A Message For You


December 20, 2002


A few thoughts on Christmas

Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus! With love in our hearts, we reach out to you, hoping that the light and love of God resounds in your hearts and guides your every decision.

We realize that this is the Christmas season and that most are out buying gifts, decorating trees and stuffing stockings; for this has been a tradition in this country for a long time. Yet, about five years ago, we were made to understand the pagan origin of the Christmas tree, that it is no Christmas tree at all, but one, which goes back for many millennia in pagan practices. These pagan practices are even written of in the Book of Jeremiah. Then, there is the issue of the real birth date of our Lord Jesus and the understanding that December 25 is not his birthday at all. Again, we find more paganism as we note that this date is centered around ritualistic pagan practices and the changing of seasons.

With the understanding of these things in my heart, a few days ago I had a brief talk with our Lord Jesus. I said, "Lord Jesus, I know that December 25th is not your birthday."

He said, "This is true."

And, I said, "Well, Lord Jesus, since it is not your birthday, how do you feel about people celebrating it as your birthday?"

He then replied, "Let me ask you a question."

And, I said, "Yes, My Lord."

"My Child, if others wanted to honor your birthday, and even if they got the date wrong, would you not be pleased that they loved you enough to think of you in this way?"

I said, "Yes, my Lord."

Then, He said, "So am I, for those who truly love me and honor me from their hearts." But, he said," The Spirit of the world is an abomination to me."

As we ride the county roads and traverse the streets, it is impossible not to see the effects of the spirit of the world. Even as I remember so many celebrations of Christmases past and all the last minute shopping, I sometimes wonder how we got so off base as a Christian culture. Yes, there are good memories of Christmases past and I treasure these memories, but when I look at Christmas from the standpoint of the deep commercialization, which is inherent in it, I feel a deep sadness in my heart.

Yes, Christmas is a truly beautiful concept! Oh, the true reasons for it are so admirable! My heart sings with great joy because of the great gift of God, who is our Beloved Lord Jesus! For, were it not for Him, Beloved, what would be our hope? What would be our reason for living? Without the gift of our Lord Jesus, we would have no life. And, because of His wonderful gift of life, my soul shouts great joy! My soul sings! My soul rejoices!

Our Lord Jesus is our beautiful celebration of Life!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Reign of Terror is picking up speed!

Cherished Ones, times are so urgent and we so desperately need to pray, pray, pray! We are headed into a terrible war and the evil ones are telling us that they are about to pick up on their plagues; for people are not dying fast enough to suit them! A few days ago, I was reading a headline, which shouted that Ebola can be spread by birds. Dear Ones, this is a warning that they are about to spray Ebola from the skies. Did we not hear the same kinds of warnings about the West Nile virus? The West Nile virus has been sprayed in the air, just as the prions have been sprayed. So many wild animals are not coming up with variants of mad cow disease by chance!

And, it should be obvious to all that they are about to start picking up many dissidents on their so-called "lists". Sadly, the whereabouts of many will be unknown, for many will be lost in concentration camps, some of which are underground. Let us look at the massive pickups of the Arabs in California and the utter refusal of the feds to even state how many were taken. Many families are without their loved ones because these foreigners did what was requested of them.

Average citizens are being singled out, as in the case of a Michael Moore (Mind you, not the film critic and author of "Stupid White Men, but a retired Vietnam vet). According to an article on http://www.rense.com, Mr. Moore wrote derogatory comments about President Bush over the Internet and soon found the CIA and NSA officers at his door. They hounded him for over an hour and questioned him about many things, which they already knew. They insinuated that because he was a Vietnam vet that he might be headed to Washington DC and they warned him to stay away! This is obviously the most absurd thing I have heard of lately. You know and I know that the DC sniper was a CIA mind control case, which was played out exactly as the sniper’s controllers in the government intended. When did you ever hear of a serial killer begging to turn himself in, except in this sniper case?

I also read a most interesting article on http://www.voxnyc.com detailing how the government programs these killers. This same article also stated that all field agents of the these secret spying organizations, such as the CIA, also undergo mind control, all to make sure that they are totally devoted to the ones they are programmed by. This article was written by Gunther Russbacher, a CIA man! Think on this, Dear Ones! These are the ones, who are being used to terrorize innocent citizens, such as the man mentioned above. These same terrorists in the CIA and the NSA tried to kill me last year!

So, now we are seeing the real terrorists and we are beginning to understand more fully this reign of terror, which is coming out of Washington DC. Beloved, it is just as our Father has told us all along, even from the beginning of the 911 incident. When you look at the warmongers, you are looking at the culprits. It is true that the ringleaders are well hidden; for they are the ones, who are really afraid of being found out and of losing control!

