April 24, 2001

Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters through our Beloved Lord Jesus, what trying times we are in! This year has been a year to remember; but I know that these trying times are only a dress rehearsal for the real thing! So many times lately, Our Precious Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven have given me prophetic words or have shown me Holy words spoken to others, which tell of the refining process, which all are going through. We are literally going through a great sifting, if you will, through the ravages of purification, through the great fires of adversity. As painful as this process is, we must all go through this washing, through this spiritual scrubbing, in preparation for our great gathering at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and for the partaking of our great inheritance in the heavenly realms at the right hand of our Beloved Lord Jesus! How Lucifer and his hoards detest this inheritance and how great are their plans to put an utter end to the works of our Lord and God; but Precious Ones, I tell you that all the works of the devil are as one small dust storm in the eternal works of our Father! And, I stress to you again that all their dark schemes are only coming about as our Father in Heaven has allowed them to happen. Much of what they plan can be eradicated or short-circuited because of the prayers of the Faithful. My earnest prayer for each of us is that we stand on deep spiritual ground and that we be like the oak, which is planted by the rushing waters of God, that we dig in deep and be not moved by the dust-filled puffs of Lucifer and his hoards.

This update was begun on the third of April; but as you can see I am well past this date in getting it compiled. My Mother was diagnosed with myelopysplasia, a rare bone disease, in January of this year and was given only a 2% chance to live. We knew that she was not progressing well, but outside of the information we were able to glean from the internet, we could not find out much about this illness. As weeks passed on, her condition deteriorated rapidly and she required many hospitalizations. She spent the last ten days of her life in a hospital and we watched several of her systems fail, one by one. Once I read her lab reports and saw the severe decline in her renal and liver functions, I knew that her condition was so very severe and that she would not be around long. We asked that no heroic measures be done to prolong her suffering and the very next morning, which was the 14th of April, she passed on.

She came back to visit us all and I thanked her and sent her on, knowing that God has work for her to do. I do not fear death as I once did, but see it as a normal continuum of life. Those of us, who do not make it to see the return of our Lord Jesus, will all go through this portal, which is called death. Beloved, each of us must live each day as it were our very last; for most of us will be gone when our Lord Jesus returns! The suffering, which is upon this Earth, shall increase by great measure! The plagues shall take out many and great wars shall consume many millions. Therefore, we must not fear death; but we must love Life, the very Life, which has been given to us through our Father in Heaven; and this Life is our Lord Jesus. For, truly, He is our Life. He is our Way home. He is our Truth; and most certainly He is the Light of The world. No one enters Heaven, save they pass by and through our Lord Jesus. Therefore, we must love Him and obey Him and His teachings to get back to our Father, who is in Heaven. Repentance must be a daily way of life and the things of this world must all be forsaken; for look upon the newborn and then look upon the physically dead and remember that when we enter this world we bring no tangible thing; and when we leave we take no tangible thing. But, we enter with the love of God and we leave under his loving direction, taking with us our deeds only, be they good or bad. Oh, my! How death makes us so grateful for Life!

Remember the wars, which was to come about by March 31, 2001! And remember also that our Father in Heaven said that there would be a very brief reprieve in these wars, both the Mideast war and the invasion of the USA, all because of the prayers of the saints and the angels, who stand before Him, begging for mercy for all of us. Even when He said that he would not change His mind He did; and I, for one, am ever grateful for His mercy; but Cherished Ones, I tell you that there are many, who do not believe in the mercy of God. There are many, who do not believe that a loving God would hold off judging His people. Our Father does not take joy in punishing His people. He does not take joy in destroying the wicked! He would much rather see them repent and make it back home.

He was very plain that there would be only a very brief reprieve from this war. He made it clear that we should not go back to sleep believing that there would be no war, but that we should prepare for the inevitable. We have seen war strike Israel, now bringing into in the fracas the ire of more countries. And, in the wake of this war, we have seen the spy plane go down on March 31, 2001, the crew come home, the spy plane confiscated and we talks to get it back.

USA leaps toward war with China over arms sale to Taiwan!


On the 24 the of April of 2001, I read that the US government is selling war ships to Taiwan and that there is to be an increased US presence in the Philippines. On the 25th of April, I read on http/www.drudgereport.com that Bush is crying that we must defend Taiwan. On the 26th of April, it seems that much of the world is in an uproar because Bush has promised to defend Taiwan, including of course China and the EU. Even the diesel subs, which Bush has promised Taiwan, may turn out to be no more than a knee-jerk response as the Dutch and Germans apparently refuse to go along with this notion; and from what I read, they are the only ones in the world, who now make them! We see George Bush change from an ardent supporter of China to lukewarm supporter, and now even to a foe of China!

