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Aug 06, 2001


Beloved and Cherished Brothers and Sisters through our Precious Lord Jesus, greeting to you! As I reach out to you through these words, know that it is indeed a new day unto the Lord; for He is moving in great and mighty ways to bring a revival into this land before His judgement falls. He is ever true to His promises to set the captives free; and He is raising up His appointed servants at this late hour to bring Living Waters to parched lands the world over. I rejoice in His goodness! Praises to His holy Name, the name of Jehovah, Most High God; for He is full of lovingkindness, mercy and grace!

Below, you will read a letter, which our Father in Heaven dictated to me on June 01, 2001. This letter was sent to 605 churches in central Arkansas on July 10, 2001. At latest count, some fifty letters have been returned for postal-related problems. I can assure you that it was no easy task to get the correct addresses; for I only had the telephone directory to go by and the directory usually lists only streets and not cities, per se. So, all in all, I feel that even with 550 churches, or so, getting the letter, our Father 's words still went forth and His will has been accomplished! To date, two preachers sent hate mails and one sent a "do not send me anymore letter."

A precious sister and friend, a prophetess and apostle by the name of Sheri Elijah, of http://www. Amightywind.com prophesied that a Holy Wild Fire is going to hit Arkansas and that this Holy Wild Fire will not be contained in Arkansas, but that it will move forth from this state to other states and to other parts of the world. Praise God! You will be hearing more about this beloved prophetess and apostle from this site in due time! Go to her site; for she is precious to our Lord and God and He has anointed her for a great work! While you are at it, dig deep into your pockets and help her out! She could use your financial support!



The Letter, which was sent to the churches!


To: The Ministers of the churches in the State of Arkansas


Given on June 01, 2001

Warnings to the Churches!

To the churches of Little Rock and those of surrounding areas, both near and far, even throughout all the state of Arkansas, behold My words; for I am Jehovah, Most High God. Be advised and know, Shepherds of My Flock, that I see and know all. I am not a God afar, but One, who resides within your very midst. My eyes go to and fro throughout the whole Earth and I tell you that I am deeply ashamed of what I see. Yea, in the state of Arkansas, even in the very capital city, thereof, I see preachers, who are harlots. You whore after women and preach a word, which is not My word. You pick phrases from My Scriptures to suit your own agenda and you swindle My people. Yea, you pass the plate many times so that you may drive your Cadillacs and feed your every desire. Greedy preachers of the Word, I am disgusted with your hollow sermons. I am repelled by your empty words. I am angered by your callous attitudes toward the hurt and suffering. Through your vices, you have driven My people asunder. You visit not the sick in the community, not even those, whom you shepherd. You disgust Me with your piousness and sorely offend Me with your "holier than thou attitude." You refuse to allow My true prophets and apostles into your havens; for you are jealous for those, who do not even belong to you. Neither, do you want the Spirit of God to chastise you through the mouths of My true prophets and apostles; for you believe that you can hide your sins. Nay, you cannot hide your sins; for I know you, who are guilty of all manner of sexual perversions. You are full of adultery and even sodomy; and you believe that no one will know, that you can continue on in your wickedness. I see all and I know all; and I command you to repent, to come away from evil and cry out in true repentance, seeking forgiveness and full deliverance. For, many of you are possessed by all manner of demons. You have given My sanctuaries over to all manner of greed, lusts and sins and I am calling you to repentance! Repent or step down!

And, for the few, the very few, who truly love Me and who truly preach My messages of Godly love and repentance, I say to you, "I know who you are; and I say again that you are few, indeed! " For, this state or Arkansas is full of the blind leading the blind.

I am disgusted with the gargantuan buildings, which are laid up for the whole world to see, wherein you say in pride, "Look, what I have! Look what I do! How great I am!" Let it be known, Oh proud and arrogant preachers, that I am against you! In one moment, I will smash your centers of pride and I will scatter your flock; for you are an anathema to your very selves!

"Love My Flock!" "Bring them to repentance!"

To the good and faithful servants, who love Me with all their hearts, I say unto you, "Love My flock! Continue to bring them to repentance!"

God's Promise!

If the pastors will repent and cause My people to repent, I promise a great revival for the state of Arkansas. I promise to turn this state from a spiritual desert to a place of Living Waters.

God's Judgement!

But, if you will not clean up your churches and if you will not bring the people to repentance, if you will not go into the neighborhoods and minister to the lost, I shall smite this state through war, pestilence, famine, disease and death! I am a merciful God; but even now my judgement is falling all across the United States of America.

501 (c ) 3 Whores, Repent!

