A Message For You

April 14, 1999


"WWW III Moves On!"

My Precious Brothers and Sisters, it is time that we get our houses in order. For, many of us shall be leaving our physical bodies sooner rather than later. When our time comes, I pray that we can look back on our lives, knowing that we have sought truth, and that we have loved our Father and our Lord no matter what the consequences.

Every day we make choices and these choices tell much about us. They tell if we love truth or if we love a lie. Our choices dictate the direction of our journeys before God and they determine if we will go the broad way or the straight way. Our choices tell if we are brave or cowardly. They tell if we are full of love and forgiveness or if we are full of hate and malice. They tell if we can be trusted or if we are deceitful. Our choices paint a picture of our soul.

So many times, Our Lord has spoken of the Straight Way and how so few find it and stay on it. This is so, My Brothers and Sisters, for the Straight Way is at odds with the world. To go the Straight Way means that we must forsake the things of the world. We must step away from the mass mind control of the media or of the movie houses. We must take counsel from our Lord and our God and cling to the Spirit of God, making it our constant friend and companion. The choice to go the Straight Way is about spiritual discipline and obedience over time. It is about loving and living truth.

When the bombs start to fly over this land and so many suddenly lose all the stuff they have, they will be broken. They will wail and cry out and curse God. They will be full of hate; for all that they have loved has let them down. Millions upon millions will be as empty buckets, not knowing how to go to God’s Well to drink.

We need more of Our Father’s abundance in our lives, more of His love, more of His mercy and grace. We need more of His compassion, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. This country has gone to the dogs and great tragedy knocks on our door.

I will pray for you and for healing of your heart. I will pray for your needs. Just write. Our Lord is a Lord of miracles and He has given out many miracles through this website. He says that He wants to give out miracles and will do so to the Sincere of Heart. He only wants your heart. Would you give this to Him, to be His instrument in this world of darkness?


A Message from Our Lord Jesus


"My Precious Child, I am your Master Jesus. Yea, great confusion abounds in the world and Lucifer would have all of you believe that white is black and black is white. But, My Little One, so long as any of you have My Spirit as your constant friend and companion, you shall not be deceived.
      Now, behold that you are high upon My Holy Mountain and look far below into the blackness of Yugoslavia. Yea, My Little One, Lucifer runs rampant and he is intent on taking this land. First Yugoslavia and then Europe; and in this manner, it shall go. This war will deplete your munitions and weaken your armed forces; and then you shall be invaded. The Red Rooster is watching carefully and waiting to pounce on you; for you are the chicken without feathers, that is without armor; and your military is all but dead. For, without adequate armor and without munitions to defend yourself, you are easy prey.       But, know My Child, that this has been Clinton’s plan all along. For, he is one with the notion of bringing the USA to its knees, so that Germany can rule the world. Long ago, Clinton acquiesced to the Luciferian plan and at this point he knows that he had better not buck it, or he will surely wind up like Kennedy. But, My Child, he shall end up this way anyhow. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"So, look into the darkness of Yugoslavia and write as seen."

"My Lord, I see Hitler salute Milosevic. In fact, they walk now arm in arm into the UN Building and disappear into a tent, which is called ‘Rothschild to the Core.’ Inside this tent, the walls are lined with gold bars and the black Rothschild buzzard sits in a chair behind a table. However, as I look at this black buzzard, this awful bird of prey, it turns into the fat Rothschild man, who croaks with the voices of many frogs. He reaches behind him and grabs hold of a stack of gold bars and hands them to Milosevic, who puts them into a bag. Then, Hitler enters Milosevic and these two dance and sing:

"I’m off to see My Lady,
My Lady, My Lady!
I’m off to see My Lady,
The Ho, the Ho.

She plays a tune,
That no man can sing.
She dances a dance
That no man can dance.

The Ho must go,
She’s a weed,
A seed of rebellion
Among men.

She’s akin to
Lead in the water.
Like dope,
No poison, I say.
We’re off to see My Lady!"

