A Message For You

May 17, 1999

My Precious Brothers and Sisters, I pray that this correspondence finds you well and filled with the peace of our Lord. More and more, as days go by, I am reminded of the passing nature of this world and all, which is in it. I am made to see continually that we must keep our eyes on Jesus, lest we veer off course and be caught up in the swirling darkness around us. Only because we have the TRUTH of our Lord and Savior Jesus, are we able to make it through the storms, which are definitely growing in intensity. With each passing storm, our Lord stresses even more strongly why we must keep our eyes on Him and let go of the worldly; as it is filled with such great illusion and darkness.

This week, our precious pet ran out in the early morning as Dennis was going to work; and this has been a very hard week, as we loved him so. At first, I believed that we were being punished for some reason and appealed to the Lord, feeling that we were at fault. But, His sweet voice spoke and said, "My Child, as you have the freedom to make choices, so do animals. And, as your pet has known little, save the safe environment he has lived in, he began to think that the world had more to offer."

He liked to watch the children play outside and occasionally ‘talked’ to other cats from behind our screen door. And the world, which had continually frightened him, gradually seemed to become more and more captivating. "But, My Child," Our Lord Jesus said, "he had no idea of the great dangers therein and that he would not be able to survive; as he had been so sheltered and knew nothing of the dangers of the world."

Our Beloved Jesus went on to tell me how people do the same kinds of things. He told me how Our Father has given us a safety net through our obedience to His commands; and that this safety net provides not only safety, but also peace, love, and an abundance of blessings. However, most of us begin to see these commandments as prisons; and look to the world to provide a ‘better way.’ We forsake the safety and love of what God has so freely given; and run headlong into the uncertainty of the world, like a ship with out a rudder.

The worldly life may seem like great fun at first; but soon each soul finds out that it is filled with sorrow and disappointment. There is no hope in the ways of the world, for these ways are cruel and unforgiving. And, pretty soon, each one, who has forsaken the love and peace of the Lord, becomes filled with all manner of dark emotions, sadness, anger and a sense of betrayal. In the darkness of rebellion, each begins to question whether there is a God and develops a sense that God has betrayed them. And many die in this state of turmoil and unrest, only to go to a place of greater turmoil, unrest, and darkness.

This cycle of rebellion continues over and over again; and, there is only one way to break it. JESUS IS THE WAY! My Precious Ones, as we change our choices, we begin to change our lives. So, I beg you out the love of my heart: "Listen to me! You are worthy of the love of our Lord as He gives it freely." However, you will never find this love if you live in rebellion. So, recognize how you have shut out the love of God in your life through rebellion. And in so doing, you have denied yourself so very many blessings, including His peace, which surpasses all understanding. Ask Jesus to circumcise your heart and to give you a new heart. Beg Him to forgive you of your wrongs, as you forgive others. And know that as you go about living as our Father has commanded, you will become a new person; for you will receive a new life with Jesus at its center. Then and only then will come to know and understand why JESUS IS OUR LIFE.

Daily, I continued to pray for our precious animal, but he did not return home. On the fourth night, we heard a great commotion of many dogs fighting about a block away. They sounded like the hounds from hell; and my heart leapt into my throat as I ran to the door to peer into the darkness, searching for any signs of him. I prayed that they had not gotten our cat, but I feared the worst. The morning after these awful howls I began to pray again for the safe return of this much loved animal; and as I prayed, the Lord said, "Go to the door and let your cat in." But, when I went to the door, I did not see him; so, I said, "Lord, there is no cat here." Confused, I came back inside not knowing why he told me this; but in a very short while, I felt a presence in the room and I looked down to see the spirit of our beloved cat. He looked at me with such love and my eyes filled with tears. I watched him rub up against another cat he had in tow, a fluffy cat, who seemed to be his best friend. Now and then, he would rub against my leg and purr and all I could do was to shed buckets of tears and cry out, "Why did you have to go? We loved you so!"

At that very moment, I could feel our Father’s love so deeply. What anguish our Lord must feel because we desert him, give up on His love and die in fear and darkness! Through my tears, I watched the cat as he took up his favorite place on the sofa and went to sleep. I went over, placed my hand over his spirit, and felt his warmth as he slept; and amidst many tears, I thanked the Lord our God that we had him as long as we did.

