January 10, 2006

My Cherished Brothers and Sisters, what a most miraculous God we have! Blessed is His Holy Name!

I truly pray, my Dear Ones, that all is well with you! And, I truly pray that you are spiritually ready for the Kingdom of our Lord and God, which is at hand! For, our Saviour is coming back, my Dear Ones, and soon, soon, soon for the first harvest of pure and clean souls! But, I am also sorry to say that within this dark earth, a greater darkness shall also come upon it.

These are the days wherein we must all live in and walk in faith; for where there is no faith, one will surely walk in the darkness and be devoured by it. Never underestimate the power of our Father in Heaven; for He is truly ABLE to do all things! And if you find that you become one the persecuted ones, praise Him and bless His Holy Name, for blessed are all, who are counted worthy to go through persecution for the love of our Lord and God. So, rejoice my Dear Ones; for the pain and the sorrows of the persecution are for but a short while, and then comes the mighty victory!

You will find two additional chapters of Book Twelve, chapters six and seven! Read, be informed, and be blessed! From day to day, I am left wondering how much time will be left to continue on with these works as the return of our Saviour so imminent! Look up, my Dear Ones, for the redemption of the clean souls is at hand!

Jesus is our Most Wonderful Life,
Your Sis, Linda

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