A Message For You


March 01, 2004

Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, greetings to you in the Precious Name of our Lord Jesus! Today, Chapter Four of Book Ten is being posted and you will surely want to read it so that you can get into a serious prayer mode about what our Lord and God is revealing!

It is a very sad fact that this government has been seized by thieves and murderers of the worst kind and they are getting more cunning and reckless as the days go by. It is up to each of us to demand accountability, but even so, without the direct intervention of our Lord and God, we are powerless to overcome this evil! Our Father in Heaven has warned us that we must be vigilant, for, truly the enemy is within the gates! Praises to His Holy Name; for He is full of wisdom, love and mercy!

We thank each of you, who is stepping forward to help in these works! You are beautiful lights in the God’s Kingdom and we send you the love of our hearts!

Jesus is our Only Way home,
Dennis and Linda

     February 18, 2004


Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, greetings to each of you in the name of our Beloved Lord Jesus. I pray that this correspondence finds you well and filled with the infinite the love of our Precious Lord and God!

Some very important messages from our Father in Heaven and our Lord Jesus have been posted in Book Ten. See Parts II and III of Chapter Two in Book Ten, and Chapter Three of Book Ten. Pay special attention to Chapter Three. There are very important warnings in this chapter and certain warnings that you need to pray about.

It is a time in which we must be extremely prayerful from day to day, for times are very perilous in this country and around the world. Many at the highest levels of this government are in serious trouble and especially those, who have lost their crowns of horns. Follow these developments carefully in the news; for because of this backlash against them, these very ones are planning revenge against America! Be on your guard and fast and pray so that their plans can and will be destroyed!

Dear Ones, pray for our Brothers and Sisters in South Africa. They are going through very difficult times as the tentacles of Satan threaten to devour the entire land. Pray for their protection and for the unfolding of a great and awesome move of the Spirit of God among them. Pray for our Father in Heaven to open their eyes and ears and to save millions upon millions of souls! They are our Precious Brothers and Sisters from whom we were separated so long ago! It is time for you and I to realize our need to intercede on their behalf; for we are truly our Brother’s Keeper!

I thank each of you, who helps make these works possible! Your love and dedication will go around the world and it will come back to you manifold!

Jesus is our Beautiful Life,
Dennis and Linda


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Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters through our Beloved Lord Jesus, greetings to you! My heart’s desire is that you are at peace with our Lord and God and that your heart is full of His love and mercy.

Our Father in Heaven recently told me that we are truly entering into the worst of times and the best of times. As we see evil rise on every front, and often seemingly unopposed, realize that it is unopposed only as long as good and decent people do nothing to oppose it.


One Person Can Make A Difference!

In reading the mail of many of you over the years, I know one very basic truth about many of you: In many households all over the world, there may be only one, who loves our Lord and God and who obeys Him. This singular person may be the only one, who is holding the family together at all. This singular person may be the only one, who will ever speak spiritual truths to the others. And, this singular person is often under severe demonic attack. Often, this singular person is derided and scorned by the demons in the rest of the family members. And, this singular person comes often before our Lord and God weeping and in great despair for the great evil in his or her family and the great evil in the world, itself. Such a person is often assaulted at work, as well, and others never miss the opportunity to gang up on this person, all in an attempt to beat the light and life out of him or her.

Oh, Dear One, there are so many of you out there, who fit the description of this "singular" person. Through the years, I have come across many of you and I, as much as anyone, do understand your burdens. I understand your sorrows. I understand your grief and I know that what you face often seems insurmountable. But, Dear Ones, remember one thing. We are in a great war and this is a war for the salvation of the greatest numbers of souls. This is a terrible war and unless one is in it, he or she has no clue as to what I am referring to. But, I implore you, do not give up! Do not let the evil ones defeat you! Do not buy into the lies, which spew out of the family members against you, or what others say at work or in the market place against you.

