November 11, 2000


"A National Emergency Scheme"

Cherished Brothers and Sisters, what perilous times we are in! I call out to each of you to get your spiritual houses in order and to spend a great deal of time in prayer and fasting as it is the only hope we have of saving what little we have of this land. When the USA falls, which is at the door, the whole world will head into a great world war. Even as nations fall and wars rage, our Father warns that the evil hoards will come forth with a plan for peace and unity. Cherished Ones, the reign by Lucifer is now. Through Lucifer's own, he has ruled this country for the last eight years, and we have seen no end to the on-going scandals. The US constitution has been shredded by the New World Order/Satanist White House pawns; and as our Father in Heaven warns, we are headed for an invasion of this very country. This invasion will lead to a war, which will spread around the world. Those, who have been lulled to sleep by the lying press, the smooth politicians and the errant preachers will suddenly awaken from their slumber wondering what happened, as they have not been looking; and they have not wanted to see the horrors, which have been played out in front of their very eyes.

If you have not figured it out by now, the bombing of the USS Cole was an inside job; yes, indeed, another "Dog-Wag." Not too long ago, I was reading on www.skolnicksreport.com that the Rockefellers have a banking account with Osama Ben Lauden. Remember that our Lord Jesus says that Bill Clinton is a Rockefeller. A Rockefeller was a governor of Arkansas for some time and the Rockefellers still live in this state. Cherished Ones, the scapegoating of Ben Lauden is nothing more than a entertainment show, which has been created by the satanic hoards, who are high up in the government of the USA and elsewhere. Meanwhile, people the world over are being duped into believing that foreigners are responsible for the works of lunatics in this very government. Our Lord Jesus warned me that the scheme to destroy our own naval ship came from the highest levels of this very government and that the whole thing was done to justify a greater US presence in the gulf. The end result is to be another war, which Clinton/Rockefeller pulls off for New World Order/Rockefeller gain and ultimate destruction of this country. Since He told me that, I have read that Clinton wants to put a base in Yemen; and now we hear that US soldiers may be placed in Israel. But, this is not all. The USA is looking at a war with China. Get prepared, folks. This is in the cards and it is all an inside job, which is designed to utterly destroy this country. It is at the door, so don't be fooled into thinking otherwise.

Our Lord has continually warned that Clinton does not plan to leave office and that we had better be awake to his schemes. And, here at this late hour, we are all aware of great vote frauds, which are being alleged on every front. Be apprised that vote fraud has been going on for a long time. In the 1992 presidential election, our Lord Jesus warned me of vote fraud in that election and there was more vote fraud in the 1996 presidential election. But, now we have open, in-your-face, vote fraud and it is being perpetrated by the very ones, who are, in fact the loudest opponents of the same, the Al Gore/Clinton-Rockefeller camp. We even hear of foreigners, who have been given vote cards, allowing them to vote, and these very cards have reportedly been signed by Bill Clinton. This election will go down in history as being the most corrupt election ever in the history of USA; and it is most certainly the very last feeding frenzy before this fall of this country and the world as we know it.

The leaches in congress are playing a huge role in the downfall of this country as every one of them, who has taken one penny from a special interest group, is a bought and sold political prostitute. What has gone on in the congress of this country and in the White House, in particular, makes ancient Rome look like a church picnic. The utter collusion among the secret societies to cover for one another, regardless of what they have done, has created a foul stench, which smells of utter decadence and absolute darkness and evil.

Cherished Ones, the United States has passed around the curve and there will be no turning back from the rebound effect of the treachery, which leaders of this country have dealt on a worldwide scale. The hour is very late and all the warnings, which our Lord and God has given, have either been heeded, or they have been ignored. I pray that a few of you have listened and that out of love you have done what you could to save your brethren; for I can tell you that it is all but over for the USA, save for the most horrible of events and consequences.

Make your life right with God. Confess you sins to our Lord Jesus and ask His forgiveness, turning from them and doing them no more. Know and understand that there is one Way home and this way is our Lord Jesus. Those, who reject His gift of life, and pursue darkness, will spend a long time in darkness; for we are at the time of the sorting of souls, wherein you are either for our Lord Jesus and you are for Life, or you are for destruction and darkness. There is absolutely no in between; and if you think that you can ride the fence and live an "anything goes" kind of life, then you will soon find that it is not the Lord and God of Israel, whom you follow, but the author of the "anything goes" attitude … Lucifer, himself.

