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July 20, 2003


"Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, greeting to you in the Beloved Name of our Lord Jesus! The prayer of our hearts is that this correspondence finds you doing well and progressing spiritually in the matters of our Beautiful Lord and God. Be faithful, Dear Ones! Be brave and do what is right, regardless of what others do; for every soul is being tried as to their true intents and purposes before God.

Dear Ones, since our last visit, many things have come to pass in our lives. I fasted for fifteen days and our Lord and God answered many prayers in the affirmative. Praises to His Holy Name!

You will want to read the additional parts of Chapter One of Book Nine and Chapters Two, Three and Four. I am including below part of Chapter Three; for this chapter contains dire warnings from our Lord Jesus regarding the grave possibility of a war with North Korea within very few weeks and/or a planned assault on bridges, dams and other parts of the infrastructure of America. Dear Ones, know this: There would be no war with North Korea if the Bushes and their evil counterparts were not on the hotseat for their outright lies regarding the Iraqi war. There would be no threats against dams and bridges, save these evil ones are in dire trouble and looking for a way to take heat off themselves. These individuals are not human beings, but monsters. They are mass murderers, rogues, and shameless power mongers; and you, as an individual, mean nothing to them! Anyone is fair game to be taken out and they will shamelessly kill anyone and never blink an eye about it.

It is regretful that we are seeing another bold-faced murder with the death of Mr. Kelly, the distinguished scientist in England, who came forth and exposed the horrendous lies about the so-called weapons of mass destruction, which lead to the Iraq war. What you must ask yourself is: "Who has the greatest motive to kill this man?" All you have to do to answer this question is to honestly determine: "Who got into the most trouble because of Mr. Kelly’s allegations?" Obviously the answer to the second question is Tony Blair! He got into the most trouble because of this man’s allegations. Therefore, Tony Blair has the greatest motive of anyone on the face of the Earth to kill this scientist! How convenient that Tony Blair just so happened to be out of the country when this man was murdered! And, to top it all off, he came to the congress of the USA, where the robotoids in congress idolized this mass murderer! Feeling sick and disgusted yet?

Of course, Tony Blair could not have murdered this whistle-blower because Blair was out of the country! The Mafia hit men, who carried out the orders, are surely whooping it up! And, Tony Blair is safe with many alibis. Therefore, he could not have attributed to the unfortunate demise of his great enemy!

These evil ones continually get away with murder! They gloat among themselves; for they have killed another one and who can touch them? Remember the long list of murders, which trails Bill and Hillary Clinton? They are obvious murderers, liars, and rogues and what has been done to them? Remember also that Bill Clinton recently came to Tony Blair’s rescue? Perhaps, Mr. Blair needed a little instruction on "murder for hire."

Dear Ones, we are not dealing with human beings, but monsters. Reptilians from the pits of hell! This is what they do! They thrive off evil! And, how clever that out of a genuine "love" and concern for the victim, they will investigate these horrible crimes and make sure that justice is carried out! Tony Blair to the rescue of the man he had every reason to murder! Want to throw up yet?

Therefore, because of the utter evil, which these have perpetrated upon the world, we are facing another catastrophe of grave proportions! Because their evil has been found out, and before anyone can rise up and put them in jail, these monsters, who lied to attack Iraq for oil and greed, will surely provoke North Korea to attack America! Or, they will blow up something very great in America! These are their plans! You are being informed so that you will get in your prayer closet and seek God, begging Him to intervene and destroy their plans, so that this evil does not come to pass. Beseech our Lord and God to raise up righteous men and women, who will go after these monsters and bring them to justice through the courts. Pray for righteous judges to stand up and do what is right for this land! Pray for the mercy of our Lord and God upon America, that He will delay this horrible thing, which is about to come upon this land!