When the fluoride in the drinking water and the aluminum in the air no longer work in keeping people as zombies, will the people begin to rise up? I, for one, have certainly had visions of a civil war in this country; and this is what the evil ones fear. Will it come to this? I pray not! For, the scriptures warn us that if we live by the sword, we die by the sword. Therefore, we all must walk in faith and be at peace with ourselves and others until the return of our Lord!

The fake Jews

Almost daily, we read some comments about horrible anti-Semitism, which is rampant! Why do you suppose this is? Do you really know of anyone, who hates Jews? I do not. But, when people find out that the "fake Jews", like Kissinger, are really out to control the world; and that we are looking at Nazi Germany all over again, right here in the USA, some people are going to be mighty angry at the "fake Jews."

These evil ones have called themselves Jews for a long time, and all to fool the people, but they know that they are not Jews. In fact, they hate Jews! They are the real anti-Semites. The Bible refers to them as "the synagogue of Satan." The truth is coming out that the fake Jews funded Hitler in World War II and aided in the mass murder of the real Jews in the concentration camps! They are the ones, who will do anything, to make sure that they stay at the top; and this includes killing off anyone and everyone, who gets in their way!

Beloved, if this sounds like an exaggeration, it is because the fakers have kept themselves so well hidden and many are deceived about their schemes. But before long all will no longer have to guess about their agenda. For, they will install one of their own as the antichrist as ruler of the world!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Below, find two very important messages from our Father in Heaven. Please read them and take them to heart!


Two Messages from Our Father in Heaven

First Message

My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, most High God. Listen to Me, My Little One. Hearken unto My words. America has entered a crossroads, and has passed the same. It is headed into dark times! It is headed into turbulent times! Like a ship in a mighty storm, without direction, without a steering mechanism intact, it is headed for the rocks.

Oh, My Little One, how I have begged My people! How I have warned you to come back to Me! How I have called out to you to repent, to seek Me with a sincere heart, to come to Me on bended knees, sorry for your rebellion, sorry for the great rebellion in this land.

Yea, I have called. I have called to the churches; but alas so few have heard! Oh, My Little One, the pride and the arrogance, which prevails across the land, is an abomination to Me. The pride and the arrogance of the preachers wounds My heart. Oh, the darkness across this land! It does not diminish, but grows. Here and there, I find few, who love Me! I find few, who are worthy; but of all, which angers me most, are My sheep, who wander aimlessly without food. They are thirsty and they are hungering for My Spirit; yet they have no place to be fed.

Oh, My Child, so often I have held back My wrath and indignation! So often, I have stayed My judgement of this land! But, My Child, My hand will not hold off any longer what is at hand. For, save I judge this evil, which is rampant, even many of My Loved Ones stand to fall. They stand to be dragged under by this dark undertow!

Yes, my Child, a greater judgement is at hand for America, for abominations upon abominations are festering in this land. Oh, I have begged and I have pleaded for your remorse, for your repentance and so few care; yet, because of the prayers of a few righteous, I have carried this land. Therefore, I am warning you! Get ready! For, I am about to judge this country! I am about to judge this congress! I am about to judge this presidency!

All across this land, America shall feel jolt after jolt of My judgement. You will not repent in your plenty. Will you repent in your lack? Will you repent in your suffering? Will you? Will you look at your rebellion with new eyes and will you work to turn this country around? Will you work to save the youth, the unborn, the lost, the sick and the captives? Will you? For, you will not repent in large numbers all across this land, America shall surely perish.

Listen, My Child, hear the death knell! Hear it! This is the death knell of your freedoms! This death knell also tolls for the beginning of the end of America! My judgement is coming in greater measure! Yes, My Child two days past, you saw a nuclear explosion hit New York City. (Dear Ones, this was a vision.) Yes, you saw correctly. It is planned and laid out by the enemy and it is coming. A great earthquake shall sweep through New York City and it shall divide this city. Some of it shall disappear beneath the ocean, never to be seen again. Many will rush to hide, but they cannot hide from My judgement. Only deep repentance can save any of you!"

"Father, tell me about the 9.0+ earthquake, which some say is coming before year’s end."

"It is coming."

"But, Father, where?"

"I shall tell you this, My Child. California shall not be spared the devastating effects of this quake. Nevada shall not be spared its effects. And, even Missouri shall know the tremors and tremors! Yes, My Child, much of the West and Midwest shall feel the devastation of this quake.

Oh, Utah I am judging you! I am judging the harlot Mormon Church, for you have lied to My people! You have deceived My people! And, I shall churn you as butter in a churn. And, the Pure of Heart I shall keep; yet the rest it sour. It is putrid and I shall cast it into the Broad Way. Within few days, I shall put My ax to the root of this false prophet in this church, and the one, who follows, I shall trouble. For, I shall hang his dirty laundry from every tall tree for all to see. Yes, I shall light My holy fires in the midst of this evil organization and I shall cause these fires to burn far and wide! Yes, they shall burn far and wide; for I shall utterly expose this Satanic evil, which lies buried at the heart of this church. And, then, My Child, I shall set My people free!

