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December 06, 2001
Emergency Update



December 01, 2001

On the 29th of November, I went to the post office; and there I saw a white Cadillac, which could have been a poster car for God's word and right to life. The windows and bumpers were full of an array of stickers and Biblical quotes. My first thought was that this person surely was not from Arkansas; for these kinds of display are illegal here. As I was driving off, he was also driving off, but as I was ahead of him, I thought for a moment to stop, get out and ask him if he were a minister. I debated this back and forth for a few seconds and then on impulse decided to put the car in park at the end of the drive, get out and ask him. He looked at me standing outside his car in the pouring rain and for a second started to drive off; but I motioned him to stop. I asked him if he were a minister and he said "No." Then, he began going through a seat full of spiritual paraphernalia and started handing some of it to me. I thought to myself, "More of us need to be this way. We need to be a road show for God!" This man gave me the following bumper sticker, among other things:



Rule by tyrants

Beloved Brothers and Sisters, pray that our Father in Heaven intervenes to stop further bloodshed by the leaders of this very government in faraway lands. Pray for a great spiritual awakening in the congress and that this land is returned to the governing elements of the constitution.

How can leaders of this government portray themselves as keepers of peace when they, themselves, have become the biggest bullies on the planet, all in the name of peace and preservation of peace?

Beloved Ones, pray for righteous men and women to raise up and to take an active part in the restoration of this government to a system of checks and balances, which it was set out to be. It was never intended for a president to be King; but now we have a president, who is making himself judge and juror over the so-called terrorists, by setting up a kangaroo court, corralling in the suspects and then denying them their legal rights to defend themselves, threatening to try them on military ships, even out to sea, so that their executions will never hit the public eye! This is the same kind of "justice," which has taken place in Russia for years and this is what took place in Spain years ago when the fascist elements made the so-called dissidents dig their own graves before killing them and burying them on the spot.

As we have often heard, … "absolute power corrupts absolutely." George W. Bush is drunk with the power, which he has stolen from the people through executive orders and through a bogus "terrorist" act, which was passed by members of the Senate and House; and according an article, which I read by congressman Ron Paul of Texas, very few, if any, ever read it. Something is seriously wrong with this picture and if people do not wake up and insist on one government under God, by and for the people, we shall most assuredly be ruled by tyrants! We are being ruled by tyrants!

Write your leadership in the US congress and demand accountability. Demand to know why they voted to give away your rights and pass such a law without ever reading it! Demand accountability; for if you and I do not take an active part in what is going on at leadership levels of this government, there shall not be any government left to worry about. This land is falling fast and what we can do is only a small part; but numbers do add up; and this is why I am telling you to make your voice known about the rape of the US constitution through the passage of this "terrorist" bill. Write your congressman or congresswoman and demand accountability! The ones, who have committed such an atrocity against the American people, should be made to step down! When they were sworn into office, did they not agree to uphold the constitution? They have lied!

A Miracle from Jehovah, Most High God

Since I began working on this message, we have read that the militants in the Philippines have released 110 hostages and from what we can discern, the war is abating. Beautiful Children of God, this has come about because of your prayers. Be encouraged; for we have the same God today, who worked all the miracles of the Bible. He hears and answers prayers. We do not know what is taking place in Indonesia with the Christians there; but if any of you know, pass along the information to us and we will post it here on the site.

Proceed ahead for great news from God!

Cherished Brothers and Sisters, sometimes things happen in God's work, which are so beautiful, so awesome and humbling that we are filled to overflowing with the precious love and God, amazed at His handiwork and His faithfulness toward us and to His word. I shall tell you of such an incident.

Beginning in the Spring of this year, I felt the Spirit of God leading me to pray for revival for Arkansas and I am not talking about a revival, which is orchestrated by man. I am talking about a Holy Ghost revival, which is orchestrated by God and is akin to the outpouring of the Spirit of God during the time of the apostles of old. I am talking about a revival wherein people are healed of all manner of illnesses, restored, renewed and delivered, brought back to God and put on the road to salvation! I am talking about a mighty and sustained outpouring of God's Spirit upon His People!

