A Message For You

May 02, 1999

        "My Precious Brothers and Sisters, I pray that this message finds you well physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and increasingly vigilant about the great and tumultuous changes before us. We are undergoing a lull in the midst of the storm and many may sit back and begin to think that all is fine. But, remember that our Lord has warned us that as the enemy cries ‘Peace, peace,’ this country shall be invaded. So, as you see Russia step forth to negotiate peace in the war in Yugoslavia, realize that this is for show. The real Luciferian powers behind the scene know that we must be fooled into thinking that we are at peace and that the war has ended. But, remember, My Beloved Brothers and Sister, the real war for the souls of all will only end when our Wondrous and Beloved Jesus returns and calls a halt to it. However, until this time, each of us must keep out eyes on Jesus. For, the great and mighty calamities as foretold in the Book of Revelation have begun and many a soul shall be carried into the dark abyss as he or she gave up and gave in to the dark and evil forces, which came to bear.
        My Dearest Ones, these, who give up, are the ones, who have built their houses on shifting sands. They are the seeds cast upon rocks, among thorns, or on unfertile ground. All along, they have lacked obedience to our Father’s laws. They have lived undisciplined lives, with little or no thought of service to our Lord and God; and when hard times hit, these souls get caught up in the calamities. They become lost in the panic, and carried away into the darkness.  Day after day, I am aware that this Luciferian war for all souls is picking up in speed and intensity; for, Lucifer comes at us from all directions. He attacks our family members and stirs up trouble in their lives. He hits us when we are down and tries to steal our Light. He never ceases in his attacks. He wars with those, who love God and his war is unceasing; but, My Precious Ones, our Lord our God will not desert those, who love and humbly serve Him. For, He clings to us and re-fills our cups; He sends in angels to lift us up and to carry us when we can not make it on our own. And, yea though we shall "walk through the valley of the shadow of death," * we shall not fear. For, the Lord is with us. (*Psalms 23)
        A Precious Watcher on the Wall sent me an e-mail this morning, which I took to our Lord Jesus in prayer; and following you will see our Lord’s message about the contents of this e-mail. It is a prophetic dream given to a brother, who has been called to prophesy. This Dear Brother, who received it, has felt complete desperation as he has tried to disseminate this message. Increasingly, he has been rebuffed by the press and has found himself coming up against brick walls, so to speak.
        I can understand fully what he has been going through; and many of you know as well how these prophecies have been denied access to the media. So, I am including the complete message below for your information. It is about a coming great earthquake foreseen as hitting California on May 08 of this year. Following the earthquake message is a prophetic word from a Dear Brother in Florida, which lists May 22 or thereabouts as a date for God’s judgment on the USA. I am including these prophecies, continuing to cling to the hope that, if enough people will fast and pray long and hard enough, our Father in Heaven will hear and be merciful giving us a few more days. But, even as I say this I hear a door shut loudly and even see this door, like the door of a bank vault close with a bang. My Precious Ones, we are running out of time and our Merciful Father and God is running out of patience. I have warned you for many months about the great calamities at our door, but have no idea how many are listening.
        As you will see in the posting about Book V, the next book will only go out through the mail; and I pray that I can get all of it out to you before some calamity cuts it short. I have seen a great darkness fall over the website (which is housed in California); and I do not know if this dark wall pertains to this earthquake, the war, or other disasters, which I have not foreseen. Our Lord has made the decision that only those, who order the installments of Book V, will receive them; and as you know, we will need funds to mail them out. I regret this, but know that our Lord and God is beginning to shut down avenues, which have been freely available up to this point.
        Just this morning, we had a small prayer group at this house and a person present said that she had heard a well-known prophet on the radio saying that God is beginning to shut down certain spiritual avenues, which have been freely available. This led me to tell her about what the Lord has said about Book V. Then, My Husband spoke of the recent closings of the churches in Russia.
        Those, who want what our Lord Jesus has to offer must draw close to Him now; for the line is drawn in the sand. The time of the sorting, the separating of those, who love God from those, who do not, has begun. The great harvest of souls for the final days is at hand. I see this line and even as I say the word ‘line’, it looks more like a deep chasm, separating the lost and dark souls on the left from the ones on the right, who are filled with the Light of God. And, with each passing day, the great divide gets greater, with the dark and lost becoming darker and more lost and those, who love God, being filled with more light of God.
        I am warning the lukewarm to get right with God and come back to Him in truth and honor; for soon you will not be able come back to Him. The fence-sitters are being flung violently to the other side. The truth, which has been available to the ones, who have searched for it, shall be harder to come by. So, I advise you all to make copies of the prophecies from the website while you can. For, in the near future, you shall not be able to get hold of them.
        I will provide updates for the website "messages" as long as we have a website and continue to encourage each of you Watchers on the Wall to send along your articles as the Lord guides you to do so.




