July 4, 2005

Beloved Children of the Most High God, Jehovah, greetings to you in the Precious and Beloved Name of our Lord Jesus, Redeemer of all of mankind, Lord of Lords and King of Kings! Praises to our Father in Heaven forever and ever, for He is gracious and full of love and mercy; and Beautiful Ones, in spite of all that we know of this very wicked world, He in His love and graciousness is still striving with His people. But, I must be absolutely honest with you: I do not know why He continues to allow what He allows in this Earth. The very fact that this wickedness continues attests to the fact that He is still pleading with His people to come back to Him and to repent of their rebellion. But, I must tell you that people, in general, do not repent! They continue on in their pride and rebellion; for they do not want the ways of our Lord and God! They want the ways of this very dark world!

Dear Ones, because the love and grace of our Lord and God is without bounds and because He loves the sinner and truly wants each one to come back to Him, I also deeply want to see this in a very great way all over this world, and I do hope and pray that you do as well. For this reason, I am pleading with you to help in sending out the latest repentance letter, in Book Eleven, to the churches in your area of the USA, or Canada. Be advised, Dear Ones, that you cannot determine who will listen and who will not. You cannot possibly know who will repent, come back to our Lord and God and be saved from the fires of hell, just because you took the time to send out this repentance letter. One Beautiful family in a western state in the USA has mailed the previous repentance letters to almost ten thousand churches! Thatís right! I said, almost ten thousand churches! Can you believe it? Praises to the Holy Name of our Father in Heaven, for great are the rewards of these precious people on this Earth, and also in Heaven!

Dear Ones, read part of a beautiful letter, which I recently received. I am posting this for those of you, who think that you cannot make a difference, and that you cannot do anything to change the direction of people in this world! You can and this young man has. He has just graduated from High School and he is about to go on to college. You and I must pray for him and for the continued guidance, blessings, and protection of our Father in Heaven upon him.

This Young Manís Letter!

ďPlease pray for me, because Iím graduating from high school this year and about to attend college in the fall. Iíve been a Christian since I was nine years old, and I received the Holy Ghost at eleven years old. It hasnít been an easy journey, but I know it was through the grace of God that I made it through. I just want to encourage you to keep preaching Godís word and donít let no one stop you. I also want to tell you that Iíve been doing what God told you to tell us to do. To take the prophecies, and sent them out to the churches. Iíve been sending the prophecies out to the churches, but Iíve only had one response from a church. It wasnít a good letter I received from that one church. They told me to take them off of my mailing list. It bothered me at first, but I didnít let it stop me from sending the prophecies to the other churches.
One night in a dream, God showed me two churches that sent me a letter. One church said that because of the prophecies THIRTY-SEVEN of his members got saved. The other pastor said that ELEVEN of his members got saved. That dream gave me faith to believe that as long as I keep sending the prophecies out, somebody will read it, and repent before the throne of God for their sins!Ē
What a beautiful letter! Honey, you keep on keeping on! You must know that our Father in Heaven is very pleased in you and He is going to bless you in ways that you do not now know and understand! Praises to His Holy Name! (Note: I have added the bold type and the caps in his letter for emphasis!)

These preachers may never say ďThank you!Ē

Dear Ones, I have yet to receive a single letter from any preacher in any part of the world, in which he, or she, wrote any favourable comment about these repentance letters! I have received many ďtake me off your mailing listĒ letters. I have received hate mail and condescending mail; and one anonymous woman in a church in Little Rock pronounced a curse of throat cancer upon me for sending a repentance letter to her church! I have never gotten any ďthank youĒ letter and do not ever anticipate one! When people are ashamed, they seldom take the time to write and tell about their shame! The important thing is that our Father is able to touch anyoneís heart through the convicting power of His Spirit and then such a person, whether minister or not, can repent and then help others to do so! This is why our Father has given us these repentance letters. We are to send it to these preachers, and leave the rest up to Him! We are to obey Him; and the convicting power of the Spirit of God does the rest!

Dear Ones, we must continue to fight for the lost as long as we have the strength and the time to do so, for this fight is a thing of great love. So, letís get going! I ask all of you to help me in getting this most recent repentance letter out to the churches in your part of America, or Canada! You are free to use my e-mail address or my mailing address as given to you at the end of the repentance letter in Chapter Two of Book Eleven! So, go to Chapter Two of Book Eleven and copy and disseminate this letter, as you are able to do so. Many of the e-mail of the churches across the nation can be found on the Internet! Others, you will have to send via regular mail, but it is easy to sacrifice a meal, or two, to buy some stamps for this very important work!

The Anointed Cloths!

Chris, I will be sending you an anointed prayer cloth very soon and I will be sending out these anointed prayer cloths to all, who write me and ask for them. I will be fasting soon and asking our Father in Heaven to anoint these cloths with His beautiful Spirit for healing, deliverance from demonic possession, and deliverance from various kinds of addictions. I will also ask Him to anoint them for financial blessings and for miracles of every kind. So, drop me a note and let me know if you want one of these anointed cloths.