I asked our Father in Heaven if He would send revival if only one or two people prayed for it; and He said, "Yes." This began an earnest desire in my heart in the hearts of a few others at that time, who also prayed for revival. But, as time went on, it often seemed to be just me, praying to God in the quietness of this house, interceding and begging God to send a mighty revival to Arkansas and to the USA.

In early June of this year, our Father in Heaven dictated a letter and told me that He wanted it sent out to the churches in the Little Rock area. One would think that this would not be such a difficult job, except for the fact that I had to secure the addresses for the churches. Normally, this would have been a relatively easy thing to get from the telephone directory, but I would soon find that this was not so easy, as the churches were listed with a street address only and their physical location could be in any one of a number of small towns in and around Little Rock. Nevertheless, persistence paid off and I was able to get addresses for most churches in the telephone book and we sent out letters to 605 churches in and around Little Rock, AR in early July of this year. From the time our Father gave me this letter until the time that I was able to get the addresses and address the envelopes and put them together for mailing, about six weeks had passed, with me working a few hours daily on this project.

As some of you know, we received a few hate mails, but no positive responses from any church regarding this letter. Then, in September of this year, our Father in Heaven dictated another letter, which he said to send to the churches, and this was mailed out in early October. On the morning that I was to send out the letters, our Father told me to take His Rod and to hit the box of letters seven times; and I knew that if the pastors in the churches rejected what our Father had given me to send them, that there would be judgement hit this area.

The very day that I mailed the second batch of letters to 540 plus churches, my son told me that he dreamt the night before that seven tornadoes hit Little Rock and destroyed the city. He said, "Mom, I believe that tornadoes are coming because I dream of them every time bad tornadoes hit this area." I told him that I believed that this may come to pass if the pastors in the churches would not accept our Father's warnings, thereby repenting and preaching repentance to the people in their congregations. With the second letter, as with the first, we received no positive responses from any church. Yet, we were aware that many were praying against us as the devil came up against us with such a fury! Witchcraft is alive and well in the churches today!

In the November 20th "Message for You," you will read our Father's warning of his fury toward the enemies of his people. At the time, I thought He was talking about his fury toward those, who are fighting against His Loved Ones in Indonesia, the Philippines, etc. But, as it turns out this is not altogether the case. In going back and reading what He says near the very end of this dictation, we see that these are His words: "I say to you, 'Go forth winds!' And, I say to the devastating fires, 'Go forth fires of devastation!' I say to the worldwide calamities, 'Go forth, worldwide calamities!' And, I say to the proud and arrogant of the New World Order, 'I shall break you as matchsticks, one by one; and I shall throw you into the fiery furnace!'"

Prophecy of God calling forth the winds, … fulfilled!

On Friday, the 23rd of November, I went on the internet to check the local weather and was surprised to find a tornado watch in effect for this area. I checked the radar and satellite images and saw a great cloud forming in the Midwestern USA, which looked almost like the formation of a small typhoon. As time passed, this cloud formation began to form a very large donut shape and the cloud cover was great. I told my husband that I was concerned about this cloud formation as I believed that we would see some very bad weather from these clouds.

We went to be early and I prayed for protection for us and for this area, not fearing, but trusting in God to protect us from whatever might unfold. At some point in the night, I awoke to hear howling winds and thunder with great amounts of rainfall coming down. Still, I was not worried; for I felt a great sense of peace and calm.

The following morning, I saw on the internet news that severe storms had ripped across Arkansas and Mississippi with several tornadoes, and a number were killed, eight I believe. Later in the day, I caught the headlines on an Arkansas paper in a paper stand and the headlines told of six tornadoes, which hit Arkansas and a number of homes and mobile homes were destroyed with 107 homes suffering damage.

I read this and thought of what my son had dreamed. Yet, he dreamed of seven tornadoes and I had just read "six." I thought of the way our Father had told me to hit the box of letters seven times with the Rod; and as I sought information about these tornadoes, I found out that the tornadoes struck to the northwest of us, to the Southwest of us, to the Northeast and to the Southeast of us. They literally hit in areas of the state all around central Arkansas, but this area sustained no damage that I could determine. On November 26th, great storms and howling winds hit Southeast Arkansas and brought great wind damage! This week, severely cold temperatures were shown in Texas and the weather forecasts for this area were advising of possible freezing rain and ice, even mixed with snow. But, as days passed, we would get none of these, … only rain.

