February 16, 2001



Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters through our Lord Jesus Christ, as I begin to write this letter to you, there are many feeling and thoughts crossing my mind. There is so very much I want to say to you, to warn you about, and to help with, that you be prepared spiritually for this war; but so very much of what I am feeling has been said before in other messages as well as in the books. What is in my heart to tell you is that Our Lord Jesus and our Precious Father in Heaven love you. It is so very important that you understand this; for when the war hits this land, many will turn against God. It is important that you understand that this war is coming upon this land because of God's love for His people. It is because of God's great love for His people that they must be corrected and brought back into line when they are full of rebellion and lost in all manner of abominable things.

I am deeply saddened to think of this war and all the lost souls, who do not know our Lord and God. I identify with the lost and I have a great love for them; for once I was running with the most lost and could still be out there, save for the love of our Lord Jesus. He heard my cries when I called out to Him night after night and day after day. And, He appeared to me and comforted me when I was so very lost and had no one. What I went through I would not wish upon another soul. But Cherished Ones, life is all about choices. And, my choices for many years were selfish to the core. I did not know what Godly love is and had no clue as to His real truths; but through the love of God, I have been brought out of rebellion and God has given me a chance to serve Him. Every time I think of His great love, I am deeply humbled; for I did nothing to earn His love. He loves the sinner and He wants to save the sinner; and when times are so very hard and when you find yourself alone without a person in the world to care for you or to talk to you, remember our Lord Jesus. Remember what He did for me, how he brought me out of alcoholism and homelessness. But, Cherished Ones, what He did for me, He will do for you. Our Lord Jesus came into the world to save the sinner! He looks at our hearts and He hears the cries of our hearts. He heard my cries and He will hear yours; but I can tell you from experience that coming back from the depths of hell on Earth is a process. You cannot do it all in one day, or one year, or two years. This is a journey and you will be tried and tested in you faith over and over. The love of God heals all; and in this day in time, we need a lot of His precious love.

Remember that our Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven love you. Cling to this precious love; for God's love is our lifeboat.


Following, you will find four messages from our Father in Heaven. Read them and share them with your Precious Loved Ones. Dearest Ones, we have so little time.




Feb. 05, 2001

"My Child, I am your Father in Heaven. Hear Me this day; for this message is for the masses. Yes, My Little One, it is for the masses, that they know and understand the day and the hour, that they be given the time and the understanding of the time. For, in ignorance, they go in sleep and wake, caught up in the world, lulled into a state of complacency.

"But, My Child, I say to the sleepers: 'Beware!' For, as you sleep on the enemy prepares! As you as a nation idle away your time in slumber and distraction, the enemy advances. The New World Order lies are about to come crashing down on this country on every front. Their agendas are falling apart even as they are rising. Yes, My Child, the economic bubble, which grew to such tremendous proportions, in the last eight years, is bursting. The air is seeping out quickly now. The economy of the USA is in serious trouble and it will fall to greater lows this month. This month, Feb, 2001, will be remembered as a black month in the history of the economy of this land. Alan Greenspan will soon die and with him will go a long history of economic fraud, theft and blackmail of the masses. This deep economic fall will put hysteria into the hearts of the people, and though the corrupt mouthpieces of this land, the media, will try to forestall this crash, they will not be able to hide the inevitable. To add to this great economic chaos, foreign governments will suddenly pull much money out of this pile. A great economic earthquake is about to pummel the USA and you will not have time to adjust to this before you are hit by nuclear war."

"My Father, I ask you again to expound upon this March 31, 2001 date."

"My Child, as I have spoken to you so often, I have not changed in this. This date marks the outer boundaries for the initiation of this war. As surely as the sun rises and sets, this war shall hit the USA; and it shall hit before this time. The masses have been warned."

"I ask You, as well, my Father, why have so few prophets been given this time? To date, we have received confirmation through five prophetic sources that a nuclear war is either imminent, expected in March, or before April. My Father, I ask you, why have so few been told?"

"My Child, more, many more than the few, whom you are aware of, have been told that this war is imminent; but you asked Me to make you know of others; and this is what I have done. You ask why more are not told and I tell you why. Many of My prophets do not want to warn My people of disaster. They do not want to admonish them in their rebellion and to cause them to repent. Many of My prophets are not disciplined and they do not seek Me with all their hearts. Therefore, My Child, I have handpicked a few, who are My generals. I have handpicked a few, who love Me with all their hearts and who put Me first across much time. And, these I have warned. All have suffered greatly because of love for Me and they have worked against great odds to do My work. They have suffered and have held fast to My commands. These, I have told. These, I have warned and have sent them out with My word; and these I will continue to use in mighty ways.