Remember one thing. Life really is a journey and we are here at this time for only a relatively short time. Our days and hours on this planet are truly numbered, and our heavenly rewards are great. When the going gets tough, just realize that you are not alone; for our Lord and our God in His infinite mercy has sent you His Spirit, a most Beautiful Friend. What you know already is that our Lord and God hears and answers prayers. Never stop praying. Never stop interceding for your Loved Ones, and for the lost souls in this world; and never stop fighting this evil. When you feel overwhelmed and feel so spiritually drained, call others for prayer and take a much-needed rest; but never, never give up! You are vital to the salvation of so many souls and our Lord and God needs you so in this war!


Strong Prayers

To defeat this evil, you must pray the "strong prayers". You must pick up your spiritual sword and fight the evil one and his army in their own territory. You must ask our Father in Heaven to destroy the evil on this planet. You must ask our Father in Heaven to destroy the evil in government, to destroy the secret satanic societies, which control it; and you must ask Him to put righteous men and women in positions of power. You must plead with Him for deliverance and salvation of those, who are lost in porn, in alcohol and dope, prostitution and other vices, who are too weak and lost to pray for themselves.

Pray, pray, pray. Never stop praying for our Lord and God to clean this evil off this planet, to set the captives free and to save the greatest numbers of souls. Get bold in your prayers. Ask the unthinkable. Ask what you think our Father in Heaven may never do for His Loved Ones! But, ask. Then, He will decide if He will answer. But, do ask. For we are in such a war and those, who will get into spiritual warfare and fight this evil in the Spirit of God are few. Even some of the more seasoned prayer warriors will not go up against the evil secret societies in prayer. It is time to get bold and it is time to ask our Lord and God to clean this evil off this planet and to save the greatest numbers of souls.


Make a List

Make a list of all those in government, who have done evil that you know of. Then, ask our Father in Heaven, in the name of His Beloved Son, who is our Lord Jesus, to judge them. Ask Him to remove them from power. Ask Him to judge their finances, to judge their homes and their families and to save their souls if it would be possible. Make a list of all the businesses, which you know to be full of evil, like many of the huge banks, and then ask our Father in Heaven to judge those, who run these businesses. Then, ask Him to take away from these evil ones what they have stolen and to put it back into the treasury of the USA or into back into the hands of the people, wherever you live! Ask Him to remove and destroy the Federal Reserve and the IRS, which is a great cancer upon the back of this country and to put back into the treasury of the USA all that these organizations have stolen. Ask Him in the Beloved Name of our Lord Jesus to bring righteous government back to this land, or to the land in which you live, and plead with Him to forgive us of our great sins all across the land. Ask him anything else that comes to your mind, but do ask. Get very serious in your prayers, always mindful to seek the will of our Father in all things regarding your life and in all things regarding His works through you.


Be Bold!

You see how Satan, the devil works. He boldly goes out and takes what he wants, while you and I do without. He boldly goes out and disobeys every law, while you and I must obey these laws. He boldly goes out and steals, kills and destroys, while you and I sit back and seek to do what is right.

Dear Ones, evil will always take over as long as the righteous do nothing. What we are facing is a horrendous war of great and tragic proportions and we are all told to be gentle as a dove. We must be harmless as a lamb. But, our Lord and God has put His power in us! He has put His spiritual sword, not just in our hands, but in our mouths, that through the very words that we speak, evil would be brought low and destroyed by the power of God within us.


The Obedient and Spiritually Disciplined will know God’s Power!

But, as you know, to be able to have His power when we need it, we must obey the commands of our Father in Heaven and we must discipline ourselves before Him. This means that we must pray first thing in the morning and then all through the day. It means that we must study God’s word and get it in our hearts. It means that we must obey His commandments daily and in so doing, we show that we love and honor Him. Then, He will hear out prayers and then He can use us in great and might ways.


The Hope of the World!

You and I have one hope. Our Lord Jesus is the Hope of this very dark world! But, if we do not honor our Father in Heaven by obeying Him and putting Him first, we have already lost Hope! Without Hope, we are all constant victims of Satan and his pawns; for our Lord and God will not hear our prayers if we rebel against Him. Dear Ones, to know our Father in Heaven, we must first honor His Son. But, if we will not honor His commandments, once we know His Son, His Son will divorce us!