Our Fatherís anointed cloths have given healings, blessings and miracles to people all over the world. Some have also been given many prophetic dreams and even prophecies because they have slept with these cloths over their heads and have prayed with them over their heads. I will also ask Him to put prophetic dreams and spiritual gifts in these cloths for those, who are ready to receive them. Just write me:

Linda Newkirk,
P.O. Box 11184,
Conway, AR, 72034
and I will send you one of these cloths when I get them ready.

More Chapters!

Read on in Book Eleven for more chapters! You will see that South Africa is headed for great trouble. But, what you will not read herein is that Europe is on the verge of terrible things!

The King of Sweden is in trouble, and so is Sweden!

The judgement of our Father in Heaven continues to fall on The King of Sweden and upon Sweden! And, all of this because this King rejected our Fatherís prophecy of love and provision! His daughter was involved in an assassination attempt in Norway very few weeks ago. This, on top of his younger daughterís being in a car accident back in late January or early February of 2005. As you may remember from previous posts, our Father sent two terrible storms, which devastated parts of Sweden just two days after the Swedish government threw me out of Sweden in January of 2005! And, within the last few days, the temperatures in Northern Sweden, Lapland, have reached 86 degrees F. The North Pole is no longer the North Pole; and at the same time, fires have broken out in Southern Sweden and have been ravaging the trees, which were downed in the storms of February of 2005.

The Swedish government has followed England and approximately seven other countries in either rejecting the European Constitution, or in putting off the vote indefinitely. The Satanists, who want this European Union, will not take this rebellion sitting down. These dissident countries can expect retaliation. Now, in Sweden, the monetary unit, the Swedish Krona, is falling quickly, and people there do not know why! Can we say, ďStarve them out?Ē As, this is but one tactic that the ravenous Satanists will surely try on those nations, who will not go along to get along, and all of the dissidents are thereby vulnerable. Will these very Satanists move to make Sweden take the Euro and vote in favor of the European constitution, specifically by starving them out?

The cost of food in Sweden is almost prohibitive! One night, Antoniettta and I went out and ate a vegetable burger with fries and I do not remember what Antonietta drank, but I believe that I had water; and this simple meal cost around $50.00. Yes, I said, around fifty US dollars! Obviously, we seldom ate out, but this was the night after they burned us out of the apartment building in which we were staying! Then, we had no choice!

In His prophecy to the King of Sweden, our Father in Heaven warned this King of the coming wars and food shortages. He told him what he must do. If he had listened, His country would have been sheltered from much that is coming! Rather than to heed these warnings, this king chose to ignore them and to join forces with the Bushes, the Queen of England and their fellow Satanists in persecuting us, setting ablaze the building in which we were staying, and then throwing us out of the country!

Sweden is a very dark country, spiritually speaking. It was heartbreaking to see the spiritual state of most of the people. The subways were full of people, who had long lost the Spirit of God! Demons swirled around in the subways to such a great degree and killers walked openly in business suits! This was heartbreaking to see! When the judgement of God hits them, there will be few left, if they do not soon repent in a very big way! Dear Ones, you and I must pray for a movement of God in Sweden! Remember to ask for this daily in your prayers! Just two days past, I saw a dark grey cloud descend and cover Sweden! Then, I saw in this vision many skeleton-like, dead people, who were being carried out of their houses and into the streets. I knew that they had all died of starvation! A terrible famine and great judgement from God is coming upon Sweden. Oh, Blessed Father, help these, Your Children!

For more, read on in Book Eleven! You will see two more chapters, chapters four and five!

Until next time, my Dear Ones, I encourage each of you to come out of the worldly traps! Guard your mind and walk in the love of God! Stay away from all that you know to be evil and deceptive! Stay close to our Lord and God through prayer and keep a check on yourself. If you do, say, or think something, which is not right, repent quickly before our Lord and God. In this way, you will keep your spiritual robes clean before Him!

Remember that no one knows the hour and the day of the return of our Saviour and this is why we must all strive to stay clean daily before Him. Remember to love others, as so many desperately need to know that someone cares!

Remember as well that we must love and honor our Wonderful Saviour and we must follow His Way, for He is the Only Way by which we can get back to our Father! Even when people do terrible things to hurt us, we must ask our Father in Heaven to help us to forgive them; and we must seek Him to heal us of our wounds. Sometimes, it takes a while for our Lord and God to heal us of these terrible wounds but if we continue to seek Him, He will heal us. Through forgiveness, we must then go on with our lives.

Thank you, Dear and Beautiful Ones, who have kept me and these works in your prayers. With all of my heart, I thank each of you, who has helped me to pay the expenses of this website, who has given to help with the costs of mailing and even with the food that I eat and the cost of the bills from day to day. I have given my life and my home, indeed all that I am and all that I have, in service to My Lord and God. And, this could never be enough to show Him how much I love Him and how grateful I am for His wonderful love! I put my faith and trust in My Lord and God and He always makes a way! Praises to His Holy Name! But, truly He does His beautiful work through the loving hearts of His Faithful.

Dear Ones, the love of God shines upon you! Reach out and receive it! This beautiful love is sufficient to cover all of your sins! Praises to the Holy Name of our Father in Heaven and praise and blessings to His Precious Son, our Lord Jesus, forever and ever!

Jesus is our Most Beautiful Life,
Your Sis,

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