A Message For You

     July 23, 2000


Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, it is good to be back with you with more very important news and two most important messages from our Lord and God. Dennis and I pray that you are vigilant as to the timeframe we are in and awake to the great changes, which are at hand. We pray that you are progressing spiritually and striving each day to do what you know to be right. We have so little time; and there is yet so very much to do.

Much has happened in our lives over the last three months, or so; and much of it goes beyond any simple words or descriptions. While we are hearing of great schemes and calamities on every front, our Lord and God has been engaging in great and wondrous works that most absolutely could not believe. I have been in the Upper Realms and have spoken many times with our Father; and I tell you that there are absolutely no words to describe His pure love and gentleness. However, He is not pleased about the gross darkness, which has befallen mankind; and He is not pleased with the absolute rebellion of so many. Yet, even the dark works of so many will not stop the latter rain of His Spirit, which is now falling on the Earth. I have seen His great light fall on China, on Taiwan, on North Korea, on South Africa, on Russia, on Indonesia and on many other parts of the world. I have seen it fall on the Clintons and on the congress of the USA; and I have seen it fall on many different parts of the world, even parts which I did not recognize. This light of God is going to make known some of the dark schemes of those, who are evil to the core. This light is going to change some situations for the better and accelerate some changes, which have already begun, to their rapid completion.

Angels are appearing to many all over the world. They are appearing in the remote parts of Burma and even in prison locations in some parts of China. People are being set free of all manner of bondages and they are being healed and provided for when there is no hope. Beloved Ones, I cannot begin to tell you how humbling it is to be a small part of this great work, and to witness the great love of our Lord and God for His people and for all His creations. Did you know that even the animals know there is a God!

The miracles we are seeing on many fronts attest to the love of our Lord and God and to the purity of His word. His promises in Book V have been taken seriously by some of you and you are reaping great miracles. And, we are seeing great miracles almost daily. What wondrous times we are in! Cherished Ones, we are not powerless! To the contrary! We can change so very much of what is headed this way if people would only wake up and come back to God and serve Him in truth, honor and Spirit. Oh, what a wondrous journey this is! And, how blessed we are to be a part of our Father's works at this twelfth hour.

Speaking of that, which is unfolding … our Lord Jesus has stated that many of the visions, which He has given me, shall begin to unfold rapidly now; and following the messages from our Lord and God I shall point out a few of these.


June 18, 2000

"My Child, I have brought you here to the Upper Realms to reveal some things to you that others may not be in the dark."

"Yes, My Father."

"My Child, of late you have read here and there of time travel and My Son has told you of tunnels by which some may travel, not needing spacecraft."

"Yes, My Father, He has told me."

"What I want you to know, My Child, is that periodically, and I should say rarely, the energy blocks and patterns of the Earth line up in such a way so that a number of these interdimensional time portals are opened. These time portals make travel between two distant points easy and fast."

"I see that these are open and I see that some go to planets and to distant places through them."

"Yes, My Child, and these short-cuts take the 'distant' out of distance. What you may not realize is that interlopers, who have come into the Earth are now able to come in from other spheres, from other dimensions, and even universes with relative ease. And, these interlopers I am referring to have one mindset and this mindset is the subjugation of the inhabitants of the Earth. In simple language, their goal is to rid the Earth of life, save that, which they choose to allow to exist. And, they have made great strides in achieving their goals and on time, according to their plans."

"My Father, why is this allowed?"

"My Child, you know there will be a new Earth. I have told prophets of old of this and I have spoken this to you on several occasions already. Those, who are spiritually ready will be carried off the Earth, where they will live at a higher and much purer energy vibration. Those, who are not ready, will get more chances to settle their debts and to come to serve Me in truth, honor and Spirit."

"So, if I see this right, this Earth is a multidimensional being?"

"This is correct and an energy shift is taking place, even now. But, few will be able to live on the new Earth. The greatest numbers will be bound to the Earth, which the have created, an Earth of darkness and slavery."

"But, My Father, as I understand it, the Earth will be devastated and few will remain."

"This is so. It will be largely uninhabitable for much of 1,000 years. Then, it will flourish once again with life."

"So, the rebellious will not embody again for most of this 1,000 year period?"

"Some will not, but others will embody on other planets. However, these must return to Earth to settle their debts."

"So, those, who have settled their debts, will be free of these lower vibrations.?"


