A Message For You


May 20, 2002

Who will die needlessly?

Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, I reach out to you with the love of God, for it is this love and only this precious love, which sustains us. Oh, how I am grieved to see this war on terror come full circle to show that in truth, it is not a war on terror, but a reign of terror. Many months ago, our Father in Heaven revealed that those, who are high up in this very government, orchestrated the 911 atrocities. And, now Beloved, we are now seeing the shadows of crookedness, deception, dishonesty and outright treason. As these treasonous acts come into the light of day and fingers members of congress begin to point to those high in command for answers, we hear grave warnings of terror and more terror attacks, which they call imminent!

Beloved Ones, watch and listen to what is being said and by whom. As the heat is turned up on the evil perpetrators, our Father says that we shall see them move forth with a greater evil. Read His warnings!



May 18, 2002

My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Yes, My Child, I hear your cries. I hear your pleas on behalf of a "dumbed-down" nation. I hear your pleas on behalf of the deaf and the blind. I hear your pleas on behalf of the ignorant and the lost and I see your plight, My Child. I know and understand your sense of despair and helplessness because of what is unfolding in this land and elsewhere around the world. Yes, My Child, it is troubling; for darkness is exploding, not light, and it is advancing on every front. In its move to own this world and all that is in it, darkness is snuffing out the light. It is shutting down the candles within the masses as it implodes within the Earth. But, know this, My Child, darkness shall not prevail. Evil shall not win out. Though you are seeing it escalate at a very rapid pace, it is also losing ground.

Look to Washington DC, My Child. Their evil deeds are catching up with them. Those, high up in your government, who colluded to take down the towers, so they could initiate a reign of terror, are being found out. They are being seen. Their plots and schemes are unraveling. All, who call George W. Bush a Christian, will open their eyes to see that he is a rogue. He is a thief and a mass murderer and so is his Father, who is among the greatest of them all. Yes, My Child, the Bushes are about to be burned by their own behaviors, but watch. Look, My Child and listen; for a greater evil is in the works. Those at the very top of this very government are devising greater schemes, greater terrors, greater calamities, and all to take the heat off themselves. All, to divert attention to something greater, so they can come forth and save you from the terror, which they, themselves, initiated. It is coming, My Child. They will blow up this or destroy that. They will kill and murder in greater measure to show you what terror is all about. Yes, My Child, you have all seen it. You have seen the effects of the reign of terror of Washington DC. You have seen the death. You have seen the carnage and you have seen the phony war on terror, which is better described as a war of power and greed. But, truly, My Little One, you have seen nothing yet. What is planned is far worse, far greater than what you have already seen. And, when you do see it, which is soon, look no further than the White House. Look no further than the Satanists within this very government. My Little One, how the evil ones collude to hide their evil! How they cut dark and dirty deals to save their own skin! There is none among them, who can be trusted. No. Not one! With this said, My Child, we shall stop for today. Post this very soon; for calamity is breeding a greater calamity. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 18th day of May, 2002
Linda Newkirk


Oh, Cherished Brothers and Sisters let us fast and pray that the powerful light of God permeates this government and that because of the light, nothing is hidden. Let us pray mighty prayers that all of their evil attempts to make war and to kill and maim to cover up their evil deeds are utterly revealed and stopped immediately. Let us get on our knees before the Most High God Jehovah and plead with Him and with our Lord Jesus to intervene and stop this move to enslave the American people. Let us get on our faces before God and plead for His mercy for an errant, proud and haughty nation, that He has mercy upon us all; for without His mercy, this land shall soon be destroyed. If the planet, in its passing does not destroy it, grievous wars and natural calamities shall. Beloved, much evil can be averted through righteous prayers. And, great calamities can be averted if only people will repent. As you read what I am saying to you, search your heart. Search your life, and if you know of something you need to repent of, do not let another day pass without bringing this before God and seeking His forgiveness. Then, Beloved, do not do this grievous thing again. Go to those, whom you have offended and make amends. Do all in your power to clean up your heart, to clean up your life and live for God. Make a determination this very moment to live for God and then go out and do it. Change your life. Pray for this land. Pray for this errant leadership. Pray for God to raise up righteous men and women to lead this land and don’t stop praying. Keep on praying; for Beloved, God hears and answers prayers.

We love each of you. Thank you for being our prayer partners and our friends.



May 10, 2002

Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, it is such a pleasure to back with you after so many weeks of being away and tending to issues of survival. We have missed you. So many changes have taken place in our lives and among them a move out into the country, which we had long looked forward to. As some of you may know, we lived for many years as caretakers on a small farm, but when our landlady died, we were forced to move away. We bought a small mobile home in a mobile home park in North Little Rock and though it is only 14ft X 56 ft we considered it home and have always been grateful for it. The mobile home on the farm leaked, had holes in the walls and mice galore; but even so, we were grateful for the years we lived on that small farm. Our Lord has promised us for years that He would give us land in the country, but it was not until last year, that He moved in this. Last June, to be exact. We looked forward to the day when we would move onto this land, but we never anticipated the problems we would have. Dear Ones, the mobile home mover, though highly recommended by the park manager, dropped our home on the interstate and it skidded about 50 yards on its frame. Being the ignorant souls we are, we did not know that he had bent the frame, tore up the flooring, and had totaled out our house. Now, we know that mobile homes are just like vehicles, once the frame is bent, they are considered totaled. However, finding this out, would take considerable time and anguish.

