June 14, 2001


Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, a great change is stirring upon this planet and those, who are spiritually ready will receive. It is a powerful outpouring of God's Spirit upon His Faithful. These are most fascinating times to live in, wherein we are all being tried and tested as to our faithfulness. I am sorry to say that the church, in general, is asleep within the USA. Fattened by the good times and softened by the inroads of Satan into the churches, people all across this land wallow in sin. They perish in filth because the shepherds have failed them. The preachers of the Word have fallen into the slop with the masses. How many stand up to the devil and call the people to repentance? How many preach the hard things, the things, which people do not want to hear? Where are the preachers, who will not arbitrate God's word, but seek Him with their all, looking to God for all things, refusing the slop of the masses?

Beloved and Cherished Brothers and Sisters through our Lord Jesus, as I am writing this, I am hearing our Father speaking to me and this is what He is saying.

"My Child, garnered beneath my "wings" and covered in the blood of the Lamb are the few, who call upon My namesake. These are they, who are covered in the blood of the Lamb. These are they, who refuse the meat of the world and dine and sup on My Holy Word. Yea, within My arms are My Chosen and they shall not want; for they are not on the bottle, drinking of the milk, but they sup on My holy manna. Yes, indeed, I am separating Mine out. I am calling Mine out; and they are coming out of the mire; for I cannot call those Mine, who are knee-deep in corruption. I am cleaning up My people and I am setting them apart to do a mighty work for Me. This is a walk of faith and a walk of obedience and a walk of one, who is at odds with the world. Over and over, I will send Mine into impossible situations and over and over I will bring Mine through these very impossible situations, all to glorify Me and to show My hand upon the Earth; for I created the Earth and the heavens and I rule over all. Over and over, I will show My hand in the communist countries, which Lucifer has claimed, wherein the masses are in chains and I will set them free. Over and over, I will raise up My loved ones in the most horrendous places and under the most horrendous situations that they glorify Me and carry forth with My plans. They will do the works, which My Son did and more. Even as I drove back the Egyptians and covered them with churning waters, so I will do over and over again for My Faithful. I say to you that I am raising up a pure breed of people, who operate in faith, who do not go the beat of the world and I am calling My people Holy. I am calling My people by My name, which is Jehovah, Most High God. I am calling My people to battle to go into impossible situations that they might slay the dragon and be victorious over his dark schemes. Nay, I will not desert My people even when I must call in judgement over them. Just as I sent Nebuchadnezzar to conquer Judah and Israel and then I turned on the great whorish land of Babylon, once more bringing My Beloved Israel into My arms, so I am doing so now. I am judging America, which is indeed full of My House of Israel, but after a season of punishment, I will turn to them once more in love. I will not withhold love from them forever, for My covenant is with Israel, but I tell you that I shall sorely punish the United States of America; for I have blessed you above all nations; and you have turned on Me. Yea, I shall come up against you in great anger and I shall smite you with a great fist; for you are full of every foul and evil deed imaginable. And, I shall utterly destroy the churches; for you have evil men, who build up great sanctuaries unto themselves; and you have Satan' s men, who take oaths to the secret societies and they go forth in great ways to lead the blind astray. Yea, you have deserted Me in great measure and I shall sorely punish you; but a few here and there I have called out and I have set them apart that they partake not of this evil system, that they stumble not in the darkness and corruption of this muddy bog. Yea, these are tucked beneath my "wings" and in my safety, they dwell. Woe to those, who touch Mine Anointed; for they are foolish indeed to think that they will overcome my fury at them. Yea, these are indeed exciting times for those, who love Me; and they are perilous times for those, who do not love Me and who do not love My Son. People the world over are full of every kind of foul demon; for they have compromised what they know to be right; and their souls are headed straight for hell! Yea, this is indeed the time of the sorting, the sorting of My Faithful from the unfaithful and adversity shall drive all either toward Me or toward Lucifer. This is My way. Be apprised. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 5th day of June, 2001
Linda Newkirk



The following are three messages from our Father in Heaven. Read them and be the wiser.

Messages from our Father in Heaven

First Message

May 15, 2001

My Beloved Child, I bless you this day as you come in earnest and in deep prayer, seeking My will and doing My work. My Beloved, sleepy eyes the world over seek slumber; for they go from one crisis to another, not believing that great calamities knock at the world's door. But, I say to you thus, My Child, set your face against the DEA, against the CIA, against the NSA, against the FBI and against all covert organizations, which carry out the secret bidding of Lucifer through his occult organizations, which are spear-headed by the Rockefeller/Bush conglomerate within the USA and prophecy thus: "You ride high atop your black horse of evil, persecution and death and as you go in stealth and secret you believe that you are beyond reproach. The Bushes, the Clintons and the Rockefeller elite wade in cash, which comes through illicit trades in narcotics, body parts and terror the world over and believe that they are safe in their plots and schemes; for they are carried out by the long arm of the government societies, by people, who are duped into believing that they are working for the benefit of their country. But, I say to you, "Bushes, of which George W. is one, you are rotten to the core; and your religious shenanigans will not save you! You say, "Tell the people what they want to hear. Go this way and that way and give them sweet words. Give them what they ask for and they will believe that you are as pure as the driven snow." But, I say to you, "George Herbert Walker Bush, you are rotten to the core and the stench of your evil and rotten ways has long since hit my nostrils. And, I say to you, George Herbert Walker Bush, you have sold your soul to Lucifer for money and power and you have likewise brought up and bartered your children to follow in your path of filthy lucre. But, this day I stamp My foot upon your evil empire. This day, I ignite a fire of My anger and I lash out at the vast Rockefeller empire of which you are but a pawn. And, your Son, George W. is but a wimp and a liar, who is out to con My people and Me with his pomp and ceremony. I am not deceived and I am not entertained though many of Mine fall to this utter deception in high places. I allowed George W. Bush to become president and I admonished him to walk the Straight Way or he would fall by the sword; and the world over, prayer groups have taken to praying for the life of a man, who is neck deep in dope trade and filthy schemes of all kinds, which involve on-going military transfer to Red China, a military transfer which is designed to give Red China a military technology, which is superior to the USA. And, this whole scheme is being spearheaded by the Rockefellers within the USA, of which the Bushes and Clintons are one. You innocent dupes in the USA ask why this is being done and why I am allowing the same? It is being done; for this is Lucifer's way of ending Christianity within the USA; for he hates all Christians and wishes to see you all die horrible deaths. Who heads up Lucifer's empire within the USA, save the evil House of Rockefeller, which runs this very government? For, are the Bushes not of this very lineage; and is Bill Clinton not one? Yea, I have given George W. Bush a chance to do My will and live. But, truly it will be easier for a rich man to make it into Heaven than for George W. Bush to do My will. Blind and ignorant ones, who call yourselves Christians, look! When Colin Powell praises Castro and Castro praises Powell, wherein is the secret that you miss? Like does love like; for the attraction between the same bonds it to itself. When Castro says, "Some religion is good," do you not stop and wonder what religion he boasts of, save Satan's religion, which is to enslave all?

