December 1, 2000


"Serious Warnings from our Father in Heaven"


Cherished Brothers and Sisters in our Lord Jesus Christ, I want to thank each of you, who took the time to fast and pray and to help in getting out the last messages from our Father in Heaven. Each of you will be blessed and you will know that these blessings have come to you because you have had a willing heart and have helped in our Father's works. The days of warnings have turned into days of judgement. Judgement falls quickly now upon a sleeping and rebellious people the world over. But, truly as scriptures tell us, "Judgement falls upon the House of the Lord first."

As I write this message to you, I wonder just how many more I will be able to write before utter destruction falls upon the USA. Surely, we are living out the very last days and hours of this world as we know them to be. When you read the second message below, which has been given by our Father in Heaven, you will know and understand how seriously perilous these times are and that we have reached a point in time, from which great wars will be spurned and from which there will be no turning back.

Remember the love of our Lord Jesus for you and that He came and brought the Way home. He came and brought freedom for the oppressed, healing for the sick, and deliverance for the captive and possessed; but most importantly, He came to show us the way home. He came with great love and with great kindness, filled with the Holy Fire of God, and with truth, that none of us should have to perish in darkness. But, alas, here we are at a bitter crossroads and billions are about to perish in darkness.

How utterly distressing to see the shape of so many churches, where the blind are leading the blind into the bowels of hell. How utterly disgusting to hear the words of the rebellious, who care only about their own selfish agendas and could care less that the whole world is on the brink of a great and terrible war. How I wish that these, who are so lost, would wake up to the truth of what is going on, that they might have salvation.

But, even as I deeply wish that these very ones would wake up and see and hear, I know that it is not part of our Father's plan for many of them to do so; for they are only reaping the end result of years and years of rebellion. Yes, I am deeply saddened to see the worldly traps, which have invaded the churches, and which have snared and captured loved ones and have made them prisoners. And, even though Godly truths are put in front of these very ones day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year, they still cling to their own forms of rebellion. They still want the world to be as they want it to be and not as it really is. Oh, what terrible traps we each enter into when we go off on our own and shut God out of our lives! And, how firmly these traps shut on us because these very deliberate acts of selfishness and self-will!

Yes, I have shed many a tear because of the outright rebellion of so many; because I know that I am powerless to do anything to change a single person, save pray for their salvation, healing and deliverance. Anyone, who wants what our Lord has to offer, which is eternal salvation and eternal life in a land of absolute glory, must decide that this is what they want and they must turn their lives around. They must adhere to the teachings of our Lord Jesus regarding confession of and repentance of sins. Then, they must turn from these things, becoming a new person inside. The gift of the Spirit of God makes one a new person. The old ways are given up and the new ways of God are taken on. One cannot repent and come to God and continue on in the same old ways, lest he or she be counted a hypocrite. And, once these inner changes occur, each person must honor our Lord and God by loving them both and continually striving to live according to Godly dictates. Truly, my heart is broken for the lost and the hurting and how I would like for all to find their Way home!

Over the years, I have striven to bring you back to God, that you may know His truths, that at the last hour, you would not get caught up in a whirlwind of darkness, but that you would be worthy to partake of the Marriage Supper of The Lamb. I hope I have impressed upon you severely enough what you must do to be worthy. You, who have been reading our Lord's words, have had no shortage of truths to help you find your way and to keep you from being lost in all manner of lies. Truly, you have been blessed far above those in most all churches. For, the Lord has been good to you as He has been so very good to us. If you have read what our Lord has given, you also know of the great love of God for you and your family. You know of the lovingkindness and forgiveness of our Lord and God; and you also know that our Lord and God is very strict. He gives a lot; but He expects a lot. You have also learned how important it is to live your life according to truth, that you lie not; for each and every lie brings darkness into your soul. You have also learned why you must pray all through the day, each day, and why you must repent daily. You know that if you fail to do so, darkness will settle in on you; and this darkness will attract all manner of demons, who will push and goad you into further darkness and greater rebellion. If you have obeyed our Lord's directives through these messages, you have truly learned a great deal, just as we have learned a great deal from our Lord and God. And if you have taken these messages to heart and have applied His words to your life, you are greatly blessed.