As it turns out, the mobile home mover knew of the awful damage he had done to our house, but lied over and over and promised to repair our house. He came out and pretended to repair our house, but what he did was a total embarrassment to any carpenter. In the end, this mover refused to return our calls, refused to repair our house and refused to give us his insurance company. We went through many days of calling around to various agencies before we found out his insurance company from the state police. Even after we were able to find the insurance carrier, we would realize that this was only the beginning of dealing with more crooks, who wanted to give us nothing for our house. As we look back on all this, it is a very sad commentary on the American way of life. Everywhere we have turned, we have dealt with crooks, people, who will tell you anything, but refuse to back up what they say, people, who take money for a job and do inferior work, or just steal right out, people, who make deals with insurance companies, so they can get their fair cut. In times past, it was the exception to encounter so many crooks in the business world; but now Dear Ones, it is the rule.

We have been out of our house for two months and continue to battle with the insurance company and with the mover; but our Father has said that we are not to worry about this; for He will give us victory. We put our faith in Him and we move forth; for well in advance He had us prepare for a time when we may not have a home. Back in 1998, He warned us to get a small camper or a small motor home. At that time we had no extra money to put into such an investment and did not know how we would obey God. We found an older model used motor home and I felt that we should get it, but at that time Dennis was very opposed to it. We debated it for a while but we did end up getting this small motor home. We borrowed against Dennis’ retirement fund and purchased this home and we are not homeless; for God spoke it and we obeyed His voice.

Dear Ones, as we look down the road we cannot determine what will come to pass; but God knows all things. He understands all things and He has 360-degree vision. Every day, we thank Him that we have a place to live; for without His guidance in our lives, we would not be able to live on our land.

Living here has not been without its difficulties; for we are still without running water, but we have been able to manage. And, because of the move and so much rain in the month of March, our computer crashed and we lost our computer for a total of about three weeks. The motor home has little insulation and the moisture got to it, but we are now back up and running. However, we lost many files and much e-mail, which I had not had time to answer; so if you wrote and did not hear from us, just understand that we have been so busy and emotionally drained with so much going on in our lives.

This happened at a time when I was just barely getting over a severe bout with the flu. My Precious Son was also going through great trials in his marriage and our Father in Heaven had said, "Book Eight is coming." After this move, I was aware of much oppression in the spirit world. Daily, I would pray against curses, which had been prayed on us and curses, which had been prayed on this land. Daily. I was aware of witchcraft, which was being done against us, and evil, which was coming at us from many sources.

Black helicopters fly over our little motor home almost daily. Most days, they fly over twice, sometimes two and sometimes four at a time. Across the valley, their rumbles fill the air and their presence is that of oppression. For twenty-seven months, the evil ones have pounded us with audible frequencies. Wherever we go, they follow us with these frequencies and most definitely they have followed us here. In the midst of all this, I thank our Father in Heaven and I thank our Precious Lord Jesus that we are counted worthy to be persecuted for love of God. How blessed we are!

On looking back at all the prophecy books, I remember the years when I would have to pray for two to three hours just to receive one vision or prophecy. In the earlier years, throngs of demons would come at us and often I would look up to see them riding through our house. Like hounds of hell, they would come riding on fiendish creatures. I remembered the persecution before Book V and how the devil used anyone and everyone to persecute me, to hound me to give up, so that you would not receive the beautiful promises and blessings of Book V. Before I got Book VI, I became very ill and was diagnosed with leukemia, but our Father in Heaven told me not to despair; for I would be healed and in due season I was. Before Book VII, Lucifer and his evil hoards tried to kill me and my Mother died. Fakers came out in the name of God and used up precious time with lies and more lies, but Book Seven came forth and the powerful words of our Father have led many of you to do your parts in bringing repentance to this land. Dear Ones, how we love you, who have taken your precious time and money to send out these letters! And, how God loves you! But remember: As you move forward for God, the devil will come to steal the blessings, which God has given you. Stay focused, pray often, and fast as the Spirit of God leads you.

Now, Dear Ones, we come to Book VIII and the devil and his hoards have come against us from many sources to disrupt our lives, to consume our energies, so that you do not get Book VIII. And, they have persecuted us from many directions and sources to keep us from living on this land. The evil ones have attempted to destroy our dwelling and they have lied, lied, and lied. The insurance company sent out henchmen, two of them, and when the first one came to his senses and totaled out our house, he was fired from his assignment and his work was deemed ‘totally unacceptable.’ The second one, who was sent out to rob us, was evil to the core. He was mean, accusatory and high-minded; but God said, "Do not despair; for I will give you victory."

So, now, Dear Ones, you know a little of what we have experienced. It would be impossible to give you a clear picture of what we have been through; and it would also turn into a very boring book. At least you do understand that this is the devil’s attempt to keep you from getting Book VIII, but he has not. It is coming to you and with the help of God it will be completed. All this persecution tells me that something very important is coming forth in Book VIII. Our Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven are coming forth with much information, which is for your benefit, and with God’s help, you will get it. You will receive it; for it is God’s will and my greatest desire is to do God’s will.

Dear Ones, we have lived a simple life all the years of our marriage and recently we honored our eleventh year. We are not materially oriented people. We buy our clothes at the dollar store when we can find them and buy ourselves about one pair of shoes a year. We are not into worldly things and we do not love money or what it can buy. However, each of us must have currency to negotiate in this world. We need a place to stay and it does not have to be a mansion or even a house. The devil has sought to destroy our house and to keep us from living on this land; but God has seen to it that we have a place to live and even though it is very small, we are not without. Through all, God has been with us and we understand that in the scheme of things, this is just a minor thing. Nevertheless, it has taken up much of our time and energy.