"My Father, You have said that the sun is going through changes and some of the other planets will also change when the Earth changes."

"Every living thing in this solar system will be affected, as what is done here not only effects the Earth, it effects many dimensions, planes and even universes because these tunnels are open."

"Oh, My Father, what can we do?"

"Raise your energy levels so that you can have more light, so that you will be ready to come to a higher vibrational level when it is time."

"My Father, tell the people what they must do."

"Each of you must love Me and My Son and you must serve Me in truth, honor and Spirit. You must desire My will in your life, for My will for you is that you become filled with My light and that you ascend spiritually to higher levels. You must let go of lusts, of love for the material, and you must reach out to one another in love, getting rid of selfishness, jealousy, envy, fear, doubt, and all which is negative, as these keep you bound to the lower frequencies of Earth. You must forgive everyone, regardless of what they have done to you or to anyone else. Pray for your enemies and hold no anger toward them. Love Me and love My Son Yeshua and love others as you love yourself. Respect and love the Earth. It is becoming very unstable now because of this rebirth, which is at hand. The Fallen Ones are trying to destroy the spirit of the Earth so that the Earth will perish and remain uninhabitable. But, their main reason for their dark works is to keep all of you from moving up to the new Earth. They want to destroy the greatest numbers of you while you are dark with sin and rebellion so that you miss out on your inheritance. I tell you now, and each of you had better listen. Not a single one will go with My Son, who has unresolved anger, guilt, jealousy, anger, animosity, selfishness and any kind of rebellion. You must get your houses in order spiritually or you will not make it. Listen to Me when I tell you that the Earth is going to be devastated by war. Billions will die. A planetary slave state is in the making. Their plan is to starve all those they do not kill through execution and war. All of their plans will not be achieved, but I tell you that many will be. My Child, you are asking, 'Why is this being allowed?' "Why?" Because the masses have forsaken Me. They have gone off into whoredoms, into rapes and murders and into lusts of the world. They have gone off into self-sufficiency, into the love of the material and so on. My Child, I created each of you, even the Fallen Ones. As I love you, I want the very best for each of you and have made ways for you to receive these things. But, if you will not follow My commands, you will go the way of the Fallen Ones. Look at them, My Child. They were once very beautiful in appearance but their rebellion has made them odd and even grotesque in appearance. At one time, they were beautiful and perfect. But, their rebellion stunted them and made them unpleasing to behold."

"Why have they been allowed to continue on in such rebellion?"

"My Little One, when they rebelled and wanted to be God, they made themselves slaves to their own agendas. They always fight among themselves, each group striving for superiority; but they cooperate against a common enemy; and this common enemy on Earth is mankind. It is most sorrowful to Me that the greatest numbers of you are totally enslaved to them. To take the computer chip 'mark' will mean little to most of you, as you agreed to slavery long ago."

"Oh, My Father, do we not have great benevolent beings coming from other dimensions to help us out?"

"Yes, you do and some of these portals are opening up to these higher spiritual levels. These rebellious forms cannot travel through these portals; but some have tried and they have disintegrated."

"But, we have read that they do travel to Mars. Is this correct?"


"And, they are now inhabiting Mars?"

"They are."

"Is it a human slave state?"

"It is a human, human hybrid slave state with those many call serpents and 'greys', as overlords."

"Are there any interlopers there?"



"Some, who come from Orion and beyond."

"What do they look like?"

"Shape shifting humanoids."

"Shape shifting?"

"Yes, much like what you have seen with the 'serpent' people."

"Are the so-called 'greys' also Luciferians?"

"They are among the Fallen Ones, who followed him."

"This is so sad!"

"Yes, but each of you needs to be prepared for what is at hand; for these gates are open and you will see many strange life forms coming into the Earth."

"My Father, what about the Brookhaven experiment?"

"It is damnable and shall lead to loss of land in that part of the country through interdimensional disturbances and will also lead to a huge quake, which will consume the whole area. They haven't a clue what they are playing with. For them to have such a machine is no different than placing a very young child in a vehicle on a busy highway, expecting the child to be able to handle it, and not get hurt."

"You know, My Father, so many say, 'God is love. God is love.' And, they say that You do not judge."

