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January 04, 2002

Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, as we close out the year 2001 and roll into 2002, we both wish to thank each of you, who has reached out to help us with these works. We thank you for being our friends and for sharing in the word of God with us. We encourage each of you to continue to be faithful to God and to seek Him with ever increasing fervor. So much is taking place in the world on every front and we shall soon see the very infrastructure of this country unraveling; for truly the antichrist is rising.

Today, on the second of January, I talked at length with a very beautiful Sister, who is also a prophetess of God. She told me of a dream she had last night in which God showed her that Bush has given control of this government over to foreign leaders. She also told me how God had shown her in the dream that soon, very soon, soldiers will be going from door to door picking up people and that many will soon be martyred. We both talked about the great falling away, which is coming about in the churches, and the terrible impact these door to door seizures will have on those, who believe that they will be raptured out and not have to go through the tribulation.

As soon as I got off the phone with this Precious Sister, I began to pray and to cry out to God. Following this deeply sorrowful prayer, the Spirit of God came to comfort me and to reveal some of what is coming down. Today, our Father in Heaven gave a message, which is below, and He also told me while praying that by March of this year, the evil ones plan to begin house to house seizures, picking up those on their lists. He revealed how those in this very government plan to use foreign troops to carry out these seizures and how they will have road blocks, looking for those on their lists. He showed me how they plan to load people on trains and take them to parts unknown, even up into Canada, never to be heard again. He showed me that they will not only be picking up Christians, but many from this very government, people, who know too much, who stand in the way of the New World Order, and others, who are outspoken. We must get on our knees before God and pray, crying out against these plans, that they are averted!

Beloved, I believe that we are about to see the internal revolution that Dumutri Duduman spoke of. I believe that as these soldiers come to pick up people on their lists, and no doubt to pick up guns, that many will not go and that there will be much bloodshed. These, who refuse to be picked up, may very well represent the martyrs in our Sister's dream. This is another reason that the New World Order will send in foreign troops; for they know that US soldiers will not wish to fire on their friends and neighbors.

As I prayed on what our Father in Heaven was revealing, I thought to call another Dear Sister, who is also a prophetess. I asked her if God had shown her anything about troops going door to door, and she immediately said, "Yes." I asked her if He had shown her if this would be soon and she said, "Very soon." She told me that God also revealed to a prophet friend of hers that the Antichrist will rise very quickly after January 1st of this year.

In addition to the above, we received a newsletter from prophet David Terrell and his newsletter bore grievous warnings from God for the USA, warnings of times of great woe and tribulation. Brother Terrell also revealed that on June 17th of this year, God gave him a vision revealing that Satan had been cast down from the heavenlies and into the sea.

We thank the laborers! God blesses you!

Beloved Ones, we are so grateful for those of you, who have worked so hard to get our Father's warning letter out to the churches! We know of the hard work of Beautiful Souls in Las Vegas, in Utah, in Michigan, in Virginia and in Florida. And, we know of others of you, who have indicated that you intend to send the letters out in your areas of the country. Beloved, do not give up on bringing the people to repentance. The churches must come forth out of their stupor and realize that the time of terrible tribulation is here. The preachers must come out of the New World Order and they must preach the word of God under the anointing of the Spirit of God.

How burdened I feel to know that the greatest numbers of the churches are dead! Beloved, take up the burden for repentance for this land and do your part to save souls! Do your part to save this land! Do your part to reach the lost! The preachers must get a hunger and a thirst for God, or they will soon perish! They must come out of this 501 ( c ) 3 satanic tax covenant with an evil government system; for these agreements are poison to them and to their churches. They must be brought back under God's anointing, or many, many souls will soon perish! We are facing such terrible times and oh how sad it is to see millions upon millions of souls asleep and headed straight to hell; for truly the antichrist is rising quickly into power!