This past Monday, someone from my Son’s work called and said, "I hate to be the one to break this news to you, but your Son is in jail." My Son has had a drinking and drug problem since he was 13. He has been to two rehab centers, and he was sober for about two years, but he went back to drinking and has now been drinking for about eight years. I thanked this young man, who called me, and I had a long conversation with him about our Lord Jesus. He told me that he is a Baptist and I said "Son, these labels do not mean anything. What is important is that you have a personal relationship with our Lord Jesus." The Spirit of God showed me that this young man was a precious soul, but that he was coming up short on the spiritual side. I thanked him for calling and I told him what a blessing from God it is that my Son is in jail and that he has been remanded thereafter to a treatment center. I said, "Son, you do not know how many years I have prayed for my Son to be free. You do not know how I have pleaded with him to go back to a treatment center, to give up alcohol and to come back to God."

Last fall I told my Son that there would come a time soon when he would come back to God. I told him that it might be a year, or two years, but that he would be free. And, I said, "Son, when you give up alcohol and repent and come back to God, he will give you a Christian wife. He will give you two children," and even since that time, I have had several visions in which I saw him in jail. In my spirit, I knew that this was coming and I thank God. Dear Ones, pray for God to soften the heart of my Son and pray for our Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven to completely deliver him from alcohol and from the clutches of the devil. Pray for his complete freedom and healing.

The day after my Son’s friend called, I called the jail and I thanked them. A lieutenant there said, "Mam, most people do not feel this way!" And, I said, "Yes, Darling, you are correct; but I do as I know that this is an answer from God. God is in this. He has answered my prayer." Then, I called the Chief of Police in the small town where he was apprehended and sentenced and I thanked him. I told him that without God, we are all doomed and lost. I asked him to pass along my sentiments to the judge and he promised me he would.

Dear Ones, even though people have come up against us with curses and witchcraft and voodoo and evil is abound. Evil does not win! I know that God is in this with my Son and I know that as regards our house, God will give us a mighty victory. Evil cannot stand in the face of God and evil does not win out. Oh, the evil ones may have a temporary victory, but evil always implodes. It always destroys itself. It is not victorious; for darkness devours itself.

We belong to God and through much persecution we have persevered. It is only through persecution that any of us can advance in God’s work. If we are not being persecuted by the devil for love of our Precious Jesus and Beautiful God Jehovah, we are doing something wrong. If our lives go along and everything is always perfect and we are claiming to serve God, something is not right. For, when we set out to serve Jesus and our Precious Father in Heaven, the devil is going to try to stop us. He is going to try to defeat us. He is going to try to make us give up. He is going to send his henchmen and his hitmen and they are going to throw obstacles in our path. They are going to do all in their power to defeat us and at times, our journey is going to seem like an uphill fight. But, when the fighting gets tough, we must get in the spiritual warfare mode. We must get in the praying mode. We must get in the fasting mode. And, we must get in the Bible reading mode. When we see the evil ones sending their serious demons after us and putting their curses upon us, we must get under a great anointing of the Spirit of God! I tell you right now that all the evil in the world cannot prevail against the Spirit of God. This holy fire will break every yoke and it will bring down and destroy every evil curse. It will send demons flying into the pits and it will make us free. But, I tell you, Dear Ones, we have to fight. We have to pray. We have to stay close to God; for we are in a great war. We are in a war for our very souls and for the souls of all and we must fight. When the going gets tough, we must cry out to God and we must persevere. He will give us victory, but He never said that we wouldn’t go through lean times. He never said that we would not be tried and tested. He never said that we would live a life of ease. No, He has said that we will be tried and tested, that we will go through the fires. And, Dear Ones, each of you knows exactly what I am talking about.

Day before yesterday, I stopped up the road at a small church, which they have been building for some time. I went in and was surprised to find the preacher with a tool belt on his waist and he was working away. This is a Pentecostal church and many of them do not wear pants and they do not wear makeup. But, I do. I wear pants most of the time; for we are relaxed people and we are country people. And, when I am around the house I usually wear no makeup, but when I go out I may put on a little. But, as I was talking to this preacher, I knew what he was thinking. He was looking at my pants and he was looking at my makeup and he was looking away from me. I looked him in the face and I said, "I tell you, Brother, what our Lord Jesus is saying. He is saying that He is coming back for the Pure of Heart. And, I tell you right now that people had better stop looking down their noses at others for the way the dress! People had better stop looking down their noses at people because of the color of their skin." I said to him, "I tell you right now, this is not pleasing to God. Our Lord Jesus is not coming back for this. The churches are full of people with holier than thou attitudes. They think they are better than other people, but our Lord Jesus is not coming back for this." In fact, I got on a roll with this man as the Spirit of God was on me and as I looked in his eyes, I knew that he was dry. I knew that he was short of the anointing and as his attitude changed toward me, he asked me if I would like to see the church. The first thing he did was show me the baptismal font. And, as we ascended these few steps, I saw at the very top a beautiful angel. As I followed him about the church, I sensed in the spirit that a revival would come to this church if the people would repent and humble themselves before God and I told this man what I was seeing. Before I left, I prayed for this man and even as we bowed our heads in prayer, I felt the move of the Spirit of God and when we finished praying, I saw the Spirit of God on this man. He was beaming with God’s Spirit and he followed me out of the church and invited us to attend. But, as I was about to leave, the Spirit of God said, "Look." And, I looked to see darkness along the spine of this man. I saw what appeared to be blocks, empty blocks in his mind and about his head and I said, "Brother, I need to pray for you. There is something on you, which needs to be broken." As I prayed I saw the fire of God descend on this man and it went up and down his spine. It dissolved the blocks and even as I prayed I knew that this man needed courage. He needed courage to speak the bold things. He needed courage to speak repentance to the people. He needed courage in his walk before God and I prayed for this. As I was leaving I was talking to God about those blocks and He told me that these blocks were doctrines of men.