Why the sudden change in policy? Surely, this is not because they "stole" a spy plane! Must we be reminded of the great number of military "secrets," which they stole or received gratis in the past eight or more years? If the Chinese are taking over, they are only doing what they have been allowed to do and financially and militarily aided to do by those in this very New World Order government! Those, who run this very government, pick up the Chinese rattle snake and feed it and never believe that it will bite. They mingle with the Chinese wild tiger and do not believe that it will eat them for lunch!

When greedy power mongers go to bed with the devil, the Dragon, Lucifer, Satan, what do they expect? Do they not know that their god, the devil, is called Apollyon, or the Destroyer in Rev.ix:11. He is also called a liar in John viii.44 and a deceiver in Rev xx.10, an accuser in Revelation xii.10 and a murderer in John viii.44. These world leaders have put their trust in a destroyer, a liar, a deceiver, an accuser, and a murderer, all for power and greed. Take a look at Chinese culture; and you will see that they pay great homage to the dragon!

Beloved, payback time is at hand! Each of us must face our choices; for we are all accountable on an individual basis and on a collective basis! This is divine law!

The Devil is on the prowl, looking for those he may devour!

Beloved Ones, get ready to read more shocking things! Today, these secret, Luciferian hate groups of the government work to take out known servants of the Most High; and tomorrow they work to take out you! Get ready! Stay in deep prayer and keep on coming out of the world! The war is heating up and those of us on the front lines are well aware of its intensity!




First Plot

Within the last four months, there have been three murder plots against me, which our Father in Heaven has made me see. He revealed that the first and on-going murder plot has come through the covert operations of the CIA and the NSA. This on-going scheme took place primarily over the months of January, February and March of this year. A CIA mole was sent to infiltrate us, … all five of us! And, in addition to this, the CIA/NSA dupes engaged in an all-out attempt to kill me with covert frequencies over the telephone lines! Our Father uncovered their plots only after I suffered mightily and almost died; but He did reveal them and I am still here! The NSA even hacked into our website and erased all data, which showed that they had been following us for many months! The CIA mole was also a prophet of God, who could justify his evil acts to himself, because in the end I was "confused" and "paranoid." But, as God is true to His servants, He is the one, who revealed the frequencies, which were coming over the lines when I was talking with this mole. These frequencies were not audible, but could be discerned only through revelation of the Spirit of God. They came in short bursts of three, which were followed by a short pause, then followed by more of the same! Our Father in Heaven revealed to me how these same frequencies had almost shut down my autonomic nervous system and had gravely over-stimulated my pituitary gland, which severely beat my adrenals into exhaustion. This attack through these secret government groups caused me to be hospitalized, where I almost died! This was in the latter part of February of this year!

Second Plot

Yes, our Father in Heaven is the One, who brought me back from the jaws of death, not once but three times! When I was hospitalized from the above incident in February of this year, an ICU nurse came into my room when my heart rate was only 38 and my blood pressure was very low. I looked behind me to see this nurse inject a syringe full of a clear substance into an IV bag, to which I was not hooked up. As I watched him inject this substance into this bag, he looked at me and said, "They call me Dr. Kevorkian, Jr." There is no doubt in my mind that he believed that I would soon go into a coma and that he would surely finish me off. But, as God would have it, I did not die, but lived on. Was this nurse giving me a confession because He was so sure that I would die? Or, was he sent it to take care of a job, but failed to carry it out at the last minute? I really do not know; but whatever his plans, they came to naught!

When I had to return to the emergency room a second time, I was most shocked to find that there were no records of my serious condition, while in ICU. None! Either, never recorded, or totally eliminated!

Third Plot

We were on our way back to Arkansas from Georgia on April 18, 2001, as we had buried my Mother there; and Dennis was asleep in the back seat, lying down, while my son was sitting beside me, also asleep. I was driving at this point and we were between Birmingham and Memphis, which is a most isolated strip. Looking beside the interstate, I was very aware of many microwave towers all along this route; yet aren't they everywhere? I do not know the exact location in which this happened to me, but it was probably about 80 miles or so from Memphis. Suddenly, I felt a burst of pulsating energies hit me between the right shoulder blade and the spine. I do not know how long this burst went on, or exactly how many of them there were, but I am guessing that there were about ten and that they went on for about ten seconds. A few days later when I was praying to our Father in Heaven, He revealed to me that these frequencies were being directed toward my heart, but they had missed their mark as He protected me. This is the third murder plot against me of recent days, and all have failed. Praises to our Lord Jesus and our God Jehovah! How wonderful is our God! He is our great Protector; and we must walk in faith, knowing that our God is always with us. His precious angels camp round about us!

