A Message For You

     January 09, 2000


"Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, it is good to be back with each of you to share in our Lord's precious works. I pray that you are drawing closer to our Lord each day through increased spiritual discipline, obedience and perseverance; for great and wondrous works of our Lord are hand. Many would be changed in the twinkle of an eye, if they were allowed to witness these mighty works of our Lord, which are taking place right now in the spirit realm.

It seems that the whole world has an eye on what Lucifer is doing; and indeed our Lord has warned us to be vigilant; but so few can see the great unfolding of the works of our Lord. For, if you do not love and serve Him and our Father in truth, honor and Spirit, you are blinded to these great and mighty wonders. As I have said so often, it is a time of the sorting of souls, the sorting of the wheat from the chaff and the sheep from the goats. It is a time of sorting for those, who love, honor, and obey our Father God Jehovah, from those, who rebel against Him.

What is happening with Y2K? We have seen the beginning of the Y2K, which some describe as a "yawn," while others cry, "we have won!" Have the hundreds of billions been spent for naught? Has all the warning been for naught? Or, have we seen much less devastation because so many billions were spent? Because so many worked so hard to prevent a catastrophe and many warned, warned, and warned?

Have we seen the last of Y2K as many say? No, not if we consider the warnings of our Lord; for He has told us that Y2K will lead to economic problems the world over.

Even while the US communist media machine boasts that all is well, we have come across the following: 1. Three nuclear power plants were apparently shut down in PA, So Carolina, and GA on Dec. 31 and at this point we do not know whether this was just a temporary thing or if they are now operant. 2. Problems with the computers related to certain spy satellites on Dec. 31, but this was not widespread news. 3. Problems with the computers of a nuclear weapons facility in Tennessee; but we did not read that this is Y2K related. 4. Major delays in air traffic along the Eastern seaboard, which reportedly shut down traffic for several hours a few days ago, yet no understanding that this is Y2K related. 5. And now in California, we read that the marines have been sent into an airport to replace a whole radar system, which went awry about three weeks ago. But, no mention that this is Y2K related. The aforementioned only include a few things we have been able to discern within the USA, and it does not relate to anything abroad. We have heard of 300, 000 people being without power in France and this news reached us around the turn of the century, but we have been unable to confirm whether this was Y2K related. A passenger train collided with a second passenger train abroad, killing many, but the powers that be would never have us connect this with Y2K.

We must ask ourselves whether Y2K problems are being covered up and/or made to look like they are unrelated. If they are being covered up, why? To bait us with a rosy, pie in the sky picture, perhaps? My Cherished Brothers and Sisters, what happened to all the billions, which were supposedly put into the banks by the Federal Reserve to cover Y2K withdrawals? Did this money go back to the banks, as the Fed has promised? Or, did the rich "take the loot and scoot" as financial analyst, Andrew Weiss, warned in his last Y2K update of 1999. Did the rich take huge sums of US dollars out of this country? And did this money make its way back into Japan and Europe? Is this the reason that the dollar fell considerably in comparison to the yen and the Euro currency shortly after the 1st of January 2000?

Did the Fed in turn take it upon themselves to deceive the American populace once more with tall tales of increased inflation due to an increase in wages in Dec. 1999 (among other things), for which they would find it necessary to raise the interest rates? Is it true that by nature of having printed and added into circulation many billions of dollars, the Fed has increased inflation through its very own actions? Therefore, the average worker is about to be saddled with more debt through increased interest rates; and those businesses, which must borrow regularly to do business, will show an increase in the costs of the goods, which they produce! And, this does not account for the fact that these dollars are made and sold to the Fed for about .04 cents on the dollar, who then turn around and sell them to the US government at face value, plus interest. So, if many, many billions left the country as Andrew Weiss foretold, our national debt has also risen accordingly, plus interest.

Most recently, we received word of two people, who went to a certain bank in a small city just south of here to withdraw their savings. This happened to be a few days before the end of 1999. And, guess what? They were both denied their savings! They were not allowed to withdraw their own money! So, I ask you this, "Of the billions, which the Fed supposedly put into the banks so that the banks would be covered for withdrawals, what happened on these occasions when the bank in question refused these people their money?" Did this bank refuse these people access to their money because it did not have the money on hand to pay them? And, how many people have experienced similar problems? Will you read about it in your local paper, or will you see it on local or national satanic-driven news?

Beloved Ones, do not step into the lie that all is well! Right now, martial law is on-going in Texas. You will read of some of this on a site called Infowars! As we understand it, US army troops have been collaborating for some time with Texas police in search and seizure on the highways. We have also heard of recent search and seizure operations conducted by the US military on the highways in Virginia, where many were apparently arrested. If Bill Clinton and his satanic allies cannot create a need for martial law, they are manufacturing "needs." Out of sight of most of the people in the USA, George Bush is determined to please the New Worlders by making Texas the first martial law state.

Brothers and Sisters, wake up! Do what you can in your part of the country to stop this invasive action! Demand accountability! Do your share to stop this nonsense; for what is made to look good and right today is but to desensitize all to a sinister plot for martial law all across the land! A Black helicopter has been photographed landing in a schoolyard in Austin Texas. Why would a black helicopter land in a schoolyard, save to make bad look good, and good look bad! These military forces extend a helping hand today and beat you with the same hand tomorrow! The military has no place in the everyday operations of any state!