Beloved Ones, many of you may not understand this, but what I am describing above is a great miracle! Little Rock is right in the middle of tornado alley and tornadoes have frequently ripped through this very area, year after year, bringing great destruction!

As servants of The Most High God Jehovah, we do as God commands us to do; but many times we are not able to see tangible results of some of the things He has us do. But, God wanted us to see that pastors in the churches have heard! He wanted us to see that this immediate area was spared the severe devastation of the winds of His fury and even ice and freezing weather because pastors are repenting in significant numbers; and that they are bringing their people to repentance! He wanted us to see that this storm was his handiwork! He warned in advance He was calling up the winds; and He wanted to verify to us that these winds had obeyed!

Beloved Ones, let us sing praises and rejoice; for our God Jehovah is full of love and mercy. He wants us to know that many of the enemies of His people are pastors of churches, and even so, right here in the South. But, most of all, He wants us to understand that all the work of hunting addresses, addressing envelopes, stuffing envelopes, stamping and mailing WAS NOT IN VAIN! This hub right around Little Rock, the very hub to which these letters was sent, was spared the severe devastation of tornadoes and even ice and snow because many preachers have heard and many are repenting!

Very few will ever know that Little Rock was spared the terrible effects of this storm because a goodly number have heard and they have repented! But, Beloved Ones, I want you to know! I want you to know that even as we have listened to God and even as we have taken the time to send out His letters, calling His shepherds to repentance, you can do the same in your areas of the country, and as others repent, you, too, will be spared his fury!

You may believe that you cannot make a difference. You may believe that there is nothing you can do to change anyone in this world or to alter the course of evil, which is enveloping this world. Do not believe it! You can make a difference! You can do something to change the downward spiral of rebellion in this land! You can do something to stop the great spiritual erosion of backsliding! You can make a difference! But, you will never know, if you do not put forth the effort!

Why am I sharing this with you? Our Father in Heaven, Jehovah, Most High God, is so awesome; and I want you to know and understand this! I want you to see His handiwork and to know His miracles! I want you to understand that this country is under His judgement; but more than this I want you to see and know His hand of mercy toward His people. I want you to see His love! I want you to see that He does not enjoy judging His people. He only wants us to love and respect Him that He might show us His mighty miracles and awesome love and when all is said and done that you and I receive our heavenly inheritance of eternal life. I am telling you that this past Friday night and again on Monday of this week, God showed His love and mercy toward Little Rock. He showed that He is hearing and He is seeing that people are repenting!

South of Little Rock on I-30, someone has put up a billboard with a Biblical scripture calling people to repentance! On down the interstate towards Hot Springs, there is another beautiful billboard, which reads "I am the Way." Precious Brothers and Sister, people are repenting. They are turning back to God, here a few, and there a few.

We must keep up the momentum! We must keep on warning and we must keep on getting God's word out! There is a war going on between the forces of good and evil and the evil ones plan to snare the souls of all! But, evil does not win out in the end! God does! Light does! Love does!

If the sleeping will not awaken, they will never know the victory of the Righteous; for they are already prisoners of the devil and they are headed straight for the dark pits of hell! You and I must do our parts to wake up the people! We must do our parts to make people see their wrongs and come back to God. You and I must fight for the souls of our Beloved Brothers and Sisters! We must take up the word of God and move under the anointing of God's Spirit and we must reclaim souls for God! We must take the banner of truth and we must fight the lies of evil! The power of God within us defeats Satan! Evil cannot stand in the Light of God. The devil is whipped by the power and anointing of God!

Over and over, the Righteous defeat the devil and his followers! Those, who live righteously, are given the power to defeat the devil! Even if we die in this war and even if the devil has a temporary victory over our bodies, we still win! We know that these bodies are only temporary housing for the Spirit and soul. It is this spirit, which is our eternal body and it is this spirit, which goes on past this life on Earth.

However, if we do not live righteously by loving God with our all and obeying Him, we will not have the power of His Spirit when we need it most! Over and over again, the devil will have victory over us. He will steal what God has given us and he will destroy our lives over and over until he has the ultimate victory, gathering up the lost and rebellious and taking them straight into hell.

