March 07, 2001

"A great shaking and purging of the Earth is at hand!"


Beloved and Precious Brothers and Sisters through our Lord Jesus, just when we seem to be getting a picture of what is at hand, our Father in Heaven comes through with more information, which makes us realize just how utterly complex the unfolding picture is. He reveals in the following messages that not only does the world face war on many fronts, the Earth, itself, is going to erupt violently with great upheavals. Many Earth changes are at the door! Never has there been a time so perilous when one needs to walk closely with God and live righteously!

Many times I have urged each of you to come clean before God and to repent of all things, which separate you from God! Many times I have warned you to give up worldly traps and to walk the Straight and Narrow Way with your focus on our Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven! Many times I have told you how we must forgive and love one another; for God loves freely and He forgives freely. But, if we will not forgive, we truly will not be forgiven by our Lord and God! I know that a goodly number of you have listened; for, you have written telling us of the positive impact of God's messages on your life. Praises to our Father in Heaven!

Cherished Ones, a great whirlwind of darkness is about to be unleashed upon this Earth; and it is all about God's purging of rebellion and wickedness from the Earth. The Righteous will suffer along with the unrighteous. This is going to be a very difficult time for even the most spiritually grounded; for it is Lucifer's design to keep all from receiving their heavenly rewards. It is his design to trap any and all in his evil and fleshy nets, so that people are blinded to their true spiritual nature and true spiritual purposes. Oh, how busy he is and how complex is his weave of darkness and deception!

It is only when one comes away from the worldly and walks a simple walk before God, putting God first in all things and loving Him with all one's mind, with all one's soul, with all one's strength, and with all one's heart, that such a person can truly begin to see what is taking place in this world. As long as we partake of Lucifer's traps in this world, we are blinded to them and we are summarily cut off from the truth. Cherished Ones, Lucifer's traps run deep and wide. They are everywhere. Therefore, we must constantly pray and keep our minds focused on our Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven, lest we be caught up in these destructive and worldly traps.

We must seek wisdom, truth, knowledge and understanding from God, realizing that true wisdom begins when we FEAR GOD. So few fear God and I know why. Those, who do not fear God, have gotten into Lucifer's camp. Those, who do not fear God, have been snared by pride, arrogance, ignorance and rebellion! They have become caught up in worldly glitter and they have forgotten that it is God in Heaven, who gave them a soul.

It is this same God, who supplies all our needs; and this very God, who gave us the body, in which we abide. It is this same God, who loves us and sent His Precious Son to show us the way home. It is this same God, who has the power to take all souls and to send them into hell or into outer darkness. It is this same God, who sent His Precious Spirit to be our friend and companion; and it is this same God, who has the power to remove His Spirit and to cause us to walk in darkness. It is this same God, who runs His many universes, and who set this solar system into motion and who keeps it in motion. It is this same God, who created all; and in this midst of His vast creation, we are not even one speck! How awesome is our God and how great is His power! Only a complete fool would not fear Him!

So often, I hear the words, "God is love! God is just love!" And, truly He is pure love and He is full of mercy; but what so many fail to understand is that we have a very strict God. He is a God of very high standards and while none of us is perfect, our Lord Jesus has told us to be perfect as He is perfect. Therefore, while our God is tolerant of our frailties, He reaches a point wherein He says that He will no longer tolerate what is going on; and when you read His messages below, you will see that we on this planet have reached this point. Beloved Ones, this should scare the wits out of any sound-minded person; but alas most people on this planet are not of sound mind!

What is going on in most churches is utterly disgraceful! The blind are leading the blind and the churches are full of those, who have "itchy ears," and they only want to be told what is pleasing to them. These same churches have driven the prophets out; for the prophets may say something, which will shake the church to the foundation. People may actually be called to repent and quit living a lie. They might be fingered for adultery, fornication, porno and the like. Therefore, many of God's prophets are shunned and made to live like paupers, while some of the preachers in these large churches live like kings.

