A Message For You

April 5, 2004


Our Precious Brothers and Sisters, greetings to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus, truly the name above all names! Our heartfelt desire is that all is well with you!

It has been a while since we have posted as our Precious Father in Heaven has given us a little reprieve, a time of rest, before what may very well be a great storm! I thank Him for this time of refreshing, as it has been sorely needed. The wars have been so great and there is no end in sight for what we all must face, but in His infinite mercy, our Precious Father in Heaven will see us through these wars. We will continue to fight the good fight as long as He gives us the strength, for His will be done in all things! Praises to His Holy Name!

 This Last Month

What a month this has been! We have seen the evil New World Order terrorists from the governments of the USA, England and Israel bomb innocent people in Spain and then have the audacity to show up at their funerals! This act of terror against the people of Spain was done just before their presidential election, all to influence the people to come out in support of the war of terror against the elusive CIA-created-Al Qaeda! But, the people, being wiser than those, who are isolated in the "think tanks," booted out the President of Spain, who has supported the Bushes and their terrorist allies! Now, the Spanish government will withdraw its troops from this disgraceful Iraqi war!

Then again just days before the election of the President in Taiwan, these same terrorists tried to assassinate the leadership of Taiwan! But, again, their plot failed and the incumbent was re-elected. We have received word from some, who know people in the intelligence field, that the Bushes and the Clintons through their criminal enterprises in the Carlisle and Carousel groups respectively, placed put options on the Taiwanese currency a few days before the assassination attempts! They were, of course, betting that the currency in Taiwan was about to take a fall! But, what would make them believe that the Tiawanese currency was about to fall? These evil ones always leave their footprints; but obviously they did not get the results that they had planned for! Again, their plans backfired in their faces!

Now, we see other countries, who are threatening to come out of the Iraqi war and we must assume that the same kind of terror awaits any, who dare come up against the terrorist leadership in the USA, England and Israel! Watch and wait; for these evil ones are on a rampage and sooner or later, other leaders of the world are going to stop them!


Terror in the South!

If you heard the FBI warning about "terrorist" plots to attack refineries in Texas, alarm bells should have gone off in your head! You know that our Father in Heaven warned in advance of their plots to terrorize the South and truly we have only seen one aspect of the planned terror of the Bushes and their cohorts in crime! As we understand it, certain ones in power in this country have huge investments in oil derivatives and their making a profit depends upon the prices of oil remaining high! After this explosion, I was reading an article on the Internet, which stated that since the third largest oil refinery was hit by these terrible explosions, we could be sure that the price of these petroleum products would increase! And, on top of this, OPEC suddenly decided to cut production by one million barrels a day!

Where the evil ones are at work, they always leave their footprints; for they are full greed and can never own enough, nor have enough power. All their days, they plot and scheme to fill their pockets and to take away from the rest of the world! It is a very sad day to see what is happening; for these evil ones ride the backs of the poor people the world over are the poor and downtrodden are largely oblivious to the presence of the parasites on their backs!


A Very Important Message

Below, you will find a very important message from our Father in Heaven. This is only one of the messages that He has given to me in the past month and this is the only one that I am giving right now. The rest will be posted soon, so stay in touch for these other messages!

Dear Ones, we need your help in getting this message to all members of the Senate and House! If you have access to the names and addresses, or e-mail addresses, of the members of congress, please copy this warning and forward this to all members of the House and Senate! This is a very serious warning! If you wish to make a copy and mail it to them, you may use our return address if you wish. It is: P.O. Box 17277, North Little Rock, AR, 72117. We truly need to bombard them with huge numbers of copies of our Father’s message. Perhaps, they will take note of the seriousness of this warning and will move to do something about the terrible situation in this country while they still have the time to do so!

A while back, a Dear Brother sent us a dream in which He saw the Senate Building with smoke coming out the front door! We have been warned already that the evil ones plan to blow up the governing body of the USA! But, with the "911 Hearings" in progress, this plot is very much on the front burner and the evil ones, who orchestrated 911, and who created this on-going terrorist war, are feverishly planning a way to destroy the entire governing body of the USA.