Yes, My Child, I have allowed much evil to grow in the midst of My people! But, I am calling Mine out of the midst of this evil that you be not partakers of it. Yes, here and there I am assembling a remnant and I am raising them up to do great and mighty things!

Listen to Me, My Child. I am turning Washington DC upside down and inside out! My sword of division is hitting this congress and I am going to create a mighty stench therein as I open the rotting sores of the leaders of this land! Yes, they are filthy! They are full of puss and corruption and I am going to lay open these sores. Hillary Clinton will fall to a serious illness and on her deathbed, I will show her her life. I will make her see her god and I shall bend her like a 90-degree angle. And, others I shall humble until I am satisfied with My judgements.

The council of the thirteen Satanists, the fake Jews, who masterminded 911, shall turn on one another like rabid dogs. Great hate and enmity shall swarm over them like a mighty tornado. The Rockefellers shall begin to feel the sting of My wrath as their enemies move forth to utterly devour and consume them! Oh, My anger is being poured out, not just upon the unrepentant, but upon the enemies of My people!

I tell you, My Child, that they plan to kill every Christian; but all the torture of My people is returning manifold to the evil ones, who have sent it out. This is what I am doing to those, who continue to torture you with frequencies. Look, My Child."

"Oh, My Father, I see a streak of lightening go out and this streak of lightening is devouring tanks. It is devouring soldiers. It is devouring leaders. And, it is a terrible thing!"

"Yes, My Child, it is and this is only the beginning of My judgement toward those, who persecute My Loved Ones! Let all be warned that in all things I balance the scales. Yes, I am a God of great patience and mercy, but in this thing vengeance is Mine! I tell you now, My Child, in this Iraqi war, the power dogs in Washington DC shall suffer utter defeat and Israel shall feel the great sting of war. For, it shall pay for its underhandedness and its role in the 911 destruction. Yes, My Child, I allowed the same; but they rejoice in their Zionist plot and for them this is only the beginning of the end of the USA. But, I tell you, My Child, it does not have to be the end; but will be if I do not see widespread repentance!"

"Father, how is it that so many are deceived about the leadership of the Israeli government? How could we believe that these fake Jews are our friends?"

"My Child, many perish because of ignorance. But, remember this! There are many in Israel, whom I love greatly. Yes, it is a communist country, parading as a democracy. Yes, the Antichrist will rule from Israel and yes, these very ones plan the destruction of the USA after they have successfully stolen all that you have. And, their plans will come to pass, save you turn to me in great numbers and repent. For, if you will not look at your sins and weep for this land, I shall allow the Antichrist plans for America to roll forth until this land is destroyed. Furthermore, I shall utterly destroy this land with earthquakes, fires and floods! I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Put on the next ‘Message for you.’"

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 19th day of November, 2002
Linda Newkirk


Our Father’s Second Message

"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Child, I have come to you today because of your tears, because of your sorrow and your pleas on behalf of this Earth and on behalf of all living and sentient creations. Yes, My Child, I know that what you have seen is overwhelming. I know that what you have been shown is unsettling. It is undermining to any sense of stability in a rapidly changing world."

"Father, I am so grieved. On the one hand, the evil ones are out to utterly destroy this world and to kill every form of life. And, on the other hand, it seems that the entire cosmos is in such an erratic state that it, too, is set to wreak havoc of immeasurable proportions. Oh, Father, to see what is unfolding is devastating! It seems to rip a hole in my being and rivers of sorrow run from my soul! Oh, the unquenchable grief to behold what is at hand and to see the lackadaisical spirit of the masses! Oh, My Father, so much is happening on so many fronts and to the average person the reality of things seems bizarre. It does not seem real to them, but like bizarre fantasy, and they do not believe."

"And, My Child, save they wake up and come back to Me and My Son, save they make themselves worthy to harbor the Spirit of Truth, they shall not believe and they shall be further cut off. And, in their darkness, they shall perish."

"Father, this is the dilemma and this is what makes me so sad! Oh, my heart weeps! My soul weeps!"

"My Child, you have come to Me this morning asking for understanding of certain calamities, which are coming into the Earth."

"Yes, my Father and I asked you if you would also make these revelations known to Your people."

"Yes, My Child, you asked about the date of 2012 and the ancient knowledge of December 21st and 22nd of this year as the ‘end of Earth.’"