There is a great satanic push to keep all asleep until the evil New World hammer is let down and people have no time to get a spiritual foundation. There is a feeding frenzy of evil in this world; and the demonic forces are ever so subtle and utterly devastating! The great storms of adversity will soon pummel this land and those without strong spiritual foundations will be swept away into outer darkness or into the bowels of hell! Please do your part to wake up this land! As you are faithful in a few things, God will give you greater things to do for Him. Beloved, keep on loving! Keep on reaching out! And, keep on bringing people back to God! Copy the repentance letter, which I am posting again at the end of this message and send it out to the churches! We have a lot of work to do to; for we must reach churches all across this land!

Even as I am writing this to you and we know of the terrible plight between India and Pakistan, I sense in the Spirit a great explosion of white light fire. The whole Mideast is on the verge of war. We shall see the New World Order agenda roll forth, full-speed ahead, like tanks along a cobblestone street. This evil system is moving forward at breakneck speed; for the devil knows his days are numbered. (At the time that I wrote this, I only sensed this terrible explosion in the Mideast; but today on the fourth of January, I read an article from debkafiles.com indicating an emergence of numerous nations, all lined up to attack Iraq by February. This is the senseless war, which we have all been dragged into, a war, which is being generated by the Satanists in this very government and around the world, a war, which will quickly escalate and spread! Beloved Brothers and Sisters, pray, pray, pray!)

Dearest Ones, as you look around yourselves and see this evil system quickly rising, do not feel hopeless! Do not feel that you have no power; for God is pouring out mighty anointings upon His Faithful! Draw close to God and He will draw close to you! Keep Him at the forefront of your mind all the time and pray always. Keep coming out of the world and its traps; for those, who will not give up the worldly traps will soon perish on the Broad Way to destruction!

We know that the Way home is straight and narrow and few find it and stay on it. But, Beloved, you will get back home if you put God first. You will make it if you cling to our Precious Jesus with all your strength. You will make it if you love God with your all and put Him first. You will make it if you reach out and love others, even as you love yourself. Beloved, be circumspect! Look around you and put the material world into proper perspective. All that you see around you will soon be gone. Regardless of what you believe you own, you will never own a piece of this Earth. All the money that you cling to and keep as security will one day be as dust in the wind. When we go home, we can only take our good deeds! Knowing this, get your heart set on doing good deeds. Reach out and love the lost and hurting! Soon, people are going to need your love more than ever, but if you are caught up in self, and if you are caught up in the material, you will not even be able to help even yourself, much less others.

We are in a spiritual war and the devil is out to snare every soul. Beloved, we are fighting for the salvation of souls and our work is great; for the devil now has control of most souls on this planet. You can do something about this! You can reach out and teach people what is true! You can make a difference! Don't ever forget what I am telling you; for so many believe that they can do nothing; for they stand alone! Yes, yes, yes, you can make a difference! Keep on loving. Keep on reaching out to the lost and do not give up! Put God first in your life and love Him with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength, and you will know His peace, His love, His beauty and joy, even in the most perilous times! How blessed we are; for it is the love of God, which keeps us going! To our God Jehovah is the praise and glory forever and ever!

Vision of December 11th, 2001

Beloved Ones, on the 11th of December, while I was praying with someone, who had called, the following vision began to unfold. In this vision, I saw Washington DC and the whole area was bathed in darkness, like a twilight darkness. As I beheld Washington DC, I began to sense a violent shaking coming upon the city. This shaking began to cause buildings to sway and I could hear deep rumbling far beneath the ground. I witnessed Washington DC as it began to tremble from one end to the other until this very shaking escalated and seemed to rattle the very substrate of this dark city. Suddenly, a black train seemed to emerge out of nowhere. Although this train was moving like a bullet train, in reality it reminded me of a very old train, like a remnant of the 1800s. As this train charged forth, I saw it ram through a wall. As I looked at the hole, which the train had left in the center of the wall, I could see fragments of the wall flying in the wind. Then, I realized that this wall was only made of paper.

Visually following the course of the train, I could see that up ahead of it was another wall and this wall was made of stone. In fact, this very wall was a huge mountain of stone; and in watching this dark train plow through the paper wall, I wondered how this train would make it through this mountain of solid stone. Surely, it would crash! But, just as soon as these thoughts entered into my mind, the dark speeding train ran under the stone mountain, charging out from under the stone mountain, and still forging full speed ahead!

