A Message For You

December 08, 2003

Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, greetings to you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus! I realize that I had promised to get a message to you about two weeks ago and I am behind so I apologize for this delay. Oh, times have been busy! Our Lord and God has come through for us in a way like you can never imagine! Praises to His Holy Name! I told you that I would have some very good news for you! This very good news came to pass on the 24th of November around mid-afternoon. It was then that I saw a rip in something in the heavens; and the appearance of this substance, which was ripped, reminded me of a gray membrane. This membrane could be described to some as semi-transparent.

As I looked at this over and over, I was not immediately aware what I was looking at. It was only while I was beginning to discuss this happening with another Sister that the realization of what I was seeing came into full focus. Our Father would reveal at that time that the veil had been ripped and torn from top to bottom. This is the veil that separates us from the Kingdom of God. This is the veil that each of us crosses when our bodies die.

There is a great deal to the ripping of this veil that I do not know and can never comprehend; but I do know one thing. It is now impossible for the enemy to hide who they really are! The spiritual nature of every person we come in contact with will be made readily apparent to all those, whose hearts are clean and whose ways are pure.

For those, who continue to backslide and hang out on the side of the occult, they shall slip further and further into darkness. The ripping of this veil is making it increasingly more apparent as to who is on the side of our Lord and God and who is on the side of Lucifer! This means that those, who will not repent, are being steadily dragged further and further into darkness and they do not even see it coming. For, their delusions are growing stronger and stronger and the lie that that they believe is becoming all the more entrenched.

For a very long time, many have been warned to come away from the world and its traps. For a very long time, many have been warned to come out of witchcraft and to leave the occult behind. But now at this late hour, the choices, which each of us has made for quite some time have caused us to become deeply entrenched into the side that we have steadily chosen to be on! No longer can one get along by pretending and fooling so many. Now, these choices will be apparent to the Lightbearers and the Truthbearers! Truly, this is a beautiful thing for those, who really love our Lord and God; but it is a day of darkness and gloom for those, who continue to choose deception and lies!

Many things have happened since the last message to you! Oh, the war is escalating on every front, but God has been merciful to us and for this we are eternally grateful! There is much for you to read in chapters Fourteen, Fifteen, and Sixteen of Book Nine and this will keep you busy for a while! You will definitely want to read these latest chapters after you read what is written in this message.


The Dead and the Dying!

Stew Webb of http://www.stewwebb.com has received confirmation through intelligence sources that the Black Pope (Count Hans Kolvenbach) is most definitely dead. Since he was cast into the Lake of Fire on the 13th of November, there have been a steady stream of high-level dignitaries from the Catholic Church and all around the world, going into the Vatican to pay respect. Many have come to the Vatican from all over the world, including the Dali Lama as they join the Pope in going forth with their one world religion.

Stew Webb has also received word that top-level Satanist, Leonard Millman, partner of the Bushes, trillionaire, dope peddler, murderer and thief extraordinaire is also dead and most certainly with his counterpart, the Black Pope. The deaths of these high-level people are all being kept "secret" and as I understand it there are many more high-level dead people, which are known by those in the Intelligence agencies, but are also being kept secret. Now, don’t you find this most interesting? Why would they not want the names of 70 of their high-level Satanists, who are dying like flies and going into the Lake of Fire? Could it have anything to do with the reasons for their deaths, that they first kidnapped me and tried to kill me? And, they are dead because of God’s wrath against them!



I am now personally aware that two more individuals have been kidnapped by NASA/military black-ops in UFOs. One woman had many marks on her hands and on her forehead. The other woman had a precious child, who saw his own Mother being taken up in a spacecraft!

Dear Ones, you are going to be seeing unprecedented numbers of people being kidnapped in these government black ops using UFOs, injected with all manner of things and many of them killed! These are the Satanist Luciferians and they are on a warpath! Why are they on a warpath? Because they have been systematically shut out of time travel and they are hopping mad!

You are about to see star wars being carried on people all over the world. And, you can thank the good ol' boys at NASA and their Satanist counterparts in the US military for it all. But, they had better make good of their days; for they do not have long left to continue on with their rebellion. God Almighty is going to settle this situation once and for all time! Praises to His Holy Name!

For many years, I have been praying for freedom of the precious souls in and under area 51, who have been kept as prisoners in cages. For years, I have been praying to God Almighty to set these prisoners free and to release these precious children that they drug up and send into time, using them over and over against their will. Now, our Father is about to clean up this mess and I say, "Glory to our Father in Heaven! Praises to His Holy Name forever and ever!" HE sent His precious Son to make us all free and I look to the day when every prisoner will be set free!

If I must get battle scars to bring freedom to a few, I thank our Lord and God for giving me the opportunity! What kind of life does a coward have? Let us each stand for what is right and true and let us each be bold, ready to give our own life for the freedom of another. What kind of life does one live in bondage and captivity? God has created us to be free! Boldly we must go about His work!