"My Precious Child, I am your Master Jesus; and once more I have brought you to the heights of My Mountain, where the air is cool and the wind of My Spirit if brisk. My Child, long you have suffered because of the thoughtless actions of others. Yea, few care, My Child, that you and your husband labor under such oppression. And, few are concerned about the plight of my other prophets, who suffer so to bring truths from the throne of God. But, be mindful My Child, that the slothful shall inherit the share of the slothful; the greedy shall inherit the share of the greedy; and the uncaring shall inherit the share of the uncaring. But, those, who love and honor Me, love and honor My prophets. They provide for My prophets, knowing that so many of them suffer beneath such great oppression and that they have little. Yea, those, who love and honor Me love and honor My prophets; they pray for My prophets and out of love provide a financial token for them."

"My Child, the hour is late; yet the greatest numbers will not wake up. They cannot wake up; for they are caught up in the great delusion. They cannot hear and they cannot see; for they are deaf and blind. So, when you receive a letter like the one about the California earthquake and read of the desperation of My servant, know that you have been there. For, few shall listen and few shall be saved. I have warned you, My Child, that the New Madrid fault is on the edge of collapse in the latter part of May and in early part of June of this year. Do you recall?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Then, know, My Child, that so is the California faultline. Remember, My Child, that years ago, I showed you how the Luciferians have ‘seeded’ the faults with explosives and how they have weakened them with laser beams. They have made an art of such work. And, I also showed you how they work from the other side of the world to create instability within the earth’s crust."

"Yes, My Lord, you have shown me these things."

"My Child, your Father is allowing this; for many of you have forgotten Him. You have forsaken Me and My purposes and the hour of your destruction draws nigh."

"Yes, My Child, I am speaking to My Son in Florida. And, I am advising him of the New World Order plans and how your Father is set to judge the USA. You have been told to fast and pray for peace in Yugoslavia and to fast and pray for your Father’s mercy, not just in Kosovo, but in the USA. For, when they cry ‘peace, peace,’ war will erupt in the USA. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Now, My Child, enter through the door which says, ‘Jesus is the way;’ and you will find My Timeline. Sit at the desk and write as seen and given."

"My Lord, I sit here and the screen is blank, but I hear a rumbling deep within the earth. Suddenly, I am pulled through the Timeline screen and am carried swiftly far beneath the surface of the Earth. Looking around, I see that I am enveloped in deep caverns and giant splits beneath the earth. My Lord, I do not know where I am."

"No, but you shall."

"I just know that I am caught up in Your Spirit and am spiraling down, down, down. And, far below I see faint lights, which are growing in intensity. Suddenly, I catch sight of a saucer-shaped Luciferian craft and see movement of the bug-eyed clones. I am looking at the New Madrid Fault, but I see a strong, steady electrical current going from it to the fault line in California. I feel that the Luciferians have some sort of electro-magnetic explosives connecting the two?"

"They do."

"My Lord, I am short on understanding here."

"Yes, My Child, you are; for you do not understand how earthquakes can be created. But, just know that through precision electromagnetic work using electromagnetic devices, and planned explosions deep within the earth, earthquakes can be created."

"I accept this, My Lord: but I do not fully understand it."

"Child, this is well. Just know that it exists. Also, be aware that a strong electromagnetic line is connected to Alaska, one to Nebraska, one to New York City, one to Japan, and a very large one to China, which will foster a quake there, which will kill many hundreds of thousands. Then, look at the connection going to Brazil and see that the list goes on and on. For, when one fault goes, it will trigger the systematic release of others. Understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"My Child, Lucifer has been very busy planning, planning, and planning your destruction. And, he would not have one of you survive. But, the fact is that your Father loves you and He will make a way for a number of you to survive and carry on His works. Yea, My Child, I am warning you of what is being planned. Will you fast and pray? Will you come back to serve Me and your Father in truth? Or, will you die, lost in illusion? For the greatest numbers of you have chased it; you have loved it. My Child, your time is running out. Do you understand?"

"Yes, My Lord."

"Then, go each of you this day in great prayer and fasting, or you will not overcome the great darkness, which is at hand. I am Jesus. Yea Jehovah, Most High God of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 2nd day of May, 1999,
Linda Newkirk


Subject: Form Submission from www.prophecies.org
Sun, 2 May 1999 02:14:04 -0700 (PDT)

I don't know how many readers you have but I send this out with great fear and trembling. I am on night shift and had sensed the leading of the Lord to check my e-mail and eventually got this in the mail. Time is short and of the essence I look forward to your response, here is the message of Amerika's (Klinton's ) and our judgement:

        My Precious Brother, I thank you for sending this along and so shall many others. You have read our Lord’s responses to it above and I believe that we shall undergo great suffering very soon as I have seen the door slam shut on us. We are resting on the mercy of our Lord and God. I beg each of you to fast and pray, fast and pray, fast and pray with all your hearts, for we are entering a dark spiral and this country shall not come out of it until our Lord returns.

        May 8 earthquake predicted
FRIDAY, APRIL 16, 1999
By Rayanne Brennan
Woodstock Bureau
The Daily Gleaner

SIMONDS – Terry Peterson had a dream, an apocalyptic dream.