Get serious about your spiritual walk and stay serious!

Therefore, Dear Ones, if you are tired of living a powerless life, and tired of being constantly defeated and under the foot of the devil, it is time to get serious in your spiritual walk before our Lord and God. It is time to repent of all that is offensive to Him and make a new commitment to our Lord Jesus and to Our Father in Heaven to do what is right with your life. Make this determination regardless of what others around you are doing. Your spiritual walk before our Lord and God is an individual thing and it is up to you to get strong spiritually and to stay strong. When you make this decision, Satan and his minions will hate you and try to snare you again and again, but you must be prepared for the assault, and when you see him come after you, you must get even more determined to do what is right.



You Can Make a Difference!

You can make a difference in this world and now is the time! Remember: The Pure of Heart, the meek and humble, will inherit the New Earth. But, these individuals are also bold, or they will not stand! There are no cowards among them; for cowards will arbitrate the word of God every time they are faced with trouble. The Tried and True will inherit the New Earth and every one of these goes through the fires. Dear Ones, it is time to get bold for our Lord and God! As long as good people do nothing, evil thrives. A dedicated life to our Lord and God is your way to make a real difference in this world! The harvest is great and the workers are few!

Don’t be a coward. Stand up and do what is right, even if you are the only one in ten thousand. Do what is right and according the commands of our Lord and God, loving Him above all, and in your time of need, He will hear your cries! For, He deeply loves those, who love Him and put Him first!




The Pope is at it again! He is calling forth the leaders of all world religions under the guise of peace, that all may unite under a one-world religion! Of course, we know that the antichrist will allow no religions, for he will demand that all humanity worship him. But, remember how we have been advised through Scripture that the antichrist sets out to conquer the whole world through peace. Daniel 11:21 …But, he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries!

The very words of our Lord Jesus in the King James Bible, Matthew 24: 8-13, tell us what to expect.

"Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for My name’s sake. And, then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another. And many false prophets shall rise and shall deceive many. And because iniquity shall abound the love of many shall wax cold. But he that shall endure unto the end, shall be saved! (Does this sound like, "once saved always saved?" And, what about the early-out rapture? ) Read it again. But he that shall endure unto the end, shall be saved!

Read this article and the one that follows and you will clearly see what is taking place. For those, who are not awake spiritually, it may seem that the Pope has the perfect plan, but we all know that in the end, it is not going to work!


VATICAN CITY, JAN 17, 2004 (VIS) - This afternoon in the Paul VI Hall, the Pope attended a concert dedicated to reconciliation among Jews, Christians and Muslims that was organized by the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, the Commissions for Religious Relations with Judaism, and for Religious Relations with Muslims, and the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue. Among the participants were representatives from various international Jewish organizations, Churches and ecclesial communities, and Islamic groups.

Before the concert, Cardinal Walter Kasper, president of the Council for Promoting Christian Unity, greeted the Holy Father on behalf of everyone present and thanked him for "his courageous example in the face of contempt, hatred and violence; thank you for your message which urges reciprocal respect among all human beings and all religions; thank you for your contribution to peace in the world."

At the end of the concert, John Paul II greeted in a special way Maestro Gilbert Levine who directed the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and the members of the choirs from Ankara, Krakow, London and Pittsburgh.

After referring to the two musical themes of the concert, "the veneration of the Patriarch Abraham and the Resurrection of the Dead," the Holy Father said: "The history of relations among Jews, Christians and Muslims is marked by lights and shadows, and, unfortunately, has known painful moments. Today the pressing need is felt for a sincere reconciliation among all believers in one God. This evening, we are gathered here to give a concrete expression to this commitment to reconciliation, entrusting ourselves to the universal message of music."

"Our common desire is that all human beings be purified from the hatred and evil that continually threaten peace, and that they may know how to extend hands that have never known violence but which are ready to offer help and comfort to those in need."