We continue to send out prayer cloths all the while holding you up in prayer. I must admit that I am behind on sending out cloths. As soon as I catch up, I am behind again. As there is only one of me, be patient if it takes a while for you to get your cloth. Dennis works long hours and there is no one but me to do this work, but I am anointing a minimum of 500 handkerchiefs this week and will be getting these out to you, who are waiting. Our Lord and God has had me to wait upon Him for the anointing of these cloths and these will be forthcoming within the next few days. Those of you, who want one of these cloths, need to write to me: Linda Newkirk, P.O. Box 17277, North Little Rock AR, 72117.

        Below is a beautiful e-mail, which we will also post on the miracle page:


Dear Mr. And Mrs. Newkirk;

You had sent a cloth and it was received a few days ago. I read the instructions and prayed and put the cloth on my head and asked for the anointing to pass into me from the cloth.

I also asked at that time for my back to be healed (20 year old problem with a bulged disk L4/L5), to take the pain from my feet (flat footed collapsed arches). And in a very short time I noticed that my back did not hurt like it always does when I get up form being seated for any length of time. I got out of the chair like a 20 year old.....PRAISE THE FATHER and I did. It took me a few days to realize that my feet did not hurt ( I could not stand on hard surfaces for more that 2 or 3 minutes or I had much pain) and again PRAISE THE FATHER he fixed that also..........

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FATHER for your wonderful Power and Love to me, a lousy sinner.......

I am so unworthy because the FATHER is so Holy and Wonderful……

I know that all I can is to accept his wonderful gift (Salvation) and he exceeds that by sending me an anointed cloth for his Purposes......Ms. Linda, I am so awestruck...........

Totally awestruck.

That night I met a man that said he had to get two more surgeries on his severely damaged back due to an accident, so I placed cloth on his head and prayed giving Praise to the FATHER and His SON and asked the man to join in praising (a minute or two) then put the cloth away and chatted for a few minutes inspecting a precision gun that he sells (he is a gun dealer) and asked him if he felt any difference as I did not know what to expect at all and he said some pain seemed to have left him and we praised the FATHER again....

Prayed over an elderly lady with emphysema ( and her dog that was always pulling her to go faster just SAT DOWN and waited, I couldn’t believe that either) we gave praise to the FATHER and the SON and I think the HOLY SPIRIT , again a minute or two and put the cloth away and just chatted about small things and I asked her how she felt ( as I have no idea what to expect) and she opens her mouth and puts her hand on her chest and says " I can breathe, I can get air, Praise the FATHER" and her tears were running and my tears were running and what a Beautiful experience to be part of......( A extremely minuscule part ( me that is)) the woman could breathe and you could see her chest inhaling and exhaling) PRAISE YOU FATHER AND YOUR SON.......

Prayed over my Mother.....She has many things wrong and prayed similarly to above ( always with glory to the FATHER and the SON and pain in her toes seems to have vanished and a pain in the foot seems to have vanishes ...........again Praise to the FATHER and the SON..............

Ms. Linda, do you know if this cloth is for all men, women and children that ask?

Should we seek out to offer this wonderful healing power from the FATHER?

Dear One, the gifts, which our Father has put in these cloths, are for all. He gives freely and we are to give freely in return! Yes, you should seek out to offer these healings and miracles; for when you give away what He has given, His gifts within you grow! When you bring joy, you get more joy in return. When you give love, more love is given back to you. We are told not to hide our Light under a basket, but to let it shine. You, Dear Brother and letting your light shine and you are going to get more of His beautiful Light!

Are there any qualifiers?

God blesses whom He will. This is not for us to say. What you and I need to do is to spread the love and blessings that our Lord and God has given to us. We are to bring the truth of salvation through our Lord Jesus; and in the process we are to reach out to the sick, the hurting, to the prisoners, and to the lost. He will heal whom He chooses and He will bless whom He chooses. We are vehicles of His love and mercy here on this Earth and there is so much to do and so few, who want to do the work! But, one thing is definitely true: Our Lord and God wants to bless every one and He wants to save every one!

I am sorry to ask these questions but I am a logical , step by step type person

( and kinda wish there was a thick manual with all the answers, hahahahhahhaah)

I do so love the FATHER and don’t want to make mistakes or overstep my place( and I have a habit of taking control). I have and am in the process of seeking counsel in other Godly people around me as I perceive this as a responsibility as well as a gift.

I have been praying (for a month or so prior to receiving this anointing) near Terri Schrivo Schindler (I have never in my life before this time done such a thing) I just read about 10 chapters or so quietly out side the building and do this every day or two and go about my business . I have many thoughts come into my mind of her healing and I don’t want it to be my thoughts but to be the FATHER’s thoughts! There are so many sick and damaged people out there , How are they to be sorted out?

I guess I will just continue to pray and seek the FATHER!

Be led of the Spirit of God. Learn to recognize the still, sweet promptings of the Spirit and be obedient. If you will learn to do this, God will use you mightily! These promptings will come as thoughts in your mind to do certain things. Many of these promptings will occur over and over, pushing you gently to obey the voice of the Lord. This takes training, so as to separate the promptings of the Spirit from your own thoughts, and most certainly from those of demons. Demons goad and push us, but usually to do things that we do not really want to do, although some of them we may want to do. But, when our Lord and God is in what we are being told to do, we will feel such a peace in our hearts after we have done His will. Demons on the other hand, rob us of peace!

