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May 29, 2004

Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, greetings to you in the Precious Name of our Lord Jesus! I come to you today, not wanting to make these things public, but it is at the advice of our Father in Heaven that I must do so! And, it is for your own information, as well, so that you will be the wiser as to what is going on in America at this time!

On the morning of May 23, 2004, I awoke to find several puncture marks on my left hand. There were in fact three puncture marks on my thumb alone, one into the inside of the first joint of my thumb, one into the middle joint of my thumb, and one into my wrist on the inside at the bend of the wrist. On the inside of my third finger, there was also a mark, a scrape with the needle and there was another puncture mark over a blood vessel on the top of my left hand!

I knew immediately that the evil ones in this government had locked onto me with a beam and that they had pulled me up into an antigravity machine! You need to be aware that the United States military has been in possession of these antigravity machines (UFOs) for generations! The Russians have them! The Queen of England has them! The Vatican has them and other evil governments and entities have them as well. Be advised that they are solidly in the hands of the evil ones around the world and they plan to keep them in their possession.

All over the world, there is going to be a great increase in the appearances of these antigravity machines! They are in the hands of the totally evil and absolutely destructive elite Satanists! Many of you will be abducted and injected with poisons and amnesic drugs, just as they have done to me. What a perfect crime! Or, so they think! However, they totally disregard the Spirit of God! In fact, they totally disregard our Father in Heaven and His beautiful Son, who is our Savior!

Immediately after seeing these marks and after examining my body, I knew that the evil ones had done terrible things to me! I went to our Father in Heaven and He showed me a drunken George W. Bush trying to stick a needle in my hand. He was waiving it all around and sticking it into me wildly here and there. He was drunk and stoned and with him was his drunken Father. And, there were others, who were there, but I will not mention at this time the others that our Lord and God have revealed!

I do not know what all they did to me, but our Father made me see that they had raped me repeatedly! This was a very difficult thing to deal with at first, but our Father in Heaven made me see that I am the one, who volunteered to go through this, so that a large part of the Satanists would fall! And fall they will! George W. Bush will soon go insane and he and his Father will not be long in this Earth! The evil Queen of England, who ordered that this be done to me, will also meet her demise, but she will first go through great heartaches as she sees her kingdom slip through her fingers! All, who ever have anything to do with the film that was made of me, will die the most horrendous kinds of deaths! Our Father says that the curse that is upon them is worse than Black Death!

Many of you may recall a scratched-up George W. Bush on television on Monday, the 24th. He was claiming that he fell off his bike. He fell all right, but with the help of his drunken and demon-possessed Father, He fell down a flight of stairs! This happened the same night that they kidnapped and raped me! How befitting that he was showing his scars for the whole world to see, even and especially since his own father did this to him! But, in the drunken state that he was in, how would he know?

I received a report today that George W. Bush had a fit of insanity two days past in the White House and he was demanding that Stew Webb, Tom Henighan, the duly-elected President Al Gore and I be listed as "terrorists." As many of you may know, Tom Henighan and Stew Webb are running for President and Vice President respectively and the real President, Al Gore, is now calling for the arrest of the Bushes and others, who conspired to blow up the towers in New York City.

Dear Ones, I want you to get behind the duly elected President of the United States of America, Al Gore! He won this election, but it was absolutely stolen from him! George H.W. Bush kidnapped his daughter and told President Gore that if he did not concede that he would kill President Gore’s daughter! Our Father in Heaven has given me many prophecies for this Dear Man and I know that He has a work for him to do. Pray for his safety often and pray for the safety and protection of President Gore, his wife and beautiful children! Pray for the safety and protection of me, of Stew Webb, of Tom Henighan and the others, who are working behind the scenes to do something about this terrible mess!

You know from previous messages that the Queen of England has ordered war against the South in the USA. Three of the ones above, who are called terrorists by George W. Bush, live in the South! Most of you are surely aware that a chemical plant was blown up in Conyers, Georgia a few days past. This has been done by the Israeli Mossad. Just two days before this blast, two Israeli Mossad agents were picked up in Atlanta with explosives! In addition to this, two Israelis, one with improper identification were picked up within the last eight days or so, as they were about to enter into King’s Bay Submarine Base in St. Mary’ Georgia! They said that they were there to move some things! More secret documents, perhaps! In addition to this, just two days past, a plane was held up in Nashville, Tennessee because an explosive was found on board. Albert Gore’s daughter was about to fly on this plane!

