May 23, 2005

My Dear Friends, I send love to each of you and greetings in the Precious Name of our Wonderful Saviour, our Beloved Jesus. Praises to our Beautiful Father in Heaven, as it is only because of His love and grace that I am able to tell you in truth and Spirit that His Kingdom has now been planted in our midst and He is soon returning for His Faithful! Praises to His Holy Name!

Dear Ones, we have used up the seven-year period of grace, which has been given to us by our Merciful Father in Heaven, and we are now entering into the very last years of this Earth as we know it to be. This is a grievous time, a time of great tests and trials for all of humanity, and my heart is broken to see that so few take seriously this late hour in which we are now entering and even fewer believe that grave and calamitous events will ever happen to them. In the following information in Book Eleven, you will be given much to help you understand that we are now in a time of judgement and that our Father’s time of warning is coming to a close!

More Books!

According to the directions of our Father in Heaven, there will be posted soon much information under “The Adventures of White Buffalo Calf Woman.” So, you will see that this section is now added, awaiting these posts. You will also see the beginning of Book Eleven, which has an in-depth Biblical explanation of the rapture lie, the great judgements of our Father, which are now on America, plus a new repentance message for the churches and also an explanation of the prophecy for Pope Benedict, which comes from Book One of the propheciess are on this site.

So, Dear Ones, this message will be short, for you will see much meat of the word in the beginning chapters of Book Eleven.

A Message to my Dear Friends!

I send out my heart’s love to you, my Dear and Beautiful Friends, who have stood by me through grave and difficult times. You are greatly loved by our Lord and God. He is ever mindful of your needs and you will see His miraculous hand in your life in the most beautiful of ways. I thank each of you for helping out with these works and as you have taken the time to write to me, I will also keep you abreast of many events in a very personal way. Right now, I am sending big, big hugs your way and lots of love from my heart.

Our Father in Heaven is mindful of all, who help with these works and I am ever grateful. Any, who wish to help financially, please send to:

Linda Newkirk,
P.O. Box 11184
Conway, Arkansas, 72034.

Now, go to Book Eleven! Notice that I have included the “Message for You” for April 23, 2004 as the Introduction for Book Eleven and I have done so just in case you are a latecomer and have not already read this important message. If you have already read this message, skip it and go on to the first chapter of Book Eleven.

Jesus is our Only Way,
Your Sis,

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