In the meantime, contact your congressional members and demand impeachment of Bush and his harem of rogues and murderers. Demand this impeachment and if they will not follow through in support of what is right, demand that these congressional leaders step down. Dear Ones, we are each responsible for the mess this land is in and each of us is responsible for helping to clean it up. If we do not get organized and demand accountability, we shall soon have nothing left! It is now or never!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~



"The evil ones know no laws. They take by force what they want."

July 10th, 2003


"My Precious Child, I am your Master Jesus, yea heir apparent, true Lord of Earth and Saviour of mankind. My Child, as you sit and write for Me, you hear the tunneling of the evil ones; for they are purposely tunneling under the ground, which has been given to you by our Father. My Little One, these evil ones know no laws and take by force what they want. Their whole purpose in tunneling beneath you is to own this very piece of land, to seek to control you and to own the vortex. But, I tell you, My Child, that I stand ready with My sword. I stand ready with My armies and when they least expect it, I shall deliver a deathblow to them. Yes, My Child, you are dealing with the Luciferians. You are dealing with the Satanists. You re dealing with the Fallen Ones. They believe erroneously that they own the world and everyone in it; but this is just one more huge lie, which fills them with delusion. My Child, you, each of you, must remember that evil knows no bounds and if you do not enforce boundaries upon it, evil will utterly take over. This is the nature of evil and how evil is winning out; for good people have fallen asleep. They have turned their backs on evil and it is flourishing. It is one thing to warn of evil. This is essential; but evil must be stopped. It must be brought before the laws of the land and it must be punished or it will take over and destroy all that is good and right."

"My Lord, I am so aware of the truth that You speak. And, I have a question about the tunnelers. How long before You destroy them and their evil works?"

"My Child, I will only say this. When they least expect. My Little One, you know that 2+2= 4."

"Yes, my Lord, I do."

"And, you know, My Child, that 2+3 = 5."

"I do."

"And, you know that 3+3 = 6."

"Yes, my Lord."

"And, this is systematic and based upon fact."

"Yes, my Lord, it is."

"But, My child, evil says that 3+3 = 5. Evil says that 2+2 = 1, and on and on. It is not based upon fact, save fact can be used to further distract. The whole purpose of evil is to deceive. This is how it thrives and it must thrive in darkness, save others find out and put an end to it. Now, it is not enough just to expose evil, as I have said. Evil must be dealt with. It must see the light of day and the perpetrators must be brought to justice. Here and there, all across America, you are beginning to see that this is happening, but still, My Child, this is only a beginning. Evil must be uprooted. It must be pulled up to be brought down. Otherwise, it will spring up and grow again. Understand?"

"Yes, my Lord, but this evil has such a stronghold on the world that these victories seem slim when compared to all the evil."

"Yes, My Child, this is so, but nonetheless, some are awakening. You are fighting back here and there and you are receiving victories. This is what our Father has promised, a time of victories for those, who will rise up, fight evil and put an end to it."

"Yes, my Lord, He has promised this and we are seeing some victories."

"Now, My Child, when you count your toes, how many do you see?"

"I see ten."

And, this is normal. It is as it should be; for your body was created to have ten toes, not seven, not six, not five, etc."

"Yes, my Lord."

"But now, My Child, the evil ones are out to destroy all genetic blueprints, to destroy the gene pools of all creation, so as to utterly destroy life upon this planet as it is known."

"Yes, my Lord, through all the genetically modified crops and through all the genetic experiments on humans."

"Yes, My Child, this is so, and the rush is on for a greater and greater destruction until all is destroyed."

"Yes, My Lord, I know. I see it. I understand what You are saying."

"As they see the planet speeding up and see the results of this, they are intensifying on their assaults."

"Yes, My Lord, I know this."

"For, truly, My Child, their days grow shorter and shorter."

"My Lord, I hate this evil and I despise the thought of it rising to greater heights; but I know it will rise."

"This is so, My Child, but even as it rises, it is falling."

"Yes, My Lord, I know this."