"My Child, the harvest is great and the reapers are few. This holds true for this advanced work in prophecy. As you know, My prophets are on many levels and still some are no more than babes, who need much discipline; but many have yielded to the flesh. They have yielded to the world; and they have not grown. Many think that a prophet is a prophet is a prophet; but how very wrong they are. My Child, it is a time of sorting for My prophets. Many will be sent into harm's way; for they have chased after the world. I am strict with My prophets; but many have not understood this. They steel words from one another, to make themselves great in their own eyes; and this is an abomination to Me. Or, the take words from their own minds and they say, 'God said thus and thus.' My Child, I am about to clean up My prophets. I am purifying My prophets and clearly I am setting up some of My prophets and apostles over others. And, be warned as well that there are those, who call themselves apostles, who are no more than ravenous wolves in sheep's clothing. I am cleaning up My apostles and out of this cleaning I shall bring forth a few, who have great power, authority, and mighty anointings from Me. From the ashes of this land and from the utter destruction of this world, I am raising up a mighty army. The numbers are small, but their works before Me shall be great. For, I am pouring out My power onto them and when they say, 'Move,' the mountain shall move. These few shall call down the fire of God on their enemies. They shall heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out demons and work mighty miracles. My Child, I have called you to such a position; for truly you are one of My generals. And, soon, very soon, you shall be in the company of three such generals. Only one of these do you now know and his name is Jeremiah.

"So, I say to those, who have the ears. Respect Mine Anointed; for in due season, I shall pour out My wrath on those, who abuse My Chosen Vessels. Woe to those, who come up against Mine Anointed. It would be better for you if you had never been born. This said, My Child, we shall close; but other messages shall follow for this website update. I am your Father in Heaven."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 5th day of February, 2001.



Second Message

Feb. 08, 2001

"My Precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven. Hearken unto Me this day and hear My words; for great are the changes, which are at hand. The USA and other key countries around the world are on the verge of great economic chaos. Your leaders have lied to you for many years about the state of your economy. They have taxed you excessively, while they have lived lavishly. They have robbed from the working class to fatten their wallets and live lives of luxury. But, I say to you now, 'A death bell tolls for these high living scabs on the world social and economic structure.' Over night, many shall come up without a penny to their names, deeply in debt. My Little One, it is a time of reckoning for the economic sector. The economy of this country has been a lie for a number of years and no longer will this lie continue. Alan Greenspan will be remembered as the one, who helped to perpetuate the greatest economic lie of all time. Many sing his praises now; for he allows them to live a high-rolling lie, which has led to the downfall of this economy and to that of the world. For, what hits here is like a fast-moving plague. And, I say to you thus, 'The month will not pass before Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall and all the king's men will not put this fragile economy back together again.' A full-scale war is about to break out in the Mideast. My Little One, it is a war about oil. For, those countries, which surround Israel, know of the vast oil reserves in Israel. Russia wants to control the Mideast for its oil. And, China has the same goal. The USA is dependent upon the Mideast for oil; and it wants to control it. And, ahead of all of them is the UN, which will put troops in Israel. My Child, it is all about controlling the oil. These Arab neighbors care nothing for the Palestinians. They know that they have a history of being trouble-makers; and this history is a long one. But, they can use them to incite war and destroy this land, which will be theirs for the picking. Saddam Hussein is so bold as he has the backing of Russia, China and other countries. Yes, indeed Iraq is becoming the super power of the Mideast, just as I showed you years ago when the world thought they were broken and destitute.

"And, in the midst of all this ensuing confusion, Russia, China and others will attack the USA with missiles. They will torch you and then invade you. Your borders are wide open. Your military is in shambles and you are unprepared for this war. My Child, the element of surprise is important to any war. While you are engaged in distraction, they will move; and in this midst of this war, China will seize Taiwan. My Child, these are all Lucifer's schemes of controlling the world; and this war will hit the USA quickly and close upon it like a snare; for I am allowing this judgement. I have warned the people that my judgement is at hand; and even as I tell you this; I say for a fact that few have listened. Few believe; for they are stiff-necked. They are full of pride and rebellion. And, because I am merciful and full of love for My people, they believe in error that I will continue to allow such rebellion across this land. But, I tell you, My Child, that My wrath is raised. My fury is raised toward a proud, an errant and a stiff-necked people; and My judgement shall not be stayed past the date I have given you previous, which is March 31, 2001. I have spoken this through you, My Child, knowing that many will not believe; for they will say, 'She was wrong in '98;' but this is their cross. For, you have been falsely judged by many; and they cared not to go back and read My subsequent messages to you. And, because they have done so, I have set their hearts like stone that they will not believe. And, this shall be their cross for judging you and spreading malicious rumors about you and seeking to sabotage My works through you.