"Yes, my Father, I have wondered about this for some time and whether this date is more occult mumbo-jumbo. But, the more I learn of it, the more I read of it, the more I wonder if it is significant."

"My Child, over and over I have told you that all is not set in stone; but that much depends upon the actions of mankind on this planet."

"Yes, my Father, You have said these things."

"Over and over, I have pleaded with you to repent; for through repentance you can change both the timing and the severity of the tide of these events."

"Father, I know how You have pleaded for people to repent. I know how You have warned over and over of the terrible consequences of rebellion and I know how you have mercifully averted nuclear attacks on America twice that I am aware of. But, Father, I tell You, and You know, that most churches are absolutely barren of Your Spirit. They are barren of Your miraculous hand. The preachers are full of pride, rebellion and mediocrity and they have chased Your Spirit out. And, Your Children have no place to go! They are turned out into the pastures and are bait for the rabid dogs of Satan. Oh, Father, I know what is happening. I see it, Father, and yet feel so helpless, so powerless to do one thing about it."

"So, My Child, you look around and you see that rebellion is rampant and very few have listened. Very few have changed, but most have become all the more entrenched in the worldly."

"Yes, my Father, I see this."

"And, you know, My Child, that if the masses do not soon repent in great measures it will be too late to make a significant impact, to divert what is coming. For, when World War III gets underway, a string of destructive calamities will be unleashed upon the Earth, from which there will be no return, that is no return to a previous safe level."

"Yes, my Father, and we are looking at World War III. You said that when Congress voted for this Iraqi war that we were entering a point of no return."

"Yes, My Child, this is so because the vote of this assembly to start a world war, all for power and greed, without regard for life, will draw My ire upon this land and will indeed lead to an enemy attack upon America. But, as I have made you see in previous words, at the time of the first nuclear strike, even before bombs hit America, I will remove the Pure of Heart. I will remove those I find worthy to escape these things. Now, herein is the dilemma; for many consider themselves ‘worthy’ to escape these things, yet their lives are full of sin and their hearts are filled with unforgiveness. Their walks are shallow. Their prayer lives are almost non-existent and their token to me is a visit to church on Sunday. Yet, on their day of ‘fun in the sun’ they sing high praises to me. They clap. They shout. They dance. Oh, one would think that they are on fire for their god. But, I tell you, My Child, this is the strange fire, of which you have heard. This is the fire of the world! This is the spirit of deception. This is the anointing of the fake, the false and the phony. For, they chose to believe a lie, so I have given them a bigger lie. Yes, all would be wise to leave such groups. All would be wise to separate from such groups. Why? Because, My Little One, the strange fire is contagious! Oh, it can be all consuming! It can burn hot and it can make one believe that it is real. But, do you know how one can always tell the presence a the strange fire?"

"Because one leaves empty."

"This is correct. One not only leaves empty, but one stays empty, always looking, always searching, always hoping to be filled. Those, who harbor the strange fire, will hop from one church to another. They will chase this meeting or that, always looking for a greater high, somewhat like junkies. But, what they are really seeking is deliverance. They are seeking deliverance from the strange fire."

"Father, you mean deliverance from the spirit of the world?"


"But, Father, to be free they must first realize that they have a problem."


"And, most do not."

"You are right, My Child, they do not. They are happy amidst the strange fire and they will perish therein. But, My Child, you see the dilemma; for these believe that they will be raptured out. They believe that they will not have to endure what is coming."

"Yes, my Father, and this is but one more Satanic lie."

"’Tis so, for this spirit of the world is but one huge demonic entity."

"And, Father, it is so subtle. It is so utterly deceptive and few even suspect it."

"This is so, My Child, but the very spirit is blinding. It is deafening. It incarcerates one’s spirit and it cuts one off from the True Spirit of God."

"Yes, my Father."

"Now, My Child, you see the beginning of the great troubles for this country and for the world with the second attack on Iraq."

"Yes, my Father."

"And, you see that it will lead to a nuclear attack on this country; for I shall not only allow it. I shall orchestrate it."

"Yes, my Father."

"And, you see that at the time of the first nuclear attack, I will remove the Pure of Heart."

"Yes, my Father and some will return to this Earth with indestructible bodies and these are the Supernatural army of God."

"They are."

"But, Father, what then comes about is a world war?"

"This is so."

"But, Father, as the world war erupts, the Antichrist rises to power."

"He does."

"And, very soon the temple will be rebuilt in Israel and the Antichrist will move to rule the world through Israel?"

"You are seeing the bid now. The USA and Israel are out to take over all Arab states."

"But, this is not going to work."

"No, My Child, it will not work; but this is their plan. For, the fake Jews plan to rule the world through Israel."

"And, the Christians are blind to it."

"Remember the spirit of the world; for it will deceive many."