Let the wise be forewarned; for Red China is surely being raised to destroy the USA, but will they not take out the Bushes and the Rockefellers? For, how could they allow such traitors to live? Yea, I say to you that the House of Rockefeller shall fall and the Bush House shall hit the ground as one tall pine sapling, when cut by a great power saw; for this house is evil, bitterly corrupt; and I shall utterly destroy the same!

And, I say thus, "Woe to the backsliders, to the lukewarm, to the deceivers and to the workers of hypocrisy; for I shall utterly destroy you from off the face of this land. Woe to those, who warm church pews on Sunday and go out the rest of the week and live as you please; for the Destroyer shall soon visit your house. Ignorant are those, who believe the Rockefeller whore press; for you are captive and you know it not. I say to you thus; and this is what I have told you previous. The USA shall be burned and utterly destroyed. Strangers shall rule over this land and utterly take you captive. Many shall weep and wail; for you shall remember the good days wherein all your needs were met. But, I tell you that great numbers shall perish in hunger; for the famine shall be so great. Your oppressors shall be cruel and they shall torture you and kill you in great numbers by all manner of hideous means. And, many of you shall curse Me and others of you shall humble yourselves before Me and you will cry out to Me, wherein I will hear your voices and repent of My anger toward you. But, I say to you that great masses of you shall fill the bowels of hell; for you have loved a lie. You have chased after vanity, witchcraft and whoredoms and you would not repent. Neither would you hear the warnings of My prophets. Yea, mark My word; for within three days of this date, a break shall occur , yea a great break shall happen in the US-Sino relations and the merchants shall begin a great howl. ( Note from Linda: On the third day after this message was given, I read on several news sites on the Internet that the Chinese refused to allow the captured US spy plane to fly out of Red China. Another deal gone sour for George W. Bush? Also, on this day I read that China was engaging in massive military exercises near Taiwan! This has only escalated since then; and this has led to a perilous military buildup across the straits from Taiwan. We see obvious signs of preparation for war. Amidst all this, the renewal of the trade agreement with China has come up and the merchants are surely howling; for they see the Chinese cash cow threatening their greedy existence! Even when brutally criticized by the Red Chinese leader, Bush now talks or renewing the trade status with China. Folks, can we say, "Rotten to the core?" How about "Chinese/Rockefeller/Bush/Clinton/Satanic dope trade?")

Our Father' s words continued

Yea, I dip My hand into the Earth and I take a torch of Mine anger and I ignite the Bush House and the House of Rockefeller. I set a fire, which will not be quenched until the return of My Son. I ignite a fire in the dope trade and in the body parts trade and in the trade of sex slaves and in the Satanic murder trade; and a great howling is going forth; for the gates of hell are opening for millions upon millions. Yea, the Great City of New York burns and crackles beneath My wrath; for it is a whore city, a dark city upon dark and stormy waters. And, New York City is robbed and plundered and burned with heat; for it is a sorcerer's stone. And, I take My hand and I slap Washington DC and it burns and crackles; for it is a city of many whores and it bellows with smoke for the whole world to see. And, up in flames goes Chicago; for it is a city of death and destruction and many weep and howl for the riches, which they lost. And, rotten to the core is Los Angeles, a city of filth and pride; and armies move into its fiery streets and shut its gates. All across the USA is utter destruction; for you laugh at My prophets. You scorn them in derision and the secret Rockefeller groups torture and kill Mine. I shall set evil against evil and with evil against evil, how shall evil stand? Yea, bellowing smoke and fiery pits call to the Bushes and to the Rockefellers; for your greatness is but a puff in the wind!

I am Jehovah, Most High God and even Lucifer knows that his days are numbered!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 14th day of May,. 2001,
Linda Newkirk


Second Message

May 19, 2001

My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven. Hearken unto Me this day and listen intently to My words. For, as the grass grows green in the Spring of the year, so My word is renewed unto you. As the tall trees lean toward one another and speak words of My Spirit, so My leaders, My true leaders are leaning toward one another and speaking My true words. Listen to Me, My Child when I say to you thus: "Many a one feigns My word. These are as the brown and dried grass of the fields; for they are as waste places. They are barren!" The tall trees among them are dried up and ready for the wild fires of Lucifer. For, in lands both near and distant his fires are raging; and these very fires threaten the borders of the USA. These very fires are kindled within the USA proper and they are set to ignite.