"Yes, My Child, before this month of February, 2001 is over a death nail shall be plunged into the stock market. It shall be driven into the USA economy and in other economies worldwide; and Feb. 2001 shall be remembered as a dark month, a black month in the history of the US economy and of the world economy. An economic earthquake is at hand and it shall rattle the world. Many shall be those, who are without work, without food, clothing and shelter; for they have not heard My warnings. They have not listened to My prophets and they have loved vanity and the world. Therefore, I am against them and I have cut them off. But, blessed are those, who have heard My words through the mouths of My prophets; for they have prepared as I have so directed. I will not forsake Mine during these times of great tribulation; but I shall provide. And, I shall raise up among Mine a small, but powerful group and these shall span the continents with My work. Great miracles shall follow them and great power from Me shall rest upon them. Yea, My army is small; but their works are great. Woe to those, who come up against Mine elect; for My wrath shall rest upon you and yours. It is better for you that you had not been born!

"So, I say to Mine, 'Get ready!' 'Get ready in all ways!' But, especially, 'Get ready spiritually!' For, your trials shall be great; but your rewards shall be eternal! I am your Father in Heaven"

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 8th day of February, 2001,
Linda Newkirk


Third Message

Feb 09,2001

"My Beloved Child, I have brought you into Heaven this day and I have sat you across from Me, that I may speak to you and comfort you. And, truly, My Child, I have given you a peace, which surpasses all understanding. You ask yourself, 'How is it that I have such peace, when the world is on the verge of becoming unglued?' And, I say to you, My Child, that you have peace for it is a gift from Me. And, with this gift of peace, you have a firm understanding that I am in the midst of the unraveling of this world economy. I am in the midst of judgement upon this land and the world. I am in the midst of the great changes, which are at hand. And, because I am bringing them to pass, these things are firmly within My will. Therefore, those, who seek My will and who are at ease in the midst of My will, will not fret for what is at hand. For, those, who love Me, rejoice in My will.

"As I have told you previous, the end of an age has come and I am setting into motion the final sentences of the final paragraph, which is written of this age, the last few years before the return of My Son. My Child, so often, I have spoken to you through My Son and through my Precious Spirit, that you might warn the people to come out of the world. Alas, few have listened and even some, who know you to be a prophetess, and who likewise receive prophetic words say, 'God did not tell me this; or He has said nothing to Me about coming out of the world, about giving up this or that.' But, I say to you thus, 'I do not speak the same things to all My prophets.' Yet, what is spoken to one, I will often verify through others. But, what I speak to one applies to others. What I tell one is told to another, who receives this message. My Child, great are My works and great is My wisdom and any one person can only receive so much; for My wisdom and knowledge is so very vast and even so few of My prophets are ready for the deep wisdom, which I possess. But, I say to you, Child, a few of My prophets are ready for this deep wisdom; but there are few, indeed! And, My Child, I am speaking to these few the hidden mysteries of My many universes. You, My Child, have been brought along and made ready to receive much, which has been hidden; and I shall bring across your path others of My Chosen Vessels, who will be given much of My eternal wisdom, knowledge and understanding. You know one of these, who is placed over My people, a mighty leader, who will bring together My people around the world in these approaching chaotic times. Yes, My Child, I am bringing together My Cherished Ones from different parts of the world and I am creating a mighty army. Woe to those, who come up against My army; for you will be pulverized as fine sand. You will not prosper in your rebellion; but you will fall as a young pine sapling in an ice storm. I will break those and utterly destroy those, who fight against My army. For they go not alone and they fight not alone; but with My authority, with My power and alongside My mighty angels. Gone are the days when evil will triumph unopposed. Gone are the days when My people fight alone; for it is the time and the hour that I am raising up mighty men and women of God, who will lead in My powerful army.

"Yes, My Child, the women have been shortchanged in the churches for many generations. They have been seen as the weaker sex, the least worthy to serve Me; yet truly women are the glue, which holds the fabric of society together. Even now, there are apostles' gatherings, which exclude women; and I am angered by this. These groups will not prosper as they should; for little minds lead. Little minds wish to dominate and lord over a privy group. But, I say to you thus: 'My most powerful and anointed servants belong to no such group; for I have raised them up to grow as I want them to grow.' I have sent My Son and My Spirit to teach them that they be not polluted by dirty streams; and while all are far from perfect, they are pleasing to Me; for they love Me with all their hearts, with all their minds, with all their strength and with all their souls. Many are near penniless and must go on faith day to day wondering how they will make ends meet. Few help them and few are concerned for their welfare. But, I see and know their every need and I will not let Mine perish. The time has come for great anointings, of the manner of Elijah and Enoch to fall upon My people, upon My Chosen and Cherished Servants in My army; and I warn you ahead of time. If you are thinking of abusing My Chosen Vessels, you had better think again; for the retribution for this abuse will often be swift as a falling ax. Many of you will drop dead for trying to hurt My Anointed and others of you will wish you were dead when I get finished with you. When you hurt My Anointed, you hurt Me and this I will not endure.