"My Child, how could I preside over a people if I did not judge? Do these 'head-in-the-sand-types' think that I do not see right from wrong or make a distinction between black and white? Of course, I judge. This is my prerogative. I created you and do you not believe that I am able to assess what I have created? My Child, mankind is lost in darkness because it does not want to honor Me or My rules and laws. Mankind is lost in rebellion because he ignores history. Have I not clearly made judgements about the state of mankind in the past? Have I not judged the House of Israel over and over and have I not made My judgements very clear since the time of Adam?"

"Yes, My Father."

"Then, what fool would say that I do not judge? My Child, I am strict because I love each of you and I have the highest of plans for you. Look at it this way. If you have a child, a babe, and you bring it up until it is old enough to go to school, do you just send the child off to school and say, 'My Child, I love you. Do as you may. It doesn't matter what you do, as my love is sufficient?' Is this what a loving parent does? Or, does a loving parent give the child a set of rules and say to the child, 'These are the rules. I love you. I cherish you and honor your right to make decisions on your own. But, if you get in the road, I may have to chastise you, or you may get hit by a vehicle and killed.' When the child ignores the rules and goes off and gets into trouble at school, or joins gangs or gets into drugs, do you as a parent say, 'My Child, my love is sufficient for you. Do as you please.' Or do you begin to put restraints on this child to bring him or her back into line, lest this one be lost spiritually or lose his or her life. My Child, I allow certain hardships to befall the rebellious as a punishment, to encourage them back into the light. I give each of you many chances to change and to come back to Me. If you ask, I forgive you, but I am strict in My expectations of you. If I were not strict, none of you would make it. So, do I judge? Yes, I judge you. I am the judge of all I have created."

"Now, be at peace, My Child, realizing that you have gotten this far because you have been tried in the furnace of adversity and despair and you have been found worthy. I have set you over My people to guide them, to tell them the truth, to do the best you can, realizing that you are far from perfect and that your understanding is limited about many things. Nevertheless, I have shown you much through My Son, and through the prophets and angels, and I have much yet to show you."

"My Father, how can I help those, who will not listen?"

"Continue to send them My light and continue to pray for their salvation. My Child, a great unfolding is taking place. Do not fear what is at hand. Darkness if falling, but in reality mankind is only reaping what he has sown. Those, who want their divine inheritance with all their hearts will receive this heavenly bounty. But, all must be submissive to My will, lest they go the broad way. Until next time, I am your Father. I have an abundance of love for all, and I give it freely."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 18th day of June, 2000,
Linda Newkirk



June 27, 2000

"My Precious Child, I am your Master Jesus and I have called you today to write this message that My Loved Ones may be warned. 'The time has come for the unfolding of great tumults. For, soon the skies shall be darkened, the Earth shall quake and tremble as never before. The currents of the seas and the rivers shall flow backwards and the moon shall be displaced from its orbit. The birds of the air shall cease to sing and the animals shall run in fear; for great and terrible changes within and without the Earth are upon you. Great devastation is at hand and it is not many weeks and months hence."

"And, war, great tribulation, like the world has never seen! This and more, My Child, is all unfolding. The hand of our Father will not be stayed in this much longer. Through His mercy and because of the prayers and obedience of a few, many have been spared great calamities. But, My Little One, the wickedness of the world only accelerates. Few seldom take note of our Father's mercy or of the work of the Faithful; and the masses continue on in reckless disregard for all, that is right, true, lasting, and according to our Father's plans."

"My Child, that, which is full of the Light of God is buoyant. It rises above the confusion of the negative. And, now, My Child, I will explain what you have been seeing as regards the Earth. What you are seeing is a separation of the light from the darkness, a separation of the new from the old. You are seeing the rebirth process of the Earth as it takes place. A new Earth is forming, which is of a higher vibratory rate. And, as you know, with technology like the HAARP and other similar technology of the Luciferians, they are attempting to utterly destroy the Earth and all, which is on it and it. They are doing all they know to do to stop this rebirth. They are picking up speed to kill all living things on the Earth and leave it uninhabitable, believing in their ignorance that they will stop most all of you from achieving your heavenly rewards. But, I tell you now that they shall not succeed. Neither will they succeed on other planets. For, they reap what they sow; and they are about to reap a dark and bitter cup."