Remember, My Child, … evil always caves in upon evil; and what is designed out of selfishness and greed never stands. In this regard, look upon the United Nations and sense its eminent fall. It burns now a wildfire, which is going totally out of control. Remember what you have seen in visions, that the UN whore system falls. Remember, My Child, that an organization without My light always falls. Such a group may stand one day or a thousand years, but it is always headed for destruction. The UN was designed to rule the world. It sits in New York, another tower of Babel. Such a tower did not work for Nimrod and it will not work for the Rockefellers. Yes, My Child, the shenanigans of the UN shall only intensify in their darkness; for according to the schemes of Lucifer, it is time for the USA to fall. And, Cherished Ones, what keeps this country still afloat is My mercy. It continues on as it does because of the prayers of My Faithful and because of the love of Me toward My people. But, I tell you, Child, that Lucifer and his minions go forth like a pack of rabid dogs, hitting this country from all sides; for you are ripe for destruction. My mercies shall not long strive with a land, which if full of rebellion, full of idolatry, full of witchcraft, full of love of money, full of sexual perversion and full of rejection of Me and My Son. So long, I have pleaded with you! I have sent My prophets and apostles, My true teachers, ministers and evangelists among you and you would not listen. You shy away from everyone, who does not tell you what you want to hear. Yes, the churches are full of man-pleasers; and the shepherds cater to the man-pleasers. What you have therein are leaders over My people, who resemble a dog chasing its tail; for these have degraded into such utter self-satisfaction. Yea, these whores, who lead My people, have stooped to a great low, and destruction cries out to them. While these rebellious hoards have chased their vanities and while they have spoken pleasing things one to another, Lucifer and his hoards have come in through the back door with snake charmers like Benny Hinn. Lucifer has charged forth will false and lying wonders, such as gold dust and gold teeth; and the masses have fled to believe. Even many of My prophets have gotten sucked in, believing these phony shows. Alas, even mine elect shall be deceived; for Lucifer has a very long history of deception and he is very good at it. For this reason, Mine must fast and pray always.

Oh, Israel, My Beloved, once more you have deserted Me. Once more, I have blessed you mightily; and once more you have worshipped the blessings, forgetting from hence they come. Yes, My Child, I hear your thoughts. The greatest numbers upon the Earth, who belong to the House of Israel, are within the USA. For, this country has been set up as one country under God from the beginning and your laws have been founded upon My precepts; but as you lose your love toward Me, your laws , your constitution, has no value. Now, you have come under the laws of the UN and in due season, they will strip you of all rights. As the focus of the UN moves from New York to Europe, the Antichrist will rise and strangers will come into your land to rule. Once a great land, the USA will become a third world country, almost overnight. Evil hoards of foreigners will move in and pluck from this rotten vine and utterly strip it. Devastation, the likes of which you cannot imagine, will utterly consume America. America will be burned and plundered from one end to the other. Those of you, who have taken abundance for granted, will weep and wail as you scrounge for food. Money will have no value; for supplies of needed things will be so short. Many will throw their gold into the streets; for it will be of no value. What will open the door to your needs will be either My love toward you or your readiness to trade your soul do the devil through his "mark" to get what you want.

How long do you have? Well, My Beloved, much of this depends upon you as a nation. For, your sins are great before Me and I weep for your destiny. For, if you do not repent in a great way, you shall fall much sooner than you even realize.

I am against the secret societies, which operate within this government without impunity! I shall continue to open up their dark and festering sores; for they are a blight upon the face of the Earth. They shall become an embarrassment, a laughing stock upon the face of the Earth; for they have done much evil. The FBI, through its constant electronic surveillance, is behind much of the torture of My Loved One. FBI, I am against you, and you have not even begun to experience My wrath against you!

Military Industrial Alliance, your victories of greed and control have been sweet to you; but this sweetness shall turn into utter bitterness within your mouth. As you have plowed ahead with your greed at the expense of all, you have gained much power and control. But, I am going to rip you out of the ground, here and there, as rotten plants. Then, I am going to utterly burn you!

Donald Rumsfeld, you are a murderer of My people! You are full of pride and arrogance and I shall cause your world goals and achievements to fall to ashes!

George W. Bush, I have surrounded you will a glass house and every evil deed, which you do, every evil, disgusting and deceptive New World Order act, which you agree to, will cause a crack in this house. The more evil you engage in, the more cracks! Eventually, the sheer number of cracks will cause this house to tumble down around you until you are utterly exposed to the whole world. And, when you are utterly exposed, you will seal your own fate!

Let all be advised that even as I plead before you to repent, My hand of judgement is falling on the USA. I shall hit your corn fields with pestilence; and I shall hit your wheat fields with droughts, floods and disease! I shall cause great calamities from coast to coast and fires shall consume vast areas of land this year. I shall cause nuclear accidents and lay waste vast areas of land; for you will not humble yourselves to do as I ask. You continue to kill babies and claim that you have a right to choose!

Arkansas, listen to Me! Listen well to what I have to say. You have started a trend in protecting the unborn. Continue to clean up your state! Continue to take bold stands for what is right and I will bless this state, which has become a blight upon this land, for reasons, which you will know. Turn your state around! Turn the churches around and I will cause a great revival to sweep this state from one end to the other. I will bless Arkansas and cause it to be a state of refuge in troubled times. Humble yourselves before Me and turn anew to My word. Clean up your churches and preach repentance. Return to your First Love; and I shall make you a place of Living Waters in a desert. But, you must fight! You must push for this; for Arkansas if barren. It is a desert and the people perish for want of Me.