       "My vision began when an angel of God came and laid hold on my spirit-being," the Hartland area carpenter recalls in his dire warning to the world. "In their realm, I would view five scenes."
       These scenes revealed to him that North America will crumble in a cataclysmic earthquake before the year 2000 and California, the terrible trembler’s epicenter, will plunge into the ocean as God’s punishment for the "immoral" state’s sins.
       Peterson claims his vision laid bare the devastation that will be inflicted on Hartland and environs. In the first scene, he was transported to the sweeping highway bridge at Florenceville. As Peterson hovered above the bridge, looking northward, he heard a load roar and turned to see the span violently shaken by shock waves. Within seconds, the structure fell.
       Next he was whisked to another scene to view the earthquake’s aftermath. A stretch of road was split open and the embankment was strewn across the fissured asphalt. Close to his Simonds home, he saw that chunks of the Hugh John Fleming bridge were missing
       In the fourth and fifth scenes, the father of four was drawn away from a banquet table and directed to a parked vehicle where he retrieved a piece of paper from a compartment.
       "Then God overrode the remaining events of the vision," Peterson said.
       The paper bore an incomplete date.
       "Slowly I read, letter by letter, until the following date: M A Y 8 1 9 9 appeared. As the second 9 was viewed, God ended the scene."
       The revelations, first made in 1989, has Peterson convinced the world may be facing its biggest crisis since the "great flood." Since last year he has been on a race against the clock mission to share his insights.
       "After watching nine 199’s go by, I can no longer forebear; with the blood of so many souls in the balance," he states in one of two "vision articles" he paid to have published in local weeklies.
       The lay minister is determined to spread his message around the world to save as many souls as possible from eternal damnation. His advice to others is to accept the Lord into their hearts and follow His example.
       Peterson warns that the natural quake is symbolic of a much larger spiritual earthquake.
"I pray there is a warning for your sake, especially if your spiritual bank account is empty," he tells his readers.
       Peterson emphasized he disdains sensationalism and his goal is salvation, not the creation of mass hysteria.
       Peterson’s wife Sandra does not doubt the accuracy of his insights.
"I’ve seen enough," she said during an evening interview with the couple at a Hartland restaurant.
       They recall the near family tragedies that were foreseen and intercepted by prayer, as well as the international, national and local events that Peterson predicted, from the drowning deaths of two Canada Customs officers near Perth-Andover to the Persian Gulf War.
       Peterson has experienced visions since his conversion to Christ at special Easter services in Hartland in 1985. He describes his ability to prophesy the future as a "a very special" God-given gift but a "bittersweet" one.
       "The responsibility weighs heavily upon a person like this with this type of spiritual gift and few seem willing to step forward and support my efforts to warn people."
       He has a supporter in a Fredericton geologist who has posted his revelation on the Internet.
"I’m helping Terry to distribute it," the man confirmed when reached by telephone.
       The individual, who requested anonymity, was employed in the mineral exploration industry for 20 years. Though he is not 100 per cent convinced that Peterson’s catastrophic vision will become a nightmarish reality, he is not about to discount the potential. The father of two admitted he was prompted by Peterson’s vision to add earthquake coverage to his house.
       Peterson’s early 1999 insights indicate that a continental shaking will take place between midnight on May 7 and dawn on May 8, Atlantic standard time, and will begin with California’s slide into the Pacific.
       Peterson is unsure where he will be that date. He may drive his truck up the hill behind his trailer and park in a cow pasture to wait for the disaster to unfold. If the seismic collapse does not come to pass, Peterson will be unapologetic.
"Then so be it. People will have that much longer to get things in order," he said.


April 3, 1998
To whom it may concern

Between midnight May 7th and dawn May 8th (Atlantic Time) the America's history will change forever.We are possibly facing the biggest world crisis since the Great Flood. Since the latest "Vision Article" publication(Feb10/99, in a local newspaper), astounding revelations have come forth! It appears the only media publications made on May 9th, may be those done in foreign papers. While everybody worries about daily schedules, no one is preparing for history's greatest calamity! Without a public outcry, T.V. media will continue to procrastinate! It is truly a fine parameter we must walk to warn the public, but in a professional manner. It is obvious, institutions forewarned, that their accountability will be far greater before God. Your forum covers a vast audience and I am reaching for every means available to warn souls of Eternity's nearness! My heart is heavy for the millions that will perish, on the night mentioned above. CAN YOU HELP ME WARN THEM? I believe that everything in California (possibly adjoining states, too) will suffer Christ's judgement. With California near point "0", recent insights indicate a possible 3500 mile affected area in any direction, and/or further (soil, tsunamis, etc.). The America's may never be so vulnerable. In my appeal to you, I'm enclosing a little about myself and the way the California insights came about. America would do well to heed the warnings! Every problem the US has, every individual problem, and President Clinton's problems, will go up in smoke literally and figuratively - seconds after the final shaking stops! Little, if any, infrastructure will be in tact! PLEASE, carefully assess the information! It may save your life and the countless millions of others, giving people "one" more chance to find grace and salvation in Jesus Christ; the Great source of our dreams, visions, and the Door to eternal life. There is so much I would like to disclose but nothing could ever accurately portray the vision I saw!!! This will unfold in less than 35 days ("now only 2 weeks away...SB") from when you receive this contact.