There is an on-going, all out war against the American people. It is one, which by Luciferian design, must be so very subtle that the average person never suspects that it exists. Through every possible means, the enemy plots to put the American populace to sleep, to lie to each of us, and to make every attempt to deceive us until we fall totally from within. Thus, the subtle attacks via the media are becoming bolder and bolder as Lucifer attempts to undermine and destroy the very backbone of this country. And, what is this backbone? IT IS ONE NATION UNDER GOD!

If the people of this once great land cannot be deceived quickly enough, Lucifer intends to kill us off, whether it is through various plagues, or all-out chemical and biological war through the skies. If we cannot be brought under communist rule by agreement, we as a nation will be soon forced into it through violent means. If these diabolical servants of Lucifer cannot get the guns by the agreement of the people, they will go from door to door and take them. But, they must do all within their means to keep their evil plans secret; for as soon as you and I find out about them, they are forced to re-think their strategies. This is why we must be ever vigilant, praying always; for our Lord and God hears and answers the prayers of the Sincere of Heart! We must never, for one moment, forget that we are in a war! And, this war is a war for the very souls of all of mankind!

In the book of Revelation, we are told that the man of sin will cause "craft" to prosper. Craft refers to deceptive and secretive ways. It refers to witchcraft, which right now runs the world government. What we are seeing is a never-ending, Luciferian assault against all of us; and this assault involves a constant flow of "schemes" and lies, which are meant to deceive us and then to uproot us and destroy each and every one of us. These diabolical schemers go to great lengths to make good look bad and bad look good. Not only has this Luciferian New World Order Government given away our industry to the communist giant, China, to help finance its war machine, but now we see cowardly corporations, such as Dow Chemical, call themselves corporations of the world and boldly forsake their ties to the USA. Every attempt is being made to destroy our military, whether it is getting rid of those high-ups, who oppose the Nazi/Communist/Satanic agenda, or whether it is killing off our military through biological and chemical warfare. Yet, all the while, these evil hoards would have us believe that all is well!

Now, more than at any other time in the history of the world, we must continue to be vigilant and to believe them not! If they say that it is raining, be assured that it is sunny. And, if they say that it is black, know that it is white; for Lucifer comes to steal, to kill and destroy; and he is running the world government at this very moment.

Make every day a day for God. Get up early and get your day started with hours of intense prayer and pray every day all day. Come out of the world and refuse to be a part of the Luciferian mind control machine called the media. Step aside from it and go to God to be fed.

To be free, each of us must not partake of Lucifer's schemes; and we must refuse to be brainwashed into believing that black is white and white is black. Our Lord has most recently told me that we are all in an extended period of grace. Why? Only because of the steadfastness of prayer warriors and of the Faithful Ones. How much longer do we have? This, I cannot say, but each day of peace is a gift from God; and we must always give thanks for it!

Daily, each of us must stand tall before God and refuse to be intimidated by evil; for it has no power over us, save that which we let it have. Our Lord has told us over and over to expect His miracles; and those of us, who are faithful see them regularly. I tell you now, "Get on the Right Side, the side of our Lord Jesus, and stay there!" Those, who cling to the darkness of this world, shall soon be swept away by it, just as surely as a leaf is caught up in a whirlwind. There is little time to get one' s house in order! Examine your life, clean it up spiritually; and come back to serve God in a mighty way!

Jesus is our Way. He is our Truth, our Light and our Life!
Linda and Dennis


The following are our Lord's words regarding Book Six orders.



"My Precious Child, I am your Master Jesus; and I have summoned you to take up the pen on this last day of 1999, that you begin to receive dictations for the sixth book of prophecies. Yet, My Child, there remains one more, a seventh book, which will be given to you as a series of loosely-bound prophecies; and this will be given to and received by those of a new face in a new land.

My Little One, your Father has promised much for this book, which will both enlighten and shock many. But, those, who are awake and hungry for the Word of God, will be richly blessed by these words; for they open up new dimensions to all, wherein angels walk and mankind aspires to tread.

As in the last book, I direct you to send this book out in sections, and this time there will be fewer sections and more chapters per section. This will cut down on the costs of mailings, thus the cost to the reader. A good price is $30.00 for those, who order from within the USA and $50.00 for those, who order from abroad.

I advise those, who can afford to send a little extra, to do so, that these works might continue go out to the poor and unfortunate. It is a great pity that fewer wish to give to My servants as times get harder; but, it is at these perilous times that these Faithful Ones need the greatest support; for, many souls now cry out for the truth. They hunger and thirst for truth; but they perish for lack of the same.

My Precious Children, you are your Brother's keeper; and whether you know this to be true, is irrelevant; for the salvation of many souls rests upon the shoulders of a few. So, step up to the plate and do your part; for you never know whom you will help. No, not until the very last day; and then some of you will be very surprised at the impact of your good will upon another soul, or the lack of the same.

My Child post this message soon, as I direct ; and those, who so desire, shall order this book; for it shall surpass all others in many ways."
I am Jesus. Yea, Jehovah, Most High God.

As dictated and recorded this 31st day of December, 1999,
Linda Newkirk



How to order Book Six :

For all orders originating within the USA, send a $30.00 check or money order.

For all orders originating outside the USA, send a money order or cashier's check in the amount of $50.00, payable in US funds only.

Make checks or money orders payable to:

Linda Newkirk
P.O. Box 17277,
North Little Rock, AR, 72117.

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