"So, My Child, this is the dilemma for all mankind. Will each of you do what is right in the face of evil, or will you bow down to evil? If you bow down to evil, your demise is at hand. If you stand up to evil, and do what is right, your may still fall to the sword, but so long as you do not go the way of violence, but abide by My laws, I shall surely catch you. And, even if you fall to death or death by torture, I shall take your spirit before death befalls you."

"My Lord, the Spirit of God has shown me this… how even when some are beheaded, or shot by firing squads, that Your Tried and True, your Faithful, will not feel the pain of execution. Their spirits will be gone from their bodies before they suffer the pains of death."

"This is My promise to My Faithful. I will be standing there to receive their spirits and they will know the love and glory of God."

"My Lord, this is so beautiful. Your Loved Ones must not fear, but walk in faith, trusting in You and our Father."

"This is so."

"But, My Child, this will not be easy, for the assaults on My people are picking up. The death tolls are rising. The persecution is rising."

"My Lord, I know it."

"My Child, you know in the Spirit that great evil is about to befall America. The deck of cards is stacking up against America and rightly so. Your leaders have become the biggest bullies in the world. They know no laws. They are full of evil and they are out to rule the world. This is common knowledge."

"My Lord, every prophecy, which our Father gave about this war with Iraq has come to pass. But, I have a question. I received word from a prophetess of God, who said that our Father is for this war."

"My Little One, He is not for this war and never has been. Yet, I have sought Him greatly about this war, to allow it, or not. And, in the end, it was allowed, not for reasons that many think, but to bring judgement upon the runaway train in America."

"But, this woman witnessed three spirits, or three entities of some sort in Iraq, that were about to be released, so the war was allowed."

"My Child, the spirits, which are bound up at the head of the Euphrates, are still bound up, and would have been released already if Hussein had attacked Israel. He did have plans to attack Israel, and this is unknown to most. And, he still has these plans. They have only been shut down for a while."

"So, this war was allowed because of these plans to attack Israel."

"And to bring judgement upon the evil leaders of America. My Child, if the brave ones do not rise up against these evil ones and put them in their places, they will soon set off a catastrophe, which is so great, that all of America will be under speedy martial law. The whole reason for provoking the Arabs, for provoking North Korea and other nations is to cause more attacks on America. The whole plans of the evil ones are wrapped around the destruction of America and its Christian population. So, this is their agenda. They believe that if they gouge North Korea enough, that it will attack America. They will have martial law and with your troops outside of America, they will use foreign troops to save you from the dissidents within. The cattle cars with the guillotines will run. The crematoriums will gear up and the Christians will be short-lived. I tell you, My Child, this is at the top of their list. As more and more scandals come forth regarding the Bushes, they are becoming even more desperate. Their plans, along with the fake Jews, is utter destruction of America and its Christian population."

"So, My Lord, they first want to cause North Korea to attack us."

"This is so and if they cannot cause this by fall, they will proceed with destruction of certain power plants, certain reservoirs and dams, and underground rail systems. These plans involve the detonation of small nuclear devices and I tell you, My Child, that New York City is still at the top of their list, along with nuclear power plants in the Rhode Island/ New Jersey area (East Coast?). Any large dam is suspect. Heavily involved in all this planned destruction of America is the Israeli Mossad. You, as a nation, would be well advised to watch all Israelis, who have infiltrated this government. There are many so-called double agents and they are obeying the fake Jews plan to destroy America and to kill the truth bearers. So, My Child, in spite of the fact that I have many, many in Israel, that I love greatly, I tell you that the leadership of that country is full of venomous wolves and I am not with them. Nevertheless, My Little One, I have a great love for My people in Israel. I hear their cries and My love for them is great. But, this is My warning to America."

"So, my Lord we do not have much time."

"No, My Child, you do not. This is grave. For, if North Korea is provoked to war, you, as a nation, will surely loose in a great way. But, this is how evil is consuming America and it is consuming the world. So, be warned, My Child; for several US cities could be nuked. Do you hear me?"