This event will indirectly affect the entire nation! If a California epicenter occurs, producing the extent of damage I saw in New Brunswick, God help us!, we are in for BIG trouble! That is the dilemma we are facing, will you help? This may very well be the event that catapults us into judgements foretold in Revelation. My friend's wife recently made and interesting observation, though it is only food for thought that 1999 upside down reads 666 year 1. For sure, this event will turn our lives upside down in N.A. It is reasonable that Leaders are forewarned of this catastrophic event! My FINAL media attempts are going out right now! Whoever fails to address this final appeal, the blood will be on their hands, not mine! I'd like to see the entire nation warned . If Oprah, Jack Van Impe Ministry, and CNN News fail to respond to my appeals, Mr. Clinton's present problems will pale in the light of the immediate aftermath of this coming upheaval. I hope and pray he gets this material and/or is warned directly!

In April98/Feb.99, I published an article in the local newspapers. Now shorter, it may be of interest to you, your family, colleagues, and your listening audience. I am a licensed carpenter, and author, and I posses a unique God-given gift. I know that means nothing to you. I'm just another one of thousands who contact you each week. Since you know absolutely nothing about me, I hope you will afford me a little of you time. I have tried to warn many people, via the media, of a coming earthquake but my cries are falling on deaf ears; yet the same media are quick to publish "psychic's" predictions - even when they know many are weird, and may never materialize. I broke some ribs in an accident in January. Call it providence, or whatever, it is the only reason I am trying to warn people one more time; seeing God impressed it on my heart. Because I have the nerve to mention Jesus that turns most media off instantly! If I said I were a "psychic" maybe I'd get some attention. I can't do the impossible; I need your help of those who are in key positions in the public eye, in order to warn the unsuspecting public of this coming event! I don't know who to approach with this great knowledge with which I have been entrusted. And few seem to really care, or even take a second thought, with regard to what the profound impact is of what I am making known. It's like, "Who cares! If it happens, then maybe we will listen to you, maybe not!", but I contend with that mentality, it will be too late!! The blood of innocent souls will be on their hands! After reading this letter, please read the "Vision" article; which is the reason you have been contacted. Forgive my forwardness, but I have never been so compelled about something concerning other people's welfare! After all, there is only one May 8 left in this decade, and I will be the one associated with the feedback of this particular event. Now, a little about myself.

In 1985, my Mom invited my family to attend special Easter services in Hartland, NB. This turned out to be a life changing experience for our family. After my conversion to Christ, I received a very special gift. Over the years I have exercised and developed this gift. However, many people fear, or greatly misunderstand, this "unique" gifting. Like many others, in history past and present, I have been simultaneously reverenced and reviled; the latter I think mostly out of fear and the inability to categorize, or slot my calling. This area is usually relegated to "mystics" and "psychics", a "taboo" region for Christianity! They fail to grasp their own historical (Biblical) accounts of a simple office called "prophecy" and/or a prophet. Since the vast majority of Christendom relegates the gifts to only historical accounts, any present day giftings are seen as unnecessary, of an "unwanted" origin, or simply fall into a category of "questionable" origin, to again be shunned as evil. While any gift can obviously be abused, misinformation, misunderstandings, and the fear of the truth, are no reason to ostracize any person who possesses God's true giftings. Since 1985, I've experienced frustrations with people for their rejection of my giftings. However, it doesn't change His mercy and what He has shown me. Inescapably, like Jesus, knowledge/truth makes people uncomfortable. Please bear with me. Over the years I have operated in more than one gift. To the best of my ability, I have tried to remain anonymous: where at all possible (with some things you can't) Pastor's, people, and family, have both loved and hated me when I interfered. The gift has been bittersweet!

In 13 years I have had pre-knowledge of specific church splits, and four people who were about to die but were spared through the prayers God led me to pray. I have ministered to prison inmates, been on the mission field in the West Indies, preached, taught, and held administrative positions in churches. I've been involved in occultic deliverance's, given food to the hungry, and recently wrote a book while on a one year religious sabbatical of Biblical research and studies. Many times I have forewarned people of future events that would occur in their lives. Some heeded, some did not. Some were happy, some hated me! Jesus forewarned me about the fishery crisis, the Gulf War, and informed me of it's start the night before it did. I have told preachers in other churches events that were going to transpire before they actually did, so they could be forewarned and prepared. The year two local officers perished in the ice run-off, I dreamed about their ordeal and told people what was going to happen. The year so many people were killed from the lightening storms in the US and Canada, I again forewarned of its coming to pass that summer. The year we had a severe cold summer, I told my "then" pastor what kind of a summer it would be! The April of 1990, I warned that a great number of Creation's elements were going to violently convulse in judgement and forewarnings to mankind, and many would die. The next few weeks there were earthquakes, volcanoes, typhoons, and 48 tornadoes that spun through the Oklahoma area. Last summer, I dreamt that a tornado was going to touch down in our area. Just a few miles behind our home, we all remember the family, the tornado, and the trailer miracle! In January 1999, I again dreamt about two outbreaks of tornadoes, where I saw people being swept away. I thought it strange, being winter, and said to my wife that I wondered if there were going to be more tornadoes break out somewhere soon. The next day or so,the News told us of the Arkansas area's great tragedy. There are just a few events and without a diary some events, re:dates, allude me.