Virginia, Oh, Virginia! What has happened to Virginia? Once, the pride of My eyes, you have degenerated into every foul and imaginable act. Virginia, repent and carry your repentance into Washington DC! Foul is the smell, which comes from Virginia! But, if you but turn back to Me, I will bless you and you will make an impact upon this land!

Wretched California, you have loved every wicked thing! Your love for vanity shall cause you to be utterly consumed with destruction. For, the love of evil brings about absolute destruction. California, you have a big debt. You have a huge debt for the movie business; for such a business has become a black hole upon the face of the Earth. You have a debt to the world and because you love and espouse evil, you call good evil and evil good. Woe, woe, woe to California! I shall cause great earthquakes to hit this state and soon hot geysers shall spring forth from the ground and big palatial homes shall go tumbling into the ocean. I shall send great fires upon California, which shall ravage city and country alike. California, you are an abomination to Me, worse even than Las Vegas. I blow a hot wind of bitterness and destruction upon both places; for you are at the height of rebellion and utter darkness. I will purify California with My wrath and the few, who remain, will be utterly broken.

Oh, Georgia, given to every Illuminati curse. I have blessed you with My love and tender mercies; but you have given yourself over to rule of the Satanists and the Illuminati. Your churches are full of empty do-gooders. They are full of preachers, who preach empty, dry words and My Spirit has long since left you! Georgia, you are weak-minded and you are emptiness, which is full of darkness! Your complacency and apathy disgust Me; yet you claim to be on fire for Me. You are on fire for the sensational. You are on fire for the group effect, for the dance and for song. Your land is windswept and barren; and as long as you cater to the illuminate vices, it will perish!

Oh, America, what I have given here is only a small representation of what lies across this land. Your schools are failing, your government is failing, and your churches are failing because good people withdraw and do nothing. How long will you call yourselves Mine when you refuse to do your parts to correct the wrongs? How long will you call yourselves My servants when you are full of apathy, when you refuse to do your part to correct evil? Yea, evil is not cowardly, but bold. Have I created Mine to be cowardly? Nay, I have created you to be bold, to stand up and speak the truth, to fight for what is right. Your forefathers fought for what is right and I was with them. Joshua and the Twelve Tribes fought for what was right and went out and conquered whole villages. Over and over, I told them to leave no person alive. This was My command and they followed My command. I know, My Child, I have told you, "Do not kill!" But, under certain conditions, I have given orders to do so. I have given it to My very people. I am not telling Mine now to go out and kill; for the power of the pen can be mightier than the sword. But, I am saying thus: You are giving away your freedoms and there will come a time wherein you will not be able to get them back, even if you fight with a sword! Understand? Because you will not do your part to correct evil, evil is consuming this nation. Lucifer advances because the masses sleep. Cherished Ones, you have an individual and collective responsibility. Get involved in Lucifer's government. Put a stop to his works, but I tell you now that to withstand his assaults against you, you must live righteously or you will fall. You must clean up you lives spiritually, or you will not be victorious in this war.

You ask, My Child, how long will I strive with America? And, I say to you now that My judgement is upon this land; and the righteous are being judged along with the wicked. But, still I plead with America to repent; for I do not take joy in killing the wicked. I would that they repent.

I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 19th day of April, 2001,
Linda Newkirk


Third Message

May 30, 2001

My Blessed Child, I am your Father in Heaven, Most High God, Jehovah, as you well know. Hearken unto Me and write accordingly. My Child, deep calls to deep! And, bright is My Precious Morning Star, the Star of the dawning of My "New Age" among My chosen. Yes, the days of rule of My Son, Yeshua, not the dark new age, which Lucifer and his hoards proclaim and covet. For, what is the new age of Lucifer, save the chains and shackles of death and destruction, of spiritual starvation and spiritual death. Yea, Hitler exemplified the thinking of the satanic new age and this new age is upon all peoples of the Earth. But, the true new age, which is molded and shaped by My hands and shepherded by My Son, Yeshua, is dawning. Even now, the bright light of this New Age, which comes from My very throne, is anointing My chosen and elect.

Yes, My Little One, many are called to be My servants in the formation of this New Age, My true New Age upon the Earth; but of those, who are called, so very few are chosen. Cherished One, times are perilous, and the weak-kneed will bow to pressure. The inexperienced and the weepers will bow out; for the degree to which one must be pounded by Me and shaped by My fires to proceed in My work is too intense for all, but a select few. All of those, who serve Me in a great way, will endure persecution. Many will be tortured and many will be put to death. I ask you, My Child, "Is any price too great to serve Me?"

"No, My Father, there is no price, which is too great. You have set the scales of balance. You have written the laws; and your way is a sure way. There is no price, which is too great. There are no trials, which we cannot overcome with your help and the help of our Precious Jesus. He came out of pure love for us, that we all might walk free; and He gave the ultimate sacrifice. He came a pure soul, who suffered and died a most horrendous death that we might live. My Father, He paid the true price and He set the example, which we must all hold dear. In His ways, we must follow!

How blessed we are to be called! Oh, Merciful Father, strengthen us, I pray, that we might stay the course and be found worthy to continue on in your works. My Father, I know that the devil roams the world, looking for those, whom He may devour; but I pray to you, My Beloved Father, keep us grounded in your pure love, that we fall not prey to His many attempts at guile and deception."

