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May 19, 2003


"Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, greetings to you in the Precious and Beloved Name of our Lord Jesus, the Name above all Names! Praises to our Father in Heaven; for He is full of love and mercy and He has sent His Only Begotten Son that you and I might have Life more abundantly! Glory to God! Praises in the Highest; for the time of our redemption truly draws near and you and I have much to be excited about!

Oh, Dear Ones, much has happened in our little part of the world since the last update and these things have taken up much time and energy. In addition, I have waited for our Lord and God to finish Book VIII and you will see the last three chapters of this book posted under Book VIII. I will not post parts of these chapters here as this is not necessary, but you will need to take the time to click below on Book VIII and read the lengthy messages He has given since the last update.


War, war, war …

Thank you, John, for passing this on!

"Of course the people don't want war. But after all, it's the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger." -- Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials


New World Order Plot To Blow up New York City!

Back in March, New York City was saved from a terrorist attack, which was being initiated by the evil ones in this very government. Their plan was to blow up a large part of New York City and bring in Terror bill number two and further take away the rest of our rights. Stew Webb at http://www.stewwebb.com had received word of a New World Order scheme of possible a biological or chemical attack on New York City and he got busy warning the people.

As soon as the Iraqi war was barely underway, our Lord and God, showed me three places, which the evil ones were planning to attack. I did not know what these places were at the time, only that the evil ones in this very government planned to attack three places. But, when Stew Webb received the information about a possible attack on New York City, our Lord and God showed me three bombs, which were being planted under the subway in New York City. Chinese soldiers were being used by the New World Order crowd to plant these bombs. In addition to these bombs, our Lord also revealed that the evil ones also planned to blow up a nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania and another in the Southwest region of America, which I now believe to have been Arizona.

But, because Stew Webb got many guest appearances on the radio and all these plans were revealed, these evil ones were unable to blow up New York city as well as their other targets. In a nutshell, they were unable to carry out their plans as they had scheduled. Dear Ones, you need to be aware that New York City is still in one piece because this man, Stew Webb, worked very hard to line up radio shows. He took his own money to pay for the telephone calls to be on these shows, and worked very hard to get the word out. I was on some of these shows with him and revealed what our Lord and God had shown. To our Beautiful Father in Heaven and to our Precious Lord Jesus is the praise and glory forever and ever.

Those of you in New York City need to get on your knees and thank God; for without God’s intervention in revealing the hidden, and then working through the willing hearts of His people to make these things known, many of you may not be here to today! This was a very close call, not only for New York City, but for Pennsylvania as well. I do not believe that the area in the Southwest was as potentially deadly and explosive as the other two as God did not put the urgency in my heart for this area.

Iraqi War

If you go to Book Eight, Chapter Fifteen, you will see that nearly every prophecy given by our Lord and God about the invasion of Iraq has come to pass.

Dear Ones, what have we won in this war? What victory have we had? How many hundreds of thousands of troops must now die from disease and radiation poisoning before people wake up? What weapons of mass destruction have they found? The big, bully on the block has gone in and taken over a country of poor people. Our soldiers have raped and pillaged and killed many, many women and children. Does this make you proud? God forbid!

"The mark of the Beast"

Near the time of this Iraqi war, a Dear Woman of God called me and began to tell me about a friend’s son, who came home from boot camp and was so excited to tell his Mother about the computer chips he got. One was placed in his forehead about an inch up from the bridge of his nose and the other was placed on the back of his right hand. He described how the one in his forehead contained his social security number, his medical information, and other pertinent information; and the one on the back of his right hand was there so that he could be found behind enemy lines! This woman told me that about 60,000 troops had recently received these chips. .

Dear Ones, have you heard a word of this? Has it been on the news? Has it been in the papers?

"Killing machines"

If you have been observant about this Iraqi war, surely you have noticed how many of these soldiers seem to have become killing machines. I read at one time early on during this war that more of our soldiers had died from "friendly fire" than from any other means. Why?