Then there was the Mississippi floods, the storm of the century, and on and on, I could go. You get the point! I have been trying to warn local and public TV stations and magazines about the impending danger we are headed for, and no one is listening at all!! WILL YOU?? The Bible mentions different end-time upheavals in creation. This is one such type of event foretold. As a servant of God, I must now be very forthright. The Bible says that God gives the power to get wealth. It says that He raises up people to do certain jobs for him, and that these people do not have to be a Christian in order to carry out His plan. Over the years, He usually works through a servant He has made known to that individual. You have been raised up to a position of great power and influence. Because this event will forever alter history as we now it, locally and at large, I'm appealing to your conscience the impact of my "Vision"; seeing you reach so many people. Should you decline, then like others God has raised up for strategic purposes, you are no longer refusing His requests indirectly but directly. Jesus can be seen as a Lamb or a Lion. The choice, and responsibility, is now in your hands. Please consider giving others half a chance.


In 1989 I had an excursion with an angel one night. It is only one event of others God gave me. It was during a time in my early Christian walk when I was fasting 3 days per week, reading the Bible for food, direction, and life's answers, and much praying. Wished I could say that now! Anyway, the vision article is one page. The second event will be even worse than this one coming! Some of these events are literally events recorded in Revelation which Jesus allowed me to briefly view. Even those closest to me struggle to grasp and believe what I am telling them. Only this one, about the earthquake, have I made public. While symbolic of a spiritual earthquake I have yet to speak about, it will probably never be heard. They didn't hear Jesus, and who He claimed to be, and after this event they probably will not hear my witness to the truth either; though local survivors who have read the article in the papers might be more inclined to at least give me an audience. What I am about to tell you now has not been made public knowledge yet, and may not; since it would send fear throughout the continent. But I will tell you so you can make an informed decision, as I did with my brother, who is out West of Edmonton, Alberta. I have pleaded with him by phone for over an hour. Time will tell if he comes home!

From the moment I had the vision, I knew it was tied directly to Israel's Jubilee year. That ends May 14th of this year, interestingly enough. The event is just days apart. In Jan., I fell and broke some ribs. Again God prompted me to try warning the public though, like Jeremiah, no one is listening: well, almost no one. After the article hit the public paper, I have had a few concerned parents call asking how to prepare and protect their families. To those ones, I revealed much more than the paper foretold. After the article went public, a CBC Radio host from Saint John (N.B.) called me. It was following Monday and I was working in the same building Calvin now has his electronics repair shop in. I was getting frustrated with God because of the seriousness of this event, and asked God that afternoon that if this was the May, then let some public media person contact me. It was being done as I prayed and I would find two messages on my phone when I got home. As expected, I was both relieved and troubled! That day I had been invited to have dinner with a friend from our church who had just moved in town near where I was working. He wanted me back the next day to give me dinner instead of a box lunch. I gratefully accepted. During dinner, from out of nowhere, Leroy said, "California is going to break loose and go under the ocean. That is what the vision is all about." I was dumbfounded. Nothing had been said at all and this added to the shock and profoundness of my vision and his words! It was hauntingly quiet. I then briefly addressed his statement and we changed the subject. That afternoon, just hours after praying for media contact, I again said, "Lord, if this is the May then let someone call me and say, "This is the May of the earthquake." Before I even got out of bed the next morning, the phone rang. I reached up and took the call. In a heavy, possibly German, accent, a man said, "Is this Terry Peterson?" "Yes, the same one that ran the article on the earthquake in the newspaper last year (I had run it in the Hartland's paper in April 98)." "Yes, it not happen last year. Me know that. This is the May it happen. This is the May it happen, not last year. California is going to break away and go under the ocean. God is going to judge their wickedness." The chills ran up my spine as I swung myself around in bed and planted my feet on the floor. "Did you read the article in the Bugle last week?" "No, me not see your article." You didn't see my article? "No!" My greatest concern had finally been realized! It was so profound. I can't explain the feelings I felt.