Just a few days ago, I read another "terror" warning that a fence must be erected around these governing offices, as a vehicle could drive up and cause a terrorist event, like an explosion. Already, those in the House and Senate work in an armed camp! This has been carefully orchestrated to remove them all from the electorate, to bathe them in a perpetual state of fear, and to spy on their every move! For the evil ones to do away with them at once would take care of a lot of problems for the New World Order terrorists! But, Dear Ones, as you and I are well aware of their plots and schemes, we must work overtime to make sure that this does not come to pass!

I have also received a word from someone, who have connections with those in the intelligence field, that this plot to blow up this governing body has been known about for about a month! You and I have known it longer than this! So, once again, I stress to you that this plot is very real. It is known about by certain ones in the intelligence field already, but just because it is known about does not mean that they will be able to do a thing to stop it. Remember that various ones in the intelligence agencies also knew about the 911event well in advance, but who did a thing to stop this horrendous event?

This is a dirty war and if we do not get close to our Lord and God and live according to His commandments, we will not have a country left! America is falling, and it is irrelevant who believes or disbelieves! If we want a home at all, we must all rise up and take responsibility for what is done in this country!

I will be the first to agree that the elected leaders of this country, who reside in Washington DC, are rotten to the core! And, when you read our Father’s words, you will most assuredly agree, but if these terrorists, who are in power, are allowed to blow up and kill our leaders, it is the end for this country! So, Dear Ones, we have a work to do and we must all put our shoulders to the wheel and move forward to disseminate this warning! We must work together to accomplish this end; for the state of America is in great peril!







To: Members of the House and Senate, the Governing Body of the USA


"I am Jehovah, Most High God, the One God, the True God and the Only God of My People, Israel! Do not think that I am the God of those, who call themselves "Jews" but are not! For, these worship and serve Lucifer, Satan, the Devil and these are the very ones, who have bled this land until little is left. They are the very ones, who set up the country, Israel, which is full of evil and abominations!

Yes, I am He, who brought My people from all over the world and I gave them this land, which was held by those, who were largely savage! I brought you here and I brought your ancestors here, and just as I had promised when I scattered you, I brought you together again; and it is I, who made you great! I put my laws, my Ten Commandments, into the hearts of the founders of this Constitutional Republic and the laws of the land are founded upon My commandments.

Through the many years of this republic, you have honored My laws. You have honored My commandments and you taught them to your children in the schools. But, in the process you forgot about the seed of Lucifer, Satan, the Devil. I warned you about this very seed in the Book of Genesis, but since you no longer honor Me and My Laws, you have become all the more ignorant of your enemies and the enemies of My People! This is the price of rebellion!

Yes, the very price of rebellion is slavery; for this very Seed of the Serpent hates the House of Israel with a great hate and their plans from the beginning have been to destroy you! They have known that they must destroy the moral fiber of this land. Feverishly, they have worked to take My words out of the schools and you, in your ignorance and servitude to them, have helped them to do so! Now, you have generations, who are without any moral foundation. Children are taught to lie and steal from an early age. Almost from birth, they are taught to lie, to steal, to kill, to covet, and to fornicate.

You, who have been chosen to safeguard the freedoms of My people, have done all possible to destroy this constitutional republic. You have slapped your hands and cut deals with the evil ones, who hate you, and will soon destroy you! You have filled your pockets with filthy lucre until there is not one among you, who is free! For, you are all "bought and sold" whores, sold to the highest bidder! Who among you is in office because you are free? No, you are not free, but sold to those, who paid to put you there!