Beloved, our Father in Heaven loves each of us greatly, even those, who are full as sin, as I once was. He loves even those, who have tried to kill me; and I turn to them and ask them to repent of these kinds of crimes against God's servants; for if they will not do so, they shall perish in the bowels of hell! Hell is a dark place, which is full of every kind of creepy and crawling thing, full of hideous demons of all kinds and crackling with the flames of the Lake of Fire. I do not understand why anyone would choose this fate of evil and darkness over the love of God and eternal Life; but this is where these, who are so full of darkness, shall end up, if they will not repent and come to God, confessing their sins before Him and accepting His Beloved Son and eternal Savior of mankind! Every day, we make our choices toward life or death; and those, who have tried to kill me, have made their choices toward death. Pray to our Father that He will be merciful unto them, and that they will come to God, repent and be saved! If they will not do so, all involved shall soon die!

Cherished Ones, I consider it an honor to fight in this war on the behalf of our Beloved Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven. I praise and thank our Father in Heaven, for I love Him with all my heart, with all my strength, with all my soul and with all my mind. And, I thank our Beloved Jesus for showing each of us the way, for standing alongside us, for going before us and for watching us at all times. Great is my delight to serve my Lord and God! To do the will of God is my extreme joy!


Below, you will read a series of messages from our Father in Heaven. Read on and be the wiser! But, first I want to tell you a dream, which I experienced the night before the very first message:



The Dream

I was standing alongside the most beautiful of rushing waters, which were absolutely clear and pure. As I looked down, I could see that I was barefoot and I was standing on soil, which was a golden in color. I held in my hands a large magnet, which was maybe six by eight inches and perhaps three inches thick., or so. I did not notice that it was heavy in the least and felt pleased to obey the commands, which I was given. I knew that I was to place the magnet in the water; for a voice behind me had commanded it and I felt joy at obeying this voice. As I was about to step into the rushing, clear waters, another voice came from behind me and said, "Do not stay in the water too long; for if you do, the lightening bolts, which are coming from God will hit you." But, the words did not invoke the least amount of fear or anxiety; for I was so very pleased to obey the commands to put the magnet into the water. With magnet in hand, I entered the water, but did not sink beneath the clear, rushing waves of the River. Instead, I took a few steps across the top of the water and remained standing atop the waters, with the warm waters, bathing my ankles and feet. Not long after I entered the water, I reached out to my left side and with both hands lowered the magnet into the rushing waters. Onward I traveled, standing atop the swift waters, and riding them quickly. Soon, I rounded a bend and was shocked when I to looked over to my left; for very near to me I saw five or black sharks, their fins cutting the top of the waters. I gasped when I saw them in such clear and pure rushing waters. Within a very short time, I looked again to see that the sharks were beginning to encircle me. But, just as quickly as the sharks began to encircle me, a great power came over me; and it picked me up out of the waters and carried me through the air, placing me safely on the borders of the crystalline waters. This was the end of this dream and what our Father in Heaven makes reference to in the following messages when He speaks of the sharks!

When I asked our Father in Heaven about the meaning of the dream, He told me that the magnet represents His messages, which He gives me for the website. And, He also told me that the River is the River of His word. The sharks are the ones from the covert and "secret" groups within the government, who have come to infiltrate His word and to kill me; and when they threatened to surround me His great power came upon me and saved me. He took me from their midst; yet I had followed His will from the beginning, knowing that His great judgement is coming. Through great trials, He has been true in protecting and keeping me! We see evidence of his lightening bolts striking the water through the Chinese attack on the spy plane. Yet, this is only the beginning of his judgement upon the secret societies, which run this government!. There is a God in Heaven, who sees all and who judges all and His judgment is falling on a proud and haughty Satanic government, which believes that it is beyond reproach!