I warn you that the freedoms, which so many have taken for granted are all but gone. Eight years of rule under mass murderer and sexual pervert Bill Clinton and his satanic wife have all but destroyed what God has given us. When many of you could have taken an active stand against this evil, turning their lives around and living for God, you have not. And, now that we are facing an invasion of this country, many will not have time to repent and come back to God; for soon and I mean very soon, millions will be in spirit, standing accountable before God.

Remember our Lord's words from the September message. Go back and read them and you will see them unfolding on every front. Pay attention to his warning of unrest in this country; for we are beginning to see this on every front. Uncertainty is abound and the lawless New World Order leaders in this government are planning to accelerate this uncertainty through staged terrorism in order to institute a form of martial law. Just today on www.rumormillnews.com, I read of planned protests all across this land, which are reportedly to begin on the 11th of November and go through this week. Cherished Ones, do not partake of any public event or protest. The whole purpose of these most recent staged events is to label protesters as terrorists and to imprison as many as possible. These evil hoards, which are using foreigners to instigate trouble within this country, are planning to fill the concentration camps soon, so I warn you not to partake in any of this. Instead, stay home and fast and pray. Make this week a week of great prayer and fasting and seeking God daily, begging for His forgiveness and mercy. Do not fear, but go in faith, trusting our Lord Jesus and Father in Heaven for your every need. Remember that we shall all see great destruction before the return of our Lord; and truly we have not seen anything yet.

Below are two messages from our Father in Heaven. Copy these two messages and give them out far and wide. Send them to every church you can find and give them out of the streets as you see fit. I am calling on each of you to do your part to get out these messages. Once you read these messages, you will understand how critical it is to get them out. We are a very small website and we do not have the money or means to get our Father's message out on a wide scale, but with many of you choosing to help to get our Father's words out, possibly enough Faithful Ones can make a saving difference through prayer and fasting. The fate of this country hangs by a very thin thread and the hour is so very late that if we do not come together in mighty prayer and fasting on a great scale, this country and most of the world is absolutely doomed, and I mean soon. If you receive this message and you are in a foreign country, translate the words of our Father and disseminate them in the country in which you live as you are led by the Spirit of God And, do this quickly as time is of the essence. But, make sure that you translate them correctly. For our Father's words, read on …



"My Precious Child, I AM your Father in Heaven; and blessed are you this day for the work, which you do, to awaken a sleeping populace. My Child, the wolf howls at the door of the USA and the fox has entered the chicken coupe of the military, unawares to most. Yes, My Child, the USA has been taken over from within. All the I's are dotted and all the T's are crossed. The formalities are agreed upon and now the Luciferian schemes will be implemented. But, realize, My Child, that these things have come upon America; and they have come upon the world as a snare, for the greatest numbers have loved the world. You have loved the sensational and you have loved a lie. You have rejected Me and you have perverted the words of My Son. You, as a group, have gone whoring after strange gods, whetting your appetite with things that are an abomination to Me. You have defiled your bodies with whoredoms and sodomies; and you have killed and murdered the innocent and unborn. You have polluted the words of My Son with your filth and now I shall turn the Destroyer loose on you to utterly destroy you. Only a few will be saved and protected from all harm, but I will save a few; and I will provide their every need. I have not forgotten My covenant with the House of Israel and even to the bitter end, I will preserve a few of My Faithful. But, I will not stand by the greedy; and I will not stand by the whoremongers, by the rebellious, by the sodomites and the sexual deviants. Though you cry from the highest hill that sodomy is good and though you train your pre-schoolers to accept and abide by homosexuality, I shall take your errant teachings and I shall beat you with them. I shall take your pride and arrogance and I shall whip you into submission with them. For all that you love, which is of this world, is pure vanity. It is as chaff in the wind and it is an abomination to Me. Over and over, I have warned you to come out of the world and to give up lusting after the world, but you as a group have not listened to Me. You have sought to pollute your souls with Luciferian plots and schemes, and because you have not listened to My warnings through My prophets, and because you have rejected My truths, I have sent you a strong lie, that you should believe a lie; and soon the snare shall trap you. Soon, the lies shall cave in on you and you shall be forced to see the wrongs of your ways. Yea, even then many of you shall not repent. Even then, many of you will still chase after illusion and vanity; and you shall follow the same right into the bowels of hell."