"My Beloved One, I know your heart and it is good. I know your past, your present and your future. I have searched you, My Child; and I have found you worthy of My work in the highest degree. Nevertheless, My Little One, you are not perfect, but struggle with issues of life and survival. However, in and through My Son is your freedom. All shackles have been long since been broken from you and in the freedom of My love and mercy you walk in grace. It is because of this grace, because of My love and mercy in you, My Child, that I have called you to walk in a higher way through apostleship. It is because of your spiritual readiness that I shall use you now in great ways of healing and deliverance. Just as the apostles of old walked with a great anointing from Me, through My Precious Son, Yeshua, it is now time for you to walk with this same anointing. The deliverances and healings which you have seen, are only a speck of what you shall see; for a great and mighty whirlwind of My Spirit shall reside within you. A fountain of My Living Waters is already planted within you and this fountain shall spring forth within you bringing a mighty power, which is straight from My throne. My Child, you shall set the captives free. You shall heal the sick and restore what Lucifer has taken. You shall bring forth instantaneous judgement against evil. These are the curses, which evil has created for its very self through rebellion against Me and My laws.

Yes, My Child, a New day is at hand for you and for others of My faithful. Where evil prevails, I send forth My Spirit in greater measure. Woe to those, who touch Mine Anointed; for My fury is great against those, who think to harm Mine!

George Herbert Walker Bush, you shall perish in a great fire; for you have claimed your lineage for Lucifer! George W. Bush, My hand of judgment is upon you; for you have colluded to kill My prophetess, while baiting the churches with crumbs. You are under My thumb, and unless you repent, I shall further turn the rabid dogs upon you until you are rent and torn and your family treasures go up in smoke! I watch your every move; for I put you in office; and I have given you a chance to do what is right. But you are cowardly! You are yellow inside; for you are whipped and beaten by the New World Order crowd. But, be advised, George W. Bush, you are a paper tiger in the truest sense of the word. You are not purely possessed by the reptilian hoards, as your Father is, as Bill Clinton is and as Al Gore is; and all your enemies know this. You have neither a true allegiance to Me nor to Lucifer; and because you are purely true to neither, you are surely under judgement of both. I say to you, George W. Bush, come back to Me and serve Me in truth, honor and Spirit readily; for if you will not do so, the reptilian hoards will cause you to die by the sword. And, when you need Me most, I will not be there; for you have made a mockery out of Me. You do not love Me; but you love the world. You are full of greed and you are haunted by many family curses. I say to you, "Call upon Mine anointed apostles to anoint you and to free you and live righteously, or you shall surely die at the hands of those within your own government. You shall die an early death along with your vice president; and this shall all come through the evil ones in your very own government, of which Ted Kennedy is a ring leader, a murderer himself, and a boiling caldron of lies and hypocrisy. And, now comes Bill and Hillary Clinton Rockefeller, who plot behind the scenes to wreck what I have given you and they will win again if you will not seek deliverance and repent before Me, walking in My ways. Lucifer is out to destroy you and I will utterly allow this, giving this land once more to Lucifer's reptilian hoards if you will not repent.

America, I am warning you. Because of the attempted coup d' etat in the last election; I heard the cries of My Faithful, who mourned and prayed and fasted for this nation. Of the two evils, of which both and Gore and Bush belong, I put George W. Bush in office. But, because you in this country will not repent and because you continue on with murder of the unborn, with homosexuality and other aberrant sexual sins, with whoredoms and witchcraft and rebellion of all kinds; and because you will not repent, there will come a time in the near future, that I will utterly destroy you by fire, by plagues and by pestilence and famine. I will bring a fierce people to rule over you from Russia and China and the Arab world, among others; and I will utterly destroy you. They will burn your cities and towns and rape and kill your women and children. I will utterly destroy this land from one end to the other because you have mocked Me. You have ignored Me and you continue to torture and kill My true prophets. My judgement is upon this land even now, but because of My love and mercy toward My Faithful I am withholding My wrath for a short season. I want you, George W. Bush, to see and know your mistakes and I want you to repent and go the Straight Way. For, if you continue to lie and scheme, you will soon die at the hands of your enemies is Washington DC. You have a choice. Continue on and die and this country will be given back totally to the reptiles; or call in Mine Anointed apostles, of which this one, who writes is one. Have them anoint you and deliver you; or continue on as you are and die! George W. Bush, you have one choice! Love Me and serve Me in truth, honor and Spirit and be free and live; or die at the hands of the Luciferian hoards in Congress. You choose. I am Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 30th day of May, 2001,
Linda Newkirk


Beloved Sisters and Brothers through our Precious Jesus, our Father's words are strong! We are at a time wherein we, as God's people, must take a great stand against evil and clean up our lives. The careless kinds of living, which our God has tolerated in the past, He will no longer tolerate. Remember that our robes must be made white through the cleansing and purifying fires of God!

To be able to survive the onslaught of evil, which is at hand, we must make ourselves pure vessels before God. We must clean out our spiritual houses of ill feelings toward others and we must forgive all, regardless of what others may do to us.

Porno will carry you into hell!

If you have a porno habit, give it up! Come clean and repent of this! Many are bound in the destructive and abominable chains of porno; and these chains are carrying many straight into hell!! Those into porno mistakenly believe that they can have this closet sin and no one will know. But, God knows! You cannot hide this abominable sin! It pervades every part of your life!