      Then, the evil Rothschild man with many demons laughs and laughs and laughs as he tosses a cigar outside the tent. The cigar explodes creating a roaring fire; and this fire takes off making a path all the way to Bill Clinton’s bed. However, Clinton does not see the fire as he is fast asleep and is dreaming. I watch Bill Clinton’s dream as it unfolds and I see him put a telescope to his right eye and look all the way toward Romania. ‘Romania is next!’ Bill exclaims. ‘Romania is about to blow!’ But, Bill Clinton does not see George Bush behind him and immediately Bush plows into Clinton’s right eye with his fist. Suddenly, Clinton cannot see from this eye. ‘That smarts, you devil,’ Clinton says to Bush. ‘Not as much as this,’ Bush says. And, he knees him in the stomach. Reeling from the pain, Clinton falls over and Bush beats him in the back. ‘I am victorious,’ says Bush. ‘Not just yet,’ Clinton says. And, he gets up and hits Bush in the head with Hitler’s baton and Bush’s head falls over to the left side. ‘Don’t be so sure of yourself, ‘Lil Boy, I’m not finished yet,’ Clinton says. Then, Clinton gets up and puts the telescope to his left eye and looks back toward Romania. ‘Oh, yea,’ Bill Clinton says, ‘Romania is next!’ And, through the telescope he watches Hitler charging into Romania.
      But, as he watches Romania, a pig taps on his rear end and pulls his pants down in back, revealing Clinton’s behind. The pig suddenly turns into a shiny black horse; and although the black horse has no rider, it bears the words, ‘Reserved for Saddam.’
      Now, I look far out in the desert; and I see Hussein charging across the desert on foot, panting and wiping sweat; for he knows that the black horse awaits him. In Saddam’s hand is a piece of paper, which says, ‘Germany’s promise.’

"So, My Lord, Germany is pumping up Milosevic with gold, pushing the USA to use up all weapons; and at the same time the Germans are promising Hussein great things."

"Yes, My Child; for, you know who is in charge in Germany."

"Yes, My Lord."

"And, this war shall spread to Romania?"

"It shall."

"And, to others countries in Europe?"

"Yes, to Macedonia and to other countries, which surround Yugoslavia. Child, this war is the spark, which shall spread fire all across Europe; and, Germany is at the head of this war pushing it along. In the end, Germany shall rule with an iron hand. But, many shall not see this coming until it is too late to do anything about it. Soon, My Child, the USA shall be out of the running."

"When, My Lord?"

"Have you not been warned of the great peril unfolding in the late spring of 1999?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"But, My Child, how many fast and pray for your Father’s mercy? I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 7th day of April, 1999,
Linda Newkirk

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Your mail

      My Cherished Ones, so many of you have written and have sent articles. Our Beloved Lord has opened your eyes to the fact that you are Watchers on the Wall and He wants you to be aware of the need for your work. He loves you and needs you so in His service and He will bless you for your work in His camp. All of you come under heavy satanic attack; I see this regularly and am led to pray for you. But, you must be diligent in your prayers and fasts, for Lucifer would love to sift your souls as sand. Be not afraid of him or of anything He can do to you. Even though he will kill many of us, we must not fear him, but the works of Our Father, our God. For, he gave us a soul and has the power to take the same. Our Father is all-powerful and we must put our hope and faith in Him and Our Beloved Deliverer Jesus. Remember that this sphere is our temporary home; for we are only visiting from a perfect abode called Heaven.
      So, neither look to the right nor to the left, but keep your eyes on Jesus. Pay no attention to those, who would derail you. Do not give them space in your life. There is no time to spend on distractions, for great destruction is at our door.
      And, my warning to all of you is to stay away from anything, which looks like the occult. For, it opens doors into your mind, into your emotions, into your body and soul through which demons can enter and fight for control over you.
      We are in a great war and it is a war for every soul. And, because of this war, each of us must remember that Lucifer comes at us from all directions, in many disguises, and even through some of our family members. If is very hard to stay away from others we love, but if they get in the way of God’s work, it is best to keep a distance and to pray for them, rather than to let them tear apart our lives and steal our peace. Even as I write this, I remember our Lord’s words that He is coming back with the sword and that he is going to divide families. Why? Because there are some in all families, who love Our Lord and seek to abide by what is true and right, while others have no regard for Him and love a lie.
      So, I tell you that we must cling to Our Lord with all our hearts, no matter how hard times get. For, He is returning in very few years and He is coming for the tested, the tried and true, and the faithful.



I received an article this week from one of you telling about warnings sent out to Israel from the world elite commanding them to give up a portion of land to the Palestinians or else. In the last update, we read of how Germany has threatened Israel to follow through with this land deal or take heed of Kosovo. This is the else as Germany is in a quick push to own Israel. "Israel, Israel, I am warning you. Listen up! For, Germany wishes to rip you from your foundations. This evil hoard of New World Order Luciferians, which is now under the spell of the German, will come for you once again! And, this will be soon! I am warning you! You know of Lucifer’s designs to own you and to rule from Israel; and this, my Fellow Israelites, shall come to pass. You must wake up to the rogue Jews, who say, ‘Jew, Jew,’ but who despise the Jewish Heritage. They despise our Father, Our God, the God of Israel; and they are full of hate for our Lord Jesus. Yea, these same rogue Jews follow in after Lucifer and are instruments in his hands; and they plan to own Israel and make it home for Lucifer. And, I tell you that this shall come to pass! Oh, Much-Beloved Israel, hear the voice of this sincere servant of God: Watch your backside; for an attack on Israel is very near."