While I stood talking to this preacher, I told him that a mighty revival is coming to Arkansas, but I said, "Brother, do you know when this is going to happen?" He looked at me and just shook his head "No." I said, "It is coming when the land is a mess. It is coming when great destruction is everywhere. It is coming when people cannot feed their families. It is coming when unemployment is rampant and it is coming when people are hungry and thirsty for the word of God. This is when. As long as most people have what they need, they do not want God. As long as the masses are fat and happy, they have no need God in their lives." And, I said, "Preacher, the lukewarm is not going to get it. The middle of the road is not going to get it. People are going to have to get a hunger and thirst for God. They are going to have to clean up their lives. Then, this revival will come to pass."

Dear Ones, he listened. He did not back away from me like the last preacher I told to preach repentance. He listened in a humble way and God blessed him.

Cherished Brothers and Sisters, in spite of all that we have been through, my soul sings praises go God. In God, I rejoice; for He fills us with His beautiful love. He gives us peace and He provides our every need. Oh, how I rejoice in our Father and God Jehovah! Oh, how I rejoice in Jesus! Oh, how I rejoice; for God is with us and as He is with us, hell shall not prevail against us. Dear Ones, we do not love this world and what is in it. We love God! We keep our eyes on Jesus and we look to the day when He will return for us. We know that the time is short and we seek to be used by God to do His work. How blessed we are to be able to do a small part. Praises to God! Holy is His name! He is full of love and mercy!

Dear Ones, the following message is from our Father in Heaven and though it was given weeks ago, it is still very relevant and He told me at that time that it was to go on the next Message for You. Beloved, do not believe for one moment that the execution trains have stopped running. Do not believe for one moment that the plans for "Police State USA" and "Police State World" have changed or that they have gone away. Beloved, know that the evil ones are forging ahead at full speed to make prisoners of all. Our only hope is through our Lord Jesus and through our Father in Heaven, Jehovah, Most High. Our Lord Jesus is coming back for the Pure of Heart and those, who are worthy, are going to receive eternal life. This is God’s gift to His Faithful.

New Age is not going to do a thing for anyone, but open up a life of illusion, delusion and deception of every kind. New Age is just another term for New World Order Nazism and the losers to this system will find out that their lives are empty and that their religion will not provide for them. Cherished Ones, we are only going through a lull and it is during this lull that the evil ones are advancing on every front. I pray that you are being vigilant and that you are keeping up with the seriousness of what is taking place.


March 17, 2002

"My Blessed Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Hearken unto Me, My Little Child, and know this: vengeance is Mine. Yea, My Little One, they stand in high places and they wag their fingers at you and cause you all manner of evil. Even my anointed prophets have likened you unto demons, in the spreading of ‘false doctrine.’ But, I tell you, My Child, that the very one, who points one finger at you has four others pointing back. Those, who judge you, about truths, which they fail to understand, and who cast stones at you and label you with blasphemous labels, are the very ones, who are under My judgement. I ask you, My Child, do I not fight your wars?"

"Yes, my Father."

"And, those, who have come to accuse you and despitefully use you, have you not seen Me judge them all? Have they not all met with My judgement head-on?"

"My Father, I cannot say what has happened to all; but I have seen some of this."

"Then, know this, My Child, that you have enemies in high places, but enemies among some, who profess to be your friends. They speak niceties to your face and pray against you behind your back. I am mindful of these things and I will drive a wedge between you and these deceptive people. My Little One, times are perilous and the adversity in the world is taking on a new tone. As many rock themselves to sleep with their earthly comforts, the Earth is about to rock and sway. My great judgement is about to shake many off their comfortable seats and out of their comfortable lives. My Little One, I am about to devastate Hollywood. I am about to shake this blasphemous hill, a dark whore unto the whole world, until I am satisfied in My judgement. The great winds, winds like the world has seldom seen, are about to hit the USA. Here and there around the world, I am sending these winds and I am bringing forth My hand of judgement against the fake and phony light shows in the churches. My Child, what do you see before you?"

"My Father, I am standing on a precipice and I am overlooking a city below. It is night and the wind is cool on my face. As I smell smoke and as I look below, I see a raging fire in a part of this city and in the darkness of the night, I see once more the dark train, the execution train, as it passes, seemingly unnoticed. I hear the screeching of the wheels against the tracks and I hear the rumbling of the boxcars. Oh, Father, I dread to see what is in these cars, but in my heart I know that they are full of people. As my sense of vision opens, I am led inside a boxcar, and see that it is very dark inside. I sense a person at my feet and instintively know that it is a man. Even in the darkness of this boxcar, I can sense his presence. Through the vision, which you give me, I can see that his hands and feet are tied and that he is bound and gagged. He sees me and I hear him struggle to communicate with me. I reach down and remove the gag from his mouth and I ask, "Who are you? And, what are you doing here?"

"I am the last of the Mohicans," he says.

"What do you mean by this?"

"They will kill me if I tell you."

"Dear One, they are going to kill you anyway. Why are you here and what do you mean by ‘The last of the Mohicans?" I stoop down as he struggles to upright himself. I grab his arm and prop him up against the side of the boxcar. "Who are you," I ask?

"My name if Ron Brown."

"Ron Brown?"

"Yes, Ron Brown."

"There was a Ron Brown, who was killed by those in the Clinton administration."

"I know."

"Is this you?"


‘But, why are you here?"

"You mean, what are we all doing here?"

Then, I look around in the dark car and I sense the presence of many others, who are bound and gagged, just like him. "Where are they taking you?"

"We all know."


"To the shipyard."

"To the shipyard?"


"But, why?"

"We are headed for execution."

"Who ordered this and why?"