A sense of foreboding began to take hold me of and I wondered if anything would ever stop this runaway train; but even as I thought these words, a wall went up. This was a clear wall, yet one, which also emanated its own light and a sense of life; but at the moment my question was, "How will this train get through this wall?" But, even as I was thinking this very thing, I saw the train plow into the wall and immediately it was blown into myriad pieces.

In awe at what was unfolding before me, I began to plead, "Father in Heaven, what is this runaway train?" And, then I saw the words on the side of the train, … "Lucifer's slaves." As my eyes trailed back to the first wall of paper, I read, "US constitution." Continuing on to the wall of stone, I saw: "US military." And, when I came to the third wall, I read, "The Will of God."

Beloved, since this vision, we have read that George Bush refuses to permit access to certain presidential records, which have long been public information. I have read of certain ones in congress calling him "king" and "dictator!" A scandal has unfolded regarding the largest funeral business in the USA and how the corrupt administration of Bush, as governor, covered up wrong doing; and this is all related to apparent campaign contributions to Bush, as governor! And, now the Enron scandal! I have read that Bush is calling for an investigation of Enron, but how can he investigate himself? Beloved, through the passage of the anti-terror bill, people are beginning to see that this runaway train has plowed right through our constitution and keeps on running! Even as I write this, I know that we are facing a great shake-up in Washington. We are about to see this shaking unfold; but I doubt that you will see much of it on the whore press; for the Bushes are carrying out the plans of those above them, plans of the evil New World Order! And, obviously the Satanists control the major press!

On the 19th of December as I was praying at night, the hand of God took me up and held me high over His Holy Mountain. From afar I could see the workings of the Earth; and as I gazed upon the Earth this very hand of God took me over the White House and then lowered me down into the White House. In an instant, I saw this very hand take one finger and push over a roulette wheel in the White House; and the table bearing the roulette wheel came tumbling down on George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. As I looked at them both penned beneath the roulette table, I noticed that Cheney's glasses were broken. Just as I was wondering what was going on with the elder Bush, I saw a noose come down from the ceiling and attack itself around the elder Bush's neck and pull him toward the ceiling.

Then, in full view once again, I glimpsed once more the runaway train. It was if our Father was giving a re-run of this train incident. Before my eyes, great balls of white fire came and tore into the runaway train. I saw wheels disintegrate from the base of the train and parts of the train blown away. Then, another great ball of fire pummeled the train and created a great white light fire in the front of the train. Just as before, the runaway train exploded before my very eyes.

Beloved, on the 20th of November our Father said that within 30 days those in the White House would know that there is a Jehovah, Most High God. Since that time we have seen an explosion regarding Enron. This very explosion of corruptness and evil indicates the White House on many levels. This corrupt Enron scandal stands to bury the very ones in the White House, who have driven a dark train right through our constitution and who are determined to carry out a so-called ten year war on terror. What a perfect way to hide their evil. Keep the average American so busy with blood and gore that they do not have time to see the rot in the White House. But, Beloved, God is going to stop this runaway train.

For any of us, who have been fooled by George W. Bush's dog and pony religious show, we would all be well advised to remember how our Father in Heaven warned George W. Bush last winter that he had better come out of the New World Order and serve Him in truth, honor and Spirit or he would die by the sword! Our Father in Heaven also warned George W. Bush NOT TO START THIS WAR IN AFGHANISTAN! But, He has not listened to this either, possibly because George W. Bush in not making the decisions of the presidency, but his Father is, along with all his Father's new world order Satanists. Nevertheless, George W. Bush is responsible! Those of us, who have been attentive can well remember George W. Bush's prayer sessions in the White House and his day of prayer for the nation. We observe these things, yet we read of his Muslim celebration in the White House and most recently we have read of a day of reconciliation in the US capitol in reverence to Providence! If memory serves me correctly, this day of honor towards Providence took place on December 04, 2001. We know that Providence is not the name of our God, but surely the name of the god of forces, or the god of nature. Let us go back and read what is written in the Book of Daniel in chapter 11, verse 38 and 39. "But, in his estate shall honor the god of forces: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honor with gold, and silver and with precious stones, and pleasant things. Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom they shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain." Yes, they serve another god, and it is not the God of Israel, but a god of evil, a god of stealth and cunning, a god of greed and destruction. Beware the god of providence, the god of forces, for this god is Satan, the devil! And, now in the very capitol of this land, they honor as god as snake, a serpent!

