July 31, 2005

My Cherished Brothers and Sisters, greetings to you in the Most Wonderful Name of our Beloved Saviour, Lord of Lords and King of Kings. Beloved Ones, it is a time to rejoice in our hearts, and to praise our Father in Heaven, from day to day, regardless of what happens in this decadent world as our Saviour is coming back. But, between now and then we will also shed many tears as this dark and evil system rises and is also broken down. As I have written for so many years, Jesus is the Way out of this mess! He is our Only Way home and He is our Way to Freedom. Those, who do not know this, desperately need to know it and those, who know it, need to cling to Him with all that they have, as He is our Lifeboat in these stormy seas.

As I write this message to you tonight, the sky outside is full of government antigravity machines, that is USA government “flying saucers”; and they are all low. They are all around, blinking with their red and green colors, as obviously they must be identified as aircraft in the sky, because obviously, they are low and they sit in one place for long periods of time! The loud hum and banging, which these devices make, when they are low in the sky is deafening!

The Satanists are so afraid that our Lord and God will give me one thing that they will miss. The rapists and serial killer Bushes and their Nazi counterparts are losing sleep worrying that our Saviour’s Kingdom is going to slip up on them and they are going to be suddenly destroyed! Oh, they are definitely afraid of what is afoot in our Father’s works; and they should be, as their way is full of evil, and it will all be destroyed. These evil Nazi Satanists have been given their time to rise and rule over this dark world, but it would not be so if people would repent and come clean of their rebellion. Yet, by the day, more and more are falling to their mind control and evil schemes.

The USA has fallen, whether you can see it or not. Most have remained oblivious to the Satanic Nazi takeover of this very country, and cannot even see it right in front of their faces. They continually turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the evil that is taking place and put their trust and faith in a satanic government to keep them safe and provide for them. The fox has overrun the hen house and has eaten up the hens; but still people do not see it. The masses are not getting less blind by the day, they are getting more blind and more deaf! People are deserting the truth bearers and the light bearer by the droves, as they do not want to be associated with those, who are going through persecution.

I so remember reading one man’s account of Nazi Germany, and I am sure that many of you have read it as well, and probably remember the man, who wrote it. This man wrote an account of his life in Nazi Germany under Hitler. He said in his confessions, that he was not concerned when the Nazis came for, first this group and that group; as he did not belong to those groups. He obviously saw them come for his neighbors, and probably some of his friends, but he was not concerned, as he was not one of those groups. He did not think like them, or believe like them and he was not guilty! But, alas one day they came for him; and I suppose that he crawled out of his cowardly hole in shock! Then and there, at that hour of reckoning, he had to face his worst thoughts. He could run, but he could not hide; and he could hide, but when found, he could not run!

Now, knowing Nazis as I now do through the Satanic Bushes, I know that if there were any truth bearers and light bearers, the Nazis got them first and they did away with them first, as these were the “troublemakers.” I am certain that they instigated a great hate and smear campaign against all of them, so that the people would be sure to understand just how evil these few trouble makers were, and that people like this were obviously insane and running the country into the ground! And, as this man said, many must have been so glad that they, themselves, were good, little sheep, and not troublemakers! Yes, I am sure that true to their Nazi, Satanic form, they did all in their power to isolate these trouble makers, to demonize them, and to shut them down, before they hauled off many of them and killed them, for the good of the country, of course! Yet, the cowards, so sure that they were not making any noise and would not be noticed, crawled into their holes and played it safe! Yet, their security was short-lived! We all know what happened in Nazi Germany and if we have one eye and one lick of sense, we can see it happening again all around us! The truth bearers are being persecuted and many of them killed, while the rest play it safe and wait, wait, wait until their day of reckoning!

The Nation, which does not care!

I have done the work of my Father in Heaven, often risking my life for this nation! As a result, I have been on the receiving end of great persecution! The evil ones have gone to great lengths to smear the name of “Linda Newkirk” far and wide. They have used my own family against me, and these very ones have conspired along the government Satanists to put me away in a nut house because they did not choose to believe all the suffering that I have been through! Talk about, gross insult to great injury! These reckless Satanist, Nazis from hell, have mind controlled so many now that it is dizzying and I would not know what they have done to them if the Spirit of God had not shown it. Oh, yes they have worked very hard to stop these works and I have moved along, although at times at a crawl, along with a few of you, who have helped to keep these works afloat.

But, I must tell you that because of this great war against me and all the lies, which have been spread about me, many of you, who have helped with these works in the past, have fled, like a bunch of rats going overboard a sinking ship. In spite of the fact that all that I have done for many years is serve God, you were so very quick to believe every lie! You have believed that this ship is not sinking, but this is your just reward for jumping ship! The truth is that your ship is sinking as you saw persecution of a servant of God and you cowardly jumped ship to save your own neck, while you have benefited from the warnings in these works, either directly or indirectly. And, I can tell you this, whether you believe it or not, and I say it as our Father in Heaven has said it, Many millions are still alive as our Father in heaven has given me these warnings, which I have put out. And, I am the one, who has endured the persecution to save this nation, while so few of you even care at all.