"Yes, My Child, these are times like none other. Never in the history of the world has there been such times! Your most vivid imagination cannot imagine the waste and the carnage, which is at hand and many erroneously believe that it will be stopped, that the USA will not see war and certainly not before March 31, 2001; but I say to you that you are utter fools. For, you hope against hope! This invasion is well-laid out and it is laid out by the New World Order powers that be within the government of the USA and other governments. Yes, indeed, the secret government of the USA is in on this destruction. The weapons of this government will be used against its own people. There will be mass extermination and this will not be stopped. For, judgement is falling on an errant, prideful and stiff-necked people. Many of you have mocked the words of My Anointed, but if you live through this holocaust, you will curse your own self; for you will have brought great suffering to your own home through your own mouth.

"Weep not, My Beloved and Faithful Ones; for I will never leave you. Seek one another out that you not be alone; for your trials shall certainly be great; but these trials are only for a short season

"Yes, My Child, I know that you want Me to speak of what many are calling the 'Early-out rapture;' and I say to you thus. 'There has never been a bigger lie told in the history of My people on this planet. It is a purely Satanic lie and it is the very foundation of the great delusion, which is gripping the minds of many. For, why should anyone prepare for hard times when they believe that they will go though none?' The bought and sold whore preachers in the churches and even some of the prophets and apostles have fallen for this lie. It is an abomination to Me and will be an utter embarrassment to those, who find themselves still in body when the war hits. I tell you now, this is one big, black lie, which is straight from the den of iniquity of Lucifer, himself. How he laughs at such foolishness! But, you, in your rush to hear what sounds good, in a rush to boost your own 'How great I am ego,' have fallen for this rubbish. As the saying goes, 'You have fallen hook, line and sinker.' You have taken the bait and you have run with it. Now, you are hooked. This is your just dessert for chasing after the vanities of the world.

"My Child, there is much I could say about this war, which is at hand; but these words would fill volumes. What you need to brace yourself for is the utter destruction, waste and carnage. This will be the hardest; for in this land, you have never before known such. I am your Father in Heaven."


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 9th day of February, 2001,
Linda Newkirk



Fourth Message

Feb. 12, 2001

"My Beloved One, blessed are you; for you have heard My call and the urgency of My call at this early hour and you have arisen to receive My word. My Little One, mark this day and mark this time."

"My Father, it is February 12, 2001 and the time is 3:50 AM CST."

"Yes, My Child, this is the day and this is the time of great significance. For, this day begins a great downward spiral for the USA and for the world. This day marks the day of the beginning of a world cyclone of tumultuous events. My Child, I know that you do not understand what I mean, but I say to you, 'Look through My eyes and tell Me what you see.'"

"My Father, I see a read Chinese soldier outside a tent; and within the tent I see Putin of Russia, who is sitting alongside the leader of Red China. They have signed a pact, an agreement in blood, as I see their blood on the documents before them. This blood oath has been done in secrecy and this blood oath, this document, which has been signed is atop a very large stack of papers, which have been organized or collated into book form. On the floor beside them are more stacks of books, which are of the same kind; and in a paper sack on the floor is a large key. On the key are the words, "Unilateral disarmament," and on the back of the key are the words, "USA." The key ignites into a fire and the fire spreads until it becomes a roaring flame; but they continue to talk. As I watch the fire, my eyes are led back to the books, which are in the path of the fire; and I see writing on the books with such titles as "Stealth Technology," "USA Weapons technology," "Topol Missiles," "Small nuclear devices," etc. As I watch this scene, the fire quickly grows in size and intensity until it is a raging fire. Through the fire come Bill and Hillary Clinton; and before my very eyes Bill Clinton quickly turns into Adolph Hitler and Hillary quickly turns into Mussolini. Through the flames of the fire, they salute the two leaders at the table in Nazi style and as they come near to the table, each turns and goes in different directions. As they pass by, I see that they are dragging chains, which are attached to their feet. I see that the chains are attached to the White House, which is clearly seen in the distance behind them. And, as they make as sharp turn, each going their separate ways, I see the White House crumble from the pull of the chains; and it disintegrates as if it is made of paper mache. Next, I see the that the US capitol building is also attached to the chains and as the chains tug on it, I see huge gaping holes pulled out of this building. Through all the commotion of the falling buildings comes the Red Dragon and he blows fire from his nostrils. The fire, which proceeds from his nostrils sets afire the table on which the leaders of Russia and China set and now the two leaders stand amidst the fire and they are shouting angrily at each other. Suddenly, from behind Putin, comes a green snake, which has the head of a dragon, and the body of a snake; and this creature devours Putin. The Chinese leader turns to the place where Putin was and rubs his hands together over the place where he once sat as if to say 'Good riddance;' and the Red Dragon to him, 'Well done!'