"So, my Father, we have World War III and the destruction of many nations, all to set up an antichrist rule?"

"You have seen it."

"But, Father, the evil ones are killing this planet. With the HAARP, they are destroying the Earth. In addition, the evil ones are spraying the skies with diseases and chemicals. They are pouring out plagues to kill all life. They are fomenting wars. Father, if so much natural calamity is coming into the Earth, and these evil ones know of these things, why are they out to kill all life and to destroy this Earth?"

"My Child, the evil ones know their fates. They know their rule is short and as far as they are concerned, if they cannot rule this planet like they have since the beginning, they will destroy it so that it will never sustain life again. They believe that they can enter other dimensions and live safely on other planets. But, I tell you, My Child, that they are sadly mistaken. For, in their fleeing crafts, they will be burned to a crisp."

"So, Father, we have the Planet Niburu, which is returning."

"It is."

"Between now and 2012."

"Yes, this is so."

"And, the passage of this planet will lead to the flipping of the Earth?"

"It will."

"But, Father, this is not necessarily synonymous with the Pole Shift?"

"Not as you understand it."

"But, Father, You showed me today that at some point, for a very brief time, that the sun will burn 1,000 times hotter. But, this does not relate to the passing of this planet?"

"It does not."

"Father, will you tell others through these writings what you have told me about this?"

"My Child, this phenomenon relates to cyclical patterns, which come from far away, even from what is called a central sun. Waves and ripples go out from this sun in patterns, which are often predictable, and you see their effects through sunspots. These waves and ripples from this central sun are moving forth into the sun in this solar system and they are effecting all life. As you have seen from pictures of the sun of this solar system, certain passageways are being forced open within the sun, itself. The same applies to the Earth and to many, many points within this solar system. Within the heart of the sun (of this solar system) is a very large door and this door has been blown open by a large influx of energies, which are entering through it from the central sun. Because this door is now open, it is leading to violent activity on the sun. My Little One, what this violent activity of the sun does is to effect all life. Its effect on life can be positive or negative, all depending on the basic nature of the energies present. If one is drawn to Me and My Son and lives according to My laws, this added influx can serve as a spiritual impetus, driving one closer to Me, …sort of like a booster rocket, if you will. But, if one’s heart is evil, or if one is lost, this added impetus can excite one toward more evil, toward an explosive nature, toward more experimenting with the occult. For, this added energy excites the energy, which is already inside. See?"

"Yes, my Father."

"So, My Child, as I showed you, energy from this central sun is traveling into this system via the very large door within the heart of the sun and it is accelerating what already is there and darkness will be accelerated toward destruction and light accelerated toward its source. Understand?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Now, as I have shown you, at some point in time, a final wave will rush through the very heart of this sun. You have seen the date as it has been written millennia ago, … December 21st and 22nd, 2012."

"Yes, my Father, and my question has been, ‘Is this so?’"

"And, My answer to you is this. If mankind continues in the same destructive course without serious repentance, this will come to pass."

"And, Father, I do not wish to be negative, but to deal in reality, and I just do not see many people repenting and getting real."

"I tell you, My Child, that you are entering a point of no return with World War III and after a certain point, it will be impossible to stop this progression of events."

"And, with this so, Father, the Earth will not only be flooded when it is turned upside down. It will be burned by this final wave of energy, which comes through this door in the center of our sun; and even though this heat will be for only a short time, it will burn up most life."

"It will. For, the sun will surely become a thousand times hotter. My Child, you know that save people repent in large numbers, and save this comes to pass very soon, these terrible calamities shall not be averted, or stopped. My Little One, put as next chapter and also on the next ‘Message for You." With this, we shall stop for today. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 5th day of December, 2002,
Linda Newkirk

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Beloved, as we look at all the horrible things, which are coming upon the Earth, it seems that our hearts will fail us! We wonder how we will survive these horrors! But, let us never forget the awesome power of God! When you read below what He is doing for His Faithful, your heart will surely rejoice! Our Beautiful Father in Heaven is the same yesterday, today and forever and He will never leave or forsake His Loved Ones. Read on.

"The Rainbow Anointing"

Cherished Ones, I wish I could begin to describe to you all the beautiful things, which have taken place since the spring of this year. Those of you, who have been following these writings, know that we have been through a number of trials regarding our living arrangements and this is understandably so. For, the evil ones have sought to keep God’s work from going forth, but in reality their evil shenanigans have only added an extra momentum to the unfolding of God’s work. For, through all the persecution of the evil ones, we have had beautiful opportunities to seek our Lord and God more and more. And, because of the seeking, He has blessed us in great and mighty ways.