Woe to the likes of Benny Hinn, who is possessed of a serpent spirit, but woos crowds by the hundreds of thousands and lives high off the good-hearted, the poor, sick and lost. Woe to the Benny Hinns of the world, who are pulling the wool over the eyes of the people with their evil chicanery. Many are being fooled by such trickery, while the true prophets are shunned and shut out of the churches. Woe, woe, woe to such demon- filled and Satanic messengers; for their just due is about to fall.

Blessed are the true prophets of God, who work day after day with little support from those on this Earth; and blessed are those, who help the true prophets of God; for your rewards are great! Alas, those of you, who come to help are so very few; but this is again the way of the world and why all hell is about to break loose on this planet!

When I look upon the errant churches, I fully understand why so many precious souls have been driven out and are as sheep, who are stranded out in the middle of nowhere without a shepherd! It is a crying shame to see the masses, who are content with a little milk and a lot of watered down doctrine and lies! Every few days, our Father in Heaven has me open the Bible and read the 23rd Chapter of Jeremiah. Go there and read it yourself and you will see how our Father in Heaven feels about the preachers, who have scattered His sheep. And, you will also see how he feels about the prophets, who will not call the people to repentance. Beloved, this is history, but we are re-living history.

Cherished Ones, keep cleaning up your spiritual lives. Do away with the Luciferian traps of drugs, alcohol, porno, mind-control television and movies, bars, and love of things worldly. Stop gossiping and lying and stop cheating and envying! Get a simple life! Put God first in your life and keep Him first. Make a commitment to serve our Lord Jesus and do not be swayed from this. Repent, repent, repent daily and forgive others! When you forgive them, truly forgive them; and do not keep mulling over the same old tired stories. These are spiritual traps and you will not be free until you forget and let go of the hurts and angers. Amidst all, remember that our Father's work and the work of our Lord Jesus is a work of love and compassion. It is work of high standards! This is what His true servants seek; and this is what we are about.

Remember that our Father's work is a journey; and this journey cannot be completed in one day or one year or in one lifetime. This is why our lives go on and our souls continue with their journeys, hopefully having learned many valuable lessons in this life. But, if we pass through this life and we have not known our Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven, we have lived a life of darkness and slavery. Our Beloved Jesus came to make us all free. He came to show us the Way back home and He stands at the gates of Heaven to greet us! Precious Ones, our journeys are all about love; and it is this love, which surpasses all. You are a bearer of God's perfect love on this Earth and you can make a difference for God and for His people! The harvest is great! Are you a worker of the harvest, or just an idle bystander?


Below, you will find messages from our Father in Heaven. Take time to copy them and to send them to your loved ones; and even give them to complete strangers if you feel so led by the Spirit of God. You never know who will be helped and who will turn back to God! I ask our Father in Heaven to bless you in you efforts to disseminate this work!


First Message from our Father in Heaven

Feb. 28, 2001

"My Child, there is so much astir in the world; and wherever you look there are many and varied opinions about My work and about world events. Therefore, for the average person to find truth is like traveling through a complex maze, trying to find one's way out. My Child, what confusion reigns in this world; for chaos is epidemic! The whole world is mad with confusion and rife with selfishness. The destructive cycles of mankind revolve around and repeat themselves; for truly you do not look to history to discern the nature of your problems. If you looked, you would see what happens when a society becomes full of rebellion and darkness. It cannot stand and brings about its own destruction.

"One might look at England and ask, 'Why all the plagues?' And, I say to you, 'Look at the destruction of young minds, which has been brought about by the Harry Potter books!' My Child, this will not go unpunished! Look at the world around you. Plagues are falling, like flies, but few notice and few repent! People go on as in a state of slumber, continuing to pursue their own forms of madness

"Yes, My Child, the days of tribulation are upon the world; and they are about to escalate wildly. They USA has slept through much of the tribulation, which has hit other parts of the world; but you will not sleep for much longer. In no way can you be prepared for the devastation, which is about to hit this land! For, this land never has known such!