He went on to tell me several events about prophecy and visions others have had in Germany and foreign lands. He then told me about a lady from Germany who had also seen what I had seen on a smaller scale. The pieces of the puzzle were starting to rapidly fall into place! He revealed another nugget I had not told but only a select few in the last nine years. It had been impressed in my spirit that whatever the earthquake's cause and the origin were, it would be Richter-scale at nearly nine here. That was the exact words from his mouth as well. She had seen much more but I will stop here. It only confirmed what God had already been saying to me all along the unfolding of this revelation. What he didn't know was what God showed me while on my Sabbatical year. Houses everywhere will collapse upon themselves and burn. Thousands and thousands will die. Cities will be man's worse nightmare. If the East is destroyed from what I saw, just imagine the West and Central continent North America will be destroyed in ONE HOUR, just as Revelation prophesied it to be. How close then is Jesus coming? My book helps address some of that. Some think we are out of here before any heartache comes to the church. I wished it was that easy! Boys, won't Christendom get the shock of it's life!? Anyway, the last Thursday of January, I asked God to further define the earthquake's timeframe during the day of May 8th. He replayed my dream that he gave me in 1995; which is sealed away in three envelopes and I had forgotten about it. That is when I realized the severity of this coming event. "No, God, not in the night!," I said. "Why the night? Because men love darkness rather than light. Therefore I am going to judge them in the darkness they love." Immediately. I reached over and called my friend. As I rehearsed the account, he said, "Oh my goodness, Terry! You're not going to believe this! My daughter told me on the way to school- Daddy, you know that vision Terry had? God showed me in a dream last night, it is going to happen in the night." I was dumb-founded as the pieces fell into place. I then called Gail to warn her to prepare for a night shaking and to get her to tell Calvin. They believe in ministry calling, having benefited from it in the past (when Will's life was miraculously soared death through our joined prayer). I was not prepared for her imput!

She began to relate a dream her friend, a nurse, had just told her. Mrs. Bubar, in Dec. 98, had dreamt that a serious event had taken place. Being a nurse, duty called her to get out there and help people. She lives just a few thousand feet from one of the bridges and almost opposite Gail in Somerville, directly across from Hartland. As she tried to proceed, the roads were cracked open. After getting out of the car, she began to notice houses were burning everywhere (what I had seen as a microcosm of the whole event). I am trying aggressively to bring to your attention, that it will not be "business as usual" the next day, or the next, nor forever! This is what cripples the USA and Canada. South America will also suffer, along with many islands and countries: Hawaii, Japan, China, the Caribbean, etc. via a Tsunami! That is where we disappear from the world's scene and Europe emerges. It will take a long, long time to dig out and address the death and carnage around us. We will finally be at the mercy of Russia, Iraq, and any other nation that hates the USA with a passion! Time will unfold many other things I have seen. You may be starting to get the picture. We have preached for years the end was upon us, but nobody really believes me when I tell them, It's HERE!!!!! We don't want to, because it's not the way we were taught it would all happen!! The New Babylon will be judged! Mark my words. Her wicked pride and arrogancy (Tobias 4:14, Is. 18, Dan. 4:37, & Rev 18:7) will reach heaven.

Then if that is not enough, at quitting time one day, Calvin calls me down the hall to rehearse the call from the German (?) man to the Christian lady whose apartment he boards at. As I told about the night quake, she stopped me and said she already knew it was going to happen at night. After reading last years longer version of the article, she was in Florenceville one day and she began asking God about all the children out doors that particular day. God then informed her it would occur in the night.

Now you must decide where you and your family will be the safest, where you would best fend for yourselves (the city, or the country, with friends and family) and what measures are needed to prepare (think about it- seeds, canned foods, ladies toiletries, soap, etc.) I don't have to paint a picture of what it will be like in the city life, immediately after. Strangers- trying just to survive from day to day- will not show much mercy. There will be little law, maybe none, as the true shock begins to settle in shortly thereafter. If I am wrong, and I really hope I am, at least you will get to visit the family again; though from all I have told you above, I don't see any options. If Columbia's recent earthquake is any indication of people's behavioral patterns, I choose a country life in a second - to that of city survival. Eventually, whether you heed or not, God's plan will be accomplished! Even remote areas will eventually see more people as city exodus becomes inevitable. We will be forced to live off the land until Jesus catches us away. Spiritual harvest will be ripe for the picking, though many will curse God for their newfound inconveniences. The scope of this is beyond description. I trust you will carefully plan around this date, both you and your loved ones, and thank Christ He cared enough about you to put someone in your life with a special gifting. One day you will find out what my true ministry was and is, one I am still wrestling with to embrace. My book hints at it (ch 7), and a very select few have confronted me about it. I guess the Spirit wanted them to foreknow, for whatever reasons! Anyway, I trust you believe. You can copy and pass out the earthquake article as much as you want, give it to church members, publish it in newspapers, or whatever. Money won't do anybody much good the day after, though I can't seem to get that point across to anybody!!! They all seem to be taking the attitude described in Revelation 18:7, we're untouchable here! We will see! James 5 clearly warned about hoarding their money, thinking it would help them, when it will be witness against them. The truth I bear clearly brings with it - accountability; so use your money wisely!!! Two or three people could easily sponsor ads in several newspapers, while money can still lay up eternal treasures. North America's infrastructure will be devastated, never to rise again to glory- before Jesus comes! Ouch! We really hate to hear the truth. I now know how Jeremiah felt with his message to his people and era. We are all in the same boat. The only difference is that some may escape tragedy if they heed the warning, and go on to become a Christian! That makes it all worthwhile to warn people. They will be more responsive to Jesus after. Love and prayers, Terry.