Back in the Spring, our Father in Heaven told me that the next six months would be a time of great changes spiritually; and Dear Ones, on thinking back I can tell you that His words have a powerful meaning. To begin with, we moved into the center of a vortex, a beautiful spiritual vortex and this is something, which the devil hates. By nature of living in this vortex, God has shown great and mighty things and He has continued to bless us spiritually. Each day has been a beautiful opportunity to see just how God would manifest His beautiful light and love; and Beloved, I wish I could find words to describe what I have seen or what I have been shown. But, I will have to leave this be; for unless our Father, himself, wishes to tell you about these beautiful unfoldings, I simply am not allowed to.

But, I will say that in the course of this beautiful work, He promised that He would send the rainbow. One day about two months ago, our Father in Heaven told me of how the rainbow would hit me one day soon; but I would need to fast and pray. I did as He asked and fasted and prayed, prayed, prayed. In fact, I withdrew to myself and prayed often for three or more hours in the morning, plus the added three times a day that I was already praying. Within a very few days, He said "Get ready, the rainbow is coming." And, it did in fact come! With all its beautiful and radiant colors, the rainbow began to bathe me one morning while I was in prayer. As I looked at my body, I would see a rainbow light all around my body, on my legs and my arms. I could see rainbows of light coming from my hands! Oh, this was an awesome thing to behold! Then, a few mornings later our Father said, "Anoint the oil today, for tomorrow you will anoint the cloths for healings and miracles." So, I did as He asked and anointed many handkerchiefs with this anointed oil and asked our Father in Heaven to seal His beautiful rainbow in the cloths.

The requests began to pour in and I began to send out the cloths. Some of you have written back telling of the awesome things, which have happened while you were praying with these cloths, but I will reprint your letter only if you specifically give permission. Therefore, I am asking you to write back with an account of the healings or miracles God has given you through these cloths and I will post these letters on the miracle page as you give permission.

All along, my whole reason for asking God to anoint these cloths has been that He might have the glory! I have longed for others to know of His awesomeness, His wonders and His powers! I have prayed that He would give a little piece of Heaven, a gift, which you could receive, so that you, too, would have His miraculous hand in your life! Praises to His holy name! For, He has heard my prayers on your behalf and He is giving a beautiful gift to those, who wish to receive it. His beautiful gift is a piece of the rainbow! Praises to His holy name! Oh, He is so wonderful! He is so beautiful and precious and I love Him so!

Therefore, Beloved, the cloths are your gift from our Father in Heaven. If you wish to have this beautiful gift from God, write to me: Linda Newkirk, P.O. Box 17277, North Little Rock, AR 72117 and ask for the rainbow handkerchief. You need not send money unless you feel a desire to help with these works; for we have beautiful friends, who are helping to buy these handkerchiefs and to send them out to you free of charge! Thank you, Beautiful Friends in Dallas, in Knoxville, in Plano, in Illinois and in other parts of America! You are precious to us and we love you so! You are a beautiful gift from God and you are making a difference!


Below is a letter from our Dear Friend Antonietta; and in this letter she entails her awesome experiences with the rainbow :


To God is the praise and glory forever and ever!

My friend Helen is a woman of 71 years old who had a stroke and the doctor told her family that she could not make it. When I went to visit her in the hospital, she was in a coma, so I started praying to Jesus to save her life. After two months she left the hospital. One day I was walking with my dog when I saw her walking very slowly. She kissed me and said: "My dear friend, thanks to your prayers Jesus has saved my life. I am alive, but I have a terrible pain in my legs and I cannot walk, and I know that only Jesus can heal it." I smiled to her and replied: " Can I come tomorrow to your house and pray with the rainbow cloth that the Prophet Linda Newkirk has sent to me?" She replied: "Yes, please."

The day after I went to her house and put the rainbow cloth on her feet and started to pray: " My Lord and God, please I beg you, impart the healing from this cloth into Helen. My Lord and God, please I beg you, impart the anointing from this cloth to heal, cleanse and deliver Helen of the bonds of sickness and disease. My Lord and God, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for hearing my prayer." When on the third day I went to her house she was crying and thanking Jesus and God as she had no more pain in her legs.

(Our Friend Antonietta said that she went to see this woman and found her cleaning out her garage! Walking just fine with no pain! To God is the praise and glory!)

Another Miracle!

To God is the praise and glory forever and ever! (Antonietta continues.)

Two days later I was walking with my dog when an old man stopped me and said: " Please, I heard about Helen, could you be so kind to come to my house and pray with the anointing cloth to heal my handicapped son? I am not rich, but I will pay something. He is blind of one eye and handicapped and I believe that the rainbow cloth will do the miracle." I went to his house and prayed with the anointing cloth and Jesus has put in my mind that HE will heal the boy.