This experience reminds me to have joy and thanks for what we have and have had; and to remember our Lord’s words that we must not get too attached to this sphere and all, which is in it; for all is passing. Our Home in not of this world, but is far away, yet so near. It is as near as the one across the table from us and possibly no farther away than our next breath. So, we must look at others with love and forgiveness, realizing that this could be the last breath for any of us.

My Beloved Ones, I pray that what I have shared will help you to understand that we are of spirit and to spirit we will return. Our bodies age and die and no matter how hard we try to stay young, regardless of the number of vitamins we take, or how much plastic surgery we undergo. We are all going to die; and this will happen sooner, rather than later. But, so very many of us continue to cling to this world of illusion; for we believe that it contains real happiness. So many of us believe that we have it all because we have a lot of ‘stuff’; but My Precious Brothers and Sisters, what we have is only an illusion; and one, from which we will each exit. So, we must keep out eyes on Our Lord, knowing that we have a spiritual work to do while we are here. We must discipline ourselves and make ourselves ready to do the work our Lord has for us. And when it is our time to go, we will go in His peace, knowing that we have done what we could, always imperfectly, but what we could with what we had.

As I continue on with Book V, I realize just how much our Lord loves us and how very kind and forgiving He is. I realize with each page what a miraculous God we have and how we are loved beyond any words or descriptions we could ever come up with. My Beloved Ones, we are so blessed; as we have a Father, who pours out His love in great measure and bears a wisdom, which each of us can only dream of. He is full of love, kindness and mercy; and He gives of this freely to all. Yet, in his love for each of us, He allows us the free will to choose our own Way.

In Book V, I have been so very humbled by His love that I have often wept because I know that I am so unworthy; and that I can never do enough to be worthy. I am so deeply touched by the contents of this book that I would gladly give it away to all; but our Lord has expressly forbidden this, except in cases in which He speaks this to me. I advise each of you to order this book; for it is unlike all the rest. It overflows with the Love of the God and if you do not have it you will never reap the blessings interwoven into this book. So, I advise each of you to sit down today and order this book. If you put it off you may forget. The book is being mailed out in sections, between seven and ten sections altogether, as the Lord dictates it to me; and you will only be able to get it through the mail. The Lord has warned that the website will be shut down at some near point in the future; and many will never receive of the bounty of this book. The cost of the book is only $25.00; but those in the USA must pay an additional $25.00 for shipping and handling, which brings the cost for USA orders to $50.00. For all overseas orders, the cost of the book is also $25.00, but the costs of shipping and handling are $50.00, which brings the total cost of the overseas orders to $75.00. Please send funds in US dollars only. Checks and money orders are fine. The first section of this book is almost completed and will be sent out next week to those, who have ordered it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


In the World

Great confusion is taking place all over the world. It reminds me of how a pack of wolves corners a helpless animal. The precious animal is so frightened by this intense confusion from all sides that it freezes, unable to move from fear and uncertainty; and the pack moves in for the kill. It is truly Lucifer’s plan to keep us so confused by all the commotion that that we freeze, give up and lay down out of fear and uncertainty; then succumb to a sense or powerlessness. This intense push of confusion is to make all forget the WAY out of sensory overload. But, My Beloved Ones, no matter how hard life gets, we must never forget that we have a way out; and this WAY IS JESUS. JESUS IS OUR WAY.

As Lucifer throws up smoke screens on our every path; we must not believe what our senses tell us; for our senses want to believe the material world. We must not pay attention to our senses, but to the Spirit of God, which bears witness to our souls that Jesus is our Truth. Without this Truth, we are totally lost, caught up in the dark lies of Lucifer.

WWW III, which started in Iraq, is well under way; and the Luciferians have no intention of stopping this war. These hounds from hell plan to open the doors for the Russians and Chinese to attack the USA; and this is coming to pass quickly.