Folk, you know who the terrorists are! Demand an immediate arrest of the terrorists, who are running this country into the ground! If they are not soon arrested, including George W. Bush and his 911 cronies, there will be a war of great proportions in this country! It will be a miracle if these evil ones are arrested, but it is not going to happen if you do not start praying for it and begin demanding this of every elected official in this country! Get busy and make your voices heard!




May 27, 2004


"My Beloved Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God. Listen to Me, My Child, when I tell you that I am bringing death and destruction to your enemies!

As you well know, My Child, in the early morning hours of May 23rd, 2004, the drunken and ‘stoned’ Bushes, the elder and his drunken son, kidnapped you in an antigravity machine! Along with them were others of their Satanic friends and they all delighted in the drunken orgy that they had planned for you! One by one, they raped you and delighted in the evil that they had done!

And, I want you to know, My Child, that this I allowed and this you agreed to on a level that you are not consciously aware of. For, you agreed to this, My Child, that they may all be killed and killed they shall be and sooner than most will ever know! And, the Queen of England and her drunken family will not escape My wrath!

My Child, take a cup of My wrath and pour it over the English monarchy! I am going to uproot this Kingdom and I am going to visit it with death and destruction! All, who had any part, or who have any future part in what was done to you, will die by the sword! Everyone of them will die from horrible circumstances and plagues.

And, right now, My Child, I give you this key; for I am allowing you to shut up the rain over the country, Israel, for one year for what they have done to you! And, I am raising up the enemies of Israel on every side, who will come into that country and they will rape their women and they will kill their children because of what they did to you! Ariel Sharon shall die soon, but before he dies he shall rot from the inside out!

Yes, My Child, I have allowed these things to happen to you; and at another level, you have agreed. But, few know the extent of My wrath and My fury that I shall carry out against the Bushes and against all, who have been involved, or who will ever be involved in what was done to you!

Post this soon that all may be the wiser! For, the evil ones had better get their burial plans in order! I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 27th day of May, 2004,
Linda Newkirk
White Buffalo Calf Woman


E-mails from the rapists! They think that they can hide in darkness and they will never be found out. But, they are all headed for the Lake of Fire!

 From http://www.prophecies.org. May 24, 2004

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The submitted values are:


No, seriously. What have you guys been smoking? I've got to get me some of that. You are truly Something Awful.
Name: Your mom
email: Your other mom
UserURL: http://www.youhavetwomomsandIdidthembothatthesametime.ca


NOTE: As these evil ones invade our e-mails, they know that there is one, who calls me Mum Linda! This is what this evil snake is referring to when he makes the statements about your Mom and the other Mom. He is admitting what he did in the name of the above URL.

Mr Rapist, your days and hours are numbers. Better laugh while you can!


The CIA code name of George W. Bush is icepick. Is blue ice below the same as icepick?

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Comments: could you ask God to be a bit clearer. I mean all this "I shall make them to become as tinkling cymbals, a noise to the ears of like mind." is a little bit 'rustic-windchime-carver'. Doesn't God understand current idioms? or does he just like to sound like he's on some heavy drugs?

email: furterfan@yahoo.co.uk

UserURL: http://

By calling himself Futurefan, he is out to make sure that I know that they monitor what I type and what I say on the phone to others!

Mr Rapist, You are no future fan of mine. Our Father in Heaven is about to eradicate your future!

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Comments: thank god for naked ass pussy
UserURL: http://

Mr Rapist, You won’t thank Him for long as a spirit of death is fast upon you! You are headed to the Lake of Fire!

These are only a three of the disgusting e-mails that they sent. These are the Satanists and this is what they do! Do you think that you will like a Satanic America when the streets of full of cloned robotoid soldiers, who have no soul and no conscience? When these evil satanists can rape and kill without any consequence! Well, that day is at hand. These cloned, robotoid soldiers are being spotted in America, along with huge numbers of foreign troops!

And, so it is Dear Ones! We are in a terrible war and it is a war for all souls. You have a chance to get involved or to sit on the sidelines. While 300 million people do little to save this country, it is falling to the Satanists! This is going to be a very hard lesson for many, who do not have any connection to our Lord and God, who do not have His beautiful Spirit and who do not know His Precious Son. This is a spiritual war and it will not be won save people repent of their rebellion and come back and honor the laws of our Father in Heaven. This is a serious wake-up call for all!

We send love to our Dear and Precious Friends, who have stood by us though thick and thin! You have your rewards in Heaven and, they are many! Big, big hugs and lots of love to you!

Jesus is our Only Way home,
Your Sister,

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