"And, though many believe that they are prepared for what is at hand, I tell you that there is no way that one can be totally prepared for such utter destruction and carnage. My Child, the weeping has not begun; but soon it will hit this land; and a great howling will go up. It is at this point that I will hear the cries of My people and I will nurture and bring together those, who love Me. From the ashes of this land, will I bring Mine together and I will begin to rebuild what years of rebellion stole from Mine.

"What has been foretold is upon this land! The economy of the USA is nearing shambles and it shall get much worse. The Bread Basket of the world shall come up lacking and hungry stomachs the world over shall growl for lack of food. My Child, this judgement will not be postponed; for it is at hand; just as I have told you all along. The war, which is brewing in the Mideast, shall erupt violently before mid-March of 2001; and in the midst of this fire and flames, the USA shall be hit by Russia and its allies. My Child, much of the world sees Russia as asleep, as no threat; but how terribly wrong anyone is to believe such. Soon, you will know just how much of a threat Russia is!

"Be at peace, My Child, and worry not for what is at hand. My Beloved, who are faithful, live and die in My love. And, those, who will soon leave, will be wrapped in My love and escorted into My presence by Mine angels. I say to My Beloved and Faithful, 'Fear not what is upon you; but listen to Me. Follow My commands; for some of you will see the return of My Son.' I am your Father in Heaven. "

A witnessed, dictated and recorded this 28th day of February, 2001,
Linda Newkirk



Second Message from our Father in Heaven

March 05, 2001

"My Precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven; and having heard your powerful prayers and witnessed your great love for Me and for My Son, I call you once again to hear and receive My word, My Child, little do the sleeping masses know that the world is on the brink of WWW III. Little do they know that the whole Mid-east is as one huge powder keg of explosives with a burning flame of anger and passion beneath it. Little do they know that the USA has already been invaded from within and will fall with a mighty, roaring fire, with devastation, lawlessness and disease. Little does the world know and understand what is at hand and the repercussions of the same. I shall continue to pour out My plagues and My wrath on Europe; for they design to rule the world with their brand of Satanism and occultism. Truly, they have seen nothing yet in Europe. Now, I am only hitting their food supply in sharp measure; but very soon I shall lay plagues on the whole of Europe, which will quickly take out one third of the people. The remaining two thirds will suffer from various immune system anomalies and many of these will also die quickly.

"When I told you on March 01, 2001 in a private message to you that 'Enough is enough,' I confirmed My words to you on March 03, 2001 in a letter, which you received from one of Mine, who told you the exact same words, which I had spoken through another of My Chosen servants, David Terrell.

"Yes, My Child, 'Enough is enough!' And war is about to slam the USA on every front. My Child, you ask Me to explain whether the nukes will be used first on the USA or whether terrorism will strike first with martial law as I told My prophet Jeremiah. I tell you, My Child, that terrorism shall strike in many cities all at once and foreign soldiers shall appear on the streets as if out of the blue; for they are already within your borders and are planning guerilla warfare, biological and chemical warfare and small-scale nuclear attacks. The Chinese soldiers are all over the USA and are set and ready to move. The Mexicans have a tunnel, a major tunnel beneath the border. Hundreds of thousands of Russians are set to enter from the North. ('Yes, this is true!') And, around the USA are many, many Germans. These are not your friends, but bitter enemies of the USA, who are set and ready to steal what is left when the fat cow falls. So, I say to you, 'Yes, there will be nukes; and all from within.' These are small-scale nukes, but they will be followed by heavy-duty nukes from other countries. My Child, this is not an overnight war, but one, which will go on in this country for years. The USA will be stripped to the bone in many areas with great destruction, waste, carnage, famine and disease. In due season, these enemies will be driven out but war and devastation will continue on in other parts of the world. Those, whom you call the 'greys' and the 'reptilians' will be joined by other-worldly-sources; and strange creatures from other dimensions will continue to be seen as more tears and rips are forced into the interdimensional fabric by 'alien' (Luciferian) technology, which is of the particle beam nature. This great war shall escalate on every front as this world becomes a battle ground, a staging ground for control, which involves an evil and dark concentration of forces from a number of stars and planets.

