A Message For You

November 04, 2003

Our Cherished Brothers and Sisters, greetings to you in the Beloved Name of our Lord Jesus, Savior of all mankind, the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings! Praises to our Father in Heaven, for He is full of love and mercy and He has sent His Only Son that you and I might have a Beautiful Life! Glory to God forever and ever!

Dear Ones, day be day, we look on every front and we see the enemy advancing in their plans to kill all life on Earth and to reduce the rest to robots and perverted lifeforms. We are truly living out the very last days of this Earth, as we know it to be. This evil system is coming down even as it is rising and this means that the Kingdom of God is at hand! Glory to our Father in Heaven forever and ever! Though nation rise up against nation and evil rears its ugly head on every front, the Kingdom of God is forever and it shall not fail! Glory to the Most High; for His love is from everlasting to everlasting!

Cherished Ones, our Father in Heaven is hearing our prayers! Praises to His Holy Name! Several times this year, alone, our Father in Heaven has revealed the plans of the evil ones and once they have come out in the open and you and I began to pray against them, the evil ones have unable to go forth with them. As you may have noticed, they were prohibited from going forth with the big war, which they were planning for the Mars transit. This really upset them! Since then, they have not been able to ignite a war with North Korea! And, they are furious about this!

Praises to our Lord and God! They have not been able to ignite a war against Syria and Iran yet! However, as I was typing this message I received word that the USA and England are carrying out joint military maneuvers at a military base in Scotland. According to this source, these joint maneuvers are in preparation for military assaults against Syria and Iran! This same source described how this same base was used for joint military exercises between the USA and England before both gulf wars!

Dear Ones, this is extremely serious and we must be united in prayer for our Father in Heaven to intervene and stop their plans! When you read the words of our Lord Jesus below, you will see how anymore attacks on Mideast countries for oil and New World Order greed will lead to a nuclear holocaust in America and elsewhere around the world! Please, please get on your knees and cry out to our Lord and God, to our Father in Heaven, to intervene and stop these plans!

We all know that the New World Order crowd has had Syria and Iran in their sites for some time, but now they are out to get Saudi Arabia as well. As I was writing this message, I also received word that Israel has threatened various countries in Europe, warning them to stay out of their business! A few days ago, I read that Russia is threatening to blow Israel off the map! You can see where all this is headed! You and I must pray as never before for our Lord and God to intervene!

Dear Ones, we must pray daily and all through the day for our Lord and God to stop them from blowing up the Earth! As our Father in Heaven has revealed many of their plans, Stew Webb set up radio shows for us to get the word out to millions; and because they have been unable to go forth and attack North Korea, these fake Jews are furious with me and Stew Webb. They have tried to kill us both!

On the 21st of October, an older man, with white hair, military cut, who was driving a white sports car, tried to run me off the road. I followed him for several miles and got his tag number. At no other time, did this person exhibit any erratic driving behavior. He even veered to the other side of the road to avoid children, who were playing alongside the road. I followed this man to a traffic light and from my position, I was able to get a view of him in his side view mirror, but when he saw me looking at him, he leaned over toward the middle of his car. I followed him onto the interstate and at this point, he must have accelerated to 100mph or more, as he was gone out of site on flat land in a very short time.

I asked our Father in Heaven to make me know who this man is. Within a few days, I received word through Stew Webb that the Israeli Mossad has brought back into service their former head, who has been retired. This article tells how the Mossad has sent this man into the USA to pull off another 911 incident. According to this report, this man, Rafael Aton, has been in the USA since September 22nd. Rafael Aton is reportedly in his seventies and would surely fit the description of this man, who tried to run me off this road. Rafael Aton is said to be a serial killer of the worst kind, and our Father in Heaven says that He is the man, who was sent to kill me. This man had best get his affairs in order; for very soon, the hammer of God is going to fall on him and the ones, who sent him, in a big way!


The Second 911

By now, most people all over the world know of the California fires and many think these are merely wild fires. But, Dear Ones, the wise ones know that eleven fires do not just simultaneously start all by themselves. Early on, our Father in Heaven showed me that these fires were deliberately set.

Notice that with these fires, we are seeing again the recurring number eleven! Eleven fires! This is a very important number to the Satanists, as we know from 911. By satanic design, these fires were all planned as a grand sacrifice to their god Lucifer, and they culminated on October 31st, Halloween, high black mass day for the Satanists and the beginning of their new year’s eve!