(Read all of this article)

Subject: Fwd:News Release from Fritz Springmeier
Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 21:51:53 -0700


Over two weeks ago, this author was given inside information that the World Order had pulled all their key people---specialists, and so forth out of San Diego, CA. These people were given a secret high level briefing which told them to leave San Diego by April 3rd, and that the reason they were to leave was that Russia was going to drop nuclear bombs on San Diego, Seattle, NYC, coastal cities on the eastern seaboard where U.S. naval forces (such as subs) are kept, and Biloxi, Miss. These important people were then moved to Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Utah where they could be secure underground. Two of these people had lived through Vietnam, and no longer trusted their government to care about the people, and it is through these two that this information leaked to this author.

This information is important, but what is even more alarming is that many other things support this information & lead to only one conclusion, a nuclear war has been planned against the United States by Russia, & the American public is being blindly led into this war. People who are aware of Dmitri Dutiman's prophecies may not be surprised by this state of affairs, but none the less are placed into the same position everyone else is in. That position is to ask, "Will this really take place?, "What can we do to prevent this? & "What can we do to prepare to survive such an attack?" and finally, "What will be the warning signs that bombs are about to drop?" This news release will try to answer these questions.

Bad weather over Yugoslavia has apparently set back the script a few days. NATO says that they are two days behind because of bad weather. Apparently, the entire script must be played scene by scene, and the bad weather gave us a little more time. I also hope that by blowing the whistle on this devious plot over radio to 1 million listeners might make the plotters think twice about their play which has chillingly gone through act 1, act 2, act 3, and act 4 all according to the script. There are many interesting things about this Kosovo crisis that the news media is mostly ignoring, What will follow is some of the collaborating evidence and related affairs which the reader may not be aware of, Yugoslavia is like Russia s little brother. Since NATO s attacks on Yugoslavia, Russian television has repeatedly referred to Russia s close relationship to Yugoslavia. Russia has a treaty to protect Yugoslavia if it is attacked. What big brother would not defend his little brother?

      So why has not Russia honored their commitment to Yugoslavia? Perhaps they are moving to do just that. More on this in a moment.

NATO and Yugoslavia are locked into this crisis which continues to escalate. NATO continues to weaken itself as it uses up its limited supply of cruise missiles and ammunition. The United States has been sending its reserves of food and medical supplies to the Balkans. The United States is greatly overextended. In order to fight in the Balkans, air force units patrolling northern Iraq had to be shifted to the Balkans theater. The aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf went to the Adriatic and the only American aircraft carrier in the Pacific is now in the Persian Gulf. The fighting in the Balkans has no strategic importance in relationship to a conflict between Russia and the U.S.

In other words, we are preoccupied with a costly war which if we get into a war with Russia has no strategic value.

According to eyewitnesses who have sat in on high level meetings, the Kosovo crisis is following a script. There are numerous clues that this is true, in fact, many items of the pre-written script are being played out before our eyes. On the Bill Brumbaugh radio show, this author warned that the next step in the script was for Russia to increase tensions and "rattle her sabres". This stage just began today, as the Russian government demanded that the United States and NATO stop the bombing in a few days or else they would take action.

At the same time, Russia has announced they will try to form a group of world leaders to work on diffusing the crisis. For those who are still skeptical, lets postulate for the sake of discussion that Russia wanted to nuke the U.S. If so, then how would events be scripted? The Russians would not want to announce their intentions so they will wear a smiling mask that hides their true intentions.

Instead of being bellicose like Kruschev, they will put on a calm nice front, so as not to alarm their prey. Further, there would have to be some kind of pretext that would justify to the Russian people that America was aggressively a threat to them, and that their honor, patriotism and morality called for a strong reaction. NATO has been portrayed in the Russian media as having broken several international laws to interfere in the internal affairs of the nation of Yugoslavia. The U.S. has supposedly according to their news already launched an ICBM from a submarine that hit Yugoslavia. The United States also placed sanctions on 3 Russian companies Tula Design Bureau, Volsk Mechanical Plant, and the Central Research Institute for Precision Machine Building on April 4, 1999. At a time that American-Russian relationships are fragile, our government
is busy humiliating and agitating the Russians. It does not make much sense.

Why are we ignoring the Russians and humiliating the Russian government in front of the Russian people? Like I reported, we are following a script in which our traitorous leaders like Bill Clinton are involved in order to bring in the New World Order. This script will soon usher in W.W. III.