I say to you bought and sold whore preachers. "How many of you utterly refuse to speak against a Satanic government? Through your own tax-exempt agreement with the government, you have willingly agreed to look the other way, while one country under God has become one country under Satan. This tax exempt status is all about silencing the truth. Who among you is not bought and sold by this whore system? And, who has caused you to cower to a Satanic government, save you, yourselves?

Cowards, beware!

I ask you, "Are My people full of cowardice, that they will not speak the truth and stand for what is right?" Nay, these are not Mine; for I have given My people the boldness to speak what is true and to do what is right.

Church of Sodom, get thee hence from Me. I call Mine those, whose robes are made pure by great trials. Will a coward withstand trials and persecution for My namesake? Nay, a coward will run. A coward will renounce Me and My Son.

Church, come clean before God and be blessed, or perish in rebellion!

I say to you, Church, come clean before Me and I will bless you mightily; but if you will not come clean, I shall utterly destroy you. I am Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of June, 2001,
Linda Newkirk


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


You will see that our Father in Heaven has begun to release Book Seven as the first three chapters are now posted on this site. All chapters will be posted on the web as our Lord and God gives them. I have been so aware of the great anointings of which our Lord Jesus speaks and also of the Holy Fire Revival Anointing, which our Father has described in Book Seven.

God's Holy Anointings

Our Lord and God is giving great miracles to those in need; and some, who write or come by for help, are now receiving the most miraculous healings and deliverances! A woman came by the house a week or so ago and the Spirit of God came in with such power that by the time she left, she was healed of three different ailments and delivered of a dark spiritual cloud. Two or three days later a man came by and He did not intend for me to know that he was a secret porn addict. Through the power of the Spirit of God, I bound and cast out sex demons and prayed a prayer of deliverance for this man. I asked him to confess his sins before God and to recognize and accept our Lord Jesus as His Savior. I asked for the Spirit of God to set Him free in the name of our Precious Jesus and to heal him. He confessed all before God and God set him free right then and there. He promised me that He would destroy the porn and a day or so later He came by the house aglow with the Spirit of God. Where there had been such darkness upon Him, he now looked so vibrant and free.

Beloved Ones, this is what God can do! Our Precious Jesus came to set the captives free! He came to deliver the sinners! He came to heal the sick and to raise the dead! He came to give sight to the blind, to make the lame walk and to cause the deaf to hear! He came to bring light into the world; for He is the Light of the world; and when we forsake sin and walk with Jesus, He will give us light. He will bring us out of the darkness; for as long as we embrace the darkness we are captive to the Master of darkness, who is Satan. Great and mighty are the works of our Lord and God! He knows what perilous times these are! He knows what we are up against in these terrible times; and He is coming forth with great anointings for His people. The anointings breaks all yokes! The anointings heal and set the captives free!


Some of you wrote requesting prayer for deliverance from porn. On all occasions, I have fasted and prayed for your deliverance! I know God has delivered some of you. I have seen him move in with great and mighty healing and convictions upon His people that they may be free! Some of you have come back to thank me and to share information about how God is working in your life! But, I say, do not thank me, thank God; for to Him is the praise and glory! If you are still in need of prayer for this destructive habit, write and I will fast and pray for your freedom! You are precious to God and He would not have you lost in this destructive habit from hell! If you need prayer for healing or for some other situation, write! God wants you to be free! Go to the miracles section of this site and you will find our e-mail address.

We thank those of you, who help with this ministry. This work is expanding and we know that God is sending a revival to Arkansas. If you feel led to help with our financial needs or with the preparation for this revival send your contributions to: Linda Newkirk, P.O. Box 17277, North Little Rock, AR, 72117. State whether you want your contribution to be used toward the revival fund or for other financial needs of this ministry or that it does not matter. We thank you for what you are able to do and know that God will greatly bless those, who bless these works! Praises to name of Jehovah, Most High God! To Him is the praise and glory, forever and ever!

Beloved Ones, huge numbers are hungry for the word of God! Many thirst for the Living Waters and have no place to commune with God, for churches across this land are polluted with the sins of the world. God sees and He knows! He knows how many have no church to go to and have no spiritual home; and He is going to move in this! He is going to bring revival to this parched land; and He is going to raise up churches, which are filled with the Spirit of God! He is going to feed His people with the Bread of Life and He is going to give them the Living Waters that they thirst and hunger no more! Now is the time and He is moving in this!

Keep the faith and know the our Lord and God has heard your cries!

We thank those of you, who feel a burden in your heart to pray for the Arkansas Revival and for the needs of this ministry! Those, who help with these works will be richly blessed by God; and those, who set out to harm us or to hinder these works, will be judged swiftly by the Most High God! This day, be blessed!

Jesus is our Precious Life,
Your Brother and Sis,
Dennis and Linda

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