Dear Ones, think about the microchip in the head. With these electronic devices in place in their heads, these soldiers are being mind controlled. Their thoughts are often not their own. They are repeatedly programmed to act and react in a certain way. They are programmed to feel certain emotions. Among the programmed messages are orders to kill, kill, kill. Our Lord and God has revealed this in one of the messages you will read in the added chapters to Book Eight. The evil handlers of these soldiers are goading them to kill without even thinking about what they are doing and they are riddled with fear.

Just like the murderers in the video games that so many have watched, many of these soldiers are heartlessly killing in a cold-blooded frenzy, not thinking about what they are doing, just killing and murdering. They are killing on impulse, never thinking that one day, they will face the evil of what they are doing.

When they come back home and try to live normal lives, they will find that they will never again have normal lives. The can never again be assured that their thoughts are their own. They can never again be assured that their actions are a result of their own free will. With the taking of these computer chips, they have voluntarily entered into the worst of worlds and their actions will haunt them for a very long time. Are you proud of this? Does this please you? God have mercy!

"Support our Troops."

The horrors that we have read about through the foreign press about US soldiers mercilessly killing women and children ought to be an outrage to any person of sane mind! But, how many are cheering on this war? How many are sending letters and e-mails, which urge any and all to "support" our troops? How can you support our troops and what they are doing? Believe me, I understand the quandary. These are Americans. They are young men and women. They are Fathers and Mothers and they are obeying orders to "serve and protect their country." Is Iraq our country and is/was Iraq in danger of attacking America? Was America in imminent danger because of Iraq? Did the Bush crowd find the so-called weapons of mass destruction, which made Saddam Hussein so dangerous? People, I hate to tell you this, but the supporters of this war are accountable to God!

While my heart goes out to all these soldiers and to their families, I cannot support them in this war; for our Father in Heaven has condemned it from the beginning! Mad men have overtaken this government from the very top and I cannot support what God is against. Nevertheless, I ask our Father in Heaven to be merciful to those, who have ignorantly entered into a covenant with Lucifer. This is heartbreaking!

The coming of the Antichrist

Dear Ones, sometimes I wonder if people honestly believe that the Antichrist will come up and say, "Hello, I am the Antichrist." It seems that many may actually think that he will come forth with horns and smoke and fire spewing from his mouth and nose.

Beloved, you must be very wise and you must constantly seek God. For, the Antichrist is going to be utterly charming and his yarns and tales ever so convincing. He is going to tell you what you want to hear to a point, at least until you are fully hooked, and then he is going to let the hammer down. He is going to rule out of Israel, so the country of Israel is central to all that is going on. Israel is right now being prepared for antichrist rule.

How many times have we heard that if we do not support this or that in Israel, America is doomed? Well, Dear One, I hate to tell you, but America is going to fall and so is the Israel, as you know it to be. Truly, the antichrist and false prophet will rule out of Israel.

The same evil hoards, the fake Jews, who worship Lucifer, are secretly ruling this country and they are ruling Israel. They are the power dogs behind the New World Order. Their agenda is to kill off the real Jews and to loot, trash and destroy America and other countries in their bid to rule the whole world! So, if you are of the assumption that anything that has to do with Israel is holy, you are in for a horrifying ride of delusion and illusion with the antichrist at the helm of your ship.

This world war, which the Bushes and the evil New World Order crowd is pushing for, is toward antichrist rule. This war is to gain control of the world’s oil supply and at the same time to subdue any and all enemies of Israel. Why? Because those, who control the world’s oil supply, will control the world. And, once the groundwork is laid through this war, the antichrist can easily establish his rule from Israel.

Think for a moment. What country is both financially able and militarily capable of taking out the Arab world and making the world ready for the antichrist rule? Of all the countries, which you know of, can you guess this one?