PS. Recently, the exactly same day, I and my brother's friend both asked Jesus for more scriptural confirmation concerning this near event. I got Ps. 94:2 and she got Ez. 7:10 (entire chapter)


New Brunswick, and the regions beyond, will soon experience judgements from God for departing from Biblical principles. While most want to go to heaven, few want to get there the way Jesus taught. Just prior to Christ's return the Bible records that creation would convulse under the Edenic curse. Nov. 30, 1997, I warned our church that 1998 would be a year of tremendous shake-up from gov't to nature, and everything in between. In 1998, that global convulsing was felt everywhere: though many try to explain it away. Mankind's abandoned spiritual union with Christ is the last place we look to correct this incongruity (11 Chron. 7:14). The following vision will drastically affect the eastern regions of N.A. God's times are predetermined though, in the generation affected, God can reveal them by visions. Time exists inside the womb of eternity, fed by the umbilical chord of Christ. It's like a two-way mirror. We observe only the reflections of our room, while eternity observes the contents of both rooms; with the authority to enter both realms. A vision is the act of one's spirit entering into God's realm, where one is outside of time looking in, viewing a literal event unfold at it's designated time-slot. Such an event occurred in 1989 and I'll rehearse it. I hope I misread this vision, for your sake! But, if I've discerned the vision accurately, my God-given insight may alter the outcome where you spend eternity! If you're reading this, Jesus foreordained you to be a hearer ; whether you heed or not will be your decision. Jesus wants to instill godly fear towards Him and His servants, to protect those created in His image, and to give us a fighting chance in a fallen tainted-with-sin, world: where sin must be judged and Satan is actively seeking whom he may devour (1 Peter 5:8).

My vision began when an angel of God came and laid hold of my spirit-being. In their realm I would view five scenes. I was taken south-center of the Florenceville curved bridge; hovering slightly above the bridge looking northward. Thinking, "Why am I here?". I heard a loud roar. As my attention returned to the bridge, an earthquake shook it violently. Within seconds the structure fell. Next I was whisked to another scene to view the aftermath. A stretch of road was split open, with embankment strewn upon the road. Then I was brought south of the Hugh John Flemming bridge, on the Hartland side looking upward. Large pieces were missing from the structure. On my first visit to Rev. Keith Mean, he confirmed having seen the same vision. Fourthly, I was seated at a banqueting table that seemed to fade into the distance. Next was the most crucial scene of the vision! I was drawn away from the table into the fifth scene. I went directly to a parked vehicle, opened the rear door, and reached inside the compartment. As I retrieved my hand, in it was a piece of paper, yet I was unable to view the entire date. My eyes were now fixed upon the first letter on the left. Slowly I read, letter by letter, until the following date M-A-Y-8-1-9-9--- appeared. As the second 9 was viewed, God ended the scene. "What now, you ask!?" The responsibility weighs heavy upon a person with this type of spiritual gift and few seem willing to step forward and support my efforts to warn people. After watching nine 199-'s go by, I can no longer forbear; with the blood of many souls in the balance! Many still may die, but I have tried to warn them as best as I could. Different media I've contacted declined and will suffer the same judgement as everyone else, seeing they willfully abet in society's spiraling moral decay. Like most, they are taking a "wait and see" attitude, like they did with Jesus' claims. With all their foreknowledge about a coming Messiah, Jesus still caught the Jews off guard; and so will this event! With so many past "psychic' cries of wolf, a true cry falls on deaf ears; righteously so God!! Men do love darkness rather than light.

From my heart: Realistically, there's no adequate preparation for a disaster of this magnitude; except sparing your life. After consulting with two men in this field of Science, I was informed the Richter scale reading, to administer the vision's impact, could reach 6.9 or higher. They'd never heard tell of a pre-tremor and conceded it would be a miracle if such warning accompanied this event. Earthquakes normally occur, followed by aftershocks. With few resources at hand, the task to inform others weigh heavy. It's a decision you must personally make and the consequences you will surely bear! I have asked Jesus for a pre-tremor warning (James 5:16). It will be significant, yet not devastating. A few minutes will elapse, upon which one must decide whether their surroundings are capable of withstanding a larger quake. Do you chance staying in the vicinity where you find yourself at the time of the warning or, do you move to a safer location? The logical thing to do is not panic, but watch the unfolding events of this one day mentioned above. I hate sensationalism, and I'm most assuredly not advocating mass hysteria. It presents a most delicate parameter to walk and follow. Communications will be drastically hampered. It's during cropping season. Equipment needs fuel, stoves need supplies, people need food, etc. The domino effect you understand. This natural quake is symbolic to a much larger spiritual earthquake, which I have yet to publish abroad! I pray there is a warning for your sake, especially if your spiritual bank account is empty. And, if you heed and are spared the tragedy, you should get your account immediately in order, seeing Jesus just gave you another chance! Ask him into your heart to reside there and influence your life in a holy manner (read John's gospel). I trust "you" will contemplate the vision's impact upon your life, taking a good hard look at what is really important- temporal things, or eternal things! This event will be felt widely throughout Central and Eastern Canada and US. Early 1999 insights reveal a continental shaking between midnight May 7th and dawn on May 8th (Atlantic Time). Please observe all time differentials. You can sponsor this warning in a paper near you, copy and/or distribute. Contact Terry Peterson @ (506) 375-4361 Final Call Ministry 3363 Rte. 103- Simonds, N.B. E7P-2Z3. With TV media bosses presently playing God with the millions of people's lives, try warning others with positional power so they can warn vast numbers of innocent souls. Then hell just might lose some of it's candidates!