Now, comes the hour of decision, or indecision; and you will see just how bold you are when you are dragged before the enemy and made to denounce your faith. For, the killing fields are being prepared, the hour of reckoning is upon this land; and I tell you now that if you are too cowardly to have anything to do with people like me, just because we are persecuted, you will be too cowardly to proclaim the Name of Jesus when you stand before the guillotine or the firing squad. What you face now from being associated with me is nothing! But, there will come a time for many when you will face the firing squads and you will face your greatest of fears. As you look death in the eye and are asked to denounce the Name of Jesus, you will either boldly proclaim His Name and Live on with Him, or you will deny Him and He will deny you!

The Nazi Rapists, Serial Killers, sexual deviates and perverts of the worst king, thieves, liars and cons!

Yes, this is your government at the top! It is filled with Satanists and Nazis. All of them have sold their souls to Lucifer; and they are all under mind control, as Satan will not have free thinkers in his midst. They are all rotten and putrid to the core, devoid of the light of God, rapists, perverts, killers, whoremongers, thieves, robbers, and greedy liars, without conscience. Yes, they are of the dog-eat-dog mentality and they have devoured this land. But, this would not be so if people lived according the commandments of God. This would not be so if people had integrity and lived according to truth. This would not be so if the rotten preachers in the rotten churches had any spine at all. No, this would not have happened, except for the fact that it is all a judgement from our Father in Heaven; for just as He tells us in Leviticus and Deuteronomy, He will put people over us, who hate us; and he will appoint terror over us, if we will not obey Him. Then, He will send an invading army from the North to destroy us, if we will not obey Him.

So, our Father has now put people over us, who hate us. Take a look at George Bush’s middle finger to the people of America in recent photos! Oh, this fine Christian man hates you and He is going to destroy you, along with his satanic pervert father and mother! Yes, indeed, our Father in Heaven has appointed terror over us, and now come the invading armies. All of these judgements have taken place in our very midst; and the spiritually blind and deaf do not want to hear a thing about it, and they do not want to see what is going on. They hide their faces and stick their heads in the sand to keep from seeing, hearing, and knowing of the persecution, which is going on in their midst, or the judgement of our Father in Heaven, which is falling! They hear of the great persecution, which is aimed at the truth bearers and the light bearers, and they flee from them, lest they also come under persecution. Oh, this is a dreadful and cowardly world and the cowards will not make it through it.

America’s Obituary!

Our forefathers fought for this land and gained freedom. They were the underdogs, but they won in the war against the mighty King of England, because our Father in Heaven also fought for them. He made a way for those, who were humble, contrite and penitent. He opened the doors, where all were closed, and he gave a nation to debtors, to prisoners, to the poor and the downtrodden. He gave this land to the House of Israel. He had scattered them and He rounded them up again and gave them a home, just as He promised after He scattered them!

But, true to form, when they became prosperous, they came to despise Him and His commandments. They became slovenly and cowardly, loving everything of this world, but despising righteousness. They grew so quickly as a nation and became the greatest nation on Earth, as our Father in Heaven loved them and He made them great!

But all along, the Seed of Satan was also in their midst and these very ones were plotting day and night to destroy this nation. As the people became fat and happy, they failed to see the deceptive and evil works of the Satanists. They turned a blind eye to all of their crimes and let these evil ones get away with despicable things. They let them tear down righteousness in the schools and in the government and they readily opened the doors of their homes to Lucifeiran indoctrination through television, the movies and other kinds of media.

These Satanists, seeing that the people loved their steady diet of shock and awe, fed them more and more perverse things. They saw how gullible the people were and how fat and lazy they became and that fewer and fewer of them stood for what was right. So, they began to take away more and more of their rights and devised schemes of terror to make them afraid and all the more willing to give up their rights for the protection of the Satanists.

By this time, the Satanists had seized control of this country and of the world governments and the people had deserted their Father in Heaven. Few of them could even recite the Ten Commandments and it no longer made sense to them for such antiquated measures to be in their homes, in their churches, or in their government. These Satanists took over the world’s resources, the world’s gold and the world’s oil supply. They knew that the people were doomed for destruction and they knew that their God would not hear their cries as they had deserted Him.

From year to year, the prosperous people in this land became more and more perverse, loving every evil thing. Married couples swapped wives and husbands. People were made to respect homosexual lifestyles and children were taught that this is God’s way. Sexual perversions and whoredoms swept the land as lust-filled and sex-crazed people sought more and more bizarre sexual thrills and perversion. The people became so perverse that they made Sodom and Gomorrah look like slow movers.

They took on the ways of the heathen and their hearts and lives became full of idols. They spent much of their time in fantasy, loving fantasy, and living in fantasy, while the Satanists were busy raping their land and destroying their freedoms. Their love of fantasy carried them into drugs, alcohol, perverse sex, witchcraft and every evil thing. They sought out and got involved in every kind of moral depravity. Even their children grew up in witchcraft and were taught spells almost from the time that they were born.

