February 26, 2006

My Dear Ones, I send you the love of my heart and greetings in the most Wonderful and Glorious Name of our Father in Heaven, Yahweh, Most High God. Blessed is His Holy Name; for great and wondrous things are now taking place in this Earth as we see His great war against these evil forces coming fully into view.

You will read below the last chapter of Revelation Twelve and past this, my Dear Ones, there is little to say. I await the time when our Lord and God will soon hide me from the face of Satan. All else regarding the Book of Revelation Chapter Twelve has already been completed! But, still I am in the face of Satan! He hates me so and continues to stalk me and to persecute me to no end. But, the promises of our Lord and God are true. They are real and I know that soon, very soon, He will fulfill the last words of the Book of Revelation, Chapter Twelve and that is to hide me, and then begins the last three and one half years in this Earth as we all know it to be. But, from previous revelations, it seems that these three and one half years may be shortened to around three years.

But, beware, my Dear Ones, for Satan is loose, like a roaring lion he seeks whom he may devour! He will come now to make war with all, who love our Lord and God and this means any, who profess to be Christians, or to love our Father in Heaven and our Saviour. Therefore, you are now fully warned, my Dear Ones, that Satan is very angry, utterly ruthless and he will now make a terrible war against all!

So, read on, my Dear Ones, and you will see the conclusion of Revelation 12 in the final chapter, chapter fourteen of Book Twelve. Be blessed in knowing such great love as that, which has been given and is given freely from day to day by our Most Wonderful Lord and God; for His love for us all, through His great works, should be obvious to all of you when you read the conclusion of this book.

I thank each of you for your love toward me and help with these works for all of these years and one day, I will be able to give you some very big hugs. But, until then, my Dear Ones, walk in the love and grace of our Wonderful Father in Heaven and His Beautiful Son, our Precious Saviour, Jesus!

Jesus loves you and I do too!
Your Sis,

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