Unfortunately, much of what is happening is not being reported, so most people can not put together the pieces that would expose how the crisis has been created at the behest of the World Order in order to implement their NWO agenda.

The subject of Russia and its reaction to the NATO attacks on Yugoslavia has received very little attention on the establishment media. When the subject is raised, the answer is that Russia is an economic basketcase and they can't do anything. First, the bear still has claws. For years, Russia has been stockpiling the food that U.S. and Europe has sent them. Russia has secretly been enhancing their military. Their people are poor and suffering only because they have continued over the last few years to stockpile large quantities of food and weapons. They have followed both Sun Tsu and Lenin's doctrine of feigning weakness. One NSA agent told this author in a half-cocky fashion, simply, "If you want to understand what is happening today, read Sun Tsu." On the surface that does not seem to say much, but if one understands that Sun Tsu advocated feigning weakness to surprise one s enemy, it says a lot.

In 1992, this author attended a conference at Lewis & Clark College which was opened to the public entitled "The New World Order". The speakers were several Russian professors from Moscow, such as the University of Moscow. I got a chance to ask questions. They said that Russia was in the same transition that the Weimar Republic was ~ when it became a Nazi regime. They also admitted that they had seen that food was being stockpiled and not getting to the people.

They said that they had seen no tangible help from Europe and the U.S. reach Russia, and yet our media made it sound like we were feeding the hungry Russian people. After starving for years, just like the Germans during their trial period with democracy after W.W. I, the Russians don t care if they go to war, or if they are led by a dictator. They just want to be taken care of and feel the same pride they had in their country when the world feared and respected them.

Several books could be written about the details in this news release, including several books about how the United States is practically defenseless. Americans keep bearing the mantra "We are the world's only superpower." And every time it is said, godly people should remember the truth, "Pride goes before the fall." America s early warning system, our radar network that told us when enemy bombers were 2,000 miles away, was shut down by President Bush.

So now we have our eyes closed. If that were not enough to be defeated, Clinton made an executive order which forbids the military from reacting to a Russian first strike. Our generals and admirals must wait until the first strike bits, before they can respond. This is like going into the boxing ring and saying "Give me your best hit". Well, the Russians are ready to give us their best hit, and it will be a knock out punch. It used to be that we would launch our missiles when we detected theirs being launched and the missiles would cross mid-air and blow up both countries. Now we are to absorb their first strike.

That is why their first strike is targeted to knock out our naval bases and submarines. They have produced enormous numbers of killer submarines which greatly outnumber our submarines and these will attack to eliminate any submarines at sea. Except for our mobile subs, the U.S. no longer has mobile missiles, but only a reduced number in fixed locations.

We are building a new defensive system that has not been brought on line. Now is ideal for them to strike, The downsizing and budget cuts have greatly weakened our military. Plus our leaders have done everything possible behind the scenes to weaken us, claiming that this was the peace dividend from the fail of communism, and necessary to balance their budget.

Obviously a few of our missiles will get past their excellent Anti-ballistic Missile Defense system (by the way, we have no ABM system). This means that the Russians will receive a few casualties, but these will be minor compared to the damage that we receive. There are many reasons why the Russians need to strike soon, or lose their capability. Their own nuclear weapons are corroding and decaying. They also face a worse Y2K problem than we do with their military computers. Their military leaders are now publicly urging that the Russians do something with their military to stop the bombing of Yugoslavia.

The groundwork has been laid for the Russian people to believe that they have the moral high ground in launching a nuclear first strike. We are seen as the aggressors who created this Yugoslavian crisis. The Russian people have seen women and children killed by our bombs. The Russian government warned the United States that it would take it very seriously if any harm came to the many Russians in Yugoslavia. The Russian embassy was very close to one of the sites which was just recently destroyed by NATO bombs. The Russian military now has a complete advantage over the United States, and in their eyes every reason to strike us. Will they? Many clues and inside reports from all over confirm that this is exactly where we are headed. In fact, we only have days from now. By the time this report reaches you, we will be very short on time. I apologize that this warning is so late. On the other hand, there have been many visions received recently by devout Christians warning of what this news report states.

Even the reported prophecies by the Virgin Mary in Yugoslavia years ago, said W.W. III would break out this way. (I don t believe that "she" was honestly the Virgin Mary, but that the enemy manufactured those reports so that people would later recall them and say that this W.W. III was God's will and that we could not do anything about it. The truth is, it is a World Order script that has been well orchestrated behind the scenes.) One of the important areas to watch to see if war is to break out is North Korea which will join Russia. North Korea recently had 7 spy ships chased away from Japan by the Japanese navy. It was reported that the Japanese navy fired hostile shots for the first time since W.W. II. These are the kind of incidents that one will see before a major operation. Before any offensive, probes will be made to learn day to day intelligence. An increase in probing and spying is an alarm. North Korea has been very volatile, and the situation looks like it is ready for a new war.