The Pope emphasized that the followers of the three world religions "must find within ourselves the courage for peace. We must implore the Almighty for the gift of peace. And this peace will spread like oil that soothes, if we unceasingly pursue the path of reconciliation. Then the dessert will become a garden where justice will reign, and the effect of justice will be peace. 'Omnia vincit amor (Love conquers all)!'"


The following resolution, now before the United Nations, proposes to do away with all religion! Those at www.formulism.org presented this resolution and it can be seen http://www.formulism.org/news.html

Russell, thank you for passing this along! Read this! This is extremely important!


* to save succeeding generations from the scourge of organized religion,
a folly which has brought untold sorrow to mankind
through the division, hatred and conflict it engenders, and

* to reaffirm an individual's right to freedom of belief, freedom of
conscience and freedom of prayer, and

* to establish conditions under which these freedoms can be privately


1. To outlaw, with immediate effect, the public expression of religious
beliefs, including the use of symbols, clothing or
markings which are synonymous with any currently or previously existing

2. To outlaw, with immediate effect, public acts of worship or religious

3. To outlaw, with immediate effect, private gatherings of three or more
people for the purposes of engaging in acts of
worship or religious services.

4. To outlaw, with immediate effect, the publication of books,
literature or articles which seek to promote religious beliefs or
encourage adherence to religious doctrine.

5. To outlaw, after a period of amnesty, the personal ownership of books
or materials which seek to promote religious beliefs
or encourage adherence to religious doctrine. (Books of academic or
social interest will be made freely available to schools,
universities and public libraries).

6. To outlaw, with immediate effect, the celebration of religiously
significant dates.

7. To begin, with immediate effect, the destruction or reassignment of
predominantly religious buildings, such as churches,
mosques and temples.

For further information, see:

United Nations Contact Information
Office of the Spokesman for the Secretary-General
United Nations, S-378
New York, NY 10017

Inquiries to be addressed to (212) 963-4475





The Anointed Cloths

And now the beautiful news!

Dear Ones, we continue to send out the anointed cloths, which our Father in Heaven has anointed with His beautiful Spirit. By this time, we have surely sent out thousands and I need to send out about 300 at this very moment. If you are waiting for a cloth, you will need to wait a few more days as I will need to fast and pray over them before sending them out. We are hearing of some very beautiful testimonies and I am listing some of these below; for you need to see what our Father in Heaven is doing and He deserves to get all the praise and glory for this wonderful work. He is such an awesome God and it is such a indescribably beautiful privilege and honor to work for Him.

To Linda Newkirk

We greet you in the loving name of JHWH our heavenly father and
His Son. May His love enfold and comfort you even as you read this testimony
of His love for His children.

Both my wife and myself were guided by the Spirit of wisdom over
time and through a series of events, to read From the mountain
It so happened that my Mother in law was diagnosed with
emphysema and asthma a few months ago. We could see the effects of this illness
take effect in her as she was constantly out of breath and lacking
energy. Guided by the Spirit of JHWH we decided to go and pray over her
with the anointed cloths we received from you through our brother, Dirk.

Immediately after praying she indicated that she felt much better.
I said that we should wait some time to see if the feeling prevails and we should
also seek confirmation of her being healed through the Spirit of JHWH.

This happened two weeks ago. We went to visit them this past weekend.

Before we left, my wife again prayed for healing over her mother.

Upon arriving we could see a definite difference in her appearance.

The following Monday she went to a medical doctor who took X-rays.
The X-rays were the confirmation we seeked as they showed absolutely
no signs of any lung related illness.

We weep with joy in our hearts for this miracle and praise our Heavenly Father
for giving healing to our loved ones. Of course we also jump with joy because
our Master is using us to bless others and we can see how we are schooled and prepared for our calling in times to come.

May you have peace in JeaHuWsHa, our loving Saviour.

Charl and Mari

Over the last two weeks I received two dreams I believe to be from our Father.
We also read in the Bible that people will receive dreams in the last days.
Please pray with us for revelation in this regard.