A porno addict did not grow up and decide to be a porno addict. One day this person decided to "look;" and this began the road to demonic possession. When one takes a first look at porno, the demons of sexual perversion are invited into one's life. If you look, you open the door; and the foul and controlling demons come in. Thereafter, these very demons will goad and push you into porno over and over. At some point, a curious "look" may become a terrible obsession. Once the obsession takes over, so does demonic possession. At this point, the innocent voyeur becomes a prisoner of the devil. Once you become possessed by these destructive demons, only God can free you. The control of these demons is so great that a porno addict will never be successful in overcoming this addiction by sheer will. With all addictions, the addict has given his or her will over to the demons. The addict has abdicated control! This is why addicts say over and over that they will not take another drink, or snort another hit of cocaine, or lust after another porno flick. Addicts cannot rely on their own will to save them; for they are not in control of their will. This is the reason that addicts cannot heal themselves. Only God can heal an addict!

Any porno addict must first admit that they have a porno addiction; but can you see why this is so difficult? Think about it. Demons are in control of the addiction. They are the driving force behind all addictions; and all demons are rebellious beings of darkness. Every one of them has rebelled against God. They lie! They steal! They snatch bodies. They torture and persecute God's people and on and on. Would you expect such a being to tell the truth? They put thoughts into people's minds, all to control them; and once they are inside a person's body, do you believe that they want to give up a free ride? They do not; and this is why you cannot trust an addict to tell you the truth. They will always lie. They will lie to you and they will lie to themselves. This is the way of the devil; for he is the Father of all lies! Many hide in closets and think that they can continue to engage in porno and not be affected; but this is such a lie.

A porno addiction steals your peace. It steals your self-esteem. It steals your life. It steals your trust; for you cannot trust yourself; and others cannot trust you!. It robs your spouse, if you are married; for you commit adultery. And, if you are not married you are a prisoner of the devil in search of the ultimate porno high. What a vicious cycle you are caught up in and your whole life is just a shallow show of stealth and deception!

Porno addict, come clean before God! Confess your sins before Him! Cry out to God from the deepest parts of your heart! Beg Him to forgive you, to set you free and to guide you to a minister, who has the gift of casting out of demons! You must repent and come clean before God! Only God can help you; for you have willfully given yourself over to possession by the devil and his hoards.

Don't give up on yourself! Don't hate yourself! The devil wants you to hate yourself. Don't say that there is "no help for me;" for there is help; but first you must realize that you are doing something, which is disgusting to God. You must realize that if you are involved in porno and you are married, you are committing adultery. You have utterly violated your marriage vows! And, if you are single and lust over these kinds of repulsive sexual acts, you are committing abominable acts in the sight of God and you are headed straight for hell!

Porno is a terrible blight upon this land and now there are young children in schools, who are being exposed to all manner of deviant sexual practices. I have read that schools are teaching alternative lifestyles, a.k.a. deviant sex, to children in first grade! Lucifer and his pawns know that they must corrupt the young and that if they can do this, they will cause humans fall. Remember the snake in the Garden of Eden and the forbidden fruit. Remember the shame of Adam and Eve after tasting of this fruit. Even since the first man and woman were created, the devil has known what he must do to all to cause spiritual failure. He knows that He must destroy people spiritually and the fastest way to do this is to get them to engage in all manner of perverse sexual practices. He knows that sexual perversion is an abomination to God and that those, who engage in it and will not repent, will not inherit the Kingdom of God, that they will wind up in the pits of hell. He knows that if he can lure people into these kinds of abominations that they will forsake God. He knows that the Spirit of God will leave anyone, who adheres to these kinds of disgusting sexual practices; and he also knows that guilt will cause them to turn from God until their hearts are hardened and they give themselves over to every kind of foul demon imaginable.

If you have a porno habit, get on your knees and confess this horrendous sin before our Lord Jesus. Plead for His mercy and beg Him to forgive you. Find a minister, who has the gift of the casting out of demons and get delivered of the demons of sexual perversion. Believe me, this is something, which you cannot do without God. Many of these demons of sexual perversion have taken a strong root and they must be cast out! But, if you will not weep and howl before God for your sins, deeply wishing to be free, if will not deeply repent before God, you are only kidding yourself about wanting to be free! To be free, you must want to be free with all your heart; and you must turn from this hideous thing, which is displeasing to God. Remember that our Father has given us a free will and we must choose to do what is right. He has also given freely of forgiveness, but we must humble ourselves before Him, confessing our sins and seeking His forgiveness. Then, He will forgive us.

If you cannot find a minister locally to help you, write to me about your needs and I will go to bats spiritually for you! Once you are delivered, you must make a commitment to serve our Lord Jesus and to clean up your life. Cry out to God because of your sins and I will fight for your freedom; but if you are not willing to come clean before God, confessing your sins before Him, and begging for His forgiveness, do not waste my time. Some of these demons are foul and believe me this is a war; and they do not want to give up control of their prisoners; but I can tell you right now that THERE IS NO TASK, WHICH IS TOO GREAT FOR OUR MOST HIGH GOD JEHOVAH! PRAISES TO HIS PRECIOUS NAME! GLORY TO HIM AND TO HIS PRECIOUS SON JESUS, FOREVER AND EVER!


Those, who follow God's commands have a great inheritance in the Kingdom of God …

But, the greatest numbers will go to hell!

Those, who remain faithful and overcome the world have a great inheritance in God's Kingdom; but those, who will not repent are going into a the Lake of Fire!

The following comes from the King James Bible, the Book of Revelation:

Ch.21 7-8 "He that overcometh shall inherit all things; and I will be his God, and he shall be My son. But, the fearful and unbelieving and the abominable and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone; which is the second death.

Ch 22. 14-15 "Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the Tree of Life, and may enter in through the gates of the city. For, without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth a lie."

