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January 19, 2004


Our Cherished Brothers, it is time for each of you to get into mighty prayer! Serious, very serious times are looming overhead for all Americans!

Yesterday, I was talking with a friend, who told me of reading of Richard Cheney’s comment that something has to be done about the terrorism in America. These very words reminded me of a vision, which I had several days past in which I saw Richard Cheney signing many documents. As I watched him sign these documents, I knew in my spirit that he was up to great evil! But, at the time, our Father in Heaven did not tell me what it was. As I was sharing this information with Stew Webb of http://www.stewwebb.com, he told me that he had been warned by intelligence sources that those in power wanted to arrest him and others, who are out telling the truth about their crimes!

But, it wasn’t until yesterday that our Lord and God revealed to me the extent of what is about to come down for many Americans. What He told me is that with Bush JR running for the presidency again, they are out to shut up all opposition. Our Father in Heaven went on to tell me that the Bushes and their cohorts in crime are planning to begin picking up large numbers of Americans, who are on the "Red List," and who are labeled as "terrorists" by them. He showed me how these evil ones plan to begin to arrest the ones on the "Red List" at airports and other locations, such as "Road Blocks" which are now legal in the USA, thanks to Bush’s friends on the Supreme Court.

As you may know, most Americans are on one of three lists, the "Yellow" list, the "Blue" list, or the Red List. Those on the Red List are considered the greatest enemies of the Satanic New World Order, and Bush and Karl Rove at the Office of Homeland Security plan to "exterminate," every one on the "Red List" just as Hitler exterminated those in his Red List.

First, the ones of the Red List and then the rest will be targeted! But, it is just a matter of time before this Satanic hate filters down throughout all the so-called lists; for these Satanists plan to kill everyone on the Earth! Those in government and those in the secret societies think that they "have it made;" but the time will come when they will be done away with just because of the threat, which they pose.

When I was driving into Little Rock yesterday, I saw longitudinal strips in the road at a traffic light in Mayflower Arkansas. These strips have been put there since the Bushes and their fellow criminals blew up the Detco Chemical Plant in Conway Arkansas on the 6th of January. I have also noticed that the deputy from Conway, who patrols this region, now drives a new Jeep Cherokee Four-Wheel Drive vehicle. In recent months, the city of Mayflower, Arkansas has been filled with more and more cameras so that there are about fifteen video cameras in a town of 1600 people. These video cameras cover all entranceways and exits from this tiny city! Every person in this city is being watched constantly through these new and updated cameras! And, with the new, marked strip in front of one of their only traffic lights, they can shut down the electronic ignitions of most any vehicle, which would be parked there, all via satellite.

In addition to all that I mention here, let it be known that this small city of 1600 people has a fleet of new, white vehicles, including police vehicles, an unmarked police car and other city vehicles. Mayflower Arkansas is a poor city, but this is the reward for those in the police community, which dances on a string for the Satanists in government. They believe everything they are told and get in line to persecute innocent citizens, all for whatever handout the government will give them!

First, the evil ones in this government told the police in Mayflower Arkansas that we are terrorists. They also told the sheriff in Conway, Arkansas the same. When their plot to blow up New York City was revealed, they blew up Detco Chemical Plant in Conway, all to show the local police that there are terrorists in this area and that the presence of these terrorists justifies stricter measures. The money is flowing and the local police are standing in line to invade the rights of any and all citizens if the price is right!



Yesterday, as I was driving into Little Rock, I had a vision many times, the same vision over and over. I saw in the heart of the city a building with a great amount of glass, a very tall building, and this building was being blown to bits. The glass was blowing in all directions and it was a great catastrophe. I saw men, who intended to enter this building either as a cleaning crew or as security, who would be responsible for this planned terror event! I knew that these plans were imminent and came home and prayed mightily against those in this government, the New World Order Satanists, who are planning more terror to show the law enforcement of Arkansas that there are terrorists in Arkansas.

This evil was deeply troubling to my spirit and I went to sleep petitioning our Lord and God to stop this destruction! During the night, I dreamed that my husband and I were driving down a country road when we looked up to see the sky filled with great debris and smoke. What we were witnessing was a huge explosion and we knew that it had to be close. We stopped the car and went into a business to ask someone what had happened. The individual at the desk said that a great explosion had taken place in Hot Springs, Arkansas. In my dream, I remember thinking that word had gotten out about their plan to blow up the building in Little Rock, Arkansas, so they went to Hot Springs and set off a huge explosion instead! If their plan to blow up this large building in Little Rock is stopped, I believe that they have a target in Hot Springs! Right now, ask our Lord and God to intervene and destroy their plans to do this great evil!