"Yes, My Lord. Which cities are under the greatest threat?"

"Washington DC. New York City. Miami. Chicago. Los Angeles. Seattle. These are under greatest threat, but there are others, like Demoine Iowa."

"Even Iowa?"

"This is so and Houston. These, My Child, but not only these; for if North Korea attacks, it will not be alone. Understand? But, with other countries."

"Yes, My Lord."

"But, what about all the foreign troops in America?"

"They are here and are increasing daily, especially the Chinese, for, they will be used to pick up the so-called dissidents."

"And to destroy Christians. My Lord, is it going to take something so bizarre to wake up the churches?"

"My Child, I am sorry to say that it will take this and more before they wake up to what is truly going on."

"And at the same time, they plan to crush the economy."

"My Little One, America has little left and your economy is in serious trouble. Expect devastating financial conditions to hit the average American very soon. My Little One, this is at hand and it is going to take a devastating toll."

"My Lord, our Father says that Planet X has speeded up."

"’Tis so."

"So, everything is speeding up?"

"It is."

"Oh, My Lord, I know these things must come to pass, but it is a terrible thing to see. What more can we expect from this approaching planet?"

"More bizarre weather. More fires. More droughts in places. More rainfall in places. More bizarre storms. More earthquakes of a greater magnitude. More comets. More mania and aggression as the Sun continues to explode with angry outbursts. My Child, this approaching planet will cause instability in all things relating to this planet. In people. In animals. In weather. In all things. More wars. More instability. This is what you see and it will escalate."

"So, my Lord, it will only get worse?"

"You know it."

"Yes, my Lord I do."

"My Child, I and our Father, … we are the safety net for all mankind. There is none other. My Child, destruction of the world as you know it is at hand. It is best that all get prepared spiritually; for the ride is going to get very rough. The kinds of persecution that you have known, many shall begin to taste. Those in churches, who are asleep, shall soon be shocked into an awakened state; but it will be too late for many.

My Child, your government is bringing in many foreign troops, steadily taking your troops out of the country, and when the planned devastation hits, they are sure that you will welcome the Chinese roadblocks. They are sure that you will welcome the Russians, who will go door to door. For, they will be your ‘saviors’ in time of need. This is planned, My Child, and these plans are unfolding rapidly. To avoid this evil, which is imminent, people in large numbers must repent of their evil and they must humble themselves before our Father. Time is running out for America. For, if they (these evil ones) get their way, many millions of you will soon perish. I am Jesus and all is given in accord with the will of Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 10th day of July, 2003,
Linda Newkirk


You will be interested to know that the evil ones tried to kill me on May 28th and again on the 13th of June. Obviously, they did not succeed! Some of their spirits are now in hell and their bodies are in the grave! I have devoted Chapter Four of Book Nine to this evil as our Father has directed me to do, that you may know what is being orchestrated at the highest levels of this very government! Many of the truth bearers and the lightbearers are being targeted and many are being harassed and even murdered. At the top of the list are investigative journalists and members of agencies in government, who have come forth with the truth. Many of these truthbearers are former members of the CIA and other government agencies, but having a moral compass, they have come forth to expose the utter evil, which they can no longer stomach. I thank God for these brave men and women. Pray for their safety; for they can do much to help save this land! They are to be commended!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Grand Jury Investigation

Pray for Stew Webb. He has filed for grand jury proceedings against the Bushes and other evil ones in this government. He is being stalked by hit men and detectives daily and he needs your prayers and financial support. To help him, go to http://www.stewwebb.com.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Pray for our Brothers and Sisters in Zimbabwe. There is a terrible shortage of food and these precious people continue to be oppressed by an evil dictator. These people need help. I am appealing to you to do what you can to help our Brothers and Sisters in Zimbabwe. Contact your members of congress and demand help for the people of Zimbabwe. Dear Ones, Americans have always been big-hearted people and we must not turn a deaf ear to the suffering of our brothers and sisters in foreign lands. These people need not only our prayers. They need our financial backing. They need to have their land back. They need to have their country back. It has been hijacked by great evil. Please help these people. Contact your congressional representative today and demand help for the people of Zimbabwe! This evil dictator needs to get the door!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Book Eight

Fulfilled Prophecies

Over 550 fulfilled prophecies in Book VIII, alone!