When war breaks out, the script is that China will jump in on Russia's side and seize Taiwan, now that we have no fleet to protect Taiwan. It is not difficult to imagine that Clinton and the NWO probably have planned it this way, when one remembers that Clinton is facing a scandal for having given the Chinese high tech for their military, and that they were spying during his administration on our best secrets. He also gave them the port facilities at Long Beach, CA.

Mexico has been denouncing NATO s attacks. Isn't that strange? Mexico, who seems to be so close to America, is politically siding with Russia and Yugoslavia on this one. Eyewitnesses report how Mexico has been used to warehouse Russian heavy equipment for their next war against us. Teams of Mexicans have been highly trained by the Soviets (similar to our Delta teams) and are to be used during Russia's takeover of the U.S. Mexican gangs and highly trained Mexican military teams are to be used for the house-to-house searches. Some have already received the addresses of the houses they are to receive (occupy) when certain American homeowners are evicted from their homes.

Cuba will also be used as a base of operations against us. Further, millions of the recent immigrants into the United States have come here from Russia, China, Eastern Europe and Vietnam, and are programmed to cooperate with the destruction of America.

The extent of the crisis looming over the horizon, is worsened by the fact that our government is loyal to the New World Order and can not be trusted any more than the Chinese, Yugoslavians, or Russians. Many American mind-controlled slaves who work for the World Order are not being taken out of harms way. They are somewhat expendable in order to preserve the secrecy of this whole devious traitorous operation, They are being programmed with information to make them more survivable than the common ostrich-with-his-head-in- the-sand American.

One of the items that is being programmed into these mind-controlled slaves is to not trust the American government after the nuclear attack. The American government will be sending people to concentration camps, and rounding up people they consider a threat for execution. These slaves are being programmed with instructions to help them sidestep and survive the tyranny of the American government after the war starts. We still have another final act before the bombs hit. Russia's military will increase their sabre rattling and increase the tension. This is only a cover so that they can get their military in position. People are going to think that the Russian military is responding to Yugoslavian crisis, while in reality they are moving into position for W.W.III.

After a short increase in tension, a false political breakthrough will occur, similar to the Japanese peace negotiations just before Pearl Harbor. The U.S. will relax at this political breakthrough and then the attack will hit. Our time is very short, Prepare a shelter, get Potassium Iodide. Take Calcium, Potassium, Zinc, and Vitamin B-12. Have some foods like chocolate bars as morale boosters. We will be underground for several weeks.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Subject: (InTheShadows) Russia Mobilizes, NATO Unaware of Threat
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 08:20:35 -0700

Clueless In Brussels: Russia Mobilizes, NATO Unaware of Threat
J.R. Nyquist
April 9, 1999

Hundreds of angry Russian demonstrators marched through the Russian capital last week, calling for war on NATO. One banner carried by the marchers said: "It's time to bomb the military bases of the United States."

Meanwhile, Russia's foreign and defense ministers said the Kosovo crisis was spreading beyond Yugoslavia, and that Moscow was preparing new and unspecified measures. Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov spoke of "new tasks" for Russia's military. Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev likened the crisis to "a whirlpool which is drawing more countries into it."

Believing the crisis is about to spread, Russia has been mobilizing its armed forces, sending powerful battlegroups to sea from both the Pacific and Northern fleets, as well as mobilizing naval units of the Baltic and Black seas -- even to the point of dispatching a naval squadron to the Mediterranean.

The Russian government has also announced a draft of young men ages 18 to 27. Though officials say this draft will only ask for 168,776 recruits, the specified age ranges suggest that Russia is planning to mobilize further drafts from this same pool.

What is most remarkable about the present crisis is the NATO reaction. Within NATO there is little alarm at the Russian war preparations. President Clinton dismissed any thought of a conflict with Russia. The crisis, he lamented, has "put great strains on the domestic politics of Russia."

Oddly, the American president regards Moscow's naval and ground mobilizations as a Russian "domestic" problem. As for Russian calls for all-out war, Clinton sees the new anti-Americanism of Russians as "one of the unfortunate side effects of the whole crisis." It seems as if Clinton dismisses Russia's military power. He has no regard for Russia's nuclear bombs and missiles, for an army which is still three times larger than the U.S. Army, and which may easily grow to more than four times the size of the U.S. Army in the next three months. The fact is Clinton's contempt of Russian power is forgetful of America's overextended global position.