With thanks,




Praises to our Precious Father in Heaven! To Him is the glory forever and ever! Each one of you, who has these cloths needs to know as well that I prayed for our Father in Heaven to put Spiritual gifts of all kinds into these cloths, so that those, who are ready to receive them, will receive them for the asking. I have also asked Him to give the recipients of these cloths dreams and visions as they are ready to receive them, as well as awesome healings, and many, many miracles. He has sealed these gifts into these cloths; and those, who are ready spiritually, will receive them for the asking. My heart’s desire is that many will receive these beautiful blessings and that many, many will receive dreams, visions and prophecies. Praises to the name of our Father in Heaven, Jehovah, (Yahweh) Most High. Holy is His Name!



Here is another beautiful letter!

January 20th

Dear Sis Linda,

I want to give you witness what happened to me. For many years, I have problems with my back and leg. Many have prayed for me. When nights came, I was afraid to go to bed. I have little sleep, up to fifty times, awake all night, sometimes the whole might, due to pain. Whenever I lay down, unbelievable pain waves went through from my shoulder to my legs. It was so terrible and I have many times prayed that I rather die. My leg is okay as long as I put weight upon it, but when I lay down it is like bugs eating away from the inside of my leg.

Ochert has put the anointed cloth on my back one night and prayed for me. When I just couldn’t take the pain anymore I fell asleep and slept the whole night without waking up during the night because of pain. The pain waves disappeared, I sleep now like a baby. The only time I feel the leg hurt is when I step askew with my leg and feet.

Praises to the King, our Saviour and Master Yahweshua and our Precious Father Most High Elohey Yahweh. I love my Father and for my Elohey, I want to live according to His will.

Linda, thank you for the anointed cloth and faith to send it to me and Ockert. We live for our El and Saviour. We trust and love our Father and Yahweshua. You always are in our prayers and all, who get the word out for our Father and do His work. We love you.

Thank you, Father in Heaven for all the wonders You do in our lives. Yahweshua is our light and way.



Honey, I am only a servant of the Most High, a Child of His, the same as you. It is my great honor to work for Him, but in all these things the honor goes to Him; for He is beautiful and wonderful beyond any words!


Read on for another beautiful and heartfelt testimony!

Dennis and Linda:
You may post all or any portion of this:


For those who have been divinely blessed with the great gift of discernment, with the eyes to see and the ears to hear God's truths and warnings in these Divine messages revealed in From the Mountain Prophecies -- whose eyes and hearts and minds are open to perceive the long running, extensive fašades, grand illusions and wicked deceptions occurring on this "old" earth, I present this testimonial to glorify and honor God, Our Almighty Father, and His only begotten son, Our Lord and Master Jesus and Their unending mercies and blessings, seen and unseen, known and unknown.

Like a young child opening a wrapped present, I anxiously, excitedly, carefully lifted the bag containing God's anointed handkerchief from the postal envelope, understanding the great significance of this miraculous cloth, knowing deep within my being, this is a most blessed, precious gift from the Divine Source, who has so mercifully, lovingly, graciously touched this cloth with His Omnipotent Power and Unlimited Healing Energies.

My spirit acknowledges the great honor bestowed on anyone who receives, with enlightened awareness, this Divine present from the Almighty Father, the Creator of ALL that exists.

It took me quite some time before I could get past my overwhelming sense of unworthiness to open the bag and remove this sacred cloth, understanding the awesome power therein, but also acknowledging that, with greater Divine gifts come ever greater responsibilities.

I prayed to Almighty God and Our Lord and Master Jesus asking for the help to never, never let Them down, NO MATTER WHAT! In spirit, from the depths of my being, I was surprised to hear myself saying that, "I do have faith greater than a mustard seed".

Before I opened the bag and removed the cloth, I had a vision, not a physical vision but a vision within my mind's eye. I saw God, Our Almighty Father, on His gold throne surrounded by His brilliant, luminescent white light crowned by His Rainbow and Our Precious Jesus reaching up with the cloth and touching God's Rainbow, then turning with abundant love and handing the anointed cloth to me.

I understood that in accepting this magnificent gift, I have to be willing, at all times, to set my ego, my opinion, my desires aside and to immediately, without hesitation, doubt, question or thought, be obedient, to the letter, to God's Divine Will.