"My Child, I am angered. Your Father is angered and benevolent beings in many universes are angered by the rebellion of so many on the Earth, and I tell you now that Lucifer and his followers will reap failure on all levels. Utter ruin and devastation is their reward and a lake of burning fire is their destiny. So, be warned. Yes, great calamities are about to hit the Earth and the Earth will be utterly devastated. It will lie in ruins and will be uninhabitable in some areas for quite some time. But, those, who are worthy, shall not have to worry about where they shall live; for they shall live in a new Earth in a Holy City and these dark ones shall not prevail against this new home."

"But, none shall come here save those, whose robes are made pure and white as snow, whose hearts are full of love for our Father, for Me and for others. It is this pure love, this pure light, which will make one buoyant and which shall carry one to this new Earth. And, I tell you now that this rebirth process has begun and with it a new way, where the lions will indeed lie down with the lambs."

"But, it is woe to the rebellious, to the lovers of this world and to the lovers of darkness. For, they shall reap what they sow and there shall be no escaping it. Now, My Child, I have told you that great Earth changes are at hand. But, I tell you as well that great war is at hand, Before the year is out you shall see that country, which has feigned weakness and acted the part of the beggar, yea Russia …'The Soviet Union' … rise to the height of a giant. And, as they have long pondered, they rise to smash the USA with a clenched fist. This process shall begin to come home to roost in the USA. Already they are systematically invading the USA. All of your major military secrets have been given to your enemies, so they could whip you. The most recent theft of military secrets at Los Alamos has been given to the Red Chinese and also to the Arabs. China is being pruned to whip the world into shape. Even more than the Russians, the Chinese are being handpicked by Lucifer and his hoards, and one reason is that they have carried out the art of communism so successfully. They have large numbers of people, from which to draw an army and they know how to subdue a very large population. But, Russia and China working together will help destroy the whole world. Remember, My Child, that they are carrying out Lucifer's plans. They are not acting on their own. In giving away your weapons technologies, Bill Clinton believes that he is guaranteed a place at Lucifer's governing table. But, what he does not know is that the Satanist organization has its own red list and that Bill and Hillary's names are on this list. So, all his treasonous acts will get him nowhere in the end. Who can trust a treasonist? An enemy does not trust such a person to be their friend. So, Bill Clinton has sealed his own fate."

"My Lord, who is responsible for the theft at Los Alamos?"

"Your president and his allies."

"But, others will receive the fall for it?"

"They always do. Look at Clinton's track record."

"But, My Lord, it does not make sense that they would do such a thing."

"My Child, it makes much sense if you understand blood oaths. Those, who take blood oaths to Lucifer, know that if they do not obey and do what they are told to do, they will die and their family members will die. Long ago, Bill Clinton sold his soul to Lucifer for power. His body no longer has a human spirit, but that of a reptile. And, the same is true for Hillary. My Child, your government and the government of the world, as well as the leadership of many religions, is now infiltrated with large numbers of people, who are totally possessed and controlled by these serpents and they are also controlled by those called the 'greys.' But, those of you, who cannot see these spirits occupying these bodies, do not have a clue as to what is going on. My Child, your government has been totally overtaken by these fallen ones. So, when you see things, which do not make sense, like the on-going invasion of the USA from the South, you must remember that you have already fallen from within. Your elected officials have been bought and sold at the highest levels of government. Most are controlled like automotons, as most all have mind implants. They are not free, but because so few love and serve our Father, they do not know that they are not free. My Child, the USA is down for the count. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord. And, the latest move by Clinton in declaring a state of national emergency? Tell me what this means."

"My Child, the reasons he gave for declaring such a state of national emergency are 'hogwash' as some would say. Clinton is in the bed with Putin. All is decided about the fate of the USA. Clinton is in bed with the Chinese government and with the rebels, who are invading from the Southern part of the USA. He is one of them, and has no allegiance to any of you. Clinton is and has always been out for Clinton; and he is ready to do anything and everything to stay in power. He has no plans to give up power, and I have told you this for quite some time. I ask you, My Child, 'Do you believe that things are about to get very bad in the USA?"

"Yes, My Lord, I do."

"My Child, it shall go from bad to worse. The first ones to go when martial law is called will be those on their 'dissident' lists. When there is a coup de etat, as what Clinton is planning to do, this is always what happens. He and others have created the lists to get rid of all opposition. Do you not realize that much of this opposition is political? So, there go many of your congressmen, governors and elected officials. Yet, My Child, do you believe that your prostitute press will cover any of this? You will see that there is a news blackout. People will be in the dark for more reasons that one. But, remember, My Child, that what is coming upon you is what you, as a group, have sown. The masses have chosen and honored darkness and darkness is what they shall reap."