While Russia has only to deal with a few "bandits" in Chechnya, the U.S. military is pinned down in the Far East by North Korea and by Iraq in the Middle East. Worse yet, America has lost China as a counterweight to Russian military power. Last year Russia and China officially formed a "strategic partnership." According to the official Chinese news agency, this partnership is for the purpose of challenging the "perceived global dominance of the U.S."

Russia and China have jointly demilitarized their 2,500-mile border. 300 Russian combat units were withdrawn from the Chinese frontier. A similar number of Chinese units were withdrawn. Now the Chinese are building up their forces opposite Taiwan, preparing for what one expert says is a rapid campaign of conquest. At the same time, the aforesaid Russian units are now free to threaten NATO.

But NATO is unmindful of this significant shift in the global balance of power. In this context, the most ominous development of recent days has been reported in the Far East. According to the nationally circulated Sankei newspaper in Japan, North Korea used a naval diversion on March 23rd to insert "dozens" of special operations commandos into Japan. According to unidentified sources, these North Korean infiltrators are trained in the sabotage of trains, bridges, and communications. This is the type of force North Korea would deploy prior to all-out war, which the North Koreans now say is imminent.

The aforementioned developments would alarm any sensible strategist contemplating a ground campaign in Serbia. But NATO is unmindful, and no NATO official better exemplifies this obliviousness than Germany's defense minister, Rudolf Scharping. On Sunday he suggested a bomb attack on the residence of Yugoslavia's head of state. Scharping, heedless of the greater vulnerability to assassination of Western leaders, said: "I am not worried about Russia." In keeping with this nonchalance, Scharping sees Russia's naval deployment to the Mediterranean as "a mere reconnaissance mission."

Perhaps the call-up of 170,000 Russians is also reconnaissance.

Gerhard Schroeder, the German Chancellor, is likewise oblivious. He believes Yeltsin's soothing assurances that Russian mobilizations are empty gestures meant for internal Russian consumption. But mass troop mobilizations, naval deployments, and increased military readiness is nothing to take lightly in the nuclear age. Readiness is all when it comes to modern warfare, and whoever takes the enemy by surprise conquers all.

It is almost as if the West's leaders have lost their strategic sense. Even Dr. Henry Kissinger is unmoved by Russian war preparations. In an appearance on PBS's Lehrer News Hour Kissinger said: "I go along with intensifying the war." The idea, he said, is "victory."

With this sort of prestige behind it, the madness is sure to continue.

Day by day strident anti-Western sentiment is spreading throughout Russia. Even Russian liberals, who privately loathe Milosevic, have joined the anti-American bandwagon. And though President Yeltsin has called for Russians to set aside their anger, he has been denounced by the opposition which intends to impeach him on April 15th. Ominously, one of the charges against President Yeltsin is that he destroyed the Soviet Union.

Given the outrage Russians now feel about the NATO attack on their Serbian ally (on whose behalf they fought World War One), it is only natural that a hardliner would win any presidential elections held in the event of Yeltsin's removal from office. That hardliner is likely to be Prime Minister Primakov, who some experts say would win by a landslide.

As NATO intensifies its campaign against Yugoslavia the Russians continue to mobilize their considerable military potential. No end to this insane cycle is in sight. Though the Russian leaders are cynical in their exploitation of national anger, the real problem is that NATO's leadership remains clueless in Brussels.


      Dear Readers, I disagree with one thing about this article. It is not that NATO is unaware of the threat of war with Russia. They are part of it. It is all part of the scheme to bring down the USA. When I saw visions of foreign soldiers invading this country, I clearly saw NATO and The United Nations taking part in the invasion. When I saw NATO, I said, "My Lord, NATO?" And, He said, "Yes, NATO!" So, I tell you that the joke is on everyone the world over about the war in Yugoslavia. They started a fire and are putting it out by eradicating Yugoslavia; and, they know that they had better work fast or people will find out the truth. This attack by Russia and others on the USA is a scheme involving many in the congress of the USA, not to mention our patriotic president Bill Clinton. But, listen up! When the foreign invaders come into this country, some of the first people they are going to round up are the congressmen. Remember that our Lord has shown the Congress closed and the red flag with the star and the moon behind it. So, who will rule the USA? Red China will rule! But, Russia will of course be the peacemaker. In other words, they know how to fill up the gulags! And, we must not forget that it will all headed up by Germany! Can we say World-wide Luciferianism?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Subject: Fwd: Contact FBI if Serbian Terrorist Activity near U.S.
Date: Thur, 15 Apr 1999 08:12:30 -0700

SA Stephen Kosky Email: skosky@leo.gov , FBI Cincinnati Division
550 Main St, Rm 9000, Cincinnati, OH 45202 Voice: 513-421-4310 Fax:513-562-5650
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From: ewolfe@involved.com (Ed Wolfe)
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To: USCMike1@aol.com

This might bring about a reason for martial law, but I wasn't expecting anything until this summer.
Regarding confidentiality of sources, surely you realize that if the source can be traced, the source can be silenced. But I also understand your concerns. I won't send anything without a source unless it is absolutely urgent. -E.W.