"Yes, My Child, the waves of this war reach far into other dimensions, galaxies and universes; for the Luciferians are out there on other planets, wreaking havoc and bringing destruction and slavery, just as they are here on this planet. But, this war on this planet is significant as a great intergalactic, inter-universal war, which carries down through the ages; and it marks a culmination of great effort on the parts of many over much time, to bind and to shut up Lucifer, Satan, the Devil. Once, he is bound and shut up and thrown into the Lake of Fire, those on other planets will also have a reprieve and a time to gather themselves together toward more peace and humility before Me. My Child, what is going on here is being recorded throughout the heavens. It is being watched; for the ripples, the repercussions, the waves, the effects of this war go out far and wide into all of My creations and many universes.

"But, hear Me, My Child; for this is what I want Mine to know and understand. My Son (Jesus) is head of all intergalactic and inter-universal armies. He is over all and he leads this great war, which is culminating on this planet. Bear in mind that Lucifer and his hoards are pulling out all stops. They are using all tools and tricks at their disposal to enslave and kill every person on this planet so that none are saved and this great war is lost.

"But, I say to you, My Child, and I want My Faithful to know, that I am sending in mighty generals in My army, even from other stars, to fight on the side of My people. They shall help protect Mine and they shall help My Faithful servants in My army to defeat the Luciferians and drive them back.

"These contacts to My elect and chosen are in the process of taking place at a very rapid rate; and these from other stars shall make themselves known to the generals of My army, particularly to My Chosen One, who is leader over all My armies on Earth. Woe to those, who come up against My heavenly armies on Earth; for you shall not win! You shall utterly fail and be smashed as a soft clay ball, when it is slammed up against a brick wall.

"All communication with these of My heavenly armies will go through My chain of command. They will not be making contact with some of you, must because you may want contact. They will not interfere in the everyday lives of any of you; but will follow My orderly commands and communicate with My generals and the leaders of My army as I so direct.

"Yet, beware; for the Luciferians will communicate with any of you; and they will kill, rob, and steal from you if you give them an opportunity. So, do not suppose that just because you see a spacecraft that those inside are friendly. Assume the opposite unless you receive word through one of My generals that something else is the case.

"Thus said, My Child, I stress to you once again that the Mid-east crisis will continue to escalate. March 15th, 2001 will not come and go without a great eruption of mass violence in the Mid-east and March 31, 2001 will not come and go save massive terrorism and war hits the USA. Yes, it will begin as terrorist acts, but these terrorist acts will be devastating and will quickly spread into a full-scale war, which will go on for years.

"I will stop for now; but one additional message will follow; so that you post three on the internet. There will be no more messages before the war hits. I am your Father in Heaven."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 5th day of March 2001,
Linda Newkirk