When yesterday evening I went to their house the old man was crying as the veterinarian told him that his dog had a tumor and needed an operation. He asked me to pray with the rainbow cloth to heal his little dog. I prayed and prayed with the rainbow cloth. This morning I went to see how was the little dog. The old man looked at me and said: " I am not sure, but I think your rainbow cloth has saved my little dog. I will tell you this evening, now I am going to the veterinarian."

This evening we are all thanking the Lord and God to have saved the little dog of an old poor man.


(The tumor disappeared and the dog is healed! Praise God!)

Oh, Precious Ones, our God is so beautiful! He is so wonderful! He knows that many of you have no church affiliation! He knows that many of you have no way to receive these beautiful anointings of the Spirit of God and He is gifting you with this beautiful anointing. What you must do, Dear Ones, it to believe, just as our Dear Sister, Antonietta, has believed. You must ask God to impart the healing from the cloth into your body or into the body of the sick person. Ask Him to break the bonds of sickness and disease and set the person free! Ask and believe.


More miracles!

Dear Ones, my husband and I have seen so many miracles that it is hard to even begin to recount them all, but some of the most awesome miracles we received lately was when I fell across some concrete block steps. One of the lower concrete block steps slid off as I was running up it and I went flying over the jagged edge of the steps. I knew that I had broken my arm, as the pain was so bad that I could not sleep. So, in the early morning hours I got Dennis to take me to the hospital. The doctor in the ER told me that I had broken my arm and showed us the broken part, which was visible on the x-ray. He put a temporary splint on it and told me to come back to the clinic in a week. But, the next day as I prayed God took all the pain out of the arm. I went back to the doctor in one week and he took the splint off and told me that I did not have one broken bone, but two. His assistant told me that he would put on a cast for two weeks, that I would return and he would put on another cast for an additional month. When he told me this, I looked at him and said, "NO you will not!" And, he said, "Lady, I have been doing this for ten years and I am telling you how it is going to be." Then, I said to him "No, you are not telling me how it is going to be. I am telling you.’

In one week exactly, I got the end of the cast wet while washing my hair, so I cut it off. The next day, I went to see another orthopedic. He x-rayed my arm, came back and said, "You have no broken bones, I am going to put on a temporary splint. Wear it as you need to and then throw it away!" Praise God! I felt like shouting! I ran out of there on cloud nine!

However, in the fall, I had also hurt my right leg. I had not told the doctors of this, as I wanted nothing to do with anymore casts. A few weeks later when I was praying, our Father said that my leg was also fractured. Then, He said "Put your right hand on your leg and pray." As I prayed, all the pain disappeared and my leg has been fine ever since. In addition, I had also hurt my ribs and these continued to give me pain. One day, our Father said, "You have broken a rib. Put your right hand on your ribs and pray." I did as He said and all the pain disappeared! Praise God! He is so wonderful! To Him is the praise and glory forever and ever! Ooooo-eeeeee! I am so thankful!

A Mighty Outpouring of God’s Spirit is Coming!

Beloved, as the evil one rises in power, we are about to see an outpouring of the Spirit of God, which has been unparalleled in the history of the world. As there have never been times, which have been so horrible on the Earth, even since the beginning, we must also understand that there has never been such an outpouring of the Spirit of God as what we are about to see. Dear Ones, we are about the see the literal falling of the fire of God! This fire of God is going to change whole communities! It is going to hit many people all at once with such power that people are going to be changed immediately. God has told me that one day the fire is going to hit me. I mean literal fire, and He has been explaining this to me for a number of weeks.

Yesterday, I received the latest newsletter from Prophet David Terrell. Brother Terrell said that in fifty years of ministering he has never sought God as much as he has sought him this year. He told of spending three months up in the mountains alone, seeking God. He also told of how God is going to send His literal fire. He said that we must pray and wait for this mighty outpouring. And, Beloved, this is what I know. Never have I felt such a need to pray! Never have I felt such a need to sing to God and to praise God! Never have I felt that I can never pray enough, no matter how much I pray. At times I feel that if I do not go and pray, pray, pray that I will explode, as words of the Spirit must be spoken!

1,000 Prayer Warriors come forth!

Today, I received a letter from our Dear Brother, Stew Webb, and he is asking for prayer warriors to come forth to pray against the satanic black masses and their diet of steady ritual abuse. I will print part of his letter below, asking you to join in this endeavor in prayer against this evil.

But, Dear Ones, I am asking for a greater dedication from you. I am asking that 1,000 prayer warriors come forth and dedicate yourselves to one, two, or three hours of deep prayer a day. I am asking you to commit yourselves to this cause, asking our Father to forgive us for the sins of this land. With deep weeping, we must continue to petition Him, begging his forgiveness and asking for His intervention in the horrible shenanigans of this evil government structure.

