January 5, 2001


'Russian invasion of the USA imminent!"

Beloved and Cherished Brothers and Sisters through our Lord Jesus Christ, my heart is heavy as I come to tell you what pains me through and through to write. I pray that you read the following messages from our Father in Heaven with the utmost care and discernment and that you go into great prayer about what our Father in Heaven is telling in the following messages. Many times, I have gone back to Him in prayer, hoping that He would give me a different message, or that there would be some ray of hope that what He has revealed might change. But, I am sorry to say that He continues to speak the same things to me day after day, until I have finally come to understand that we have reached a point in time, from which there will be no turning back.

In the last message, our Father warned George W. Bush that He would preserve his life if he would come back and serve Him in truth, honor and spirit. But, if Bush will not do so, our Father warned that George W. Bush will die by the sword. I can tell you without reservation that George W. Bush has a very dark cloud around him and this dark cloud is the result of dark and evil works of his own, as well as evil works, which have come to bear on him through family and generation curses. He needs to be freed, to be delivered, but he will not be freed of these curses so long as he continues on with the evil of his forefathers. Is George Bush continuing on in the traditions of his father and his father before him? We are certainly seeing members of the same old crowd. How does the saying go? "The limb does not fall far from the tree." Beloved Ones, another round of Bush Sr. is not going to work. No longer is our Father in Heaven going to continue to allow this utter darkness and rebellion to rule over this land and be paraded over the people as acceptable. The wicked are going to fall in their rebellion. The New World Order is falling even as it is rising; for it will not work in the end; and we all know this.

Read the following messages and take them to heart; for these messages are your warnings!



"My Precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven, … the Great I AM that I AM, the River, which courses all and leaves out none, the Net, which captures and squeezes and closes, then sets free. I have created all and all creation is My Pearl. I give life. I create it and I take it again. All the cycles I set in motion and I break them as well.

"Now, My Child, let us look at this Earth cycle, this one, which ends near this date. It is a culmination of a great work over ages and this cycle, this circle now comes to and end. No amount of prayer or fasting will stop the chain of events, which have been set in motion. For, I set them into motion and I stop this motion.

"Of the chain, be aware of the following. The USA is going to be invaded and devastated by war, pestilence and famine. This is set in stone. This will happen and it will happen sooner, rather than later. My Child, look at the page before you and read the date. I have spoken it to you previous. What do you see?"

"I see the date of March 31, 2001."

"And, what to do you make of it?"

"As I understand, this country shall be invaded by Russia, China and a large military alliance by the 31st of March of 2001."

"And, what did I show you in previous visions?"

"Father, you showed me some Russian generals sitting around a table with various maps, which depicted invasion routes and various military plans, and these plans were highly organized and well laid out. At this table, these generals were discussing the invasion of this country. Then, you took me back a second time to witness an additional meeting. And, then a third time, you also took me back into this very room to witness a third meeting. In the subsequent meetings, I could see that several generals were dissenting as to the plans or to the timing of these plans for this invasion. I sensed that they did not want to follow through with this invasion, which has been laid out, at this time. But, the leading general was fierce. He was loud and angry. He pounded his fists on the table and stamped his feet and bellowed furiously at those, who sat timidly, and seemingly in fear. Suddenly, three chairs fell backwards with the occupants in them and at that instant, I felt that these three would be taken out or removed in some way. In the last meeting, I saw Putin appear; and I could see that Putin and this fierce general both had fiery serpent spirits in them. Then, You handed me a very large spike. You told me to drive this spike into the middle of this table and this is what I did."

"My Child, do you understand what you have seen?"

"My Father, I understand some, but not all."

"My Child, you have seen the Russian leaders planning the final stages of the invasion of the USA. They are dotting their i's and crossing their t's, all in preparation for the destruction of the USA; and Bill Clinton is in on every detail. He knows it all as he has helped lay the groundwork within the USA."

"And, also, My Father, I saw a date of February 15, 2001, which they had marked as the target date."

"My Child, what you have seen is all true; but they will lag behind on this date; all to make the world think that they have changed their minds. But, they have not changed their minds. At this moment, the USA is surrounded, save for Canada. My Child, Canada will be attacked along with the USA so that you do not have help coming to you from them. My Little One, this will be no puny invasion! It will be a full-scale frontal assault and the USA will lie in smoking ruins, devastated by nuclear contamination, full of carnage, death, destruction and waste. You will not rise again and they will make sure of this. My Child, what more do you have questions about?"

"My Father, what more shall I tell the people?"