For many years I have forsaken any regular gathering in any church (use to be a rather active Catholic) as they all seem not to be following the WORD, but gather in twos and threes instead (family and friends and whoever else wants to read the WORD when we gather). Do you think that I have made a mistake?

Many are being led out of the empty churches and all of this is for reasons of the Most High. He has repeatedly told us to come out of the worldly traps and I can tell you that from my own experiences some of the greatest traps come in the disguise of churches. You are very wise to leave the Catholic Church; for we all know now that this is the headquarters of Lucifer on the Earth and has been for a very long time!

Well I must say one thing that has surely happened and that is that my Prayer life has certainly increased and I seem to be praising the FATHER all day long...........How wonderful!!!!!!!

Yes, this is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

How Wonderful and how RIGHT.......after he is my FATHER and the CREATOR!

You are so correct!

Well you asked for a praise report and there it is and I still don’t know what I am doing but then again maybe that is why the FATHER picked me. He certainly didn’t use me because I am good.

Nor am I a big executive. Just a floor sander who just barely got out of high school with a rather sorted past, definitely not a good example of being a good Christian. If there is hope for me there is hope for everybody and anybody! That is what the Wonderful thing is about the FATHER.............

Well, Our Lord Jesus was a carpenter and you are in a similar trade! Dear Brother, Our Lord and God picks whom He will; and He blesses whom He will; for He knows all things. He is full of love and mercy and to Him is the praise and glory forever and ever! Keep on doing as you are doing and you will see that our Lord and God will use you mightily!




Yes, this is so!

I have finally submitted to HIM, and I give thanks.

I rejoice in this and I know that the angels of Heaven also rejoice!

I prayed over my Mom Thanksgiving for a toe that was just lanced and also she has arthritis and the cartilage is gone between the toe ( leaving her in great pain) and the FATHER healed both......Praise the FATHER and His Son JESUS

My sister whom was prayed over had spurs on her feet and collapsing arches and a few hours latter I asked of there was a change and she just smiled and said Praise the FATHER as she cant believe that she was still standing at that hour. Today, 4 days latter she said that her feet still hurt!..

Why would this be Ms. Newkirk? Are all the diseases that are out there caused by demons?

Must I fast? Or the Subject? Of both of us?

Some things only go by prayer and fasting. Others may not be healed the first time we pray, but will be healed later. I once heard of a man in a church, who went up to the preacher16 times for healing. He never gave up! And, on the 17th time, this man was knocked across the room by the power of God and was immediataly healed. Some things are healed by degrees. The point is do not give up, but be steadfast. Keep on praying and keep on believing for healings and miracles! I have heard some say that all sickness is caused by demons, but I really do not believe this at all. Everyone must die and certainly everyone is not possessed by demons when they die. The body gets old and worn out. This is the world we live in and we have relatively short lives. But we have a God of love and mercy and He is giving out His miracles in a very big way these days! Praises to His Holy Name!

Can this Annointing be used by putting the Cloth on the person and then I pray at a distance?


And the reason I ask is that Terri Schivo Schindeler; I can stand on the sidewalk and maybe her father or mother can put the cloth on her and hopefully the anointing will pass to her at a distance. I know that there is no limit to the Power of the FATHER but it appears he has some forms that HE sticks with and I just wondered if you had an answer?

I am not sure what you are asking here.


If you answer this letter I thank you in advance. And if you don’t that is ok also as you must be a very busy person and I will have to pray for answers!

This letter is being sent as a fragmented form as it is being written in time order. You may use any or all of it as you see fit!

Today 12 03 2003 I prayed over a friend and it seems the pack problem he has had for some time was immediately resolved and his shaking (palsy) markedly reduced......Praise the FATHER

Also I asked the FATHER to fix the rest of my back and today all day for the first time in 20 years my back did not hurt at work at ALL!!!!!!! Praise Praise Praise

Most Respectfully

Your Brother in JESUS the Christ,

John Edward K.

Dear John,

Thank you so very much for writing! It is such a joy to hear from you and to share in your beautiful experiences! Praises to our Father in Heaven forever and ever! Dennis and I send you the love of our hearts!


In Closing

And, so Dear Ones, this is what is taking place in our little part of the world. We reach out to each of you, our true Brothers and Sisters, with the love of our hearts. We hold you up to our Lord and God asking His abundant blessings upon each of you! We have a big love for each of you, who has helped us to get these works out. Many people the world over are receiving these truths and for this we are eternally grateful. We give a very special thanks and big, big hugs to our Friend, Jairo, who is helping with the Spanish translations! He has also setting up a mirror site at: http://mx.geocities.com/propheciesorg . Tell all your friends in Mexico and South America!

In the most awesome of ways, our Lord and God has continued to bless these works and He will continue to bless those, who help with them. Praises to His Holy Name!

We send you big hugs!

Jesus is our Wonderful Life,

Dennis and Linda

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