Beloved, we are under satanic rule in this country and to any person, who can think at all, must begin to realize the end result of this for all, who dare call themselves Christians. If you will not get on your knees and get into deep prayer, how do you think that you and your loved ones will make it through?

Oh, things are about to get really bad and we desperately need this mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit. Beloved, pray that He finds us worthy of this great fire anointing! Pray that He sends it forth! When He sends it to me, I will pass it on to you through these cloths; and in this way, His fire will surely get around to those, who so desire it. He has told me that the rainbow anointing will grow. He has said that from time to time, He will have me anoint more cloths with a greater anointing. Will you agree to be one of the first thousand prayer warriors?

The Repentance Letters!

Beloved Ones, over the past year, many of you have come forth and you have taken your time and money to send out our Father’s repentance letters. To those of you, who have helped with these letters, and continue to help, know that we will always love you and know that our Lord and God is extremely mindful of you. We thank you from the very bottoms of our hearts. One day, we will all know the results of our labor of love.

I have sent two different repentance letters to churches in this area, the last one being sent in November of last year. And we have truly had some visible results of our Father’s intervention in this area. I tell you that this last year has been a year with almost no tornadoes to the Little Rock area! This is absolutely miraculous since this area is called ‘tornado alley.’ In the summer when over 50% of the nation were in drought, we had a steady rain. Truly, God has blessed this part of the state as terrible storms have come through here and each time it was as if an invisible hand pushed them toward another area. Two hurricanes were barreling toward the center of this state and when they touched the lower tip of Arkansas, it was as if an invisible hand pushed them toward the East. On both occasions, devastating weather touched other states and we were blessed to avoid it.

After the letters went out, I began to see signs of repentance on a number of church marquis. A large billboard went up south of town with a bible verse about repentance. So, I know that some of the pastors were listening and that God was pleased. He protected us over and over, but Beloved, I fear that malaise has crept back it. The Spirit of the world has crept back in. The warnings, which some heeded, are beginning to be forgotten. Last night, tornadoes came again to the Little Rock area. A tornado came over this area and tornadoes were spotted all around Little Rock. How quickly people forget from whence their blessings come!

Beloved, why must people be continually beat up before they can see? Is the inherent nature of the human being that we must all go through these beatings over and over as our sight is so short? My, oh, My! This is heartbreaking, for just as the crew threw Jonah overboard, knowing that someone on ship had offended God, I know that God is once more greatly offended with this part of the country. Therefore, I will ask Him what He would have me do and I will share His words in upcoming messages.

You are a Child of God!

In closing, Dear Ones, I encourage each of you to treat others, as you desire to be treated, for as we sow, we shall surely reap. One day each of us will stand before a group of seven judges and our whole life will play before us as if on a movie screen. Every act, whether good or bad, will roll forth before our very eyes and we will feel the sorrows we have caused others, or we will know the joy our actions have brought. Every word, every deed, even every thought, these things will all be shown to us about our lives. But, by the time we get to this point, it will be too late to go back and change a single word, a single deed or a single thought; for this will be our final accounting of our lives. Therefore, Beloved, let us each analyze our lives daily before God and let us seek daily forgiveness from our Lord and God so that our hearts are clean. Let us be quick to say we are sorry, for it is not a weakness to say one is sorry, but a great strength. Therefore, let us be kind to one another; for many are hurting. Many are very wounded and your kind words may bring healing to a troubled soul. You are a beautiful child of God. In all things, remember this!


Jesus is our Beautiful Life,
Dennis and Linda

To All … three more chapters have been added to Book VIII.


Stew Webb’s Appeal

Our Dear Friend, Federal whistle blower, Stew Webb, is asking for prayer warriors to be part of a prayer marathon against the evil practices of the Satanists on their black days of human sacrifice from December 21-24. During these times, these evil ones mutilate and murder tiny babes! They gorge themselves in bloody orgies and drink the blood of the dying! Their evil is beyond words!

Dear Ones, let us intervene for unparalleled power of God to come in and utterly stop these horrors. Let us call upon God to put the fear of the Living God in the hearts of these evil ones! Let us call upon God to divide these meetings of horror and scatter these evil ones to the wind. And, beloved, pray for the salvation of the souls, who are caught up in this evil; for they are in the worst kind of bondage!

The following are Stew’s pleas on behalf of these precious infants, who will die at the hands of these murderers! Prayer warriors come forth!
Pray for their salvations and The Lord to put Angels of protection around the Infant.







December 21, 2002 Kimball Castle, Sedalia, Colorado
December 22-24, 2002 Various Locations Denver Colorado


Beloved, let us rally around Stew and pray, pray, pray against this evil. We must get serious in our prayers petitioning God to intervene in these horrors!!!!!

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