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January 04, 2004


"Imminent Plot to Blow up a Nuclear Power Plant in the State of New York"

 Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, it is with a sense of urgency that we come to you today! Within the last two weeks, or so, our Father in Heaven has told me of plans of the evil ones in this country to try and pull off another "911". However, He states that what they have planned this time will make "911" look like child’s play.

As I was praying today, I saw a large nuclear explosion in the Northeast part of the USA. As I prayed for more discernment regarding this nuclear explosion, our Father in Heaven gave me a vision of a nuclear power plant on a river and I heard the word, Catskill. From this brief bit of information, I knew that the power plant must be in the state of New York, but was not altogether sure. I passed this information along to Stew Webb and he came up with some information, which seemed to point toward Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant in New York State. While I am not altogether sure that this is the plant, I feel comfortable is stating that this planned attack is against a nuclear power plant in the state of New York.

With this much information, I went back to our Father in Heaven in prayer and He showed me a vision of Dick Cheney, who was looking at a map, and planning this great devastation. Alongside of him I saw Donald Rumsfeld. I did not see the Bushes, but it is surely understood that they would know very well what is going on. I asked our Father in Heaven why they wanted to target New York and New York City again and He told me that they are facing such horrendous economic problems that they want to destroy the economic seat of this country. This would surely set the stage for increased martial law across America and would set the stage for them to bring foreign troops into the streets of America as well. It would also serve to blind the people of this country to the serious economic plundering that they have done in America.

This is horrendous and we must each get into serious prayer right now before our Lord and God begging Him to intervene and stop this scheme and bring these evil ones to justice.

More war crimes of the leaders of this country!

Dear Ones, it is also time for you to know that the earthquake in Iran that killed upwards of 50,000 people was not a natural earthquake, but was an attack by the USA military against Iran. This is what our Father in Heaven has revealed. Many of you know that military technology exists, which can cause earthquakes.

Those in this government thought that by sending aid to Iran to help with the devastation, which was caused by the earthquake that they created, that they could easily reestablish diplomatic relations with Iran. But, the Iranian leader would not go along with them in this at all. Think of it! This is one very sick scheme!!! Kill people off in huge numbers and then send aid! Does this make you proud to be an American?

When Iran rejected the state visit of Elizabeth Dole, the USA war mongers retaliated again, using an electromagnetic weapon to create a big blast in Iran that many perceived as a meteorite. And, very recently I have seen news stories circulating on the Internet, which state that the "Big One" (earthquake) may hit Tehran any day! They are telling their plans!

On the heels of this, an Egyptian airliner goes down in the Red Sea, killing all 148 people onboard. All were citizens of France except for the pilots, as I understand it. This plane crashed just one day after the leader of France announced plans to bring Dick Cheney before the world court for his crooked financial dealings, particularly in Nigeria. Do you believe that Dick Cheney would blow up a plane to teach France a lesson? The Satanist/New World Order press in America was quick to point out that the crash of this plane was ABSOLUTELY NOT terrorism!

A Terrorist Nation!

Dear Ones, it is very important that you are awake and vigilant and that you realize that this country has been hijacked by some of the most dangerous people in the entire world and they have at their disposal the most horrendous kinds of weapons! These same ones are out to totally destroy America as well as the rest of the world. Through their chaos, they plan to bring about their New World Order. These are bitter enemies of the people in America, but this would not have taken place if the people had not first deserted our Father in Heaven, thereby rejecting His laws.

In Closing

We are facing a critical situation with regards to this power plant in New York State! You have seen what they are doing overseas and no one is doing a thing to stop them. But, Dear Ones, you and I can stop a lot of their evil, if only we stay close to our Lord and God, obey His commands, and live righteously. But, to do so, we must each get into serious daily prayer! Please go into prayer right now and plead with our Lord and God to stop these plans! Then, beg Him to judge these evil hoards!

If they attack Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant, as many as 20 million could be dead within a very short time! This is horrendous beyond cognizance! But remember this: 50,000 mean nothing to them. Why would 20 million mean a thing? In fact, these murders would be a very big human sacrifice to their god, Lucifer!

Soon, we will be posting several messages from our Father in Heaven. Of utmost importance within this information to come is the completion of the sealing of the 144, 000. This took place on the 27th day of December 2003. Because the 144,000 are now sealed, you will see the evil ones hurt the earth, the sea and the trees, not to mention the people!

Only the love and mercy of God is going to sustain us through these horrendous times; and it is because of His precious love for each of us that He continues to warn us. Praises to His Holy Name! For, even in His judgement, He is full of love and mercy!

Jesus is our Only Way out of this evil world,
Dennis and Linda

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