You will be delighted when you see the tremendous work, which our Friend Antonietta has done! Over 550 times in Book VIII, she has verified as true the word of our Lord and God!!!!! She has done a beautiful job of verifying these fulfilled words of our Lord and God and finding appropriate research to substantiate as true what our Lord and God is saying. What a work! Antonietta is to be commended for her faithfulness and dedication! You will enjoy reading this beautiful work!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Prayer cloths

We continue to send out the prayer cloths as you request them! If you wrote and did not get one, please let us know. It is best to request through the regular mail as it is easier to keep up with and we cannot guarantee that we will get your request if sent through e-mail. Some of you have shared your healings with us and we are grateful to hear from you! These have been added to the site on the miracle page. When you get your miracles or your healings, please pass them on so that the faith of others may also be strengthened! To our God is the praise and glory; for He is giving out these blessings to those in need! For those of you, who have these cloths, remember to take care of them, to treasure them. If you do so, the anointing will stay on the cloth and you will be able to use your cloth over and over. With so many plagues coming down, you are going to need this blessing from God!

For prayer cloths, send your request to: Linda Newkirk, P.O. Box 17277, North Little Rock AR, 72117.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Our love to You!

Our great love to those of you, who help with these works! We thank you from the bottoms of our hearts! We are ever grateful for your lovingkindness. We have needs that only God is aware of and sometimes I must say, "Father, you see this need. This work is halting because of this need and we need help to be able to help others, who help us!"

Our Precious Sisters, who translate these works, often work under great duress; for the evil ones hate so much what they do. The devil attacks their computers and causes them much despair. I know what they go through, but most of you do not. We need to be able to help these precious women with these expenses; for it is not right that they should be under such duress in trying to do what is benefiting so many people. They have needs and we need to help them! What do you say?

Portuguese translations

We need someone to translate these works into Portuguese. We sorely need to reach the people of Brazil and Portugal. This has been in my heart for a very long time. If this person is you or if you want to help with the expense of getting someone to translate these works into Portuguese, please come forward. We have so little time.

In closing …

We thank each of you for your prayers on our behalf. Truly, every day is a day of war and we must never forget that we are in the midst of this war; for if we become lackadaisical, we may become casualties of it.

In this troubled world, remember the love of God; for it is this wonderful love, which keeps us going. Even in the most trying of circumstances, the love of God comes through. When our days are down and dreary, His love shines! When our lives are filled with sorrow, He is able to take all burdens and give us joy! His beautiful song of love is our precious companion, even when our enemies are out to destroy us. Oh, what joy to be a small part of His Kingdom! And, though we be as little children, and we are many, He is ever mindful of our needs! In the midst of our trials, both great and small, He hears our cries! His love for His Little Ones is without bounds!

Oh, what a wonderful God we have! Shout His praises from the rooftops! Sing to Him in the meadows! Praise Him early in the morning and lift up your voice to Him at night. What a wonderful God we have! To our Father God Jehovah is the praise and glory forever and ever! Thank You, Father!!!

Jesus is our Beautiful Way home,
Your Brother and Sister,
Dennis and Linda

PS. Book Eight is now available in hard copy. It is $30.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. This book is the longest so far at 218 printed pages! For overseas orders, please send $20.00 for shipping instead of $5.00. (See "Book Orders" for more information.) Send all requests to: From the Mountain Prophecies, P.O. Box 17277, North Little Rock, AR, 72117.

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