February 07, 2006

My Precious Brothers and Sisters, my heartís desire is that this short message finds you well and strong in your spiritual walk before our Lord and God! Great and awesome things are taking place in the Kingdom of Our Lord and God and great things are taking place in the Arkansas skies as Satan and the US military try to destroy our Fatherís works. But, my Dear Ones, they are the losers, even as big and as powerful as they think that they are! They are no match for the great power of the One God, The Most High God, Yahweh, Jehovah! Blessed is His Holy Name!

Read on in chapters eleven, twelve and thirteen in Book Twelve! And, if you have not yet seen them, there are also three previous and fairly recent chapters, which have also been posted! You will be shocked at how Satanís Kingdom is being destroyed, even as it is rising and how our Saviourís Kingdom is being moulded and established, even from day to day!

Sending love to each of you in the most wonderful Name of our Lord and God, Yahweh, who is full of love and wonderful beyond measure!

Jesus is our Most Wonderful Way,,
Your Sis,

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