Through Books Five and Six, God has blessed many of you. A few of you have believed in our Lord's blessings as promises through Book V and you have begun to reap many miracles. We know some of you and we have seen the hand of God in your lives over and over again. All of this because you have loved our Lord and God and you have been obedient toward our Lord and God, seeking His will over time with all your heart. Now, Cherished Ones, your faith is about to be tested in a great way; but as long as you are prayerful and steadfast in your faith, loving our God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength, you will make it through any trial and you will come out stronger for it.

I cherish the day when we will be able to meet you at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. How I look forward to this glorious day!

Below are the two most-recent messages from our Father in Heaven. The first message was given last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. Since the early November messages from our Father in Heaven, I have spent many hours in great prayer. I have not specifically prayed for George Bush, save for his salvation; but as it turns out I have seen these prayers and spiritual works benefit him the most. What I have done is that I have prayed against the works of Lucifer, as he and his dragons had the state of Florida locked up. Over Tallahassee Florida, there was a huge serpent, who was most certainly one of Lucifer's generals. With the help of the power of God and many angels, I bound up this huge, ugly monster and he was cast out. In his place, our Father put a huge angel; and this angel had a set of scales, which were affixed, as if they were made of steel or iron. These scales of balance would not bend either to the right or to the left. Then, I looked into the counties, where the vote fraud counts were taking place and there were rings of these serpents surrounding the inner areas of these rooms. Just as I did regarding the huge serpent over Tallahassee, I proceeded in these rooms, where these serpents stood. And, in their stead, our Father sent more angels with fixed scales of balance. Then, I prayed against the camp of Lucifer and his evil hoards all the way to the White House. I know that through these works George Bush has been helped the most, but in the end, he will not be helped by them at all if he does not clean up his act spiritually and serve the only God, the God of Israel, in truth, honor and Spirit. In the second message below, our Father warns President elect Bush that he will die by the sword if he does not come back to serve Him in truth, honor and Spirit, but if he does come back to Him and does serve Him in truth, honor and Spirit, He will spare his life. Surely, a dark cloud hangs the Jr. Bush and we all need to pray for his safety and salvation.

This past Wednesday morning, when I received the first message below, I was shocked by what our Father said about His moving against the Gore camp, as the vote scamming was well under way in the predetermined counties. After I received the message, I went out and did some shopping and when I got back I checked the news and was shocked again to find that protests had closed down the vote counting in Miami Dade. Then, I was even more shocked to see that Cheney was in the hospital with a heart attack and that Bush was planning to file suit in the US Supreme Court. The hand of God moved in all these things and His hand moved clearly against the evil Clinton/Gore camp. And, while it appears that Bush has won, this attempted coupe de etat is far from over.

Clearly, our Father in Heaven wants to give President-elect Bush a chance to do what is right; and He promises to save his life, but He has stated that it shall not be spared if Bush does not come back and serve Him spiritually in truth, honor and Spirit. Cherished Ones, with the Bush family, we are looking at a family of criminals, which has megabucks; and we are also looking at a family of owl worshipers and lovers of the occult. Remember former President George Bush's reference to a new world order in the range of 200 times when he was president. So, what are the odds that Jr. Bush will come back to God and serve Him in truth, honor and Spirit? With God, all things are possible; but from my humanly perspective, it surely looks bleak for Jr.

In the second message below, you will see how the wrath of God is rising against the enemies of Israel. After I received this message, I read on the internet news that the United Nations is prepared to send troops into Israel. What a huge mistake! For, as these evil hoards move against God's elect, He shall come forth with great ire. And, Cherished Ones, this time is now. Go back and read our Lord and God's messages from September and from early November and you will see how many have already come true. And, more are coming true every day. Just yesterday, I read that Egypt had refused to be a part of an oil embargo against the USA. This was just a one sentence reference in an article about Israel and the Palestinians. "Oil embargo against the USA?" Did this just slip out? Surely, we have read nothing of this in the whore press or elsewhere, yet, our Lord said in September that we are faced with a war over oil.