According to information, which has been given to me by our Father in Heaven, these fires were specifically started by the terrorists in the White House and their fake Jew counterparts. Among their reasons is to make California governor elect, Arnold Swarzenegger indebted to them and to ensure them the electoral votes from California. As time goes on, we will understand more about the other reasons for this massive fire!

With your money being poured into California by the Bushes, the governor elect will surely turn a blind eye to all election shenanigans, thereby giving the snakes in the Bushes the electoral votes of this state in the coming presidential election, that is, if we even have one! We are seeing their plan emerge! This is why they imported the Mossad terrorists from Israel to start these fires and this is the second 911.

These are the names and locations of the eleven fires!

1. Camp Pendleton Fire (San Diego County)

2. Cedar Fire (San Diego County)

3. Dulzure Fire (San Diego County)

4. Grand Prix Fire (San Bernardino County)

5. Mountain Fire (Riverside County)

6. Old Fire (San Bernardino County)

7. Padua Fire (Los Angeles County)

8. Paradise Fire (San Diego County)

9. Piru Fire ( Ventura County)

10 Simi Fire (Ventura and Los Angeles Counties)

11 Verdale Fire (Los Angeles County)


On the Jeremy Floyd show on the night of November 03, 2003, a man called in from Los Angeles and he told how CBS had given excellent fire coverage, but had neglected to say that someone had started these fires. This man revealed that he called Channel Two in Los Angeles and asked them why they were not stating that these fires were started by arsonists. He went on to say that the television station reporter told him that a court order had been issued by a judge, which ordered them not to mention the arson aspect of these fires.

Who owns CBS? This will reveal those, who are working hand in hand with the terrorists; and they do not want themselves known! So, why would those in power want to cover up the fact that these fires were started by arsonists? Not long ago, I read an article in which George W. Bush was speaking out against Castro of Cuba. In this article, George W. stated that what tyrants fear the most is the truth!

Now, do you understand why the judge issued the court order to suppress the fact that arsonists started these fires?



Terri Schindler Shiavo

With Terri Schindler Schiavo, (the disabled woman from Florida, who was sentenced to death by a judge in Florida, just because she was on a feeding tube) we have had a very close call in this country; and the war is still going on. Many believe that Jeb Bush did a great and heroic deed in allowing Terri’s bill to go through and then signing the bill into law. He did what he was forced to do and this is all. The public outcry was so great that he had to move! But, Dear Ones, what really changed the hearts of those, who were so bent toward this evil, was direct intervention by our Father in Heaven. He is the reason that we saw miracles come through at the last minute and he is the reason that Terri is still alive after such trauma! In response to the millions of prayers going up on Terri’s behalf, our Father intervened and saved this woman’s life.

On the day before Terri’s bill was to be presented to the Florida House, I was praying for our Father to intervene and He gave me this Bible verse as regards Terri. Psalm 12:5 "For the oppression of the poor, for the sighing of the needy, now will I arise, saith the Lord; I will set him in safety from him that puffeth at him." Praises to the Most High; for He is ever true and full of love and mercy!

The lives of many, many people all across America and around the world depend on what happens to Terri. If the state of Florida had been allowed to kill this woman, every handicapped person in America and even other countries around the world, would have been on the chopping block next. When evil is allowed to enter into a door, even by one step, if it is unopposed, what ensues is a landslide of evil.

This is why we must continue to pray for Terri and why we must pray for our Father in Heaven to judge this evil husband of hers and to bring him to justice. Of course he wants her dead! One day, she could wake up and tell how he put her in this shape! These are secrets that he wants forever hidden; but this is the work of a fool, for all is plain before our Father in Heaven!


Niburu (Planet X)

Our Father said in the spring of this year that this planet is speeding up! Now, Dear Ones, many are beginning to see it. Buy a piece of welding glass and with this and a camera, or camera alone, depending on the sun’s glare, focus near the sun at sunset or sunrise. There, you should be able to see a bright incoming object. If you are able to get a good picture, share your pictures with us and we will post some of them. Scroll down on the site to the moving letter. Click on it and this will take you to the e-mail box. If you are unable to send through this e-mail, just send us an e-mail at this site, and we will get back with you with another e-mail address.

The Sun continues to have very bizarre storms; and at a time when it should be in a quiet phase! Remember our Father’s warnings that one day the Sun will burn 1000 times hotter! If there has ever been a need for people to repent and come back to God, the time is now! Soon, billions will exit the Earth!



Warnings from our Lord Jesus!

Please pray against these plans to escalate the war in the Arab countries!