"So, My Lord, what about the war between China and Taiwan?"

"My Child, this will take place and sooner than most think."

"My Lord, I have seen a window open up in the month of October of this year and I have seen war between China and Taiwan. But, I have prayed long about this and do not see the same now."

"My Child, what you saw was a collision course for this war in October. Prayer can change things and you may not see war in this month. But, I tell you this, their plans at this time, include this war before Clinton leaves office. Remember Clinton is in on this scheme. He is in on the invasion of the USA as this is what Lucifer's plans are. Clinton has been given great power and wealth for selling all of you out. He is promised greater things in the New World Order, but all shall not turn out as he believes."

"My Lord, it looks like Putin's reign may be short."

"You have seen it."

"So, he will meet an early demise?"

"Many will. Their schemes shall turn upside down and inside out on them. They shall not fare as they believe."

"My Lord, many of these schemers believe that they will end up on Mars or upon other planes."

"Oh, they believe it alright, but Mars is headed for great upheaveal and many, who hide beneath the ground there will perish. Those on the surface shall be blown and tossed as chaff. They cannot hide in any part of the solar system or even in other dimensions or universes. Every one of them is known and so is their whereabouts."

"So, My Lord, Clinton is in the process of creating a coup de etat?"

"These are his plans; and let the world be the wiser."

"Can this be stopped?"

"My Child, The question is, 'Will this be stopped?' And, I tell you that once their plans are known, many of them can be stopped, or changed, or postponed. But, I tell you, Child, that great and terrible things are coming about. They are headed your way and many of them will not be stopped; for, our Father is allowing the wicked to bring down the wicked. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Go this day in peace, My Child, bathed in My love and protection. I am Jesus, Yea, Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of June, 2000,
Linda Newkirk

~ ~ ~ ~ ~



In the visions, our Lord Jesus has repeatedly said that in spite of all the talk of peace involving the Soviet Union and the disintegration of the same, that the Soviet Union had, in fact gone nowhere. After playing dead for a while, we now see the Soviet Union roaring back to life, the same tree by another name, …The Russian Federation. In Russia, we see Putin grabbing more and more power and wheeling in the power from parts of the federation. This one man show is going to get very destructive Putin pushes for more and more power. The old Soviet Union is indeed roaring back to life, for truly, it never went anywhere. And, even as our Lord said three years ago, the Soviet Union is alive and well and has been alive and well all the time. The whole disintegration of the Soviet Union has been but a ploy, a trick to deceive the world while they developed their military and prepared for the takeover of the USA and the world. So, Cherished One, we are seeing our Lord words come to pass before our very eyes as regards the Soviet Union. We are seeing OUR LORD'S WORDS FULFILLED! Our Lord also gave me visions of Lenin rising from the grave and we have most recently read of Lenin's face and statues appearing again in Russia. Again, we see OUR LORD'S WORDS BEING FULFILLED.

Our Lord Jesus said that in the month of May of this year, the Luciferian schemers, who run our government under Hitler Clinton, planned to start picking up their so-called 'dissidents.' In the month of May, we saw a methamphetamine bill rushed through congress, which, if passed, would have taken away our Fourth Amendment rights against unlawful search and seizure. The truth got out and this bill was thankfully stopped because of the work of many vigilant souls! Nevertheless, this scheme showed the Nazi plans to search any and all homes without any warrant and/or to do so while there was no one at home, giving them the chance to plant any fake evidence they wanted and to cart off innocents without any warrant whatsoever. Through this law, which did not pass, we clearly see that they did in fact PLAN to start picking up their so-called dissidents in the month of May, 2000. Through this would-be law, alone, we see OUR LORD'S WORDS FULFILLED. In the month of May 2000, we also saw certain government agencies put on high alert as so-called terrorist exercises were carried out in at least two states. Through these terrorist exercises, they were practicing picking up "terrorist dissidents;" but we know that their real plans rest in picking up the lovers of truth. Below, you will see an article about truth lovers, who were seized in the month of May, 2000. I do not know what happened to these innocent souls, but if you find out, pass this information along to us. Through the seizure of these innocent souls, we see more validation of their plans for the month of May, 2000.