It is important to note that in September, He said that we need to watch for five catastrophes to come to pass within the next six months. These five things were: 1. A great dip in the US stock market, which will effect the world economy. Have you been keeping up with the great plunge in the NASDAQ? I noticed this morning on the internet that the NASDAQ is down 44% from its last high, which I believe was last Spring. Cherished Ones, this fall in the market is not over yet! THIS PROPHECY IS QUICKLY BEING FULFILLED! 2. Our Lord also said that there would be an attack on the USA; and at that time I did not know whether it would be against the continental USA or one of its satellite holdings. Surely, the USA was attacked when the USS Cole was hit. THIS IS PROPHECY FULFILLED! 3. Our Lord also said that the USA will be involved in a foreign war. Are you aware of the huge numbers of troops, which have been sent into the Mideast, along with all manner of military equipment? We now hear of UN troops to go into Israel. THIS PROPHECY IS BEING FULFILLED! 4. He said to watch for a war over oil. Is this oil embargo closer than any of us think? Certainly, we have seen great protests in Europe, great hikes of oil and gas prices here in the states with rumors of heating fuel shortages this winter. I believe that we are experiencing this war. Will it get much larger? This is a great probability. THIS PROPHECY IS SURELY BEING FULFILLED! 5. Our Lord also said that there will be internal confusion within the USA. Haven't we seen this internal confusion with the election and does it not continue on as Clinton/Gore and the rest of the Nazi/Satanists/ communists continue on with a planned coupe de etat? THIS PROPHECY IS BEING FULFILLED RIGHT NOW. Thus, ALL FIVE PROPHECIES HAVE EITHER COME TO PASS, OR THEY ARE QUICKLY UNFOLDING.

Our Father in Heaven also said in the early November messages that Bush would in fact win, (prophecy FULFILLED) but that he would cry "foul." I have seen two articles, one on the Drudge Report and the other was on NewsMax, I believe, and they both shouted, "Bush cries, 'Foul!'" … another PROPHECY FULFILLED. We have not seen the last of the struggle for Bush to take office, as our Lord and God says that Clinton does not plan to leave office. (Another PROPHECY FULFILLED. The Clinton/Gore team is clawing to hold on to power, no matter what the cost! Cherished Ones, expect to see more lawlessness from the Clinton camp!)

Why does Clinton not plan to leave office? Because he knows that he is a serial murderer and rapist and he knows that he stands a chance of going to jail or worse for crimes of high treason. Is Bill Clinton going to willingly step down and consent to this? NO! NOT UNLESS HE KNOWS THAT HE WILL BE COMPLETELY PARDONED! This is why there is this on-going coupe de etat. If Gore wins, he will instantly pardon Bill Clinton; but if he does not win, Bill Clinton has terrorism and martial law schemes up his sleeves, He is capable of conjuring up a scheme for a national emergency and/or getting the USA involved in a great war. Then he continues on as Hitler #2. Cherished Ones, this is a rotten scenario and only God can save us from this! IT IS TIME TO GET OUT OF THE APATHY AND GET SERIOUS ABOUT LIVING FOR GOD!

Read on for pieces of the puzzle.


Messages from our Father in Heaven

Remember that this first message below was given to me on the morning of November 21, 2000. It came after a number of days of very intense prayer; and amidst great vote fraud, which was on-going by the Gore camp in various locations in Florida. Every day, I felt sickened by reading more and more of the same and I wondered if we were to end up with any country left at all. I pleaded before our Lord and God with all my heart, begging our Father to step into this fray and clean it up. What follows is His response to these prayers. Cherished Ones, we must not let up in our prayers; for our Lord and God hears our prayers and answers them; but we must put our hearts into our prayers as "mind" prayers are a waste of time.

"My Precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven. Blessed are you, My Child, for you are chosen among My Children to carry forth My words of wisdom in these, the very last days of the planet, as you know them to be.

"My Little One, weep not for the wicked; for this day I set a fire among them like a brilliant blaze in a field of dried straw. My wrath is stirred against the wicked and the sun shall not set this day before you will see my ire raised against the Gore camp. For, wickedness has reached new heights of fraud and deceit on many levels. And, Al Gore gloats in his predetermined win. Bill Clinton gloats as he sees his pardons in sight and Hillary Clinton is swelled with pride at her accomplished stealth in the election process.

"Woe, My Child, woe to Bill Clinton and woe to Al Gore and woe to Hillary and to all their cohorts in crime; for this stench has reached my nostrils and I am disgusted by it. I am overcome by anger because of it and with the flick of a finger I am able to destroy them and all, who are connected to them.

