"Emergency Update!"


"Cherished and Beloved Brothers and Sisters through our Precious Lord Jesus, as you all know the world sets on the precipice of a global war of great proportions; and financial woes and plagues continue to deal devastating blows to many parts of the world! Last night, I saw a message on http://www.worldtribune.com, which told of an emergency meeting between top Israeli leaders and leaders of the Palestinians. As I went to bed this was on my mind. This morning after I prayed for a while, our Father in Heaven, our Most High God Jehovah, told me to get a pen and write. The following is what He told me. Please read it and take it to heart; but do not read into His words anything other than what He has said. The world is in a terrible state of rebellion and it is not going to get any better until people wake up and take a serious look at their lives and repent. There must be a worldwide effort for people to clean up their lives and their daily environments. Rebellious civilizations have never been allowed to stand and this one is no different! Cherished Ones, we are looking at a temporary reprieve; and whether it is hours, days or weeks I do not know.



March 14, 2001


"My Beloved Child, you have come to Me today asking Me for an understanding of the nature of the emergency peace talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians. My Little One, many governments and government security sources follow this website. They see, they know, and they understand what is at stake in the Mideast. If the peace talks are a success, they will delay this war for a short season; but if they will not pursue peace, I will push them to war. My Child, I am a God of great love and mercy and I hear the cries of My people worldwide. Yes, indeed, My wrath is stirred because of an errant, prideful and stiff-necked people the world over; and on many occasions of late I have thought to utterly destroy much of the Earth. However, before me stands My Son, Yeshua, who constantly pleads for My people. And, before Me are many saints and angels, who constantly plead for mercy. Before Me are My generals from across many galaxies, who plead, 'Wait a little longer!' Therefore, My Child, at this late hour I stay My hand for but a short season. For, as I have said previous, when hell breaks out upon the Earth and the Mideast goes up in flames, judgement falls quickly upon the USA and the polar shift will begin. How long will I be merciful unto a proud, stiff-necked and arrogant people? Well, let's just put it this way …until the water boils. And, now it is a roaring steam. I warn you not to get lax and begin to believe that the USA will not be judged! Oh, it will be judged; for terrorist plots are gearing up all over the USA!

"The wise ones will seek to remedy Hoof and Mouth Disease before it hits the USA; and the wise ones will look for the microorganism, which causes 'Mad Cow Disease,' and they will eradicate these microorganisms. The wise ones will throw out their televisions and picket the filthy movie houses! The wise ones will congregate in the streets and burn the Harry Potter books, along with all witchcraft, psychic materials, numerology, astrology and the like; for they are all occult and lend to witchcraft!

Truth comes through Me and freedom comes through Me. The traps of the devil wear many disguises; but they all look good and entertaining! This massive, worldwide move to sleep with the devil and partake of his evil is the root of the world problems! What is going on in England and Europe will get worse; for this is the seat of world Satanism. It is going to be hit very hard and I warn you within the USA, Repent of witchcraft. Repent of pornography! Burn it and shut down these abominable whorehouses, which sponsor it. Burn the child molesters at the stake! You heard Me right! For, how abominable it is to see a two-year-old child raped, or an innocent child strapped down, helpless and wailing in agony through satanic abuse! My wrath is kindled; for you, who call yourselves righteous, will not stand up for the innocent. You will not stand up for the unborn; but partake of their on-going murders! You will listen to Me and you will repent or the plagues of Europe will strike the USA and you will get it worse than they; for you have been My Chosen nation. But, now you go whoring after strange gods. You have an 'anything goes' attitude and no one can tell most of you a thing!

"Well, I tell you now, this had better be a case of monkey see and monkey learn! Put prayer back into the schools; for you cowards in public office, who have catered to the atheists and Luciferians, have molded generations, who do not know Me. They do not know right from wrong; for you have made satanic television and movies their teachers and their lives. Put My Ten Commandments and My Laws of love in every public building! Come back to Me and serve Me in truth, honor, and Spirit and I will spare you much; but I warn you, the pot is steaming and you do not have long to do as I say or you will surely perish!

"I do not claim cowards among Mine; for My people are a righteous people. They do not barter and arbitrate My every word. They will fight for what is right; and they do not bargain with the devil. The whole government of the USA is full of those, who bargain with the devil! The greatest numbers are in the bed with him and have been since the inception of this country. But, I am striking a line right down through the middle of the government of the USA; and I am separating out My Righteous. I am driving a wedge between My Righteous and between those, who love Lucifer and serve the New World Order. And, in the end, I am going to rip this rebellious government asunder. I am going to destroy those, who love lies, who cheat, lie, steal, kill and cover up. I am cleansing up this land and you have a choice as to whether this country will go by degrees, through terrorism, nuclear war and/or other means. But, I am going to tear this country down to the bare bones and you will turn to Me and to My Son, to My ways of righteousness; or you will utterly perish!

"For too long, you have scoffed at Me. You have chased vanity, illusion, killing, stealing, filth, smut, witchcraft and idolatry; but you will either work to turn this country around and re-establish My laws as the laws of the land; or you will perish. You choose whether it will be a quick death or a slow death; but if you will not repent of your ways and stop the filth of television and movie mind control and if you will not begin in earnest to rectify what I am telling you, the ax of war shall fall upon this land more swiftly than a speeding comet!

"Much hinges on this Mideast war; and all of you had better wake up and take notice! Israel, you and the Jewish people have been given land'; but you are on the verge of losing all and moving once again into slavery through Egypt and its allies. I tell you now that I sent My Son into your midst to bring you the truth; but you rejected Him. You sit in your congregations, which are full of idolatry and witchcraft, a re-run of the scribes and the Pharisees, and you believe that you know all. Yeshua is your salvation and if you will not turn from your witchcraft and idolatry, from your rebellion and high-mindedness, you shall all either perish or end up as slaves before the Arab race. You have a choice. Stop rejecting My Son; for He is your salvation! He is your saving grace and you cannot get to Me, save you pass by Him. Admit what you have done in centuries past and what you continue to do. For, in your occultism and witchcraft, in your utter rebellion against Me and My Son, you are no different than the Palestinians, whom you despise.

"Let the world be warned. You will get something of a brief reprieve from this war; but I tell you that is brief! It is very brief, indeed; for what has begun will not end, save you listen to Me and repent on a large scale in the manner, which I have outlined! I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God!"


As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 14th day of February, 2001,


Linda Newkirk

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