Third Message from our Father in Heaven

March 06, 2001

"My Precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven, as you well know; for this day our talks have been lengthy. What I have revealed to you, My Child, would shake the Earth. It would shake the religious establishment to the core. For, My Child, there is an inverted order in this world. There is an inverted order in the churches. There is an inverted order in the homes across this land and around this world. But, Little One, this is all changing; for I am sending a shaking, a mighty shaking into this world! This is a physical shaking and it is a spiritual shaking. Those, who lead with little minds, shall be overwhelmed; for the depth of My word shall be exposed and the little minds shall be as ants in a roaring ocean. Yes, My Child, deep calls to deep and the truly hungry and the truly thirsty shall swim the depths and partake of My hidden and mysterious word. But, the little minds shall founder about. They shall buckle beneath the weight of all, which is coming forth. For, the 'greys' shall make themselves known and the 'reptilians' shall make themselves known and any number of odd and bizarre intergalactic and interdimensional creatures shall make themselves known. Those, who have no spiritual foundation, and those with little minds shall be overcome by the horrors of what is at hand. For, some shall see flying dragons and creatures, which look like pre-historic aberrations. Some of you shall be hounded by strange energy forms and attacked by powerful and unseen forces, which will drive some of you to the brink of death and insanity. Those, who do not have Me and My Son at the forefront and the center of their lives and who do not love Me with all their hearts, with all their minds, with all their souls and with all their strength, shall be put through great fires, through great tests, and through great trials. But, those, who have already cleaned up their spiritual lives, who have come out of the world, and who follow My commands shall be filled with My Spirit. They shall be provided for, kept safe, and protected. They shall prosper when the rest of the world is falling apart. I shall open up the Earth and provide them safe havens and they will not be overcome by any manner of darkness.

"Yes, My Child, it is a time of great trials; but also a time of great victories for those, who put Me first and who put My Son at the forefront of their lives. I am tearing down a contemptible and ugly world system and I am raising up My own system of government at the same time. My generals are placed in various locations around the world; and they shall all do a mighty work in My army. Great are these times for those, who love Me; for I am sending My Spirit into their midst, like no time since the days of My Son upon the Earth.

"I say to Mine, 'Keep the faith and go with a pure heart, loving one another and forgiving all.'

"But at the same time I shall speak strong things through the mouths of some of My prophets an apostles. They shall speak utter destruction to the forces of evil and many will die because of instant curses, which come through the mouths of My anointed. Yes, indeed, many will speak curses and destruction; and these curses will fall. For, these curses are no more that instantaneous judgement, which is returned for evil deeds. A curse, which is uttered through the mouths of My prophets, means that the results of evil deeds are quickly returned to the source. For a great time, many have gotten away with evil and some of you look upon evil and you say, 'They have gotten away with evil for so long and nothing has happened to them.' But, listen to Me when I tell you that every rebellious act, every behavior, which goes against My commands, every harsh word, every doubt, every fear, and all that is negative, builds up a negative energy repository around and within the one, who commits these negative things.

"I am able to forgive all and restore peace, love and balance to any sinner. I sent My Son as the Sacrificial Lamb for the sins of mankind, to atone for your sins. This is why you must seek Him and go through Him for guidance, forgiveness, deliverance, healing, etc. For, this is the Way I have set up My Kingdom and all of you must go through Him to get back to Me. This is My order. My forgiveness is great, but I will not forgive blasphemy against the Holy Spirit.

"What you need to understand at this time is that many will be receiving immediate and sharp punishment for all their wrongs. This collective, negative energy, which they have created, will be unleashed upon them like a mighty whirlwind. These are the curses, which they, themselves, have created. When My prophets call down the curses upon this evil, they are calling for the immediate release of evil upon evil, for evil to return to its source. They are calling for the immediate retribution for evil works, which have hurt many. This is a call for righteous judgement and is not a call for vengeance; for the prophet who calls for this immediate judgement against this evil, does so out of righteous anger. Yes, there is righteous anger; and it comes through Me. I am a just God and I am full of love; but certain things anger Me, just as they anger you. I am full of love and mercy, but I hear the cries of My people against injustices and persecution and I now hear great cries coming from this Earth. For, the Luciferians have taken over the world system of government and they are riding high in their arrogance and rebellion; but this is only for a short space. Soon, I will clean them off this Earth and out of this Earth and off the Moon and totally out of this solar system. Great is this war; but I am the victor! And, out of this war I am raising up a righteous bunch, who will be used throughout my many universes to fight for righteousness and truth. Yes, great are My works and little minds cannot comprehend these things; but through the mouths of this prophet, who writes these words, I shall speak great and mighty things.