Some ask whether the bombing of the Chinese embassy was a mistake. I ask you to remember that the peeping eyes of Lucifer have the capacity to watch your every move; and his listening ears can hear your every conversation. With 66 satellites, the Luciferians can see your license plate or even the moles on your face. They bragged about the accuracy of the "smart bombs" when they attacked Iraq in 1991; and on the Luciferian television, they showed how it was done. However, when the war with Kosovo started they advised in advance of all the mistakes they would make. Suddenly the "CIA" is so incompetent that they cannot see a huge building with the same sophisticated devices, with which they can watch your every move. And, in addition, they continue to bomb helpless civilians day after day.

My Brothers and Sisters, we must understand that this war is created to bring in the third world war; and these hounds from hell have no intention of stopping the progression of this World War. Even after Lucifer comes to rule out of Israel, this war will rage for 3 more years. It will not only rage, but will grow in intensity as Lucifer sets out to kill every godly soul and to carry the rest into the dark abyss. Yes, indeed, the whole world will fall into Luciferian dominion before the return of our Lord; and 1999 marks the end of the first year of the Great Tribulation.



The California earthquake

As you know (if you read the last message), I posted a prophecy from another source about a California earthquake. Some have written very angry letters that it did not come to pass; and others have written, extremely grateful that it did not happen. By this time I have come to understand the immeasurable love and mercy of our Father and God; and I know that warnings of things to come can sometimes cause them not to happen because of prayer and fasting of the faithful. Our Lord and God hears and answers prayers; as He is full of love and mercy. However, it is very hard for many to understand this love and mercy if they see Him as mean and punishing. It is very hard for anyone to perceive of such love and mercy, particularly if they have a mean and punishing earthly father, as I had.

The only way I could know the love and mercy of my Father in Heaven was to forgive my earthly Father. So, if you are having trouble accepting the love and mercy of your Father in Heaven because of unresolved issues with your Father in this realm; I beg you to ask our Lord to help you forgive him. Also, ask our Lord to forgive you for any part you have played in this poor relationship. Our Lord sees hearts and he forgives a sincere heart. Keep on with this prayer; and one day your will see that your pain is gone. Also, remember to ask the Lord to heal your memories. Do all these things with a sincere heart; and muster up all the inner strength you can when you pray. None of the mind prayers! Pray with all your heart; and you will be heard. Understand?

Back to the earthquake prophecy, I have spoken twice with the man, who received the prophecy about the California earthquake; and I can assure you that he is full of love for the Lord and would not make up such a story. I have assured him that this earthquake is postponed because of our Father’s mercy and love and that this is our Father’s Way. How long our Father’s mercy shall last, I do not know. But, remember: we are entering the second year of tribulation; and Lucifer shall have his appointed time to rule. In fact, he is already ruling the greatest numbers; and most have no clue. Regardless of what happens, keep your eyes on Jesus; and make sure that He is Lord of your life. Remember that all of us are here for only a short time, so make your time valiant for the Lord Jesus. Precious is His holy name!



The Panama Canal

Now and then we come across another person in the world, who is looking and watching; and this past weekend Dennis and I came across such a person. In the course of this conversation, this WWII veteran mentioned the horrible state of the Panama Canal, with rails rusting and the canal generally in poor repair. But, not to worry about all this. For, an entity has bought the canal, who will certainly fix all this, when the USA relinquishes control of it in December of this year. And, who would this entity be? Well, as we understand it, a Chinese ‘company’ has purchased the canal. A Chinese ‘Company?’ Would this be the same ‘company’, which has built the armed defenses on the Spratly Islands.



Precious Mail

Following are two precious pieces of mail, which were sent to us via snail mail. As you read these two pieces of mail, your heart will be filled with love, humility, compassion and most probably, even fear; but, do not let any negative emotions overcome you. Cling to Our Lord’s Promise that as we are faithful in doing what we know to be right and according to the will of God, we shall come home to rest in a land of pure joy, of absolute love and beauty. Read on.

Gail’s Story

Ellie’s Dream

Now that you have read about the visions, dreams and lives of these Beloved Sisters, you understand what I mean about being filled with love, humility, compassion, and even fear. But, be at peace, My Precious Ones, recognizing, knowing, and believing that our Beloved Lord and God loves each of us more than we can ever imagine.

As I speak of our Father’s love, I am reminded again of how He is pouring out His love in Book V. Some of you will find your yourselves in this book. When you read it, you will see what I mean.

Jesus is our Glorious Way,
Linda and Dennis

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