Eight More Prophecies fulfilled

Soon, many will come to realize that this Afghani war has nothing to do with the attacks on the towers and the Pentagon! The real agenda is unfolding rapidly! Remember that our Father said that those, who orchestrated the attacks against these towers and the Pentagon came from within this very government. Most recently I have read that Dick Cheney/George Bush told the military NOT TO INTERCEPT THE PLANES WHICH PLOWED INTO THE TOWERS AND THE PENTAGON! Go to http://www.emperors-clothes.com and you will read a very interesting article, which verifies in Cheney's own words that he and Bush ordered this standdown of the airforce intercept planes. Information is coming from many sources, which supports the fact that the whole 911 horror is highly connected to the highest levels of this very government. The outright admittance by Dick Cheney that he and George Bush ordered the standdown of aircraft intercept is just one indication of this involvement from the highest levels of our government. Another indication is that George Bush reportedly admitted in an interview that he saw the first plane plow into the towers. How could this be, save this very government knew in advance that the planes were headed toward the towers and Bush and cohorts were filming the collision. Have we not all read that the real culprits of the crime often go back to the very scene of the crime to watch it take place, as is the case with many arsonists? Bush could not have seen the first plane plow into the towers, save he knew in advance that this was coming to pass! Right before our eyes, we are seeing support come forth, which tells us that our Father's words are true, that this 911 terror was planned from within the highest echelons of this very government. This is evidence of prophecy being fulfilled, right before our eyes!

Our Father in Heaven also said that the anthrax scare comes from within this very government and on http://www.rense.com you will read an article by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, which supports this very thing. Go there and read this extremely well-researched and well-documented article, which points toward the military industrial complex as the very originator of this whole anthrax horror! More recent information points to the fact that this very strain of anthrax is a US army brand! This is a second prophetic word, which is rapidly being fulfilled.

Our Father in Heaven also said that one reason for this war in Afghanistan is to stir up a holy war between the Christians and the Muslims. The photo op with Bush saluting the Israeli flag, which was also covered on www.rense.com, is but one indication of this apparent push to incite the Muslims and to broaden the anger toward this very country, a Christian country! Are we not seeing an escalation of Muslim hatred toward Christians worldwide? This is third prophecy, which we see being fulfilled right before our eyes.

Our Father in Heaven revealed in Book VII that bombs went off in the trade towers! Recently a Dear Sister sent an article in which a firefighter at the towers reportedly heard the bombs go off. In addition to this report, I have recently read another article in which a bystander near the towers reportedly heard bombs going off in the towers! Just two days ago, a Dear Sister sent an article which told of a series of pictures in the latest edition of Spectrum magazine. Their website is http://www.spectrum10.com. This article was printed on http://www.rumormillnews.com on December 31st of last year and tells how Spectrum did a frame by frame analysis of ABC's television broadcasts of the second plane plowing into the tower. What the frame by frame analysis reportedly shows is an explosion taking place in the floor, which the plane is to hit, even before the plane crashes into the tower. The tower began to detonate before the plane ever hit! How could this be, save there were bombs, explosives, already in place in the building? This evidence is showing that our Father's words are indeed true. As evidence piles up, we know that this is a fourth prophecy fulfilled!