This just in. Came from a source with no reason to lie. Contact information and phone number enclosed. Please send out to all interested parties. Threat self explanatory. All personnel should take note and consider the implications contained herein.

Posted to the PHS-1 DMAT Listserv on 09-APR-1999 by CAPT William A. Hess, who can be contacted at 301-827-3281 or hess@cder.fda.gov This message was verified by CAPT Hess with Steve Gosky, who is an FBI agent stationed in Cincinnati that originated the message. The FBI message is intended for the widest distribution possible to ALL service members. Please feel free to pass this message along to anyone or any group who is in one of the Uniformed Services.
      Subject: Request to Disseminate Information Concerning Serbian Threats to Kill American Military Personnel in the United States       Importance: High




SA Stephen Kosky Email: skosky@leo.gov mailto:skosky@leo.gov
mailto:skosky@leo.gov mailto:skosky@leo.gov FBI Cincinnati Division
550 Main St, Rm 9000, Cincinnati, OH 45202 Voice: 513-421-4310 Fax:513-562-5650

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Received another article about the mobilization of the National Guard in the USA in response of Y2K problems and suspected role of the UN and Germany strongarm in the chaos to come. Our Lord has already revealed that the United Nations will play a role in the invasion of this country as well as NATO, Russia, China and others. But, let us not despair and lose sight of Our Lord’s strength in our lives. For, we must live in faith depending upon Him for deliverance until it is time to go home. Then, let us be like Paul and some of the martyrs of times past. Let us run to our deaths with our hearts full of love for Our Lord, thanking our Lord for the strength to fight the fight as long as we did, not with the sword or gun, but with the double-edged sword of His Word.

Subject: Fw: Sleep well America
From: S.
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 1999 ______________________________________________________

March 24. 1999
(Read this several times, lest you forget.)

* 709,000 regular (active duty) service personnel;
* 293,000 reserve troops;
* Eight standing army divisions;
* 20 air force and navy air wings with 2,000 combat aircraft;
* 232 strategic bombers;
* 13 strategic ballistic missile submarines with 3,114 nuclear warheads on 232 missiles;
* 500 ICBMs with 1,950 warheads;
* Four aircraft carriers, and;
* 121 surface combat ships and submarines, plus all the support bases,shipyards and logistical assets needed to sustain such a naval force.

Is this country Russia? No

Red China? No

Great Britain ? Wrong Again

USA? Hardly

Give Up? Well, don't feel too bad if you are unable to identify this global superpower because this country no longer exists. It has vanished. These are the American military forces that have disappeared since the 1992 election.
Sleep well, America.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

April 13, 1999.
Copyright 1999, U.S. Newswire

            Did King Clinton just DECLARED WAR with an EO!!!!!!!!?
Subject: Text of Executive Order Designating Combat Zones
Date: Wednesday, April 14, 1999 4:23 AM
Text of Executive Order Designating Combat Zones
U.S. Newswire 13 Apr 18:22

      Text of Executive Order Designating Combat Zones
      To: National and International desks
      Contact: White House Press Office, 202-456-2100

WASHINGTON, April 13 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Following is the text of an Executive Order, released today by the White House:



Pursuant to the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and laws of the United States of America, including section 112 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (26 U.S.C. 112), I designate, for the purposes of that section, the following locations, including the airspace above such locations, as an area in which Armed Forces of the United States are and have been engaged in combat The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia/Montenegro); Albania; the Adriatic Sea; the Ionian Sea north of the 39th parallel. For the purposes of this order, I designate March 24, 1999, as the date of the commencement of combatant activities in such zone.

April 13, 1999.