"Yes, My Child, the elections are rigged by the Clinton-Gore team. And, Bush will cry,'Foul,' for he will, in fact, win by vote. But, those in power plan to grab enough time to prepare your invasion. They plan to grab enough time to hit you hard and knock the wind out of your sails before they fill the concentration camps and gas chambers. Yes, My Child, the year 2000 will not pass before a shot will be fired, which will be heard around the world. This shot will lead to an invasion of the USA; but be apprised, My Child, that Canada will not be spared and most certainly the Mideast will not be spared. And, soon to fall will be Europe, Australia and South America. What begins with the invasion of the USA will spread like wildfire to other parts of the world. For five and one-half months, this war will rage and then the "Man of Sin" will reveal a peace plan for the whole world. But, be warned, My Little One, that this is "Peace by the sword". This is slavery through the "mark." Do you understand?"

"Yes, My Father."

"Then, go, My Child, and get this word out that the people may be warned. Let those with an ear to hear , hear what is being said and those, who with an eye to see, see . But, to the blind, I send a greater blindness and to the deaf, I send a deeper deafness. For, I shall further harden the hearts of the rebellious and errant, that they not see and not hear and be saved. I am your Father in Heaven. Be at peace this day, My Child, and fear not; for I am with you.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 7th day of November, 2000
Linda Newkirk


"My Precious Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea God of Mine Elect, the House of Israel, and Supreme God of all. Cherished One, since yesterday, you have had a chance to ponder My words; and now you see the confusion, which has entered this presidential race. You see that George Bush has won; but there is a Rockefeller push to snare this from him; and they will succeed to a point; and confusion will ensue. But, in the end, they will lose; However, by that time it may be too late for George Bush. My Child, the life of George Bush, the president-elect, hangs in a balance; and he will not long survive unless he gives up the rebellion and comes to serve Me in truth, honor and Spirit. Yea, My Child, the very fate of the USA now hangs in the balance and only a small thread can now save it from utter destruction. My Child, this small thread is the faith of My people. It is the faith of My Cherished and Loved Ones, who truly love Me, who truly honor Me by living righteously. Yea, My Child, the chance of saving the USA is slim, indeed; for your fate is all but sealed. I have warned you that the invasion is well planned. It is well organized and is scheduled to take place before Bill Clinton leaves office. It tell you again to be warned of what is at hand. Do not take this warning lightly; for in power now you have Bill Clinton, the Satanist, the New World Order elitist, and Bill Clinton, the Marxist/communist/nazi. Failure of the American people to heed these warning signs over the last eight years has allowed this man to give you over to Red China. He has given you over to Russia; and he has robbed and stolen from America through theft in office. He has killed and maimed without rhyme or reason, save for his own self-serving ways. And, he has suffocated your military. He has paraded sexual deviancy to new heights and he has sought to destroy the morality of the world on every front. He has made an art of lying and scheming, which has been unparalleled in the entire history of the presidency of the USA. He has cavorted with and seduced evil in every manner. Yes, My Child, you have in Bill and Hillary Clinton true servants of Lucifer and this man, Bill Clinton, does not plan to give up power. I repeat that he will do anything to stay in power, including a planned invasion of the USA with coast-to-coast martial law. My Child, Bill Clinton gloats when he is called the "King of the World," as he sees himself as king of the world. So, be apprised, My Child, of what lies ahead."

"Oh, my Father, I feel so deeply saddened by what is at our door; and I pray for your mercy for an errant people. I pray that enough people will awaken and come back to You and serve you in truth, honor and Spirit that we may be spared some of the horror, which awaits us. Father, I feel a deep despair because of what is at the door and my heart is broken because of it. I beg for mercy and I pray that if there is one chance that we may be spared because of the prayers and fasts of the righteous, that you will have mercy upon us and spare us. My Precious Father, please tell me how to proceed."

"My Child, let this word go for and wide that the greatest numbers may know; for I hear the cries of My Loved Ones. My Little One, the balance of this nation and the balance of the world hangs on the thread of faith of My Loved Ones. Get this message out, My Child, that the greatest numbers may be warned, that they may fast and pray, FAST AND PRAY. For, the hammer of world communism falls quickly. I am your Father in Heaven, yea God of all."