"Those, who run this government."

"But, why?"

"We know too much."

"Is this why you say that you are the last of the Mohicans?"

"This is partly so."

"What do you know?"

"That, which is hidden and unknown about deep government betrayal, a mighty betrayal of the American people. This country has fallen to the anarchists. There is no hope for me; but there may be hope for some of you if you wake up."

"But, many are awake."

"Not enough."

"So, when they take you to the shipyard, then what?"

"We will all die by the guillotines."

"How long have these been in use?"

"I cannot be sure."

"Do you know our Lord Jesus?"


"Do you know that he came and died on the cross for you and me. He was persecuted for he brought truth to the people. He brought salvation and the gift of eternal life. He was killed because he brought this life. Do you know this? Do you know that through him, we are all free?"

"I have heard it."

"Will you acknowledge him as Savior and will you repent, even as the thieves did at the last minute, and they were saved? Will you ask our Lord Jesus to forgive you of your sins and to fill your heart with his Spirit, that you might be saved from hell?"

"Yes. Lord Jesus, I am full of pain and sorrow. I have lived a life of sin and crime. I know it is over and I have nothing to show for this life, but pain and sorrow. I know that I do not deserve it, but if you would forgive me, I beg you to. Save me from hell, I ask you, but I know that I am worthy to go there. But, if in your mercy, you will forgive me, I will serve you, even until I take my last breath."

Then, he breaks down and begins to sob; and as I look to the far corner, I see a most beautiful angel standing there. Before the angel is a cup on a serving tray. The angel moves to me and hands me the cup and I give it to this man and say to him, "Drink this in remembrance of the blood, which our Lord Jesus shed for us, and in remembrance of the covenant he made with us." And, the man takes the goblet and drinks all. Then, the angel hands me a small piece of bread and I say to him, "Eat this in remembrance of our Lord Jesus; for He is truly the Bread of Life and he shed his body that we might have life."

He takes and eats and at that instant the whole series of boxcars opens up with much light and I am carried into a war scene, where many are hungry and thirsty and many are sick and wounded. Still, I am in the boxcar, but these cars are opened up and long lines of poor and downtrodden are before me. On bended knees, I go from one to the other and I share the wine and the bread and call to their remembrance of the covenant our Lord Jesus made with us. I remind them that we must submit ourselves wholly to God, to love him above all, with our whole being. I call each one to confession of sins and repentance, admonishing them to recognize our Lord Jesus as our Savior and the giver of Life. I admonish them to put their trust and faith in our Father in Heaven, recognizing our Lord Jesus as Savior, coming clean before God through repentance, that none shall perish but that all may have everlasting life. Then, as I minister to the last one, lights begin to flicker and I find myself outside in the darkness and I watch, sobbing deeply, as the last train passes in the night, and all are gone.

"Oh, Father, Oh Father, how my heart aches. What I went through was so real and so sad. I feel such deep sorrow."

"What you experienced was real and is real. These death cars are running and even so, some are being shipped to mock courts on ships and overseas. Those, who believed that such would never come to pass in this land, are utter fools. For, the trains are running."

"Father, how many have been killed in this way?"

"Many thousand."

"Oh, Father, I feel weak all over and so very sad."

"My Little One, America is deaf and blind and oblivious to these mass murders; but not for long."

"How long, Father?"

"Not long, My Child, for the evil ones in this very government are determined to extinguish all, who oppose them."

"Father, why do people not see?"

"They cannot see and they cannot hear; for they are cut off from My Spirit. With this, My Child, we shall stop for now. I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

"Father, where does this message go?"

"The next Message for You."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this17th day of March, 2002,
Linda Newkirk


Dear Ones, just this week, on http://www.rense.com, I read two articles about detention horrors at the airports. The first was presented by Mike Ruppert of http://www.CopvCIA.com and it is dated May 06, 2002. It is entitled ‘Overt Repression of US Dissent Begins,’ and within this text Mr. Rupert reveals an article by Matthew Rothschild entitled, ‘Protesters Detained In Milwaukee, Are you on the No-Fly List?’ The article tells of teenagers, among others, who planned to go to Washington DC to protest on April 20th, against the School of the Americas. They intended to lobby against US aid to Colombia. However, they were detained. In all, 37 activists were detained, including a priest and a nun. They were not cleared for take off and had to leave the following day. They found out their names were on a computerized ‘No Fly’ list, which had been supplied to the airlines by the US government. Yet, they were apparently never told exactly why they were being detained. Apparently, none were charged with a crime and as the story goes, they were not read their rights. Go and read this very interesting article. Beloved, take note. Some of these are minors. They were children. Children are on the lists! Every person in this country ought to be appalled! We are looking down the barrel at Nazi Germany USA!

On the same day, I read a second article on Rense.com and it was written by a man from Brazil, by the name of Ricardo Abude E Da Silva, an electronics engineer, who came to the USA via the LA airport on February 28th of this year. With one look at his passport, an INS officer advised him to follow him, whereby Mr. DaSilva’s possessions were plundered and seized, and he was thrown into a holding cell. As hours went by, Mr. DaSilva was moved from place to place, verbally brow beaten and threatened. He was soon to find out that many others were likewise detained and with seeming little hope of release. Finally, after many hours, he was allowed to call an attorney in LA and the attorney told him that he could not help him, for the INS grounds at the airport are not legally considered US soil. In the end, this mentally abused and deeply confused man was allowed to leave US soil and was all too glad to get out of here, still without a single clue as to why he was held as a prisoner

Then on the heels of these two articles, a Dear Sister sent us an article about foreign refugees, who are being held in the outback locations of Australia under extremely severe, adverse and inhumane conditions. Many of them are dying and/or going insane. They have no recourse and their whereabouts is basically unknown to all except a few. This is Nazi Germany in Australia and this kind of torture and inhumane treatment is being prepared for all of mankind. Beloved, this is the New World Order and it is sweeping the globe. Pray for God's judgement upon this evil system and pray for Him to shake up and save those he sees fit to save.