1. Assess your surroundings. Are you clear of all tall structures (trees, dams, hydro, and water towers)?
2. Are you living in, or near high rise buildings?
3. If a 10 or 15 minute slight pre-tremor warning occurs (which I have prayed for but have no concrete assurance it will happen),and you feel to exit dwellings to a car/truck, or choose to camp out that night in one, do you have a safe "open" area free of dangerous overhead obstructions (an area at, or near, your dwelling or with family or friends)?
4. Most importantly, be ready spiritually. Ask Jesus for His divine, angelic protection!!


1. Do you have some non-perishable food supplies with you, clothing, etc.?
2. Have enough ladies toiletries, soap, personal grooming supplies for 3-4 months?
3. A few garden-seeds packets on hand (anyone can build a small make-shift green house of plastic and old windows against a backdrop facing the sun) and may, long-term, be very beneficial.
4. Have you an alternative water supply? Water stored in gallon jugs, or greater, keep with a couple drops of bleach per gallon and in a dark room, or boughten sealed containers.
5. Most important after the fact, will be Christ-like love and the need to present Jesus to others. Our eternal rewards will be all that matters then, seeing we will soon stand before Him after the quick harvest of souls (Romans 9:28. Harvest usually begins sometime in September {?}

These are food for thought, common sense, things to consider in the event of this magnitude. The parable of the ten virgins informs us all ten virgins knew about the coming event- only five prepared!!

1 He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
2 I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in Him will I trust.
3 Surely He will deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.
4 He will cover thee with His feathers, and under His wings shalt thou trust: His truth shall be thy shield and buckler.
5 Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day.
6 Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasted at noonday.
7 A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.
8 Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.
9 Because thou hast made the Lord, which is my refuge, even the Most High, thy habitation;
10 There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.
11 For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways.
12 They shall bear thee up in thy hands, lest thou dash thy foot against a stone.
13 Thou shalt tread upon the lion and adder: the young lion and the dragon shalt thou trample under feet.
14 Because He has set His love upon me, therefore will I deliver Him: I will set him on high, because He hath known my name.
15 He shall call upon me, and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him, and honour him.
16 With long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation.


The question I had to ask myself was..."what if it does happen!!??" not "what if it doesn't !!??"


Prophetic words given to Brother Joel

Hear the word of the Lord: "In forty days shall a great destruction befall the USA. Judgement has fallen on a vile nation. Repent! Fall on your faces before the Only God, the True God. Cry out for mercy. I say, ‘Repent!' So long you have been warned but would not heed the call. Many have come in My name and you receive them not. You mock and persecute those, whom I hold dear to Me," says the Lord. "Repent! For, in forty days destruction comes."

Cry out for mercy! The Lord has determined forty days to be the cleansing of this nation! Fall on your faces in prayer and fasting, my brothers and sisters as the time of upheaval comes. The Lord gave this word to me at the beginning of this week. Get your spiritual houses in order and seek the Lord with your all, asking for deliverance. Many will die, but many shall remain to carry out the Lord’s work. Persevere at all costs. As it has been shown and prophesied in late Spring, destruction comes! Great and mighty is our Lord. Seek Him for a miracle of safety. For, only in Him is there safety from the evil that abounds.

       Forever in the Lord’s Service, Joel


Thank you, my Beloved Brother. You have been so faithful in helping us; we are humbled and grateful that you care. Though we have never met, our souls have and our hearts have and I know that you are full of the love of the Lord. I pray that our Beloved Lord continues to protect you and yours and that He provides for your every need. My Brother, your family is about to awaken and rapidly so. Some, who have been on the fence, will wake up just in the nick of time. Keep up your work for our Lord. He loves you so and needs you in His service.

And, to you, My Cherished Brothers and Sisters, I pray that you are touched enough by this message to get strong spiritually. Send this message far and wide and let all be the wiser. For, indeed the judgement of the USA is at our door. Knowing many of you has given us such joy and we thank each of you for your love, prayers and friendship and for sharing in the works of the Lord. Let us go about each day with our hearts full of love, hope, faith, courage and even joy; for, the day of the Lord is at hand.

Jesus is our Blessed Way,
Linda and Dennis

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