First Message from our Father in Heaven

March 22nd, 2001

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven. Blessed are you, My Little One; for I have saved you from the sharks. I have saved you from the jaws of murderous thieves, not once but twice. And, some of them cry, "Lord, Lord," and even prophecy in My name; but all has been allowed, for My great purification is at hand! Yes, My Child, there has been an attempt to take your life, to murder you twice within the past three months; and the author of these plots is Lucifer, himself. But, I say to you, My Child, do not fear them. Do not fear those, who are responsible; for you must understand that I am true to My words that I will protect you. And, soon, very soon, the waters shall run blood red with the blood of the sharks, who have participated in this plot to murder you! Every one of them, … all six… shall soon die horrendous deaths. And, if others dare to step up to the plate in this murderous rampage, they, too, shall die. My Child, you will not see these deaths, but those at the NSA will see them; and those at the CIA will see them; for they have colluded to snuff you out. I say, "Woe to those, who kill My prophets, or who collude to kill my prophets!" The streets shall run red with your blood! Let it be known that My fury and My wrath are upon the NSA, the CIA, and all covert organizations! How can one serve Me and Lucifer and his slaves at the same time?" It is impossible; for darkness prevails in such a one, not My light! Many a prophet is missing his or her calling because he or she will not give up the world. Many a one is falling short because he or she is colluding with darkness! My measures are strict and I will not tolerate arbitration of My word! My Fury is raised at the sharks, who are polluting the stream of My word; and I am about to clean out every one!

My Child, this is to be posted on the internet, that all be the wiser; for My prophets are persecuted today and the average citizen is raped and killed by an errant government tomorrow. This is why My sword is about to fall on the NSA and this is why I am about to cull Washington of its whores. Be warned; for My ire is raised and the ax is about to fall. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 22nd day of March, 2001,
Linda Newkirk

Note that the above message was given nine days before the spy plane incident!


Second Message from our Father in Heaven

March 24, 2001

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven; and I hear your cries as to the confusion, which has followed you for the better part of three months. My Child, know this, … that you have been carried into the same and through it for several reasons. The first reason is that this has been My will. The second reason is that these trials have been tests as to your faithfulness and readiness to move into higher realms of My work. The third reason is to expose the utter darkness, which is in My kingdom, that there are those, who have been called to be My prophets, who will not let go of the world and its traps. They will not let go of the darkness of the world, but stand with one foot in this darkness and one foot in My work. My Child, this persecution of you has been a test and a trial for one, whom I called to prophecy; and it is true that I have a great love for him; but he will not realize this work as long as he clings to the darkness of these secret organizations. I am going to give this one a chance to repent and to come to you and tell you the truth or he shall be straightaway cut off and he shall descend into a hell on Earth, the likes of which he has never known.

A fourth reason I have allowed these things to happen to you is to bring forth judgement upon the covert operations of the CIA and the NSA. And, my judgement is about to hit all, who have been involved in this on-going scheme to murder you; and when my judgement hits it shall be as quick as a falling ax. The fifth reason that I have allowed you to go through these great trials is to separate Mine out of the world. Now, My Child, you may ask what I mean; and I say to you that the prophet, who double-crossed you, is greatly loved by Me. And, he has a choice to walk the straight walk and to come away from the double-timers, or he will die in darkness. I have a great work for him, which he will not realize as long as he lives a double life. Therefore, I have used you to bring judgement upon him and the secret organizations, which have tried to kill you. My Child, you have not come out unscathed; for you have suffered mightily; but you have come out a stronger person. For, they have persecuted you and have tried to kill you, just as the enemy tried to kill Dumutri Duduman and others of My prophets down through the ages. But, the main difference here is that one of My prophets was gathering information on you for the enemy, who has been out to kill you This is one main difference and a big difference. You ask , 'How is such a one any different that Judas?" And, I say to you thus, 'There is little difference, save the fact that after a period of great punishment for this prophet, I shall once again give him a chance to do My work and to realize the calling, which I have for him.' Know and understand that you have walked within My will; for all that you have been through I have willed for the reasons, which I have outlined. Be at peace this day; for this long period of trials is coming to an end. I am your Father in Heaven, Yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 24th day of March, 2001
Linda Newkirk

The above message was given seven days before the spy plane was downed and stolen!

A dear Friend sent me a book about the life of Dumutri Duduman; and I read how he was turned in to the authorities by someone in his own church. If you recall, he was a powerful Man of God, a prophet, who smuggled about 300, 000 Bibles into Russia. He was persecuted and tortured by government authorities of Romania because of this work; but he never broke and revealed who helped him! He was thrown out of Romania and came to the USA, where God led him to warn the people of this country about this very war, which is at hand! Praises to our Beloved Lord and God; for He gave Brother Duduman the strength to withstand horrible torture!

Beloved, if this kind of betrayal happens to you, take your concerns to God, pray about your plight, and release all to our Beloved Lord and God! Trust in Him to keep you! Then, get on with God's work! If you must face death, go through this portal with joy, counting it a blessing to be persecuted for your love for God and to die for Him!