"I shall utterly destroy Washington DC; and I shall utterly wipe out a stench in a congress, which is overflowing with the puss of whoredoms, sexual perversions and witchcraft. And, in my wrath, I shall cause the Earth to shake and tremble from one end of the USA to the other. I shall overturn cities and set fire to the rebellious from North to South and from East to West.

"Mine anger is as a pot, which is boiling over; and this day shall not pass before you see Mine anger spewing forth. It shall go forth as a mighty volcano; and a whirlwind in the midst of evil and I shall lay low the rebellious as but twigs in the wind. Yea, Mine anger is stirred against the rebellious and I shall cut them low, burn them and cast their ashes into the wind.

"Yes, My Child, you are right about your assessment of the mad cow disease. These proteins are being spread through the skies. They have contaminated the world from one end to the other, from North to South, and from East to West. The water supply in various parts of this world is heavily contaminated and the land is increasingly contaminated. The Earth has been sprayed with these proteins for over seven years and now an explosion of disease shall take place at an exponential rate.

"My Child, this plague shall contaminate the water supply, the food supply and almost every living thing. And, yes I have allowed the same; for the masses are full of rebellion. The masses are full of witchcraft and love of this world. But, I tell you now that the world shall not save you. Only love of My Son and obedience to Me through obedience to and love of Him can save you. If you think the world can save you, look to the world and you will be sorely surprised. The world is in shackles and those, who love it are doubly shackled.

"My Child, 'Why?' You ask, 'Why?' Little One, it is the end of an age and My Son will return soon for My Faithful. But, those, who love the world, the rebellious, will be burned as stubble. They will be cast to the winds of darkness; but those, who love My Son and follow after Me must be purified or they will not be able to rise into the light. The darkness within them will hold them back. It will keep them down. My Child, every one, who comes home, will be purified through the fire of adversity. Every one. And, now My wrath falls. It falls with a great fire.

"Yes, My Little One, of those, whom you asked to send out My words, there can be counted on less than five fingers those, who followed through. Of those, whom you asked to pray, these are less than twenty, who followed through. Thousands have read My words, yet only these few have cared enough to heed them.

"My Child, those, who reject what I say at this hour are doubly judged; for they have seen the truth and they have chosen sloth instead. My Child, I am starting a fire of righteousness in My Faithful. This fire is going to envelop the words of My Spirit. This fire is going to go forth and ignite the slothful. This fire is going to go forth and heal. It is going to go forth and work great miracles. But, most certainly this fire is going to go forth and burn the wicked and rebellious. My Son is returning for a select group, whose robes are made white, whose robes are purified by this burning fire.

"Woe to the slothful. Woe to those, who turn a blind eye to these words. Woe to those, who straddle the fence; for I am sending you a whirlwind, which will cast you to one side of the fence, or to the other.

"The days of coddling are over. Billions are caught up in the broad way and to the winds of destruction they go. My Child, you know I am strict; and you also know that I am tolerant of those, who are trying, but continue to fail. However, you also know that I reach a point wherein I say, 'Enough is enough!' And, I have reached this point.

"Enough is enough; and My judgement falls this day. My wrath falls this day. Woe to the wicked; for I am separating Mine out from among them, that the wicked burn as chaff in a whirlwind.

"My Little One, write this today and get this on the website soon. I am your Father in Heaven."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 21st day of November, 2000,
Linda Newkirk


Herein follows the second message, which is like unto the first. Our Father continues to warn of His judgements. He gave me this message on the morning of November 26, 2000. Read and be warned.


"My Precious One, I am your Father in Heaven. Behold this day and the time. For it is as numbered the 26th day of November at 7:45 AM. Behold this day and this hour; for as of this time My sword falls on Washington DC. It falls on the Clinton stronghold. It falls on the United Nations and on the ultra secretive and dark-as-night Counsel on Foreign Relations It falls on Al Gore and on his political whores. And, Cherished One, it falls as well on the Bush camp. For, in this race of whoredom against whoredom, both groups are bathed in darkness and subservient to all manner of filthy lucre and witchcraft. I say again as I have warned before, George Bush's life hangs in balance. He will either serve Me in truth, honor and Spirit, and I will spare his life, or he will continue on in witchcraft and rebellion and he shall readily fall by the sword.