Cherished Ones, go back and re-read the previous verses; and make sure that you understand what is said. Did you get the part about liars? If you love to lie and will not repent, you will go to hell! Isn't lying the way of the world? How many people do you know, who refuse to lie? Count them! Why is lying so terrible for one's soul? Because the devil is the author of all lies! God, our Father and Holy Creator, is pure truth. This is why the Spirit of God is also called the Spirit of Truth; and if one chooses to lie, the Spirit of Truth will flee and the demons will charge forth to take control. The devil loves a lie; for he knows that when people lie, they are cut off from the Spirit of God; and if they are cut off from the Spirit of God, they are devil bait! Think about this! Is lying worth it? Lying destroys one's self esteem; for how can anyone trust a liar? If you lie, you cannot trust your own self!

What does abominable mean? My dictionary, which is the Webster's New World Dictionary, says abominable means, vile, loathsome, nasty, disgusting, disagreeable and highly unpleasant! Listen to me when I tell you that sexual perversion, including homosexuality is abominable to God! Sodomy is abominable to God. He burned Sodom and Gomorrah into a heap of ash and molten rock because of sodomy! Whoremongering is abominable to God! Things, which are abominable to God will send you straight to hell! The Spirit of God will not indwell anyone, who does such things; so do not kid yourself! It does not matter how many churches put so-called homosexual preachers in the pulpit. Homosexuality is still an abomination to God! All homosexuals are controlled by demons of sexual perversion. Homosexuals need deliverance! They are no different than an alcoholic or a drug addict and it makes no difference if billions of homosexuals parade out of their closets and say that their way of life is good and fine before God! The demons, who control them, want you to be sucked into this pit of darkness that you might fall to their lies and wind up in hell! Many believe that if a lie is told enough times all will be convinced; but the word of God is the same today that it was yesterday. It has not changed! Homosexuality is an abomination to God! Homosexuals need deliverance!

Did you notice from the scriptures above that that sorcerers are going to hell; and do you understand why? What are sorcerers? My dictionary, same as above, describes sorcery as the use of an evil supernatural power over people and their affairs, witchcraft, black magic; and a sorcerer is a person, who practices black magic or witchcraft. So, with this being understood where does this leave all, who have willingly gone out and bought Harry Potter books for their children. As I understand it now, these books are all over the world. They are translated into many languages; and I have even read that they are being taught in schools in China! If you have read these books and if you have brought them into your home, you have opened up a dark door, through which demons of sorcery may enter. The devil and his hoards are goading you further into deeper black magic, so that you and yours belong to the dark side and not to God. What an abomination to God! Think of the innocent minds, who are reading this garbage and making contracts with the devil, by calling up his evil demons; and they do not have a clue that their fun and games may cause them to become totally demon possessed. Parents the world over are demonizing their children! This is heartbreaking!

When you read the above, did you notice that the fearful are going to hell? Most people do not believe that fearful people will go to hell, but read it again! Why are the fearful going to hell? We cannot see God and can only know Him through faith! Our walk before God must be one of faith! Faith is an absence of fear. Therefore, how can the fearful have faith? This being understood, how can the fearful know God; for they do not have faith? For, we can only know our Lord and God through faith! Once you understand this, do you understand why television is full of fearful shows and the movie houses are full of fear and violence. Violence induces fear! The devil knows all this, but the masses do not think. They just want to be entertained. Because the great masses of people just want to be entertained, their minds and the minds of the precious children of God are being ruined by films of horror and violence, not to mention other foul things. The little minds cannot take this flood of evil and in many cases children are ruined for life by horror and violence! Such films sow seeds of fear and drive out all faith. And, I have not even mentioned the cesspool of violence on the evening news!

Idolaters are going to hell. Why? Think about it! What is idolatry to you? Going back to my dictionary it says: "Idolatry is excessive devotion or reverence to a person or thing." An idol is "an image of god, used as an object or instrument of worship, sometimes said of any heathen deity; or an object of ardent or excessive devotion or admiration." So, in idolatry, one worships something or someone or has an excessive admiration or devotion to this thing or person. If you look around yourself, do you see idolatry all over this country and around the world? Many make idols of their vehicles! Many make idols of their looks! They worship themselves! Many make idols of rock stars, or houses or things, or even people. And, why are the idolaters going to hell? Beloved Ones, if you worship these people or things, or put them at the center of your life and push out God, how can you possibly know God? How can you possibly love God? One cannot love God and the world at the same time! One loves one or the other, not both at the same time! This is why our Lord Jesus has repeatedly told us to come out of the world, to give it up; for if we will not put God first in our lives we will get lost in love of things of the world. In other words, we will get lost in idolatry and wind up in hell. Do people make astrology and psychic readers idols in their lives? Look around you, it is everywhere! How about hobbies or creations of their own hands? All the time!

Lastly, let us understand why murderers are going to hell. Have you thought about why we must not take the life of another? Our Lord Jesus has told us to love our God with all our hearts, with all our souls, with all our minds and with all our strength. And, He has told us to love our Brother as we love ourselves. I ask you, "How can we love our Brother and commit murder against him?" This is impossible! So, if we murder, we have broken the second greatest commandment!

With the execution of Timothy McVey on our minds, many believe that McVey should not have been murdered. If we believe what our Lord Jesus has told us about forgiveness and repentance and loving our brother, we do not kill! Repeatedly, our Lord Jesus has said in messages to me that we must not kill; and even when our Lord was innocently charged and killed in the most horrendous way, He asked our Father to forgive his murderers. Do we not have a God of mercy? A God of lovingkindness and grace? Does He not forgive sins; and does He not tell us to forgive, that we may be forgiven? Will God forgive the murderer? Yes, He forgives the murderer, just as He forgives all, save blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Will anyone ever be forgiven for blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? I do not know.