I you guessed America, you are surely correct. All the war supporters are supporting the fall of the USA and the rise of the antichrist after this third world war. Unknown to most of them, the war supporters are supporting the rise of Europe and the fall of America; for this will surely come to pass, once they have sufficiently raped and pillaged this land. . After this war comes to a close, the New World order plans to have America without the military means to defend itself and financially destitute, just like Argentina. With the full support of many dumbed-down Americans, their plans are coming to pass rapidly.

If you are one, who is applauding the rise of the Antichrist and the fall of America by supporting this third world war, you may soon get what you are clapping for. The whole world is on a collision course with destiny!

Anointed Cloths

The House of Israel/Rainbow anointing

I know that God is touching many of you through His anointing on these cloths. Some of you write and tell of your wonderful experiences with these cloths, but I will not reprint your letters or experiences unless you give permission. As God leads you, please share the healings and miracles He is giving you that He may receive the praise and glory! These letters will be posted on the miracle page. See this page for latest additions.

We are continuing to send out these cloths and those of you, who follow directions given with these cloths and take this anointing seriously, will see this very anointing grow in your lives. God is going to raise up men and women, such as yourselves, and He is going to anoint these Precious souls and use them to minister to others, here and there around the world.

In my heart, I pray that you are one of these anointed ones; for the harvest is great and the workers are few. Dear Ones, if you will but take seriously what our Lord and God is giving you through these cloths, you will be truly blessed and you will also be a blessing to others! But, if you let this gift sit, what you have been given will be taken from you and it will be given to one, who will use it to minister to others. If you would like an House of Israel/Rainbow cloth, please send a request to: Linda Newkirk at P.O. Box 17277, North Little Rock, AR, 72117. These cloths are free and the anointing on them is a mighty blessing from God. Praises to His Holy Name!

The Strange Fire

I have some very good news. Our Wonderful Lord and God has sealed up the "strange fire’ in the Fiji Islands and He has taken the wind out of the sails of a witchdoctor, who has been terrorizing some of God’s people! Praises to His Holy Name!!!

To our Dear Brothers and Sisters in these islands, remember our Lord’s words in Zechariah 8:13 "And it shall come to pass, that as ye were a curse among the heathen, O house of Israel, so will I save you, and ye shall be a blessing: fear not, but let your hands be strong."

The strange fire has been sealed up over North America since March 15th of this year. Our Lord and God has said that He is going to begin to put victories into the laps of His people and I am hearing of some of these. Stew Webb was telling me about a court case, which was won in Denver, Colorado on April 17th and the nature of win was that the Denver police were forbidden from keeping secret files on anyone. As I understand it, the perpetrators also had to release the files of any and all involved if the individuals ask for these files. I understand that the city of Denver also had to make renumeration to certain individuals. It is most remarkable that this case was won on Passover; for I truly believe that God is showing His people a way out of Egypt. Passover, this year, truly marked the beginning of some very awesome events, which will bring victories for the people of North America, and possibly elsewhere as well.


Government Reforms

Dear Ones, now is the time to go forward with government reforms. Now is the time to hit your state legislatures with complaints about this illegal terror bill #I, otherwise known as the Patriot act. Now is the time to bombard the congress in Washington DC and demand accountability from those, who gave up your rights, and never even read the bill! Now is the time to demand a repeal of this bill and it is time to demand an accounting for 911. It is time to go to your state legislatures and demand that they reject the Patriot Act. In other words, Dear Ones, it is time to get busy.

