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December 31, 2002



Cherished Brothers and Sisters, greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus! With a heavy heart and with deep anguish in my soul, I come to you today, pleading for all our hearts to be of one accord, that we may see God move in a mighty way on behalf of the people of this land!

Cherished Ones, many are deeply upset about the rise of a Nazi police state in Washington DC! Many now know about the concentration camps, which are all over America; and many are reeling at the loss of freedoms through the so-called Patriot Act and the Homeland Security scheme. But, Beloved, remember this. Before these shackles could be put on the American people, the people were first bound and shackled spiritually. Therefore, the spiritual chains are the real problem; and if you and I do not get serious about the spiritual plight of this land, no amount of work to destroy the physical chains will ever bring freedom back!

The horrors we face cannot be overcome by human will! The bought and sold whores in congress will not change, but will continue to give away our rights and to further enslave us; for of all, they are the greatest prisoners! The political whores, who sit in high places elsewhere in this government, and who run the courts, will not change according to the dictates of the populace; for they have shown this over and over! What I hope your realize is that we cannot overcome the chains of Lucifer, Satan, the devil, without the supernatural intervention of God; for these chains encompass all facets of this society and they are too strong for any human to break!

Beloved, remember this. Our Lord Jesus came to set the captives free, that those, who believe, and live righteously thereafter, may have eternal life! Yes, He came to give life! He came that we might be free of the shackles of the devil! This has been and continues to be his beautiful gift to all humanity. All we have to do is to come to our Father in Heaven, in the name of our Lord Jesus, and ask for these gifts with a contrite heart. We must be sorry for our wrongs, truly wanting deliverance and freedom, and our Father in Heaven will restore us through the gift of His beautiful Son!

But, Dear Ones, our time is truly running out! This is why I am pleading with you. Please hear my cries to you this day! Read the following and take these pleas to heart! Will you do your part, starting today and continuing on until we see the mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit upon this land? Will you get into a mighty prayer mode, pleading before God for the following?

  1. Come before God and confess your personal sins and every rampant sin of this land you can think of. Ask God to forgive you for your sins. Ask Him to forgive you for contributing to the sins of this land. Then, ask Him to forgive the people of this land and to restore this land!
  2. Beloved, get in touch with your real sorrow for the your own sins and for the sins of this land and weep. Weep for the millions of murdered babies, who never had a chance! They are blameless souls before God, who were ruthlessly murdered, and now you and I bear this blame and shame! Confess the horrors of the sex and violence, which we have all allowed to permeate every facet of this land, polluting the youth and destroying the fabric of this land! ( Make a determination to stop this flow of sex and violence and refuse to be a part of it any longer. Shut down and get rid of television, which is Satan’s conduit for mind control and ruination of this land!) Before God, shed deep tears for these wrongs and allow real grief to flow through your heart to God, for He hears the prayers of the Sincere of Heart. All of us bear great shame for what we have collectively allowed to come to pass in this land and we must each confess this to our Father in Heaven, seeking His forgiveness!
  3. Plead with our Father in Heaven, in the name of our Beloved Lord Jesus, to send a mighty revival of His Spirit upon this land to break the shackles of Satan off the land, to heal His people, to set them free, and to save them. Plead with Him to break the shackles of the devil off our nation’s capitol and off the government all across this land!
  4. Plead with our Father in Heaven to bring revival into the streets, in the highways and byways, into the communities, and into the homes. Pray that we may be found worthy to receive a mighty outpouring of His Spirit all across the land and around the world!

Beloved, in all these things, which I have listed above, we need to be of one accord in prayer! You may think of other things you wish to pray for, but pray about the above concerns first! We need to be praying the same things with our hearts full of weeping and sorrow! And, we need to pray without ceasing. Each of us needs to make a certain commitment to a specific prayer time and we each need to keep this commitment. Do not allow family, friends or work of any kind come before this commitment!

For you, who live overseas, take to heart the four prayer items above and begin to pray these things for your country! Begin to organize others to pray for your country and for your community.

For those in the USA, this is how we need to proceed.

  1. Set aside a specific time each day to pray for the four considerations, which are listed above.
  2. If possible, get churches involved in setting up specific times of prayer when people can come in and pray!
  3. You, who work, can surely pray on your lunchbreaks and you can get others of like mind to pray with you. Tell them why we must all pray and make them understand the seriousness of this need!
  4. Make fliers and put them out around your community and set up places where people can come and pray on their lunch breaks or at other times of the day. Get coordinated in your efforts and you can help to save this land and millions of souls!
  5. If you can think of other ways to get people involved in this mighty wave of "Praying America," let us know and we will post your ideas. Also, keep us posted as to how God is showing Himself to you in your prayer times or prayer groups! As God leads, we will share your testimonies!

Realize that each of us must grab hold of this call to prayer and we must pray with the intensity of one, who is drowning! We must pray with the intensity of one, who is about to draw his last breath; for Dear Ones, this is the plight of this land. We must get into a serious prayer for the salvation all the souls, who will die in the coming wars, including this Iraqi war! We must be ever mindful that our prayers can make a difference in the salvation of millions of souls and we must be dedicated and steadfast in our determination to see God move on behalf of this land and on behalf of the salvation of all souls!

Beloved, read our Father’s words below. As more and more of us come forward and really get serious in our prayers, He will hear our cries!



December 30, 2002

God will hear our prayers!

"My Precious Child, long I have heard your prayers on behalf of My people! Long have I seen your tears and I have heard your sobs on behalf of nameless and faceless people, who are your brothers and sisters.

My Child, I have heard your ardent cries for a revival in this dry land! I have recorded every one and some are being answered, even now. For, I am sending you the gift of the rainbow, here a little and there a little, until you are bathed in the cloven tongues of fire. In this, I will not fail; and it is My promise that you will send this gift far and wide. But, will this gift of fire grow in those, who receive it; or will it sputter and dry up, becoming only a distant memory?

My Child, if My people will repent and if they will hunger and thirst after this holy fire revival, if they will pray with a deep desire for the same, I will send a mighty revival to this land. Here and there, all across America, revival will break out; but this will only come to pass if the people deeply want it. It will only come to pass if many people are in one accord. Then, My Child, I shall send My revival fires in great measure and I shall begin to dissolve the bands of Lucifer over this land. But, I must see repentance and I must hear serious prayers. Then and only then will I send My holy fires, that many may be set free, that many might be saved. Understand?"

"Yes, my Father."

"Then, send this out, that all may pray and be of one accord."

"Yes, my Father."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 30th day of December, 2002,
Linda Newkirk


"Praise You, Father! Thank You, Father! To You is the praise and glory forever and ever!"

Acts 2:1-4      "And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all of one accord in one place.
                       And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing wind, and it filled all the house
                       where they were sitting. And there appeared unto them cloven tongues of fire, and it sat upon
                       each of them.  And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other
                       tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance."

Beloved, what took place on the day of Pentecost will come again to the Faithful. But, to be worthy to witness such a mighty outpouring of God’s Spirit, we must move forth in deep and concentrated prayer; and we must be of one accord! Let us go forth in this combined effort without delay; for the salvation of millions upon millions of souls is dependent upon our prayers! As you dedicate yourself to this cause, know that you are making a difference; for this is a work of love, and God, in His infinite love and mercy, will surely honor it!

We must get busy and pray, pray, pray, for the black of night is surely falling!

Jesus is our Only Way,
Your Brother and Sister,
Dennis and Linda Newkirk

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