Our Lives have no meaning without God!

God gives meaning to our lives and without Him we are all dried up shells, ready for the dark dust bowl of hell. God is our only reason for being!

Remember, God judges our works! How can we possibly believe that we love our Lord and God if we will not do what is right? How can we possibly think that we have faith when our works do not show it? Hypocrites talk out of both sides of their mouths! They talk the talk, but do not walk the walk! To be worthy to be called Christians, we must clean up our lives and we must stop doing the things, which we go against God's commands. We must study the Bible! We must read it every day! This is God's word; and we need to understand His word. Through God's words, we understand why we must love our Creator, our Father in Heaven, with all our heart, with all our mind, with all our strength and with all our soul. We understand why we must put God first in our lives, regardless of what anyone says, ever. Love of God must come before love of anyone in our family. Period. When we put Him first, He will fill us with His love and we will have plenty to go around. God will bless us with a great love for our brethren; for this is God's gift to us for obeying His first command!

Many are being martyred around the world; and it is going on in this very land!

Many are being martyred around the world for love of Jesus; and in due season many will be openly martyred in this very country. People in this very land are being killed covertly by Satan and his evil hoards and the evil ones are getting away with it. Satan and his hoards, who work under the cloak of darkness, believe that they have won when they martyr one of God's Loved Ones; but, for one, who loves God, martyrdom means being able to live with God immediately. When the time comes for any of us to be martyred, we must go in joy; for our Beloved Jesus will be there to meet each of us. We must not love life unto death; but we must cherish the call to be martyred for our Lord and God! We must remember the sacrifice our Lord Jesus made for each of us and be willing to give our life for love of Him, just as He gave His life for love of us. Therefore, we must not fear the devil and his evil hoards, but we must go forth in boldness, living a life of faith and truth, loving our God with our all and putting Him first in our lives! When we live this way, God will fill us with His love, and we will have plenty of love for our Brothers and Sisters. We will even have plenty of love for our enemies!

Do your part!

Pray for the salvation of God' people. Many are lost as they suffer for want of the truth. Do your part to make people see and know the truth. Do your part to save souls! Each of us has a responsibility to bring the lost to our Lord Jesus. Get down on your knees and repent of your sins and stop doing things, which you know to be wrong. Forgive, forgive, forgive and love even your enemies! This is the way to freedom. But, remember, above all, to put God first in all your affairs. Love Him with all your heart, with all your strength, with all your mind and with all your soul.

Put God first and He will be with you for all time and eternity. Seek His will in all things and learn to wait upon the Lord to show you His will in your life. It may sound like an easy thing to wait upon the Lord, but in a fast food world, this can be a difficult thing to do! Waiting upon the Lord builds faith and patience and God knows that most of us are short of both!

Living within God's will

How will you know when something is the Lord's will? You will have an inner peace and God will cause His plan to flow with ease. You will not have to force the river; for His work will flow smoothly. When you wait upon the Lord, you will see many miracles. God will bless you for waiting upon Him! But, remember the Israelites in the desert. They griped and complained and rebelled against God and they died in the desert, never seeing the Promised Land. We must remember this painful example and we must keep our hearts clean. We must each learn to wait upon the Lord with joy in our hearts, knowing that His timing is perfect timing. We must stop griping and complaining; for when we do so we show our lack of gratitude toward God. We show our own selfishness and if we insist upon our own selfish agenda, He will cut us off from His Spirit. We might then find ourselves kicking at the pricks, or even worse we may wind up dying in the desert. If we decide to set off on our own, disregarding God's will for us, we cut ourselves off from God's blessings and we suffer mightily. Therefore, we must learn to wait in patience; for patience builds faith and vice-versa.

Through the difficult times, we must remember to act out of love and forgiveness; for if we will not forgive, we will not be forgiven. And, if we are not forgiven, we are forever in shackles. Furthermore, if we will not forgive, we do no have love in our hearts; and so this goes in a cycle. Therefore, to be bearers of the love of God, we must forgive! We must forgive!

Praises to our Most High God, Jehovah! Glory to His holy name forever and ever! He is full of lovingkindness, mercy and grace! How blessed we are!

Psalms 1:1-6

1.Blessed is the man that walketh not in the counsel of the ungodly, nor standeth in the way of sinners, nor sitteth in the seat of the scornful.

2. But his delight is in the law of the Lord; and in his law doth he meditate day and night.

3. And, he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in season; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

4. The ungodly are not so; but are like the chaff which the wind driveth away.

5. Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the judgement, nor sinners in the congregation of the righteous.

6. For the Lord knoweth the way of righteousness: but the way of the ungodly perish.


Beloved, as we go about our work, let us sing praises to the Most High God. Let us forever have a song of gratitude in our hearts. Let us cry out to him in joy; for we are greatly loved and so exceedingly blessed! Praises to our Most High God Jehovah, forever and forever; for He is merciful and full of grace! His lovingkindness goes on forever! Let us reach out all across America and begin to praise God from the depths of our soul; for He has delivered this land from war, not once but twice in recent years! Every day is a day of grace and mercy from our Beloved God! Let us thank Him and praise Him from morning until night; for He is Most High! He is our only reason for being! He is our Great Provider! How can we ever thank Him enough for His great love and tender mercies? For, He sent His Only Begotten Son, Yeshua, that we might all be free! Sing praises to His Holy Name; for Lovingkindness is His Holy name and Righteousness is His Way.

Precious is our Beloved Yeshua, …God's gift of Freedom to us!

Dennis and Linda

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