"Bill Clinton, as of this day, is as one ant on a blistering hot stove. He jumps and waltzes out his last dance. And, Hillary is in a boiling caldron, which will slowly consume her. My foot is upon Al Gore and his evil camp and I shall pulverize them and cast them to the wind to be no more than a hissing and a byword.

"'Blackbooted thugs' shall trample the name and memory of Bill Clinton into the mud and his legacy shall be as rotten toilet paper, which passes readily into the sewer.

"Yes, My Child, the pride and arrogance of foolish leaders shall burn as stubble; for this day, a great sword falls around the world. And, on this day this sword hits many places around the world.

"I shall put My wrath into the hearts of the enemies of the USA and I shall set their hearts like flint against you. This day, I put my wrath into the hearts of the enemies of the United Nations whore system; and I set their hearts like flint against the United Nations. I put My wrath into the hearts of the enemies of the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and the Royals of England and I set their hearts like flint against them.

"I tell you, My Child, that all the weapons in the world cannot and will not save these whores. All the weapons in the world and all the armies cannot and will not save their filthy empires. For, I cough and spit and blow upon them and down they come. They crumble from within; for try as they might, they will not stop the tide of Mine anger against them.

"Set your face against the enemies of Israel, against the enemies of My House, and prophecy thus, My Child. I Israel, My Chosen People, are not limited to the country of Israel, but scattered around the world, and not only Jews, but those, who are faithful and of the Twelve Tribes.

To the enemies of Israel, I say thus, … 'Woe, woe, woe to the enemies of My Faithful and Chosen Ones. Woe to you; for Mine anger is risen, like that of a lioness toward her cubs; and Mine ire is as one boiling pot, which now spews over its sides. I shall smite you with a sword, which shall cause you to quake and tremble. I shall pluck out your eyes that you see not and I shall gouge out your ears that you hear not. Then, I shall send confusion into your camps and I shall raise up armies of angels, who will tear apart your best laid plans.

Yea, in your arrogance, I shall bring you low. I shall pit you one against the other until you are utterly destroyed. For, My People do not fight alone. They do not stand alone against utter darkness, witchcraft and rebellion; but I am with them. I forget not the covenant I have made with My people and I shall stand with them until the bitter end.

"Yea, the time is at hand for the rebellious to fully reap what they have sown. And, no longer will I tolerate what I have been forgiving and merciful about in the past. No longer will I turn a forgiving eye toward those, who pursue utter darkness and rebellion. Yes, this day, I have cast My sword into the Earth and it shall hit the USA. It shall hit Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Australia, Russia and China. But, it shall blaze and shoot a fire in the Mideast, which shall ignite these swords all around the world.

"Yea, My Child, set your face against the congress of the USA and say thus: 'You are full of vipers and your lusts and witchcraft have kindled My fire in the midst of you and I shall utterly consume you with the fire of Mine anger. You are full of whoredoms, which make you disgusting in My sight. Away from Me, you murderers, you sexual deviants and perverts, you bought and sold whores. This day, My wrath shall fall on you in a way you have never experienced before.

"Yea, My Child, get ready and warn My Loved Ones to get ready. For a fire has begun, which will not be put out until the return of My son.

"One last word of warning to the pharaohs of this wicked world. You have something, which belongs to My people. You have taken money from My people and put their legitimate money into your so-called 'trades'. Now, you deny them what is theirs and you intend to steal from them. You have thrown some of them into jail under false pretenses so that you can continue to steal. Let go of that which belongs to My people. I warn Alan Greenspan and I warn Bill Clinton and George Bush Sr. and all the House of Rockefeller and all greedy serpents, who are intent on robbing Mine. Leg go of what belongs to My people and let My people go; or I will smite you with every disease known to man and then some. And, if you still set your hearts like stone, I shall cause you to die, to fall dead, cut down and burned up like a dry bush in a burning fire, I warn you, let My people go and give to them fully what is theirs, or I shall cause a death in your camps, and I shall start with the tall trees, those among you, who control the most. This is My warning to you; for if you will not obey, you shall see more fall as Cheney fell. Yes, indeed, I am against Cheney; for his works are evil to the core; and I gave him a warning. I am about to sound the warning bell for many more of you. Let the word be heard and let it be obeyed. For, I will no longer tolerate this utter stealth and deliberate attempt to keep My people in debt to workers of witchcraft and iniquity.

