A Message For You

June 17, 2004

Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, there is so much that I want to say to each of you and there is so much that I want to stress to you, but I do not believe that now is the time. What my heart is crying out is that THE JUDGEMENT OF GOD IS UPON THE EARTH!

I hope that you will copy all that is written on this website; for, these works stand as both a great warning and a great reminder of the precious love of our Lord and God!

We love you and will always be grateful for what you have done to help us in the promotion of our Father’s works. He knows the hairs on your head and He surely knows what you have done to help with His works!

You will find posted with this message chapters nine and ten of Book Ten. Go and read them! These are the final chapters of Book Ten!

Stay in touch! We will be posting more as our Father in Heaven directs! Until next time, we sent you the love of our hearts!

Jesus is our Only Way home,

Dennis and Linda

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