Oh, they were a fat and happy lot and did not want to hear a thing about the great judgement of our Father in Heaven, which was upon their land. They mocked and scorned and persecuted the true prophets, who told them the truth. They sided with the Satanists in the government and waited for them to take care of them; and then one day when they were well at ease in their big homes, happy in the midst of all of their possessions, there came such a great war against them, as has never been recorded in the whole Earth. Nuclear bombs went off and destroyed not one or two cities, but scores of cities. The death toll was so great that it took seven years to find and bury all of the dead. Seven years! (Ezekiel chs38&39)

A great earthquake, greater than anything on record, struck the whole Earth, just as this great war was beginning; and many, many were buried under mounds of great rubble. (Ezekiel 38&39) Great volcanoes went off and people could not breathe as they were suffocated from the ash. Overnight, there was no food and invading armies came into the House of Israel and they further destroyed it with war, dragging off boatloads of people to be their slaves. It was so bad overnight that many killed themselves, and people were out to take vengeance on the preachers; as they had not warned them! Instead, they had told them that they would be sucked up into the clouds to meet our Saviour and not have to go through hard times. Many of these preachers killed themselves as they had lied to the people, telling them what they wanted to hear and had not prepared them for what was at hand.

Oh, it was so bad, as millions upon millions of people died when the nukes went off. Then, came the radiation poisoning, the biological warfare, the chemical warfare, the food shortages and the water shortages; and many wanted to die but could not. They had to watch their families dying from day to day in the worst of conditions, starving, some even eating one another in cannibalism, as there was no food. They watched in horror as Christians were rounded up and carried away to camps to be slave labor and then exterminated by the millions.

Jesus is the Hope of this world!

Then, amidst all of this suffering, a wailing went up among the few, who made it through the terrible civil war, the invading armies, the disease and pestilence and other horrible events; and these went down on their knees, begging Jehovah, Most High to forgive them. In ragged clothes, they gathered, a few here and a few there; and they shared a piece of bread, or whatever they had. There was no selfishness among them as they had been beaten down by so many sorrows that there was no way to look, but up. There was no gossip mongering, no hatemongering, no lying, no deceiving and no false branding and judging. Their hearts were full of the love of God and they were bathed in humility, love and grace! And, in their dark hour of soul wrenching prayer, our Father in Heaven heard them, the few who were left and He said to them, “You are My people, and I am Your God.” Then, He took them under His wing and He provided for them! He fought for them and He delighted in them. The angels in Heaven rejoiced, for the love of God had once more entered into the hearts of His People and they began to shine like the stars in heaven! They rose up and rejoiced and praised Him and dedicated this land once more to Him and they put His commandments in their homes and in their government buildings and they got rid of the witchcraft in their midst.

But, this was not without a great price, for many, many of those around them took on the mind of Lucifer, Satan, the devil when they traded in their freedom for food and money. They threw their divine heritage to the wind and took the chip to the head. Yet, there was a remnant, who would not give in to these evil ways! They stood strong even through great and terrible times! They were watching and waiting; and when Archangel Michael stood up, and our Saviour called, they heard! Their eyes were awake and their ears attuned to the Spirit of God, and their spiritual robes were white as snow. And when this trump sounded, they knew that it was time. It was time to go home; and in a blaze of glory, they went into the arms of their Saviour. This is how He gathered His together, like a Mother Hen; and he kept them from the horrible event, that was about to burn up the evil ones! In a glorious flash on light, He carried them away from the terrible and unspeakable destruction, which was at hand!

Though your sins be as scarlet!

Weep, Oh People for this land! Cover your sins in the love of God and humble yourself before Him. Cry out to Him, for the wind of war in headed this way and it is a black and destructive wind. Make your days full of sorrow and your nights full of weeping, as the dead shall soon outnumber the living! Oh, howl, you true and righteous ones, for the great day of wrath is upon this land. Cover your hearts with tears of great sorrow, for the time of recompense is here and it will not be stopped. Our Father in Heaven has seen and He knows that He cannot put off this judgement any longer for if He does, there will be fewer righteous by the day. Oh, this is a time of mourning, deep mourning; for a great howling shall soon go up. It will not be stopped as our Father has decreed it

Now, my Dear Ones, come and read what our Father is telling you in His messages in the following chapters! These may be the last of the warnings. I do not know what He will do in His love, mercy and grace, but the graves are already prepared and the destruction is upon us.

Come back!

Until next time, Dear Ones, go in the love and grace of our Father in Heaven. And come on back to Him, you, who have rejected Him; for He loves you more than you can possibly ever imagine. Just come clean with Him. That is all that you have to do; as He already knows everything about you. He just wants you to tell Him about your sins in a humble way and He will forgive you. If you pass up what I am asking you to do, and put it off, it may be too late for you, for at one time millions upon millions will soon die. I have no doubt about it.

I am speaking to you as your sister and as your friend in Jesus. Go in His love and find your peace.

Jesus is coming back for a clean bride! Get ready.

Your Sis,
Linda Newkirk

All, who feel led to help financially with these works, send as you desire to: Linda Newkirk, P.O. Box 17277, North Little Rock Arkansas, 72117; or to Linda Newkirk, P.O. Box 11184, Conway, Arkansas 72034. May the hand of our Father be upon you all, for blessings and not destruction!

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