"Yes, the war is coming and it shall hit this land before March 31, 2001; but Mine are not to fear. They are not to be saddened but to rejoice in My works. For, I am tearing down an evil system and I am bringing about My rule upon this planet. Therefore, I say to Mine, 'Rejoice, for your redemption draws nigh!' I am your Father in Heaven."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 6th day of March, 2001,
Linda Newkirk



Fourth Message from our Father in Heaven

March 07, 2001

"My Precious and Beloved Child, I have told you previous that the last message I gave to you would be the last one before the war; but as you come weeping and pleading before Me for an illumination of certain questions and concerns I shall provide what you are asking. My Child, you seek an understanding of the 'shaking,' which is coming upon the Earth and I tell you that this is a physical and a spiritual shaking. You assume that the physical shaking is from war and earthquakes and you are right in this; but in no way can you understand the degree of this shaking. My Child, the plates of the Earth are about to undergo gross and dramatic slippage. This gross and dramatic slippage will lead to tumultuous earthquakes around the world, of the nature that you have never before witnessed. A large piece of land will surface in the South Pacific as parts of continents and islands disappear. North Australia shall be hit particularly hard as well as many of the Pacific Islands, which shall disappear. Pieces of continents shall be separated from the continents proper and vast cracks shall move inland. My Child, I am speaking of the long-awaited polar shift. Howling winds and electromagnetic storms shall hit the Earth as energy lines are torn and reformed. Great and vast tidal waves shall slam the coastal cities and wreak havoc for many miles inland. Whole cities shall disappear as millions are sucked into the churning waters. The moon shall be temporarily displaced from its orbit and I shall wreak havoc on the alien civilizations, which lie on the surface and under the surface of the Moon. Likewise, My fury shall hit many of the Satanic and evil underground bases and I shall annihilate them from within the Earth. All, who think that they are safe in their evil, because they are beneath the Earth had better think again. I shall utterly destroy the HAARP system; for it is a lawless system of control, punishment and evil manipulation. I shall grind Brookhaven and NSA into the ground and I shall wipe out and pulverize such evil institutions as the Federal Reserve System. The Federal Reserve is a cancer upon the face of the world and it is going! I am going to grind down the world economic system and pulverize it into the ashes; for it is a golden calf, which has been worshipped far too long. Those people, places and societies, which exist because of the drug trade, will burn to the ground beneath My wrath and fury. When the war hits Israel and hell breaks out in the Mideast without restraints, I shall begin this shaking. Great will be this shaking and when it is done, millions will be dead and millions will be displaced and come up lacking. I am bringing this world to its knees and those, who are left behind after this chaos and war, will either choose Me and My Son, or Lucifer and his evil schemes. This is what you need to know and what Mine need to understand. Woe to those, who chase after vanity and love darkness; for outer darkness shall overflow with your wails!"

"My Father, at some point in the past, it appeared that this same destruction would hit …"

"This is so, but I have been a merciful God on account of the cries of My Faithful; but no longer will I tolerate what I have tolerated in the past. It is a new day unto Me and all are either with Me and My Son, or they are against Us. Those, who are against Me and My Son, are about to be slammed with My wrath. For, this shaking is going to escalate over a three-month period and I am literally going to clean house. I am your Father in Heaven. Go this day and get these messages typed; for they take precedence over all."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 7th day of March, 2001,
Linda Newkirk


Cherished Ones, what is taking place saddens me so; but, I realize that this evil system must be brought down! I know that many will be spared because of their faithfulness and that many areas will be spared because some of God's precious and loved ones live within these areas. Each of us must daily examine our lives and repent before God and make every effort to stay close to our Lord and God; for our Beloved Jesus loves us so and very soon He is returning for us! Be strong in your faith and go in the love of God; for how precious is this love; and it shall carry us through these great wars and devastation; and when all is said and done, the love of God will carry us home.

Jesus is our Precious Life,
Dennis and Linda


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