Now, because you, as a governing body, are rotten to the core, and because you, yourselves, are guilty of breaking all laws, you are ready to be destroyed! Do not whine about your lot; for you, all of you, have created it! Through your gross fornications, through your whoredoms with Satan and his minions, you have securely shackled and chained yourselves to the New World Order beast. You no longer have any privacy. Your every conversation is recorded! Your every move is watched! Your mail is opened before you get it, all to protect you from terrorists, of course! And, you, in your high tower, truly separated now from the electorate, are but pawns in the hands of Lucifer, Satan, the Devil.

You have earned it! You have worked very hard to get into this place, and right now, you are all on the verge of destruction! For, as you move to get to the bottom of the "911" incident, those, who perpetrated the crime, yes these New World Order Satanists, plan to blow you off the map! Of course, this will be a "terrorist" event; for you have been told this in advance! You have been warned! And, most of you, absolutely lost in arrogance and ignorance, believe that George W. Bush is a Christian and that Homeland Security is going to protect you from the terror that it is a part of!

Yes, you have precious little time to jail the New World Order Satanists and to hang them from the highest tree for sedition and treason! But, will you? For, how many of you have been put in power by the very same secret societies, which now plan to blow you up and to kill you all?

Yes, Oh, yes, you are in quite a predicament! For, you have given the Satanists free reign. You have passed all their laws and many of them you passed without ever reading them, just as you passed the Patriot Act, giving them unprecedented powers to destroy the constitutional rights of everyone, including yourselves. And, in your servitude, you have allowed for the worst kind of measures to be put into place through executive orders. You have allowed this country to be infiltrated by foreign governments, including foreign spy agencies, such as the Mossad and the M15, who are busy killing off all opposition, and you, in your blindness and arrogance, do not see it, and do not believe that this will happen to you!

While you have filled your pockets and have continued on in your debauchery, the USA is literally burning, just as Rome burned! All that is being done, in the name of terror, has all been done before! There is nothing new under the Sun, but you, in your blind arrogance and ignorance, continue to believe in the illusion of Al Qaeda and Ben Laden!

The world knows that Al Qaeda is a product of the CIA and that the Bushes and the Ben Ladens have been long-term business partners, but you, in your ignorance and arrogance, are the Don Quixotes of the world. You are evermore chasing the windmills of illusion. Yes, you are blind and deaf, the USA is burning, and you still slap your hands with the enemy while you fill your pockets with filthy lucre.

While the Satanists rob every pension fund, steal from every bank, and haul off all social security funds, you turn a blind eye as you stuff your pockets with more filthy lucre. Yes, these evil ones have you where they want you and in truth, this is where you deserve to be! For, look what you have done! You have turned a blind eye to the evil, which has overthrown this land! You have corrupted the very moral foundation of this land through your pride and arrogance! You have allowed a treasonous President to declare war under false pretenses, all for oil and greed, and you have continued to support such a thing! You have given a free reign to the Satanists in control of this military to pollute the whole Mideast with radioactive dust, thereby insuring a huge loss of life, even to your own military, and you have done nothing! You have turned a blind eye to all the deaths and casualties of this Iraqi war, which have been lied about and covered up by the Satanists in power! You have filled your pockets while the elitists have taken over the press and now truth very seldom comes over the major media unless there is a "reason" to distort it. You have allowed for military weapons to be used against the truthbearers and the lightbearers and now many of them are dead! Many are sick through the constant microwaving and from other forms of torture!

Yes, this evil has risen up among you in a fury and it is out to destroy you all! But, what have you done about it? You have known of the plans for a New World Order for a very long time! You heard George H.W. Bush speak about the New World Order over and over and others among you have revealed their plans for a New World Order! You know of the New World Order plans to overthrow this government and you have done nothing! You know of the secret societies, such as the Skull and Bones, the Freemasons, and other groups, which meet in secret, all for the purposes of establishing a Satanic New World Order!