We must each get ready in our hearts for the persecutions, which are at hand. We must get ready for the mass betrayals, which we will see among many we know and love. When the winds and rain come, those, who are not firmly rooted in the ways of our Lord and God, shall be uprooted; and many a one shall deceive his brother for personal gain. Those, who deceive, are to be pitied; for deception brings with it a dark whirlwind, which begins to encompass the whole life of the deceiver. In the end, those, who are shallow-rooted and double-minded, suffer mightily! We must all forgive them and we must pray for them that they repent and be saved! We must love our enemies; for their plights are of great tragedy and sorrow!


Third message from our Father in Heaven

March 25, 2001

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven. I see through your eyes. I hear through your ears and feel through heart. My Child, I know that you are one of great love and compassion and that you love even those, who have tried to kill you. I know that you bear no animosity toward them and that you forgive them; for truly they are lost and the darkness to which they descend is as one fiery furnace. I say to you, Child, 'Vengeance is truly Mine and My vengeance shall fall on all, who are involved in this murder plot, and be advised, My Child, that this plot goes all the way up to the Bushes in the White House.' This plot goes all the way up to the United Nations and to the covert groups, which run the world. And, be advised that every one, who has played a role in your demise, shall be the recipient of My wrath. Every one, who has laid in wait to kill you and who participates in this on-going persecution of you shall fall by the sword. I tell you now that I have given George W. Bush a chance to do what is right and according to My commands; but he continues on in deceit and treachery. He waves tax payers money in front of the churches to further enslave them. He cries the "I am saved" song in front of the masses to utterly fool you all. But, I say to you, 'Do not be fooled by George W. Bush; for he follows after New World Order dictates and through his lies, he is fooling many." My Child, many such as yourself, who speak the truth and reveal the darkness of their plots and schemes, have been listed as hate groups. You have been listed as terrorist groups and are slated for persecution and annihilation. Yes, the NSA is involved in the attempted murder of you, My Child; and yes the CIA is involved. All the effort has been expended to show that you are a hate group, but I say to you, 'The NSA and the CIA and other government groups, which operate in secrecy are the hate groups, and they are conducting hate crimes against the American people.' They are conducting hate crimes against those, who speak the truth. This is why the NSA hacked into your website and erased proof that they have been following you, stalking you and persecuting you for some time. They wanted to leave not evidence of this stalking. But, I say to the wicked, evil and abominable workers of iniquity in these organizations, 'You have attempted to take the life of My prophetess, of My Chosen; and the streets shall run red with your blood, all the way up to the White House; for your directives come from the White House.' The Bushes shall not come out unscathed for this attempted murder. In 28 days, you will know exactly what I mean. My prophets do not go into battle alone against an evil system. They go under My power and under My protection; so be warned. Those of you, who belong to Lucifer, such as the Bushes, believe that Lucifer will save you. He cannot save you and he will not; but he is going to drag many of you down into hell with him I am Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 25th day of March, 2001
Linda Newkirk

The above message was given six days before the spy plane was taken down in China. I do not know what our Father is talking about when He is speaking of 28 days and I have been so busy that I have not had time to read much news. This would have been on the 22nd of April. Could this have something to do with the arms sale to Taiwan?



Fourth Message from our Father in Heaven

March 27, 2001

My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven. Feel the peace and power of My Spirit as it bathes you and know, My Child, that I will never leave you. My Little One, be not concerned with those, who criticize you; for it is easy for one to criticize, but very few can walk in your shoes. My Child, do not be hard on yourself for what has transpired within the last few months; for I have used all to toughen you in My walk and to utterly strip down and purify another, whom I have called to prophecy. My Child, you have done as I have asked in calling this prophet on the telephone today; but he has chosen darkness again over truth and rather than look at the attempted murder for what is it, he has chosen to criticize you, calling you 'paranoid' and 'confused.' My Child, I love this man as I love all, whom I have called to prophecy; but I tell you now that the path of Job shall be an easy one when compared to what I am about to put on this man. For the next six months, I shall utterly shake up his world and I shall take him from one calamity to the next before he will see the truth of your words to him. My Little One, all, who walk My True Way, know what a difficult walk it is. All, who are true to their callings, must constantly face Luciferian persecutions and even death; for those, who are true to My purposes, speak My truths and they are not afraid. They do not cower down when I tell them to charge forward and all would readily give their lives for Me. And, I tell you, My Child, that the spiritual walks, to which I have called many, shall get increasingly difficult as Lucifer as his hate groups pick up speed in their persecution of Mine; but I say to My Faithful, 'Fear not this persecution and fear not the wrath of the enemy; for I am able to protect you.' I am able to provide for Mine; but I am culling the slackers. I am culling those with double faces and double minds, who speak My words and take up for the enemy of My people. I am culling the cowards and I am culling the perverts, the whoremongers, the thieves and the murderers! I am cleaning up My camps. I am cleaning up My people for I am separating out My Faithful from among those, who chase after darkness. Yes, My Little One, the cleaning is at hand; for I would not have Mine be deceived by the liars and the conmen. Great are My rewards for My Faithful; and Mine shall excel in My work. They shall bask in the light of My Spirit and they shall not fear. For, I am pouring out more of My Spirit upon My Faithful and I am cutting their bonds to the unfaithful. My Cherished One, many will go back to sleep; for they now believe that the war is not coming; but I say to you that this would be a serious mistake; for I have warned you that you have only a very, very brief reprieve from this war ;and the wise ones will continue to prepare.