Beloved, get excited about God! Get excited about His work! Get excited about turning the tide on evil! Get excited about saving souls from a sure place in the pits of hell! Get excited about God's miracles; for you and I are about to see an outpouring of His Spirit that we could only dream about! Get excited about doing your part to bring the lost back to God! You can make a difference!

Yes, we are in a war and when you set out to defeat the devil, he will set out to make war with you; but Beloved Ones, when you devote your life to God and live righteously, you will indeed bruise Satan's evil head with your heel!


The Judgements of Jehovah, Most High God are being carried out against America. He is warning in advance and His judgement if unfolding rapidly!

Nine Prophecies Fulfilled!

In the prophecy, which was given by our Father in Heaven on September 05, 2001, He warned of great judgement upon this land! He warned that He was going to judge the finances of this land! He also warned that He was about to judge the stock market! Just six days after this prophecy, did He judged this land through the great catastrophes of September 11? Indeed, He did! This is prophecy fulfilled!

Has He judged the finances of this land? Most assuredly. This very government is finally admitting that this country is going through an economic recession. Joblessness is up all across the land with major businesses laying off hundreds of thousands. How did He judge the finances? The very symbols of economic power were destroyed in the very city in this country, which has long been noted for world finances, New York City! God is judging the finances of America! This is a second prophecy fulfilled!

If you will recall, after the disastrous events of September 11, the stock market took a deep plunge. Fixers of this market were quick to pour billions into the failing market, but remember that this is only a fix. Our Father in Heaven told in advance that He was going to judge the stock market and He did. This is a third prophecy fulfilled!

In this same prophetic message, our Father told me to take His Rod of power and to hit the Congress of the USA with this rod. He said at that time that He was going to judge the leadership of this country! In addition to the horrors of September 11, someone sent anthrax letters into congress. As a result of this, congress was closed down; and in the midst of this chaos, the evil ones in this very government pushed through a terrorist bill, which most all members of congress reportedly never saw and therefore never read, but they approved it, sight unseen! The passage of this very bill is going to further judge the bought and sold whores in congress! God's on-going judgement of congress is a fourth prophecy fulfilled!

In this same prophecy, our Father said that he was going to judge the trucking industry. I was not sure how this was to come about; but a Dear Sister wrote from New York and sent an article about 18-wheelers, which were backed up for miles on the interstate, all because of the terrors associated with the atrocities of 09-11. This is a fifth prophecy fulfilled!

Our Father warned of problems with trains and again on the Message for You on November 20, 2001, He warned once again of problems with trains. We shall see what He is speaking of here; and there may have already been problems with trains, but I have not seen it. If you have, e-mail us.

In the September 05, 2001 prophecy, our Father warned of airplanes falling out of the sky. Have we seen this? Yes! Four times, we have seen airplanes fall from the sky. This is a Sixth prophecy fulfilled!

In this same prophecy of September 05, 2001, our Father in Heaven also warned of signs in the heavens. Have we seen signs in the heavens? Yes, we have seen serious electrical storms around the North Pole, which have been seen even into Arkansas! These storms have been the result of intense solar flares! We have also seen mighty meteor showers! And, perhaps there are other phenomena, which I do not know about. This is the seventh prophecy fulfilled!

In the September 05, 2001 prophecy, our Father said that an assassin would strike twice in quick succession to kill a leader. Have we seen this? I cannot say for sure. But, if this has not come about, it shall!

In the prophecy, which was given by our Father on September 11, 2001, our Father says that He is going to judge the Rockefeller empire. I do not know how He has judged them. Perhaps, through the problems with the stock market is one way. However, we have read that anthrax was sent to the talking head of the Rockefeller empire, which is the New York Times; and also to agencies, which reflect the views of the Rockefellers, such as major broadcasting networks. Those, who sent this evil through the mail, probably had no idea that they were carrying out the judgement of God against the Rockefellers! This is an eighth prophecy fulfilled!