"So, let the wise be warned; for I give you one week to let go of that which belongs to My people, or I declare war on you and yours and you shall begin to fare like so many dead flies. This is one week from the time that this notice is made public.

My Child, get this typed and put with the last message. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God, God of Israel …

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 26th day of November, 2000,
Linda Newkirk


Cherished Ones, a few weeks ago, our Lord Jesus told me one morning in prayer that there would be three earthquakes in a row; but at that time He did not tell me exactly when. So, some days later, I went back to Him and I asked Him how long it would be before the earthquakes took place; and at that time He told me that it would be three weeks. It seems that I put this away in my memory bank and did not think of it until I was reading a newsletter, called the Last Trumpet, which is written by Brother David Meyer. In this newsletter, I ran across the description of these three earthquakes, which all took place within two days, the 15th and the 16th of November. All were strong earthquakes, but many people were spared as these quakes took place in areas, which were apparently sparsely populated. Cherished Ones, these quakes are warnings for people to get their spiritual houses in order as we have more coming; and when these hit, those in other areas might not be so blessed. This is ONE MORE PROPHECY, WHICH HAS BEEN FULFULLED.

Today, our Lord Jesus spoke to me in prayer and told me that within five weeks, there will be five earthquakes and that they will all be over 6.0 on the Richter scale. He named the locations as the following: 1. Northern France; 2. Japan; 3. South America; 4. Rhodesia; 5. Alaska/NW Canada. After He gave me this information I read an article, which told of officials in France preparing to give the abortion pill out at schools and even to children as young as eleven years. Beloved Ones, can you see why they are going to get it? And, if they are going to be so rapidly judged for this, what about the murderous sluts in this country, who have killed millions upon millions of babies? It is only because of the mercy of our Lord and God for those, who love Him, that we are still around at all. keep praying. Keep seeking God's mercy; for all of us are as filthy rags before Him.

Also in Brother Meyer's most recent newsletter, I read the following and it is something, which you need to be apprised of.

"On Thursday, November 16, at 5:00 A.M., I was listening to the news on the ABC network via our local Beaver Dam radio station and was shocked into yet another sad reality. The report stated that the states of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, and Illinois were spearheading a new type of tax based on road usage. This is to be implemented in the near future and is being worked on at this present time. Every vehicle, no matter how old it is, will be fitted with a transponder box when the vehicle is registered and licensed. This electronic box will work with the global positioning satellite and record every mile that you drive in your cars. The computer for the State Government that is designed to work with this global positioning satellite will automatically send a periodic bill to the owner of the vehicle for a tax based on how many miles were driven. Thus, everywhere you go, when you went, how long you stayed, and when you returned would all be monitored by satellite and recorded. Who would have believed this could ever have happened? I highly suspect that this little spy box will also record everything that is said in the vehicle, just as flight recorder does on airplanes, but, of course, they didn't say anything about that. This is now in progress, and unless a great protest is raised, the gazing Cyclops will be watching your family car. Things such as this have been stopped before by prayer, and I hope that we will all rebuke this evil scheme by the power of prayer to God. Please help us to inform others, and help us pray."

Here it is folks and it is time to do some serious prayer about this. Go into prayer and ask our Lord to raise up an ire in the hearts of the people against this evil scheme, to let His sword fall on this evil scheme and utterly destroy it from off the face of the Earth. Remember that we are in a war; and it is a war for the soul of every God-loving person. This is a spiritual war and we shall not survive unless we get in a serious prayer mode and go up against this evil with the intent to defeat it in its tracks. Take a good look at the Clinton/Gore machine and you will see how Lucifer uses his own to railroad his hidden agenda into existence by any and all manner of fraud and deceit. Therefore, if we want to retain any freedom whatsoever, we must fight until the very last day; and the only way we can win a fight against the devil is with the power of God. Live worthy and God will not only fight alongside you, He will fight for you.  

Cherished Ones, read on for some information, which is utterly shocking. This is taken from a rather lengthy newsletter; and I will not be printing the whole newsletter, only this specific part. Thank you, Steve, for passing this on.