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 9th day of November, 2000,
Linda Newkirk


Cherished Ones, our Father says it all. It is time to get into prayer like you have never gotten into prayer. Pray with all your heart and fast for God's mercy. Confess before God any and all unrepentant sins and do them no more. Cry your heart out before God for any of your errant ways and let go of rebellion.

Our Father in Heaven loved each of us enough to give us a soul and to give us a chance to get back home. He sent His Precious Son to show us the way back home; and now comes the parting of the sheep and the goats, the sorting of the real from the unreal, the separating of the truth from a lie. The days of rebellion for each of us are coming to an end, either because we choose life over rebellion, or we choose death, which is continued rebellion. Beloved, do not send your soul to hell. This war between good and evil is coming down to the wire, wherein you will either repent and come back to serve God in truth, honor and Spirit; or you will be lost in darkness.

If you are walking the Straight and Narrow, draw continually closer to God through prayer and fasting and keep coming out of the world. Get as far away from mind control television and soul perversion-movie houses as you possibly can. Get out of the group mindset and keep a strong one-on-one connection with God. Remember that Luciferian mind control is on every front and the true servants of God are being increasingly tortured with electronic mind control through various frequency devices. If you find yourself being tortured by these electronic energies, do not let it get you down. Our Lord and God is able to protect you. He is able to keep you safe; so you must put your trust in Him and He will bring you safely through this and other great trials. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Put your faith in God; and you will be guided and blessed in all things.


If you need prayer, please write and we will be glad to pray for you. If you would like an anointed handkerchief, write and we will send this to you free of charge. I am praying for a special miracle for each person, who writes for a cloth. Following is an excerpt from a very special letter, written by a Dear Sister. Read it and you will be encouraged. When I read this letter, I wept because of the goodness of our Lord and God. What He has done for this Precious Sister, He will do for you.


    Dear Ms. Newkirk
    Thank you so much for Volume 6 and the handkerchief. As per your instructions, I hand-washed with gentle soap in a separate bowl. The Lord told me to save the soapy water (which I did) and dip a clean washcloth in this water and rub it over my left knee (I had fallen hard on the sidewalk and severely bruised the knee.) I did this and most of the pain went away within 24-48 hours. There is still a little tenderness but it lessens every day. I also rubbed the washcloth down my legs and over my feet, which has tingles, cramping and numbness sensations, due to diabetes. The feet are doing a lot better. Thank you. When I first received your washcloth, there were so many needs that sprang up in my mind. However, the Holy Spirit suggested I turn the gift over to Him since He knows all things that will happen. For, I was mindful of your words for a miracle in the time of greatest need. Thought I'd share this word and was brought to the passage in the Bible when God came to Solomon and asked him what he wanted and Solomon's reply was wisdom to rule the Jewish nation. Your handkerchief is an awesome gift, which also can be used for immediate needs. However the wise servant seeks the guidance and counsel of the Holy Spirit. This word really blessed me. I still have not used your handkerchief yet. It is tucked away but the water I washed it in has been a blessing. Please feel free to share this with others, who can think of immediate needs to ask the Holy Spirit for. He knows all things to come.

    I am looking forward to reading Volume 6. We serve an exciting, awesome and invigorating God.

    Thanks again,


        Kathy, thank you for sharing your blessing; and thank you for helping with these works. We both thank you for your lovingkindness and I ask, "Precious Father in Heaven, multiply this gift to Kathy many times over." If you want to send a donation to help with these works, be guided by the Lord. We are grateful for your lovingkindness, but be apprised that we do not expect you to send money; for our God gives freely and as we give freely of His goodness, we are all blessed.
        Kathy, many people will be blessed, just as I was, by reading your words. To our Lord and God is all the glory and to Him is all praise.


If you would like a blessed handkerchief, write to: Linda and Dennis Newkirk, PO Box 17277, North Little Rock, AR, 72117.

        To our Precious Friends, Antonietta, David, Steve and others of you, who continue to send us mail and articles, we both thank you. "Father in Heaven, bless and protect our precious friends and provide for their every need. Allay their fears and show them Your will in all things. "

        Blessed is the name of our Father in Heaven and Precious is His Son, Yeshua, who is our Life …

        Dennis and Linda

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