And, now we see the fulfillment of the November 20th prophecy, wherein our Father said that He is calling forth the wind! This is the Ninth prophecy fulfilled! Bear in mind that these prophecies in no way reflect the fulfillment of all that our Father in Heaven has spoken of lately, but only those things, which come to my attention now. If you search His messages, you may find many others. I am pointing out these things to you so that you will begin to take note of what He is saying; for God's judgement is upon this land!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our Father's words

Beloved Ones, I have saved the best for last. Below are our Father's words and a letter, which He gave for the churches of America. My husband had two weeks vacation and we thought that we might get to spend some time out in the country, perhaps camping out for a few days. But, clearly our Father did not have this in mind. Before the first week was up, He sent great winds and rains and just as the second week of my husband's vacation had begun, he was called back to work on an emergency. We thank our Father in Heaven for being in charge of our lives; for He knows best in all things. But, now I know and understand that the reason that our Father changed our plans is that He has something much more important that He wants done. He wants this update finished and His letter out to you. Please read His words and take them to heart. He needs willing workers, who will take it upon themselves to do their parts to help bring this land back to Him. Are you a willing worker for God? If not, then why?



November 27, 2001

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Little One, you have been faithful in given works; and I shall appoint unto you works or greater and far-reaching consequences. You have faithfully sent letters into hundreds of Arkansas churches, bearing My warnings of repentance, or judgement; and though many scowled and prayed against you, even pronouncing curses upon you and your household, I have made you see and understand that the greatest numbers have listened. When I called forth the wind and told you in advance that I was calling forth the wind, you saw the wind come and you witnessed devastating tornadoes and high winds, yea mighty storms strike other parts of Arkansas; but destruction did not come upon Little Rock Arkansas. Let it be known, My Child, that these tornadoes did not destroy this area; for enough people have received My warnings through the letters, which I had you send to the churches and what would have been judgement if they had not received, was averted because the greatest numbers have heard. My Blessed Child, hear Me this day; for your long hours of searching for addresses and addressing envelopes, copying and mailing, and the expenses, which have been incurred, have not been for naught. All, who helped you and Dennis with the expenses, bear the blessings, which are coming about by others coming back to Me.

My Little One, I am pleased in this and I want you to see and know that all is not lost. Yea, My Child, My judgement is falling on the USA; but any of you can make a difference if you will. Therefore, as you have asked me for a letter of repentance to go into all the churches in America and even around the world, I will first give up a letter of repentance for all churches in America.

My Child, I call upon every able-bodied citizen to take your lead. I call upon everyone, who reads My following message of repentance for the churches to copy and send to the pastors of the churches, where they live. I call upon every one, who calls himself a Child of God, to rise up and take responsibility for the gross rebellion in this land. I call upon each of you to copy My word and to disseminate it across this land, that you may be spared my fury; that you may be spared My intense judgement, which will surely rip up and destroy this land from North to South and from East to West, if you will not repent in a great way. It is time that you understood that your government will not save you! Your government will bury you! Only I can save you, for I am sending the judgement!

"My Child, write as I say that this letter may be copied and sent to every church in America. My Little One, this is a great task and it is one, which you, alone, cannot do. Therefore, I am speaking to the Faithful and I am calling the Faithful forth to take the responsibility of disseminating My warning to the churches in the area in which you live.

( Begin copy of letter to churches below.............)




November 27, 2001

"Hear Me, hear Me, Pastors of My churches! Open up your ears and hear! Open up your eyes and see! Open up your hearts and understand! For, My judgement is upon America! Across America, churches are run by errant pastors, who teach a watered-down word. Across America, churches are run by whores, who have arbitrated My word to please the masses! Across America, the churches are run by preachers, who have entered into a blasphemous covenant with a Luciferian government, the purpose of this covenant being to silence My pastors and to keep you in shackles. Yea, great numbers of you have willingly entered into a blasphemous agreement with a Luciferian government, and this covenant is the 501(c)3 tax agreement. I tell you and hear Me well when I say that your agreement to be silenced for money makes you a whore! You have sacrificed the truth for money! My fury is turned toward you, who have entered into such an agreement; and I shall uproot you! I shall scatter your flock and I shall bring mighty judgement into your midst, save you repent! For, you have loved a lie!