Many of you belong to these secret societies and you have actively worked to overthrow this republic! But, you, in your ignorance, believe that you will float to the top, like cream, and that you will be scooped off and preserved by these evil hoards! And, now obviously you are wrong again! For, these very ones, who are governed by Satan, who are themselves, the very seed of the serpent, hate you all and plan to kill you all! They are telling you how they plan to blow you up, to kill you all in one fell swoop!

But, you, in your ignorance and your arrogance, do not believe it will happen to you! Why should it not happen to you? These very ones anthraxed you! Thank George H.W. Bush and his criminals in government for this! These very ones have spied on you continually! They have killed and murdered those among you, who get out of line, and forget whom they work for!

You remember some of the freak accidents and suicides! Surely, you do! Yet, you continue in your pride and in your stupidity, believing that this will not happen to you! I am telling you the plans of the evil ones and you have but one choice! You will either clean up your putrid and rotten lives and you will repent of this evil, forsaking it and returning to My commandments, supporting the Constitution of this land, or you will all go down as "devil bait!"

How foolish you have been! You never thought that the evil ones would get rid of you; for, you have been in bed with them for a long time and you have lived "high on the hog!" But, you have forgotten that once they are through with you, the pawns, they are through!

They have murdered and pillaged and murdered and pillaged and you have done nothing. You have partied while "Rome" is burning; and make no mistake about it, your masters are now ready to get rid of you all, in one fell swoop!

I am the Only One, who can help you! I am the Only One, who can help this nation! For, it is I, who made you great, but Satan, the Devil, has hated you from the beginning and it is he, who has set out to systematically destroy this land!

But, greed and power have consumed you all and you are rotten to the core! The truth is that you are no longer fit to govern! As a whole body you are rotten, and save you repent of your evil, Satan and his New World Order minions will burn you up in a flash!

These are My warnings to you; for I do not want this land destroyed! I do not want to see you all burn up! But, if you will not repent of your evil and govern yourselves according to what is right and according to My Commandments, I will allow this and a greater evil to come upon you all until this land is utterly destroyed and few are left! For, I am disgusted with the rot and filth, which covers this land and I am sickened by the putrid waste, which has prevailed among you as a governing body. This is My formal warning to you and it may very well be My last! I am Jehovah, Most High God, the God of True Israel, the Very One, who made this nation the greatest nation on Earth, and be advised, you will make right your wrongs or you will quickly fall!"

As witnessed, dictated and recorded, this 4th day of April, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman



Send this message!

So, Dear Ones, please extract this message from our Father in Heaven, not the entire "Message for You," but our Father’s message to the House and Senate, and send it in its entirety to all members of the House and Senate. You know that much terror in this land has already been stopped because you have done your part in prayer to stop it. Once the word is out about the plans of the evil ones, they have to scramble into their holes and modify them, forsake them, or come up with other plans!

We must move forward and work together to get this message to all members of the House and Senate!


Pray, pray, pray!

At the same time, Dear Ones, pray that our Father in Heaven touches the hearts of all of these elected officials so that they will receive what He is giving to them! Pray also that our Father in Heaven will stop this planned terror event and that all New World Order treasonists will be tried and put in jail for their crimes against this country! Pray for these things daily and all through the day!

I do not know how long our Father will give us before He completely destroys this land, but He is still pleading for His people to repent and come back! For the few of us, who are awake, we must continue to fight for this land; for it is our home and when it falls, the whole world falls!

Thank you!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank each of you, who has seen our need and has helped with these works! Our Father is going to take care of these special needs so that we have additional help with these works and we are waiting upon Him to do as He has promised! Some of you are going to feel the blessings of the Most High in your lives and I thank Him for touching you and for blessing all, who help us to get these works out! You are precious in His sight; for you are helping to save this country and to reach our Brothers and Sisters all around the world! We send big hugs and lots of love to each of you!


We have received some beautiful miracles, which we will post soon! These beautiful miracles will bring joy to your hearts! So, stay in touch; for more is soon coming to you!

 Jesus is our Precious and Wonderful Savior!

Your Brother and Sister,
Dennis and Linda

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