Surely you remember the account of the Canadian repentance toward the survivors of the St. Louis ship carrying nearly 1,000 Jewish refugees which were denied landing in both South and North American countries, and eventually were sent back to perish in Nazi Europe. Canada, being the last chance for the Jewish refugees, profoundly repented on November 5th as you recall from my previous reports. The United States, however, has not.


For five days, between June 3 - 6, 1939, the St. Louis sailed along the coast of Florida, from Miami to Fort Lauderdale to West Palm Beach, waiting for an answer. On June 4th a US coast guard # 244 cutter ship left from the naval base in Fort Lauderdale to make sure that the St. Louis did not land on American soil, but rather sailed on. Indeed, the only gates open for these Jewish refugees were the gates of the concentration camps where most of them perished, while the world looked the other way.


Two days after our historic repentance event in Ottawa just a few weeks ago, the presidential elections were held in the USA with the strangest results ever in American history. The election still hangs in the balance in the State of Florida with only a few hundreds of votes separating the rival candidates.



The interesting point, though, is that the counties where the votes are being recounted today, holding up the results of the elections for weeks now, are West Palm Beach county, Broward county, Fort Lauderdale, and Dade county. These are the very same counties, which held their gates shut as the St. Louis passed by them in silent despair, a witness which will haunt the territory for generations.


To date, there has not been a full repentance, recognition, or even an understanding from American intercessors of this issue. Could this historic sin of the US be related to the national sham, which is carried out before the whole world in these very counties?

An intercessory gathering is planned in Fort Lauderdale for June 2 - 6 2001 to bring the issue full circle into complete repentance. We pray that the American church will rise to the challenge for the nation's sake. However, it is essential that American intercessors repent before God now over these unresolved issues, so that His mercies will triumph over His judgments.

May God guide and guard your hearts during these trying times.
> From Jerusalem,
> Reuven Doron

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Beloved Ones, this message brings tears to my eyes every time I read it. My heart is weighted down and heavy; for I cannot get the faces of these precious souls out of my mind. I hear their cries and I feel their great sorrow as hope fades for them time and time again! How they must have suffered as they were shifted from port to port! Beloved Ones, get in touch with this spiritually; for you and I bear the weight of this atrocity.

"Father in Heaven, make this truth known to every soul in the state of Florida and all across this land, that a great weeping and howling may go up as people repent for this black scar on the face of this land. Father, we have been totally out of touch with this horrible and disgusting act, but now that this dark memory has been brought forth, each of us must repent for what our ancestors did. I know that this must be a deep repentance from the hearts of those, who love you; and I beg you, Father, touch those, who read this, that they may pass it on, that others may be touched and led to repent. I am so ashamed, Father; and with all my heart, I beg for Your precious forgiveness."

Even as I have prayed this, I know in my heart that I must continue to pray and so must each of you; for each of us bears a burden for the murder of these innocent souls. I will continue to bring this before our Father in Heaven, seeking His forgiveness and mercy; and I pray that you will do the same.

Wherever you are, go into your prayer closet today and weep for the murder of these innocent souls! And, continue day after day to beg for our Father's mercy and forgiveness until you feel His peace of forgiveness in your heart. Our Lord Jesus says that as we sow, we reap; and we also know that the sins of the parents are passed on down for generations. Cherished Ones, much of the evil, which has come out of this land is now coming full circle; and it is payback time!


I call upon you in Florida, who love our Lord and God, to copy Brother Doran's message from this newsletter and my subsequent comments and to send this to every church in these four Florida counties. Also, send it to your elected officials. Then, if you can garner enough people to help you, send it to every church all across the state of Florida. In memory of these precious souls, who were sent to the camps by these four counties, I call upon the people of Florida NOW to initiate a week of deep repentance! Move forward with this repentance the day you receive this mail and do not delay this! The destiny of this nation now hangs by a thread because of the horrendous decision made by these four counties in 1939!

In addition, I call upon each of you the world over to initiate a six month repentance for the murders of millions upon millions of innocent and unborn children. Seek the forgiveness and mercy of God every day for six months that you not be held accountable at the last day! Weep and howl before God and empty your heart of the deep sadness, which is connected to the senseless murders of these precious unborn. Who was there to defend them when they died in sorrow and pain? Who held their hand and carried their sorrow as they their tiny muscles twitched out their last bit of life? Who among us knows their true suffering and pain? Only our Lord and God!