"I say to you lying and errant preachers, repent or perish! I will no longer strive with such mass hypocrisy! I will no longer strive with workers of witchcraft and iniquity! I warn to you, "Repent and cause My people to repent; or I shall destroy this nation, here a little and there a little, until it lies as a heap of smoldering embers!

"Above all nations, I have blessed America. I have supplied your every need, but you have come to love the gift and not the Giver of the gift.

"I say to you today, your hours and days are numbered! If you will not repent en masse and weep and howl for the sins of this land, America shall fall and it shall fall with a thunderous roar! Hidden concentration camps dot this land from North to South and from East to West and the Satanists, who run this government from the very top, cherish the day when these camps will be filled with Christians! I warn you to take note of the persecution of Christians in Indonesia, Africa, China, Russia, as well as other countries. For, one day soon, save you repent en masse and weep for the sins of this land, you will see the same kind of persecution in America!

"I am judging this land and the intensity of My judgement is only going to escalate if you will not repent and cause My people to repent in a great way. I am sending devastating fires and I am sending more plagues and more devastation through terrorism; and these shall further divide this land, save you repent en masse! If you will not then repent, I shall tear up this land through violent storms and I shall lay waste to it through nuclear disasters!

"Too long, you have thrown rebellion in My face! Too long, you have lived and preached a lukewarm walk! Too long, you have led My people astray with your hypocrisy and I say to you, errant preachers, 'Repent, or perish!'

"Very few pastors in this land live righteously! Very few of you put Me first and love Me with your all! Very few of you honor Me through obedience to My laws. I say to you, 'I know who you are and you are few, indeed!

"The masses are lost in rebellion; for the churches are putrid with the lackadaisical and the shallow! I tell you now, 'Repent or perish! I am Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of November, 2001

Linda Newkirk
From the Mountain Prophecies
P.O. Box 17277
North Little Rock, AR 72117

(...........End copy of letter to churches here.)


If you want to help in the dissemination of this letter to the local churches in your area, you will need to spend some time searching for the addresses. You will need to copy the above letter, then make copies, address envelopes, and obviously spend money on stamps. If you do not want to put your return address, feel free to put ours. Remember that many may pray against you and some may send you hate mail; but many will also hear and receive.

After we mailed out the first letter to the Arkansas churches in July, our Father in Heaven said that about 20% of the churches received what was written; but when His warnings of war upon this land, of plagues and even of pestilence began to unfold, He advised that upwards of 60% received the last letter, which was mailed out in October. Bear in mind that not one single person wrote a positive letter, acknowledging what our Father had said; and I could not know of any positive impact in the churches. The only way I could know for sure was when our Father said that He spared the Little Rock area of the recent tornadoes and devastating effects of high winds because enough preachers had heard and repented, causing their people to repent.

Be advised that at first you may feel the pains of defeat. The devil will surely come after you and try to unnerve you. You may feel the prayers of evil against you, but as you see these things come to pass, know that you are making headway and the devil is angry for losing souls, which have been in his grasp.

When we do God's work, often it is like swimming upstream against a great current; for we are fighting the Broad Way; but Oh, Beloved Ones, how rewarding a swim this is! For, we never swim alone! We swim under the anointing of the Spirit of God; and under His awesome power we go! Over and over again we know victories; for in and through our Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven we are victorious over the evil of this dark world!

Praises to the name of Jehovah; for He, alone is all-powerful! He, alone, is all-knowing and He, alone, created us and has the power over life and death. To Him is the praise and the glory forever; for He sent His beautiful Son, His Only Son, that you and I might have life eternal. How blessed we are!

I am hearing our Father tell me to add this message as the appropriate chapter in Book Seven, that this message may be preserved for posterity; so therein you will see it again. You will also see in this chapter, which will be chapter 15, the two letters, which we sent into the Arkansas churches. For those of you in Arkansas, who want to follow our lead and send these messages from our Father to the pastors in the churches in your part of the state, you will be able to go to chapter 15, copy them and mail them out. If the pastors will repent and cause their people to repent, you will see that your part of the state is also spared the judgements from God over and over again. Not only will you be spared His judgements, but you will know His blessings!