I know, that I can say with all sincerity, from the depths of my being, from the very essence of my soul, that I can offer to God, my Almighty Father and Creator, and to His only begotten son, my Lord and Master Jesus, "my life for you, my life for you."

Without knowing how God will touch me, but knowing that His Omnipotent Spirit has lovingly, graciously touched this precious cloth, I laid it upon my head, and asked for His anointing to come in me and through me in the manner that He Willed, in Jesus Precious Name; whether it be physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually or heart healing of old hurts, that through His Divine Blessings I may be anointed, empowered and strengthened to serve God, the Almighty Father and Jesus, Our Lord and Master, Our Savior, the heir apparent of planet earth, and to serve mankind in a greater way in this pivotal period in the history of mankind, in these final days of tribulation between good and evil, between God and Satan and the fallen angels -- in the manner that God Wills.

Hardly one month ago, I placed God's House of Israel Rainbow anointing upon my head. Within two days I received a miracle in the form of an unexpected phone call providing confirmation of information that I had been seeking for over two years. It dropped in my lap out of the clear blue -- the blue from above that is.

Understanding that there is no such thing as time and space, I prayed with this anointed cloth for a very dear friend in a distant state who was in the hospital expected to die at any time. I asked and envisioned Jesus touching God's House of Israel Rainbow Anointing cloth on this critically ill friend that he may receive healing and blessings according to God's Will. The very next day I received word that he surprised everyone with a turn for the better. I continue to pray with the anointed cloth for his complete recovery, according to God's Will, and also according to my dear friend's God-given free will choice.

I also understand that God heals on many different levels, the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and heart. Sometimes healing may need to occur on other levels before it reaches the physical -- but with this divinely anointed sacred cloth, there is ALWAYS healing of some kind taking place, seen or unseen.

I recently injured my back. Muscle spasms caused such severe pain I was falling to the floor in agony unable to walk without grabbing the wall or furniture. Within the space of a few minutes, I fell to the floor four times in severe pain, frozen with the fear of further muscle spasms unable to move.

I held God's House of Israel Rainbow Anointing cloth to my back and asked for relief from the pain so that I could stand up and walk. Before I even finished asking, before my mental words were even formed, the pain was instantaneously gone!!! My back was still sore in places but I was able to get up and walk around freely without any further severe pain or muscle spasms.

This is the beginning of my continuing "testimony of gratitude" to honor and glorify how Great and Wondrous are Almighty God, Creator of ALL that exists, and Our Lord and Master Jesus.

ALL Power and Greatness, ALL Loving and Forgiving, ALL Merciful and Wise IS God the Father and Our Lord and Master Jesus, Our Savior and Redeemer. Praise Be Their Holy Names --




From the depths of my heart, I thank each of you for writing your testimonies! Your testimonies will all be put on the "Miracle Page." Others need to know of the awesome things that our Father in Heaven is doing; for many are weak in faith and they do not see His awesome works. We have a mighty God and He is full of love and mercy! I love Him and His Beautiful Son with all my being! Linda



And, so, Dear and Precious Ones, you see the beautiful works of our Lord and God and you see as well the evil that is being done and made to appear as good. It is a time for each of us to be very discerning as to what is unfolding; for there is much chicanery all about.

For the meat lovers among you, there is meat of the word! And, more meat is coming! But, not a whole lot more; for Book Ten is the last book of warning! This should tell you that we are all running out of time. You will want to take time to read the meat in the additional parts of Chapter 20 as well as Chapter 21 of Book Nine, plus Chapters one and two of Book Ten!

IF you want an anointed cloth, write to: Linda Newkirk, P.O. Box 17277, North Little Rock AR, 72117. There is no need to send money unless you feel led to help with these works. These cloths are free to those of you, who need or want one! Our Lord and God gives freely and it is such a delight to send it all around!

We thank our Dear and Precious Friends, who help to make these works a reality. You are blessing many and God is very mindful of you. We love you with a big love and we thank you from the depths of our hearts!

Jesus is our Precious Lifeline,
Dennis and Linda


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