Go this day in peace, knowing that I am always with you. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of March 2001,
Linda Newkirk

The above message was given four days before the spy plane was taken down!



Fifth Message from our Father in Heaven

March 30, 2001

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven. Blessed are you, My Child, for I have delivered you from the jaws of death, not once but twice. My Child, great are the words, which I have for you; and great is My punishment for those, who collude against you and lie in wait to kill you. Great is My wrath and only the foolish do not fear My wrath. My Child, concern yourself not with these matters; for I am able to protect you and I shall.

Windows of opportunity come and go wherein all are given the chance to stand in faith and to do what is right. But, most do not seize the opportunities to move on up in My kingdom; for great are the trials and all are tested to the core to see what they are truly made of. My Little One, the double-minded will always fail; for within them is the seed of total unreliability. It this, they are predictable and they are self-serving and they will do what is convenient for their own self, for their own causes. Therefore, it is impossible for one to belong to secret government organizations and to serve Me in truth, honor and Spirit. Such a one will always give in to the other cause. Such a one will always falter when the heat it turned up. Such a one will cave in to the pressures and fail me, then coming back on bended knee at a later time, seeking forgiveness. But, I tell you, My Child, the words are 'utter betrayal' to Me and to others when it is time to do what is right and the one must make a choice between doing what is right and serving the needs of the secret organization. I tell you, My Child, that the secret organizations are without restraint and are no different than the Nazi Gestapo when it comes to killing without reason, save their superiors have ordered the same. Therefore, these, who are double-minded, are ruthless murderers, liars, thieves and rogues, yet cry, "Lord, Lord," and many claim all manner of special gifts and connections to Me; yet how can one realize such a thing when his or her hearts are full of betrayal and deceit? Yes, My Child, they always justify their betrayal and deceit as good for the country and a thing of sound judgement for the protection of the existing government; but My Little One, you know well that they are working for the Satanists. You know well that they are working for the occult and they cannot serve Me and another master. My Child, Babylon the Great is falling from within. I have shown you how you own government and the New World Order have been conducting biological and chemical warfare against the American people for years and I have shown you how they are working to destroy the Earth and its inhabitants through weather modification and planned earthquakes; but this is not all, My Child. You know of the interdimensionial rips and tears; but it is wise for you to know of changes which they have caused into the time-space continuum. In this way, they have altered a head-on collision with certain calamities; but when I say "It is time!" no amount of alterations will change what I deem appropriate! They are playing God and they are ripe in their iniquity. Soon, very soon they shall fall from the tree like rotten apples and they shall die in their iniquity. My Child, idiots do not fear Me and My power; and idiots are double-minded. But, in the end, they all lose. The wise ones look at history and they look at world events and they know that judgement is at hand. But, the fools charge on in their pride and arrogance, believing that no one can touch them.

Well, My Child, this is the way of Lucifer and the way of those, who follow after Him; but I tell you, My Child, that those, who have colluded in your demise need to fear; for My wrath is falling on all, who have been involved in the same. I am your Father in Heaven. Go this day in peace, knowing that Mine angels camp round about you and My hand is upon you."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 30th day of March 2001,
Linda Newkirk

This prophecy was given the day before the spy plane was downed in China!