Beloved, below is a serious warning from our Lord Jesus regarding the Bush New World Order plan to attack Saudi Arabia. This is such an extremely perilous situation as we have recently learned that Russia has placed their most powerful nuclear weapons in both Syria and Iran. The war in Iraq is being fed by Russia and China and an Arab alliance and this is no longer a war between the USA Alliance and the poor Iraqis. Just today, I was reading that a 69 ton American tank was hit by an armor piercing weapon and those in the military do not even know what kind of weapon hit the tank, but it is believed to be a new kind of Russian weapon. Is this an attack on America by Russia? To most involved, it certainly would appear this way. How long before we see a greater Russian involvement? How long before we see Russian missiles raining down on the cities of America?

You may recall how our Father in Heaven said that He was going to put a notion in Putin’s heart to doublecross Bush. He gave me this message at the time that Bush Senior was making a trip to Russia to make an oil deal with the Russian oil baron. Since that time, Putin has dumped the dollar for oil and is now using EUROS. And, a few days ago, Putin arrested the billionaire Russian oil baron and threw him in jail. Most of you have probably heard this.

In a recent vision, our Father showed me that He has put a hook in Putin’s jaw and He is pulling him forward against this the USA! This hook will bring about the fulfillment of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. Information has been circulating for some time, which reveals that Putin is the illegitimate great grandchild of Peter, the Great. If true, this would make Putin a Prince. In Putin, are we looking at the Prince of Tubal? (See previous chapters in Ezekiel.) Our Father must know as much, as He has put a hook in his jaw and He is pulling him forth against this country!

Read on and you will see that we could face nuclear war any day. Dear Ones, please pray for God to intervene and stop any escalation of this war in the Mideast or elsewhere! Pray that He gives us more time to reach the lost! Pray for the salvation of the greatest number of souls! Dear Ones, with all the natural calamities and wars we are facing, billions stand to leave the Earth soon! Please pray for God’s mercy on behalf of all these souls; for you and I truly are our Brother’s Keeper!

Below, you will find the most recent message from our Lord Jesus. You will also find three additional chapters of Book Nine, chapters Eight and Nine and Ten. You will want to take time to read the messages that He has given in these chapters; for He has given very important information, especially as regards the establishment of His Kingdom in the Earth and the incoming planet.


Message from our Lord Jesus

October 28th, 2003

"The Plans of the evil ones to attack Saudi Arabia"

"My Beloved Child, I am your Master Jesus, yea Lord of Earth and true heir to the same. My Little One, I hear your pleas before me and before our Father, and My Little One, I come in answer to the pleas of your heart. Yes, Mossad hitmen are out to kill you and Stew Webb! Yes, Russia is moving toward an attack on America! Yes, our Father has put a hook in the jaw of Putin and He is pulling him forth!

Putin is seething with rage against the fake Jews of Israel. He is furious with the Bushes and he is awaiting his time, like a fox outside a henhouse. He is waiting his time to attack America and I tell you, My Child, that this time is again at hand and he is closer than ever to pulling the trigger.

My Child, this is serious, very serious; for he and his cohorts among the Chinese and Arabs are determined to stop America. They are determined to stop England and they are determined to stop Israel. My Child, the whole world is facing a nuclear showdown of unprecedented proportions and in addition to this, the whole world is facing a gigantic upheaval from the passing of this planet. When all these things are taken into consideration, you are looking at the coming exit of billions of souls. My Child, times have never been so serious."

"How soon, my Lord?"

"My Child, the attack plans are in place and have been for some time. If the USA, England and Israel make any more moves to attack other countries, the USA will be nuked. Russia and these other countries will no longer sit idly by and watch this kind of aggression.

"My Lord, our Father revealed yesterday in a vision to me how Vice President Dick Cheney and others are studying war maps with plans to attack Saudi Arabia."

"You have seen correctly. These are their plans and these other countries will not stand for it. This is a critical situation and these demonic leaders are about to bring a nuking to America."

"Oh, my Lord, I pray for mercy from you and from our Father. Times are so perilous and this is terrible, terrible, terrible."

"My Little One, you have those in power, who are determined to have their New World Order. Russia and China are playing along but they will not go along with this New World Order. You will see. This evil is coming crashing down on the heads of the Bushes and the Cheneys of the world. Mark my word. This is critical and within days this situation could lead to an attack on America. With this, we shall stop for now. I am Jesus, yea Yeshua, Lord of Earth."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 28th day of October, 2003,
Linda Newkirk


Beloved, this is why you must pray against their evil plans. We now know of the joint military exercises between the USA and England and Scotland as outlines above. They plan to attack Syria and Iran and this is going to mean serious trouble for us and for the people of England! In visions past, I have seen a terrible war in England! Pray, pray, pray that our Father in Heaven will intervene and stop these plans for a full scale nuclear war, the war they are calling World War III, their planned war, which will bring in their antichrist. Your prayers can make a difference in this and in all things!