"Oh, Beloved Jesus, how we long for you! How we cherish the day of your return! Oh, Beloved Lord, I know that we are told not to look forward to the return of the Lord, but we know that it is your return, which will finish off this evil system. It is your return, which will bring peace to this evil world and Oh, how I long for this."

Cherished Brothers and Sisters, I am attempting from memory to inform you of areas in which the repentance letters have been sent out. Be aware that we lost much with our computer problems. Therefore, if you do not see your area of the country here and you have sent out letters, please e-mail us or drop us a line at our post office box. Many of you have worked very hard since the last update. You have sent these letters to many thousands of churches across the USA and around the globe and we are so grateful for you! We love you so and want you to know how much God loves you! Each of you is precious to Him.

"Precious Father, I ask you to reach out and touch each one of these precious souls and to bless them in more ways than they can ever imagine. Father, preserve them and keep them from harm! Put your words in their hearts and guide them in all things!"

1. Georgia, Griffin
2. Idaho (northern)
3. Idaho (around Boise)
4. Iowa
5. Louisiana, Shreveport area and to many big-name ministries
6. Massachusetts, around Salem
7. North Carolina (Morganton)
8. Ohio (around Cincinnati)
9. Oregon
10. Tennessee (around Memphis)
11. Tennessee (several counties around Nashville)
12. Wisconsin

From the last update, we know pastors of churches in these areas of the country have also received repentance letters.

1. California (Note: Only a very small part of CA received these letters. This state needs to be blanketed with these letters; for if we do not soon see a mighty spiritual move in this California, it is going to be literally washed away with the churning waters of the Pacific at the time of the passing of this planet!)
2. Florida (Winterhaven area. Note the above statement for California. The same applies for Florida.)
3. Illinois
4. Kentucky
5. Louisiana, (Baton Rouge area) Oh, how I pray that these people listen; for coastal areas stand in grave peril because of the passing of this planet!)
6. Michigan, (Holland area)
7. Minnesota
8. Nevada (Las Vegas area)
9. Tennessee (Nashville area)
10.Texas (Brownsville area)
12.Virginia (parts unknown)

Dear Ones, I know in my spirit that this is not all, but please forgive me for not being able to remember all. I do not want to miss any of your hard work and we need to know what areas have received the letters. So, if you have mailed them and we have not listed your area, please let us know so that we can list it. We need to continue to work together to reach the churches. Seeds planted today might not bear fruit today, but in due season, I trust they will. Beloved Ones, the people must repent. The churches must turn back to God in great numbers, or it is all over, but the shouting! This is why we must persevere with these letters. This is why we must continue to send them out. This is why we must not give up.

And, overseas, we know that many destinations have been reached, yet what was sent to me about these various locations was also lost when we had computer problems. But, I do know that our Beautiful Friends overseas have notified over 5,000 churches outside the USA.

"Oh, Precious Father in Heaven, bless mightily these dedicated workers of the harvest! Look upon them with tender mercies and with great lovingkindness. Bless their households and bless them so that all their needs are met. Thank You, Father, for You, alone are Most High. You, alone are holy. In the precious name of our Beloved Jesus, make it so. Amen."

The Calamitous Planet

Dear Ones, as many of you know, ancient Sumerian texts tell of a rogue planet, which passes through this solar system once every 3600 years. According to these ancient texts, at some distant point in the history of the Earth, this rogue planet charged into our solar system with its many moons; and one of its many moons collided with this very planet, knocking it off course and dividing it in half. Also, lost in the collision were many moons of the present Earth, which reportedly became comets. The singular moon, which now orbits the Earth, was apparently so large that it was achieving planetary status and it, too, was wounded and diminished in size. All these things are written about in Zechariah Sitchin’s series of books, which are called Earth Chronicles.

These translations tell how mankind was created as a slave for those from this passing planet, who were called the Elohim. You may be shocked and you may not agree and you certainly have this right. But, you may also come away with a deeper understanding of the Bible and the word of God. If these ancient translations are correct, we can then understand why mankind would need a Savior. We can see the great need for our Lord Jesus as Savior of mankind and the bearer of eternal life for all, who are deemed ready for such a blessing. If these translations are indeed correct, we can understand why the slave pushers of this world seek to keep us in ever-present darkness and chains, lest we wake up to our heritage and throw off their shackles.

As far as I am concerned, these ancient writings add a deeper understanding of the love of God, our Precious God Jehovah (Yahweh.) These ancient writings make us understand why he is such a strict disciplinarian; for if we do not obey Him and if we do not live by his laws and stay clean in our hearts, we will not make it off this Earth. We will not receive this gift of eternal life.

Beloved, the harvest is now and the greatest war, ever to be fought on this planet, is being fought for the souls of all. It is a war for freedom. It is a war for emancipation of mankind and it is a mighty war; but I am sad to say that most people on this planet will not be victorious. Why? Because they do not wish to be. For, to know the freedom, which our Lord Jesus is bringing, we must want this freedom and we must put our Father in Heaven first and we must love Him above all. We must be obedient to Him or we will perish!

Our Father says that this rogue planet is returning soon. He has made me see how we will have three and one half years of tumultuous changes in the Earth before this planet passes and three and a half years of hell on Earth after it passes. Beloved, I believe that we are now going through the three and one half years of this planet’s stress upon this Earth before its return. I believe that this accounts for much of the tumult, which we see in the Earth’s weather and in its crust. I believe that this accounts for the hurried manner of the New World Order and their rapid pace of setting the chains in place for enslavement of all.