In Book VII, Our Father, Jehovah, Most High God, has also reveal in Book VII that Pakistan is being controlled by China. At the time that He revealed this, we could not have known it; for to my knowledge this has not been covered in the news! Since He revealed that Pakistan is being controlled by China, I have read, on more than one occasion, of Pakistani troops firing upon Americans in the Afghani war and I have also read of Chinese troops, who are fighting against the USA in Afghanistan. Now we read that the USA is talking of building a military base in Pakistan. Beloved Ones, what is wrong with this picture? Are we not reading that Pakistani soldiers are fighting against the USA. Who is orchestrating this, save China and the very head of the Pakistani government? Did our Father not say that Pakistan is being controlled by China? And, now that war is breaking out between Pakistan and India, have we not seen the leader of Pakistan run to China for help? Have we not read that Pakistan has Chinese nukes? And, the very latest thing, which I have read, on the fourth of January on http://www.drudgereport.com is that China has made a firm commitment to stand behind Pakistan in the war with India. Beloved, this is a fifth prophecy fulfilled!

About a week or so before Christmas, I read an article on http://www.worldtribune.com, about the Muslim/Christian war in Indonesia. This article came from the Washington Post and it told of war between the Muslims and Christians at the end of November, 2001, of which you and I are aware. In this article, I read that five Christians were killed by the Muslims, but the rest made their way to safety through the mountains. Go back to the vision of our Lord Jesus, which He gave in the very last Message for You. In this vision, our Lord Jesus is standing over a pass and is showing how He will direct them to safety through this mountain pass. He looked so beautiful! The very article in World Tribune tells of Christians fleeing to the mountains around Sulawesi and Beloved, though some lost their lives, reports were truly indicating a major bloodbath. Our Lord Jesus was showing in the vision a pass of safety through mountains and clearly our Lord Jesus guided these precious souls to safety through this mountain pass. This is a sixth prophecy, which has come to pass! In my heart, I know that our Precious Lord and God heard the cries of many souls and because of His love and mercy, a virtual bloodbath was avoided! We must never, ever forget the power of prayer! From the depths of our hearts, we all thank you, who fasted and prayed for the safety of our Brothers and Sisters in Indonesia! To our Father in Heaven is the praise and glory! For, He is full of love and mercy!

Two years ago, the Spirit of God took me up into airplanes, which were spraying this area. What I saw at that time were foreigners, who were piloting these planes; and at that time I wrote of the things, which our Father had showed. Our Father also told me then that these very planes were spraying us with biological and chemical agents. Since that time, much has come to pass, which reveals that what the Spirit of God showed is truth. During the terror of 911, all us planes were grounded, but around the nation there were numerous reports of planes in the skies laying down chemtrails. Recently on the Rense radio archives, we heard Al Cuppet, formerly with the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Office, who detailed that via treaty, 27 nations now have uncontrolled fly-over status over this country. These countries can send planes into this country to fly over it without answering to anyone. This is why we never get results when we call the FAA about these chemtrail planes. They are given this right to fly unimpeded over the USA, to terrorize us, and to poison us legally through the works of this very satanic government! What the Spirit of God has revealed about foreign pilots commandeering these planes is absolutely true! This is a seventh prophecy fulfilled! What He has revealed about these very planes dumping biological and chemical agents on us is also absolutely true and can be verified through such sites as http://www.carnicom.com. This is an eighth prophecies fulfilled.



December 18, 2001

"The Runaway Train"

"My Precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven. Hear Me this day and write as I say that all may be the wiser. The vision of December 11th 2001, regarding the slaves of Lucifer, who have commandeered a runaway train and plowed it through your constitution and military is taking place now. This vision does not relate to some distant point in the future. Did I not tell you that in one month, certain ones in the White House will know that there is a Jehovah, Most High God?

"Yes, my Father, You said it. You also said that you were calling up the winds and we have certainly seen this come to pass here. And, You said that you were calling up the fires; yet I have not seen this come to pass. (This very day, someone sent us an e-mail regarding a fire in the largest church in America, which is a cathedral in New York City. As I understand it, the fire in this church was started in the bookstore and caused extensive damage. Is this not judgement from God and evidence of His word coming to pass? Did our Lord Jesus not throw the money changers out of the temples? Is God's House not meant to be a House of Prayer, not a house of merchandise? In addition to the above, a week or so before Christmas, as I was reading news on Rense.com on the internet, I was thinking of the fires, which our Father said He was going to call up and as I looked down at the very next article, I read of great fires in Australia. At this time, these very fires threaten downtown Sydney! Since that time, we have read of fires in Peru, which killed well over two hundred. This fire began in a shopping mall!)