Remember that you are a Child of God and He has put you here at this time for a very special reason. Live righteously. Pray every day and all through the day. Be used by God for His causes of righteousness and when your time is up, your heart will be full of God’s beautiful love! Always remember that you are His Beautiful Child and live in such a way that you please Him; for our Lord and God loves you so!

Translations of these works!

We have some of the most beautiful friends in the whole world! You bring such joy to our hearts because of your lovingkindness! Through your help, these works are now being translated into five languages! Praises to the Most High; for He has made all this possible! The latest translations are in Afrikaans and we are deeply grateful to our friend Dirk, his loving wife and dear friends, who are working so hard to get the translations finished.

In the meantime, we are praying for our Father in Heaven to send someone, who will translate these works into other languages, particularly Chinese, Russian and Arabic. If you speak any of these languages, or if you would like to translate these works into your native language, let us know and we will humbly and gratefully post your translations on our site. There is so little time before major destruction hits this planet, and this is why we are asking that you come forward quickly and help us reach others around the world. Most are absolutely in the dark as to the great tragedies at hand. Please let us know if you will help in these translations.


Mirror Sites

We have a Precious friend in South Africa, whose name is Anton, and he has mirrored "Prophecies.org" in South Africa. This new website is: http://www.prophecies.org.za. The blessings of the Most High are upon Anton and his precious family! We pray that others of you will come forth and set up mirror sites in your particular countries. You have our permission to do this, but all must be copied, just as it is on our site. Once you set up a mirror site in your country, let us know and with great joy, we will list your mirror site on prophecies.org.


Anointed Prayer Cloths

I am continuing to anoint and to send out these cloths. Though most of you do not write about what God is doing for you, I know that you must be getting healings and miracles. Just this past week, I picked up a cloth and put it on my head as I had been suffering from a recurring headache for about three weeks. The cloth got hot in my hands, the headache was healed and I have not had it since. Our Lord and God puts His Spirit in these cloths and seals miracles and healings, even Spiritual gifts into them. It is for love of you that we want these cloths to go out; but we also want our Lord and God to get the glory for what He is doing. Please let us know of the blessings that God is giving you; for our Lord and God is deserving of all the glory! And, others, who are weak in faith need to see what God is doing for His Loved Ones! To this end, you will be richly blessed by reading Tony’s beautiful letter on the miracles page!

For an anointed handkerchief, write to: Linda Newkirk, P. O. Box 17277, North Little Rock, AR, 72117. If you want to help financially, or in some other way with these works, we are deeply grateful to you. But you do not need to send any money for these cloths. Our Lord and God has given freely so we, too, give freely of what He has given!



Radio Shows

A few weeks back, I was on the Byte Show with our Beautiful Sister, Georgeanne Hughes. Click on: http://www.thebyteshow.com. Once there, you can listen by clicking on the archived shows. I thank Georgeanne for this wonderful opportunity. Lately, I have also been on the Jeremy Floyd radio show several times along with Stew Webb. I am equally grateful to Jeremy for allowing the messages of our Lord and God to go forth on his radio show! These can be heard at: www.m2ktalk.net. or .com. You will need to pay a small fee to listen to these archived shows. Pastor Daniel Johns has also allowed me to be on his radio show along with Stew Webb recently. I thank this Precious man of God for this opportunity to get our Father’s messages out! Stew and I will be on Pastor Daniel John’s show on November 04, 2003 at 7:00 central as well as November 06 at 7:00 central. You can listen to this radio broadcast on the internet. I am sorry that I do not have this information to give you right now as to the internet address, but this should be easily find on the search engines. These shows are archived free of charge to you.

In addition to these dear people, I thank Stew Webb of http://www.stewwebb.com as he has worked hard to get our Father’s messages out on these radio shows. He has heard and he has believed. His work has been directly responsible for saving the lives of millions of people! We are grateful for the friendship of this very brave man!


More Information coming in!

Tonight, we received information that Muslim intelligence sources are warning Muslims to get out of New York City, Los Angeles and Washington DC. More information has come forth through Jeremy Floyd via his sources in intelligence that "all hell is going to break loose on November 05, 2003." You know what is at hand and we must all get on our faces before God to stop the progression of their evil plans!

In closing, we wish to thank each of you, who helps us get these works out and around the world. You are our Brothers and Sisters and we love you!

Jesus is our Precious Life,

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