Recently, I had occasion to speak with a most beautiful and humble soul, a man, who is an Elder of the indigenous peoples of America. I asked him if he knows of the passing of this planet and he said, "Yes." Then, I asked him if others leaders of the indigenous people know and he said, "Every One." He told me a date, which he believes is connected with the passing of this planet, and whether it is connected with the flipping of the Earth, I do not know. But, I will not print this; for I am waiting for a confirmation from Our Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven. Dear Ones, I remind you: Our Father says that this planet is bearing down on us, and in my spirit I feel this. Not long ago, a Dear Sister sent us an article, which told of the outer planets and how they are beginning to glow, for reasons unknown. This article was supposedly coming from Russian scientists. Beloved, they say that they do not know these outer planets are beginning to glow brighter, but I suggest to you that they do know. In the Book, the 12th planet, the ancients reveal that as this rogue planet approaches the outer planets, they begin to shoot fire. Does it not make sense, that their electromagnetic fields would also begin to become agitated, excited by the influx of a great electromagnetic wave of energies coming from this approaching planet; for, this planet is also considered to be a dwarf star?

When you consider the passing of this planet, know this: It is going to cause massive flooding and massive earthquakes, massive Earth changes on every front; and in its passing it is going to literally flip the Earth, just as Isaiah says in Chapter Twenty-Four of the Book of Isaiah. Read on and see what I mean!

Isaiah 24:1-7 "Behold, the Lord maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth the inhabitants thereof. And, it shall be, as with the people, so with the priest; as with the servant, so with his master; as with the maid, so with her mistress, as with the buyer, so with the seller, as with the lender, so with the borrower, as with the taker of ususy, so with the giver of usury to him. The land shall be utterly emptied, and utterly spoiled: for the Lord hath spoken this word. The earth mourneth and fadeth away, the world languisheth and fadeth away, the haughty people of the earth do languish. The earth is also defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant. Therefore, hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left.

Above, it is written that the Lord is going to make the Earth empty. Empty. Beloved if it is going to be empty, there are going to be few people left. Then, we are told that it is going to be the same with all people. People are all going to be treated the same. Is this not what the communists, the Satanists want? Is this not the New World Order plan? Isaiah goes on to say that the Earth fades away. It languishes and the haughty people languish. The people are distressed and the Earth is distressed! Why? Because the people have broken God’s laws! They have broken the everlasting covenant with God! Turning their backs on our Father in Heaven and our Lord Jesus, they have loved the things of this world. They have defiled their bodies. They have defiled the land. They are stiff-necked, proud and haughty and they will not repent! They have entered into covenants with strange gods and evil demons! And, because of this rebellion, the curse has devoured the Earth and the ones, who are left, are desolate. He then goes on to say that those, who are left, are burned and few remain! How will the Earth be burned? Dear Ones, we are looking at grievous atomic wars and wars with lasers and all manner of destructive weapons!

Dear Ones, I want to insert here a recent bit of information, which I gleaned also from Rense.com. This bit of information is related to a measure, which was passed by the Security Council at the United Nations. This article is entitled, "UN Summit tells Kids to have sex with Kids, Adults and Animals." The following quote is taken from this article and is reportedly from a sex book, given out at a UN summit. "Situations in which you can obtain sexual pleasure: 1. Masturbation 2. Sexual relations with a partner, whether heterosexual or bisexual 3. A sexual response that is directed toward inanimate objects, animals, minors, non-consenting adults. (i.e. rape) Beloved, you will need to go there and read the whole article, which was posted on May 10, 2002. And, as you read it, know that this is intended to warp the minds of precious little children. Beloved, there is a great push to drive all of humanity to the level of animals. There is a great push to destroy the minds of children so that they will perish. The world over, people have become as animals. Infidelity and aberrant sex are the norm and if people do not repent of this and come back to God, cleaning up their lives, and soon, they are absolutely going to perish! To the Most High, this is an abomination and reason enough to destroy the whole Earth!

Isaiah 24:16-23 "From the uttermost part of the earth have we heard songs, even glory to the righteous. But, I said, My leanness, my leanness, woe unto me! The treacherous dealers have dealt treacherously, yea; the treacherous dealers have dealt very treacherously. Fear, and the pit, and the snare, are upon thee, O inhabitants of the earth. And, it shall come to pass, that he who fleeth from the noise of the pit; and he that cometh up out of the midst of the pit shall be taken in the snare: for the windows from on high are open, and the foundations of the earth do shake. The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly. The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, and shall be removed like a cottage; and the transgression thereof shall be heavy upon it; and it shall fall and not rise again. And, it shall come to pass in that day, that the Lord shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth. And, they shall be gathered together, as prisoners are gathered in the pit, and shall be shut up in prison, and after many days they be visited. Then the moon shall be confounded, and the sun ashamed, when the Lord of hosts shall reign in mount Zion, and in Jerusalem, and before His ancients gloriously."