Sixth Message from our Father in Heaven

April 03, 2001

"My Beloved Child, as you know Me, I am your Father in Heaven; and this day I have bathed you in My Spirit, and I have renewed you that you might receive My Holy Word. My Child, great is the woe, which is about to come upon the secret organizations of the USA. My Wrath and ire are raised against them; for they will go to any lengths to kill and torture innocents the world over. I am putting a great hate in the hearts of the enemies of the USA and against the covert organizations of the USA; for those within these groups are torturing and killing innocent people; and they are out to kill all My prophets, apostles and true servants. But I say to the CIA, to the NSA and to all covert organizations, which serve the purposes of the Satanists of the world: "You have not even begun to see My ire. You have not even begun to see what I am about to do to you." For many years, you have gotten away with killing the innocents and your behavior has been ungoverned; but I tell you that these days are up; for even now I am putting hooks into the jaws of your enemies and I am pulling them forth against you. You think to go up against My Anointed and to torture them and to kill them without recompense; but I say to you that I shall move against you with a fury the likes of which you have never seen. I shall utterly rip up and destroy the seat of Satanism within the USA, which is Washington DC. And, I shall bring the secret organizations to their knees. For, you believe that you are untouchable. In your ignorance, you do not believe that your enemies shall carry out a successful attack against you; but they shall. They shall invade this whore nation when you expect it least, and they shall utterly rob you and destroy you. They shall cripple your pride and they shall plunder the headquarters of your secret intelligence groups; for I am handing them your most advanced technologies. I am giving them the means to utterly defeat you. You go in secret and you give all to Lucifer; but I tell you now that you are already defeated. I have waited and I have given you time to become utterly corrupt through and through. And, I have given your enemies your secrets. They are much smarter and more advanced than you give them credit for. I am the God of the House of Israel; and I will not let My people down. I Shall use your pride and your vanity to utterly beat you into the ground!"

"All across this nation and around the world, you Satanists take great pride in sacrificing innocents to your god; but I tell you now that he cannot and will not save you from My wrath. For, as he burns in the Lake of Fire, so will you. And, as he howls from the outpouring of My wrath, so will you. For, when he is through with you, he will utterly destroy you. This is My message to the Satanists, and to those, who believe that they are secure in their evil. I am Jehovah, Most High God. Go this day in peace, My Child, knowing that the terrorist act against the US spy plane is only one in a long series! This is My vengeance against the same secret and occult organizations, which tried to kill you."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 3rd day of April, 2001,
Linda Newkirk

Two days after the spy plane calamity and several days before George Bush issued the very, very sorry apology to the Chinese regarding an incident for which the USA claimed no blame.



Seventh Message from our Father in Heaven

April 10, 2001

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven. Blessed are you this day, My Little One; for you have disciplined yourself to receive of Me. My Child, this is the final message for the current update; but is one, which My people should have. Let it be known, My Child, that I do not take pleasure in punishing the wicked ,even unto death; for it is My desire that all be saved from everlasting torment and destruction; but alas, this is not the way of the world. For, those of the covert and secret societies play god and take authority over life and death and believe that they will have no punishment. In a society which calls itself free, there is rampant slavery and eradication of 'supposed' rights. This land of the USA rides astride the back of Lucifer, unawares to most; and very few have listened to My messages and refuse the ride. Now, these few, who are the true leaders of what remains of freedom, are slated for persecution and death. Well, I tell you again that their plans shall not come out as they believe. The New World Order is crumbling even as it is rising; for truly the UN shall be at odds with the plans of Russia and China, and even in due season the Arab world, which is being armed, shall fight the UN; and the Arabs shall then be at odds with Russia and China. In the end, Satan, the devil, will reign for a brief while; but I tell you that this is brief, indeed. For, My Son shall come in His radiance and utterly destroy the plans and designs of Lucifer. Though this evil rises, it falls just as quickly.

"My Child, this spy plane incident is planned from within your own government; for forces within your own government plan to use China and Russia to bring down the USA; but I say to you that this plan, which has been in the works for some time shall split the UN. It shall divide the whore and in the end the whore UN will fall. With this fall will go many, who aspire to world rule. With this fall will go many, who worship and serve Lucifer; and who come from within this very government. These very ones, who now collude with Russia and China, as to the demise of the USA, will be among the first to lose their heads at the guillotines. This is bitter irony, My Child,; but it is true to human nature that a snit and a traitor is never trusted by the enemy. And, let it be known that within the USA, you have many snits and traitors. Those, who serve Lucifer, now support one another in their evil, for they have the New World Order plans of greed and conquer; but very soon, great divides shall move into these very ranks and rivers of rage and fire shall utterly separate the very ones, who now support one another. They shall rue and lament their losses; for Red China and Russia shall utterly turn on the Satanist governments of the USA, Europe, Australia and even South America. My Child, many still mock and scorn; but I tell you now that I have caused the spy plane incident and for the reasons, which I have earlier described; for these errant, secret societies do not kill and persecute Mine without retribution from Me. I am the God of all, Jehovah, Most High God and I am able to utterly turn people against people and to bring about war and clamor at My desire. My preference is total love, peace, and joy; however when a society is ripe with wickedness, I will utterly destroy the same. It will not last and I warn Mine to read with new eyes the Old Testament and see how I have always sent conquering armies when My people have become ripe with iniquity and have deserted Me.