"My Child, for many, many years, I have warned through the mouths of My prophets; and few have heard! The pride and arrogance among those in the many churches, combined with their pompous and empty services, disgust and sicken me! I am taking them down! I am taking them out! My judgment is falling swiftly on the proud and arrogant; and I will no longer tolerate what I have tolerated in the past! The proud and the arrogant are going to perish and they are going to perish sooner, rather than later. My Child, it is one thing to lose one's body and still another to lost one's soul! The time of the harvest is now and the reaping is going on!

"We shall close on this message for now …"

"My Father, I have a question about the earthquakes, which our Lord showed. I know that some have come to pass and some have not."

"My Child, all will come to pass and this will take place very soon, as you will see. I am a merciful God, but My judgement and wrath fall on the rebellious, the proud, and the haughty in My House. I am your Father in Heaven. Type this message; for another will follow."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of January, 2001,
Linda Newkirk


"My Child, I bring you back a second time today for the second message, which will go on the website. These things, which I say to you will be discarded by the masses. They will be laughed at; and some will say, "Well, she was wrong in '98." But, these, who are full of pride and arrogance will perish. My Child, as you know, you were not wrong in what you saw in '98; for indeed there was war planned at that time. And, Bill Clinton was in the midst of this as well. If he could not have won his stay in office through bribery, coercion and force, he would have plowed through with this war, the very war, which was revealed to you over and over. My Child, this was no accident that you were shown this unfolding war; but a warning to the people to be aware of what was coming, of what was in fact being planned.

" And, now, My Child, the USA is at war's door again; and some will take heed and be warned, but most will laugh and scoff. Away with the laughers and away with the scoffers; for you are fodder for the cannons! You are straw, which will be burned and trodden to be no more!

"I am calling Mine out! If you hear My warning, await My guidance in your life! If I say to you, "Go left," you had better not go right, or you may perish with the chaff! It is time for Mine to be in tune with My Spirit, more than ever! For, it you choose to strike out on your own and to go your own way, you lose! If you listen to My guidance and follow My warnings, you will not perish, neither in this life, nor in the next.

"Listen to Me when I say, "Enough is enough!" The USA and other whore countries have come to the end of a long and wide road of rebellion. The rebellious will perish, but I shall lead Mine to glorious places and beauties heretofore unknown. It is not a time to be fickle or to waver in one's faith! It is time to be steadfast and faithful, with hearts, which are pure and true; for you will be tried and tested in the most severe ways!

"Are you true? Are you pure of heart? Or, are you full of anger, pride and rebellion? The blood of the Lamb will wash you and cleanse you, but do you know how filthy you really are?

"My Child, you have a question as to why I had you drive the spike into the table at the Kremlin."

"Yes, My Father, I do have such a question."

"And, you have wondered why I have had you go in the Spirit and drive spikes into other places?"

"Yes, My Father, I have wondered why."

"My Child, when you drove those spikes, you planted My will into the very ground, into the Earth, at these various locations."

"Then, My Father, it is Your will that China have the Panama Canal and the Spratley Islands and that Russia have a trekked path into Iraq, Iran and the Mideast, among others things.."

"My Child, they carry out My will and they know it not. I, alone, have allowed China to be raised up; and I alone, have allowed Russia to prepare a noose to place around the neck of the USA. For, as I have said to you, it is the end of a cycle. It is the end of an age; and all must fall. Those, who want what I have to offer through My Son, which is salvation and eternal life, will make a solid choice. Those, who waver, who shift from side to side, will be left behind. I will bend no one's arm and twist it to make one want what I have. But, I tell you now that a goodly number will turn back to Me when they have no place to live, no food for the table and no job. When the mark is issued, many will run headlong to take, it, but My Faithful Ones will not; and in the end, they will receive their heavenly bounty.

"Yes, My Child, the harvest is great, but those, who are worthy to harvest are few. All of My Faithful have suffered greatly, but one day I shall wipe your tears; and you shall not weep again because of hardships of this world. I shall provide your every need and you shall be burden free.

"To My Faithful, I say thus: I have brought you along in faith and I have nourished you in truth, that you might be prepared for these very difficult times. I have molded you and shaped you through adversity that you would not break beneath the great trials, which you face. I have carved you and I have shaped you to withstand strong headwinds and mighty tides. Therefore, I say to Mine, "Do not fear what lies ahead!" I go before you, behind you, around you, above and beneath you; and it is My delight to send armies of Mine angels to protect you!. But, I warn you, Take not the ways of the rebellious! Do not partake of their fruits! Abide by My commands and walk humbly, lest you fall to pride and arrogance! A deep darkness is upon this world, the likes of which you cannot imagine, but My hand will carry you safely from place to place; and I will provide for you until I say, It is time!'"

