A Message For You

April 26, 2004

"Our Precious Brothers and Sisters, greetings to you in the Name of our Beloved Lord Jesus! Praises to our Father in Heaven; for He loves us and He is still striving with this land. Praises to Him also; for He gave a warning to the House and to the Senate and some of you have sent these warnings. Even through the restrictions on their mail, enough of them have received this warning that they have not given the evil New World Order the right to appoint a new House and Senate if and when the New World Order succeeds in their evil plans to blow up the governing body of this land! Praise God; for this is one victory! And, it is a victory, which may save this land for now and give this governing body a little time to repent and come back to our Lord and God. Yet, we have even greater perils. So read on and see what I am speaking of!

First, I realize that I promised you more chapters and I have several, which are ready to post, but our Father has not allowed them to be posted yet. He has waited to see if you would work to warn the House and the Senate and then to see their responses. Dear Ones, do not ever think that you cannot make a difference. Just one person can make a huge difference and this one person may very well be you!

Now, Dear Ones, we are once again looking at an extremely grave and serious situation. This is a direct retaliation against Americans and it is coming from the Queen of England and her New World Order criminals! This is one very serious warning! We are about to lose this country! I cannot adequately stress the seriousness of what I am writing here! Their plans are for immediate war in the South with martial law all across this land. Before judgements can be brought against the Bushes and their New World Order allies for creating "911," they plan to take over this country through war and martial law to make sure that nothing is ever done to any of them!

Also, there are many, who are now awake in this country, and they are demanding accountability of the evil ones for what they have done in America and what they continue to do. Therefore, many of the evil ones in the New World Order could face jail right now; and to stop this, they are prepared to start a civil war in this America! Of course, this war will be started by the CIA-created Al Qaeda and because all of our troops are outside of America, we will of course need the United Nations troops to protect us from these horrible Rogue-CIA, M15 and Mossad terrorists, who are running the Al Qaeda operation. Therefore, when you see UN troops in the streets, the television box will show you what "good guys" they are. And, many will believe this satanic lie, even as they are rounded up for the camps!

Dear Ones, get serious in your prayers before our Lord and God! Plead with Him to intervene and to stop this terror, and plead with Him to raise up righteous men and women in this land, who will stand up and do what is right for this land, who will do what is both according to His commandments and according to the Constitution of the land! Plead with Him to raise up bold men and women of God, who will come forth and arrest these thieves, murderers and disgusting perverts, who have committed these crimes against America! Then, make copies of this warning and disseminate them far and wide. Send more to the House and Senate; for now some are beginning to listen!

We have a great work to do in a very short time. Please help get this out and remember to pray, pray, fast and pray, against their evil plans. I do not know how long we have but when I saw this black cloud, which is headed this way, it was just a short distance off the East Coast. Do not take this warning for granted! We are looking at a very serious situation here!

And, remember one thing! In the past, our Father in Heaven has given many warnings regarding the plans of the evil ones. Over and over, different intelligence agencies have revealed that these plans have been true, but only AFTER our Father has given us the warning! And, Dear Ones, through the prayers of the righteous, many of their plans have been stopped. You and I have a great work to do here! We must all put our shoulders to the wheel!




 "The Dream of April 23rd, 2004"

In this dream, Dennis and I were living in a house near the edge of a forest. The phone rang and I answered to hear the voice of my Sister, who lives in Georgia. She did not say much, but almost immediately put a man on the phone, who began to tell me about his troubles. This man was temporarily staying with my Sister and her husband and his name was "Paul". He also told me his last name, but upon awakening, I did not remember his last name. Paul knew something about my works for our Father in Heaven and began correcting me about my own spiritual walk and about what I do for the Most High. I ignored what he was saying and began instead to talk to him about his own life. He told me that he was fighting the government as he had lost his trucking business. He also said that he did not know what to do with his life and whether he should go elsewhere and start over as he now had nothing.

Somehow in the conversation, I brought up the topic on reincarnation and when I did the phone started clicking and we were cut off. Very soon, the telephone rang again and I could hear a voice on the other end, but it was so faint that I could not make out the voice. As I was trying to discern what was being said on the other end of the telephone, a radio in the room suddenly came on and a preacher began to speak of this very trucker. He said, "I want to tell you what happened to a man with a trucking company in Georgia." Then, he told of this man, Paul, and mentioned his full name. He related how Paul was driving down the road one day toward his business and just happened to pass seven or eight military vehicles. Thinking nothing of it, he went on to his office, but unfortunately for him, it was not long before the military showed up and they were quick to arrest Paul and to seize his business!