"Then, the tent collapses and I see Bill and Hillary back in Washington; but I know that they will not be there much longer. For, at the instant that I see them, I see the liberty bell, which is cracked. As I see this bell before me, I hear it ring once very loudly and right before my eyes, this bell disintegrates into many, many pieces. A great darkness is now sweeping over the USA, which appears to be coming from the East, particularly the area of Washington DC. This darkness reminds me of an eclipse and moves quickly like a dark shadow across the land.

"My Father, as I look back upon the leaders of Russia and China in conference, I suppose that they have signed a blood oath regarding the invasion and the destruction of the USA?"

"This is so."

"I am witnessing many the military documents, which are shared between them."

"This is so; and there are many."

"Well, they certainly share a lot of these documents and many are from the USA."

"Most are from the USA."

"And, they have systematically worked with the Clintons to unilaterally disarm the USA?"

"This is so."

"My Father, I do not know what to make of Hitler and Mussolini."

"You have seen it."

"You mean that the Clinton's are Hitler and Mussolini?"

"They possess the same demons and they are back again to continue on with Lucifer's plans."

"My Father, why do people not see how evil Hillary is?"

"Many do."

"But, most do not, do they?"

"Most are not looking; but I tell you that seldom has there been a pair, who so epitomize evil."

"My Father, am I seeing them rise again through the flames?"

"They have gone nowhere. Bill Clinton is out of office; but he is not out of the Luciferian plot to run the world. Behind the scenes he and Hillary are still working to bring down the USA; and when it takes place they will be in the midst of it."

"Well, My Father, you have given George W. Bush a chance to do what is right; but you have shown me that he has one foot in your camp and one foot in the New World Order camp."

"My Child, George W. Bush is living a lie. One cannot serve two masters; for he will love the one and hate the other. And, I say to you thus, 'George W's days are numbered to a few; for I have warned him against Lucifer's works, but he does not believe that he will soon die.' So, he parades around in lies, stealth, and cunning following after the ways of his Father and Grandfather; but I say to you, My Child, that he has been warned. I see all and I know all and My judgement falls on this family very swiftly now."

"My Father, how long will the Clintons be allowed to continue in this evil?"

"Until the water gets hot."

"And, how long is this?"

"My Child, look at the water. It is now steaming."

"My Father, the days are few until the end of March."

"This is so, My Child, and woe to the unbelievers! Woe to the mockers and to the scorners; for your cross is heavy and your burden is great. Woe to those, who waffle from side to side, first this way and then the other; for you have no spiritual foundation. And, the howling winds and the stormy seas shall uproot you like a tender plant. Woe to those, who have discarded My words and chased after all manner of illusion; for you shall drown in illusion without Me and My Son to save you. Yes, My Child, the hour is late and there will be no turning back from this war. Many are going on about their lives and doubting, but I say thus, 'The date of March 31, 2001, will not pass before the USA is invaded!' And, I say to Canada, 'Do not think that you are far behind!' And, to Europe, 'Beware; for the Antichrist will rise in Europe!' Germany will rise again and war will rage throughout Europe, Australia and even South America. But, I say this, 'Russia will not be spared; for it will burn. China shall not be spared; for I shall melt it with a great heat. And, Woe to the Arabs; for oil will not feed them, yet indeed it shall burn them.'

"Go this day, My Child and get these messages typed for the website. I am your Father in Heaven."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 12th day of February, 2001,
Linda Newkirk


Cherished Ones, please write if you need prayer or if you would like an anointed prayer handkerchief. I am praying over these cloths and asking our Lord to pour out a special miracle into them, that you might have this blessing in your greatest time of need. I may not have time to answer all prayer requests via e-mail, but I pray for your needs when you write. Send request via e-mail through the miracles page of the website or write to: Linda Newkirk, P.O. Box 17277, North Little Rock, Arkansas 72117, USA.

Jesus is our Precious Life,

Dennis and Linda

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