"My Beloved Ones, many of you are wounded by the great trials, which you have endured; but in the end I shall heal all wounds and scars! Keep the faith and stay on the High Road; for time grows short. Yes, you will grow weary; but I shall restore you and renew you!

"To My Faithful, I say: ' Seek out others, who are also faithful! Love one another! Walk the Straight walk, that your trials, when shared, might not be so great! Be loyal to one another; and be faithful to Me and to My Son. Fret not, but rejoice; for soon your trials upon this Earth will be over!' I am your Father in Heaven."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 1st day of January, 2001,
Linda Newkirk




"My Precious One, I am your Father in Heaven. You are back again today, My Child, asking, begging for further confirmation of this war, as truly, My Little One, you want of make sure of what you have been told. My Child, I know that at times you doubt your own self. You doubt what you see; for you fear you own humanness. But, I say to you thus: The USA is going to be invaded! I have given you the outside parameters of time. You have written the same. I warn you ahead of time, but few will believe; and even some of the faithful will shock you by their placid attitudes; for they have heard of this impending war for so long that they are now asleep to it. They have a 'So what!' attitude. They have a 'Let's wait and see attitude.' They do not believe! The demons have hold of their senses and they are asleep! But, I tell you again, My Child, that this war will be! It will not be stopped! The end of a cycle has come and grave changes are at hand. Do not be deceived into thinking that all is well. The signs are everywhere! Look about you! Wake up! For, you will see that the USA has been prepped like a patient before an operation! The USA has been stripped and gutted and made ready for the feast! The eight Clinton years, plus the four Bush years have robbed the USA and paralyzed its military. Those in power are going to have their New World Order at all costs! It is going to happen in full scale! Be warned and get spiritually prepared; for many are about to exit the Earth. Let this warning be accepted by those, who will see and hear. These are not words given for naught; but words, which will bear fruit. I am your Father in Heaven."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd day of January, 2001,
Linda Newkirk


Cherished and Beloved, Our Lord and God sees and knows hearts and He knows whether we put our faith and trust in Him or in things of the world. He is not deceived by fancy prayers and big beautiful edifices. He wants our hearts. He wants our love and respect. He wants to know that we truly love Him and that we are striving to do His will. We cannot deceive Him in any way. He is truth; and we must strive to live truth and to be truth, or our souls becomes dotted with shades of gray and black.

Remember that our Lord is coming back for a church, which is pure of heart. All have white robes. They have all been purified through great trials and adversity; and they all love truth. There are no shades of gray, or black … only white. When our Lord Jesus comes to take His Faithful home, the liars will not be there! The schemers and the manipulators will be left behind! The pious and the rebellious will not get into the presence of God! The whoremongers, the fornicators, the drunks and dopers will tumble into darkness along with the idolaters and the workers of witchcraft. The angry, the loud and aggressive, and the cold and unforgiving, will not be among the meek and humble!

Beloved, we had all better be doing a lot of soul searching! We all had better be spending a lot of time in deep prayer and repentance, harshly judging ourselves, while there is still time! Every thing we have ever done is recorded in Heaven, the good along with the bad and the indifferent. When we leave the physical, we are going to see our very life replayed before us! Every malicious word is going to parade before us, along with every kind and good deed. Some of us will weep mightily for the things we have done and said, which hurt others; and others of us will weep for things, which we could have done to help, but did not. We are going to see how we could have made a difference, but looked the other way! But, if our Lord and God has forgiven our sin and rebellion, it is remembered no more. These rebellious acts, for which we have been forgiven, are not paraded before us! When our sins are forgiven us, they are truly remembered no more! Oh, what a wonderful Lord and God we have! We are so very loved! What blessings are in store for the faithful! Beloved, we must keep our eyes on our Lord Jesus and wean ourselves from the traps of this world; for all that is of this world is but folly!

From the depths of my heart, I thank those of you, who took it upon yourselves to send out the last message about repentance to the masses. "Father in Heaven, I ask you to look upon the works of these few, who have been faithful and to bless them mightily for their works. I ask you go guide them in all things, Father, and to protect them, that they know the Way, regardless of the difficulties, which they face. Continue to direct them, Precious Father; for the harvest is great and the reapers are so very few."

Cherished Brothers and Sisters, I am praying for a miracle for you in your greatest time of need! I am asking our Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven to bless and anoint prayer handkerchiefs, that the Faithful may have these blessings and anointings in these perilous times. These handkerchiefs are as a gift!

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Dennis and Linda

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