Through visions He gave me, Our Lord Jesus showed Chinese immigrants sneaking into the USA in the bottoms of crates, which were on ships. To date, this has been quite a scandal and I can assure you that it continues. This is more indication of OUR LORD'S WORDS BEING FULFILLED!

Our Lord Jesus showed in visions an invasion of the USA, which comes up from the South and involves such countries as Mexico, Nicaragua, Cuba, China, Russia, etc. If you have been taking note, you have seen that we now have a real border war going on with literally hundreds of illegal immigrants crossing daily. But, our government sits back and does nothing. Why? Because it is all part of the Nazi plan. OUR LORD'S WORDS BEING FULFILLED!

On or around the 20th of June, I received an e-mail stating that Bill Clinton had signed an executive order calling for a national emergency, in essence, because Russia says that it will dismantle no more nukes. Our Lord has repeatedly said that Bill Clinton DOES NOT PLAN to leave office. Are we seeing OUR LORD'S WORDS BEING FULFILLED? Are we on the verge on martial law and military takeover, as Clinton does not plan to leave office? I believe so, as our Lord has said that He does not plan to leave.

In Book Five, our Lord makes known that in July of this year a line is drawn in the sand, from which there will be no turning back. We now see that in July a testing of the new missile defense shield took place. Is the USA damned if this system works and damned if it does not work? I believe so. IS OUR LORD'S MESSAGE ABOUT JULY BEING FULFILLED? Is something going to happen in July, 2000, which will change the course of this nation and the course of history forever. I BELIEVE SO; and I BELIEVE THAT IT HAS TO DO WITH THIS MISSILE SHIELD. ACCORDING TO OUR LORD'S WORDS, SOMETHING WILL TAKE PLACE IN JULY, WHICH WILL DEFINITELY CHANGE THE DESTINY OF THIS COUNTRY AND THE WORLD.

Our Lord told us about the formation of an Arab Alliance when most of these countries were bitter enemies. But, now we do see that these bitter enemies have indeed formed an alliance. OUR LORD'S WORDS FULFILLED.

In visions, I have seen a foreign flag with a half moon and a star flying behind the white house. This is the flag of the People's Republic of China. Have we seen this flag flying behind the white house; and is it flying higher than ever? Absolutely. Clinton has colluded with them to the demise of this country and this alliance continues. OUR LORD'S WORDS BEING FULFILLED.

Our Lord has said that Germany shall rise again. Are we, in fact, seeing this rise right here in the USA? If not, why do we have a reported 700 plus concentration camps right here in the USA with a red list, blue list and green list in place for picking up so-called terrorist dissidents. And, why do we continually hear reports of guillotines being spotted here and there and of laws being passed in various states calling for the use of guillotines as a method of capital punishment. And, why is it that we are hearing reports of trains, which are designed to shackle many and carry them to God only knows where? And, even in Germany, we have seen the re-building of the Reichstag! We are hearing of these things and seeing these things because THE NAZIS ARE RISING AGAIN AND IT IS BEGINNING RIGHT HERE IN THE USA. BROTHERS AND SISTERS, WE WILL SOON SEE THE END RESULT OF THEIR PLANS; AND YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LOOK VERY FAR TO SEE THAT OUR LORD'S WORDS ARE QUICKLY BEING FULFILLED REGARDING THIS RISE OF GERMANY.

Our Lord has repeatedly shown three families, who are of Germanic (Luciferian) origin, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and the Royal family of England. In one of the visions, I saw the Queen of England changing back and forth from a large lizard/dragon to the Queen again. What I did not know at that time is that these three families are descended from the Dragon, Lucifer, himself. They are hybrids, who have been given great cunning, power and wealth and utilized in a grand way to bring in the New World Order, which is Lucifer's prize latter day government. Bill Clinton is one of them as our Lord says that he is one of the Rockefellers. Through stealth and guile, they have finally gotten their man into the white house and he has carried out their plans well. The dragon spirit, which I first saw in the Queen of England, I now see in many world leaders. Our Lord showed me the dragon ruling through the Queen long before I saw it in other leaders. Has time shown that these people are evil to the core and that they are indeed planning the demise of this whole world? Yes, indeed! What our Lord has revealed about these three families and their connections to Lucifer has been shown to be true over and over again. Thus, WE SEE OUR LORD'S WORDS BEING VERIFIED AND FULFILLED ON EVERY FRONT.


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