U.S. Newswire 202-347-2770
04/13 18:22
Copyright 1999, U.S. Newswire



      We have received lots of mail and are able to post only a portion of it, for there are so many things going on at once that as one day passes another item of even greater importance rises to take precedence. These are the times of the Great Tribulation, which our Lord said began last year. That is, we have begun the last seven years before the return of our Lord.
      A Dear Watcher named A sent an article describing the mines in and around Kosovo and the great wealth therein and the reasons for the New World Order schemers wanting to own them. Hence, they started the war in Kosovo, but I suggest that there is more. For, Lucifer plans to own every Holy Place on the face of the planet and as we have been told, Kosovo bears religious significance to those in the region. We have received reports of soldiers walking around Kosovo with their wallets full of dollars and marks, and other reports of the fake war crimes of Milosevic. Yet, some are saying that Milosevic should be tried for war crimes. Like, who will try him and when? For, Germany is filling his pockets with gold.
      We have received more information on the Spratley Islands, and how neighboring islands are planning various sporting events in an attempt to please the Red Chinese, who of course have invaded the Spratlys. When I read of these proposed sporting events, I said, "Huh?" In my mind, I could see a na´ve chicken dancing and bowing before a cobra. People, Red China is in the Spratlys to stay; and before it is over, they will own much more than just the Spratlys.
      Just yesterday, a Dear Watcher by the name of Steve sent an article entailing how the many of Y2K preparedness businesses are having a lot of trouble getting paid by the banks, who process their credit card orders. Some have waited for many months and are owed many tens of thousands, which the banks are sitting on, even taken to calling every credit card owner to see if the sale is legitimate. The evil Luciferians owning and running these banks are trying to put a snag in the Y2K preparedness as they have the war agenda for the USA and want to find the greatest number without food or supplies. My Lord, My God, I beg you to break the Luciferian hold on these people’s money and set it free, for this Luciferian scheme is evil to the core. I call down the fire of Jehovah on these banks and beg you, My Lord Jesus in your Holy Name to bring about the release of their money immediately, that all orders can be processed quickly and without delay. My Precious Jesus, we need a miracle for these people; and this day I beg you for this miracle.
      I thank the precious Watchers on the Wall for writing and sending along articles of interest. You are helping to save souls and Our Lord will reward you. The world over, people hunger and thirst after truth and our Lord wants us to have truth, that we are not lost in the darkness. So, my Dearest Ones, I pray that your baskets be filled with the truth and you hunger and thirst not, but drink continually from the Well of our Lord.


      Lately, I have received two letters with many questions from Precious Souls in Malaysia. I know and feel your pain; for I see the darkness, which lies over Malaysia. Despair not, My Beloved Ones, for you what lies over you.
      I see many, many demons of great measure, who are warring for control; and at this moment, I call upon Our Father God Jehovah and upon our Lord Jesus to send in many angels of great statue to set up permanent residence over these lands. In the name of Jesus Christ, I beg that this be done; and in His Holy Name, the name above all names, I pray for great numbers of warring angels to go there and to upseat these great dark hoards of demons , to bind them up and to send them into the deep Abyss to remain until our Lord sees fit for them to ever come out again and all according to the will of Our Father. I pray for a great spiritual awakening in Malaysia in which thousands upon thousands will be brought to Jesus and that the great darkness over the land will be replaced with great Light of God. I pray that many miracles sweep across Malaysia and that a great revival of Spirit take place in the hearts of the people. I pray for all this in the name of our Beloved Jesus and that this begin today. For, many precious souls are hurting in Malaysia. So, My Beloved Lord, my God, let your mighty Spirit go forth into Malaysia as a mighty River, which shall not be impeded by any source; and cause it to rest in great measure upon the people permanently. Praises to your Holy Name, Beloved Jesus, our Great Deliverer.
      I realize that you have asked many questions, and I will try to get back to you as time permits. If you read the prophecies you will find answers to some of your answers questions. For all of your needs, I beg you to believe in the miracles of our Lord. For, He is able to stop the waves and calm the winds. Have faith and through your faith, you will receive protection and provision until it is time for you to return Home. I know this is so, as I have seen it come to pass over and over. And, know with all your heart that there is only one Deliverer and this one is Jesus Christ, Lord of Earth. Through your faith and sincere heart, He can and will set you FREE!


      My Beloved the world over, fast and pray, fast and pray, fast and pray. Each day, we must rededicate ourselves to Our God and serve Him in truth and honesty, begging for an outpouring of His precious love and mercy in our lives. We must strive to make His will our will that we walk in peace, knowing that Our Lord, Our God will provide our needs. This is the walk of faith and through faith, we shall see many miracles.

      Jesus is our Precious Light,
      Linda and Dennis

P.S.       I know that many are going to be helped by this message today, as Lucifer has come at me tooth and nail through many sources. He has sent hoards of demons at me and fire spirits and has possessed others to lie, and act out. At times, it has seemed that I was watching a movie from which I was far removed. But in spite of his evil attacks, he did not win!. I thank all of you for your prayers! Praises to Our Lord, our God! Note two more chapters added to Book IV today and others to follow soon. Stay tuned.

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