Cherished Ones, it is time to get in touch with the pain and sorrow of these newborn and unborn souls. The burden is great and we must not continue to ignore it; for this very burden is destroying the whole world. Weep for the world, not just for the USA, but look what has taken place in other countries, such as China, for many years! Weep and howl; for God's judgement is quickly falling on this world!

Do not let this set on the shelf and think that you will get to it tomorrow or next week! Start this repentance today!

You can do a lot to serve God in your part of the world, so get busy. We have a lot of work to do! And, when you have done this, write back and let us know how it went in your area of the country, or in your area of the world! Those, who read this urgent message and choose to do nothing will be judged. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have seen angels in gatherings or around individuals, who record in a book, everything, which is said. Cherished Ones, all is recorded so that at the last day, you cannot say that you did not know. Ignorance will not work as an excuse for you, as it is recorded this day who have read this message, and exactly what you have done about it is also recorded. If you live in a foreign land and have a language, which is different than English, please translate this word for word, if you are able to do so, and disseminate it.

"Father in Heaven, BLESS those, who read this message, who hear its urgency, and who go forward in this work. Precious Father, heal our hearts and heal the lands around the world of the dark blots, which have been caused by these senseless murders! Precious Father, our hearts are deeply weighted down by the horrors of these senseless murders! Have mercy on our souls! Forgive us, Father; for so very long we have lived out our own selfish agendas, ignoring the plight of the defenseless and unborn, ignoring the plights of the suffering! Father, wash us with our own tears and cleanse us anew with the blood of the Lamb. For, we are all as filthy rags before You! In the name of our Precious Jesus I pray." (As I type this, our Father says, "I bless this work.")

Let us go forth and do this work in memory of these precious souls, who have all died in vain …

Linda Newkirk

Prophetess, apostle, as called by our Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven, …the Creator of all..


From the Mountain Prophecies

PO Box 17277

North Little Rock, AR 72117





Beloved Ones, keep spreading the Light of God and keep telling the world about salvation through our Lord Jesus. It is true that many will slam the door in your face; but there are still souls out there, who have a hunger for God. Keep praying with all your heart. Come out of the world; for it is full of confusion; and you must protect yourself against satanic indoctrination, which the world is full of. Reach out to others and continue spreading God's love; for it is His precious love, which keeps us all.


Our Lord Jesus is our way home; and He is coming back for us soon …

We both send our love to you,

Dennis and Linda


Cherished Ones in Malaysia … This morning, the 29th of November, while I was in prayer, our Lord Jesus spoke to me and said to add a sixth location to the above earthquake list; and this location is Malaysia. I do not know in what order to expect these earthquakes, as I did not understand when receiving them from our Lord Jesus whether they are to occur in the order I listed. Some of you in Malaysia have been with us quite a while and we are thankful for the opportunity to share these precious messages of our Lord and God with you. Continue to spread the truth of our Lord and of His precious coming to your friends; and be strong in your faith.

A wave of darkness is sweeping over Malaysia and the devil and his evil hoards want to sift every soul there. Cling to our Lord and God with all your might, loving Him with ALL your heart, with ALL your mind, with ALL your soul and with ALL your might; and when great adversity comes, you will receive mercy, protection and provision from God. He will make a way for you when all seems bleak.

So says our Father in Heaven, "My Child, tell the people of Malaysia, my few and faithful ones, that I am raising up one of My Beloved in Malaysia and I am going to empower him with great authority and power. This one is one of My beloved prophets and apostles. He is yet in his youth, but in short season, I shall make him known unto those among my faithful. For, I know each of you and I hear your cries. Look neither to the right nor to the left, but keep your eyes on My Son, Jesus; for He is the one, who is coming to bring each of My Faithful Ones home. I am your Father in Heaven. Blessed are those, who love and respect My prophets."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 29th day of November, 2000 Linda Newkirk


Meat Dream

Within the last two weeks our Father in Heaven gave me another MEAT DREAM. Those of you, who have read these messages, know that the "meat dreams" indicate that meat of The Word is on its way to us from our Lord and God. And, our Father is telling me that He is going to have me write and post a lot of this meat on the website, as opposed to putting most of it in book form. From the dream, I see that the freezer is about one third full of choice meat with NO FAT. Keep coming back; and you will be fed more from our Father's table.

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