Then, I dreamed that I lay down on a sofa in this very house. As I was drifting off to sleep, I felt a very large and dark presence at my head. A pair of dark hands came forth and were trying to suffocate me. I began to plead for "Jesus, Jesus" and the evil began to back away. I rose up in spiritual warfare, condemning this evil demon into the Pits of Hell. Then, I looked up past to ceiling and into the sky and saw there a huge spaceship, which was hovering over our house. Immediately, I knew that this evil demon had come from that craft! This spacecraft must have been a "Mothership" because it was absolutely immense. I began to pray fiercely against this demonic presence and as I prayed bolts of fire came forth from my hands and pierced this ship! But, I knew that this was not enough firepower to bring down this ship; so I called together a small group of people, seven I believe, and I told them that at a certain time, we would all pray against this ship. As we all prayed, beams of fire came forth from our hands and pierced this ship. Right before our eyes, this craft began to melt. It began to crumble, wilting at first, like a plant in the sun without water. And, after a short while, it caught fire and burned up! Praises to our Lord and God!

Dear Ones, take note of these two dreams within a dream; for we are looking at the plans of the evil ones in both situations, but with the power of God Almighty, we shall overcome!



April 25th, 2004

I had a dream that in a very small area, we were doing organic farming. In the doing this organic farming, I got word that the New World Order was about to drop aerial bombs over an area of the USA, which was primarily from the Florida Panhandle northward into what appeared to be Kentucky at the most northerly point. This line moved westward along the Gulf of Mexico and into Texas, but involved many states. It seemed that these orders to start this war were originating from Europe as these plans seemed to come from that direction in the dream! I was so troubled by this vision within this dream; for I was above and was getting an aerial view of war all across the South. There were bombs, soldiers all about, and great confusion all over the South in a mixture of states, largely forming a triangular configuration.

I went into a building, which seemed to be some sort of hospital, or possibly even a prison, yet there were no guards. In the hallway, a man was waiting for me. I got the distinct impression that this was a military man in plain clothes, but he did not specifically say this to me. This man greeted me and then immediately told me that our soldiers are in trouble. He went on to say that they are very ill and are being denied health care! In a moment, a door opened and a man came out to speak with us. When the door was opened, I glimpsed inside to see that a very large room was filled with men, who were thin and sickly. Many had very red faces and appeared to be sick with fever. Then, this soldier, with a thin, red face spoke and he said, "We are being kept this way and we are being denied medical treatment. Many of us have Deng Fever. We are so sick yet we get no medical treatment." Then, he turned and went back into the room. I told the man next to me that we must pray, so I took his hand and began praying. During the prayer, his hand became very sweaty and he kept pulling his hand away from mine. Yet, he did manage to hold of my hand until the prayer was finished.

From there, I went out and met a black woman, who appeared to be a foreigner, for she spoke with an accent. She looked troubled as she read all manner of literature. Looking at this woman, who was reading this assortment of literature, I said, "Honey, do you have a Bible?" And, she said, "No." So, I went to a local store to buy a Bible for this woman. The clerk searched for a Bible and found one, which was hidden under a large amount of paperwork under the cash register. She handed me the Bible and I bought this and other things to this woman. I said, "Here, take this Bible! Honey, you must read the Bible! This is what you are searching for!" Then, I told her that she must get out of the city and that she must move to a more remote place as her area was about to be bombed.

Over and over the visual areas to be bombed kept running through my dreams and though I could not clearly see all states, I could clearly see the confusion of war began around the Florida Panhandle and move northward and westward toward Texas forming a large triangular area.





April 25th, 2004

"My Little One, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. These two dreams both relate. In the first dream, you see the results of martial law in Georgia. But, from the second dream, you know that they plan to make war in many states in the South, especially in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. My Little One, these orders for war are being given by the Queen of England. This is a very serious situation in America right now, for the Bushes and their evil New World Order counterparts plan all-out war on the South with martial law resulting all across America. They thereby plan to seize all communications industries, all trucking industries, and other vital industries, and to take total control of America. My people must rise up and pray! They must return to me in great numbers and repent or this will come to pass and it will come to pass very quickly. Warn My people! Post these dreams first! They must pray! They must fast and they must return to Me in great numbers or these and greater things will come upon this land. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God!"

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 25th day of April, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


And so, Dear Ones, this is what is important right now. Yes, I have much more to post and some truly beautiful miracles; for our Father is continuing to give out His miracles through the prayer cloths! Praises to His Holy Name! These will all be posted soon and as our Father in Heaven dictated!

Many, many thanks to all of you, who continue to help with these works! I continue to pray for our Father in Heaven to touch you and to bless you with all that you stand in need of; for you are blessing many people and you are helping to save what is left of this land!

We both send big hugs to our Precious Friend in Dallas. Honey, we are both praying for you and we both stand in agreement for mighty miracles for you and your family!

We love each of you and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing your part to save this land and the millions upon millions of souls in it!

Jesus is our Only Way,
Your Brother and Sister,
Dennis and Linda

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