August 11, 2006
(Please Read The Important Reminder, Below!)

My Cherished Brothers and Sisters, many things have happened since I last wrote to you! All of it would take many volumes to write, and I will not write of these things at this time for our Father in Heaven has not told me to do so. But, He has given me a message today for you and you will find this message in Chapter Fifteen of Book Twelve. What I had written as the last chapter of Book Twelve is obviously not the last chapter, and what comes after this current chapter I cannot say. I can only impart to you at this time what our Father in Heaven has given me to tell you!

Until next time, I send you love! And, big, big hugs to the few, who have been faithful through all that I have endured! Blessed are you, my Dear Ones!

Jesus is our Most Beautiful Life,
Your Sis,

Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


September 13, 2006
Reminder: See latest Chapters Of Book 12!

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