I pray that in due season, we will be able to add other chapters to this book and even to subsequent books about the awesome hand of Jehovah, Most High God, all over America, as more and more pastors come back to God and repent and cause their people to repent. I pray that many of you will write with awesome letters of praise for our Beloved God Jehovah and for His Beautiful Son, our Beloved Jesus, as You see the hand of God come down in your area of the country and spare you devastation because the people have heard and they have repented. I pray that our mail box is full with evidence of your hard work, as many of you take up the challenge to bring the preachers and congregations in your area of the country to repentance! And, even if these churches never reveal a word to you, you will know that they have heard and that they have repented; for God will truly make you see, just as He has made us see! He will spare you and your part of the country of his fury and He will bless you mightily!

You are a Beautiful Child of God

Remember that you are a Beautiful Child of God; and God loves you without condition. If you have drifted away from His love, now is the time to come back!. As you will see in chapter 14, which will soon be posted in Book VII, God is raising the vibratory rate of His people, here a few and there a few; and He is raising this rate by taking us through the fires of adversity, wherein we are purified, made clean and filled with more of His precious love and radiance. God's work within us is about two very important things, love and forgiveness. If we will not forgive, we will not be forgiven and if we will not love we will not know the love of God. Forgiveness is an intricate part of loving. Therefore, we must forgive, lest these matters of unforgiveness become large dark boulders, which are continually in our path, over which we stumble over and over again. Therefore, our Lord Jesus tells us to forgive and to love our enemies; for if they are our enemies and we are servants of God, are they not also enemies of God? And, if they are enemies of God and His purposes, are they not lost and full of darkness, needing to be free, that they might be saved from great sorrow? Therefore, we should love our enemies and pray for them, that they, too, might be cleansed, healed and know the higher vibratory rate of the pure love of God!

Our Lord Knows His Sheep!

Remember our Way home. His name if Jesus! Many call him Yeshua; but regardless of whether we call Him Jesus or Yeshua, He knows His Sheep! And when He calls His Sheep to come home, His Sheep know His voice! He will return soon for us; but remember that our robes must be white. And, how will they be white, save they are washed and purified in the fires, like silver and gold are purified?

Rev. 3:5 He that overcometh, the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but will confess his name before my Father, and before His angels.

Rev. 3:18-19 I counsel thee, to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see. As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten; be zealous therefore and repent.

You and I are tried and tested over and over again as to our faithfulness and in many ways these trials are only going to intensify as we near the return of our Lord Jesus. Get prepared spiritually to go home; for Earth is not our home! We are only visiting. Reach out and love others. Help the lost and unfortunate and you will be blessed; for every act of love, which we give out, no matter how small, comes back to us when we least expect it. It is the love of God that makes life worth living!

The Italian translations are all current and finally all are posted. Thank you Antonietta and thank you, Dennis!

Please note that all the Italian translations are posted. We can never thank our Dear Friend Antonietta enough. The devil has come at her over and over and has tried to stop her; but she has been determined to finish what she promised our Lord Jesus. We are eternally grateful to her and we all thank God that Dennis was finally able to get them all on the site.

"Father, I ask You to bless Antonietta mightily. Fill her up with Your Precious Spirit. Keep her from all harm. Put a song of joy in her heart and fill her up with Your love. Father, give her victory over all evil, that it have no power over her and bless her and her household with an abundance of Your Spirit. Thank you, Father, for this Beautiful Sister; for she has given so freely of her time that others might have these truths. Bless those, who come to this site, who speak Italian, that they might be harbingers of Your word to their Italian friends and that these works in Italian might reach all in Italy. Father, make this so and hear these cries this day. Cause these prayers to be sealed in the Earth as they are sealed in Heaven and cause them to bear great and mighty fruit."

Precious Brothers and Sisters, pray for the translations of these works into other languages; for we need on-going miracles from God in this area.

We thank each of you, who has come forth to help us with these works! We are so very grateful for your love toward us and for your help with these works! "Father in Heaven, behold those, who help with these works. Bless them mightily! Keep Your holy angels around them and show them your holy will in all things! Lift them up and fill them to overflowing with Your Precious Spirit! In the precious name of Jesus, make it so!"

We both send our love to each of you and we pray that you will awaken to the mighty purposes, which God has for you and your life!

Jesus is our True Life and Only Way home.

Your Brother and Sis,
Dennis and Linda

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