"My Child, all has to do with My judgement upon the errant and rebellious of this land. Do you believe that black is white?"

"No, my Father, I do not."

"My Little One, if the masses could see and hear, they would perceive the evil, which is coming out of Washington. They would perceive the lies and they would fight against evil so as to retain rights and freedoms."

"But, you have a president, who has been turned over to Lucifer; for he would not obey Me. You have a president, who is skating on ice, yet without the skates; and he shall soon take a fall. Oh, he will stumble to get up again, but he shall fall again and again until his work in the Earth is finished. Yes, indeed George W. Bush and his Father, plus the New World Order alliance, to which they belong, all gloat at the gullibility of the masses and the continued belief in and acceptance of the lies, which are foisted upon them. The world over they laugh, they guffaw at the 'idiot' mindset of the masses. They ride upon great clouds of ego, not seeing their own Achilles heel. My Child, I have told you over and over that if people will repent, if the preachers and the congregations will repent and serve Me anew in truth, honor and Spirit, that I will delay judgement upon this land. I do not get joy from judging My people; but if you will not soon repent, greater, much greater calamities shall readily befall this land.

"My Beloved Child, I am aware of those, who are sending out the repentance letters to the churches in America. I have heard your prayers, My Child, that all, who help with these works receive the Seven Thunders Blessings as I have promised. My Little One, I am true to My word, that those, who help with these works shall be blessed mightily. They shall see many a miracle straight from My throne; for each one, who works for Me by sending out these letters, is working to save souls and this is the most important work any of you can do. As pastors repent and as they cause My people to repent, I will show these parts of the country over and over that I have extended My hand of mercy upon them. Therefore, My Child, I say to the few, who have sent out this letter and to those, who are sending them out, 'My blessings are upon you and your households; and my hand of protection is upon you. Be faithful. Pray always and I shall send mighty spiritual blessings into your life. For, I am pleased in each of you and you shall know My great love and glory. Stay the course. Be faithful. Continue to come out of the world and put me first in your lives and I will give you a basket, which is overflowing with my miracles.'

"To those of you, who have read this letter of repentance and refuse to do your parts to bring America to repentance, I ask you, 'Do you love Me and My Son and your brothers and sisters in word only, or do you love Me and My Son and your Brothers and Sisters in word and deed?' If you love the lost and the rebellious, you will do your part to bring them to repentance. This land is full of rebellion and if you will not do your part to save your part of this country from judgement, who will? Do not pass off to another what you, yourself, are able to do. Get busy and get My message of repentance out into the churches; for My judgement is upon this land and save you repent in sufficient numbers, I will further bring down this land through grievous calamities.

"Yes, My Child, the runaway train will be stopped in due season and I will stop it through My very judgements upon this land. Will each of you do your parts to cause My people to repent? Will you work to save the people of this land? Will you work to save this land? If you see the need and will not do your part, I shall doubly judge you. Each of you, who lives herein, bears a responsibility for the serious degradation in morality, for the rebellion, for the witchcraft and erosion of this government and for the spiritual erosion in the churches. If you will not do your part by helping in this work, even as I plead with you to do your part, I say to you, that there will come a time wherein you will also plead with Me and I will not hear.

"This land is in grave peril and for the sake of My Loved Ones, I am merciful; and I will always be full of love and mercy toward My Faithful. I will always provide for them. I love the wicked and I love the lost. I love the heathen and the rebellious and it is because of this love that I judge. For, if I do not judge the wickedness and the rebellion, it will consume every bit of good. Evil absolutely destroys all good if left to do so; and I will not ever allow such to come to pass. For, My hand is upon the righteous, … My hand of protection and provision. Therefore, I say to each of you. There is work to be done. Will you do your part? My Child, put this on the next message and also as the next chapter of Book VII. I am Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 18th day of December, 2001
Linda Newkirk

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