Oh, Dear Ones, look about! On every side the dealers deal treacherously. The merchants are full of greed, deception and trickery! They will say anything for money and cut deals with the highest bidder! Oh, how treacherously they deal, from the least, even unto the highest of the land! Around the world, we are living this nightmare! Isaiah then says that many will flee the calamities, driven by fear, but they shall run from the frying pan into the fire; for without our Lord and God to guide our every move, we shall not survive! The Earth shakes! It is greatly moved! It reels backwards and forwards, like someone, who is drunk. Can you imagine what is taking place with the oceans when the Earth is reeling back and forth, like a drunk man? Can you imagine what is taking place with the land masses, with the volcanoes, and with the fault lines? The mountains shall surely fall and the seas shall surely rush inland! Then, what happens? THE LORD SHALL PUNISH THE HOST OF THE HIGH ONES THAT ARE ON HIGH AND HE SHALL PUNISH THE KINGS OF THE EARTH! Then, they are gathered up and thrown into hell. Beloved, who are the High Ones? Are these the very ones, who are called by the name of Elohim? Are these the very ones, who fight to keep us all as slaves and work to stamp out every bit of God’s love and light through the chains of slavery and deception? Are these not the very ones, who push porn and aberrant sex upon the children? Are these not the very ones, who push violence, violence and lies, lies, and more lies, that all might be deceived? Are these not the very ones, who will eventually push to stamp out all Christians because of the promises through our Lord Jesus of eternal life and freedom from slavery? Are these not the very ones some call ‘Ascended masters,’ of which the so-called Lord Maitreya, the Betrayer, is only one? Is this not why our Lord Jesus was murdered to begin with? Because He dared bring freedom to the slaves of this Earth? You may say that we are not slaves, but I say to you, ‘Insist on being free!’ Insist on doing as you please and insist on not paying a major portion of your income to support the New World Order machine. Freedom is but an illusion in this worldly system, but freedom through our Lord Jesus and Beautiful Father in Heaven is eternal. Through our Lord Jesus, we are truly free. He came to set the captives free! Through our Lord Jesus we are given eternal life. Eternal life is eternal freedom from the slave drivers, who run this world through Lucifer and his evil hoards. It means that we will be given beautiful spiritual bodies and we die not!

Oh, Dear Ones, what a war we are in and each of us must fight! We cannot sit idly on the sidelines and do nothing! We must fight for the souls of our brethren and we must be bold in speaking truth! We must not love these bodies unto death; for our promise of Life does not come through this satanic world government and its deception.

Cherished Brothers and Sisters, if you do not know the wonderful love and beauty of the Spirit of God in your life, you have a sad existence! I have been there and I know full well what it is like! If you do not know our Lord Jesus and his precious love, oh how lonely you are! If you are lost and in shackles of the devil, how hopeless you must feel! I have lived this way and I have known the loneliness and despair! Dear Ones, if you do not have a very close and personal relationship with our Lord Jesus, do not let another day pass without getting on your knees and pleading before Him to hear your cries. Beg him to forgive you! Weep before him and beg our Lord Jesus to fill your heart with His Spirit. Beg Him to show you the way out of this world of slavery, that in the end you might be saved and receive eternal life. Oh, Cherished Ones, Jesus is our Way home and He is our Only Way. He is our Beautiful truth and He is our Life. Indeed, he is the Light of this dark world. And, if you are hurting and need prayer, write to us. We will pray for you!

Oh, Cherished Ones, I beg you not to put off until tomorrow the spiritual work you need to do today. You may not have time; for the world, as we know it will soon pass, and many billions of souls will perish in darkness. Dear Ones, live today as if it were indeed your very last. Repent. Come clean before God and stay clean. Put God first. Love him with your whole being! Honor Him by obeying His laws and cherish and love our Lord Jesus; for he is truly the Savior of mankind!

"Father in Heaven, speak to the hearts of those, who come to this site. Make them know and understand the seriousness of these times. Touch their hearts and plant Your will deeply within them. Father, Oh, Father, save every soul! Do not leave one out! Convict every one and bring them on in, lest they procrastinate and perish in darkness. Father, Oh, Father, show them the love of our Precious Jesus. Cause the message of eternal life and salvation to sink deep within their souls and to wake them up. Shake them up and make them see and understand the seriousness of these times. From the time that they get up until the time that they go to bed, speak to their hearts. Fill them with Your Spirit, Precious Father. Speak to them, Precious Jesus and save their precious souls. Beloved Father in Heaven, in the name of our Lord Jesus, make it so. Amen!"

Cherished Brothers and Sisters, from the bottoms of our hearts, we thank each of you, who helps with these works and we pray that your gifts of love are multiplied unto you many times over. We are grateful for your love and for your many kindnesses. We are still catching up on correspondence. We have not forgotten some of you. We have just been overwhelmed and hope to get back with each of you soon.

Jesus is our Beautiful Life and Only Way Home,
Dennis and Linda


PS Keep in touch. More chapters of Book VIII are on the way!

Because of the length of this message, I will not list the repentance letters again. But, please, if you are able to send them out, copy them from the February 2002 message and help us reach the churches of this land and around the world. In addition, we desperately need for someone to step forward and translate these works into Spanish and Portuguese. If this person is you, come forward; and if you are one, who has the money to do so, invest it in helping to get these works translated. We have so many beautiful Brothers and Sisters, who are in chains to the Catholic Church in other countries and I tell you, Dear Ones, this saddens me so; for the Catholic Church is a ringleader in the New World Order scheme for world slavery. These people, who are kept in the dark by this church, desperately need to know the truth of our Lord Jesus. So many of them are in Mexico and South and Central America! They need to know of the passing of this planet so that they can prepare spiritually. But, I fear that most will never know what happened; for they will not be informed. They will not be informed by the governments of the world and they will not be informed by their churches. Do not miss this opportunity to reach and save souls. If this plea touches your heart, think about it and pray about it. Then, come forward and help us get these translations done! Anyone wishing to send financial aid to help with these works, send to: Linda Newkirk, P.O. Box 17277, North Little Rock, AR, 72117.

Also, I wish to make one more comment as I promised Matt that I would. He wrote me telling me that in his dream of hell, the opening to hell, which he fell into, was ten feet wide and not one foot.

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