Believe me, this "strange fire" is real and because it is sealed up for a season, the evil ones are being temporarily crippled; but it is only bound until the 15th of December of this year. There is not a lot of time; but if you will get organized and do your part to turn back some of the evil, which has so crippled this country, God will surely give you a tailwind to make your work easier. So, do not say that you cannot do anything. You can. Get busy writing and demand accountability of those in Washington DC. Demand accountability for this Iraqi war and get to work in your neighborhoods in helping to inform your local government about the terrors of the Patriot Act. Don’t let this time pass without doing what you can to make a difference. You people in Canada, be mindful that this binding of the strange fire also affects you and it is not time for you to go forth and demand accountability before all your freedoms are gone.
Of utmost importance is the breaking of the stranglehold of the evil societies on this government. It is time to come together as a people and demand that all members of secret societies, such as the Skull and Bones, the Freemasons, the Council on Foreign Relations, etc. step down and divorce themselves from government. It is time to pass legislation at the state level forbidding those of these secret societies from holding office. It is time for large numbers of these treasonists and conspirators to go to jail for their treasonous acts. It is time to demand accountability of the members of congress. It is time to push lawsuits in the courts, which expose their evil, demanding that the evil ones go to jail and make amends to those, whom they have raped and pillaged, for their drug running and for their crimes against this country. Every state needs to make it law that no one and I mean no one in these secret societies ever holds office again. These secret societies are a plague upon this very world. They have continually raped and pillaged, stolen and murdered, and put grievous burdens upon the backs of the people! They have worked to take God out of the mouths of our children and they have worked overtime to destroy the morality of this land. They are heinous religious cults from hell and they need to pay for what they have done to this land and to countries all over the world! They forbid religious practices in schools, but everywhere we and our children are bombarded by Satanism. It is time to say, "Enough is enough of this satanic cult!" If you will do your part, God will bless you! Dear Ones, it is now or never! Time is running out and if we do not make hay while the sun is shining, we will permanently lose what freedoms we have. If you want to retain your freedoms, freedom, you must stand up and demand a stop to this evil!

Pray with all the intensity of your heart! Pray like you have never prayed before!

Get on your knees each and every day and ask our Father in Heaven, in the Blessed Name of our Lord Jesus, to break the stranglehold of these evil societies off this land. Ask Him to raise up many righteous men and women of God, who will go to bat against this evil. Ask Him to put His will into the hearts of these people and to give them victories, mighty victories in defeating these evil people and in bringing to an end their stranglehold on this government.

Will you do your part? Will you get busy and make hay while the sun is shining; for this strange fire is only sealed up until December 15th ? Time is of the essence!


I believe that Stew Webb is keeping up with some of these court victories on his site. They are coming about here and there and this is really encouraging. Another victory that I am aware of is one involving Marijah MCCain and Herbal Healer Academy in Arkansas. The attorney general was trying to shut her down for recommending and treating with herbs. She is a naturopathic doctor and this is her nature of her work. But, he failed to do so when she got support from all over America. Praises to God for this victory!

People, there are many, many of us and if we will work together we can truly make a huge difference. We can no longer afford to be lackadaisical. God is giving us a tailwind right now and if we do not use it, shame, shame, shame on us! We will either take this opportunity to push and push hard to do something about this evil, or this country will utterly fall, and then it is concentration camp time. Do you hear me? It is now or never!!!!!

Our thanks and heartfelt love to you!

We thank each and every one of you, who has a heart after helping us with these works. You make it possible for us to send out the prayer cloths and to help others in need as God sends them our way. From the depths of our hearts, we thank you! God is ever mindful of you and He will bless you in great and mighty ways!

In closing

Dear Ones, spend more time on your knees before God praying. Read the scriptures daily and continue to give up the lusts of the world. Put our Lord and God at the helm of your ship and to keep Him there. Shut down the television, and throw out the movies; and you will have a renewed peace in your lives. Remember that God has commanded His people to shut down television; and if you will obey, He will surely bless you. Guard your minds and keep this filth away from your home and from the minds of your children. When you obey God’s commands, He will fill your life with blessings and His peace will be in your heart and home.

Go and read the last three chapters of Book Eight and be sure to read the fulfilled prophecies section. This is a new section and you can thank Antonietta for all her hard work in compiling these fulfilled prophecies. To God is the praise and glory forever and ever; for these are His words coming to pass!!!

Jesus is our Beautiful Way home,
Dennis and Linda

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