"My Child, this spy plane incident is one boiling caldron and from it shall come great heat, a great fire. For, even the Chinese are righteous in their anger against this great whore of Babylon. The secret spy societies of this government believe that they can operate anywhere without impunity, that they can do as they please and answer to no one. Well, I tell them all now, that their demise upon this planet is at hand; for I shall utterly destroy those, who harm Mine Anointed. Let the wise be forewarned; for what you have seen is only as one drop in an empty bucket; which I shall cause to utterly overflow! My wrath is stirred but truly you have seen nothing yet. I Am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God!"

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 10th day of April, 2001,
Linda Newkirk

This message was given ten days after the spy plane showdown!


Beloved, this concludes our Father' messages for this update. I hope that each of you will be encouraged by His love and by His protection toward His Loved Ones; and I hope that the evil and secret societies will listen to the warnings as given by our Father in Heaven and will cease to harm and kill innocent people the world over! Yet, even on the 24th of April of 2001, I read how the CIA tailed a missionary plane, which was downed by "mistake." I say, "God in Heaven sees and knows all!"

We thank those of you, who continue to write and send many informative articles and to help with this ministry! You are the real heroes and heroines of this world; for you see a need to share or to help in God's work and you do so out of love! I am sorry to say that due to all that we have been through, I am behind on all correspondence. Please continue to have patience with me; for very soon I hope to catch up. We thank all of you for your continued prayers for us and for these works; for they are truly needed!

We are so very pleased to know that our Father's words have impacted so positively on so many of your lives! We thank you for sharing your testimonies and feel honored to be a part of your journey in this world. Let us remember the love of our Lord Jesus; for as He was tried and tested, as He went through the great fires of adversity, so will you and I. We must all go about our daily lives with a thankful heart and love even our enemies; for truly their plight is one of great darkness. Let us forge ahead in our Father's work; realizing that the hour is very late and there is much work to be done.

Cherished Ones, how blessed we are to suffer for the love of our Lord and God! Regardless of the trials, which we endure, we must remember with thankful hearts that we exist because of God's love. Our Most High God, Jehovah, our Father in Heaven, sent His only begotten Son to bring us the truth, to set us free, and to show us the way home. This is the depth of our Father's love for us, that He sent HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, to atone for our sins. How very blessed we all are! Let us remember this love from minute to minute and go about our lives with a song of joy in our hearts! Soon, Precious Ones, our Beloved Jesus is returning for us; and with anxious hearts we all await this day. Praises to our Most Loving Father in Heaven forever and ever; for His love is without bounds!

In closing, I would like to share part of a letter to you from one of our Precious Brothers …

Hello Sis. Linda,

Hope this letter finds you at rest and peace in the High Places of God. Years ago, I was impressed to memorize the 91st Psalm. Enclosed is a copy of God's Insurance Policy, which is a great secret and revelation to the People of God, who find it. I have this Truth sown deeply into my heart, and have found that this Psalm really works. I memorized four verses at a time in the King James Version (of the Bible) and quoted them seven times and entered them into my memory. Then, I did four more the same way until I had all sixteen verses tucked away in my spirit. Each day in prayer I speak this Psalm before the Lord and His Holy Angels. I personalize This Word in such a manner as to make it good for my life each and every day, and the Lord honors it every time. In Psalm 91 is everything we need to make it through this life on Earth. There inside that Secret Place is protection, preservation from our enemies, both natural and spiritual, safety in war, pestilence, famine, disasters and calamity; a great covering of Angels with their diverse activities on our behalf; their great boldness to tread down our enemies with total dominion; God's powerful deliverance as we call upon His Name; ready answers to our prayers; a long life of satisfaction with all needs met, and the Promise of Salvation. Sister Linda, at this time I wish above all things that each and every True Believer would read and study the 91st Psalm, commit it to memory, stand upon it with all their hearts and boldly confess it every day. The Lord will put a special blessing and covering upon each one, who takes this Psalm into their lives. God will watch over this word and perform it …

Dear Brother Frank, you are so right and I pray that those, who are reading, will heed your wise advice. I also cherish the words of the 23rd Psalm.

Your Sister and Brother through our Precious Jesus,
Dennis and Linda

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