Dear Ones, this is the pathetic state of the USA. This is the end-result of the rebellion of the masses against the commandments of God. These evil ones are sure that the masses will never wake up and come back to our Lord and God and because of this, they believe that God Almighty will allow them to get away with their stealing and killing. So far, they are making huge headway; for very few are repenting and coming back to our Lord and God. And, honestly I do not believe that people will come back until they see their Loved Ones jailed and killed at the hands of these evil ones in this very government!

Please pray that our Lord and God intervenes and stops them in their tracks, so that they are not able to blow up America! Get in serious prayer right now asking our Lord and God to stop their plots to blow up these targets in Arkansas and elsewhere and to stop their plots to pick up the truthbearers, who are on the Red List! This is an extremely serious situation!

We send you the love of our hearts!

Jesus is our Only Way out of this mess,
Dennis and Linda




January 13, 2004

Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, greetings and love to each of you in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus! And, glory to our Father in Heaven, Jehovah, Most High, forever and ever! Holy is His Precious Name!

Hallaleujah! We survived the year, 2003, and lived to tell about it! Glory to God; for He, and He, alone has kept us and He, and He alone, has provided for us and blessed us marvelously! Glory, glory, glory! We delight in Him; for He is full of love and mercy and grace! Praises to His Holy Name!

Today and so often lately, my heart is full of joy. My heart is full of the beauty and peace of God! It is fast becoming the worst of times in many ways, but each day with our Lord and God is truly, day by day, a time of great miracles.

He has told us that this is a "New Day" for His people and Oh, is it ever a New Day! It is truly a day wherein many are receiving a little piece of Heaven on Earth. Praises to the Most High; for a beauty from God is unfolding for His Faithful that only the Faithful can grasp! Praises to our Lord and God for every moment of this glorious unfolding! Because of this great unfolding, God’s Faithful are going to be blessed in the most awesome of ways. Even before you can think about meeting a need, you are going to see how our Lord and God moves in and miraculously meets it. This is absolutely beautiful! Daily, I marvel at this wondrous unfolding of God Almighty!

Those of you, who read these messages, know a little of what we went through in the year of 2003. And, much of it was because of the revelations that our Lord and God gave us as regards the plans of the evil ones. Because these very ones wanted George W. Bush dead very badly, they hated what we did to keep him alive!

When I look at Richard Cheney and observe the crown of horns that he wears, I know that it was God’s will to keep George W. Bush alive, but we all know that he is a mere puppet and that Richard Cheney and George H.W. Bush and numerous other satanists are the driving force behind the head of this government. Nevertheless, it was the will of the Most High that George. W. Bush live, at least for now, and it was this very thing that brought the evil ones out in great numbers to kill me as well as others, who dared to tell of their plans.

But, even so, our Lord and God is still revealing their plans and they are still hopping mad! Praises to Jehovah Most High; for He and He, alone is God and He, and He, alone is in charge! Though they roar like a lion and blow up and destroy all that is of this world, they cannot destroy what is of our Lord and God and what He wants to remain! Praises to His Holy Name! It is a time to rejoice; for we are about to see a move of God Almighty that we have only dreamt of in the past!


More for you to read!

You have three and one half chapters to read and these should keep you busy for a while. The new chapters of Book Nine are seventeen, eighteen, nineteen and twenty. Copy these chapters and take time to read what our Lord and God has shown us lately!

The help of our Friends!

The love of our hearts goes out to our Beautiful Friends. You have made it possible to get these works out and around the world and to bless many others in need. We have sent out well over 500 prayer cloths since the last newsletter and have many more to send out. We have heard of some beautiful miracles and we are waiting for these individuals to write and share in the glory that our Lord and God has shown to them! Praises to The Holy Name of the Most High God Jehovah; for He is doing some awesome things for His People! If you want an anointed cloth, write to: Linda Newkirk, P.O. Box 17277, North Little Rock, AR, 72117. There is no need to send money for these cloths. They are a gifted to you!


We need help with the Portuguese translations. If you are able to help translate these works into Brazilian Portuguese, please e-mail us. We are also still in need of others to translate these works into Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian and German. If you are able to help translate these works into any of these languages, please contact us. Our Lord and God will surely bless you for you efforts!

Until next, time the love of our hearts goes out to each of you; and to our beautiful friends, we send you big, big hugs!

Jesus is our Wonderful Way,
Dennis and Linda


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