 years ago Islamic hordes invaded Christian Europe. They destroyed everything in their path. Those who refused to convert to Mohammedism suffered horrible fates. The Serbian women were first raped and then sold along with their children into slavery. Serbian men not killed on the battle field were castrated and blinded to make them docile slaves for their Turkish masters. Whole cities became a single funeral pyre with their flames reaching toward heaven for the thousands who lived in them as they were burned by the invaders. At one point in their advance into Serbia the Turks nailed some 12,000 Serbians to crosses mocking the death of Christ and the Faith of the Serbs. The Turkish invasion of Europe seemed unstoppable as they swept over everything in their path with fire and sword. Until they reached the Kosovo Plain.

For it was there that in 1389 some 77,000 Christian knights and soldiers met the Turks. All of them pledging to each other and to Christ that they would die rather than convert to Mohammedism and lose their liberty. With prayer and fasting and the Cross of Christ before them, 77,000 Christian men led by Serbian Prince Lazar engaged in a gory battle to the death. Giving their life's blood not just to save the freedom of Serbia, but of all Europe from the advance of Mohammed's enslaving hordes. When the battle was over the cream of Serbian manhood lay dead in great heaps on the blood drenched field along with their Prince. But their death did not come easy for the Muslims. These martyrs for their faith fought so heroically, exacting such a tremendous toll upon the Islamic soldiers, that the advance into the heart of Europe was halted. During the battle a group of knights having heard that their Prince was dead, raced headlong through the enemy lines charging into the very center of the enemy camp where they slew in his tent the Turkish leader Emir Murad I. There they too died in desperate hand to hand combat outnumbered two hundred to one.

Thenceforth Kosovo Field became to the Serbian people Acampo santo, The Holy Field. It is considered by many historians of the Christian Church to be the single greatest tomb of Christian martyrs killed in a single day. No other single larger sacrifice of Christians is known. Rome had it's glory. But Serbia has Kosovo! Each year on St Vitus' Day the Serbs honour the holy martyrs of Kosovo Plain and commemorate that epic sacrifice to freedom and the Faith of Christ with prayer and fasting.

Such is the history of the Alamo like stand of Serbian manhood against the invading foes of Western Christian Civilization. Kosovo province is the heart and soul of Serbia and they will not yield it to today's Albanian Muslim terrorists backed by American cruise missiles and B2 bombers. The United States' aggression against the Serbs will be valiantly opposed by the descendants of those who died upon Kosovo Plain. The attempt to break it away from the Serbian nation will fail and America will reap more shame and condemnation for it's cowardly bombing of the Yugoslavian people. Like the Mexican commander Santa Anna who called for the Texans to surrender before his troops stormed the walls of the Alamo, Clinton has called for the surrender of Kosovo. He will not get it. And he will make martyrs of those he kills. Liberty and Faith still has it's defenders.



Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1999 15:34:36 +0400

China Refuses Commitment On Spratlys Spat

MANILA, Mar. 23, 1999 -- (Agence France Presse)
     Chinese representatives have declined to give a categorical commitment not to build more structures in the disputed Spratly islands despite overnight talks, Philippine officials said in Manila on Tuesday.
     Delegations from the Philippines and China on Tuesday continued to try to hammer out the contents of a joint statement to be issued after two days of talks in this country to resolve a territorial dispute in the South China Sea.
     Philippine diplomatic sources said Tuesday that they were still trying to get a "categorical commitment" from China not to build new structures in the Spratly island group in the South China Sea.
     However, the sources said China was resisting making such a commitment. The dispute focuses on the Philippines' complaints over a fortified structure (pictured) that China erected on Mischief Reef, an outcrop in the Spratly islands claimed by both countries. The structure has raised tensions between the two countries, leading to the holding of this expert-level meeting.
     But on the opening day Monday, China ignored Philippine demands to dismantle the structures on Mischief Reef and rebuffed Manila's bid to gain equal access to the facilities.
     The Philippines later presented a draft joint statement to the Chinese side, but no agreement could be reached.      Chinese assistant foreign minister Wang Yi and Philippine foreign undersecretary Lauro Baja were Tuesday in one-on-one talks to iron out the differences in the content of the joint statement.
     Baja told reporters late Monday: "They (the Chinese) have a phrase there that I interpret to mean that China will not undertake a unilateral act to occupy or build any structures on any reef."
     "But I want it in a language that (is clear)," he added.
     The Spratlys are a chain of islands in the South China Sea which are claimed in whole or part by Brunei, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam as well as the Philippines and China. The islands are believed to sit on vast mineral resources. All claimants except Brunei have troops posted in the area, which is considered to be a potential flash-point in Asia.
( (c) 1999 Agence France Presse)

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I thank all God’s Watchers on the Wall, who sent the above articles. I pray that Our Lord blesses you and fills you with His Precious Spirit, that your journeys might be full of Light and that your needs be met.

And, to you, Joel, thank you for your support of this ministry. The Lord hears your prayers; and I am praying for a miracle in your family. You are faithful and full of love toward our Lord and He loves you so.

My Beloved Ones, this Saturday morning, the 3rd of April between 7:00 and 8:00 AM Central Standard Time, I am going to be fasting and praying for Our Father’s mercy in the Kosovo War; and I am also going to be praying for our Brothers and Sisters in Israel. If you have special prayer needs, meet me in prayer at this time and I will be praying for you. Our Lord loves us so and He wants us to walk in His love, peace, joy, and light.

     Jesus is our Life,
     Linda Newkirk

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